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Blytheville Courier News Newspaper Archives Dec 5 1999, Page 4

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Blytheville Courier News (Newspaper) - December 05, 1999, Blytheville, ArkansasPage 4�?blvthevule courier news sunday. December 5.1999 Berry s world expat Pep Quot ols Bynea inc.Don-1 table your table manners Carl Rowana Catalon of complaints a against Cata logs help my wife and i Are drowning in Cata logs my mailman has grown hunchbacked delivering a daily dozen of those Glossy heavy booklets pitching millions of oms Mas gifts. And i m afraid my wife will get a hernia tot my them to the garbage can. Now i know about the Utility of Cata logs dating Back to our depression Days outhouse in Tennessee. But this is ridiculous suddenly we re getting not just old standards like . Bean and land s end but Cata logs we never heard of like topic and the sharper image and coach and Chambers. We re being Huckst ered to buy pearls and pears and Teddy bears and watches and swatches and belts with Gold notches and modems and monitors and computer what son it fors. And we re buying nothing. At least not from Cata logs. Which suggests that some companies Are wasting a lot of Money. And i keep thinking How merry Christmas would be for a lot of poor kids if the companies donated to Charity toy gift and food programs the Money used to print and distribute these Cata logs. And they would t be deluding some Forest to get the a Oil to Rne the tons of paper used to make the average 64 that a be mailed a Hist year for every Man Quot won a child in the unite the Alliance for Environ Anestal innovation says that Only . Bean uses recycled paper with most of the cataloguers using Glossy stuff that is made by polluting the atmosphere. We homeowners know that these Cata logs pile up to As much waste As 1.7 million households generate otherwise. And the Alliance claims the cataloguers use up As much Energy every year As a million . Households. I can t believe that the Cata logs generate enough business to justify their nuisance effect or the colossal waste they represent in my House. I know. The direct marketing association says i m out of tune. It claims that 46 percent of americans buy something directly from these Cata logs thus the booklets Are a service. Furthermore they claim if my wife would just buy from the Cata logs then she would t have to drive our car to the mall and would t be polluting the air with exhaust fumes. That seems like sophistry to me every Day that i Wade through the Cata logs to see what s in my real mail. I feel put upon by the deluge of Cata logs especially because they convince me that some Dollar grubber has sold our names and address. I ask Why the marketers Don t wait until we request one of their Cata logs before mailing it. Well i m not really so naive that i Don t know that the competitive capitalistic american Way of life is to display wares Fetchin Gly to tempt then prod Over and Over again. A spokesman for the direct marketing association says All one has to do to get off these mailing lists is Quot pick up the phone Quot or write a letter asking that the Cata logs not be mailed. He surely knows that it is a full time Job rounding up phone numbers and addresses or making the Calls and writing the letters to Stop the flow of at least 64 Cata logs and that few americans will Ever do it. I know that my wife and i Are captives of this mad exercise in aggressive Commerce. That is unless the Catalon companies will accept this column As our request to take us off their lists. Well i la know that there really is a Santa Claus when that happens no matter How memorable your thanksgiving was the chances Are it did t hold a drumstick to the riotous Holiday festivities of Robert Allen and his Young friends on one thanksgiving Day Pasi. Robert was 12 at the time. The parents of one of the two boys he Hung out with were suddenly called away for the Day. The food for thanksgiving dinner had already been bought so it was arranged that the three boys would try their hand at cooking the Small Turkey and making their own meal. Quot we were Given full instructions which we followed with much horseplay Quot Allen wrote in a Magazine article years later. Quot As the smells began to emanate from the big Wood Range we went around clumping one another on the Back and chortling with satisfaction. Quot Itiat made the meal memorable Quot he recalled Quot was that we were on our own free of Sisters and mothers and Able to dispense with such things As napkins bread and butter plates manners and All civilized restraint. Quot we heaped Mounds of mashed visual viewpoint potatoes on our plates Tookill the Gravy the plates would hold eliminated sissified thin slices and just Cut the Turkey in chunks a to match our appetites. Quot if someone reached across the table and clawed off a Choice piece nobody sent him from the table. We just laughed and yelled and kept on eating. Quot about half Way through the meal we All got quiet. Nobody finished his mountainous serving. We cleaned up the dishes without any enthusiasm and wandered off in different directions not talking. Quot i was t Able to think of Turkey with any sense of pleasure for quite a while whenever the meal was mentioned afterwards we had to pretend we had a wonderful time. Quot actually we had All had an Early lesson a that Joy and Lack of restraint Are not synonymous. That there is something to be said for women s ways. That there is real value in etiquette George r. Formality and Plagenz Robert Allen s Story brought Back _ memories of what Wmma Mam mealtime was like at our House when i was growing up. You could usually find the milk bottle on the Kitchen table when we were a eating. And whoever got his dessert first started right in without waiting for the others to be served. We cleared the table by stacking the dishes. Once we were invited to our fancy relatives for supper. When we sat Down at the table my sister who was about 11 a announced