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Blytheville Courier News Newspaper Archives Jul 17 1935, Page 4

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Blytheville Courier News (Newspaper) - July 17, 1935, Blytheville, Arkansas Page Kou Blytheville Ark courier news the Blytheville courier news the courier news co. Publishers c. R. Babcock. Editor h. W. Haines. Advertising manager sole National advertising representatives Arkansas dailies inc., new York Chicago Detroit. St. Louis Dallas Kansas City Memphis published every afternoon except sunday entered As second claw matter at the Post office at Blytheville. Arkansas under act of Congress october 9. 1917. Served by the United press subscription rates by Carrier in the City of Blytheville 15c per week or $6 50 per year in Advance. By mall within a radius of 50 Miles. $3.00 per year. $1.50 for six months. 75c for three months by mail in pastal zones two to six. Inclusive $6.50 per year in zones seven and eight $10.00 per year payable in Advance. The aaa decision the Bolton circuit court of appeals decision holding aaa processing taxes unconstitutional threatens not Only the payment of benefits to Farmers co operating in the governments production control program but also any form of production control through taxation a the Power of Congress to regulate interstate Commerce a the decision held a dues not authorize it to do so by taxing products either of agriculture or Industry before they enter interstate Commerce or otherwise to control their production merely because their production May indirectly affect interstate that language Points plainly to an Adverse ruling on the Bankhead aet when that measure comes up for judicial review. If the supreme court concurs in it the whole existing program for the Protection of american agriculture will be wrecked. That the supreme court is Likely to concur in it is indicated by the similarity Iii the reasoning of the appeals court in the aaa Case with that of the supreme court in outlawing the aka. Does it mean a return to uncontrolled production of Basic agricultural commo lit i with the possibility of 5-cent Cotton and similarly Low prices for other products we do not think so the american Farmer has had a taste of something approaching economic parity with Industry. He has experienced the benefits of a government aided control of production to match the control which most major industries Are Able to provide for themselves and of Cash payments to compensate him for tin Burden which Tariff Protection for Industry places upon him. He is not going to consent to a return to the old state of affairs. President Roosevelt a suggestion following tin1 aka decision that amendment of the Constitution to Grant the government broader Powers might necessary received no enthusiast response from the country. That was not because of any strongly rooted popular feeling against changing the Constitution but because few Felt that death of aka was a matter of grave concern. But if the courts kill aaa the situate n will he different. Most Farmers feel that it is essential to their welfare. And if it is impossible to devise a satisfactory substitute within the existing constitutional Bounds there will be a Strong demand for a relaxation of those limits. An alternative is a radically modified Tariff policy. But that seems impossible. Side glances by George Clark a loss to Uncle Sam few men have left Public life with a brighter record for integrity and efficiency than Melvin Purvis one of the department of justices Ace Man i liners. Any Man who can say that he bore a major share of tin Load in ridding tilt country of men like John dil linger and pretty boy Floyd which is what Purvis can say if he Ever feels like bragging has a pretty Good claim on the gratitude of his fellow citizens. Purvis returns to private life presumably to the practice of Law. The whole country will wish him the Best of Luck and will wish also that some Way could have been found to retain a Little bit longer the services of so accomplished a Sleuth in Uncle same a investigation Bureau. Money madness few human quirks Are More Peculiar than the irrational lust to Board Money which occasionally sweeps Over a person. A new Jersey Steamboat Man named Charles Benson can testify to this. Every week for the last 20 years it seems Benson dutifully turned his pay envelope Over to his wife and thereafter saw it no More. Money for household expenses was Dot led out but the bulk of Bis pay was put away somewhen1 for Safe keeping. After 2d years of this Benson finally went to court and got a receiver appointed to administer and conserve the family nuances. Armed with a court order tin receiver came and searched the House and found that in the 20 years mrs. Benson had managed to Hoard no less than $18,600, All of which was secreted in an old t Runk. The Money has been safely banked now. The Bensons undeniably have a tidy Little nest egg Laid away for their old age. Yet there is something almost frightening about the intensity of purpose which eau Lead a person to add Dollar to Dollar Over two decades to an extent like that. Prunes Good food not just laxative says or. Fishbein wednesday july 17, 1935 father a plows under baby during sleep Moulton Iowa up a Dean Speer two year old son of or by do. Morris Fishbein i live Quality that is probably of of do a Speer local farm editor journal of the american trained to better