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Blytheville Courier News Newspaper Archives Feb 26 1932, Page 4

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Blytheville Courier News (Newspaper) - February 26, 1932, Blytheville, Arkansas # Page Pou Blytheville Auk courier news Blytheville courier news courier news cc., publishers c. R. Babcock. Editor h. W. Hawes advertising manager sole National advertising re pre Enthat ves arkansans dailies rec. New York Chicago Detroit St. Louts Liana. Kansas City Luu Rock published even a Aiu Moon except sunday. Entered As second class matter at Post i fire at Blytheville Arkansas under act a Congress october 9. 1917. Served by in United press sirs Hutton rates by Carrier in City of Blytheville 15c per week or $6.50 per year in Advance. By mail within a radius of 50 Miles. $300 Lier year $150 for six Monolia 85c for three months of my ii in Portal Sones two to six. Inclusive $6.50 per year in Sones seven and eight $10.00 per year payable in Advance. Plenty of la or in difference bet Ween Dpi Vasion and Pron titty no ans t tragedy to Many Rte Illions ref enough actual Gap Between two j7 states is exceedingly narrow. A writer in current Magazine it it i r Wall Street quotes figures compiled by american federation of la air t which show that there is in i oiled Zzz states today enough work to employ 7 every worker in Fiat Ion for 35 Zzz Houri a week 7 that is to say if a seem hour Day and a live Dav week were Aud Deily a a installed in every Industry a employ Zzz men would literally vanish. I Here is a it seems plenty of work Iii America i for everybody if Only it were Divide 1 Zzz up equitably. Zzz Norma working week in to t Zzz industries is 18 hours scaling Down 53 Loti in Many cases. Between that ii of and 35-hour week there is no Zzz great Gulf. And yet that Small Gull Zzz is enough to throw something like a Zzz Quai ter of ail our wage careers out of Zzz work and Tut Long columns of red z figures in Ledger of innumerable 7 businesses Zzz before depression came we had Zzz had several year. Of High Prosperity. 7 during those years something might have been Dom to pave Way for Ham Nim. Working hours might have my been readjusted for instance to spread Zzz work out Over a larger ii urn j w of it workers. To Tiffi profits that were be Zzz ing made could have enabled industries Zzz to do this without greatly diminishing Zzz individual worker s income a Quot but a writer in above my mentioned Magazine Points out a too a a Small a proportion of earnings of a 1910-1923 wont into consumption. Too Large a proportion went to swell unseen dash incomes of a minority of Zzz. Machine owners. Too much was Zzz ploughed Lack into additional capital Zzz investments to swell producing Facil Zzz Hies which had already run beyond l Mas Aquila a must look ahead consuming abilities i now. However w to future a i a ones thai Ware Nils int a Jii Are a going to do to Nam Man who presents a jilt Gram w ill do his countr Ous service. A r a a Pap. In anti logical a to mend a i it Ria i it it Vav Assi a amp Zzz z. Cat ton. / i no a a War Birds wonted Canadian dispatches reported other Day that 8 1 aviators released from Canadian Koval air Force feet nth because of a governmental Economy program have offered tin ii services to chinese government in its tight with Japan but chinese Cen Iii general Iii Canada after thanking them explained that he knew of no Way in which his country could take advantage of tin offer since no preparations have been made for taking in foreign flyers. Only one american to Date has served under fire As a flyer for chinese aviation corp and he was killed recently when Japan Ltd airmen shot him Down in flames a Tew Days ago. In tin. Connection it i Worth to inem being that u. S. Eon us general in Shanghai recently warned american aviators that Shanghai is no place for by winged soldiers of Fortune these Days. The chinese air Force ii Small arid it evidently is not ready to recruit airmen from this Side of Pacific. The jobless aviator who would like to do a Little flying will apparently have to j losses his soul in patience for a while. Friday february 26, 1932 81 do glances by George hark Holmes and. Ardor. A Good Many year