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Blytheville Courier News (Newspaper) - December 13, 1965, Blytheville, Arkansas A Blytheville courier news vol. 61�?no. 220 Blytheville Arkansas monday december is 1966 is pages tin chits Stu Chi Nat chiefs gather by Tom Ochiltree Paris apr foreign and defense ministers of the Atlantic Alliance countries gathered Here today to discuss an integrated nuclear Force and Frances part in the Alliance. . Secretary of state Dean Rusk on his arrival told newsmen he did no to expect anything surprising out of this meeting a which opens tuesday at the Headquarters of the North Atlantic treaty organization. Rusk said a i think my stay in Paris will be useful to discuss with other ministers the questions in our u. S. Defense Secretary Robert s. Mcnamara also arrived for the conference. Ministers of the 15 nato nations will tackle these problems a Frances opposition to integration of nato military forces. A proposals for an integrated nuclear Force that would give West Germany More say in nuclear strategy. A indications from Moscow that Progress could be made on German reunification Access to West Berlin or a Viet Nam peace conference if the integrated nuclear Force idea is dropped. Observers said trading the nuclear integration proposals for soviet concessions on any of the above goals could Lead to an East West agreement to halt the spread of nuclear weapons. Diplomats believe red China s explosion of a nuclear device has made the russians More anxious to achieve a nonproliferation agreement with the americans and the British. The main stumbling Block to such an agreement is Moscow s opposition to the u. S. And British proposals for nato nuclear integration. The soviets say the proposals would give West Germany indirect Access to nuclear weapons. The american proposal for a multilateral nuclear Force Calls for a Fleet of surface ships armed with nuclear weapons and manned by mixed Crews from the participating nations. Britain a proposal Calls for an Atlantic nuclear Force integrating nuclear armed units from the nato nations but the units would retain their National identity. The British plan emphasizes air Force units and possibly submarines. Neither proposal seems to have much Chance of being adopted. Fear worst ahead pc Lull leaves officials wary a f of a i t mtg a Ltd a a a a Iii a 11 in a i. Him off Street parking at Osceola a new off Street parking program is underway. Mayor Ben Butler and councilman d. N. Morris look Over one of the City a new parking areas at the old Railroad depot location. The depot was Tom Down last summer to make room for a 75-vehicle parking area. The new est parking facility is on Johnson Street Butler said More is to be spent on the parking areas and that a Good off Street parking program will be developed before parking meters can be brought to Osceola. Courier news photo republicans slap radicals extremists by Walter r. Mears Washington a Republican leaders approved a Resolution today advising party members to reject membership a in any Radical or extremist the measure did not name the John Birch society. The Republican coordinating committee acted swiftly to endorse the stand of gop National chairman Ray c. Bliss. A spokesman said the committee unanimously adopted a Resolution declaring that republicans should reject membership a in any Radical or extremist organization including any which attempt to use the Republican party for its own ends or any which seeks to undermine the Basic principles of american Freedom and constitutional Senate Republican Leader Everett m. Dirksen of Illinois proposed the Resolution. Dirksen said he acted for himself and House gop Leader Gerald r. Ford of Michigan. Gov. Robert e. Smylie of Idaho who had earlier called for a specific denunciation of the Birch society seconded the Dirksen Resolution. Smylie reportedly decided not to press for action on a Resolution naming the Birch society because he doubted there were enough votes to adopt it. The question of what if anything to do about the Birch society had been considered a top problem for the gop leaders. Mother of six Dies in wreck Sitter held in death a 14-year-old negro boy was j arraigned today in municipal court on a second degree Mur Der charge in connection with the death of his two year old j Niece Here Friday. Police said the youth was baby sitting for the girls parents when police got the Call that the girl had fallen from a table and was Hurt. After an autopsy it was revealed that the child who died saturday had received injuries in the abdominal Region. Police said the youth later admitted that he struck the victim to Stop her from crying. The hearing was continued until Friday. Lac Pogol Dona Manila apr president Oslado Macapagal has at last fitted defeat in his bid for a election nov. 9. In said saturday he will re a from political life at Tbs d of by term dec. So. A Blytheville Mother of six was killed late yesterday afternoon when the