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Blytheville Courier News Newspaper Archives Jul 17 1935, Page 3

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Blytheville Courier News (Newspaper) - July 17, 1935, Blytheville, Arkansas Idne Day july j.7, t it a ,1anjb Vii j e i Irr Noi Ibie new Page Theel t pit boils to Trail ital Passee or Iliria Quot do Iii i history in dust Eria City stolidly act pts unkind fates latest blow by Laselle Gilman it Nea sen ice special correspondent Ping China there is no b of marching feet nor Dos Echo Ucros the Fields. Tile Clear sunlight reflects no of Bright bayonets along Ngos ancient and crumbling and the chinese Farmer tills kind undisturbed in the peace a North China Plain. The great dark Shadow of hiking Sun Flag has fallen a venerable people and an land Anc its Tasse led is have stirred the dust on mouldering dragon throne in piping a a forbidden City. I old capital of Cathay has f fallen before a new and is alien horde. Lay North China is actually to nominally a Rich addition spreading japanese Empire Tonquest of the Asiatic main by the Stocky stolid Little irs of Dai Nippon which Bein september 1931, with the no up of a railway track in manchurian Plain has Vail momentum in the last four i relent Essey on grim invaders encouraged in Victory after another press and More impatiently on and West into the treasure of the chinese so called three Eastern tees that composed Man fell to Japan. Tile Semi lands of Jehiol and Shahar iring Mongolia followed ill succession. Inn moved on into Asia and traders and merchants and by men followed until All a territory North of Wall paid tribute to to e to in up now Japan a army has first Large chunk out of proper South of the Wall Northern Boundary today the Wall it is the yellow a China a la for the Asia tics a which a Asia for the japanese a icy becoming a reality. Seizure of North China was re very quietly one might Iten politely. There was la tie i fanfare. troops lined the great and massed at tientsin on a. But there w As no need lit. The threat was enough he chinese army and the pc government branches moved out and kept Moi bul they were South of toe River. Pation is peaceful Lese police units were allow remain and North China in a protectorate the first toward becoming part and of Manchukuo the puppet Eldered residents of piping my possible siege and Fri vat either fled to the South prepared the Oft beleaguered in Quarter for hostilities Ling happened. A few Jao planes soared Over the Ling City and disappeared fight. Chinese control melted piping waited tensely Ion suspended covering it tension with a renewed burst Den part Lea at the 1< Ca and dance at the hotels i Cate its unconcern Niesp business inside the Wall a lose to Zero and is Suh g happened the exodus trickled to a Stop. La China sudden awoke to pct that it had become a of Nippon and not a show pen fired. Rte it Kok missing is an unusual experience i accustomed in the i too years to unnumbered is. Most of them bloody. Pans came the Hun drove from the North the tar ook the Cit it went through the Cen after each Conquest the Acala from its Ash r so mss t a n ordinance Provideno for the issuance of $38.-000.00 of Ponds of the it it of Blyth evil a Arkansas. For the purpose of purchasing. Li\1pro\ ing. Equipping and m Ain to Ning a City Park kor i la try of Blytheville. Arkansas Cai Ling an la pc stun thereon and i or other purposes i it ordained by tile City Council cd the City of la tin 1 Ville Arkansas Section i All election Ila a be held Iii Ila City of Illy hrs tilt. Arkansas on tuesday August i t 1935, for the up rpm of a it in h r or against the issuance n the City of Blytheville. Ari u. Bonds in the sum of $38,000.00 according to the Law and deliver same to the purchaser upon receipt of the Purchase Price and the said mayor and City clerk will draw their warrant or warrant against the proceeds of said Bond. And i a the same Only in the purr my improving equip Ping and maintaining of a City Park for the City of Blytheville Arkansas. Section 3 in order to pay .<�?