ago Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes delivered an address to Harvard College students in which ii told them a no Man Bas earned rigid to intellect id ambition until lie has Learned to Lav his course by a Atar which he has never seen to big by divining Rod for Springs which he May never j in lice Holmes Topping Down is replaced by i tin Benjamin n. , a worthy successor Iii every Way and careers of these two men prove conclusively that it is still possible for a Man to follow this other worldly impractical advice which Justice Holmes gave College men a generation ago and Mill win a High place in Public life. Ordinarily we look on Public office As something that has to in bought with More or less base Metal. The Man who would fill it must Compromise with expediency he must give up privilege of always saying what lie thinks he must occasionally fail to let his Light hand know what his left hand is doing. Politics we Are fond of saying is a dirty game perhaps we Are right in a Good Many casts but we Arentt always right. These two men one leaving a High place other mounting to it. Show us How completely our Assumption can be wrong. Mist and conciliation though he sometimes flames into a righteous j More progressive than most South Quot a members he Dot Esno to i let his District or sectional viewpoint obscure ills National viewpoint. Probably biggest thing in i career War his service on world Whir debt funding commission. He t in feel All Deb agreements to House explaining them clearly and Effe tidy it was Crisp outstanding expert on proc lure. Who forced through rules liberalisation by which 145 members May now seize Bills in committee and bring them to floor when Drys objected that it would run a prohibition vote Crisp politically dry said he favored votes on prohibition As Well As other in portent issues of mum he is a Low Tariff Man he now urges taxes on Gas and electricity. What farm Relief Means his human qualities attract even one from elevator Man to Reid dents. He is under medium height with serious lirr1 fare and quiet dress smokes Cigar ets lives in an apartment save farm Relief to him Means getting someone to rent his i of acre Cotton vegetable farm at Americus for a nominal mum. Takes society moderately favorite sport playing with 4-year-Olcl granddaughter Quot Hingert and younger grandson Charles Robert in Sandpit or swings under his i can Trees at Home. A his father was speaker he is of years old. His father was Shaker Charles Frederick Crisp. Other crisps were shake Scaran actors. The present Crisp was elected first to fill unexpired term who his father died. He w is then City judge at Amurri this curious world two Sun. At Norm of a Clear Day. Is 9.600 . Chartres. Franch. 7ms Spires let a Pam Cathedral were built in different centuries. The twelfth Amo sixteenth. Ano Are. Different in arc h it text cd a. 193? by it a or r vier inc pc Jato beetles nov re tasted potatoes Shtil jg59 i wonder going to be All right to be so tall this z z Froni v�0 f in j a r Champ Clark a look Spring a cause important thing in cases of heart disease Church excuses y George w. a a a a a a. When Hamp Clark was looking for a parliamentarian an old negro messenger who had served speaker Crisp told him what a smart to. Charles Robert a Lark i it Forf ? to or Hohbein valves is due to rheumatic infer Hin and he held Job until lits a of a a in 1 a r american Tion that is important Point. Medical lion and of my if pain is do to changes in Geia lie health Magazine blood vessels f heart Only recently Luis so Naif la nud change in blood vessels is Lune begun to realize great far More important than pain. Frequency of heart disease and its so far As concerns treatment election to Congress in uu4 for 12 years no Ore in his District has ventured to run against a i have often said. I am training whatever and most of Bim. Acknowledged social Leader in my them a age when they could Bis recent Strong speech for a Orndortf Lorp a n of of locality that is i feel that i Ann rot or would not. Want to learn balanced budget in which he Aue d a this redial is j. Fir i Dot not know of anyone who anything now warned of stiff taxes which a 7 a. A. Pam a it by controlled by Varl 1th my it we that can plan i to a religion is All right and