advantage by use a ii. Literally was a a slowed in other substances fit re ,. A a m i while following his father syrup prepared by boil Al in 8 our Ltd to real recoiling on the next round in. And figs is of slightly a How can we go fifty fit it on he groceries when your husband eats four Lamb chops a the editor s letter Box medical association and of , the health Magazine done to laugh at the lowly prune in an uppity Way. This valuable fruit Long the Bank a of the boarding House resident has begun to be recognized a an item of considerable Utility and Quality in the modern diet. And mind you it is not As a laxative that you should consider it for your breakfast but As real nourishing food. Like cranberries and plums prunes contain Benzoic acid. Ordinarily an average prune Wall provide 25 calories. It also will provide Good amounts of vitamins a a c and g. Prunes Are handled differently from other dried fruits since they Are not Cut before drying. In their preparation the prunes Are merely plums which have been dipped quickly in boiling Lye to thin and crack the skins then they Are washed to remove the Lye. And then dried in the Sun. A from the Point of View of Mineral Content prunes offer fair amounts of Calcium phosphorus Iron manganese and Copper. Although their Iron Content is about one fourth that of liver ii is six times that of oranges and nine times that of peaches. Much interest has attached to the prune because of the claim that it has a laxative this however is not so great As to make it especially recommended for that purpose. If you Are in search of a Laxa prunes greater laxative Quality than Quot the whole prunes As they Are ordinarily eaten after being cooked. In fact Many people make a Good laxative preparation by boiling one half Pound each of prunes and dried figs with an ounce of Senna leaves. The eating of such fruit together with the syrup prepared from it yields a mixture of rather strongly laxative Quality. Such laxative action As the prunes possesses would appear to be due to some principle not yet isolated but of course prunes have the usual effects of other fruits in stimulating action of the Bowel. The Benzoic acid Content of the prune is hardly sufficient to cause an acid reaction in the body. Because of its Vitamin and Mineral elements its possibilities for providing Energy to the body and its Iron Content the prune would seem to have great usefulness in the human diet. On the next round Speer not noticing the youngster slowed son under a coating of dirt. The child was uninjured but frightened. Fourteen children All girls were born to or. And mrs. J. J. Watts of Tabor. N. A. In the course1 of their married life. Corps Leader honoured Ottawa. Ont. Up a the Canadian government has recognized the services Given to the nation by the late sir Arthur Currie commander of the Canadian corps during the War by donating $50,000 Quality. To his estate. Alexander the great was born in Europe died in Asia and was buried in Africa. In today a in Nanak july tar 14$7 Andrea Dei Sarto florentine Painter born-1765 John Jacob american merchant born. 1s50 first successful Experiment in photographing stars 1912 Columbus Ledger found show in first voyage to a Cave Cost about 1100,000. A Liberal is u parlor Pink with insufficient intestinal stamina to admit he is a Back Alley red. De Howe Kansas Quot Sage of potato Hill a we have passed a period when the criminal held the stage. Today the news of a crime whets Public expectation of the criminals apprehension. Carl e Milliken former governor of Maine. If i were not a Clergyman. I would say a Damn the opponents of the new Deal they Don t know what they arc talking a the Rev. W. L. Kinsolving. Richmond a. Out our Way Sood gosh Why do i have to <30 to that party i else in misery the Hull time ooh a he of u j / you re go no t that All f Thev All came to ours Amo you re Mot go i my to insult them when Thev were me enough to Ash Hou. By Williams rat thie going j Barefoot i have this Evev time he has to be dressed up let me try it again a Sou la rim your dress by i building Block houses to the editor i have just read your editorial of july 12th Issue headed Quot let Relief dollars accomplish you say that this Money should be spent on jobs that need to be done. Rightly so or. Editor but the program is so restricted Sis to make tilts next to impossible in the fullest sense. Or. Roosevelt has Laid Down As a guiding policy that private in j Tia Tive must not be interfered with that the profit motive must remain that wages on Public works must not be increased beyond that set by private employers and that the larger per cent must go to actual wages paid to workmen which in a measure eliminates the machine Winch is the Mast powerful Agency to do useful things of All. Ali of which so far As permanent recovery is concerned acts against one another. You can to construct better houses tor that is the province of private Industry real estate Mon Etc. You Don t make useful things for use for that would interfere with profit. You can to build levees for flood control for a few machines handling 22 Yards of dirt at one dip with a few dozen men would do the work and it is unthinkable to build the with wheelbarrows in order to give men lots of work As desired by the government. So the brain busters at Washington have tied themselves hand and toot to the very thing that has caused All this trouble and any amount of Money they May use is