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Blytheville Courier News (Newspaper) - July 2, 1955, Blytheville, Arkansas Blytheville courier news the dominant newspaper of northeas1 Arkansas and Southeast Missouri vol. Lib no. 8t Blytheville courier Blytheville daily Newt Blytheville Herald Mississippi Valley Leader Blytheville Arkansas. Saturday july 2, 1955 ten pages published daily except sunday single copy five cents Holiday death toll starts Early 32 deaths reported in first 12 hours by the associated press Only a scattered number of accidental violent deaths were reported today As the nations three Day Celebration of the fourth of july Holiday got under Way in the first 12-hour period since the Holiday weekend began 6 pm local time Friday 32 deaths had i been reported. These included 191 from traffic accidents 7 from drowning and 8 from miscellaneous causes. The National safety Council has estimated that 380 persons will be killed in Highway accidents by monday Midnight. Drownings and violent deaths from miscellaneous causes will swell the toll in the no Holiday weekend june 17-20. An associated press Survey allowed 342 persons died in traffic accidents. Ill drowned and 62 met violent deaths from miscellaneous Ca uses a total of 515. 823 East year the three Dav fourth of july Holiday last year took an Overall toll of 623 lives 346 in traffic. 192 drowning and 83 in other acct Den including four firework deaths the record Overall toll for any Independence Day Holiday period was set in the four Dav Holiday in 1950 when 792 pen hed the National Balty Council estimate that 40 million automobiles will be on the highways during the Holiday period the period of greatest peril is near the end when motorists tired from hours of travel. Are returning Home on crowded High Ava have dwindled fireworks deaths have do railed Sharp in in recent year various Ara Tea prohibit their Sale in 1903 fireworks killed 466 persons and injured j 983 deaths by states traffic drowning and miscellaneous in that order filiform. 2 0 i Colorado. I 0 0 Connecticut 0 10. Idaho. 2 0 0 Louisiana. Too. M ass Ach use Crosstown property changes hands a Large piece of Blythe to a Crosstown changed hands yesterday property located at the Southwest Comer of main and Din on including Hiway drug. Arc town cafe. The Wash Erette and Hal sell and White furniture was obtained by Halsell and White furniture it had been in the l l Ward family since 1923 the properly was acquired in an Exchange of farm land Halsell and White purchasing the land from w j Pollard Melvin Halsell and Ben Mac White owner o f the furniture Afore exchanged the land for the commercial property which they obtained from mrs Frances m Ward Revenue Stamps on the deeds indicated values of Between 142 too and 145 too on each property f m Terry a agent in the transaction a a. I 4. J of i v to v is e i a a a Tjw a Multi. A $ a Tir amp Ivan % or. Hope fades or Early end to Copper strike a \ a a a a a Jih we a. Til j v Denver apr wage talks resume on a limited scale today As both Federal conciliators and Union spokesmen expressed doubt a strike of three of the nation s largest Copper mining firms would be settled before late next week. Because few of the properties involved normally employ work shifts on a six Day week full effect of the strike is not expected to be Felt until tuesday after the Long Independence Day weekend. Spokesmen for the International a. A a a 1 Quot Union of mine. Mill to smelter a a 9 \ no or Quot a a Jit i but wait until tomorrow Walker Park was deserted this morning when a courier news photographer made Thia picture but it will be the most popular place m the area if predicted scattered showers Don t slow fourth of july activity. The Park a big favorite among those who like the outdoors but Don t want to Brave Holiday highways offers a variety of entertainment feature these shaded areas will be Choice spots for picnickers a and there will he hundreds of them if past fourths Are any indication courier new photo pravda says Many citizens to find Ike is wrong Pun on at Home about satellites workers it ind it w Hose entire membership of 50,000 to 60,000 workers is poised for s nationwide strike said full scale negotiations Are not to resume until tuesday. Here meanwhile was the Situa a Tion at the principal bargaining tables i. At Butte. Mont., where negotiations Are being conducted with the Anaconda Copper co., Federal conciliator William g Hosie said talks Are in a suspended animation a Only Anaconda Anaconda is the Only one of the nations a big four Copper producers whose workers Are not participating in the strike which began shortly after Midnight thursday it has 8 600 workers represented by the mine Mili Union a there definitely will not be any new developments Over the Hosie said he added tha negotiations on a new contract would resume tuesday. 