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Blytheville Courier News Newspaper Archives Jul 2 1935, Page 7

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Blytheville Courier News (Newspaper) - July 2, 1935, Blytheville, Arkansas / / London m a c y Sivi a h in to tin la to to n a t h s a i i a to my Tufft i of us Craine of. Ii a to v a smoother no More uni i form a yet \ emits no i More pits Fili s on business Bains continued prom Page one directly by Consumers and industries producing capital goods buildings roads heavy machinery Etc. All of the people engaged in both these industries buy Consumers goods. If then the capital Good cd in the twenties and building a a Dusty Breaks Down then All the trial men were among the first to people engaged in it thus thrown take advantage of the Nea set up out of work can no longer buy j to Jack up material prices on a falling yet developed sufficiently in those areas of the building Industry which Are capable of revival. There Are still too Many commercial offices too Many hotels too Many apartments particularly High class apartments. Not Only Are there too Many but an immense Section of the construction Industry is still loaded with the debts which wrecked it in 1929. It is simply not solvent. A More important Factor now is the Complete demoralization of values in the real estate world. No one can say now what real estate is Worth a still further and important Factor is the High Cost of building. Labor still attempts to get the same High wages demand goods from the Consumers Industry. The goods produced by the capital goods Industry Are not bought by Consumers but chiefly by producers and almost always on Long term credit. This is the heart cd the importance of the capital goods Industry in our present system namely that most of the income which it. Produces is available for the Purchase of Consumers goods. For this reason the capital goods industries Are regarded As producers of fresh supplies of Money income or purchasing Power. A a a three producers of purchasing Power the three great producers of these fresh supplies of purchasing Power Are capital goods industries foreign Trade and government expenditures. We can Trace almost All the movements in the last two and a half years to the influence of these three forces All save one the inflationary Bubble of april july 1933, which was unique. Business began to pick up definitely under the new Deal when government spending began in october 1933. This has been the single most powerful Factor since that time. Why did business decline from the end of january of this year to the end of May when it began to improve a Little although All that time it should have been getting better under seasonal influences the explanation is that business is now not wholly at the mercy of seasonal influences. Government spending and policies have intervened and these collaborate with the seasons in moulding the character of business. Therefore we need not be surprised if we find business not following precisely the usual seasonal path. A rough estimate of government spending in the first half of this year compared with the first half of last year will reveal that it was i a less this year than last. How much less is not easy to say. Gov in Anent emergency outlays in the first half of 1934 were about $2,-783.000,000. In the first half of this year they were $1,663,474,000. Here apparently is a difference of Over a billion dollars in favor of last year. This is subject to modifications however. From the amounts in both these periods ought to be deducted the sums attributed to the reconstruction finance corporation because these outlays were not All open Liture but chiefly lending. However the Loans in Many cases were to enable the lenders to spend a As the Loans to the railroads for equipment Etc. But in spite of All this real government spending was doubtless More in the first half of last year than this year. A Why no recovery in building Industry the falling off in foreign Trad and the sluggishness of the building Industry furnish the other fac of business in the last six months. Tors which explain the weakening but Why does the building Industry fail to respond we hear much of shortages developing. The trouble is that the shortages have not cite a the coolest spot in town a tuesday night Only si00.00 Hank night lid Ila la free or was called last inc Day for the $75.00 Bink dept sit. Lit was not present Mak or the Bank Deposit this week�?