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Blytheville Courier News (Newspaper) - December 8, 1944, Blytheville, Arkansas Blytheville courier news the dominant newspaper of not Karil a Kha Nham and Routh Kasi Missouri vol. A lib no. 221 Blytheville daily new Blytheville courier Blytheville Herald Valley Leader , Alk a is As Friday. Dik pm mfr s. Rid single copies five cent German workers flee Saar warrants commons Hacks cd urchill1s foreign policy Senate to hold Public hearings on nominations proposed assistants of Stettinius must face questioning Washington dec. 8 up a the Senate foreign relations committee has decided to hold Public hearings before deciding whether to confirm the four men recently nominated As top assistants to Secretary of state Stettinius. The hearings will begin on tuesday and Stettinius will be tire first witness. Tile Senate sent the presidents nominations Back to committee Boca Lise certain senators desired to question tile three proposed assistant secretaries about their views of specific aspects of foreign policy. The three Are Archibald Macleish j now librarian of Congress William l. Clayton. Surplus War property administrator and Nelson Rocke Feller coordinator of inter Amer i lean affairs. The nomination of former am j Bassadore to Japan Joseph c. Grew i As under Secretary of state is sex j petted to draw Little opposition. While the Senate is getting ready to quiz proposed assistants Stettinius has conferred with John Foster dude.1. Tile new York lawyer was foreign advisor to governor Dewey during the recent presidential Campaign. The nature of Dulles visit was not revealed. America is Busy producing its counterpart of the nazi Al Buzz bomb. The army has allowed Willys Overland motors to reveal that Jet propelled Robo bombs Are coming off the Assembly lint at Toledo. Tile american robots Are in two sections. The Wing Span is 17 feet and the streamlined fuselage is 27 feet Long. It has a Windmill timing device that throws tile plane into a spin when it is Over the target. The robot Lias a Range of about 150 Miles. And without its bomb charge the unit weighs 2500 pounds. The Weatherman says new England will get its second nor easter in a week late today. And winds will be near Hurricane Force. Tile Center of the storm with rising tides along Cane cod. Is due to Boston about 8 30 tonight. Fit Tinq at the Rhine River Confidence Vole super forts warships team up Fol Lunic Rifle for heavy raid on i to Island i while earthquake rocks Japan Churchill talk tin in what is believed one of the first pictures of Allied action at first army tire on enemy positions on tile French Side of the River Allied alsatian trap and crass into Germany. Directly across the flags. Signal corps radio telephoto via Rhine River soldiers of the French As germans frantically try to Hee River is Switzerland marked by Swiss Nea. It government will revamp plans for big housing project Here conference is held yesterday rebel convicts being punished Yarbro officer listed As dead Lieut. Harold Lloyd previously reported missing in action Lieut. Edgar Harold Lloyd 22, was killed in action nov. 16 in France the War department yesterday afternoon notified parents or. And mrs. E b. Lloyd of Yarbro. Reported missing in action since nov. 16. Lieutenant Lloyd was another of the Many officers and men lost during the fierce fighting of curing during this time As the United states troops penetrated their we a into Germany. Serving under general Patton lieutenant Lloyd was a member of company e. 319t,h infantry 80th division of the third army. Lieutenant Lloyd who made an outstanding record in agricultural work at Blytheville High school and majored in agronomy at University of Arkansas was prominent in Campus activities there. In addition to Many extra curricula activities which included serving As president of the student body lie was Captain of r c. Company in which he served throughout College Days prior to graduation in june 1943. He was commissioned nov. 9, 1943. After attending officer candidate school at fort Benning ga., and was stationed at Salina. Kans., Yuma. Ariz., and fort Dix n. J., while in the states. Promoted to first lieutenant several months ago he last visited at Home in april prior to going overseas in june. He also is survived by a sister mrs. Clyde Bunch of Yarbro. Solitary confinement is ordered by Biddle Blake plans probe Atlanta. Dec. 8 up a the 25 Atlanta Federal prisoners w to staged the three Day prison revolt were in solitary confinement today on orders of tile United states attorney general. But the alleged grievances which caused them to embark on the bold