2 at Salt Lake City conciliator s Lyle Johnson resumed talks w Ith the Kennicott Copper corp on local issues Only prospects for an immediate settlement Between the firm and a joint negotiating committee representing 10,000 Kennicott workers Are a very Johnson said. 3 negotiations have been suspended at Miami Armand Douglas Aru. Where mme Mill pm . Steel Price $7.50 ton Pittsburgh apr u. S. Steel corp., which granted an average 15 cent an hour wage boost to its employees to break the Back of a nationwide steel strike is boosting prices about $7.50 a big steels action came shortly after it ended the shortest walk citizens of Mississippi and Pem Scot counties will have opportunities aplenty to miss a i ted a being one of the 380 traffic fatalities predicted for the Long fourth of july weekend. Vinson predicts approval of Ike a Reserve plan says he expects no trouble in Senate for measure by Rissell Brines Washington of a rep Vinson a a it predicted today Congress soon will give president Eisenhower a the kind of military Reserve program he a Vinson chairman of the House Pioves and the Phelps Dods a armed services committee said or co Are in wage talks a Union in a rate he no spokesman said Phelps Dodge in sue at but claims soviet welcomes optimism Over big 4 meeting London i pravda said today that president Eisenhower statement making free determination in the soviet satellites a condition of world peace wan in error but it said his optimism about the forthcoming big four Summit conference Mas welcomed by the soviet people. An editorial in the soviet communist party newspaper broadcast by Moscow radio said the president remarks at his news conference last wednesday on the need to ease International tension and end the cold War were received with satisfaction or Roan a bit of interference Quot but it added a whether a sen Bower wanted it or not. His statement about the people democracies looks Uke encouragement of the course of interference from the outside in the internal affair of these states this statement runs counter to his just and valuable proposal to renounce cold War and to have recourse to peaceful. Not provocative methods the president told the conference he was More optimistic than two month ago that the Summit meeting this month in Geneva would ease tension but he cautioned Gamst expecting too much there will be Barbecue family reunion Ball game swimming Miles and Miles of Good it is hoped fishing Waters a and a of it right at Home indications Are that Many will take advantage of the Holiday to invade Distant Lake and or break bread with relatives but it la becoming More fun for Many to naval Home All Star baseball games a Bourd in the area which la becoming after a Long dormant period a baseball hotbed at present it in t Clear whether Bisbee were settled. Talk in Frisco general negotiation will not trouble in the Senate for a measure to swell the nation s 700.000 Man Reserve to a trained Force of 2.900.000 by 1960 sen Russell cd a 7, chairman Mittee. Said a subcommittee soon did Memphis Kayo Dixon Yates Plant by Rissell ski i Memphis term Apt a you might compare it to a prize fight a the Long bitter and Complex scrap Between Bickers of to a and Dixon Yates. In Congress and in court to a commitment Quot within 90 backers kept whipping left Hooks Days. Dixon Yates was fast and Strong. The storm Center Lasue Between with president Eisenhower and the president Eisenhower and a Tze adm stration in its Corner. J Able Section of Congress was near Tva backers were losing on the Climax democratic leaders Points but All the while they had said it w As doomed their big right cocked. In the last How did it All Start round Dixon Yates took it on the first remember the fighters Are not merely to a and Dixon Yates. But also Public versus private pow or not Blytheville will Host the Delta a legion it league All Star conium until late next week a he 0j the Senate armed services com game but without it there will be plenty of baseball. Fishing too platting Aper a springtime slump is about to hit its stride at Lake it could be a Good weekend for fishermen Bass and Crappie the Spring favourites Are still bring and Bream the hot weather fighter has shown signs of coming into his own Blytheville country club hts planned its annual Barbecue and Vional director said then that there it guard added. The Arizona negotiations affect begin hearing on the Biu mine Mali employee at Bisbee. Douglas and Morenci Aru., and at Elpaso. Tex 4 at san Francisco talks con out in the Industry s history in a Compromise agreement with the Cio United steelworkers. Within a few hours after the 12-hour strike ended yesterday All of the Industry s a big six had followed the Leader in agreeing to the pay Bopst. They Are Bethlehem steel corp. Republic Jon a Laughlin Youngstown Sheet a tube and Inland steel. The companies indicated they too. Will follow big steel in marking up prices. A a consequence consumer soon will pay More for the count less product made from steel. Sliz 56 a ton Clifford f Hood. U 8 steel president. Said the 5 8 per cent hike a which w ill put a 1132 50 Price tag of a ton of Basic Carbon steel a was t entirely the result of the wage increase. Hood said other factors Are involved. Such As increased taxes and new construction. While jubilant steelworkers were returning to the Mills Union officials stood by to get More contract signatures. They indicated they would have no trouble with any of the 96 companies in the Industry which employ 600,000 us trued late Friday Between a joint bargaining Council and the american smelting or refining co. Of How breaking a six week impasse dues payers. 