$100.00 i a on the screen tuesday amp wednesday. Icv Uluig Market. I there is one other Factor which must account for the slowness in the capital goods Industry. As already pointed out capital goods Are for the most part bought with borrowed funds. One of the elements therefore in any revival of capital goods is a revival of the Long term credit Market. I have decried the criticism that the various measures in Congress have been the cause of business weakening. However i think that at least one thing in government policy May have some connection with the failure of the capital goods Industry to come to life. This is the Money policy which leaves us in doubt As to what May happen to the Dollar. After All no Man wants to lend a 100-cent Dollar which us to be repaid in five years when perhaps the Dollar will be Worth Only fifty cents or less. We have had devaluation of the Dollar so that today it has a Gold Content of 59 cents compared with the 1933 Dollar. Up to Nowr however that devaluation has not worked its Way into our Domestic acceptance of the Dollar. Its effect has been limited to the dollars value in International Exchange. But. The step having been taken and the clamor for inflation arising with increasing violence at intervals the prudent investor cannot help wondering How Long it will be before the International value of the Dollar will be transferred to the Domestic Market. This uncertainty about our Money situation unquestionably has had a most unhappy effect upon our Long term credit Market. However i would not be understood As insisting that this is the Only Force which holds Back Long term credit. Capital dealings mostly refinancing much has been said of the apparent revival of the capital credit Market. But this is More apparent than real. In the last five months Bonds and stocks have been registered with the securities and Exchange commission to the amount of $473,000,000. The total is Large compared with last year. But very Little of this is for new financing. It is chiefly for refunding old issues extensions of old past due notes Exchange of securities Etc. Only $15,491,273 is for the investment in new capital goods. The issues Are important for one Island probe t witness Man outside and newspaper inc linage blows caucus room Washington july 2. Up Senate investigation of the Virgin islands administration of gov Paul Pearson began today with a fist fight Between Paul Yules the chief witness and Robert s. Allen Washington Newspaperman. The Light started just outside the caucus xxx it in where the Virgin islands investigation was held. Yates and Allen told conflicting stories of what happened each claiming the other started the fight. Before it was Over both had been taken to the guard room of the office building to Cool off. They later were released by senator James Byrnes dem., s a after promising Quot to be Yates face wits bruised and he suffered a Gash Over the Eye. Capitol policemen were called to separate the two men but arrived after newspapermen had Aire Ady separated them. The setting Sun. Heralding conclusion cd another Day s labors plays grotesque pranks on cyclists and pedestrians wending their ways homeward. Relentlessly pursuing weave a monstrous pattern thing however. They make it definitely Plain that the securities act of 1933 w hich was supposed to by such a Barrier to any new financing is not a real obstacle. The e vent s of the past six months just closed so far As business is concerned Are quickly summarized. First there was the scale growing out of the narrow margin by which the Ratman Bonus Greenback do iwas Defeated. Then came tile Bill to give the government control Over the monetary functions of the Federal Reserve system. Carter Glass has taken the Lead Iii fighting this. Bankers at first opposed it More or less timidly. But a tremendous drive has been worked up against it. It each individual Gargoyle shadows on the pavements of Berlin. Holding companies in the Utility Field. This is not True. This Bill has been passed by the Senate and is in the House subject to another violent drive by the utilities to defeat it. The next most important event was the voiding of the Nua by the i supreme court decree. This Cre Jated a great stir. Aka supporters promised us that the nation was about to plunge into chaos. As a matter of fact nothing of the sort has happened. Instead business has actually improved since the Era was extinguished. And now Congress approaches its dissolution. And beyond that lies the Campaign. For As Congress ends its labors we will after a brie Hunting dogs go to school tor two years Dunfermline 111up an Odd business that of training thoroughbred Hunting dogs nourishes Here at the site of an old time mining Camp. The kennels Are operated by John l. Hardy. He now has go dogs m his each Spring Hardy takes Young dogs into the Quot fighting trenches of South Dakota Wile re they Call get actual experience in scenting pheasants partridges Prairie chickens and grouse. In explaining the technique of his profession Hardy said he never shoots Over the dogs during the Early part of their training. This Fie said causes dogs to become gun shy and creates a nervous Dispo Tion. From six months to two years is necessary to school the Hunters. Among Hie dogs now u ii i e r checks liquid Tablet Salve nose drops Malama 111 3 Days colds first tonic amp Day laxative remains still in the Senate com interval Mittee though the House has pass of the cd it. 1936. Next came the utilities holding next company Bill a measure which is economic alleged to be designated to end All it future. Plunge into the first stages presidential Campaign cd a glimpse Inion re the Haze toward the business child announce the removal to new offices in the