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Blytheville Courier News Newspaper Archives Jul 10 1935, Page 4

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Blytheville Courier News (Newspaper) - July 10, 1935, Blytheville, Arkansas Page fou Blytheville Ark courier news the Blytheville courier news the courier news co., publishers c. R. Babcock editor h. W. Haines advertising manager Stile National advertising representatives Arkansas dallies inc., new York Chicago Detroit St. Louis Dallas Kansas City Memphis published every afternoon except sunday entered As second class matter at the Post office at Blytheville Arkansas under act of Congress october a. 1917. Served by the United press subscription rates by Carrier in the City of Blytheville 15c per week. Or $6.50 per year in Advance. By mail within a radius of 50 Miles. $300 per year. $1.50 for six months 75c for Throe months by mail in postal zones two to six. Inclusive $6.50 per year in zones seven and eight $10.00 in r year payable in Advance. I he Road to j dangerous to the Prosperity of the United states in oui judgment is j he tendency on the part of states to enact tax measures which have for their purpose not the raising of Revenue hut rather the restraint of Trade for the supposed advantage of their own residents. The Wisconsin leg mature has passed and the governor has signed a measure which places a 15 cents per Pound tax Oil Ole Margarine and other Butler substitutes. Wisconsin produces Large quantities of butter and very Little of tlu1 oils used in butter substitutes. The Ole Margarine tax by putting butter substitutes under a heavy Handicap presumably will have tin Cheet of increasing Wisconsin consumption of Wisconsin butter. Hut it is a two edged sword that Wisconsin is Vav bidding. We quote from a Wisconsin newspaper a was a result of this legislation several concern in the South and a Large margay me company have cancelled contract with Wisconsin finns said to run into several millions of dollars Worth of annual orders file cancelling firms make no Bones about it being a re irises for Hie action taken by Wisconsin against Bulter strangely enough tile newspaper in que lion instead of recognizing that the victims of what amounts to a Boycott have reasonable grounds for taking their business elsewhere goes on to suggest further reprisals on the part it f Wisconsin. Two can play at that game but none can win at it. America grew Rich and great became her people were free to Trade in the varied products of North and South vast and West. There is no surer Road to National poverty than for the is state ii set up barriers to each others products. A Cousin is not the Only offender. Our own skirts Are not altogether clean. The last Arkansas legislature for example enacted a discriminatory tax against Margarine made from vegetable oils Ether than those produced in this Tate. Such abuses of the taxing Power Are bad business destructive of greater benefits than they can possibly produce and conducive of Donies Lic Trade wars like those Between nation that have All but paralysed International Commerce. Wednesday july to 1935 behind the Bailie lines one of the greatest services rendered by the department a it of Justice in the War on crime is the work done by its Bureau of identification. The exploits of its sleuths Are widely known less publicized but perhaps even More valuable is the Way in which its files can provide any local police organization with Swift and sure identification of an arrested person. An example is provided in the arrest in new York of Merton w. Goodrich who was wanted in Detroit for the murder of a child. Goodrich was arrested Iii new York for disorderly conduct. The new York police had no Way of knowing that lie was wanted in Detroit for an atrocious clime. In the Ordinary course of events he would have served a week or so in jail and then gone his Way. Hut new York sent his fingerprints to the department of Justice and Detroit s Long Hunt for him was Over. Here is a service any police or sheriff s Force can use. It is one of the most valuable of All services Iii tin Light against crime. Side glances by George Clark just a scrap of paper you can begin to understand the cynical Way in which the governments of tin world signed the Kellogg Antiwar treaty by meditating on the furore which arose when emperor Haile Selassie of Abyssinia asked the United states to protest Italy a projected violation of tin1 treaty. Here we have seemingly an open and shut cast. Having renounced War As an instrument of National policy Italy for reasons which italians find Good and sufficient proposes to list War As such an instrument. The United states is asked to remind Italy of that renunciation and instantly there is a sensation in All the capitals of Europe it is pretty Clear that the governments which signed this treaty never had the slightest notion of abiding by its spirit of they had would they be dismayed by tin thought that now when it might be of some use someone is actually thinking of reminding them of it it in nov Aye unpopular to say while the Quot yes Quot Man is the one who is loved. Harold Likes Secretary of Interior. In in the people of America Are born to overcome. Not to be pampered not to by made scene. But to carve to make their own Way. To conquer. Gov. Harry