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Blytheville Courier News Newspaper Archives Dec 5 1999, Page 3

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Blytheville Courier News (Newspaper) - December 5, 1999, Blytheville, Arkansas We decorating tips Interior painting Blythe vice courier news sunday. December 5.1999�? Page 3by Jon Jones a ringer by Sheville Sherwin Williams the surface you Are working with plays a big part in the Type of paint you choose. As a general Rule follow these guidelines Wols a when painting Walls Latex pain is typically the Choice. It dries fast and is easy to apply. Fits it provides a uniform finish with less odor than an alkyd paint. Trim doors and windows a use either Latex or Oil paint. But prime any Bare areas first. Easy to clean Semi gloss finishes Are usually the first Choice but if Wear and tear is minimal a Satin finish is acceptable. Ceilings a when painting a ceiling it s important to use a specially formulated ceiling paint that Rolls on with minimal splatter and stays brighter and whiter Over a Long period of time. The Flat finish also hides irregularities As Well As Lap Marks. Surface preparation a essential to Good looking Long lasting results is sound preparation. A property prepared surface should be clean solid Dull dry and property patched and caulked. Most paint failures occur because of poor surface preparation. Paint in the proper order. A proper paint Job requires that you Start at the top and work your Way Down. Just follow these Steps a begin with the ceiling. Using a Brush part a two Inch wide strip on the ceiling where it meets the Wall. Painters Call this technique quot cutting then Start in a Comer and Roll across the Short Side not stopping until the area is finished or until there is a natural break. Paint the Walls by applying a two Inch wide strip Dong the ceiling floor and Woodwork using an Angle Sash Brush. Then with a roller paint As close to the edges As possible to create a clean uniform appearance. Paint All the trim keeping a wet Edge. You la achieve the smoothest finish by applying the paint feathering it once and then leaving it alone to level out. Save Small amounts of leftover paint for future touch ups. To keep it fresh put a layer of plastic wrap Over the Mouth of the can before replacing the lid. Pound Down the lid securely. For More tips and product information visit the Sherwin Williams web site at or Call 763-6767. Chicken soup for the soul please sign my Yeai Tooby Stacy Brakebush rewritten by a Gay quot experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first the lesson a Vemon Sanders Law a Young woman finds that forgiveness is one of the greatest lessons she can Leam. This Story by Stacy Brakebush a now a College student majoring in psychology a is dedicated to the memory of her Grandfather James Smith. There i was a sitting in class concentrating on the Back of Brian s neck. Evil thoughts filled my mind i was secretly waiting for his head to explode. It Dida and i was forced to watch my sex Boyfriend Lau and Chat with every person in the room while he our break up third period became pure torture. While i was still Nii Tsing what i considered to be the world s worst broken heart i was bombarded with the sight of my sex s excessive flirting As if he were proving to me that he was so obviously Over his heartache. During class Brian would gossip loudly about his weekend his latest party and his new car. Maybe Brian was trying to get Back at Ine for breaking off our six month ratio ship. Maybe he thought that if a looked by it would Hurt me ape than i had Hurt him. At the end of the relationship i let Hijii cry on my shoulder but i held a Strong heart As he begged me not to go. Of course he covered his pain very Well at school like our tearful goodbye had never occurred. A immediately after the break up by started dating another girl one who was graduating that Spring As if that were a big feat for a Junior year boy. She took him to prom and a ounces it right beside me in math class. I too had a Date for the prom bit it still Hurt. My Hurt curdled and claimed to anger. It Felt like he was trying to upset me trying to my his Hap winess in my face. Every time i saw Triem together i wanted to scream. It Felt like the pain was going to tear me iii half a or at least forcing me to con Siferte a her in half. I school was coming to an end and i we eagerly waiting for summer Vaca sign. No More algebra two and that a Wing feeling in my stomach every stay. One Day in dreaded third period Brian leaned Over to me and to my Surprise he asked me to sign his year took. I must have sat there for a Fiill minute before i got Over the Shock and Aid yes. I thou to to myself quot this is my i cd really let him have it i could Tell him Diat i knew what he a quot a a Jack Canfield and Marie Victor Hansen was doing that he was trying to Hurt me and it was t fair. I could Tell him that i saw through his act that he and i both knew it was exactly that an act. But then it hit me a what Good would come of that would belittling him make me feel better or would it just perpetuate the pain that we both needed to recover from instead of writing of the pain i had endured i listed All of the Ftp times we had shared. I wrote about the first place we had