escapade Are not forgotten. Morgan Blake the newspaper columnist responsible for persuading the barricaded rebels to surrender said he plans a More Complete investigation of their grievances. Soft spoken Blake says he is very interested in the prisoners Case. He added however that lie does not wish to imply accusations of authorities harsh treatment of the inmates. On tile contrary he said a i believe that most of the prisoners worship Warden during an exclusive interview the prisoners told the columnist they were subjected to poor a health conditions refused religious services and further that they were quartered with German saboteurs w to vilified the United states in their presence and that they were unduly discriminated against. Publication of these grievances by Blake in the journal yesterday was the condition by which they agreed to surrender. Asked to comment on Swift measures by attorney general Francis Biddle who ordered ring leaders put in solitary confinement and severe punishment for All of the rebels Blake said that the men knew they would have to take that rap and were promised no consideration except that they would not be beaten. He indicated that this investigation to see How True or false Are the complaints Given to will Start right away and hinted that a development May be expected within the next Day or two. The columnist discounted a belief expressed by Biddle that the revolt w As a planned insurrection. Prison authorities belatedly revealed that virtually every word uttered by the felons during the siege had been picked up by an elaborate radio system. It had been secretly installed in the segregation building at the time of its construction. The grim broadcast of the big House drama w As heard by officials gathered in an assistant wardens office and transcribed. Federal prison director James v. Bennett also said it was believed ditch of water. Additional housing facilities for the City of Blytheville have been assured As a result of conferences Between officials of tile housing authority of the City of Blytheville City officials and building representatives held yesterday with a representative of the National housing Agency. Tile housing authority was advised that the project started Here in 1941 and which was Frozen on account of War demands would be re activated in tile Early Tuto r and construction of this project made possible. The project which includes 80 units will be located on South division Street where the authority Lias acquired title to several acres of land. Tile housing authority headed by r. E. Blaylock As chairman announced it will push the project to completion As rapidly As restrictions on labor and material Are relaxed. According to the Nua representative who met with tile authority it will take several weeks to re Vamp the plans and make the changes necessary to meet conditions which have changed somewhat since tile project was Frozen but the authority w As assured tile project would be re activated As promptly As possible in order that Blytheville w Ould be Able to go ahead with this much needed project. In addition to re activation of the housing project the Nua will approve a request for authority to construct too dwelling units during 1945. Mayor e. R. Jackson Heads of the local building material companies and the Secretary of the chamber of Commerce who agreed on this number of new units for next year were assured the quota would be assigned. A formal request was submitted by or. Jackson for this assignment. Two new members of the housing authority w Ere announced. E. B. Woodson and b. G. West will replace Floyd White and a. R. Wetenkamp. Or. Blaylock g. G. Hubbard and j. Mell Brooks Are the other three members of the authority of which Jesse Aylor is attorney and u. S. Branson architect. Government forecast on Cotton crop higher Washington. Dec. 8 up the agriculture department predicted today that tile 1944 Cotton crop will total 12,359,000 Bales an increase of 39,000 Bales Over tile forecast a month ago. The estimate wa.1 made As of Dee. I and compared with a 1943 crop of 11,427,000 Bales. Defends intervention policy challenges America s attitude county men wounded two More Mississippi county men have been wounded in the european theater of War the War department has announced pvt. William c. Mills son of mrs. Nona Mills of Blytheville and pfc. Jew Ell f. Collins husband of mrs. Mavis Collins of Osceola were among those officially reported. Chicago wheat open High Low dec. 167167 a 167 k a. 163 i 1641 163�?T close 167 n 1631 it cd. 167 d 163 1 missing on 9th combat Mission Lieut. Dick j. White co Pilot on bomber lost Over Germany