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Blytheville Courier News Newspaper Archives Feb 16 1953, Page 1

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Blytheville Courier News (Newspaper) - February 16, 1953, Blytheville, Arkansas Blytheville courier news the dominant newspaper of Northeast Arkansas and Southeast Missouri Yoc Al tot to. 275 Blytheville courier Blytheville daily news Mississippi Valley Leader Blytheville Herald Blytheville. Arkansas. Monday. February 16. 1958 ten pages single copies five cents defense request for $1.2 billion in new funds refused House committee rejects pay appropriation in full Washington apr a defense department request for one billion 200 million dollars in new funds for the current year was rejected in full today by the House appropriations committee. -4 the committee said the depart ment should use available funds to three migs downed in big air raid seven others damaged by in fighter pilots for survivors of dc-6 crash ends a a a a a a Osceola Outh aboard ?ers a a i a ,. R find fourth Almer lost in Guf my Reece farmhouse Birns a the above two Story Frame Home on the Wesley Stallings farm just off Clear Lake Road and East of the old Reece schoolhouse was destroyed by fire this morning. Lem Wilson and his family occupants of the House were taking their children to school when the fire of undetermined origin broke out. Or. Wilson moved Here from Mississippi about one year ago. Seoul apr u. S. Sabre jets today shot Down three russian built migs probably destroyed another and dam numerous other agencies. The com aged seven while screening a notice action cleared for floor de massive air raid on a birr communist troop and Supply build in area. The u. S. Fifth air Force reported the communist Jet fighter conent fiscal year losses after announcing earlier that 200 Allied if Rater bombers had finance the programs for which the new Money had been requested. Most of the new Money sought was for army Navy and air Force military pay increases in which were voted by Congress since the last defense department budget was approved. The request for additional funds came from former president Truman before he left office last month. In some cases president Eisenhower revised the requests but in others he made no changes. The additional Money asked was for use during the balance of the current fiscal year which ends june 30. The committee said no vital programs would be Hurt if the extra Money were taken from other funds available to the department. Others considered the defense fund requests were considered along with recommend. A j r i i m l j l. A Ltd i j l. A nations for additional Money for a sink funds gained from tile Sale of Bonds to Purchase 192 acres of land to be used in suit filed to test at of Bond Issue for cites use base land suit Bas been filed in chancery court Here to prevent the City of Blytheville from connection with reactivation of the air base Here. Ira Parks is listed As plaintiff in of the committee lopped off a total of 60 per cent of those funds Bate tomorrow the first approx Ria j the Case which was filed saturday Tion Bill of the 83d Congress. And a believed to be. In Effe. I a in All. Congress was asked to test Case approve $2,313,719,590 in supple it is expected to be heard before Centary appropriations for the Chancellor w Leon Smith within the next few Days. Or. Parks said that it is not his intention to delay reactivation turned the Supply area Southwest riving approval to Only $905,672. 1 plans he merely is testing the i a1 of Pyongyang into a boiling mass 920 in extra Money. Far and away Power of the if. To tax property in of smoke and flames. The biggest chunk Cut out by the order to buy the land he stated it it was the second straight Day committee Lay in defense funds. Is what is known As a a Friendly Law of Jet dog fights in far Northwest some of the new Money requests Bruce Ivy of acc it la. Or Korea. Submitted by Truman were scaled Parks attorney said. Tho sabres outnumbered 45 to Down by new department Heads cloy officials panted out that 22, shot Down two migs sunday appointed by Eisenhower. Other the Case in have no on probably destroyed a third and j requests were not disturbed. I whether Blytheville jets the l a e or damaged four they were shield j presidents fund Cut hot a % n Wor it v a Mer Long Allied fighter bombers which the committee even cd. The a in e event that the As pts knocked out two generators at the president funds. It rejected in tied up in the com is Quot it or Dan big Sueiho hydroelectric Plant on full a request for $75,000 for the Blodgett stated Quot the City will a k Taft says Ike wants Cabinet rank for Fra the Yalu River Boundary of Manchuria. Had been rebuilt More than 500 air Force. Marine and u. S Carrier planes turned the giant Sueiho