Ever kissed the gifts he had Given me the lessons i had Learned a the ones he had taught me a and the first quot i love you quot that was whispered Between us. It took up one Page and that quickly became two until my hand was ted of writing. Liere were still a million More great memories crowding the Comers of my mind and i remembered Many More throw out the Day. It made me realize the things i Learnt from my and what great experiences we had shared. I finished by telling him that i held no hard feelings and i hoped he Felt the same. Maybe what i wrote in his yearbook made me look weak. Maybe he thought i was pathetic for still holding onto the memories of our relationship. But writing All those things helped me it helped me heal the wounds that still Hurt in my heart it Felt liberating to let go of the Mdge i finally Felt see of my anger. I realized that Brian Haid taught me one final lesson forgiveness. Someday when he is 50 years old and has his ohm children he might stumble upon his High school yearbook and they will ask who Stacy was. I Hope he can look Back and say i was someone who really cared about him loved him and most importantly that i was someone who taught him about forgiveness. To receive a Catalon of All the quot Chicken soup for the soul quot books an tapes Call Soo soup Book. To submit a Story for future publication Send it to . Box 30880, Santa Barbara Ca 93139. C 1999 by Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen in Loving memory of our loved one Robert Allen Branscum 4-19-48 9-4-99 taken too soon the family wishes to thank everyone for their acknowledgement of sympathy especially father Joseph Pallo members of immaculate Conception Church Blytheville police department Gosnell police department and the Blytheville fire department also George see Mara of Olympia restaurant and local businesses for their support in displaying the Rew sird posters. God s peace be with you a. Mrs. Robert Branscum and family paws to Ponder learning new tricks for an old problem by Shirley Connealy humane society of Blytheville very often i am asked whatever possessed me to Champion the animal cause. Why would one choose such a Mission that would encourage one to work so hard my answer i suppose lies deep in the eyes of those who cannot Tell what needs to be said. Someone said it All. And someone sent it to me. Dear god please Send me somebody who la care. I in tired of running i m sick with despair. My body is Ach Rigi it s so racked with pain. And dear god i Pray As i run in the rain that someone will love me and give me a Home a warm cozy bed and a big Juicy Bone. My last owner tied me All Day in the Yard. Sometimes with no water and god was that hard. So i chewed my Leash and i ran away to rummage in garbage and lie As a stray. But now god i m tired and hungry and cold and i afraid that i la never grow old they be chased me with Sticks hit me with stones while i run the streets just looking for Bones i m not really bad god please help if you can for i have become just a quot victim of i m Wormy dear god and i m Ridden with fleas and All i want is an owner to please. If you find one for me god i la try to be Good i won t Chew their shoes and i la do As i should them protect them and try to obey when they Tell me to sit to lie Down or to stay i Don t think i la make it too Long on my own cause i m getting so weak and i m so alone. Each night As i sleep in the Bushes i cry cause i m so afraid god that i m Gonna die. If you be got so much love and Devotion to give that i should be Given a new Chance to live. So dear god please please answer Rny prayer and Send me somebody who Courtesy photo pc Penney s manager Phil Cross right and Barbara Kulpeksa Coli it hamburgers at a recent fund Raiser. Will really care. Jazz see quot our Friend Barbara Lowe is very sick and needs to get Well real soon. Good Friend a these things we warmly wish for you a someone to love some work to do a bit o Sun a bit o cheer and a guardian Angel forever . Shelter needs everyone in town to hit the pizza inn for supper dec. 9. That s a thursday night and the humane society will be there to wait on you. You get great pizza and we get a Cut. See a there. Prices Good sunday monday tuesday december 5,6& 7 Only while supplies last coca cola diet Coke sprite12 of. Can 12 pm 2/$5oo limit 4 please Dakota Valley Boneless hams coca cola diet Coke sprite 1/2 liter 6 Perusset potatoes20 la. Bag$199 quot put Heb swim quot Sterling Silver Premium Choice whole beef tenderloin in bag Only Sterling Silver Premium Choice Boneless rib Eye Stea Sall movies 99 Blue Bell Premium ice Cream it 1/2 Gal. Family pack pork Steak la. Best Choice Large eggs Doz. 57 quot Geffs a quot Gold kist farms Chicken tender dinner original or spicy includes 11/2 la. Tenders la. Potato salad la. Cole Slaw amp 4 dinner Rolls �6 a Dens Douglas fir talking tree 24 2-99 original talking Wreath 20 2.99 100 icicle add a set 2.99 Foremost 100 Light super Bright 2.99 while supplies last i it pays to Trade with Hays to we accept Arkansas amp Missouri electronic food stamp amp Benefit cards. Serving you since 1935 200 East main a Day shopping Center Blytheville a open 7-10 7 Days a week we accept a amp lamp so Bell payments i n a i a

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