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Blytheville Courier News (Newspaper) - December 28, 1957, Blytheville, Arkansas Blytheville courier news the dominant newspaper of Northeast Arkansas and Southeast Missouri vol. Lii no. 233 Blytheville courier Blytheville daily news Mississippi Valley Leader Blytheville Herald Blytheville Arkansas saturday december 28, 1957 eight pages published daily except sunday single copy five cents Polar claims pushed congressmen want stake in Antarctic by Lewis Gulick Washington api a two senior congressional republicans today called on the la. S. Government to stake out its claims to the Antarctic. One of them rep. Tolleson a Wash. Said he has been informed that the nation s top strategy male Ina Stouph the National Security Council a approves the objectives Quot of Tollefson s Antarctic claims Bill now before the House foreign affairs committee rep Judd a mint a senior a Ommittee member said. A your government ought to press now for a settlement of Antarctic claims that will be just and otherwise. Judd said. Rival claimants Are Likely to get into year of hassling As the claims j get firmer and new values Are found for the vast subcontinent the legislators spoke in interviews on the heels of fresh reports of International interest in South pole area. Moscow radio re-1 ported two heavily Laden expel j Lions Are heading for the magnetic pole and the geographic South pole. British and new zealand groups also Are on their Way to the geographic Center where a us scientific expedition la a1 asian african conference continues slam at West Praise soviet offer Freak situations in 57 . Drives to distraction Cairo apr the Afri can asian Peoples conference missourians . Shown a these 4-h and future Farmers of America youngsters from the St. Joseph mo., area were in Mississippi county today to see Cotton farming operations and the Lee Wilson cattle feeding project. All Are winners of a St. Joseph chamber of Commerce Junior cattlemen contest. Arkmo winners Assn Here helped arrange the tour. Courier news photo i eleven Coal miners killed in Gas blast communist propaganda lines am Onate a. Apr Rescue workers today recovered the bodies of la miners the offer obviously designed to killed late yesterday when a Gas explosion trapped 25 men below ground in a mine drive Western Enterprise out of the straddling the Virginia West Virginia Border. Fourteen miners were brought out of the a a a i by Paul Dike lice station door. Open her car door so she asked a Washington amp a americans a 72-year-old grand male passerby to lend a helping drove themselves into some Freak Mich., Oil executive took a wrong hand he too tried the key with Ash situations in 1957. Turn at Norfolk va., one night out Success. Whereupon the worn a 62-year-old Royal Oak Mich. And found himself shooting Down an suggested he break the window. ,. A a u. Woman in route to apply for a the new 60-million-Dollar Hampton j to open the door from the inside. Plow cd ahead in anti Western Drivers permit sideswiped a roads Bridge Tunnel. His car was twas done and inside she made Fields today As the spotlight parked car and sheared off a util the first to make the crossing an the discovery the car Wasny to entered on russians sweeping pole. So her driving Days end Honor that was to have been the hers. Economic Aid offered that a began. Governor s a couple of Days la a vehicle of a different sort sub a it of the rnnforonr.-. I a 14-year-old lass in Baton ter. Gave a Memphis. Tenn., woman a a a a Rouge. La., steered herself into a truck Driver de Thompson of broken nose two Black eyes and bit of trouble too. Making her Stamford Conn. Had Bridge Dif 1 facial cuts. She fell from a Speed first Sally in the family car she faculties of another kind his As Ling tricycle driven by her three proceeded to score one Side Swap sigment was to deliver a 16.000 year old son. Ing. One broadside smash and one Pound statue of Simon Bolivar j with so much of this sort of Back up poke of another car. She from new York to Washington a thing occurring on the ground the then got out and walked away. I trip that normally takes about six civil aeronautics Board decided but the women Drivers did t hours it took Thompson four Days last week this is no time to think hog the Zany honors. At Oswego the statue it turned out. Was too of establishing passenger travel to ram h a to of i t of n.y., a Man who thought his High to Clear several Low Span j service into outer space. Accord Itier of f to to a of brakes might need checking found Bridges necessitating a Back singly. It turned Down the inter v of Mes a inc non susptcj0n to be Correct when Woods route to Washington planetary application of terminal Wro re a Bis car smashed through the serv a Salt Lake City woman could t transport. Inc., of Atlanta. Stacked with supporters of com i a unlit policies. Many of those voicing loud Praise for the offer Are exiles or fugitives from areas that receive us economic Aid. Some of the leftists Here Are frowned on by i Home governments that try to i stay officially disconnected from main political committee plunged into amp discussion of such controversial East West topics As to Perial for. Disarmament racial discrimination Algeria and Palestine. The soviet a big brother Quot offer of economic Aid to All asians and africans was Well received yes set for Congress hurrying an icebreaker to Survey along the Shore of an unclaimed Colliery uninjured shortly after Midnight. Along the a a _ a Canvas was draped Over the a .