car in which she was Riding collided with another car near Holland on Highway 61 business route. Dead is mrs. James House of 1018 Dixie. Her husband and six children also were injured. The husband and two of the children were sent to methodist Hospital in Memphis. The other four children Are in Chickasawba Hospital. Missouri Highway patrolmen said the Accident occurred at 5 10 . Yesterday. Driver of the other car was identified As Eugene Williams 45. Of Cooter. State troopers said the Williams vehicle crossed the Center line and met the House car head on. Williams has Chest and head injuries and a broken . John Sutton 40, a passenger in his car had facial and Scalp cuts. Highway patrolmen said Williams will be charged but As of this morning no specific charge had been filed. Frug Aii affair Louisville by. A police were called to untangle the mass that developed when an estimated 30,000 teen agers tried to do the frug at a dance for underprivileged children sunday. Six teen agers had to be helped to the sidelines of Freedom Hall which seats 18,000 for basketball. Five returned to the dance floor after they caught their breath. One was taken to a Hospital for x rays. More than 20,000 toys were collected. Word from methodist Hospital this morning was that the condition of House and Elizabeth Turnage is satisfactory while Bonnie Turnagen a condition is serious. If they done to formally repudiate the conservative outfit one party chieftain said they will be accused of equivocation. The showdown comes at a session of the 28-member Republican coordinating committee created to draft party policy. Barry Coldwater a key Man in. The controversy Over How to handle the Birch society question will not be on hand. His wife is hospitalized in Phoenix Atter undergoing surgery. A spokesman said Gold water s position on the Birch society will be presented by rep. John j. Rhodes a Ariz. Idaho gov. Robert e. Smylie has called for passage of a Resolution a disassociating the Republican party s interests and activities from those of the John Birch society and similar extremist groups. A failure of the committee to pass such a Resolution a Smylie told National chairman Ray c. Bliss a would be interpreted by the pres and the Public As an act of equivocation by the leadership of our by Thomas a. Reedy Saigon South Viet Nam apr major ground fighting in Viet Nam petered out today after a half dozen weekend actions Cost the communists a heavy toll. . Spokesmen said the Viet Cong May be pulling Back to their Jungle hideouts to recover. With partially Clearing skies . Warplanes resumed raids on North Viet Nam after a two Day Lull blamed on bad weather. Air Force f105 thunderchief and f4c phantom jets blasted two Bridges Northeast of Dien Bien Phu set a five building military Complex in the same area aflame and cratered the approaches to another Bridge on a main Highway 130 Miles Northwest of Hanoi a . Spokes a Man said. Navy pilots claimed another Bridge two storage areas and four antiaircraft Sites 14 Miles Northwest of the coastal town of Dong hoi. He added. In the Battle area South of Danang . Marines and South vietnamese troops hunted a Viet Cong regiment on the sixth Dav of operation Harvest Moon but the foe refused to show himself. Since the fighting began around a Valley 20 Miles South of Danang the leathernecks j counted 198 Viet Cong killed 761 captured and 287 suspects detained Marine spokesmen said. A a officers regarded the Lull warily. A i done to think the major fighting has started a said the . Marine commander in Viet Nam. Maj. Gen. Lewis Walt. . Officials took considerable satisfaction at the surrender of a 22-Man Viet Cong platoon with la weapons to men of the . 173rd airborne brigade at to Dat 60 Miles Northeast of Saigon. Tit key counted the defection As a major achievement for . Intelligence and psychological warfare experts and vietnamese National police who negotiated the surrender. It was described As the biggest Viet Cong defection in Many months. In the Marine action the leathernecks took Over the High ground near the Rice Hamlet of que son. Air Force b52s from Guam pummelled the suspected Lair of a communist regiment in the area 350 Miles Northeast of a icon. For the second time since the operation began last wednesday. Walt said the attempt to encircle and wipe out the Force of 2,000 hard Core communist troops had been launched to forestall an attack on the Marine beachhead at Chu Lai 52 Miles Southeast of Danang. A the Viet Cong were planning to attack our positions and we Felt we should attack first and destroy their he said. However the Viet Cong struck first and inflicted heavy casualties on two South vietnamese battalions before the marines got into the action. As the eight engine bombers roared Back toward Guam of against Buffalo dam gemini 7 in Brief i by the associated press s i quote of the Day a Tell i i Frank Borman and Jim a Lovell we still want to come i j up and see them a Gem j Ini 6 command