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Blytheville Courier News (Newspaper) - February 19, 1962, Blytheville, Arkansas Blytheville courier new vol. 57�?no. 283 Blyth Eviline Arkansas monday february 19, 1962 12 pages 5 cents weather doubtful at Cape by Fred s. Hoffman Cape canaveral Fla. Apr with the weather again doubtful the . Man in space team set out on a new countdown today in Hopes of launching John h. Glenn or. Into orbit tuesday after months of delays. By his own description astronaut Glenn was a relaxed As can be Quot despite to postponements since dec 20. These delays were caused by Balky weather and troubles with his space capsule and the Atlas rocket geared to Send him on his journey about the Earth. Officials of the National aeronautics and space administration told newsmen sunday that weather experts were a cautiously they figured that the condition of the skies Over this launch base and of the wird and Waves in the Atlantic Ocean recovery zones will be Good enough to permit Glenn s Takeoff. However the official forecast said a new storm is expected to move into the Western Atlantic by tuesday. This raised doubts about what conditions will be like in the Bermuda area where Glenn a Friendship 7 spacecraft would be picked up after one or two orbits. If he completes three orbits As planned Glenn will land in the Atlantic about 800 Miles Southeast of the Cape some cloudiness was predicted cart. Canaveral Juk Urban affairs plan cease fire believed in trouble imminent As algerian by Barry Schweid in peace talks conclude opportunist a sales were brisk As coed from Rollins College Winter Park Fla., hawked rocket directories to tourists at Cape canaveral. Her sorority printed them to help a Bird watchers observe the scheduled Orbital flight attempt of astronaut Marine it. Col. John h. Glenn or. Cuban exiles form army by Barry Schweid Washington a pros i pets were dim for Early approval of president Kennedy Urban affairs proposal As Congress resumed a regular work schedule today. The administration apparently faces at least a weeks delay in a Senate test of the controversial plan to create a Cabinet level Urban department. By David Mason a Paris apr French officials in the House the situation was today that secret peace talks even gloomier for supporters of wjtj1 the algerian rebels had end the plan speaker Jonn w. Mccormack. D-mass., acknowledged sunday in a television interview that the administration does noted heightening speculation that a cease fire is imminent in the bloody North african rebellion. President Charles de Gaulle a have sufficient votes at this time algerian affairs minister Louis to approve it. Joe who led the French govern ment negotiators returned to administration leaders feel the Paris to give a report Senate eventually Wui approve the i diplomatic said the reorganization proposal but plans a a announcement saying the to begin debate today apparently los had ended a mos certain have gone by the boards. Indicated that an agreement had the House agriculture commit reached with the rebels tee hears today from Secretary the observers said u the talks orc lie l. Freeman on the admin werel0 be continued a if stratum s sweeping new farm and broken Down the an. Program and House tax writers nou Cement Normal a would have begin a last round of discussions they had ded pro by Morris w. Rosenberg Guatemala apr a group of cuban exiles Here Are organizing an army to seek the Over in the Cape canaveral area by throw of prime minister Fidel not now training any a civilian spokesman for the group asking that of Kennedy a tax revision Powals. On the Senate Side a special armed services subcommittee re. Sumes its investigation of not be. ,. A. To it it re the 01 crucial a ent censorship practices. The c a Ronn Rinh tuesday morning. But Nasa Castro in Cuba. The organization,1 an attack on Cuba identified said the organization foreign a aiion8 committee May ? has a fall the men we need for. A zit or conclude today its Public hearings on Kennedy Scall for . Pur a Quot i How Vcra is stu1 a Quot paper and these men-a11 cubans Are Chase of Hal a million it to thin out so Glenn can blast off about 7 30 a in. Est. Good visibility is a must to permit filming the rocket during the critical Early phases of its flight. Project Mercury officials will make their final go or no go decision based on the latest weather at a Midnight by Lefing monday. There were three postponements last week after such eleventh hour weather Cheeks technical Crews planned to says it cannot mobilize unless it now scattered throughout the con and Issue gets . Weapons. Tinnent waiting for the signal to a French spokesman officially confirmed for the first time that the talks had taken place Between feb. La and 18 on French Terri conservations was not reported but has frequently been speculated