___�?z.r,.rf, victims carried out of mine although american exed. Of Pocahontas ?1 co on Hare �?�p5�red arhn�7nvofntlla Coal car about too person Frozen land than has ant other nation the United states has not ked a a i the lira Gray Light Laid claim to any territory there of a a by it also refuses to recognize claims my prs pro hemmed in null also Reguara War a of it it Urc err in company offi la a Ald Britain. Franc Elal. Mid aug a men originally Norway. Australia. New zealand. Argentina and Chile have Laid claims to Large areas of Antarctic Ca although 75 per cent of the sub of bh4efield continent has been seen Only by or trapped by the explosion were believed to be accounted for. Amonate is in Southwest a Vir-1 americans bodies of the dead were re gambling gang rumoured Active in capital area school science holds Matching Aid Washington apr the administration reported their profits As Egypt has sought a Jujj nr0p0se to Congress a program of Matching Grants to do with the Suez canal j a a murder charge plan to be filed Here hints that african and asian countries should nationalize Western operated businesses and exploit Frank Howard Dies of wounds wife questioned first degree murder charges will be filed against mrs. Viola Howard this a spa a pied to ,0 states .,0 encourage improved teaching of science and 44-Vnar old housewife in connect the soviet., he said. Have not moved from the apr Wilna mine be issued an nine Tot claim but i �?~j�11�?T a Shaft located in West have indicated they Are rom m Vlra into nearly three in Des from slav in Antarctic a Lone time mite entry. Shaft her. The a whoever controls the lands Down survivor Weie Brough out. There could lust play Heck with this was the second disastrous it us if the Panama canal were explosion in Pocahontas fuel co blown up and . Ships had to mines in the Border coalfields in go around Cape Horn he added la months a february Gas explosion at a mine near Bishop va., snuffed out 37 lives. Officials said there was no indication As to How the blast occurred. An inquiry will be con j ducted by the West Virginia de i apartment of mines. West Virginia will make the inquiry because Coal is taken out of mine no. 31 on the West Virginia Side of the1 Border. Auckland n. Z �?8ir de the mine will not be reopened in and Hillary party has reached until a full inspection is made by the Point of no return on its Over Federal state company and Union land trek to the South pole. The officials. Four Man group is now 240 Miles Willuam fun Wiarton. Special As tron the Bottom of the world. Vistani to the president of poem Hilary s radio message to Scott Hontas fuel co. Said the bodies of i base his Camp near Mcmurdo three men were reached about 4 sound was monitored Here by his a. In the other eight were located or Ross sea committee sponsors it about two hours later. Plans were Hatta charged today that officials Little Rock apr is a gang of out of state gamblers 011 and other natural resources trying to muscle in on betting activities in Pulaski county the Arkansas Gazette reports that rumours to this effect Are Rife. A Thev Stem from a series of Manv elements who shouted their mathematics in the High schools assent when soviet Delegate the plan Calls for the Federal Anushavan a Aga Fonovich lauded government to provide More than Indonesia s takeover of some 14 too million dollars to help the1 billion dollars in dutch invest states supplement salaries of Sci ments ence and math teachers employ the soviet offer recalled West additional teachers Purchase pm predictions that the Kremlin equipment and strengthen state would launch a drive in 1968 to education departments win More friends in Africa and other proposals also Are being Asia with a View towards driving prepared to help meet the clamor the West from these sources of for More emphasis on scientific Hillary party reaches Point of no return Campaign hurts Indonesia says former official sex president charges anti dutch movement being mishandled recent robberies the news paper said in a front Page article today Anonymous Telephone callers Pool Hall tipsters and even some police men Are said to have passed the rumours along. Here is the background leading up to the rumours last dec. 15. The Westwood club on Highway 67-70 reported a burglary in which $200 and some merchandise was taken. Four Days later three men1 held up a North Little Rock i Dallas officials May choose Pace of integration and technical training in the naj Tiona a schools and colleges. The demand has been growing since russians launching of two Earth satellites emphasized an increasing russian technical capability. The program to be administered by the department of health judge denies taking bribes to fix cases Schoolfield states