second Lieut. Dick j White Copilot on a b-17, is missing in action since nov. 21, the War department has informed parents or. And mrs. Floyd a. White. His plane shot Down Over Germany it is possible that he was taken prisoner it was pointed out on ninth Mission the 21-year-old officer has been overseas since september. Receiving wings and commission april 15, at Douglas army air Field Douglas ariz., lie last was Home shortly before going overseas. His training was received at Minter Field Bakersville calif., Ryan Field Tucson ari/,., Santa Ana army air Field Santa Ana calif., and Douglas Field. Entering the army two years ago. He was a student at University of Arkansas College of business administration prior to enlisting. Following graduation from Blytheville High school he entered tile University at Fayetteville where lie became a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity. His parents received a number of letters photographs and clippings from yesterday with the last letter dated nov. 18. Of unusual interest he wrote them of eight previous missions Over enemy territory. Member of a prominent Blytheville family he ii As a brother. John White a student at Kemper military school Boonville mo., who will arrive Home within a Short time to spend Christmas with their pair ends. Farmer s body found in ditch at West Ridge Millard Holcomb 38-year-old Farmer in West Ridge Community was found dead yesterday in a Chicago Rye dec. May open 111 \ i to Quot High Low-112 109 n 108ih close 109 108 i 1111 do London. Dec 8 up prime minister Churchill has won an easy vote of Confidence from commons in a test of ids governments foreign policy 1�?The 279-10-30 vote came after Churchill staked government s life on its policy in Greece Italy and Belgium. In one of hts most scathing leeches the prime minister stood in guns on that policy directly challenging the american Xii Tion on count Sforza and calling greek resistance forces nothing but a a rebels and originally today s debate was to Deal with Greece alone but Churchill broadened it to include British policy throughout Europe he explained that Quot this theme to some extent has been opened up in the last sentence of the american press that was tile sentence in which Secretary of state Stettinius said the american funds of die in. Italy applied to even greater extent in liberated countries of our Al lies. To support item Les Churchill made it Clear that Britain will continue los armed support of the Papandreou regime in Greece and of Premier Piet lot s belgian government. Ile added that ill Britain seeks i rom liberated countries is governments which will guarantee tin necessary Security for Britain a lines of communication the prime minister called greek leftist a lighting la at liens neers to the orders of the supreme commander of the Mediterranean under whom the guerrillas have undertaken to he also charged that left Wing elements in Belgium plotted to overthrow the government in november and that the British intervened there under direct orders from general Eisenhower. As tor Italy Churchill revealed that count Sforza returned to ins native country Only after promising the United states lie would not engage in polities against marshal Sadoglio. Churchill added bluntly Quot we do not Trust the Man nor would we put the slightest Confidence in any government of which he was tile dominant ballots i e Bride foreign minister Eden closed Tho debate for the government deflating that the greek people and All liberated Peoples must express their wishes through the ballot Box and not through bombs. I Ord Halifax tile British ambassador to tile United states cited Churchill a speech As a clarification of British policy. He added it would be hard for anyone to be confused about tile facts in Churchill a speech or to disagree with them. Halifax also claimed there is a substantial understanding Between country and the United states. He made tile statement after discussing the Anglo american controversy wit to Secretary of state Stettinius. The moral of the controversy says Halifax is that both nations should desire direct consultation on vital issues in tile inure. As for tile two countries which caused the controversy Greece and Italy tile italian Cabinet question May be almost settled but civil War still rages in Greece. An official spokesman for Premier Bonomi says a new coalition Cabinet has been formed and members of four out of six parties have accepted Bonomi s appointments but in Greece attacks by greeks on British troops Are increasing. Washington. Dec 8 tipi a Man made upheaval Tell on one of Japan a most powerful outer buses today while