Plant the worlds fourth largest into a pile of junk last june 23. But the communists evidently had rebuilt it. Today a target for the big Allied air strike was Komi to. About 20 Miles Southwest of the Koi a an capital of Pyongyang see defense on Page 2 optic House group puts Okay on tax Cut Bill trustees of the air b use that Money to exc on the the options expire March 14 mayor Blodgett had reference to the $100 000 raised by popular Quot us Cristion to finance Purchase of the land. In the event this mourn is used. Mayor Blodgett said and the City gets a subsequent Okay from the courts Indica Tirve the City will Appeal an Adverse decision the Money will be refunded to the Ong Washington it apr a sen. Taft in Ohio said today president Eisenhower wants to make a Cabinet rank government department out if the Federal Security administration and has set machinery in motion to create such a department. Taft the Senate Republican floor Ltd Maxs it met with newsmen in Leader gave this word to report the office of White House press ers after a 40-minute meeting of Secretary James c. Hagerty in Congress tonal leaders with the pres mediately after they and other Idem. Cop leaders had held their regu he Aid much of the session was Lar monday morning strategy con pent in discussion on the question Faience with the president. Of repudiating certain a secret this was a departure from past agreements made by presidents sessions when the congressional fund to an j Truman lenders have been reluctant to talk. Osceola a Sherrod Edward Segraves. 17-yera-old Osceola High school student was one of the 46 passengers for whom Hope has been Given up following the crash of a National airlines dc-6 in the Gulf of Mexico saturday night. The son of mrs s e Segraves or. And the late or Segraves Sherrod was returning to Osceola from fort Lauderdale. Of a. Where he had been visiting his Mother and brother Taylor for the past two weeks. Mrs Segraves and Taylor remained in Florida Young Segraves was scheduled to change planes at new Orleans and arrive in Memphis at 8 30 p in saturday three of his Young friends were on hand at the Memphis Airport to meet him and returned to Osceola Only after waiting on a later flight and then concluding he has missed the plane these three were miss Jean Driver Kendrick and miss Jean Pegues of Osceola and George Stanford of Luxora member of miss Kendrick s family said today reports that Abe was under a doctor s care because of the crash were untrue. Prayer services for Sherrod a safety were conducted yesterday in churches Here. Young Segraves was bom in Blytheville and grew up on a Plantation 12 Miles North of Osceola the Segraves moved into Osceola about four years ago president of Osceola Isih schools student Council Sherrod also was a member of the National Honor society and makeup editor of the school annual he recently was named Quot or. Osceola High school a he was scheduled Sherrod Segraves to graduate this Spring and planned to enter Vanderbilt University s school of engineering in the fall. Sherrod s Mother is the former miss Margaret Cross who was born and reared in Blytheville. Hit father a prominent businessman Aud planter died about a year ago. March 9 set As death Date for Rosenbergs Oscar Fendler. Special gunsel for d Washington the House participating in the stepped up ways and Means committee today air blows were Marine capt. Ted approved a Bill to Cut income tax Williams famed former Boston rates to per cent effective june inf donors red sox slugger and air Force 30 maj. James Jabara. America s the tax Cut was sponsored by the cloy in begot in ing for the first Jet Ace who is flying his rep Reed Rny chairman of Purchase said hat an option up second combat tour in Korea. The committee. La it government May bean Williams fighter bomber devel his Bill was passed by the com construction 0 any military in eloped trouble Over the Komi to Mittee despite president Eisen la011 in Jnai target area a presumably hit by Bower a recommendation that no option on the f Al seven a ground fire. He managed to get action be taken on an income tax 3 Obj Atn d from irs f the plane Back to an Allied air Cut until Steps have been taken to lint zen h feb la we e some Progress was made toward drafting a repudiation Reso Taft said a Resolution setting up ution such a Eisenhower has new department to take Over the Rosenberg today a set for the week of March 9. Called for Taft added. Work of the Federal Security and in i state of the Union address ministration la being prepared Eisenhower said he would shortly Fra now is headed by mrs avg Congress to repudiate and be Oveta Culp Hobby who sits in on net agreements of the past which Cabinet meetings. Mrs. Hobby involved the enslavement of free voiced the Hope before she took of Peoples anywhere flee that