Moore of new Jersey. This is a time of discouragement and disillusion in which with a sort of slave psychology. Men would rather to get Safe than free. Herbert Hoover. A a a elections Are like prize fights. You can twin ii you re going to hit your opponent with Cream puffs. You be got to use dynamite. J. E Benoit. Danbury conn., official. Out of k Way by Williams mauve you heard emf latest pcs a g at Rhet fat Huml Hoople is springing a we pull of tee nut Back Yard of is j can nol tit that ant is Mart pro Tuey ale Bead Fok when then come out of the hive 2 Dright Over the Fence into any Flower Garden i in order to go out an put tar in the Yard l be have Quot to wrap up5 in nets i when does our lease run out of to its peace so now, out Xou whelp worked up i blood stagnates if heart fails to pump properly by or. Morris Fishbein editor journal of the american medical association and of Hygeia the health Magazine la there is any Organ of your body that requires utmost cart and watchfulness it is the heart. That chamber from which it came. This is called regurgitation. The doctor can discover this by ii. Tuning to the heart. Under such condition lie can hear a murmur. A in Many instances the valve is in it depends circulation of the affected by inflammations and by blood through your body and that depositing of Lime salts in the Means Complete circulation with form of Jutt e nodules. These also out the least bit of interruption prevent an accurate closing of the or. Diminution. J valve. The heart is a muscular Organ. Failure of the heart to pump Lynough which the blood passes the blood successfully leads to Atter it comes from the lungs and j a nation of the blood in Var from which it is pumped into the blood vessels. A the blood passes from one of the Lour heart compartments into another it goes through valves which open and shut regularly. Whenever any of these valves changes its form because of i incas or for any other reason it will not close completely. Sometimes the blood gurgles Back into should be taken regularly. Ii possible body weight Jinni he controlled because Ove Veigl is always a menace in heart Cli ease. It is also important for the p son with a disturbance of to heart to avoid any secondary ii like the common old Ltd dims disease. Infection tends to attack portions of the body a1 ready weakened by disease. Therefore such people Slio if avoid fatigue hunger and in i necessary exposure to cold Ai j rain. They must also see to j that the Mouth is kept free rofl disease by adequate dental Ala medical care. Read courier news want ads. H ils parts of the body souk tones with changes in the pulse Ilu and in blood dresser0 treatment of valvular disease of the heart depends on the severity i f the . The doctor not j Only has to Endeavor to control the damage that has already Tak j in place but to prevent fur j tiler damage. He therefore limits the amount of exercise with the under staid profits and builder a City on the that nothing should be done Folly of thousands of arkansans. I that brings abort shortness of today i join my brother Busi j breath and distress. In the sane Ness and professional men in sing j Way he chooses work which the my Hosanna to that Brilliant mind afflicted person can undertake that conceived the idea of the West j without putting too great a Strain Memphis dog track. Today we on his weakened heart hear wailing and gnashing of Teeth i a in Memphis to a. They Grunt and it is particularly important groan and hurl undignified Appel i however to make certain that a at ions at us because the people of person with heart disease should never undergo a sudden Strain Arkansas after to these Many years have hit upon a plan to Quot balance the after All its Only the question of whose of is being gored. Undergo such As running to catch a train or trying to lift a heavy weight. Particularly important also is a peat moderation in eating. If a a say i thought we agreed not to see each other anymore the editor s letter Box j Pardon us Memphis while we j person is confined to bed the \ i Giggle up our respective sleeves. I amount of food should be Small de b. Cook. 1 and preferably dry. The meals 1725 sir William. Blackstone Legal commentator hoi to 1778trance declares War a amp inst ung Law is Myllard Fin Jnore inaugurated f5c.h president of l$s9=French chamber votes for government ownership of All telephones. Pyramid building Ito the editor the High a exits in the current news on taxation Quot ius spooky How some states Yass the sales tax by a one vote Quot Poplarville free press Quot Mississippi speaking of the sales tax says. Quot another state administration like this one Wall bring the state close to governor Olson of Minnesota when vetoing the 2 per cent sales tax said Quot it would be better to int out All state functions necessary to get along without the enactment of such a vicious nine and one Naif billion dollars were paid for taxes in 1934, or seventy three dollars a year Lor every Man woman and child in the United states. It will be More this year. Senator Dickinson of now a says Quot business position is worse in this country than it was in the beginning of 1933.�?