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Blytheville Courier News Newspaper Archives Jul 7 1936, Page 4

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Blytheville Courier News (Newspaper) - July 7, 1936, Blytheville, Arkansas In major meet f my c of Sim a of prof. Poo Cmel i you two have i we plenty in common he s a a a j Horticulturist 4, and has it m Crosse dam w Guion with 4. A potato so m # when a bus a starts to / f crunch the v i crop his / Al eyes v water / prom / Jet i the it tear to / Sas Xii. / a or Yacc. Inc. To i. Tco v. S. Pai of cupcakes Strawberry tarts a e atch of Ctm Are Cooling on the Kitchen table Ano thl three Kios Are alone in the House i la be v Back in a minute. Cake9 Sorn the 1.qtv leaps Tco Scott j Page four Blytheville. Ark courier news the Blytheville courier news the courier news co., publishers c. R. Babcock. Editor h. W. Haines. Advertising manager sole National advertising representatives Arkansas dailies inc., new York Chicago. Detroit. St. Louis. Dallas. Kansas City Memphis published every afternoon except sunday entered As second class matter at the Post office at Blytheville Arkansas under act of Congress october 9. 1917. Served do the United press subscription rates by earner in the City of Blytheville 15c per week or $6 50 per year in Advance. By mail. Ai thin a radius of 50 mires. $3 00 per year. $1 50 for six months 75c for three months by Mali in postal roues two to cdx. $6 50 per year in zones seven and eight flow per year payable in Advance. Choosing to Ioro nor so far As we have Boon Able to learn few voters of la a the ill Ami Mississippi county have made up their minis which it it a the ten candidates for tin democratic nomination for governor they will support with their ballots at the it primary next August la. Reports from throughout the state indicate that the same situation exists generally. Til Ere has been no crystallization of sentiment. It hardly needs to be said that Tho welfare and Progress of Kansas and its people Are clo Cly involved in the Choice of a new governor rho chief executive through his Power to make appointments and through ids in thu Crnec with the legislature is usually the determining Factor in major state affairs. Arkansas cannot afford to place Power in the hands of a political spoils Man an insincere and selfish demagogue or a weak incompetent. Fortunately there is no necessity of doing so. Among Tho ten candidates in the current race for governor Are a number of Able and honest men capable of rendering Good and effective service in the governors office. The problem is one of entering support behind one of these men. Prefer ably of course the Hest of them. The Fourier news is not in a a it is Tion at this time to Point to any of the candidates As the one Man behind whom the support of friends of Good go eminent should lie concentrated. It is our belief however tilt Arthur j. Johnson who will speak on the courthouse Lawn Here at h of clock wednesday night is one who merits consideration. Rocassi it he lives in ii Dis Stant part of the state and because his Public service has not been of the kind that makes headlines few residents of this county know him either personally or to n rotation. We believe however that he is one of the or lid i fates whom voters should hear before deciding who is to receive their support on August la. A ii no id in Kin it is i a turn be r of years ago it became evident that if tin railroads of Umrie 1 were to meet successfully the growing Competition of motor bus truck private Iii it Mobile Aud air plane they would have to strip for action. I ii Wield financial structures needed pruning. Unprofitable Branch lines needed Elm action out of Date equip Olaf of Way when vol get tue time Sarah will Vod i write out Vouk recipe j for Coffee cake Ano tue ones for cup men needed replacement rates that made business for competitors needed reducing and salary and payroll accounts needed trimming. A great Deal has been accomplished. Rates have been Cut schedules have been seeded up and the gent Quot pressure of the it. F. A. Lins resulted in some reductions in financing Ann administrative expense. Iii conjunction with the general business pick up these changes have resulted in a very substantial gain in Railroad revenues. Hut the Job has not been finished and strangely enough most of the opposition to the completion of it. Is within the Railroad Industry itself. The Railroad hankers done to want to Sec any reorganization of Railroad finance s that would deprive them of their profits. The Railroad executives done to want to see their jobs wiped out or