her Post would be raised Taft said the proposed of of Cabinet rank Hon will be introduced in Congress of a Sanc a the it a Cal p Unity r a a a . System and a Complex of other Quot it a a a a Federal health educational and re sin pro on death Houat Ever lated services. New York apr execution of atomic spies Julius and Ethel Federal judge Irving r Kauff Man scheduled the new execution Date for the husband and wife whose Appeal to the president for clemency has been reacted. The couple was convicted nearly two years ago of conspiring to transmit atomic information to they have been in sing i would think it would go since. U. A. Marshal William Carroll to it i charges of traffic violations. Taft _ talked after Merlin Taft Hdldn 1 lnt0 the Triton t to and Hou e speaker Martin for turning Fra into a regular de said the Date of the electrocution including Fig for Drunken driving. A ----------,0 were called in municipal court this strip and crash landed. He walked balance the budget. Away from the wrecked and Blaz Reed said the vote at a closed Long plane. Committee meeting was 21 to 4 in Jabara from Wichita. Ran. Was favor of his proposal. One demo credited with damaging a Mio a Erat and three republicans voted the first claim of his second com against it. Twelve republicans and Bat tour after 20 or More fruitless nine democrats were for it. Missions. On his first tour Jabara before the final committee a destroyed six migs probably de Tion. The democrats on the com stroked another and damaged four Mittee offered a series of proposes ships blast won san als demanding a delay until the Allied warships meanwhile be administration takes a firm stand gun the third year of their bom on Reeds tax cutting drive and bar dment and siege of the Eastern until the administration gives korean port of won san. The it ome report on the effects of the see w a on Page 2 Bill. Washington or Fendler stated. Apartment. He said however that May be March 12, and the hour All Thole at today a meeting a at to p. In Cost. Neared to be in favor of the step Rosenberg 34, and his wife 36, although he said the question was originally had been scheduled to raised whether it would be better die in the electric chair there Jan to do it now or to wait until fall. 14 consultation necessary inside today s courier news. Expert a Patterson can t miss a top pro fighter. Sports. Page 7. ,. Society . Market. Page Page Taft said it would be necessary to con ult w Ith education medical. And other interests who might be a affected by the change before drawing up final plans. On the matter of repudiating secret agreements Taft said the but the judge postponed the execution to permit time for the president to act on their clemency 46 passengers aboard liner feared dead new Orleans apr a fourth life raft from the National airlines dc-6 plane that plunged into the storm tossed Gulf of Mexico with 46 i it persons aboard was found empty today a apparently ending All Hope for three a her life rafts All empty a were found Bobbing on the chop. Pm Waters veet div by an Armada of pm Anes and ships that combed the w aters. The coast guard said the fourth raft was recovered Quot accounting for a1 of the rafts and apparently ending any Hope for the raft had never been inflated. Only a Remote possibility a held by the coast guard that any or Alvors would be found aboard the fourth raft. Tile coast guard said even if sup. Visors had managed to get on the rafts that the rough Waters would have probably washed them overboard. Too m p h. Winds the ill fated four engined plane flying in 100-mlle-an-hour winds was in route from Tampa. Fit., to new Orleans when it crashed last saturday afternoon less than five minutes from possible safety. Man v persons prominent in Bua a Ines and society were Abo i to big Airliner when it left Tampa at 3 r in a to saturday for Tho 419-mile run across the Gulf it j was due in new Orleans at 5.23 p. In. Cost. An investigation was started by h b Shebat of College Park. Ca., and t g. Packham of Miami civil aeronautics authorities. Billy Lavendar photographer for the Mobile press Register said after a flight to the scene that the plane went Down about 12 Milea Short of it Moi Gan site of a Small Airfield. A it s to Tole that the Pilot of the Airliner was attempting to make it there or somewhere along this coast for an emergency Landing he said. A land was less than five minutes flying time from the spot where the plane crashed Quot it was the first fatal crash of morning and Bonds totalling $414 a a Sula la scheduled Domestic Airliner Ainee a National dec fell at Elisabeth. N j., feb la 1952 May hive met Tornado at Miami. . National vice pre Idem in charge of operations e j Kershaw said the dec ten traffic cases on City court docket state police told to tighten Auto tog enforcement