that they were held near the Swiss Border. The announcement said a the conclusions. Will be brought be Kennedy a Urt i affairs proposal a a the Best available information unite and train As an invasion a has run into a Snag in the 6 government. Is that no cuban exiles Are being army he said. Trained Here under arms at this time. Both guatemalan and . Officials deny there is such activity. Guatemala was one of the training areas for the abortive invasion of Cuba last april. The new organization is called the army cannot be mobilized. Senate in the person of sen. John l. Mclell and Ark. The govern the army of liberation of Cuba Complete the first a Haffos the ii if 3 former come under j backing with arms have not yet of the cuban army Gen Jose a a a Pedraza v Cabrera. 58. However without weapons from ment operations committee he j the United states the spokesman head. Concluded its hearings frigid. Day but Mcclellan says he had no plans to Call it into session As far As can be Learned the today to take final action organization s efforts to approach the United Stotts government for hour prelaunch countdown today then pick up tile count again after Midnight if the decision is made to try for a launch. Out on pad 14, launch Crews loaded the kerosene like fuel Back into the Atlas rocket sunday afternoon. Nasa said the rocket and the capsule were a technically ready for the countdown and launch a Blytheville y expects to name m Ich has been said and written details of its annual membership Over the past weeks about the Campaign soon. Met with any Success. The spokesman said that a1- in the Junior chamber of com the French Cabinet regularly meets on wednesdays. It was not immediately known whether a special session would be held be i fore wednesday. In in Joe and two other French min j Sisters met with rebel vice Premier Belgacem Krim. Foreign minister Saad Dah lab and two barbecued Coon will be served her a ser an Retel officials. The algerians had left their not for novices definitely not recommended for the average Bike rider is this spectacular exhibition of perfect balance on a single bicycle by 12 members of a communist chinese acrobatic troupe. They re amateurs performing in a Shanghai theater. Coon supper in an interview. General Ped j though Gen. Pedraza is command j Merce clubroom from 6 to 9 to the French at a secret Toca Raza would say Only that a we Are Tommey Heads y campaigner in All military aspects the organization is controlled by a night As the Jaycees seek to raise Money for their Little league directorate of about 30 men. He j baseball entry. Described them As businessmen tickets Cost $1, which entitles professionals Farmers labourers j the purchaser to All the Coon he Tion. Throughout the week optimism reigned both in Paris and Tunis Over Progress of the talks. But Arthur Vance Dies services Are tomorrow Huffman Man is wounded a 36-year-old Huffman Man is reported in serious condition today following an Early morning argument during which he was shot. Sheriff William Berryman identified him As Roland Charles As Kins. Woman of 61 to be named Arthur Vance bookkeeper for nominations for woman of the. Year Are being received by bet Asta was shot in a cafe just Sigma Phi sponsors o industrialist and banker. Can eat. Tension Glenn must be experiencing. But the As Maut told report w. D. Tommey has been appointed chairman of the 1962 i in not 3 bit nervous in a membership project which is to educator predicts roman Catholic majority in . Over the be extend there was a note armore it planting co., and Secre of pessimism with reports from Arv of Armorel s 001 Board Tunis that difficulties had cropped led As tuffet Al Baptist Hospi Tai at Memphis after a a ers relaxed As can of daily record municipal court charges and disposition be expanded this year in View o. They a new armory building quarters. I though the Catholic population is 1 Only about one sixth of the total. A in 20 years when this one by g. K. Hodenfield a education writer Atlantic City. N j. A. Chester Caldwell has been Nam a Catholic educator predicted to j third have grown up they probed chairman of they a athletic Day that within half a Century ably will have half of All the Chil roman catholics will be in the Dren born. A within half a Century the up. The French and the algerians have been coming closer together on a settlement of their 7vz-year War of rebellion for some time. On feb. 5, de Gaulle scorning right Wing plotters against his committee. The �?