�111 1 Bonds tiler upon ult the n proper i min ill of one of Tim elusive Mer v within \ a Arkoma Mills i it or years 1035 being a mid Bonds shall be levied a1 and pet Onnel Aid City of Busi sperm i Las annul tor each to i960. Both in urn sufficient to and interest As across the vast dust piled Plains stretching without Relief to the f a horizon the Trail Herd wends its Way in perhaps the last of the great migrations that annually led hundreds of thousands of cat tie to Market and to new grazing grounds in the Halcyon Days of the Southwest cow country. With drooping Heads the 2,000 cows and yearling move a ii sensing that their hooves Are Printon the last chapter of the Plains Saga in the dust that swirls As they pass. From 27 Miles North of Pampa. Tex. On the Grundy Morrison ranch cowboys drove the Stock across the Texas Panhandle to the Foothills of the Rockies. 225 Miles away Iii northeastern new Mexico. Better pasture lands Are there drouth and dust storms having taken heavy toll of the Texas Buffalo era., on which thousands of Range Ca tile once fattened tor tile purpose of improving equipping taming a City Park to Bear Mien to exceed six the number. Of said it ie.1 Low it nos of a at the per Cut it us amount Bond to put hush in. And Siam said Bomi ral it of i it it annul. A a and mat lube us nil denominations amount maturity Bonds suicide ends film Fame softest bog so car Halo a a superstitious hopelessness of her struggle against tremendous Odds for screen Fame drove Beautiful Julia Ann Graham above. 20-year-old former Sistersville. W. Va., choir Singer to death by Lier own hand she was found shot through the head. In the Home of a Hollywood cameraman after two previous attempts at self destruction in March. 1934. And again last september when she took Poison. Then producer Earl Carroll helped her to a screen Start after she had said Quot had i known what an inexperienced girl without dramatic training fared Here i would never have Leit Home for Hollywood. The fight is terrific a it forced me to try death rather than carry have remained in piping in spite Sones should be included but Maut the removal of the republics Hail had no idea they would include capital to banking Are now sex swarm of bees which had swarm petted gradually to be transferred i cd in the Interior of the car. Making Good on his bargain he drove away with the hive. South. Meanwhile. North China is experiencing All the sensations of a mouse clamped helplessly under he Paw of a complacent eat. Chinese Are becoming firmly conduced that it is Only a matter of splendid than before oven time and a Short time at that be lie areal conqueror gent Rode in from the Gobi with re Ford mongols had it and the in. After the fail of the a Nasty and the creation of Public 35 yearn Aero Pip new callous to a dizzy round Etc and succession to Brief by a score of greedy War japanese Conquest so a my calve has left the City da.v.1. Army under the rising Sun is has moved Caum Nuflo. Tor ponese have Learned some Ion in their last four seals i not wish to provoke enc a Ana Iea to Actu oppo i Long is the Conquest is Ted and without dra interference is not "onmd-1 Likely be is no immediate threat t i i commercial Enterprise in China and european and i a an business houses carry i usual although the treat meted a it it to foreign my lies 111 Manchukuo recently i not encourage excessive i Sui. Foreign legation which Ore owl eyed or Henry up i the emperor of China tin in Raee full abdicated in 1912 and be returned by his japanese master to sit on the dragon thron1 in piping. Then again the forbidden City will to the Center of an . Albeit a puppet of Nippon. Bees become added bargain Oakland Cal. Up a when Frank Mahan bought a second hand automobile it Yves agreed the acce. Farmers Bank amp Trust co. In8ubancb deft. Kerosene 25 i All on lots or More 62c Gal. Martin Oil co. Steele to. Awes Springfield. To. It up a a recent unusually Brilliant solar Halo caused consternation among hundreds of superstitious residents j and sent them scurrying to Weatherman c. C Williford. They found that the Halo a huge ring around the Moon was caused by the reflection of Light on thousands of ice Needles which formed the Cirrus Clouds Drifting seven or eight Miles above the City. Michigan Law accords Skunk dignified role Lansing Mich. Up a the Skunk no longer is a Public enemy in Michigan legally. Furthermore he enjoys a respectable social rating one of tile too in tile animal kingdom so to speak. All this came to pass when gov. Frank d Fitzgerald signed the general game Bill