effective monday. Feb 23 operators of Arkansas motor vehicles which Are not displaying 1953 Arkansas License plates will be liable for arrest according to an an a _ nou Cement issued today by Lind pre Idem was referring primarily came amid a growing clamor Over Ards Wyrick. Charged with the him to descend a from 14 Movee /1 by Hatchett director of the Akk to the Yalta agreement Between the Case improper use of Drivers License by 4 500 feet pre ident Roosevelt and the rus hundreds picketed the White permitting another person to use Ian House late last week in protest a. And w d. Wheeler charged with the Ohio lawmaker said he does against the death penalty. Having no Driver s License not know of and agreements made for the second time the roman 25 were forfeited Henry Caldwell forfeited Bond of $123 25 on charge of driving while intoxicated and on similar charges Frank Guerin and James Barton capt forfeited Bonds of $11125. In saturday crash May have met Drunken driving charges against Tornado Kershaw noted that capt e a. Springer Pilot of the dog met setting of the new execution Date Bonds of $31.75 were forfeited by Aoah r Ondl Lons about the obis last report causing clamor grows president Eisenhower last week Archie Norman and Joe Bynam turned them Down. Were continued. In the plane came Down in water 90 feet deep heavy seas caused it to break up and allow Bodle Marvin Ford booked for running of the victim to float to the two soviet Type planes fired on by . Jets Over Japan by George a. Mcarthur Tokyo it apr two . Warplanes challenged two russian Type fighters Over Northern Japan today damaged one in a Brief skirmish and chased both intruders to the soviet held Kurile islands the far East air Force said. Weather Arkansas forecast pal tidy and colder this afternoon and Drivers License Mas state police operators or out of state motor vehicles whose registration has been expired for at least 30 Days _ ,. A it to an. I. The a j he ,11 by or demo w week Tho rr<1 Quot a tort Ord a a Bond and mix. Stated critic administrations which Are Washington last wee informed in two Snee Dina Chare it polic. Officer were fur s till secret. Government the. Pop. He. Reeves j a acted to arrest any person. He said Eisenhower in speaking Large numbers of pleas for mercy. Continued j a motor vehicle on the of a secret understandings in his and tast night a protestant Leader of me Tam without a Quot of Gully on Che,.es of Cering a referring to agreements a Man _ concealed weapon and no action judging from directive state ther dirt opera Tim Highway i Bude Frank Polk aboard a Williamson patrol boat said the bodies Are floating around when his Craft Richard Taylor negro Aas found arrived on the scene Early sunday of is colo1 were kept secret at the time they for the sentence Driver is killed near Kennett Cloudy and colder it was the first time soviet 1 it to Only 4h Miles from Nern urn tonight Low tonight 15-25 North and planes had appeared Over North. To the nearest russian held Island 22-32 South portion tuesday fair pm Japan since the government Japan a air Boundary is Only v4 and Cool. With Strong u. S backing on Jan. Miles from the tip of the Peninsula Missouri forecast a cold wave 13 warned her mighty neighbor to a just Brief seconds in a Jet. Tonight with Clearing Kics and i the North against such Una Thor the Thunder jets were on a Rou hunching winds temperature lied flights. Tine patrol Mission when Radfor falling to near Zero North t and the air Force identified the orators on the ground spotted 20 Southeast by morning tuesday planes As Lah a russian built f intruders. The radar men generally fair and cold warmer in prop driven single seat filter in flashed the signal that sent the the afternoon High tue Day 20-25 the 400-mlle-per-hour clan the y s planes roaring a Pursuit Northeast. 35 american planes were f84 Thun. Der jets same general area the air Force announcement la Quot. Kurt a it that a a Aid the Thunder jets intercepted y8?, sup Quot tot a quoth Quot Ltd a the Laus near Demuro on the 1air a Eastern tip of Northern hokkaido 1�?z super fort to lated russian this morning they summed the n Quot of intruders to land one Thunder u 8 a rep a. De Jet opened fire when the Ordera by a a a a a a the was ignored. Super fort was not armed. Both planes fled the fear gave few details of one of the Lah was hit in today action it did rot speculate then h the fuselage and wings. On the nationality of the Lah Normal both planes fled toward the Kun i pilots. 