allegations stemmed from conspiracy Tion with the fatal shooting of her husband thursday night. Deputy prosecuting attorney Todd Harrison said today. Mrs Howard is being held in county jail on an open charge sheriff William Berryman said mrs. Howard was arrested after Frank Howard 45. Was found shot to death in the living room of the Howard Home about five Miles Northwest of Gosnell. Mrs. Howard told officers she and her husband had been having arguments for several weeks and that so Quot was afraid of him. Howard was shot As he was sitting in a chair in the living room. Other witnesses at the scene told officers mrs. Howard shot her husband twice with a pistol. Survivors other than his wife include three daughters Bettysu school authorities pleased by ruling of Federal court education and welfare would be. _ patterned after the present Feder Chattanooga Tenn. I ally aided vocational education criminal court judge Raulston program. Schoolfield denied last night that Howard. Jety Mae Howard and mrs. That department also would be he had Ever taken a bribe. He Jean Hopkins All of Blytheville authorized to set up a Federal said that allegations that he had 01l step son a Are Howard Blythe scholarship program Aid expand done so stemmed from what he Ville five Brothers. W. G. Howard Sion of graduate schools help the called a contemptible plot and Darden Howard and Claude How Dallas Dallas school off states provide More and better conspiracy. Testing and counselling of High in an hour Long television speech school pupils and promote the delivered first Here and then in teaching of foreign languages. Nashville Schoolfield answered Colleira scholarships to Cost charges made against him last by James Wilde Jakarta. Indonesia a form Ard ail of Memphis Robert Howard Houston. Tex., and will d. Howard Dell two Sisters Janet Davis Holly Springs miss., and Cordellia Dillard Jacksonville Fla. Couple at their Home tied them vials Happy Over a Federal a eight to to million dollars the first week before the Senate rackets funeral arrangements Are income and reportedly escaped with $900 peals court ruling which lifted an y a would be provided for Tai committee by saying plate pending arrival of relatives. I. That he emphatically denied j Howard funeral service any implications that he had taken charge a bribe to quash conspiracy operator of the Westwood club order for them to integrate schools enter High school students who is Ray Barney Levine who has next month today turned Back to could not otherwise go to College been arrested numerous times by mapping deliberate plans for de fellowships also would be proud j vice pres Quot tent Foh a Lyle Rock pm uce for gambling aggregation. De in graduate against 13 teamsters in president Mohammed and possessing gambling devices i the . 5th circuit court of in a related Effort More than Ion members. A. To to. I the North Little in. K in nip appeals in new Orleans yesterday 50 million dollars a year would be 2. That asst. Dist. Atty. Gen said the band of new sealanders made to remove All the bodies at have so mishandled the current was anti Vars Bailey be to ruled that school authorities Here provided to the National science Harold Brown had testified Cor a fran an anti dutch Campaign that they Are son. The husband has been a Ari i Quot should be accorded a reasonable foundation for expansion of its redly that he. Brown gave the is in a is undergoing some Strain at an one time Altitude or 10,000 feet a the blast trapped men in two Hud ing to one More than the rested at Lead owe a Jbv North Lite i further Opportunity Quot to integrate present Effort to expand teaching judge $1,000 for his 1954 Gubernat but he added that they covered my Mons a Joy loading area site n. F Indonesia More than the be for a a gaming Quot at schools. Of science and math at All Levels tonal Campaign fund from a his Home. Last september Federal judge most of that Money would go for Bondsman named Sam Jones but Man carrying satellite plan reported set Al Miles during the night which of an automatic Coal loading a Means the group is keeping up a Chine and a continuous mining steady Pace they have averaged area also the site of automatic from 40 to 50 Miles for the past Coal loading equipment. The sur few nights. A tors w Ere found by Rescue work in an open letter appearing in newspapers throughout Arkansas state Constitution sprawling Island Republic the about a Days journey from the Section some 1.000 feet from where Ron. He in 1949 worry eco they have hired body was done so reluctantly. A a Tell nth a to at of pit til if Nap Mccorv Tho -.4-, is _ to a _ a one Rumor the Gazette says ers at the site of the Joy loading a it ado or a Theeo tinted depend Bas it that local gamblers Are so gambling to literal under the Walton h. Atwell ordered that it May have been contributed Elk a examiner said today that a midterm twice before he Stuert i Ducimo More sem irs and is. A a a p contract by two n the air Porc role in his court. Indicated he had no knowledge Angeles tip the los an decisions saying Dallas need not Lutes for teachers in those fields.,. _ not Entiat integrate and said