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Blytheville Courier News Newspaper Archives Dec 8 1944, Page 5

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Blytheville Courier News (Newspaper) - December 8, 1944, Blytheville, Arkansas Friday dec pm mfr 8, iou published every Friday in the interest of farm families of this agricultural courier news Page five farm news features enter the Plant to Prosper contests sponsored by the courier news and commercial Appeal. Elections held by 4-h groups new organizations prepare to launch programs for 1945 reorganization of boys and girls 4-h clubs in Mississippi county for 194f started this week with Extension agents visiting Many communities As they plan the coming years work with the Many farm i girls and boys. Meetings will continue through another week so that organizations i will be Complete by Jan. I it was announced. The Box elder 4-h club held a meeting monday with j. D. Haywood presiding and 25 club Mem i hers and two leaders present. Louise Richardson song Captain led in singing. The newly elected officers were i j i. Hay Good president Wilburn fouls vice president Stella Mae Hicks Secretary Louise Richardson reporter to la Davison song Leader. Members of the girls and boys committees appointed to see if i would Servo this year were Stella Mao Hicks Louise Richardson Jayne fonts Kenneth i Westmorland Clifton Galyeon and Wilburn fonts. A a a a meeting of tile Redman 4-h club was held monday with h. C. I one presiding. There were 57 club members two leaders and six visitors present. The group Sang led by Pauline i Wane new officers were elected As follows president ii c. Long vice resident Bobby Boggard secrets veined Hoggard reporter Alice Mccann song Leader miss Pauline i Ware members of the boys committee appointed to ask the boys sponsor i to serve were Harold Chipman Wesley Wright Bobbie Lee Hoggard land h c. Long. Keith Bilbrey agriculture agent miss Cora Lee c Ileman Home Deni Lon stration agent h c Long and miss Pauline Ware were on the program. Or. Bilbrey discussed plans for the Victory dinner and miss Coleman discussed plans for the 1945 Chili year ii. C. Long urged the club to try to get More member. Miss Ware gave a talk on Quot How i plan to help Quot she is a former 4-h club member in the Rocky club i four years. A a a a a meeting of the Boynton 4-h club was held monday. Davoy win Iberry the newly elected president presided Otter 12 members pro Sot the group Sang led by Dorothy Moore. The agriculture agent and Home demonstration agent were present. Newly elected officers were As follows president Davey Winberry vice president Bobby Looney Secretary Nell Dean Taylor reporter Clifton Parker song Leader. Dorothy Moore. Members of the boys committee appointed to see tile boys sponsor and would serve this year were Tommy Miner Davey Winberry Clifton Parker and Jimmy Ladd. Members of the boys committee were Dorothy Moore. Margie Dale Brooks Louise Ward and Barbara Miller. Farmers we have amp on roofing weatherstripping storm Sash insulation Brick Tex siding Wall Board sheetrock Stonewall windows and doors Wall paper Hai it and some lumber year Eha annual payment loan on new barns and tool i Sheds. E. C. Robinson lumber co. Friendly building service a meeting of the Rocky 4-h club was held monday with Kenneth Coggin presiding and members present. New officers were elected for the club As follows president Kenneth Coggin vice president. Mary Alice Milligan Secretary Doris Bunn reporter Eudean Thomas song Leader Ray Gibson. The committee elected to see if the boys sponsor would serve this year were Kenneth Coggin Wil born pillows j c. Hill and Ray Gibson. Members of the girls committee were Eudean Thomas. Mary Alice Milligan and Doris Bunn. Miss Cora Lee Coleman Home demonstration agent and Keith j. Bilbrey. Agriculture agent w Ere present. Or. Bilbrey discussed plans for tile Leader banquet to be sponsored and paid for by the farm Bureau and miss Coleman discussed plans for the 1945 club year. W in in a meeting of the Reece 4-h club was held tuesday with Thomas Denton presiding. There were nine members and one Leader present. Newly elected officers w Cre As follows president Thomas Denton vice president Harold Bunn Secretary Lou Etta Stallings reporter Allen Stanley song Leader. Sybil Denton. Sponsors elected for this year were miss Velma Wilson for girls and Starlyn Young for boys. The committee appointed to see if miss Wilson would serve were Betty Jean