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Blytheville Courier News Newspaper Archives Jul 7 1936, Page 6

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Blytheville Courier News (Newspaper) - July 7, 1936, Blytheville, Arkansas Page six Blytheville Ark courier news tuesday july 1936 defeat i laundry puts up spin tee fight Applebaum Kasvi for bottlers standings w l. In Ceca cola .6 3 .667 no a cleaners .6 3 .067 Jack Applebaum. 4 5 444 steam laundry .2 7 .222 by j. R Friend Blytheville steam laundry threw a serious scare into the i Numa Camp last night by it in in late inning Rabic and in rent ening throughout but a in Early Lead proved too much of a Handicap for the protege of seek Sanderson to overcome and a it to finally nosed in t. 10-8. By Bob Kames Pennant bound cleaner coca cola bottlers to bed their usual big inning at Jack Apple Batten s expense and experienced very Little difficulty in beating Ute Palmier in the first ame of the girls softball league twin Bill the score. 18-8, helped the bottlers keep Pace with the cleaners for the league lend nip and tuck tile laundry no a game a nip and tuck affair All the three runs in the first and a quartet in the second saved us cleaners and enabled them to run their a string of consent i in Victorias to sax. Tire added three More for Good a a i to in the fifth to Salt away the Contes. Laundry served notice of a Battle by pushing ova r two in the first they went scorch s in the second but broke Loose again with a three run out bul St in the third. By scoring one in the fourth they pulled within one of a tie. Birt fell behind Nhsn Numa counted their final three a desperate last time batting flurry scored two. But it flickered and went out two Short despite the fact that Numa collect ii nine hits two Moi Titan laundry Tootsie Stanfield wit pitched tile Niwa Star Sadie Blarney. She did not Issue a pass and struck out live but unable to offset eight errors by her mates. Poor base running also contributed to the laundry defeat. Helen Home run in urn first with Smith and c. Whittle aboard the most damaging blow. The Hague s Champion hitter also collected a single Stanley nicked for seven hits three by Pauline Russell including a double but not quite up to her usual form the cleaners helped out j with Fine defensive work rom j Nutting Only two error bridie1 walked five and whiffed a half dozen. Coca cola sent seventeen Bat j ters to the plate in the third inning of the second game scoring fourteen runs in perhaps the wildest hitting Anil Moi orgy of the season. They Rappel out six hits and apples aim helped us cause along with seven errors during the spree Audley Blythe the big gun with a timely triple the bottlers had already o muted twice in the first and second innings. Applebaum did not have a Chance a a inst the eighteen run Lead but kept pecking away at the offerings of Mary Lou whittle. They scored in the last three innings but the last out Foi and them with a ten run deficit. Kula whittle the victim of Hie assault but with Good backing no doubt would have fared a better late coca cola gathered ten hits in All. As com dared to the ten off Mary i of. Ceca Colas two errors in contrast to eleven Applebaum Bobble partially Tell the Story. In addition to hurling it Rood game Mary lot had a perfect evening with the widow with three hits Blanche Morris Applebaum second Sacker helped in i 11 to the same Inez Bevil Applebaum Short fielder got two for two. Be a put out recorded in the Outfield by the four teams. The Box scores first game aft i Baum a r ii i d a Faith Quot is Anni 3 t whittle 3b-lf 3 10 0 1 Browning it i 0 0 o o h Lute. 3b 2 o 1 n i Friend of 3 110 0 Morris 2b 3 2 3 3 get a a a a c 3 2 1 0 0 f w lilt in p 3 0 i 2 i / me by of 2 110 o in Lutes of 10 0 0 0 Bevil. A 2 1 2 c 0 Hemphill la 2 0 0 7 1 total Fri Quot a cola Oldham 2b i Isher. Huey. J tru in by co Psi i t Blythe. Kinsey. Milburn. 28 h to 12 9 a it ii to a by of of of lbs 0 1 0 2 i i i i 7 0 o 0 2 1 2 0 i 2 i 0 0 i i 0 j 0 0 i 7 0 i 0 f 0 Buchanan r m l whittle. J 3 3 3 2 0 totals 34 18 to to 2 score by innings Applebaum 002 24 h Ceca cola 2214 of 18 summary errors Saliba 3 l. Whittle. Browning 2. Morris let get to k whittle Bevil. Hemphill. Huey 3 three base hit Blythe base on balls of k whittle strikeouts m l whittle it e whittle i umpires Browning and Whitley Sij oni Tiame Nawa cleaners la la Smith of c whittle c m Iglehart Nichols. 3b Arnold St m Iglehart Baster is Cooper it Stanley p Chapman. 