11168, airbase in Japan had orders not the Thunder jets broke off the to comment. Chase a to avoid violation of rus a live got orders right Here on Alan held territory a the air Force n. Tit a a on officer not Jim a word. Kennett to. A John c Davis 26, of Nur mans Markwas in tartly killed yesterday when his automobile ran into a ditch Bridge near Here. A piece of the Iron railing was ments but jammed through the vehicle and agreements into Davis body curved on state Highway 84 were made and for some time thereafter. Taft said further consultations with the democrats As Well As republicans in Congress would have to take place before the Eisen Hower asked Resolution was finally introduced the Ohio legislator made it Plain drainage that Congress will not be asked to repudiate any Complete agree Only which the appearance larceny of the bodies Quot Polk added. A i no american civilian Ever has a put died for espionage the crime of Billy Tarl and Micky would say they were All killed which the couple was convicted Moody see crash on Page i Ike names cold War assistant girl is seriously Hurt near Keiser in fall from moving automobile maximum saturday 50 minimum yesterday�?33 minimum this morning�?42. Maximum yesterday--52 Sunrise tomorrow 44 Sunset today�?5 44 precipitation 48 hours to 7 a in a none. Total precipitation since january i�?6 74. Mean temperature Midway i and Low i -47. Mean temperature february �?49 5 this Date last year minimum this morning 35. Maximum yesterday 40. Precipitation january a to this i a a a a. Cherry praises stabilization Bill Washington of a president a Hose darts of Eisenhower today named c d a seven year old i our girl emergency treatment for a Lacer indicate and Jackson 50-year-old new York uttered serious injuries near Keis Hon of the upper lip before being the. Accident cd acquiescence on our part to the publisher a his ape Clai assistant a in it a Hof pm a a a a a a a a a a gtd i., a a a it. In charge of cold War planning Tomt door of her fathers car came today. Ivy Mart r Ell where a a that appointment was announced on and she fell from the moving City officers Fred Hodge and by Sherman Adams chief assistant vehicle onto the Highway. Willie Hoppe investigating the by Secretary of state John for or present. Brenda Guarr. Daughter of or. Cycle Accident reported that the Dulles see in on the conferee a be Gaj j jargon would Neas a and mrs Roy Guarr of Charleston Cambell youth and a Friend Arthur As did chairman Chiperfield r official Between t Arcoui Towas reported by Baptist hos Mckight were Riding their Bike Iid of the Hou e foreign affairs government departments and Agen Petal officials in Memphis this North on Lake Street about 4 pm. Committee and sen h. Alexander cies Active psychological warfare morning to be in a serious but in yesterday when Cambell Cut across proving condition from a fraktur to the left Side of the Street and de Skull and abrasions Over the was struck by an approaching car h. Alexander Smith or no it chairman of the strategy Little Rock pm gov. Cherry Senate foreign relations sub com today lied i proposed revised Mutee on the far East. Stabilize Progress Ion Bill a one of the most fart that both far Eastern Steps Ever taken in the and at Omar Energy were a site in Public education the measure would among other ing discussed on the same Day stirred speculation that the admin Luce nomination goes to Senate i body. Ive an additional 6 million Gratton might be Ludvi the Long be for to lie schools. Debated que Mon of u a Omic Washington to i was introduced weapons against the communists . He Aid he in k Rea Well pleased with the there was no hint of such a things 1 dollars Cherry a in both he j is a be Xterm _ j reception the measure received study however from any person throughout the state tile governor of Gurnig in the two meetings nor i Mashburn of California for under added he had received about too was there and official announce Secretary of labor of e cd is and of than in la or my Of the purposes of tile meet both appointment had been an 1 Ai the Ani. A Anga. Flounced previously. Sent to the Senate today the nomination of Clare Boche la e to be ambassador to Italy. He also nominated Lloyd a i driven by Herman Joseph negro or and mrs. Guarr and their of 1021 Clark daughter were visiting his parents an Accident one mile North of at Keiser and were Between Keis Yarbro saturday occurred As a re or and h Shway 40 when the child suit of a Blowout on a truck Driv-1 fell from the car which w As re in by Willie Mccain negro of president ported to have been travelling about Steele. State trooper Tom smal-55 Miles per hour. Ley reported. A Blytheville boy was shaken up a car driven by Horace smart but not seriously Hurt yesterday of Blytheville ran into the rear of when he was struck by an Automo-1 the truck As it stopped following bile while Riding his bicycle on the Blowout. Trooper Smalley said. Lake Street. No one was injured he said. Though Harold Cambell to was taken the front end of the de Soto waa to Blytheville Hospital and Given. Heavily damaged

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