enemy a Homeland still rocked from a terrific earthquake. The u s Navy and All Force teamed up to deliver the hardest blow of Pacific War against iwo islands Iii the Volcano group just 750 Miles from Japan proper the air attack was led by american h-29 Hup Erfort Manes based on Saipan it was it Short haul for the Summ forts and the big planes were loaded to cockpits for the operation for in hour and 45 minutes. Tin b-29s swept Over iwo Island. Dropping is nails in 10-ton St rings. Liberators pave Way just in fore the super forts struck. American Liberator bomb Ora accompanied by lightning fighters ripped up tin Island and paved the Way for the Hupe Forta then it no offshore warships of american beet bombarded the Island one of tie principal Tai gets was Jap Airfield on two other objectives were ammunition Oil and gasoline dumps hangars and repair shops heavy Clouds obscured the targets. And the b-29a bombed by inst Rumen All of them returned without encountering either Aerial or anti aircraft resistance iwo Island has been a nuisance to the in tier fortress haitian because it Lins been the base from which Small numbers of Jap raiders have taken of to lilt our Saipan bases. It probably will be a nuisance no longer actually the double Navy and air assault on iwo Island was made today far Pacific time but that was yesterday by our time. Nature hurls blockbuster As for the earthquake and subsequent tidal wave that rolled Over Japan scentral islands yesterday some observers think it might have i Wen More destructive than the 1923 Yokohama disaster in that earthquake and tidal wave More hum 100,000 japanese were killed however on the More sober Side an expert seismologist at Harvard University Cambridge mass., says chances Are very slim that or had any great effect on japans War Effort the expert or. L. Don i cot says yesterdays quake was j rally a blockbuster but tie mints out the japs have had Many others and still Are holding together at the seams. He sums up opinion this Way Quot a first class b-29 raid would Lieut the quake any on Asia Mainland. Chunking reports say the chinese have halted at least temporarily the japanese threat to Weiyang capital of Kwei Chow province. A chinese military spokesman says 4,000 Jap troops who entered Keichow province have been routed. Chinese troops recaptured four towns in the province and tile japs Are falling Back toward Kwangsik province. File chinese spokesman however tempers words with a warning that tile situation remains critical and there is no room yet for optimism. New York Cotton Harry Bailey granted parole by state Board of the 72 convicts paroled by tile state parole Board this week five were sentenced in Mississippi county courts. Harry Bailey who began hts ten your sentence in a murder charge july la 1942, was among those paroled. Officers said Here today it w As understood he had been at ills Holland mo., Home on a furlough since Jan. I 1943. After having been Given a temporary release by gov Homer m Adkins the parole gives release permanently if on Quot Good behave or. Others paroled i rom this county were Otis Swap son sentence to five years imprisonment on a murder charge Isle in 1943 Benben Duke Gnu id larceny sentenced la 1941 for to years Freddie Cobb sentenced in april 1941, for seven years on a Burg Hirly and grand larceny charge and Ivory Cox. Sentenced a year ago to two years on a burglary charge South county Bond drive Over the top to ult Mississippi county bus gone Over the top in its sixth War Bond drive making the entire county exceed it. Quota with a quota of $650,000, there had been Bonds totalling $701,000 sold up until today w it ii commit tees still working on Sale of Quot a a Bonds it was announced by Rufus Branch of Pecan Point general chairman. North Mississippi county with a quota of $800,000, has More than $1,000.ooo Worth to its credit. Loy etch is general chairman. Half a $18 75 Bonds will continue until this county a quota is purchased. Funeral held yesterday for William j. Logan William j. Logan who died Early yesterday morning at Blytheville Hospital was buried yesterday afternoon after efforts to locate relatives had failed. The 84-year-old Man who lived alone on Clark Street was removed to the Hospital after neighbors Learned he was ill born Iii Pennsylvania he had travelled throughout the United states and since coming Here had done Odd jobs of carpentry. far As could be Learned lie had no relatives. Tin Rev. Bates sturdy pastor of Lake Street methodist Church conducted Fuller i services at Maple Grove cemetery where burial was made Cobb funeral Home was in charge. Mar. May july oct. Dec. Open 2179 