Pilot Wal a i ter m. Schirra or. Tells i Mission control after lift j i off failure delays Pursuit of gemini 7 in space. I Mission status gemini a 7 time in orbit tops 200 i hours As Crew awaits new j gemini 6 launching set for j 8 37 . Est wednesday. J goal before gemini 7 de j scenes is 14 Days and 206 j orbits of Earth. Problems experts to determine what caused a a an electrical plug to fall prematurely from the base of gemini 6�?Ts Titan 2 rocket with the result that a false signal automatically shut Down the engines. No j hint of worries for gemini in 7. I astronauts status Bor a Man and Lovell both Are j allowed Comfort of flying a outside pressure suits in a underwear while they await a next attempt by gemini 6 i i to overtake and Fly in for i a a mation with them. I Mil a try Iten killed on state highways by the associated press five Arkansas tech students none More than 19 years old lost their lives saturday in a grinding head on collision of two cars at the base of my Nebo. The deaths brought to to the number of persons killed in weekend traffic accidents in Arkansas an associated press count shows. The count began at 6 . Friday and ended at Midnight sunday. The it. Neon Accident happened about three Miles West of Dardanelle on Arkansas 155. Yell county sheriff Herman Mccormick said the cars met in the Center of the Road at the Crest of a Hill. The victims were Tommy Whitehead 19, of Texarkana Linda Creasy 18, of Little Rock Susan Langston 18, of fort Smith Judith Francis Owens 19, of Little Rock and Lee Bloomfield 19, of Rogers. In other weekend accidents state trooper Elmer Bradshaw 41, of Marianna his wife Dorthy 40, and Robert Smith 36, of near Vilonia were killed in a two car Accident near Morrilton on . 64 saturday night. Jack Benning 36, of Prattsville was killed in a car truck Accident saturday at Pine Bluff. Mrs. Cecil Turner 50, of Harrison died Friday night in the collision of a car and a pickup truck on Arkansas 206 about 6 Miles West of Harrison. Little Rock a opponents of the army Engineer proposed dam at Gilbert on the Buffalo River have gained a new Backer a gov. Orval e. Faubus. Faubus revealed late saturday that he has written the chief of army engineers that he favors an Interior department plan to make the Stream a National River. The dam is the Center of a controversy that has raged from Washington to Here and gained nationwide publicity. Faubus remarks saturday were his first official statement on How he Felt about the dam. He had indicated that he opposed it. The National River a can add far Mort to the Region and be of far greater Benefit in every Way than another dam and Lake Faubus said in a letter to it. Gen William f. Cassidy of washing ton chief of army engineers. Faubus sent copies of the letter to president Johnson and Interior Secretary Stewart l. Udall. Just what effect Faubush stand will have on the proposed dam is unknown. Army engineers seek the opinions of state and local leaders in mapping plans for such installations. The corps has held a series of hearings on the Gilbert dam and the Board which makes the final decision on the proposal has approved the Structure. It is up to Congress to appropriate funds for it. Faubus said that dams and lakes have already been created on every Side of the Buffalo River within distances of 30 to too Miles. He said creation of another such facility a would add Little to the attraction of the area As a army engineers had asked him earlier to comment on the $55.2 million dam but he had not done so because persons in favor of the dam asked him not to comment publicly on it. Residents of the River area Are divided on the proposal. Generally those living along the River a Bank favor the dam while those who use the River for fishing camping and float trips want the natural Scenic Beauty preserved. The Gilbert dam would leave a 55-mile stretch of the River in its natural state. A controversy Over the dam reached a Climax last summer during the float fishing season. Several persons in boats said that objects were placed in the River to hamper them. One party said Rifle shots were fired As they passed. Faubus said he had studied both proposals a the dam and the National River and concluded that the dam was not essential for flood control or hydroelectric Power. The National River would require twice As Man permanent employees As the dam and even More employees would be needed during the summer tourist season he said. Faubus said in his letter to Cassidy that this is the first time in his life he has had to disapprove an army Engineer proposal. The governors move came As no Surprise to James r. Tudor of Marshall president of the Buffalo River improvement association which backs the dam. A a we a been expecting it All along and nobody is alarmed about it Tudor said. A right now we done to plan to do anything he said he did not think Faubus stand would have any effect on the proposed dam. Rep. James Trimble d-ark., a Backer of the dam. Has