2b totals a Stanley out Tor laundry Fowler 2b Mcdaniel c p. Russell e George. Scott of Erwin of Bosley Stanfield i in sell Lynch of Northern is la 3b it a a a of m ii la is 3 3 1 2 2 a it 3 i 0 i i 0 i ii 3 i a it 1 2 3 2 0 3 0 0 2 i 0 28 111 9 leaving by a it la 3 i i 3 a i 3 1 i 1 a a a a 0 j i 3 0 i 3 a 0 i 0 a 2 0 0 a 0 0 i i o i i 0 to 0 6 i 0 0 6 i 0 i 0 in 7 to j 8 2 0 0 0 0 0 i 0 0 totals 23 8 7 14 i Pas Ley batted for Stanfield in fat h Stanfield out for leaving b is Boort by innings Numa cleaners 340 03 to laundry 203 12 8 summary errors Nichols Chapman. Mcdaniel p Russell k George. Erwin Stanfield 2. D kissed two base lilt b Russell it me run i Aster base on Halls Oil Stanfield 0 off Stamen it a Stanfield it Stanley c. Umpires Brownin and Whit Ley. Mobley Weich victors on it Lee Myers disqualified by referee Welch sinks i Stanic sinker by j. P i Kiem Rex Tex i Mobley Amarillo Lex a declared the Victor Over Bee Myers Dallas. Tex by disqualification. And Roy Welch the Quot Canadian Wildcat Quot Defeated Charles Sinkey Hist night in the american legion weekly wrestling program it the legion hut Arena. Alter warning Myers against the use of Eye gouging and various other Rule violations without re Khim referee Mike Meroney stopped the match after five minutes of grappling for the third fall and raised Mobley a hand Mii Blev seated in tile Midrib of the ring temporarily Blind and helpless alter a brutal Asia ult by Myers on Iii. Eyes and Iii no shape to continue. Bitter match the match a bitter rough syrup wit ii Only a smattering it scientific grappling to identify it As a wrestling event Mobley As usual tried to make a Good clean match of it but forced to give up and resort to the battering methods of Myers to save himself. Myers gained the first fall in 23 minutes with a a a Jim Londos a reverse toe held following a series of fore Arm blows and right hand punches. Mobley felled his fellow texan with Hying tackles and pinned Myers shoulders with a double Jack knit in 13 minutes Myers still sore when they came Back from the rest period Myers furious and tried himself the Only Consolation he got out of his actions perhaps the fact that he got to take his Bath earlier Tor Meroney did no to stand for much. The Large crowd came expecting Welch and Sinkey to do Little wrestling and much acting they were not disappointed the two put on ii show the a Wildcat Quot kept Sinkey and referee Meroney constantly in hot water throughout the 35 minutes once Roy got. Meroney and Sinkey tangled in a mix up in some smooth manner he got their legs twisted tied them in the ropes with them hanging Over tile Edge of the ring. It fully five minutes before they could free themselves after Mueh pleading for Welch to come and get them out. Sinkey took the first fall with a crab hold in 18 minutes. Welch turned Quot doctor Quot for the second and third talus he Quot worked Quot on u Carbuncle on Sinkey a knee and made him give up with a drop toe hold the time 8 minutes. A drop toe hold finished the Job in 5 minutes. Afton Chenoweth won a six round mixing decision from Charles Tacker in Between the two wrestling matches. They weighed 130 pounds each. E k Ratch t. Former boxing promoter refereed the fight and Mike Meroney officiated in the two features. Bit ii cramps Fisherman Corvallis Mont ubi m e. Cobb has been deprived of his regular fishing habits for several weeks. A lilt a Bird choose his favorite fishing Busket As a nest for hatching mid raising a family of five a new York july 2. Its a Good thing for an army of american sports writers that their country is not controlled by the nazis. If it practically All of them would be wearing out shoe leather looking for new jobs. For in Berlin. Or. Baul Joseph Goebbels nazi minister of propaganda and Public enlightenment has forbidden the German i to from accepting in Hie future sports articles by Arthur Buelow whom lie contends committed in offence against the German a National dignity by predicting that Joe Louis would blast Max Schmeling out of tile picture in the Early rounds. Buelow us the Little scarred German who taught Schmeling and who first brought the Black Uhlan to this country. While they broke Here Buelow remained Loyal to Herr Maxie and unquestionably sincere in what lie wrote about his former charges meeting with Louis. So also Paul Zainski the former Berlin promoter who staged the More important of Schmel i Ign a Early starts. Dumski predicted that Schmeling