nothing More than children building Block houses Only to see them fall Down again. W m Tucker Blytheville Ark. Driver Grove news John Taylor and miss Violet Taylor of Reece were guests of their aunt. Mrs. Charles Springer and family monday. Sunday school services will be held sunday at 10.00 o clock to which everyone is invited. Mrs. Lula Hoskins and children spent wednesday with mrs Esther Springer. Or. And mrs. Eliza Swain were guests of or. And mrs. Dock big Ham sunday. It Quim Heric Toda of to Darien brr arut Yeier in Rullet Ite int in her father i out of work. To Lief n loll in bookkeeper in n Anoll Marine a apply lion. Abe is Enid need to lilt by in aul. Ii i ii in i to Star. Ihm Ilas Marsh handsome wealthy Rome to the a Mare to buy equipment lot the a Ammer Colony he to in Label Hank at Trent i Ake. To work overtime in it i of with the order and March link her to have dinner with him. She Tureen. When Lloret Telephone to Tell him he Hill extra work to do that night. Marsh take her to a in Hlyn a Hie rest it to rant. He Tell her Eliout i unifier Colony tit Trent i Ake anti offers to the lob of hostess there. Sen reel y Alite to believe such food Lark the acre pm. Next tiny following Mamie i a St Root Ion. To buy the clothe she Wilt need at Trent i Ake churning them to a newly opened account. It ret comes to see her Tell her he know about her new Jolt. It ret i very in jury now co on with the Story chapter in a ret went on. A you were buying new clothes weren to you?1�?T a a Why Why a and this millionaire you were dancing with last night just to help out your employer he paid for them i suppose Quot under Brett a withering and sarcastic questioning to grew angry. A yes he did pay for she said slowly. A a in la Tell you the whole Story of you la try to believe to instead of a of Baba still Bret did not move from the door and still his eyes were clouded with a half puzzled anger. A a in a like to hear it in a briefly to told him How she had met Douglas Marsh told him about her new Job at Crest Lake and Why she had needed a new wardrobe. But All the while she knew that Bret Wasny to quite believing her. All the while he stood there in ii in she was no longer sobbing when the Wells of her grief were dry she Lay there staring at the pattern of the Davenport. Startled to. If he wrote Lier father to knew Arthur Darien would certainly prevent her from going to Crest Lake. Ile would be As quickly suspicious As Bret was now. Jobs eyes narrowed and her Chin tilted upward a Little. A you Haven to the right to advise my father about this a she said quickly. A because a because you and i Are Bret looked at her a Long time silently Aud contemptuously. Then watching Ber As though she were a he bad quietly a fall right to. H in e a a my a two Ltee a pc. A Keiser news notes tile ladies of the methodist missionary society met at the Home of mrs. Lena Holt monday afternoon at 3 of p. In. The lesson was taken from the Christian Herald and mrs. Lena Holt talked on a the Marks of a Christian and mrs. Edward Pigg talked on a like a mighty round to \ Hie discussions were held. Tile ladies of the Baptist missionary society met at the Church a monday afternoon. Or and mrs. J. C Roberts of new York City Are guests in the i Homes of or. And mrs. R h Robinson and or. And mrs e c. Maze. Mrs e o Kirby and children t Are guests of or. And mrs b l. I Riddings. Tile Keiser league attended the 1 Union meeting in Osceola last a in May night mrs. Edward Pigg entertained the two table contract club last thursday afternoon High score prize was won by mrs w w. Watson or while the table prize went to mrs. Clovis Crockett Rev. And mrs j. R Nelson spent the week end in Keiser attending the Baptist meeting. The regular services sunday were dismissed because of special services at he Baptist Church girl he had never before seen As though she were someone he was trying to place. And when she had finished he said Only Quot you expect me to believe that Quot a i done to expect anything Quot to retorted hotly. A a in a telling you the truth. Bret. And if you won t believe me in my in a not sure i his eyes widened. A so that s it you la admit you done to care now that you be met this Bird with lots of he smiled bitterly. A a in a heard that girls would change Liko that overnight but id never believed it much. And least of All i d never have believed it of a Bret that Isnit it. You know that s not it. But it was a Chance for me to to really get along by myself and to help the folks too. I might be Abler to save a Little and Start school again next she faced Bret suddenly put her Palms Goodby Quot the next moment the door had shut and he was gone. To heard his heavy angry footfalls Down the Hall heard the Clang of the elevator Gate As Bret let himself into the automatic car. For one Uncertain instant she was about to follow Bret crying out to him that she Hadnot meant what shed said. But in a sudden wave of clarity her brain told her she must stand solidly now on her own two feet alone. Fortune had been Good to Ber unbelievably Good and she must t turn Back the gift because her emotions let her see clearly. If Bret really loved her he would believe in her he would come Back. The flying scenery began to take on it up right and i Hopo you Lush Green Charm which was so he was silent a moment giving All j characteristic of that part of the his attention to the twists of the state. To was delighted when at Road. Then