which takes the Meph itis Meph itis Skunk out of the a a vermin class and treats it a. Any other species of fur bearing animal Skunk now May be taken by sportsmen Only Nom november i to january 31, whereas in former years there you an open season All year. To further vindicate the much maligned Meph itis Meph itis studies by University of Michigan professors indicate the Skunk is not dominantly predaceous that it does riot kill chickens and pheasants and that it does More nod than harm Idaho Wool crop Boise Ida. Up agricultural leaders estimate to Lxi 1935 Idaho Wool crop at 18,500.000 Pound it was sheared from 2, too sheep averaging nine pounds each Tim state will Market 1.650,000 head of lambs. Prices Are better than for several years past. 1 $ i too of $1.00000 2 1.000.00 1,000.00 3 1.00000 lookup 4 1,000,00 1.000 00 5 1,000 00 1.000.00 1.000 of i too of 1.000 Al 1,000,00 1.000.00 1,000 00 1.000 00 1 000 00 1.000.00 i too of 1,000 00 1,000 00 1.000 00 i Kio of 1.00000 1.000 on 1.00000 1.00000 1.001 1.000.00 1.000 00 1.000.00 1.000.00 1,000.00 i too of i too of i too of i too of 1.000 00 1.000 00 i ,000,00 1.000.00 1,000.00 1,000.00 i too of i too of 1.000.00 i Ooi he 1, 00 00 1,00000 i too of i too of 1.00000 1,000 of i too of 1.000 of 1.00000 1.000 00 1.00000 1.000.00 1.000.00 1.000.00 1.000.00 i too of j ,000 of 1.000 h i too Al 1.000 of 1.000 of i too of i too Al 1,000 00 i 000.00 i too i 1.000.00 1.000 00 dec to in 2 tin City clerk ate ten and dire Ted. When executed said Bonds. Of i h 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 in 17 18 of to 21 22 23 24 n n 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 March Mareb March March March March March March March March March March March March March March March March March March March March Mardi March March March March March March March March March March March March March March Man a yet by authorise the him to sell Sunn i i i i i i. I i i. L i. I ill i i 1939 i 1940 j 1941 j 1942 j 1043 i 1944 j 1948 1940 i 1947 1918 j 1949 j 1050 j 1951 j of >2 i 1953 1054 i 103. I 10 ii j 195 7 in .8 1959 i Hoo 1901 i us a 1903 j 1904 190.> i 1965 Kio j i Imig 19 17 1907 j 1968 i Dow 1 i Ogo 1960 1970 j �?~70 a n to i hey Mal tire with a added per a unum i 1 unforeseen contingencies and Ilie City clerk is directed to transmit a certified copy of this indu Uuie and of the ordinance sewing said assessment to the Cetin v clerk of or Ippi county arkansans to the end that said faxes May be extend d poo the tax books of said county and roller of annually along with other Laxer until the said Bond and Iii Crest thereon Are paid in full. S pc lion 4 to order to pay said Bond a Thev mat lire there Hall by Panro panted out of the in red of lie tax to i levied a herein provided a proper nun to pay tile principal and interest Olaid Bonds a they mature. Section 5 this ordinance Bein necessary for lilt immediate preservation of the Public Pence health and safety an emergency is hereby declared to exist and the same shall be in Force from and after its passage. Adopted this 9th Day of july 1935 Cecil Shane mayor attest Ruth Blythe City clerk. Italy exports third of Large Rice crop Rome up Rice production which began in Italy during the 14l11 Century now produces a crop of approximately goo. metric tons statistics of the Cereal Guild reveal. Approximately one third of the Rice crop is exported. Value of exports during 1934 totalled 119.212-209 lire provinces of Vercelli Pavla Novara and Milan produced 80 my cent cd the crop. It i Dio Repa iring a Complete line of tubes and parts la Chi Ard a Uke x Battery co. Phone 476 no flies where Black Flag flies a a a give Mem the works Black Flag in told. Kills blues that Fly Yow tuft. Kills bisects that Craul my. Lit w this spicy aromatic t turkish tobacco that grows on the sunny slopes of Turkey Ani Greece Chesterfield would to 7 be Chesterfield. From the 12th to the 18th Cen t tory it was common practice to i Bury a person s heart in a separate casket from the body. In of we in ii picture of turkish drying rack j where the tiny leaves of turkish tobacco Are Strung on Long threads and Hung up to Ripen. Colies Ter Field. The cigarette that Milder Chesterfield. The cigarette that tastes better ism. In Fugitt a mems tobacco co

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