~62 athletic program will majority in this country include an Archery course to be and then said the very Rev. Oscar Lee Sanders assault and handled by capt. Leonard Lau John p. Leary president of gon month illness. He was 64. South of the Arkansas Missouri line at about 4 a m. Berryman and City police sgt. Two i Dick Burns said Askins apparently was engaged in an argue or. Vance had lived at Anno ment which entered about the Rel for the past 25 years. He was a member of holy Trinity episcopal Church of Memphis. Playing of a Juke Box. Being held in connection with j Nual project which recognizes an outstanding woman citizen. Deadline for entries is March 15. Announcement of the Winner will be made on april 8. Is. Bill George is chairman and mrs. J. N. Smothermon co Llie incident is Smith Johnson of chairman of the event. He leaves his wife mrs. Pearl Blytheville. Jule expressed Hopes before a Foust Vance of Armorel National television audience that peace with the algerians would come soon. In Algeria however rightist a son Arthur Thadeus Vance Armorel a a three Sisters. Mrs. Mable Boyd. Chickasawba Hospital attendants said Askins underwent surgery this morning. Haugh. Battery fined $25 and costs. Larry Wilt driving while under i the influence of intoxicating Liq adults Are being planned for fined $100 and costs and 24 hours in jail. Phillip Mcdermott malicious mischief fined $50 and costs. Jerry Lee Cleve driving while under the influence of intoxicating liquor $116.75 Bond forfeited. J. S. Tidwell reckless driving $36.75 Bond forfeited. Roy Lee Stanfill running a Stop sign $5 Bond forfeited Zaga University in Spokane classes for both youngsters and wash., the question of Federal Aid to private and parochial schools will be settled by a the strange Accident of numbers and in an interview at the annual convention of the american association of school administrators father Leary said. A i realize that my belief that there should be support for private schools is a minority viewpoint but the views i hold Are numerically on the soviet moves Headquarters new York apr the soviet Union has taken Over a luxury apartment House on the East Side for its new United nations Mission Headquarters it was disclosed mrs. A. A. Hardy failure to Jda. Yield right of Way $10 Bond forfeited. Gordon t. Lane no vehicle License fined $10 and costs Fine suspended Howard Russell reckless driving fined $25 and costs leaving scene of Accident fined $25 and costs. Frances Leonard driving while under the influence of intoxicating liquor fined $100 and costs Appeal granted. Traffic accidents a two car collision at 8 10 a m. Saturday at Broadway and Walnut resulted in damages to both vehicles. City police said Fields 509 Chickasawba and Joe d. Whisenhunt 908 South Parkside were driving the cars. Two cars were damaged in an Accident Friday at to . At Rollison and tenth. Police said Christine Hillard 911 Rollison and Alton Dee Hobbs 2210 Kenwood drive were Drivers of the cars. The russians had been negotiating for the East 67th Street building for some time but the Deal was delayed for settlement of claims by prospective tenants of the building originally built As a cooperative apartment House. Papers filed with the attorney general a office showed the russians paid $3,550,000 for the building. He cited these i Viires a in the last five years one third of All the children born in this country were Catholic Al ,. I europeans vow to keep Algeria mrs. Ben von Harrell and mrs. A o is w e a major y in p Rench and seek to Block its inde William myer All of Memphis this country father Leary said he believes the government should pay a subsidy to the family of any child in Pendency through the terrorist and one grandchild. Secret army organization. Services will be conducted to a qualified and recognized private i a a. Re ,. Provisional executive body that in Nail Amo Thorf Oisin tri rho 1 the secret army has pledged Morrow at 2 . At Cobb funeral itself to a Long guerrilla Campaign Home Chapel by Rev. Or. Against de Gaulle and against any i Nicholes. Hit by car Man Dies instantly would assume control of motor missing school a something Akin to the i Bill of rights.�?�. Leary said there was a1 j Reni co on a ways a Hazard that extremist organizations such As the John Birch society might try to establish such a private school but to at a basically this is strictly a Catholic problem a problem that is going to disappear within 50 years although there probably will be a Strong minor to opposed to Federal Aid for private and parochial burial will be in Elmwood j cemetery. Pallbearers will be e. M. Reg nominations May be mailed to Blytheville. Nominating letters should cover religious civic school and fund raising activities and any other services the nominee May have performed for the Unity during 1961. Com allies use air corridor Man i Berlin apr Allied aircraft Trento Italy map a Pietro Andreatta today had trouble trying to Start his car. Finally he gave up and lifted the Hood to see what was missing. The motor was thieves made off with it while the car was parked overnight. A 48-year-old California was killed instantly yesterday i flew through the North corridor enold. R. W. Nichols