my f and Orn a in a a we sure a 7_f_t_r_eat.mon,t by Tahr do so As i can and As for leading. I of Miry All let Back and wait for me jus no St of those who spend most religion is All right and t 1 heart disease Wen recorded in us a a Al Lite pc i lift up much poll poll Len Dan curs. Broom it in extra jew who Yore Ulm. Tho Cai. I Al i ii or ii in nit no burst of a palls to. Quot itt. J is a a a a Ltd a a a which respect to a Wii at is Correct thing of their to inv doing what they. To do. In last i think our club All Church work. If i Ever do w everyone has for him would soon go to pieces of i should take Over social Side of our or it out. Church i most certainly will make i have often Saki that of our a lot of changes and of course Church would or could arrange a lot of them will drop out. I for in to take charge of never have yet taken Over any social life there would be quite a. Organization but that a lot of different Story to Tell but Why them would quit As i always i should i waste my time with a lot j make a lot of Good rules and sex i of women who have no social Pel t Liose rules to be obeyed. Today q world War \ anniversary of though obviously there must have been Many people dying from such Madison. We. A a Iju in a cause. Stone Walls of Wisconsin a Capitol i Lier Art of course various Arr formations believed to be Foster of i. A it disease. The Organ Sils of it Ghe Luh starfish and May be damaged by persons that some a Nils have circulated through body. Of injured that muscle. Its. Int 1 n a be involved i Nervi blood Vewel that Supply heart with blood May be hardened or otherwise obstructed to courier news has Cern authorized to announce follow a tilt Washington Ritter a i us ass Tiack s on fib 26. 1918. The Brett so Hospital ship Ole Oart Ile was torpedoed and sunk in Bristol Channel. Be Al 104. A. Intel Ai at ack tin a , i ii jct to tie a democratic primary. August 9. Valves of heart or its lining. For county fudge in ? nor a1, various causes of Jal b. Harrison for 2nd term heart disease May by listed As of life was placed j congenital which Means that heart is abnormal at birth i in. Germans in a or itch raid rheumatic Tysh. Which is probably that he is Quot backbones of tin on american held to it nmn a Stern dont u cd Gas to attain $ or sheriff Roland Green Clarence ii. Wilson by room \ Iii it ill Nix service writer horns democrats. Anyway. Cri p i temp r Grucce a Washington bravery Abd is c mainly a brains Quot of ways is we re killed Ani nearly hot and Ine Enty is a combination and Means Cit err wounded. No t it i night a in among til Job hold he might have been democratic German and Auril l pl1 Tern p Linen or of Washington it floor Leader this year of when no bed Venice Dan via a to. I liken to mean defeat in party policy seemed to demand a 11 Lichi. Next election when th.? coi utitus Northern Man he had t with in Kish troops occupied it a Epcy finds out about it. But there a drawn in order to avoid a bitter Anc in Ca us a no. Be on be a few such men lure who Intra party fight he would do a a Spanish Grain Bon. Ii of inf tag to stay a tile Job. Lot for his party because he is gun. Was sunk by a la in it i at to Man Charles Rotten mire country s welfare depends min in i Rutish Trumps rep it it i new Suc rfcs in a series of ski nudes Caln Ali Aifa Bill Murray says he Wui Nave a longer us happier hic if he in t elected president. Well plenty to wish him a Long and Happy life. Tiu japanese War parly had no trouble in Warnin Japan in elections but Thev Faun Shanghai t different tory. Ii Williams Crisp of Georgia usually called on it. Jude Quot or Charlie Quot is one. I ate now la serves As a party loudly he hot been getting a vast or without a title Ani often advises v p a. Turk i h Ion amount of attention Boca us a speaker lamer and Leader ram Ujj i Arn i Ting chairman it of Tiey. He is Lam oils of a presiding a y r Vai t Calk and parliamentarian he foundered Iii a Corm -9 himself was House parliamentarian in Jas under speak a Champ Clark till House was und Means commit to when Liu Irman Collier it a i Sis. Ijiri to sick. Lie i in command of to of Dev ing methods of Raisin new t to billion of Del Luis where null nemic Yoe find in checking up. The Crisp Don to seem to have an cnemic., at