Stallings Doris Darby and Beatrice Holmes. The committee appointed to see or Young were Harold Darby Bobby Woodard and Harold Bunn. A a a a meeting of the Clear Lake 4-h club was held tuesday with Betty Lou Fesmire presiding. There were 29 club members and two leaders present with nine new members. Newly elected officers were As follows president Betty Lou Fesmire vice president Patsy Haynes Secretary Helen Smith reporter Mary Frances Hall song Captain Mary Lee Lunsford. A a a a meeting of the Flat Lake 4-h club was held wednesday with George Wilson presiding. There were 25 club members five leaders and one visitor present. Newly elected officers were As follows president Doris Brown vice president j. D. Daniels Secretary Lorine Wilson reporter Jane Coalier song Captain Jane Coalter. Mrs. G. L. Abbott and or. Ernest Wilson were elected sponsors. Members of the committees appointed to see if the elected sponsors would serve were Peggy Hawkins Jane Coalter Maxine Manley j. D. Daniels Elmer Hughes and Donald g. Snider. How to Corn beef for Home consumption Corning beef is an excellent Means of preserving Many Good tasty pieces of meat and a method that improves the flavor of these pieces according to Cora i of Coleman. County Home demonstrative agent. In issuing tills timely advice she advocated the following Steps to Corn beef for Home consumption <1> use the less tender cuts of meat which have had the Bones removed. These cuts include brisket plate Rump and Chuck. Bones take up too much space and Are better utilized when used for soup Stock. <2> Cut the chunks of meat into 5-or 6-Pound roasts or similar pieces. Tile meat should be Cut into loaves similar to bread instead it it i squares and the Groin should run Lengthwise of the loaf <3> be sure the meat has chilled out to from 33 to 58 degrees f. Frozen beef should never be corned because it May spoil before it thaws out or cures. <4> cure in Nock jars or wooden containers. <5> the curing formula for each too pounds of beet is 8 pounds of clean Salt. 2 or 3 pounds of granulated or Brown sugar 3 or 4 ounces of Saltpetre and 5 Gallons of water. <6 it is important while preparing and mixing the curing ingredients to use one gallon of warm water to dissolve the mixture then add the other 4 Gallons of water. <7� boil the curing mixture so that bacteria will be killed and skim the top when foam appears. <8> Cool the mixture to 58 degrees fahrenheit before placing it on the meat. <9 cure in a Cool place and watch for ropy brine. If ropy boil again skim again and Wasli the meat. To Curt 20 Days. The meat May be left in the brine longer but care should be taken to prevent the occurrence of ropy brine. The curing temperature should be kept below 40 degrees fahrenheit to prevent spoilage. Read courier new want Ada. Bonham Tex. it Farmer Ernest Chaffin is exhibiting the a King of Sweet the Yam weighs seven pounds and four ounces and measuring 21 1-2 inches around tile Short Way and 26 inches the Long Way. By if ii Ami y in Nitro Tress farm editor we be mentioned before that City folks wonder How come a they cannot have they be read about this years record crop and not knowing too much about farm production t ii Ink this ought to mean More Dairy products including a butter but when the City housewife goes shopping for butter Shes often told by Lier grocer Quot Horn in Mcgillicuddy but we re out of mrs it does no to understand that the present Price relationship Between butter and other Cirii products is probably the Root of Lier to Lible however that seems to be tile trouble. In order to straighten things out it May be necessary for Ufa to raise the butter fat subsidy. Its understood that the food Agency would rather establish a higher ceiling on the product but is being walked Iii this by the opa. Whatever Federal Agency move is necessary to provide it mrs. Mcgillicuddy Willits More butter. A a Many Corn Hig Farmers Are probably wondering about what to do in response to the governments request for More pigs their uncertainty is easy to understand when you remember the a boating they took during last Winters period of glutted markets and depressed prices. Recent Market activity might indicate that More of Hie same is in store. However agriculture economists at Purdue University done to see it that Way. Their View is that demand for pork and lard will probably be Strong enough to keep hog prices in a Strong position. And they believe that position can be held until october of next year. There May