their salaries Cut. And tin powerful Railroad labor unions oppose the elimination of unprofitable lines and duplicating facilities and any other Steps toward greater efficiency that would result in reducing the number of jobs available for their members. Snell opposition is Short sighted. It cannot halt Progress. But to the extent i hat it delays it the obstructionists themselves together with the shipping and travelling Public and the investors who have Money in Railroad securities will suffer. For what Evoi Cise their diff rents May he capital management and labor have a common interest in the Prosperity of the Industry. Allol them should accept such immediate sacrifices As May he necessary to assure its int lire we i lure. Side glances by George Clart Ouk boarding House tuesday july 7, 1936 with major Hoople on Lrol tical John it. Mccall retiring after 15 years service As comptroller general of the drilled states leaves this mighty pertinent observation to wit bookkeeping and politics in ver were meant to mix under the american form of government. That is to say. Or. Mcnarl explains a that an accounting office absolutely and utterly free of politic is essential Iii Washington for All administrations As a permanent Sei up of our government. At tin same time tin retiring comptroller general urges wholesale reorganization of government to effect a a vast monetary and to assure better administration. We Hope the Byrd Senate committee will return Strong recommendation along the line of these suggestions and that the next Congress will carry Thini out. I he whole problem of government reorganization has been dodged and by passed quite enough. A Nataa an Ordinary Bealing might have helped Louis Blit not that awful one he took jeez i Bren lighting for nearly 12 years and Joe got More punishment in 12 rounds than i have altogether Jim Braddock heavyweight Champion. Odd �,<5 Al is the Quot real thinks a a it a easy rather visit. To see which of their grandparents Thuv d is will apply suitable antiseptics Fil mily to the Throat to destroy the germs t Ila t Are on the surface he will do what or can to Centre the fever and he will prescribe remedies which Are helpful in i Park Quot will give Relief from he pain and soreness. A gargle with ii Small amount of baking soda will help to Clear the Throat of mucus and will make it feel Mere comfortable. Lofters or net. However i min ii Confidence in gargle for eliminate infect Ion. Pear in mind that tons Ishii is t t is. The Condi a i cd f n r fatal but the an infected car. Iller heart disease i to serious that a sore Throat and tin nit ally inflamed tonsils should sever i a the i c Dis the Butcha girl of the stage and screen is Seldom the Botella element or the hic of the party in private life Eleanor Rowel Bibi Star. By Williams Seton disease often ice Silt of infer Ltd tonsils by or. Morris Fishbein Filiti r. Iou a i of the american medical association and of ii aria. The health Magazine Many years have passed since the medical profession first rec a gazed the importance of removal of unfolded tonsils. Cause of their relationship to Case tonsils sometimes arc removed simply because they Are so greatly enlarged As to interfere with swallowing and breathing. In Many instances however they Are found to be Lilied with infection material and for that reason const la Ute a menace to health and life. The infection May he carried from the tonsils by he blood to Ether Paris of the body and there set up secondary infections. There arc Well established cases in which infection of the tonsils has been billowed by that of the by Art of the kidneys and even of the lining of the abdominal cavity there also Are cases which in Rel infection of Ute tonsils with chronic colds and sinus infections. Infections of the ears. Disturbances of the nervous system. And rheumatic disorders. Be one Evcic has determined just Aby we have tonsils. Apparently they serve some put piss in taking care of infectious germs that get into the Throat. When the tonsils become infected. They swell and there is pain. Soreness difficulty in Swal i Wing swelling of the glands in the threat High fever rapid pulse general weakness and an appearance of illness. The germ that is most frequently responsible for tonsillitis is the streptococcus a germ of i he same general nature also is responsible for various forms of heart disease rheumatism Erysipelas and Scarlet lever. Once the tonsils have been seriously infected they Are Likely to become infected again and again. A Clitia with tonsillitis should be put to bed immediately when a physician is called he usually sore