his third ruling while plans went Forward for a 3 that he acknowledged his j a us a Javied re a and Lockheed aircraft corp. To asked _ _ i m t boost in the specialized training. Failure to report expenditures in Man carrying satellite is reported 2oo-mile stretch covered by Cash the 11 a her men met death asked a is it necessary for the guards and have made up a $10. Or. Edwin l. Rippy school the office of education reported a his segregationist Campaign tor near f Scott on his ill fated the Rescue work was pain Stak indonesian people to sacrifice and �00 Reward for any policeman Board president said that a Natu a record enrolment in colleges governor. The Story from the examiner s trek to the pole 46 years ago. The ing As rescuers were forced to suffer to Speed up the return of who can Denti a the tri it it a be rally we Are pleased with a Deci and universities this fall. 4 that investigators for the Washington Bureau said an in Scott party died on the Way Back Inch their Way along slate West irian t0 the term Blick Quot lived probably from Kentucky Sion of the circuit court which the office reported a prelim committee which he called a fed manned version will be ready about and no one has made it Overland clogged passages filled with Rama him of wine Thiv which Atay de the burglary and again allows us the Opportunity of Narv total 0f 3,068,000 students in Seral engine of tyranny had aimed 19<i0 and the in Anne a version about smoke and deadly gases. They i a uie 1 r robbery. Dictating our own timing and Sug round in li890 institutions a gain not at labor management cases i 1965�?� carried oxygen tanks strapped to dutch investment in the rumours say several other Pstir our own o 41 per cent Over the 2,947,000 but Only at him because of his1 a when the pied Piper reaches a. Forcing most of the Tum he said surveys made in con 1lsted in the fall of 1956 the total stand again St centralized govern the Man carrying stage it is sex team to the pole since then. Reports from another. H is. Headed by British or. Vivian Fuchs Jialu Sald were not so Good. Travelling to Knou it Nas wards a a the mine was 46,000 dutch citizens oui of the. Ave been next on with eventual integration b y the end of this school year is ment and for states rights. Peeled to orbit for a month with lot so Good. Travelling to kno Quot a Quot As a gaseous Quot mine. It country began dec. 2 in retsina s be there w Ere riot merely a delaying a expected"1"� Quot reach ,o0ot�?~the i the pole from the oppose a indicated that equipment used Tion for the Netherlands refusal a he Lurf it ions a a Wpm up Learned a great Deal corf Aid in with a British common4iek,t,c� Tho Erat Itro cont in to hand Over West new Guinea a my a s0 Here robbed recently from Tho a Hihi it hut. Direction with a British common disburse the Gas present in j to hand Over West new Guinea a a a to not 0nlv from the studies but wealth Transano Aretie team. Fuchs Cpd quantities in All Coal mines j Indonesia Calls Hie area West More oxen Theja ors they from observation of other communities that have integrated Quot Rippy declined to make known the boards specific plans on Inte for the rackets committee. Problem of a Safe re sen. Curtis a neb said Quot Tho turn to Earth a the Story said there was a no comment Quot from has made Only 35 Miles since wed had faded 4o function properly irian and claims it should have very held up by the same men mesday and has almost 500 More amp and the accumulation had been Ocen surrendered in the 1949 in the Levine and to go. Touched off by a spark of unknown dependence agreement. Erguson Mclaen a. In addition to the two common origin wealth parties a russian team has set out from the soviet base in to vehicles Hatta said famine is facing the a these rumours seemingly gration.,. Mean Little to Ferguson and Le-1 Tho s Criner to head pc form project All but one student found Lakeland. Fla la All except one of 82 College girls who were exposed to a Rabid Puppy have a due to Lack of planning an country Quot not because Rice is Short. Ferguson Anclle the Appeal of Atwell s ruling but because of disorder in dist rib a _ Sald had not followed an Early ution shipping and com Quinica 171 1 latter said he did not mandate by the circuit court tons Quot he blamed the disorder an outside gang burglarized his which called for integration Quot Wlton five Hunters presumed dead on the West irian action committee which has led the Campaign. A if we had planned our people would not Hatta said. Club. A i think it was just some of these local Petit larceny boys out of the Penitentiary on Christmas furloughs Quot he said. And Ferguson scoffed at the All deliberate Speed Quot ious references to such contemplated projects in Washington but the Pentagon has Given no official comment. Weather m. A Criner has been named been warned to take precautionary economic calamity is approach no us a of Ouuor state gangsters chairman of Blytheville Junior j measures and a pint of blood do the Campaign was touched Pula san prosecutor j. Chamber of Commerce a outstand rated by one has been found and j off by the . Failure to approve rank Holt App