gleefully As children do when they figure they have caught a grown up in a mistake Quot somebody gave me two Forks Quot we had never heard of a salad Fork. So i suppose you could say we grew up without any table manners. You could a if you were talking about the kind of manners you read about in Eti Quette books. But after i grew up i realized that we had been learning the Kiiji of table manners that count we were not allowed to stuff of Mouths or talk with food in our Mou lii we never criticize a our Mother put on our plates. We had to so Quot please Quot and Quot May i Quot and my father insisted on no nonsense at the table each of us said a table Grace before we started eating and another Pray before we left the table. I remember How shocked i we is when i saw my first food fight at the amp fraternity House when i went to College a my father would have taken me out a i College if he had seen the Rolls and other food flying around the dining Hau. As for Robert Allen looking Baclic with Chagrin at the disastrous thanksgiving dinner of his boyhood confessed Quot in the future whenever i let my appetite get away with me i prac Cally glowed with pleasure As my Mother would lean across the Comer of the table rap me a Good one behind the ear with her knuckle and say sternly Robert you re at the table Quot a a i m slap w think Drues Are a a x a Mab Youir cookie Macy Walter Mears i Texas after affirmative action Blytheville courier news Blytheville courier news Assn 0746-9527 is published daily except saturdays Jan. 1, dec. 25, Lator Day memorial Day and the fourth of july by Tennyson publishing Broadway and Moultrie streets Blytheville a 72315. Uses 059220. Periodical of slave paid at Blytheville. A 72315, postmaster rend address changes to Blytheville courier news . Box 1108, Blytheville a 72316-1108. Sandra Tennyson editor Melissa Andrew business manager Charity Mccall special sections coordinator David c. Tennyson publisher Bess Ann Pease advertising manager Rebecca Brookins circulation manager �1999 Tennyson publishing All rights reserved. All property rights for the entire contents of this publication shall be the property of Tennyson publishing. No part thereof May be reproduced without prior written consent. Publication policy acceptance of payment for advertising or advertising copy by an employee of the Blytheville courier news is subject to review approval and acceptance by the publisher or his representative. We Reserve the right at any time to reject any advertising which is submitted for publication in the Blytheville courier news. The Blytheville courier news assumes no responsibility Lor photographs manuscripts engravings or illustrations left with it Lor possible publication. Subscription rates single copy 50e Carrier and motor routes $93 for one year $48 for six months $24.50 for three months $8.50 for one month by second Dass mall where Carrier delivery is not available $118.80 for one year $59.40 for six months $29.70 for three months. Carriers Are Independent contractors and not employees of the Blytheville courier news. We will not be responsible for Advance payment made to carriers. The Blytheville courier news is printed on recycled newsprint and is a member of the associated press and the Ari Ansas press association. For information Call 870 763-4461 for news circulation display advertising 870 763-3575 for classified advertising fax number 870 763-6874. Three states have figured out a Way to increase College admissions for minorities without depending on traditional affirmative action programs. Gov. Jeb Bush of Florida has proposed that the top 20 percent of High school graduates be automatically admitted to Public colleges and universities. In California the students in the top 4 percent of each High school s graduating class now gain admission to the University of California. In Texas the top ranking 10 percent of every graduating class is being admitted to any of the Public campuses they prefer. In an illuminating nov. 24 new York times article Jodi Wilgoren includes a number of questions about the future of this approach which other states Are considering. In Texas the percentage of Blacks and hispanics in freshman classes on most of the selective campuses has increased. And this year 4.1 percent of those enrolled at the demanding University of Texas at Austin were Black students a the same As in 1996, when a race and ethnicity based affirmative action program was in place. Hispanic enrolment is close to the 1996 level. As Wilgoren notes Rural White students Many of whom had found selective campuses beyond their reach have benefited from the Texas program. I suspect that poor and working class wite youngsters in the cities have benefited As Well. A question not sufficiently emphasized in the article however is what happens to the 90 percent left in High schools with Low level courses and underachieving teachers will those students continue to believe they Are incapable of gaining admission to top Ray King col Nat Hentoff Leges a or any College some of tiie 10 percenter in Austin Are facing the unsettling fact that they were poorly prepared. Says one student Quot All the stuff i should have done in High school i m doing now. It s a humbling experience. I never feh slow or dumb on the other hand he and some of the other challenged students May Well make the Grade a especially those in new smaller classes at the huge 49,000-student Aust Campus. One example is a class in which 50 pre medical students whose sat scores average 200 Points below the University average get intensive instruction and seminars in study skills. David laude who is in charge of this targeted group says Quot if i see even a hint of a student having a problem if somebody does badly on a quiz i Call them into my there should be More such smiler individualized classes but they re expensive. Quot we just can t afford it Quot a Dean ruefully says. But in Only a few Public schools i have reported on a from elementary grades on up a is it a Standard practice to