2177 2155 2076 2164 High 2184 2178 2156 2078 2173 Low close or. Cd. 2177 2179 2175 2173 2174 2177 2151 2152 2155 2073 2073 2076 2162 2166 2163 weather Arkansas fair this afternoon and saturday. Not much change in temperature. Lowest temperatures tonight 29 to 32 in East. Uncle Billy Davis Manila patriarch Dies that one of the gangs ring leaders was the notorious Odie v. Fluker. Of Birmingham Ala. He a the desperado who was sentenced five times to die for the murder of Eddie Guyol a lottery racketeer from Atlanta. His sentence finally commuted to life he is now serving a Federal term for taking stolen securities across a state line. Livestock St Louis. Dec 8 up a hogs 10.600. Scalable 8.000 top 14.05. 180-270 lbs. 14-1405. 14-160 lbs. 12.75-13.50. Good sows 13.40. Cattle 2,200. Scalable 1.500. Calves 700. All scalable. Mixed yearlings amp heifers 10-12. Cows 7.50-11. Canners and cutters 5.25-7. Slaughter steers 9.25-17. Slaughter heifers 8-16. Stocker Anc feeder steers 8-13 50. A coroners jury empanelled by Coroner Austin Moore of Osceola returned a verdict at the inquest that he died from exposure and possible drowning. There was no evidence of foul play according to Coroner Moore who said the Farmer was believed to have stumbled during the night into the ditch filled wit i about three and a half feet of waiter. Several witnesses testified they had seen the previous night. Tile body was found a Short distance from the three Way inn on Little River not far Distant from the Chapman Dewey place where the Farmer had lived for a year. He is survived by we Ife and two children. Funeral arrangements were incomplete today. Manila Ark., dec. 8 funeral services were conducted at 2 of clock wednesday afternoon for William James Quot Uncle Billy Quot Dave Manila s oldest resident. He would have been 91 years old feb. 3. Born in 1854. The son of a Confederate officer who served a special courier to general Lorn i and also under the immediate commands of generals Lee and Beu regard. Quot Uncle Billy left hi., native state of Tennessee with in father capt. John similar on Davis during the reconstruction period and moved to Osceola. A after a Short time there til family moved to Hornersville to where a a Uncle Billy Quot later entered Dunklin county politics. He Sera cd that area from 1880 to 1904 As county judge county assessor and county collector and for a number of years was Deputy collector. He also w As in business there fat a some time before the turn of the Century Quot Uncle Bill married miss Mary smythe who gained National prominence As a composer of Patriot songs and poems and w As credited with writing tile Only known Quot history of Dunklin county from 1845 to 1895�?�. They a marital Snag and mrs. Davis later moved to California. She died there in 1934. A Uncle Billy Quot Davis saw son Vest Davis graduate from the University of Missouri winning a Rhodes scholarship to Oxford University in England. He entered school there in 1911 and was graduated in 1914 he returned to the states and began teaching English in Central High school in St. Louis Vest Davis also attended Columbia University in new York and University of Arkansas. He mastered greek latin and German. Quot Uncle Billy who moved to Manila about 20 years ago. Was recognized As the oldest living member of the Odd Fellows Lodge. He was a member of Utopia Lodge no. 283 of Senath to. He joined this order when he was 21 years old and had been an honorary member for the last 25 years. He was also a Long time member of tin methodist Church ceasing activities Only when ill health and old age prevented Church work. Quot Uncle Billy became ill sunday morning at ten of clock and died two hours later. Besides son Vest Davis he is survived by another son Norman Davis who served in world War i. Due to physical disabilities received overseas Norman Davis was unable to attend funeral services for father Quot Uncle Billy is survived also by wife mrs. Leona Hall Davis of Manila whom he married to years ago and one brother Solen Davis of Hornersville to. Funeral services were conducted at the Manila methodist Church with the Rev. O. M. Campbell pastor officiating. Burial was in the cemetery in Hornersville mo., with members of the Odd Fellows Lodge paying final tribute. Sergt. Bruce Wilson wounded in Germany Sergt. Bruce Wilson 23, son of or. And mrs. Carl Wilson was slightly wounded in action in Germany nov. 24, the War department has informed parents. In the infantry and overseas Only several months sergeant Wilson went immediately into action. It is believed he is with general Patton a army. Sergeant Wilson who made Home with parents three