� Quot High taxes the politicians Quot boasted benefits of higher education Are Quot those claiming to be the Best educated Are often the greatest fakers of the debts to by paid by taxation of All divisions of government in the United states Are forty seven billion dollars and Are to Rise. Stalin in Russia rules one Hun did and eighty million people. His salary is fifteen Hundred dollars a year. In this country there Are thousands in Washington alone getting from three to five thousand dollars a year with the upper strata getting from ten to fifteen thousand the president chapter Iii to and Tubby and Bret did full Justice to the food. When at last Bret leaned Back in his chair with a contented sigh and produced a package of Cigar ets there was Little left on the table but the palier containers and the modest tableware Joe had found in the k it Chenet. A stubby to said a i done to know what til do without you this summer. I simply have dragged myself outside for a i done to want to take All the credit a Tubby told her. A it was partly Brett a Bret looked at to through the Gray Haze of cig Aret smoke. A and now i think Tubby and i ought to lie skipping Back to the Campus. You la need a full nights rest in preparation for and truly enough to found herself quite ready to sleep again when Tubby and Bret had gone. She was so weary that she had Only her la a a brought up from tile Luggage room and in the space of a very few minutes she had donned Blue pyjamas left a Call at the desk for seven of clock and climbed Between the sheets. When she was awakened Tho usually Dingy room was Bright with Early morning june Sunshine and As to rummaged in her bag for Lier toilet kit she astonished herself by breaking into a song. % 4-a pish. Ii in in ii no Tod \ y Roll Vici i i r<-1� ii Rill a to re turn ii oui ofter Lier Iii College receives a idler Hihi a 9 Lier that her father in oui off work. To deride to Hunt for a Job. Next Day mile in oven to of Brail furnished Aymro Nunt. Lier former Roommate to hid la v Nisi and la it it Ivy l l., to whom join a sunni d. Conic to see h a. It a shows to an advertisement for Kiri to work part time in a liar Inch Supply House. Now of on w Ith Iii. Stok it seep getting seventy five thousand and really it Wasny to so bad to be on \ he dropped his business like tone and smiled engagingly a you re new Here Aren t you Quot Many of our industrialists getting one Hundred thousand dollars a year All working to create taxes to pay. They give us the 4 per cent processing tax. Roosevelt says he wants High prices hog Ham 50c a pounds Farmer does no to get it Butcher does no to get it but packing company Stock on big Rise quoted much above u. S. Bonds. Processors not paying processing tax now in arrears seventy million dollars a Are protesting its Validity. Hogs destroyed. March imports of meats and fats into this coun j try nine million three Hundred Che stopped for breakfast at a and thirty seven thousand dollars j k Little Coffee shop in Tho same Corn crop curtailed and de your own to he facing the world with Only your two hands and your brain. Especially when the morning was As Bright As this one on the faille wins the newspaper Bret had left folded at Tho advertisement head advised her to follow up. When she had dressed to Toro out the Little rectangle of printing and shoved it into the pocket of Ber suit. She still Felt certain somehow that she was going to to successful in getting this Job. She had a a a Hunch Al Init it and jobs hunches weren to too often wrong. St roved just received at the port of new Orleans a cargo of Corn from the Danube. Seventeen vessels have left Argentina ports for the United states carrying in their cargoes two million three Hundred and eighty two thousand bushels of Corn Block As the Kendale and w Hen she had finished she inquired about Tho address of her prospective Job. A ooh that a right near Here a the cashier said. A just turn to the right at Tho next Block Down Aud then walk about four to thanked her glad indeed that rather Gruff voice startled her. A Well you re Early she turned to see a Short Middle aged Man peering at her nearsighted by. Ile fished in his hip pocket for a ring of keys selected one and proceeded to open the door. A did you come in answer to the and in Hie paper a a yes a to said. A i m to Darien and Well id like to work for you come to work at 8 30 in the lug won t to half As hard As Porfi morning. No sense getting Here As ing out my writing a Ile chuckle Early As you did today. And you j a work until 12. The girl i had last to found it hard going that fir 5 summer i paid $8 a j morning. Brown did no tha i jobs heart Sank to Hie very hot much of a system and during t a Tom of her brogues. Eight dollars Winter when he had no assistant a week Why that pay his office Wark fell into consider her rent at the Kendale and she Aine confusion. But As the Boul did no to have the slightest idea where wore on. And to began to make it she could find a place that was Little Progress she decided cheaper. I could handle Tho work satisfy Etta ily. You would would you a at this question to became not at j on8 Pise and i just pay All sine that silo would. But she remembered Bret s words a of course ifs Only half time but it la Belt you keep your Chin up and it a Tanner gets 50c for a Bushel the distance did t Call for warfare if Corn it makes $16 80 Worth of whisky. Who pays the tax Here canadians pay 2c a kilowatt for electricity americans pay 7c who pays the tax