0 or an anti segregation proposal Pittsburgh steel was among the the Houe passed the Bill yester companies which agreed to the Day by voice vote. New pact last night. In an earlier key vote republicans and Southern democrats com which operates plants in the san boned to defeat a new Effort by Francisco Bay area Maurice e j rep Powell a any to bring about Travis. In toe Mill a West coast re Rattai integration in the National the Powell amendment a no Progress to report the Union ousted from the Cio activities swim in 1950 for alleged communist top one. But the domination seeks a 20-Cen an chm whether it gets up before the count of to remains to be seen. The cocked right hand was fireworks display for the fourth. Walker Park will open its Gates to a variety of Ming will de a Park s Large tree shaded areas will claim hundreds of picnickers during the weekend weather permitting and speaking of weather it might Dampen fourth festivities. By affect things too seriously. A Hewers the Little Rock weather Bureau said there is the possibility of thundershowers Over most of the Eastern half of the state it should be plenty hot though the Bureau advises. Blytheville like it neighbouring thus far. Went Down on a 156-105 standing vote the measure would set up a new six months training program Tor hour wage increase plus fringe teen age volunteers who would be benefits each of the companies involved including the no struck Anaconda firm. Has made various ofter rejected by the Union. Pickets have been established obligated to serve 7years Reserve duty but would escape the two year draft. It also provides that reservists failing to maintain prescribed Ymson called it a a Good Strong Bill the kind the president around plants and mines in at East Raming standards could be re three states. They Are St the Asar care Ltd for 45 Days Active duty Plant at Perth Amboy nj., at a Kennicott installation at Ray. Ari., and at the Chino mines division of Kennicott St Hurley and Santa Rita no ail picket lines were orderly and no violence a been reported ago. To build its own too million Dollar generating Plant rather than accept Dixon Yates Power. Triggered by Allen the stunning blow was triggered by the frail 73-year-old president and a id there would be to real of the Memphis utilities division. Peace in the world until the soviet t. H Allen he called in reporters Lur or who have be Ltd to out towns will be closed up pretty Memphis threat made soon after Nye Oul. The fight started nearly a year it or this latest scramble cropped up tile Post office will observe its when the Tennessee Valley a Holiday schedule deliver thorny a vast Public Power sys. Perishables and special Zehv tem found it could no longer Gen rest maintaining Box and regular Erat enough electricity to guar service and keeping the Ante the area s future needs l05�y open during regular m hire<1 m a City Hall court House Banks Springs negro has been vireo a liquor Board hires negro Little Roc k a hot Byrd urges foreign Aid spending Cut Washington Pic sen Bvrd Ltd a called today for cutting air of urgency there was an air of urgency to sign. None of the companies seemed to want a moment wasted in their Effort to get their Mill glowing again. Profits have been this year orders Are rolling in. And almost everyone predicts record production through at least the remainder of 1955. That was one reason perhaps Why the strike was the shortest in the Industry a history. As the Midnight thursday strike deadline approached us president David j Mcdonald and vice president John a Stephens of . Steel were so close to agreement that Mcdonald declared the dispute was almost settled. As resumed yesterday it took jus a Short time to be the final details ironed out. Mcdonald had asked for a a substantial wage boost for the men who averaged $2 33 an hour he flatly turned Down a 10-cent an hour wage hike. Foreign Aid spending in half but and practically All businesses will $jti0-s-Momh investigator for the in Hayden cd Ariz it said he Blytheville gets turnback funds Blytheville was due to receive 123 024 in turnback funds from the state. City clerk w f. Malin re ported Blytheville share was part of is 2u4,000 in tax a Eiehue distributed by state treasurer j Van e Clayton to City got or Amenta Clayton said 1625 000 o it he Money was collected in gasoline taxes and the other s5t>9 000 came from the general Revenue fund the gasoline turnback for Blythe Ville was $12 062 