Lynch bldg. Broadway and main their Leno us your ohs to Elk for three weeks Paramount news comedy a no More West admission matinee children 10c adult�?25c tax in total 26c admission night children Loc adults�?35c tax in total 36c if you and Gulf Gas Are strangers now its time you re discovered it try it in your tank for 3 w weeks and let it Tell you what a great new Gas it is As it recently told an army of other motorists. How fast should you drive to get 1 the most Gas mileage you la find the answer to Jjck a this question in this free Gulf Booklet plus i i other Kyj helpful hints on gasoline / Economy. Get free copy today at the sign of \ the Orange disc free at All Gulf dealers 750 people turned Over their tanks a results. Not Vonjj ago we a a borrowed the Gas tanks of 750 people for 3 weeks. We said a a we a like you to buy that Good Gulf and see if it does no to better your regular they did. They checked it for i mileage 2 starting. 3 pick up 4 Power 5 All around performance. When the 3 weeks were up More than 7 out of to said a Gulf wins on one or More of the five Points. Many voted a straight Gulf ticket. Gulf a secret controlled refining a which makes Gulf i Good gasoline in one you get not 2 or 3 Ideal qualities from Gulf but file. Give that Good Gulf Gas 3 weeks to prove itself in your car. We re certain you la stay with us Gulf refining company Hardy a Ca to is Quot Jack a owned by Jack Dempsey. Another outstanding dog is Quot Scab hollow Dave Quot a recent Blue ribbon Winner at an Iowa show. Goliath frogs Nave bodies 12 inches Long exclusive of their Long legs. Held in slaying party aftermath greeted by his father with a brandished tick to on return Home from a party John Jurey above15, tied. When cornered the boy felled Tho older Man with a Pipo. How a held at Elizabeth n. J., for killing by father. Ministers want fair share of marriage fees i Yuma. Ariz. Up the Yuma ministerial association is opposed to tipping Bellboy and others especially when it. Results in unfair distribution of the California marriage business. A Resolution adopted by the association declared Quot we disapprove the practice of tipping Bellboy or others thereby influencing applicants for marriage in their Choice of an officiating minister and we rely on the clerk of the court. To direct applicants for marriage License to the resident pastor of the Church of their Yuma near the California Border has lax n the destination of Many of Hollywood a movie actors and actresses who Quot Elope Here by air plane to avoid californians three Day wait for marriage licenses under terms of Chut states Quot Gin marriage Law. Presumably the ministers Resolution was aimed at better distribution of the movie marriages. Old Homestead land reverts to government Phoenix Ari. Up More than 16.200 acres of land in the verde River irrigation and Power District has been withdrawn from county and state tax Rolls under orders of the United states Inte rior department. Because no final Homestead certificate Ever was granted in Tho area it was held to be Federal land and therefore not subject to taxation. Under a contract Between the government and the District in 1921, the right to tax the area was granted temporarily. Oldest grocer proclaimed Chicago. Up a James Lawler 76, is the oldest Active grocer in the United states he was acclaimed so by the National grocers association on his 48th anniversary in business Here. Is your bladder weak do you get up nights if your bladder is weak and you get up nights suffer from frequent urination dribbling highly coloured urine you should take immediate Steps to remove the cause. These ale danger signals. Nature requires assistance the trouble won t Wear off or get Well without proper Aid. It frequently grows worse. Bonds k and b is a prescription intended solely for the urinary organs. Of it of have any of the above symptoms get a bottle from Kirby drug co., today done to wait. Price 60c or. $1.20. Sent by mail prepaid upon receipt of Price. Phone 22. A adv. Now located at to North second adding machine amp typewriter service Bureau Don Edwards proprietor All makes of rebuilt typewriters adding machines and c Al a dilators repairing a part a ribbons there a More than one but Only one Way to have perfect drinks every time Gin drinks can it be uniformly satisfying when Hie Gin itself varies in flavor. But for 300 years distillers Hadnot been Able to do anything about it. Until after years of research Hiram Walker solved the problem with the unique a pc. controlled condensation process. By distilling the various herbal ingredients into the Grain spirits at different proofs flavor Aroma and smoothness Are scientifically controlled Thisa a Ilu it a lust remember to us Walker ? her Quot Theiss an dry. Lfeo Ltd /,.�� 10 to a a elusive l. E. Exclusive process assures you that every bottle will give you smooth unvarying drinks. Try Hiram walkers London dry Gin and see the difference it makes a in tall Cool summer drinks tie at the Beach. Londo tuesday july 2, 1r36 Blytheville Ark courier news Page five

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