Here a of which makes my know that we Are on the Way but where i do not know the pyramids were built by taxation but to what Avail. Seems we have embarked upon an Era of modern Pyramid building. W. M. Sticker Blytheville Ark. Sauce for the doom to the editor for several years the citizens of Memphis have reaped Rich yield from the people of Eastern Arkansas. Year Atter year have our newspapers begged and pleaded we Ith the people to Trade with Home merchants. Only to see the automobile and Good roads carry an Ever increasing number of people to Memphis to Trade and spend Money from which All Memphis benefited with smug satisfaction the business men and Bankers of Memphis looked on Benin to fatter or the Advance rent at the Kendale had left her very Little Money and to was determined that she would not Appeal again to her parents for help. A and of i get this place a Aile thought a i can walk to work. That would lie fortunate a and healthy when Aile reached the proper Block it took her some Little time to locate the address but at last she found it. And her heart Sank. It was not a very repossessing establishment. What she saw was hardly anything More than a Small store room with rather a narrow door and Over the front was a weathered Len which read a Brown # Marine Supply in the tiny show windows there were a few coils of rope some brass boat Hardwi Are quite unfamiliar to to. And a Model of a sailing ship. By in the store itself she saw two Small sleek mahogany runabout motorboats set on blocks. She tried the doer and found it locked and she was staring disconsolately at the ship Model when a it it in. I id Ike tak6 r or Brown. A a she told him. A but you Bee i m at 11 30 or. Brown shuffled i absolutely without help from any Hie Little cubicle and asked jul i he was making and buy food for $8 a i a Fine i think. Ill to tilt or. Brown grunted. A it really when i get used to the ainu to a Job for a girl that s not lev a sure. I go out to lunch ing at Home. I ought to find some i 30, i just take half an will give you the afternoons to look Kiri tju4t just wants to pick up a an you an Witch the pin for something Little extra anybody comes in ask a a in Mbrown a the Man said Quot but that kind of girl does t a Quot owner and proprietor. Come on need a Job desperately like i do a j jj0 a Poen gone Najy a j said to. Quot of you have to have help minutes when so heard the i at All you ought to he willing to open and looked up to see a t pay for Man walking Down toward to she waited for the storm of 0fflce. He was. To saw Sinai abuse she Felt sure would come adj quietly died and there Wal hut my Llis aun Roma Hippi a it aft in i i pm to wig in to followed him through the j store and into a tiny Back compartment which could hardly he called an office a you look pretty Brown said eyeing her again in the Glare hut or. Brown remained silently j an assured in the Way he it my Meek. At last to said. A will pay Rind a stick. I n lie reached he you $10. Of that a sat factory he Jet to office and a d Lis hat said eyeing her again in t lie Glare j it auge Era expecting things to be a thought oddly a d suddenly till of a Fly speckled Gloyn he had turned better this summer. And if they to was unit h i Jim a a a a a a a a no nun quite to had any experience keeping get a Jot bettor and you can do Tho sjj0 had eve on books a a Little. When t was in High school i used to help my father with Tho accounts in his store Brown nodded. Quot Well my system ainu to complicated at All. You know this is Only a half time Job done to you a handsomest in r seen. A How do you do a he said. B or. Brown in a a hell return in just a few of Lites to re Slif a Quot and in a is j How la want you to wait. J Hanks but i can see a n work Woll make it $12 a very Well a said to removing her Jaunty Beret. A til take a Good a or. Brown reached into his battered desk and brought out a sheaf of papers. A these Here Are charge slips for Tho past month or in this Block and then til co j so. I Haven t had a Chance to enter Back. Suddenly he dropped a yes i do. Rut tin hoping that them. They go into this account j business like tone and smiled a a business will he to Good this sum Hook Here and then of course we Gagin Gly. To guessed his ase to Mer that you la need to All the Send out monthly he about 37 or 38, hut when he Srai produced another huge Ledger Book she could t be at All sure. A you facing this remark and jobs blew a coating of dust from it. New Here. Arentt you Quot he asked Friendly smile the Gruff or. Brown a you see. I represent a lot of to nodded. Quot i came to Wor thawed a Little at last. He looked manufacturers of boat engines and or. Brown this at her sharply for a moment and equipment and the Uke. Do you briefly. Then began to chuckle. A Well know anything about boats a a the s somewhat crusty on of maybe you la be All right. Can you Job heart Sank again. Aion. But he a really Tho Salt of Start this morning a a Well that All right. You la Earth. Will you Tell him plat a i certainly can. That is if pick up the terms after a while that Douglas Marsh a in Quot what do you pay. Or. By. No learning the difference Between a tee. Or. Marsh. I u Tell i Quot remember this is just part time propeller Shaft and a Tern Bear-1 to in continued i

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