threat and make less Likely Tho occurrence of Scarlet fever and of diphtheria. Wholesale removal of t oils lie we. Or is net warranted. At present most donors Are convinced that the Correct method for removing the is the r tical than their slew Cli i . By Ida r. Gleason c 1936 Nea service inc a t in it me a one announcements the Conner nows has been authorized to make formal announcement of the following can i dates for Public office subject i of the democratic primary next Anent la for representative in Congress Zag b Harrison for prosecuting attorney o. T. Ward Bruce Ivy Denver l. Dudley for county judge Virgil Greene s l Gladish Neill Reed for sheriff and collector Hale Jackson Joe s. Dillahunty for county treasurer Roland pm Een for circuit court clerk Hugh Craig Skvir re election for 2nd term for county court clerk miss Carey Woodburn for re election for second term for state senator Lucien e Coleman for county representative Ivy w. Crawford for county assessor f l Billy Gaines for let election to a 2nd term for Constable Chil Kas Doha township Harry Taylor Frank Mcgregor e m Eaton / Foix Nim la today tajik Fosdick Kite out to drive to Che lonely Momi Nln Home left Hep by her eccentric Uncle Cyman Fosdick. Centre in try Ltd a to decide whether to marry Nick Baisi to whom she owes Money. She lao Hopes to and ii sol Uncle mid mysterious jewel owned by her Uncle Anil believed to he hidden in the House. Mer Cor is wrecked by n lot herons the Ronal. Pit Halin nil old Friend find Hoh . Young Engineer arrive on the scene and take Centre to the Mountain House where iou Sph att mid his sister is Sif Are the end enkers. Dan , the hired Man. Reports that the watchdog hits been shot. Centre icons to her room for the night. She sees n curious Arrow carved Oil the Wall pol att of to the cupola. in hand. Claire goes to the in pita. Suddenly and noiselessly the Imp is shattered. Mow to on with tub Story 1 chapter re / a Laire had been too excited to notice that her hand was Hurt by the broken Glass hut now she was conscious of a throbbing pain. Pat tried to Stop the bleeding with his handkerchief and Susie sent by for water and bandages. A this Dan Dallas a Bob said a does he sleep on the premises a Susie jerked around. A yes. In the Little Cabin Down near the tool House a she answered. Soon Pat arose. A the three of its bad better give the place the once Over right for an hour the lights from the menus lanterns flickered about the grounds As a careful search was made. Rut not a Trace of anything or anyone could be found. Down at his Cabin. Dan had been awakened and questioned but said he had seen nothing that would indicate a hostile prowler. A and you did no to hear anything later a asked Bob. Quot nope a Dan answered. Pat meantime had walked Over to a Corner of the Cabin and picked up a gun that was leaning against the Wall. He opened this casually then pointed at the Magazine. A this Shell is empty Dallas. Looks like it had been fired Tho Man turned and looked coolly at his questioner. A i shot one Bullet at a Coyote yesterday a he said a Well come along out with us now. We re going to look Over the place a he ordered. A t Jay Light was breaking when the search finally ended without result. The men tramped Back into the House. Claire was telling Susie again about the Mark on the Wall behind the bed Pat who had dropped into a chair now sprang to his feet. Quot come on Bob its Light enough now to it go up to the cupola and give it the a Call us for breakfast a said be motioning to Dan. A Well be Down at Tho tool the two Young men went upstairs to the cupola where Claire a lamp had been shot to pieces. Splinters of Glass still covered the floor. The Bullet that caused the disorder was embedded in the Wall. Quot evidently came from the direction of that slope Over Bob eyed the densely wooded Mountain that Rose directly opposite the House rtt log shadows. Quot did you notice Danes gun a asked Pat. Quot could it do the trick a a Quot i think so wll dig the Bullet out and see if it Bob opened his pocket knife As he illustrated by e. Ii. Gunder Claire had been too sex Alc j to notice thai her hand was Cut to the broken Glass. I Al tried to Stop the bleeding with his handkerchief. Spoke. Quot since no one seems to have heard tile shot probably it wag the same gun with the same Silencer that got the fifteen minutes i n t e n search of the cupola Rev nothing More. If the Arrow 1 really in tinted to the stairs a the Lookout any further it y. The weather beaten Wall been erased by the elem no Quot it Points toward the St right a said Pat. Quot nothing it that Side of the room but