Miles South of Blytheville prior to entering the army enlisted two years ago. La. S. Offensive threatens Rich Industrial area american third army rips into defences of Siegfried line Paris dec. 8 up Germany apparently in preparing to write off one of file richest areas of its Homeland the Industrial Saar Basin. American third army troops attacking the fixed defences of the Siegfried line protecting the Region have plunged one mile and a half into tile Field of dragon a Teeth tank traits and Concrete emplacements. Pillbox after Pillbox has fallen to the yanks. German radio reports indicate the War workers in the vast smelting plants factories and mines of the Baar Are abandoning them As Battlefront moves closer one German correspondent was quoted assaying that. These War industries were humming with work until the very last minute. And be went on Quot now Saar Landers Are being compelled to leave since they Are caught Between the fire of the advancing enemy and that from the West Wall behind behind the Forward lines the germans Are throwing everything in the military Book in an Effort to delay the american drive and Cut Down its Power. At Haar lantern where tile third army established its initial and biggest Bridgehead across the Baar River the germans Are concentrating terrific artillery fire. Nearly 6000 rounds of nazi shells were poured into the town in five Days. Blit. Tile entire a5th american division has crossed the Baar and is now fighting on rim of the Siegfried line. Farther South other american troops have cracked into the West Ila of suburbs of Saa Brucken. The City itself capital of the Saar Region is on the East Bank. But the yanks have captured the suburb of Furste Hausen Only three and a half Miles away. And Saa Brucken Lias been under american artillery fire for eight Days and fires Are raging inside the City. To the Southeast other third army units Are hard against the a a liar in West Bank Section of Haregu Emphes. Elements of the 35th division jumped off this morning Iii an attempt to win a new Bridgehead across the Saar it Hun poll11. But there is no late report on their Success. The american seventh army which has joined the third in the Battle of the Saar Valley is bearing Dow n on the town of a Ehrbar a three Miles or More beyond the Saar. In the upper Rhine Valley other seventh army troops have taken another string of villages to put them within four Miles of Colmar the Center of the last nazi pocket in Alsace. On the Roer River front opposite til Plains of Cologne the germans claim the american first and ninth armies Are regrouping for a major smash toward Cologne and Dusseldorf. Ninth army patrols put out feeler stabs across the Roer near Rordorf and Flossdorf near the upper end of the line but they Drew heavy fire from the enemy. In Southeastern Europe the German defense lines protecting Austria buckled under new blows by the russians. Moscow dispatches say that 40,000 German reinforcements Are being Cut to pieces in a vain Effort to Stem the red army advances. A United press dispatch from Moscow says the German and hungarian defences seem on the verge of collage everywhere. N. O. Cotton mar. May july oct dec. Open High Low close or. Cd. 2181 2183 2179 2181 2180 2180 2180 2176 2177 2179 2155 2157 2154 2153 2155 2081 2081 2077 2077 �?T2081 2160 2162 2156 2157 2160 n. Y. Stocks at amp to. Amor tobacco Anaconda Copper Beth steel. Chrysler. Coca cola. Gen electric Gen motors. Montgomery Ward n y Central. Int Harvester Republic steel. Socony vacuum Studebaker. Standard of n j. Texas corp. U s steel. 166 5-8 67 27 7-8 64 3-8 92 133 1-2 39 64 1-8 53 1-4 21 1-2 80 19 3-8 13 7-8 18 7-8 55 1-2 49 59 7-8 Osceola Farmer Dies yesterday rides this afternoon at Russellville for Samuel j. Whiteside Samuel James Whiteside Farmer of Osceola died yesterday at Home after having been stricken with a heart attack two Days prior to death. He was 57. Funeral services were to be held tills afternoon at Russellville with burial there. Going to Osceola when he purchased a farm w est of there a year ago he moved from Biscoe. Ark., but also had formerly lived at Morrilton Ark., and at Russellville. Where reared. He is survived by wife mrs. Fannie Whiteside three sons. S. Whiteside or. Of fort Worth texas., Robert w. Whiteside of Osceola and join e. Whiteside with tile Seabee Iii the Philippines a daughter mrs. William b. Roberts of Walnut Creek Calif a brother de Whiteside of Osceola and three Sisters mrs. Joe Mcgraw and mrs. Porter Mcgraw both of Russellville and mrs. Cora Tetter of Pottsville Ark. Swift funeral Home was in charge

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