would not survive Tim opening heat. Even the germans see their countryman in the pre Battle Louis landslide. German scribes will play German fighters straight hereafter whether they like it or not. A similar ride in this country regarding american fighters and writers might not be a bad idea at that. It at least would give the experts ail excuse when they were wrong. Quick action would get Louis mind off Kayo if Scotty Monteith were managing Louis in would have him Back in the thick of things without delay. Quot the More Louis thinks about his defeat by Schmeling the harder it will be to restore his says Monteith Veteran promoter. Manager and matchmaker. Quot give him action Light away and he might come Back. Quot when Johnny Dundee knocked out by Willie Jackson Iii that big upset in Philadelphia years ago i asked Johnny to meet me at 2 of clock the next afternoon. At that time i told him that i had a bout lined up for the following tuesday. It with a second Rater but it something to take his mind off tile Shock of the knockout at the hands of Jackson. Quot two weeks later i had Dundee fighting Eddie Hanlon in a 20-Rounder in new Orleans. Dundee didst have time to Brood Over his beating by Jackson and continued on Tor years As one of the greatest featherweight of All time. There is no reason Why a Young fellow like louts should be through unless he is licked mentally Quot Boxer an t outsmart a sock on the jaw Monteith gives Joe Jacobs much credit for Schmeling smashing Victory Over lands a stroke delivered lust Winter had telling cited in Ila opinion of tile tonner new yorker who a promoted i shows Iii Detroit for the last decade Quot when the contracts were signed Quot explains Monteith Quot Jacobs insisted unit louts be kept out of the Xiii for five months. Louis a aeon turned to working once a month of oftener. The protracted Layoff destroyed ids timing the first essential of hitting and something that a Boxer can to get Buck by mixing with sparring partners. J 11 lout judgment of distance wa., bad and. I believe one of tile reason a hts Long vacation. I Don t. Contend that it Cost Joe the fight Max might have beaten him any a but. It increased Schmeling is Loui will be smarter next trip. Tsien i no question about that. Lint one Isnit necessarily an alarm Quot isl i of us pee Ting that something will have to be done about reinforcing the dark dudes Chin. Not even a Louis can outsmart a sock on the jaw. Harry Bailey disbands his state line giants i. Ban dment of the state line giant Semi pro baseball team a a bounced today by hurry build who has sponsored the club a Dice if organization this act Bailey said that draft Iii a of ceral of his Best players by minor league clubs caused 11 in to decide to disband tilt giant for the remainder of the Ca on. An a the players who have recently gone from Bailey a club into of a Iii Zed baseball Are dutch Welch Veteran infielder who is new managing the Jackson tem club and Bud Lutes Pitcher who i performing for the Osceola India ii in the Northeast league. Bailey will devote his Atteil-11< ii to tin development of the Booker to his negro Ball club which has had indifferent Sucre. This season. A number of new players will be added to the rust Al to bolster Hie club which will meet the Lincoln stars of Memphis at the state line Park sunday. Another Williams joins Osceola baseball club Gene Williams Young brother of manager Royce Williams Lias been signed by the Osceola indians and will play shortstop it announced today by d. Fred Taylor or Secretary of the Osceola Ball club. Williams is a member of a Ball playing family another brother Dibrell Williams playing second base for the travellers of Hie sold Bern association. Jimmy libel to outfielder has j been traded to the Paragould re Bels for Jim Quot babe Quot Ballard in an outright Swap of players. Number eight team far in front in league Cooter. To. Tile number eight Bull club stepped fur out Iii front in the Pem Scot county league Over the weekend by winning two games from James store the second place team. Tin number eight team Defeated James store saturday 7 to 0 and followed that with a 12 to 2 Victory on sunday. The Barger Brothers formed tile number eight Battery in tile saturday game and spot Reid hurled with Richard Young catching in the sunday game. W. L. Pct Atlanta. 26 .683 Nashville 47 37 .560 Birmingham 41 42 .494 Chattanooga 38 41 481 i ittle Rock. 38 42 .475 new Orleans. 37 42 468 Memphis. 36 46 445 Knoxville. 