already received a Malin with $10 972 coming from the general Revenue turnback negro s parole is revoked Caruthersville the parole of Emmett Mack Jackson. Negro a been revoked in Pem Scot circuit court and or will be committed to Missouri prison at Jefferson City. He previously pleaded guilty to a manslaughter charge and a Given a two year sentence. Satellite countries can determine their own governments of their own free will. It Jue Lka no and no were tile official soviet news Agency last week and told them. A i will recommend that Memphis build its own Power a few Days later the White House called in reporter to Tell combined Force a my a by i in in j a we a a of cry a w when Congress said Tva could be closed monday As will the state alcoholic beverage control it Jotoni think Congress has a it not expand private Power stepped courier news which observes the Board the first of i race to hold up for another bout Middle South see did Memphis on Page in tax took the unprecedented step them the controversial Dixon Yetter Dwy of distributing almost in Yates contract will be reappraised Lull the questions and answers at in View of the Memphis decision the conference. J the president had asked the u 8 and soviet Security officers budget Bureau to Confer with the already ate in Geneva preparing Tva and the atomic Energy com for the arrivals of Eisenhower and Mission to determine whether it Norway King fractures Thich Oslo Norway of a a medical bulletin said today Norway a 82 Iet Premier Nikolai Bulgarin Ould be in the interest of persons Yar old King Haakon Vul is re is officials said the american living in the Tva area Quot to Contin covering from the thigh fracture he suffered four Days ago the bulletin said a rays disclosed the left thigh Bone a broken with a considerable Dislow funds Tor a Power me to j Don and splintering at the break Quot Dixon Yates with the Tva it said the Bones were reset under Power Grid if Memphis shows a anaesthesia soy Swiss official said the american officers Are taking much greater be or to Cance Dixon Yates precaution than they did before contract. The Indochina conference Here last the Senate appropriations com year when Secretary of state in it tee yesterday voted to with Dulles and undersecretary Wal hold let Bedell Smith headed the i link delegation. Sumo on Lookout for traffic violator by Sonny Sanders courier news correspondent Caruthersville Missouri Highway patrolmen county officers and City policemen Are joining together Over the Long fourth of july weekend to prevent traffic see fourth on Page to Senate approves Bill including Barb Money Washington four military projects in Arkansas would get about six million dollars in construction fund under a Bill passed by the Senate yesterday. The Bill has passed the House and now go a to a Senate House conference committee which will adjust differences in the amount agencies such As Arkansas amen appropriation committees Quot to approved for the various projects in r r 9inv Al a new a knife out for the program fourth As one of three non up Bush such a state Job. My holidays during the year Abb director Rolla filch said Byrd chairman of he. Nate Christmas and thanksgiving Are appointed Melvin Williams with finance committee said in an withe other two. J the approval of gov. Orval Faubus Ter View he thinks a 50 per cent it will be a Busy Day. In All prob Williams will be assigned to enforce of Ducolon could be made in pro sell Ltd. For peace officers who Are liquor and Beer Aale Reg Marioni in f i d ending 0f prepared for the worst outlets catering to negro customer boxed Ald spending 01 a j Fitch said the position was the somewhat under 3 a billion d liars highest state Job held by a negro m bookkeeping year which be since reconstruction with the sex Gan yesterday caption of the head of All negro a virginian said its a up College. Weather Lewis Clark notes found in Minnesota attic do the cutting. But Hayden chairman of the Senate appropriations committee said he does no to believe there is any drive for material cuts in foreign Aid funds. Hayden said a i know i Haven to got my knife out for the program and i done to know anybody on the committee who Byrd said a the tune has come however both Chambers allocated the same amount for the Arkansas installations. The Little Rock air Force base will get $5,317,000 of the total approved for Arkansas. Other sums authorized for jobs in the state were Pine Bluff Arsenal $3 000 Navy ammunition depot near Camden no courier news published monday the courier news will not publish Munday. Fourth of july is one of three Holiday observed by the newspaper East h year. By or Xii xxi by Rry tic Ltd los Angeles f a who owns the desk belonged to Gen John the priceless Quot lost Field notes of Henry Hammond who died 65 the Lewis and Clark expedition year ago it was in the attic of the notes penned by Cap. We the Home of his daughter. Or Ham Clark and covering the first Sophia v. H Foster who died in 17 months of the