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Blytheville Courier News Newspaper Archives Dec 5 1999, Page 2

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Blytheville Courier News (Newspaper) - December 05, 1999, Blytheville, ArkansasI i Page 2�?blvtheville Ranii Teyf new a sign Jav. December s. 1909 to virus writers to Welcome new year with y2k bugs new York apr think you be beat the y2k Bug think again. Anti virus experts know of at least three computer viruses timed to erase hard drives on Jan. 1. Two other viruses activate immediately and spread by posing As Microsoft programs that fix y2k problems or count Down to the new year. And More May be discovered in the coming weeks. Quot it s a very High profile time for virus writers Quot said Jim Balderston business analyst with , an anti virus software distributor. Quot on new years they la be getting it up on a very big Don Jones director of year 2000 readiness at Microsoft said viruses could become the largest new year s threat for Consumers. The latest virus could make computers display an error message symptomatic of a y2k problem. After users fix the clock system and reboot the virus then tries to erase data. Syman tec corp., an anti virus software maker said Friday the virus infects windows computers by using Outlook a Microsoft email program to Send itself to the listed addresses. The virus arrives As an email message that says Quot Here s some pictures for you Quot and comes with an attached program. Running the attachment labelled pics4you.exe, activates the virus immediately and sets Microsoft s internet explorer browser to a site. The real damage though comes in the new year. Furthermore the virus can activate during All of next year so computers that Are shut Down on Jan. 1 Are not immune Security advisers say y2k viruses Are no different from thousands of others already identified. So computer owners should be of if they take precautions. For example users should refuse to open email attachments from unknown sources. And they should Check first to make sure friends actually sent the attachments that arrived under familiar addresses. Users should also install software to Block viruses and get the latest free updates off the internet. Because of the y2k threat Microsoft and leading anti virus software makers Are already making virus detection products available for 90-Day free trials. Carey Nachenberg chief researcher at Syman tec s antivirus lab said anti virus software makers Are Likely to know of y2k viruses Well before Jan. 1 and should have updates available for new threats by then. If new viruses invade that Day he said the Holiday weekend will limit the spread. Still die Cert coordination Center at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh and leading makers of anti virus software will be watching throughout that weekend. Quot maybe it la be a big no event. Maybe there will be a lot of activity Quot said Mark Zajicek a technical staff member of Cert the computer emergency response team. Jim Balderston business analyst with , an antivirus software distributor also warned of viruses timed for Jan. 3 and 4, the Days most workers return to their computers. Y2k bugs anti virus experts warn that there Are at least five viruses related to y2k. Some will erase data on hard drives. W32.mypics.worm it infects windows 95,98 and it platforms through email. It activates Jan. 1,2000, and every Day thereafter. It sends itself to As Many As 50 people in address Book of Microsoft s Outlook email. Program. It displays in or message that can be mistaken for y2k problem. It will delete files. W97m.chantal.a it rare. It infects word documents. It activates on Jan. 1,2000. It will delete files. W97m.mmkv it rare. It infects word documents. It activates on Jan. 1,2000. It will delete files. , y2kcounl or count2k it Rie namedy2kc0unt.exe, is attached to an email Quot from it purports to be a year 2000 countdown. It when launched a Hook to the internet is created to intercept use mame and password in foliation. It activates immediately spreads through y2k tool. W95.f�ox2001 . W32/flx it claims to come from Microsoft. It travels by sending email messages to users in Spanish or English. It attachment claims to be y2k internet Bug fix. It running the attached file will erase some hard drives. It activates immediately spreads through y2k tool. Four dead in collision of flight school planes sources Syman tec corp. Network associates a Deland Fla. Apr two Small planes from different flying schools collided in the air Friday killing All four people on Board. A Piper Cadet from Embry Riddle aeronautical University and a Piper Seminole owned by Phoenix East another flight school a guided about 10 . Near Deland municipal Airport said Lisa Ledewitz spokeswoman for Embry Riddle. Jose Menendez who works at Skydive Deland at the Airport heard the collision and looked up to see pieces of the planes falling from the sky. Quot it was like obvious death Quot he said. Quot there s no Way anyone could have survived that . I both planes crashed into nearby swampy areas one on Airport property and the other East of the port near a Highway. A student and an inst Ictor aboard the Embry ,. Riddle plane were killed said is. Ledewitz. Their names were withheld until their relatives were Notini i fied. Phoenix East also confirmed two people from. V that school had died but declined to give details. A police said both planes had taken off from the Daytona Beach Airport and it was unclear if either a a a plane had planned to land at Deland. To Blind Singer meets with specialist of. About surgery to restore sight i los Angeles apr Stevie wonder met with a specialist about undergoing experimental Quot Eye Chip Quot suite in to restore his sight but was told the operation would probably not help him a spokeswoman for a Baltimore Eye Institute says. The Singer who has been Blind since birth spoke with or. Marie s. Umayan about an intraocular retinal prosthesis said Karen meld a spokeswoman of the Wilmer Eye Institute at Johns he Kins University. The procedure involves placing a computer Chip on die Retina and stimulating cells that Haven t completely deteriorated. Fifteen patients have been fitted with the Eye Chip at the Wilmer Eye inst quite and Quot some people see shades it Light and others can see outlines of letters Quot is. Infeld said. The 49-year-old wonder was not actually examined to determine whether he would be an appropriate candidate but Umayan said the operation would probably not help the Singer because his