33 50 .398 National league w. L. Pct St. Loris. 46 28 .622 Chicago. 43 27 .614 Pittsburgh. 41 33 .554 Cincinnati. 38 33 .535 new York. 39 34 .534 Boston. 34 41 453 Philadelphia. 27 46 .370 Brooklyn. 24 50 .324 american league w. L pct new York. 51 23 689 Detroit. 41 33 .554 Boston. 42 34 .533 Washington. 40 35 .533 Cleveland. 39 37 .513 Chicago. 35 38 .479 Philadelphia 24 48 .333 by. Louis. 23 47 .329 Northeast Arkansas league second half w i pct Jonesboro. I 0 i too Caruthersville. I 0 i too Batesville. 0 0 too Newport. 0 0 too Osceola. 0 i Coo Paragould. 0 i too Texaco team leading Cooter soft Ball Loop Cooter to. The Cooter soft Ball league standings now show the Texaco team out in front with five victories and one defeat and a percentage of Bis. The Oak Ridge team with 4 wins and 2 losses has a percentage of 633. The Barber shop team has won three and lost three while the number eight team has won one and lost five. The games Over the week end were postponed due to rain. A girls soft Ball team has been organized Here. Baseball results Southern league new Orleans 6, Chattanooga 6 8 inning tie called to permit teams to catch train Only game. National league open Date How to read personality in faces thoughtful eyes a sensitive Cheek a a eager lips i. Jul a Lka Vav a he american league open Date. Northeast Arkansas open Date today a games Southern Nashville at Memphis Day lit game. Birmingham at new Orleans. Chattanooga at Little Rock. Knoxville at Atlanta National open Date american league open Date Northeast Arkansas league Caruthersville at Batesville Jonesboro at Newport. Paragould at Osceola before you buy any outboard see the Neptune 2 in p. Eufr single Cly i. Other sizes to 16 ii a Hubbard tire amp Battery co. The perfect Host has found the answer to a wheres a real treat to serve my guests a. Kentucky so double Rich straight Bourbon a scorn try wit Zikry it ii Ihu Murk Altril Iii Krill to i v of Dine Krum by Dnell lilt 90 proof Kentucky straight Bourbon whiskey . 1936, Sohen Loy Dinar Butom. Inc. N. W York Quot Rolls quicker a Jack Robinson a clock maker says of his favorite 99 of its Only natural for a clock maker to keep his Eye on the time. So when Frederick Sallier says Prince Albert shapes up into a erf it cigarette in mighty fast time you May deja rid on Fred s being right. Says Fred Quot that a crimp Cut makes p. A. Shape up Nice in i firm. Makes a grand Gratifying Emolu too. And the p. A. A no bit a j recess turns a trick that takes out All Tho sting and in or in Money Back offer to a Makins Quot smokers Roll yourself 30 i will Cir in Lar from Prink albeit if you Don t find thrill the Fin Lull Yout Oak ii Kin. Rtt you in Trio kid or Tui the pocket tin with Tho teat of the tub co in it to it nay tint within Mouth rout Thi Date milk a will i of us j full Pun in a Pill it lug Postrk. Psi Nril r. J pry Viohl. Toh k o company a Isatou Sale Iii Moi the t anoint Prince Albert Ink National Joy smoke pad a a a Railroad workers a jct a the fact that Prince Albert is packed in tin makes a hit with me and every a Roll your owners in be eve quiet a a says or. Spellier. A a stays fresh right Down to tile a you get your Money Back if you done to put a big Okay on this Choice tobacco after you be rolled so cigarettes a says or. Spellier. P. A. Is great in a pipe too. In Roll your own cigarettes in every 2-os. Tin of Prince Albert a ism. A i by i # we 1.1 to put on a show. To celeb tit Pic less in i of to Asp rotation air conditioned oars a Cool clean quiet passenger fares at Rock Bottom safety first a a great record now coach comforts world s finest sleeping car Bervie Economy meals a coaches diners stations falter schedules for Long or Short trips dependability in All weather free pick up and delivery of ocl freight i ii a courage and vision of Pioneer Railroad l idols live again today in the hearts and bunds c 750,000 workers who make up the human Side a welter a railroads and their Allied industries. Die Tail oads Are pushing on to new frontiers a fron Piersol finer faster service St lowest Cost per mile Lindt s Why we invite you to attend the events of Railroad week Between july 13 and 18 a to show you cur achievements. Learn about the program Iron your newspaper. Get acquainted with your Railroad agent Phons writs or Call for information about Traval or shipping by train to any part of America. Western railroads and the Pullman company Brans

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