Wade Jel at 7 30 a mgt Wen was Struc from Berlin today to counter retries. Bill Pollard Marion Dyer Sam Norris Charles Crigger Iii and Jack Hale. Honorary pallbearers will be or. Frank w. Smythe jr., or. Lloyd Godley. B. B. Goodman. Albert Mcmanus Bob Lee Smith by a car As he was walking need soviet pressure on the vital South on Highway 61 just North air lanes informed sources said. Of Arkansas Missouri state line j military and commercial trans Missouri trooper r. G. Koontz ports thrust through the Ber Biland Arkansas trooper Gilbert Hamburg corridor Over comm Mann said Leonard Woodall was nudist East Germany territory the killed when a car driven by Al informants said. The Western operation was de Vernon Thomasson Henry Evans a Larry 36. A negro woman of opera on was a Tom Goddard. Jack Robinson Hayti apparently went out of 91gned t0 assert Allied lights 10 and Charles Crigger or. Congo troops Toke town elis Abetha Ille Katanga a president Moise Tshombe a government announced today Josephine its tr00ps have Faken the North Katanga town of Mongolo scene of the new years massacre of 18 Catholic missionaries. Shom Bce a troops took Over Mongolo from mutinous congolese troops from Stanleyville who seized the town about two months ago in a rampage through North Katanga. The mutineers fled leaving behind arms and ammunition the announcement said. General strike called off peace returns to British Guiana control and struck Woodall. Woodall received a broken neck officers said. Troopers said the Accident occurred on a curve just after a downpour of rain. Officers said Woodall was on his Way to North Hollywood face of the renewal of harassing tactics by the red air Force. Weather by Richard g. Massock j after rioting negro mobs burned j ment of labor leaders that they struck for higher wages. The Georgetown British Guiana a half mile Square of George-1 had called off their week Long apr an Uncertain peace settled j towns business Center and its on this tropical capital today aft East Indian stores last Friday or a siege of rioting looting and the rioting left six dead scores burning. Labor leaders called off j injured and $11 million property their general strike against left j Union Council protested funeral Home strike. Jagana a plans for higher import i taxes and a compulsory savings i the Back to work Call came aft scheme which the Council claimed or the Union leaders met three i Hurt workers More than the Rich. Arkansas fair and Cool this afternoon and tonight. Tuesday in-calif., when the Accident occurred. Creasing cloudiness and warmer. No charges have been filed. A a today mid 40s to near 60. The body was taken to Cobb tonight upper 20s North to mid 30s South High tuesday mid 50s to mid 60s. Mem hians guests at Caruthersville is prime minister Ched a Jagan but his East Indian followers were reported plotting reprisals in the hinterlands. British armed forces hurriedly flown from Jamaica and London on Appeal from Jagan were braced for trouble although fire blackened Georgetown was quiet. Racial tensions Between negroes Ana East indians ran High and a half hours with Jagan. One negotiator said Jagan agreed to a Jagan an East Indian himself i series of demands. A trades Union Council an Caruthersville George gets most of his support from East Indian Farmers and workers outside Georgetown negroes generally support Forbes Burnham Leader of the Peoples National Congress party whom Jagan Defeated in last Augustus election. Tensions relaxed somewhat i sunday night with the announce a terse radio announcement said the unions grouping civil Sci vants government employees and primary schoolteachers had asked them to return to work with the Trade Union Cound also recommending its 12,000 strikers to resume work. Civil servants and teachers nou Cement said Jagan promised isl sier Cornman Fier of my Phis to impose Price controls to pre-1 Post no. I. And other of vent importer from passing on duties to Consumers and to Ccm-1 Caruthersville s Sider the replacement of the com j thursday night Pul Sory savings program with a voluntary savings scheme. Filers of that Post will be guests legionnaires the program will be on communism Caruthersville Post Coin observers said however the j Mander b. F. Rogers stated strike basically was against the a fish Fry at 7 . Will pre leftist leanings of Jagan. Iced the program. Missouri fair South w Ith decreasing cloudiness elsewhere today colder except in Southwest generally fair and warmer tuesday. High saturday�?84 overnight Low yesterday�?34 High yesterday�?59 Over Leht low�?34 precipitation past 48 hours. 7 a. In. To 7 a my to precipitation Jan. I to this data �?6.74 Sunset today�?5 47 Sunrise tomorrow 4i this Date a year ago High yesterday�?75 overnight low�?30 precipitation Jan. I to this data �?2.87

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