historic expedit j 1952. Lion into the Western wilderness j authentication of the notes per in september 1953. The fed turned up three years ago in an touched of a series of Legal moves eral government filed an meter attic in St Paul. Minn. No one to establish their ownership. Heirs vening petition to contest the even knew they existed. To the Hammond estate the min ownership. The writings of incalculable Nesotas historical society and in asst. Us atty. Gen j Lee historical value detailed the act let Cie Sam All claimed ownership. Rankin produced a letter by pres ties of the pioneers while camped Justin Turner a noted West los Thomas Jefferson written in 1803. At the Mouth of the Missouri Angeles collector and attorney for which instructed Cap. Clark River preparing for their journey the american manuscript society i a your observations Are to of years. It is not known How the a at the end of the expedition re general acquired them. Pair yourself with your papers to the historical society claims it the seat of government a was Given the notes by one of the Rankin asserted the notes a1 heirs ways belonged to the government after the Trust company sued and that the Jefferson letters show the historical society for the a Northeast Arkansas partly Cloudy and continued warm this a. _ afternoon tonight and sunday when we ought to Cut out ail eco $766,000 an tithe Blytheville Alf with widely scattered afternoon nomic Force base 8206,000. And evening thundershowers. Mon j a in. A Day partly Cloudy and w Arm with widely scattered afternoon and evening thundershowers High this afternoon Low to mid 90s. Low tonight near 70. Missouri a Clear to partly i Jas Cloudy through sunday with a few they were made specifically a rider wac Jey severed afternoon or eve to the Pacific Northwest. 1803-1805 the notes cover the period from december 1803 to april 1805 persons who found the faded papers in an old desk were 0 a surprised that Thev turned them Over to the Minnesota historical Boc Lei to determine their Autheo the Possession Ai instructions of the president. Neg thundershowers extreme Turner said the manuscript so South and in extreme Northwest to piety representing 800 Large Library night or Early sunday continued Tes and collectors also is filing an Lunf warm and humid but with intervening petition contending the moderate southerly winds West and government to. No More a it to North portion Low tonight general the Clark papers than to any other w a a lower 70s High sunday in 90s $1,000 Bond in carnal abuse Case Pedros Solana local mexican la said. Borer waived preliminary hearing Oakley was carrying a pistol in municipal court Thia morning strapped to i Side and had s on a charge of carnal abuse and loaded Shotgun in his car. Was bound Over to the circuit he told the court us morning court with Bond set at $1,000 he he was a former prisoner at the was released in the custody of the state prison and had been made a of thousands of historic documents which have been in private hands for years. He declared Clarks Field notes of later phases of the three year said his society intends to file a taken with great pains and acne w action within a week opposing the letter continued to the government s claim. Say that several copies of notes both claim ownership should be made preferably on Gen Hammond s heirs repro Birch Leaf because it is Quot less liable expedition have been in the hands rented by the first Trust co of to injury from Damp than com a of the american philosophical sos Paul contend they own the Mon paper a Clety in Philadelphia since the notes because they have been in belong to government Early 1800s and have never been toe few Nuit fort Jei Ioramo also instructed Clark j claimed 09 toe government. Maximum yesterday�?90 minimum this morning�?1$ Sunrise tomorrow�?4 51. Sunset today�?7 of. Mean temperature�?7$ i precipitation last 24 hours to 7 p m a none precipitation Jan i to data�?16 41 this Date last year maximum yesterday�?102 minimum this morning -77, precipitation january i to Date 24 98. Trustees. Troy Sanders pleaded not guilty to a charge it of driving while under the influence of intoxicating liquors but was found guilty. He was fined $100 and Coats sen sheriff. Solana was charged with having i lived for several month with a 15-year-old mexican girl in another Case p h Oakley. 43. Was fined $50 on two counts one a on carrying a concealed weapon tended to 24 hours in jail and his and one on disturbing the peace License was suspended for one Oakley was accused of living at month at which Tim Sanders must i Walker Park. He was camping out report Back to the court for other there at night and picking up the action. Trash there in the area police said Bobble Smith forfeited a $10 he also was stopping cars coming Bond on a speeding charge and through the Park to make sure they Don Huey forfeited a 819 78 Bond had their Vercle License officers j on a hading Char go. %

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