Arency was not so ing Young Farmer awl Ard project removed from a blood Bank. A Resolution backing the intones sure for this year. State police said today they were Ian position. Said and heard no re last year the Winner chosen by still seeking to find Joyce Lowell i a a a reiterate a Hatta said. Mors about an outside gang the Blytheville Jaycees went on to of Dover n. J., and notify net that a dutch not indonesian interests in in Center s radio City music Hall the missing Hunter were Harj showed up for trial win state and National prizes. He the Puppy a Florida Southern should be undermined. The dutch but he commented a this is a which opened it doors amid de old Niffen 17. His brother George the Money allegedly withdrawn was Alex Curtis who now live in College sorority House pet a had Economy Here must be liquidated j growing City and county it would pression predictions that it was 16. And James Saunders 14, of from teamsters Union funds to fix Mississippi. Died of rabies miss Lowell was be but not in a fashion which will be a temptation to Syndicate doomed to failure celebrated its near Louisiana and John Clark the Case had been withdrawn the announced total is 45 per judge is overeating himself. Cent above that for the fall of 1951 we have no interest in him per Lockheed. There have been Prev i tonally nor jurisdiction Over him. His characterization of the committee is entirely false. There is no plot to destroy Schoolfield in his speech defended in detail the allegations j that $20,000 was passed to fix the Louisiana. To. To five Young cases against the 13 teamster the appeals court said if negro Duck Hunters whose Small boat and another $1,000 to free Spence plaintiffs seeking integration apparently capsized in the Treach Galloway who had been convicted should claim that school author Rous Mississippi River yesterday of receiving and concealing stolen ties have failed in their duty to have in even up for dead property and that he had not re integrate. The Federal District searchers found articles of cloth ported his Campaign expenses. Court should give them a full and my and two shotguns identified As his defense in the teamsters fair hearing i he property of the Hunters but no Case Quot bodies were found. He still believes his Legal Deci it s pretty Well established the St Aioli were Correct in first 25th year noted they have drowned,0 said prose ing the indictment and then after Day colder Southeast and East Outing atty. Paul e. Williams of higher court reversal directing an Central tonight Low tonight 20s new York a a Rockefeller Pike county. _ acquittal of the 12 defendants w to East to 25-35 West High sunday 40s Northeast to 50s Southwest. Arkansas a generally fair through sunday colder tonight with lowest 20-28 Northwest and 28-36 elsewhere highest in 50s sunday. Missouri fair this afternoon and tonight partly Cloudy Sun Farmers of this area Between lived vacationing with her family Crappie us a a a Quot the Ages of 21 and 35. Are eligible somewhere on Florida s East coast i Gnu cd was expected by to be entered in the Contes. I some foreign observers Here to 25th anniversary yesterday 21, and his brother Ben 19. A in for a Surprise demos meet feb. 21 Widen the breach Between him and president Sukarno which led to Hattas retirement from the get i Washington the democratic eminent a Vear ago. A Parlia new York w a a thief National committee has tentative Mentar committee has been try a Box from Allen bar j in set feb 21 for a meeting Here ing t0 Quot reconcile them before silk Nett 16, in a subway train and to consider 1958 Campaign plans Arno leaves about Jan. 5 on a trip escaped. The Box contained a four a and ways to reduce its $650,000 de abroad officially billed As a rest foot Long baby Boa Constrictor. Licit. I cur. Dimes drive in need of help Volunteer workers Are urgently needed to help launch the 1958 March of dimes drive. County chairman Russell Phillips jr., stated today. Quot volunteers Are needed to Assam Hie kits address envelopes distribute Coin collectors and help with a number of special events planned for the Campaign a Phillips said. Anyone wishing to help May Call Phillips at 3-4453. Much easier now i More than a year before the s Tion heretofore referred j in the Galloway Case he had no doubt of Galloway s i guilt but had paroled him on a Reading a i put a a 26-year-old j papa a Jesser offence after he teacher of Spanish and French bad established that he had a Ood Theana Koutroulelis asked per reputation and after two trials Mission of Berks county court to he expressed Confidence in the change her name to k Otelis be integrity of Bro w a who aaa cause a a my pupils can t pronounce passed the controversial $1,000 to the one i see judge on Page 8 maximum yesterday�?47 minimum this morning�?34 mean temperature�?40 5 Sunset today�?457 Sunrise tomorrow�?7 06 precipitation last 24 hours 7 Ara to 7 a m.�?.29 precipitation Jan. I to this Date a 84.51 Caruthersville River stage�?29.2 up this Day \ year ago maximum yesterday�?63 minimum this morning�?39 precipitation Jan i to thu Date 44 18

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