be periods of depressed hog prices but the Purdue men done to expect them to extend Over so i no a period As they were last Winter. They base their optimistic Survey on the Sharp decline in hog production which occurred since last Winter in the Western part of tilt a Corn Belt. Whether they operate in tile Western part of the Corn Belt or elsewhere hog growers unhappily recall that results from growing too Many Piggs and so it May take considerable a doing Quot on the part of Ufa to get them to step up production to the level desired in our food managers. Farr Narx who specialize Iii production of raw furs Aud jux a its Are in for a Roll Back in prices an order is on the opa books that fur prices must go Back to tile average level they held Between october Ltd 1941 and april 1942 the Price Agency adds that makers of fur coat and other garments will enjoy no advantage from this order tile prices they charge ave also Lohr rolled Back new Selling prices will effect the furs of the Muskrat Fox Raccoon Skunk Wolf and Squirrel. Tile effect of tills will be Felt chiefly by professional grower of fur bearing animals hut it la also be Felt somewhat by Ordinary Farmers and ranchers Aud their youngsters. Also affected will be the people of tile picturesque Bayou Willers of Louisiana and other parts of the South skins taken from wild animals represent the major Cash income of Many of these people of what is often or fetal d to As Quot the Evangeline Texas ranks eighth amongst states in the Union in income tax payments the lady quits outspoken Virginia born lady Astor above first woman to sit in British parliament will retire at expiration of her current term a year from now she revealed in London on the 25th anniversary of Day she first took seat. Guaranteed tire recapping 24 hour service also Vulcanizing and tire repair Wade Coal co. N. Hwy. 61 ceiling prices phone 2291 buy your Winter Supply of Wood and kindling while la is available. Plantation owners special Price on too rank lots Barksdale mfg. Co. Deltas news published by the Delta implement co., Blytheville vol. 3 Friday dec. 8 no. 15 until further notice we close each afternoon at 5 30. I will As the sixth War loan Rolls Aioli the runt ii its third week indications Are that the Chickasawba District will attain overdub scribe its quota. Yet do so the next few extra dollars boys life and it la you be Pill War. Ii you Haven to bought time Vou re in town. A Ranii it help save some certainly help out when to replace equipment after the i Fred Flieman Merit for Sale Lias the following used equip-8 wagons a steel wheel trailer a walking cultivator walking plows Middle busters Section harrows 2 horse drawn stalk cutters and Cut sets of leather harness. You can see or. Leonian at the Fleeman Gin in Manila or Call him in Blytheville til 2923. I we Are now taking applications for heavy duty a International trucks to he manufactured in 1945. If you re going to need one come in and Well help you fill out your application. I Blytheville Ark. Phone 2911 a new equipment deliveries of the past week include cultivators for far mall mrs for Gene Bradbury of lost Cain and Rex Warren farming on Highway is West of Blytheville a heavy duty tractor Harrow to Otto Koehler of Dell a Light hush and hog disc Harrow and plow for a far mall b to Kyle Ball of promised land and a 4-Row cultivator and 2-Row Buster for a far mall m to c. C. Langston of number nine. I if you re having trouble with your car or truck or tractor Battery now the chances Are it won t last through the cold weather we be a Good Stock of nationally advertised batteries on hand at this time. Let us know what you need. I in our shops this week a d-30 International truck for general repairs and overhaul for the Saunders Alfalfa Mill of Steele a far mall h for voc haul for Stanton Pepper of Huffman and an International i truck for a motor Rebore Job for Jeff White of half Moon. Tank up took Ulm Bon i in him Halfway in a of a Tomo there is tits rollaway in Iceland although it a a Normal population of 120.000. Prepare salted a nuts at Home for Holiday use the record nut crop this fall la renewing the popularity of Home flailed nut according to miss fora i cd Coleman county Home inn mrs ration agent who them As a comparatively inexpensive substitute to make up lot shortage of other Holiday season delicacies this year. Removing the skin from smooth surfaced nut meat is none a ii \ before roasting Sud Lender skinned nuts us Pecan Hickory nut anti