Case for he walked and examined the volume shelves. Quot anything on jewels a Bob Quot nope unless you count one a jewels of verse a n in a Pat started i door. Breakfast was ready when came downstairs. Susie a it Call Kab and Dan Dallas. Quot it was a Bullet then broke the lamp a Claire a for answer Bob held out piece of Lead. The girls face turned Quot then then someone did to kill me a Susie and Dan coming a Short the conversation. Quot whereas be a asked Pat Quot Dan said he went Back to the tool House a Susie explain Quot Ever loan that gun of to anyone Dan a asked Pat Quot be used it swered the Man looking a Csc his questioner Quot Why a i just wondered Quot it Dallas a asked Bob Steele. A not that i know of a Dallas told him. Quot a Silencer a Susie looked questioningly from line to the other. Quot yes a Gadget to Cut out the sound of the shot miss 1 Ord love us a gasped the j j woman. A then they could j creep up on us and murder us in 1 i our Beds and nobody a be the it a i Wiser a Quot done to get Panicky Susie a Claire soothed her. Quot nothing can Hurt us in the Hou. E Quot i ainu to so sure a answered Susie. Quot there a Boon queer going on a round Here even Afore you come Pat went on quizzing Susie. Quot you mean you heard or saw something you did no to understand a for a minute the housekeeper did not reply. Then she lowered her voice. A yes i did. Three times in be heard a soft like noise in the Quot Likely a pack rat a suggested Dan. Quot pack rats done to Chip edges off Stone foundations a answered Susie. A you found stones chipped Vebr so he asked Dan ably a cause we never knew his real name and he had the freshest whitest skin Ever you Sec. He was from Over near tin cup Way a reminiscent Light gleamed in Susie a eyes. Quot it happened during the mining Boom while your Uncle Lyman was Here and i was keeping House for him. A Likely youngsters the White a what happened to him a Pat asked. A ooh he took up with a fellow who come from out California ways. They went up to the kids claim and worked it All summer. Ore ran pretty Good too. I used to see quite a lot of them both when they come Down for the town dances. Then one night 1 they a both been drinking a to if and had a Quot Over you perhaps miss Spratt a asked Pat his eyes twinkling to Usif shot him a coquettish glance. Quot go on with you or. then she sobered. A i ainu to saying what was the cause of the Row. Anyway they drifted Long toward morning and we never see the White Miner again. And the other one Only once More when he went through town on his Way Back to California so he said. A year or two after someone found a Many a Skeleton under the flooring in their Cabin. They prove it was the kid though you can to make no one a round Here believe it Wasny this. Only the folks do say when something a going to happen the White Miner is seen again trudging along the Mountain Quot and someone a met up with him lately a asked Bob Steele. Susie nodded solemnly. Quot George Banes the Butcher Down in the Village said he seen him Plain Over near the big dump on Squaw Mountain the other Dan abruptly pushed Back his chair. Quot whereas that a asked Pat. A opposite Tho House Here a Claire told him. She added slow-1 a Quot the Mountain that fired the i gun at Pat shrugged his shoulders. Quot come on Bob lets go out and look at these Chippings where someone s been sctt a the Sun was beginning to Redden the sky As they went outside. Quot wonder where be is a asked Bob. Quot ill go Down to the tool House and get some shovels from Pat nodded and walked on around the cupola. Dan was already there staring Down at the ground. Quot someone a already started digging he pointed to a Small Hole close by the cupola Wall. Pat dropped to his Knees and examined the place closely. Quot that a been done recently a he announced. He made a careful circuit of the surrounding grass and Bushes. Quot Here comes Bob. Lets see what he makes of this. But Bob was looking at the rap he held in his hand. Quot in t this miss Spratt a asked Bob. Quot yep. The Corner of the House out by the Root or liar. And they was Teiling me Down at the Village that the White Miner had been Cen Quot the White Miner a asked Claire. Quot sure the White Miner. A did he Ever use ii Silencer on what we All called him. That prob the Man nodded. Quot Well i found it Down near the tool House but be Wasny to there. Did he come up Here a Quot no a began Pat and then stopped. Quot what the a Quot yes a said Bob slowly Quot there Are fresh blood stains on it. Blood a but where is eb0�?� to be coat med

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