he said a i think i last she heard the conductor Call told you that some people Call out a Crest Lake station. And Mother a eccentric a did no to i a she could quit the hot Green mohair Quot yes i believe you mentioned i of the train chair. J something about Crest Lake station was at least j a a course you la meet her when i two Miles from the Lake itself and we get Crest late and i want to was relieved to Bee Douglas warn you n0 5e alarmed or Marsh standing by the tiny yellow disturbed by anything she May say. Building scanning the length of give a a a very outspoken old lady a the car for a glimpse of her. She i that a probably because so few saw a dark Green roadster smaller people have Ever had the nerve to i and less expensive than the one a a Back to Faer she a he cleared j head driven in town standing by ifs Throat nervously and Begani the Roadside. Again a she was t very delighted j a a Ello or. Marsh a she greeted about my idea of having a hostess him. J at Crest lie broke into a wide relieved a was no to she Quot asked to her smile. Quot thank heaven you re Here heart sinking. You know in be had the most fright-1 you see ill let you into the Ful feeling that you still might kick fam Jim Skeleton closet just so you a out on me. Have a Nice trip Down Sun Jer stand better a you see dad a Only fair Quot to admitted. A there wag a bit of a Gadder. In a afraid were three children All with very an j mothers always afraid in be in Sticky fingers who took a strange merited the tendency. She May liking to me. I adore children really but Quot she broke off laughing. Marsh nodded. A i know. You adore children but not on trains and if he believe in Hor not three at a time and most cer against his shoulders. A you know me better than to talk like this. In a robbing a even when Bret. A i Only know this to. Then she had lost him. Forever. In a sudden burst of tears she threw herself Down upon the Davenport Aud buried her head in her arms. Even when she was no the View you with a Good Deal of suspicion at first. But i know Shell like you once she knows you j a a in i Hope so Quot said to Uncer it mainly. _ a i know she will. The main thing j mainly not with Sticky fingers. That Day train is a bore. But you la j j3 not to be concerned about in t feel grand when you be had a tub i just done to let it disturb and dinner and a glimpse of the a App try not said to. Lake by i it occurred to her that Douglas it they climbed into the Little 1 Marsh might have been just a lit i Wells of her grief were dry she Greezil roadster and Marsh drove tie More explicit about his Mother i Doest come along and offer 300 to read 8wl, old a 8, t0,rest a Quot a Uji before 1,0 Haj 6.s8o6ted to Corno to i a month and i flock of clothes to a Davenport. Outside the Sun Giance seemed impenetrable but a Mon i n Ami a Nock or cum 3 Sank below the roof tops and the through which a narrow hard girl lie a Dover seen before unless lit tie room in the Kendale Grey ,?ck9fdlrt Road meandered in in be s got something to mind. I hark Lacuea Ain Rosa Jum Vucicu a a to sighed and her hands fell Day Tri Guing fashion. To breathed deep helplessly to her Aldea. There was at last mindful that tomorrow by of tha Clear clean air and no Way to make Bret see Douglas nut to 1,5 Ike the journey to Crest j thought How Good it was to be out her. Be was probably inordinately it Marsh As she saw Bun if she tried Lake to undressed for bed. It 0f the City and out of the work i jealous of her Only son. Perhaps i to Tell Bret How Tine Marsh was. Waa on a amur she a 1 reviewed Day worry Aud fretting which was perhaps something had happened then Bret would Only believe shed a a it a again her argument attn part of it in Marsh s past to make his Mother fallen for Marsh completely i Brefo 0q,v Quot Uin 8he Hafl thought a i be much better she suspicious of an unknown girl Tot a Bret whatever you think of a amp Aid am5 a again that surely he confessed with a laugh. Whom he had offered this Job was t Douglas Marsh can to you Trust me would Telephone for forgiveness a a in a sure you la be Happy this this an old Story with Douglas to take care of myself Quot she asked. Diat Crest Lake. The fact that Marsh i was speaking of it now at such i length surely indicated that mrs. 1 Aaron Marsh had decided against to Darien even before she had met t jobs eyes closed and Young breasts Rose and fell a byte it looked Down at net. in Bleep. Al thought t could. But i m not i a a so sure. Now that i be seen the Way unfortunately there was no you be fallen for this Racket. For j night train whirl made con two cents i d write your father Aud j sections with Crest Lake at a de have him Stop you from going into j cent Bour and the Day ride was this thine a i dreary indeed but. Once the train Ber Marsh assured her. They fix you up right Quot o laughed. Jav did Marsh and was his mothers angry at Lutsen s All suspicion wholly justifiable to i could not bring herself to believe a a j this but in any event a jealous they certainly did and unpleasant Mother we not read courier news want ac1. The deter Natlo in Bret it tone reached the Vicinity of the Lake Quot nonsense i wanted you to do of would have thought the Likely to increase the Joys of a Princess Marina was shopping. In a i summer at Crest Lake. To w afraid the Bill is pretty Large so wished she bad never i Hope a a i aboard that train to be continued

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