walnuts the agent explains to Blanch Almond her directions Are to pour Bowling water Over them and hold at simmering Yeinji erasure <185 degrees for 3 minutes then it tin tile skins should come Oil easily when pressed with thumb and forefinger. Spread the blanched kernels on absorbent paper Alai dry overnight at Ordinary room Tempo Al in a she advises. Her recipe Foi a flying pan roast lug Calls for 2 Teaspoons of cooking Oil or melted vegetable or table lid a jus enough to cover Hie Kei Nels a she explains and one Teaspoon of Salt tor each cup it nut meat halves with the Oil or melted fat in a frying pan. Place Over Low heat stirring constantly until hot through avoid overcooking she precautions. Nut meats particularly pecans Darken a Little More after timing removed from the heat my become crisper a they Cool. Drain on absorbent paper and Sprinkle with Salt. Blanched almonds or blanched Law peanuts May be roasted similarly but they must be heated a Little longer until Light Brown Iii Olor about ii to 30 minutes depending on the size of nuts and or Cree of brow Ness desire miss i Coleman explained. For Quot Redskin Quot i limits follow this same method lie advises but use unbranched raw pea nut. Or Yon want to nay More War Bond hell us the furniture vow Are not Uhing for Cali also Liberal Trade in allowance for old furniture on new. Alvin Hardy furn. Co. T e. Main phone to Rigel is one of the hottest stars in the heavens. Its surface temperature has been calculated at 29,000 degrees fahrenheit. Chickasaw West main near 21st re hat Start 12 45 Hon. Starts a night shows 5 45 except monday opens 5 45 gent Tanons shows hat and ban. Try our a own made ice Cream Ole Hickory inn across from High school \ when you take your John Deere tractor out in the Field after our factory trained experts have Given it a a going Over a you la say it performs Good As new. Our showmen Are experts. They know exactly what your tractor should do. Friday and saturday Quot Pardon my gun Quot with Charles Starrett and Quot Lucky legs Quot with Jin Falkenberg preview a first chapter of a the Batman comedy sunday and monday Quot whats Buzzin Cousin Quot with Ann Miller a Freddie Martin and ills bund also a Mountain fighters technicolor in and How to nuke it deliver a full measure of service. Done to wait for a breakdown. A Cheek up now and a few simple adjustments May save you the expense and delay of More serious complications later on. Joh in Hen you bring your tractor in. Bring in your scrap. Enl it both in the fight. Missed implement co. Osceola i la lib Luytie Evoile Bonds save scrap Jim Rorr for of mum la f new theater Manila n finest what have you done today that Nome Mother s son should die for you tomorrow a buy Bonds in our lobby. No waiting. We Are issuing agents. Friday Quot Jungle woman Quot with Evelyn Ankers a j. Carrol nabs serial a Short saturday Quot Cherokee strip Quot wit ii Dick Coran serial a Short saturday owl show Quot dead Man s eyes with Lott Chancy and Jean Parker selected shorts sunday and monday a Greenwich Village with Don Aurelle and Carmen Miranda Fox news a Short a please done to put off this important Job any longer. You re going to want All of your equipment in Good shave when Field work starts. Its our Job to put it in condition. Well handle your repair jobs the Way you want them handled if you la let us know in Advance. It Stop in now or phone us and get your work on our schedule. Then you re sure to have the machines when you need them. You know our reputation for repairing farm equipment. That a our business. We have expert mechanics and a Well equipped shop. And our bins Are loaded with genuine inc parts the same parts that Are built into the machines at the factory and you can to beat them. Take one Day and go Over every machine on your place. Tag each one with the things that need to be done. You can count on the same service in our shop that you get from Mccormick Deering equipment Iii the Field. Say when and Well get Busy. Delta implements inc. Blytheville Ark. Lux theatre Luxora v Pride or the Community Quot open 6 45 show starts 7 of Friday and saturday Marshall of gun smoke with Tex Ritter amp Russell Hayden serial a adventures of the flying Short saturday Midi Vite show starts la p. M. Drums of fun Manchu with Henry Brandon so Gloria Franklin selected shorts sunday and monday tender Comrade with Ginger Rogers Robert Ryan amp Ruth Hussey Paramount news Short

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