Eye damage is too severe is Infeld said. She did not say when wonder talked with the doctor. Quot no future appointments were scheduled she said. Wonder aide Milton Hardaway did t return repeated Calls and publicist Shelly Selover s office said it knew nothing about the matter. Advertiser pullout threatens building Block of up s comeback new York apr pro wrestling helped make a Winner out of up. But now the network might be in for a body slam. A growing advertiser revolt that forced the world wrestling federation to tone Down its Quot Whf smack Down Quot has up wondering if that will endanger the program the underdog network has built its comeback around. In its first test thursday night there was no evidence that the toned Down Quot smack Down Quot would fall prey to the Quot Jerry Springer Quot syndrome in which viewers Drift away when outrageous antics become less outrageous. Explicit language and sexual themes led advertisers like coca cola the army and at amp to to Back away from Quot smack Down Quot the conservative lobbying group parents television Council organized a Campaign to pressure advertisers. In response the Whf promised to Cool it a bit a thursday night s edition contained no Crotch grabbing Quot marginally better language and fewer shots of scantily Clad women. The result the show s Nielsen ratings in the nation s. It biggest markets were identical to what Quot smack Downa a a a has been averaging this fall. C up is confident that its most popular program will or continue to thrive. Quot it Quot the Whf knows How to talk to their audience Quot said Adam Ware up s chief operating officer. Quot ultimately it will not affect the ratings on the show or affect tiie ability of people to enjoy dead in i j a in a Worcester mass. A a Quot six firefighters were missing and feared As a five Story Blaze roared through an abandoned Industrial building. The fib was still burning at mid coming and fire chief Dennis Budd said investigators could not yet enter the gutted building to search for the cause or the missing firefighters. Quot this morning the Sun did t Rise. It did t Rise because last night we lost six members of our family Quot mayor Ray Mariano said at a news conference saturday Quot they were firefighters but More importantly they were members of our two of the firefighters had entered die Maze like Brick Struc tire shortly after the fire began at 6 . On Friday to scout out flames and search for two homeless people who reportedly lived there authorities said. Those two firefighters radioed for help after becoming disoriented and four members of a Rescue team sent after them failed to re Pear after the team ,.saidd�put fire. Out a la Eil thinking in mph chief Gerard Dio. Someone radioed Quot mayday mayday we re running out of air Quot said District fire chief Michael Mcnamee. Budd said authorities had t determined whether any homeless people were in the building at the time of the fire. Dio had called the fire suspicious because firefighters initially fought two fires Itiat appeared to have begun separately the lost firefighters ranged in age from 30 to 50, and had served As firefighters from three years to More than 25 years Dio said. As firefighters banded the flames a steady Stream of people came by tiie scene to see if family of friends were among the missing. Among them was Kathy Peny sister of uninjured District fire chief Mcnamee. Quot i keep thinking there Are Mottier husband is it my son Quot Peny said. Quot and some of them Are right a it s them Quot Yergy and red Cross workers were brought to the scene to counsel firefighters and families. Twelve to 15 family members formed a Circle to Pray with a priest today As smoke billowed out of the building. Witnesses told firefighters that the Labyrinthine building once Home to a cold storage business had become a refi Ige for the homeless who would build fires there for warmth. The Simc Ture of the building a thick Brick Walls with few windows a May have played a role in the firefighters becoming disoriented District chief Walter Giard said. Quot the same thing that keeps in the cold kept in the smoke Quot Giard said. Interstate 290, so close to the building that fire trucks were parked on it to pump water on the flames remained closed Quot in both Dif to finds Satui Niay morning. Worcester is about 40 Miles West of Boston. Fire it. John Baudin said firefighters were in a somber mood As they worked forced to remain outside knowing Diat die missing firefighters were trapped. Quot we be got 300 Guys Over there itching to get Back in the building to try and find them Quot he said. Worcester fire officials said the last time a firefighter a Blaze in the town was in 1963. If six firefighters Are confirmed dead it would be the country s deadliest building Blaze for firefighters since set new York City firefighters died in a supermarket fire on aug. 2, 1978, according to , a web site that tracks Federal statistics on such deaths. Firefighters Union officials said it was considered a reliable source. .521 Park Street biytheville870-763-6767 Jon Jones store manage service Stop to place your and in the service Stop Contact the advertising department of the courier news at 763-4461 your service Stop and will run sunday wednesday and Friday each week for a monthly charge of s75.00. Auto repair serve a be Center 409 East Ash Street a All services a affordable a Lue finance 765-2575 Palm Reading is Adams Palm Reading Quot cd fun Reader a a Vuot there is no prob ism hat she cannot Alvs. Help on love health business marriage Etc. Bring her your troubles. Quot she Warrus Groty night it Wiuff Alt readings Are prime and conflict ulal. 1703 s. Division a next to to vow Ghr set a storage co. Open 7 Days a Wmk a Sto Temai be Ture to look for a it Len la front of her Home. Babysitting your and could be Here babysitting your and could be Here babysitting your and could be Here Flowers Delft of a Dlce Tuntg Flowers new shipments arriving weedy Quot special dealer prices 1019 s. Division Blytheville a open . 9 5 pet boarding paws n claws Golf Octabie boarding for your pet Call for reservations 870-532-9361 Pook st., Gosnell a hours by appointment Only babysitting your and could be Here your and could be Here babysitting your and could be Here pecans Anderson pecans. Amp Kaylee Sandy Quot custom Pecan cracking amp shelling we also buy amp sell pecans a 412 e. Main Blytheville a -763-6830 a landscape amp Lawn care construction amp remodelling d re Bevill Lawn Caius . 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