said he intends to persist in support of it. Trimble said he supports the dam and one proposed for the eleven Point River in North Arkansas because completion of the structures would Complete the White River Valley area flood control project. A you done to quit building a House until its done a he said. A you done to Stop without putting the roof on. A a i done to to offer adult education Gosnell will join the increasing number of area schools with adult education classes immediately after the Christmas holidays Gosnell superintendent j. W. Rea announced today. The classes Are open to adults with less than a sixth Grade education and who Are Over 18 years old. The classes will be open to the Public with no charge for books supplies or tuition. Rea said that anyone interested in the program May Register in the superintendents office at Gosnell or Call be 2-5611 during week Days from 8 .-3 30 . A the program will depend upon the demand by the Public since we Are in a position to handle a rather Large program of this Type a Rea said in making the announcement. Similar classes which recently begun in Blytheville now have a total enrolment of More than 200 persons. The . Mark a the american Effort in South Viet Nam is changing the landscape of the country. New airfields port facilities roads and military bases Are going up at a round the clock Pace with construction costs expected to reach the half billion Dollar Mark. Newsman locates Sites of some of the major projects. Biggest is at Cam Ranh Bay the Best natural Harbor in Southeast Asia being developed As a massive new port Complex. New Jet runways and deep water piers Are going in at Danang. Runways Are being expanded at Cha Lai Phan rang and Tan Sonn hut Saigon a Airport. New port facilities near Saigon Are in the planning stage. Gathings Here tuesday congressman e. C. Took Gathings is scheduled to address the Blytheville Lions club at noon tomorrow at the Goff hotel. Representative Gathings a Veteran congressman with 22 years service is expected to speak on legislation passed during the last sea lion of Congress. More than 2,000 Miles away the marines pushed Forward to assess the results of the saturation bombing but made Only Light Contact with the Viet Cong u. S. Officers sad. Some Leatherneck units moved up the hillsides overlooking the 26-mile-Long Valley in which the communists were believed concentrated. A report from the Battleground said a South vietnamese unit had found 200 Viet Cong bodies and a weapons Cache but it was not immediately determined How they had died nor was the site pinpointed. Earlier the marines announced they had killed 122 communists and that the total had been confirmed by body count. Walt said one Marine unit took moderate losses but added that Over All Marine casualties since the Start of the fight weft Light while the Viet Cong casualty figure a runs into the a in the go Cong area 40 Miles South of Saigon a two Day Battle Between the communists and 1.300 vietnamese troops ended sunday night in a rout of the Viet Cong a u. S. Military spokesman said. He reported 181 Viet Cong killed and to eat tured in contrast to Light government casualties. More than too communists were reported killed in other scattered encounters with government troops some right on Saigon a doorsteps. These included a a vietnamese battalion smoked out an undetermined number of Viet Cong in Mekong River Delta Rice paddies 75 Miles Southwest of Saigon and killed 106 after a brisk fight the government forces also captured nine russian carbines two Light machine guns mines and explosives. A a vietnamese patrol beat off a Dawn ambush 15 Miles South Southwest of Saigon killing one Viet Cong capturing three and detaining eight More suspects without any casualties. A two Young women terrorists threw a grenade into a police station at Gia Dinh on the Northern outskirts of the capital injuring two policemen one seriously. One of the wounded men emptied his pistol at the attackers and killed one. A terrorists raided a Pagoda in the Village of Tan Huong 35 see Viet Nam Page 12hit-run victim seriously Hurt will King 84, victim of a hit and run Driver Here yesterday morning is reported in critical condition in a Memphis clinic. Police said Kings a resident of the number nine Community was struck by an unknown Driver at the intersection of first and Ash streets about 2 . Yesterday. King was rushed to Chickasawba Hospital and was immediately transferred to Campbells clinic in Memphis. He is reported suffering from a broken hip and leg and internal injuries. Police today said they have several leads to the identifies Hon of the Driver. Woof bar forecast Clear to partly Cloudy kids afternoon and tonight. Lit a change in temperature through tonight. Highs this afternoon in 50�?Ts. Lows tonight 36 to 40. Tips Day considerable cloudiness and mild with highs 62 to 68. Out look for wednesday Cloudy and mild with showers

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