All. Republicans vhf have wrangled with him Inyo r past a Ukly it Turl t Sling you t a Quot has More brains than any a to. Demos rat m House and sch due to sort a special infection syphilitic Tajh Type that is due to hardening of arteries tin Type due to chronic High blood pressure tip Type due to disturbances of thyroid gland tintype due to fatigue and a considerable number which apparently have sonic unknown Cam \ at in sent rheumatic disease accounts for one in ii of All of deaths from heart disease Aud 1 Ani when from one fourth to on j half of ail of patients who Are Bein treated for heart disease. Of patients studied at postmortem about in Hali Are found to have Dot trued hearts As re suit of disturbance of vessels which Supply heart with blood. About on fifth of All of tin a Hents treated for heart disease by j physicians Are probably cases in which flu blood vessels of j la Art an damaged. Obviously of greatest Seton a a been of except i Mal. _ value in pulling put pm a out of bad judge ueclnt5 Brill full parliamentary Jama on floor a. A Fdl Liflie Well As in committee. No its 11 Uumo a a Gilroy. Cal i up a because j a la a Essen liars then to nothing in in Dei p he has a keen rustic sense requiring him to do so judge i in i importance for com void to Realise and a Genius for getting Al Etc Thomas ref Maxi prof or ten hp., j in in cause of heart disease gals. He studies deeply works of mrs. Margaret Hill a he a cried lion is to a properly hard and is familiar with a wide to cried Lier to Walter to Hill controlled. diagnosis of heart Range of government a1 problems j Quot til Ere arc too Many Orwin tag i to. Is mid prof Ray depend Alii is Tonscie Naioti. And fair Jur ices he said. I want was on cause of tile trouble minded with a liking for Compro to be different Quot j if incorrect action of Nuntz treasurer w. W. Hollipeter for 2nd term circuit court clerk r. L Billy Wainee for 2nd term county and fro by in clerk w. H. Quot Doc Quot Scarboro mrs John Long re election miss Carey Woodburn for county assessor Joe s. Dillahunty for 2nd term City election tuesday april 5 try clerk s. C. Craig for re election Herman Cross Joe w Alexander Oscar Alexander for municipal judge George w. Barham Ivy w Crawford c. A Cunningham for City attorney 8am Manatt l or Alderman 1st Ward g. H. Grear of Chi v 7 7 la w us. Al s a Quot i a v vow i w Ashington his Story in in a Tiki a comm Molatino Wmk Hoth Azniv ursary of his huh 10. Forming u. S. 3 >7 no Winou s. A n. J Yrol n 1 c i g v i i Ai w ear. Y get Law a a Aeq Ana Borm to if to pc Abs too soon a w a j i Lefter lot in nut eng St Quot fit ii i ice i of a Iii Banka service to Quot father of his frankly despaired of Roht iral condition of t states in years in following close of Lution a some thin must but i fabric will fall for it is tottering a he declared he wat kept hard at led Gully i or j m Jed Over con to fut olt us convention in 1767. Coupling hts personal losses suffer d during War. Partly through neglect of his estates and also because of a depreciation of paper Money which co t him $30,000. However he found time to repeatedly writ to prominent men urging that Steps be taken to form an indissoluble Union. These letters aided greatly in massing sentiment for a stronger and sounder government re Babion of Daniel Sha and his army of 200 Farmers in Massachusetts with resultant destruction of property led Washington to decide that Radical Reform was necessary Washington Wacho amp a one of Virginias five delegates to constitutional convention which opened May 178, in i ii Nader Reb Ilion i <1 Hun to to nth slut i Juk j a duty a Plua to Quot Render Federal Constitution adequate to exigencies of he was unanimously chosen to preside Over tile convention and is influence do As much if not Mere than any other Force in bringing delegates to an agreement and to obtain ratification of Constitution elector chosen in 1789, were unanimous in their Choice of Washington As first a Dent of United states a demurred at first distrusting h own abilities but finally accepted. He received congressional notification of Honor on april 16, nag tomorrow tin first presi Dent. How he acted.,. How Fie dressed.,what he did

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