be on top of each student s Progress or Lack of it. I knew an elementary school principal in Brooklyn n.y., who had Progress reports on every student in the school on his desk but i have not met another like him. While there will be 10 percenter who get their degrees and go on to graduate schools which Are not included in the 10 percent program some will keep on feeling Quot dumb Quot if colleges in Texas California and Florida do not provide the Money and resources to make up for Mise education in the lower schools. In Texas the 10 percenter get in regardless of their scores on standardized tests. How they do in the next four years May provide answers to whether the increasingly criticized sat scores actually do predict Success in College. But without More Small classes specifically geared for students who need to make up for what they did t get in High school there will be no Clear answer to the predictability of sat scores in any of the three states. Toward the end of Jodi Wilgoren s article there is an augury of what can happen to make students of All backgrounds succeed. At the Austin Campus calculus professor Phillip Uri Treisman is in charge of a Center conducting research on How to get College administrators involved in learning How to educate teachers and principals from kindergarten through the 12th Grade. This is already happening in California after traditional affirmative action was struck Down by the voters. Why do colleges and universities around the country have to wait for the courts or the voters to reach out a and Down the automatic admission of a particular percentage of Leigh school graduates ought not to disguise what has to be done to remedy the failure of the schools below to do what they re paid by us to do. Nat Hentoff is a nationally renowned authority on the first amendment and the rest of the Bill of Fillmore by Bruce tins Eythe undeclared Battle for the undeclared voter Exeter . Apr Republican John Mccain and Democrat Bill Bradley Are not running against each other although they d like to As presidential nominees a but they Are competing for some of the same Index pendent voters in the new Hampshire presidential primary. In the feb. 1 balloting people registered As independents can cast ballots in either the Republican of it democratic primary. At 37 percent the independents outnumber the voters registered in either party. J at this Point Mccain and Bradley who sometimes Campaign on the same themes appear to be the Candi i dates Best positioned to attract independents potential swing voters who could have a major Impact in each party primary. In judging Success or failure in new Hampshire i winning in t everything. Margins of Victory or defe4, measured against the polls and political sex Tatoris a potential Roleoth independen while All the candidates obviously want them tailor ing a Campaign to get them is the Challenge. J Mccain has made the most direct organized Effort to Date his Campaign claiming to have recruited some 2,500 democrats to switch to Independent or Republican in order to vote for him. The deadline for changes is past the new registration numbers count 274,927 independents 265,679 registered republicans or 36 percent and 197,816 democrats 27 percent. With their shared emphasis on political Reform and bipartisanship Mccain and Bradley Are campaigning with the messages that seem most Likely to attract truly Independent voters. A Mccain has said that he and Bradley could be in a kind of separate contest for the independents. An indirect one As Mccain challenges gov. George w. Bush in the six Way Republican race and Bradley Nins against vice president a1 Gore. Quot i m competing against a1 Gore i m not competing against John Mccain Quot Bradley said the other Day in Keene. But he also said he knows How to win support among independents because he did it in winning Heji Senate elections in new Jersey. Quot this is not new tempi t by for me Quot he said. Quot there Are a lot of issues to attract ? he shares one with Mccain a their stress on Canp pain finance Reform. I Quot there Are a lot of Good people in politics but they i Are trapped in a bad system Quot he said at Keene Sta College. Quot the system needs to change and campaigned finance Reform is the Way to change it. A Quot i can guarantee you that if i m president of thei United states we re going to do Campaign finance i is the Centrepiece Issue in Mccain or Republican Campaign. In Quot this system makes Good people do bad tilings and it s got to be fixed Quot the Arizona senator said in Exeter. Quot i want to get these huge amounts of Money out Csc a american it is a popular Promise Mccain and Bradley arely applauded every time they repeat it. F the Reform summons blends wifi Timeir Calls for a new Era of bipartisanship which also May Register with independents. Quot i hate to sound like Johnny one note Quot Mccain. Said Quot but if the democrats ate gridlocked by specs Quot interests and big Money on one Side and the republicans Are gridlocked on tiie Osiier Side you re not going to be bipartisan . It Quot it s time we sat Down and started acting in the Puk us interest instead of tiie special interests Quot he said is does Bradley Quot i believe Itiat Money is a Wall Tiit a Quot. Comes Between the people and their elected represent of Hiis be neg to Mac filmy Merenf Attu try mp�o3 Are a my met. Iii he a Ca Beed div of omm it of my Cooch a for Ivio a save 16 the former new Jersey senator said he Waits to eid Flie partisan negative tone of politics because doing tit Quot is essential to rebuilding Trust in Hampshire polls indicate that Bradley has been Quot gaining support among democratic inclined ind Epen. Dents. Itie Gore Campaign has been trying to counter., that by inviting undeclared voters to meet with Shiqi informally. R a Hie in the Republican contest Bush Camp miners a hell get his share of the independents Mccau Many it j a fiem Are younger voters who tend to favor the Tex govenor

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