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Blytheville Courier News Newspaper Archives Aug 31 1963, Page 1

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Blytheville Courier News (Newspaper) - August 31, 1963, Blytheville, Arkansas Blytheville courier new vol. 59�?no. 139 Blytheville Arkansas saturday August 31, 1963 8 pages five cents drilling continues Man descends into mine fails to locate Bova Hazleton a. Apr a courageous Volunteer has ended speculation that missing Miner Louise Bova might be entombed in the same underground chamber from which two companions were rescued. With this Hope for finding the 54-year-old Bova ended drillers continued work today on several 100-Yard deep shafts which might provide some clue to the whereabouts of Bova who has been missing since a mine Cave in at at nearby Sheppton aug. 13. It it in so hazardous was the Mission performed Friday night by Volunteer Andy Drebitko 30. Of pottsville.,that his identity was not disclosed until after he had been hauled Back up a 308-foot-Shafi and reported no Trace of Bova. The Shaft went to the chamber from which Bova s companions David Fellin 58. And Henry throne 28. Had been rescued last tuesday alter two weeks entombment. A Remote controlled television camera lowered into the chamber for testing and exploration had picked up what h b. Harm Bury. Pennsylvania Secretary of mines had said appeared to be the image of a Man. A a a Drebitko reported a what appeared to be the image of a Man was the remains of a plug that had been used to close up the 12-Inch Hole before they widened it to in inches and brought Fellin and throne to the rope was curled around the plug. A my inspection of the area where Fellin and Thorne had Drebitko said. A indicated that it would have been impossible to Tunnel from there to where Bova might be entombed on the opposite Side of the As soon As Drebitko made his report the drilling rigs a which had been quiet along with Ever thing else except a Generator supplying Power for electric Light a started to churn again. A a a Drebitko about 5-feet-8, was lowered into the Shaft by about a dozen men holding onto a thick rope. Two dozen others manned three safety lines. Charmbury said that a 22-Inch Hole already started cast of the Fellin throne escape Hatch had gone past the 150-foot Mark and would be driven to the Bottom in the continuing search for Bova. But none wanted hot line open for business the Art of drawing a crowd Phillip Tolley captured a Large colourful spider and put him in a Jar and just about everybody in the neighbourhood including a Neil boyhood dog had to see it. Many of such end next week school begins summertime adventures will sept. 5, which is thursday. Courier news photo in front of . Agency vietnamese stage huge pro diem demonstration by Roy Esso Yan Saigon. South Viet Nam apr South vietnamese staged a massive pro government demonstration in front of the i s. Information Agency Headquarters today hailing president Ngo Dinh diem and assailing Security violators. Whether by coincidence or intention. The demonstration was held at Saigon s main downtown mall an intersection of several boulevards in front of the . Information Agency Headquarters. . Officials reinforced the Marine guard at the Agency building and americans were requested to remain indoors throughout the two hour demonstration. A a the additional Marine guard was ordered As a precaution against incidents that could further Strain relations Between this War torn Southeast asian nation and its . Ally Over diem a hard crackdown on buddhists and their followers. Two More american advisors were killed Friday in the War state sales tax take rises Little Rock a Arkansas sales tax collections were up $380,575 in August Over the same month a year ago. The state Revenue department said Friday. Total collections were $5,543,802, compared to $5,163,227 in August 1962. Auto License fee collections were down�?$2,995,081 in August this Vear compared to $3,112,520 the same month of 1962. Gasoline taxes were up to $4,116,506, Over $4,008,615 taken in during August of last year. Special revenues were up $17,014. The increase in sales tax collections brought general revenues up $541,050 to a total of $8.>8h,731. The August 1962 total was $8,445,-680 total tax co action was $16,416.-628. Up $558,065 Over the August 1962 figure against communist guerrillas. Government troops guarded the mall in front of Lily Hall and were posted at the four boulevards leading into the demonstration area. Soldiers with portable radio units wore deplored several blocks from the mall. A by Early morning about 30 too workers and students had Gath ered at the mall pulling under huge banners hailing diem. The demonstrators a from pro government revolutionary groups to civil servants and women in traditional Silken Slit skirted dresses a marched in military formation carrying Pink yellow Green and Blue banners proclaiming support for the government imperialists and communists who have misused or exploited one Banner read. The nation meanwhile slipped into its Lith Day of martial Law amid promises from government and military officials the restrictions would he lifted soon. Saigon continue to move toward normalcy it on another front however. Communist gunners shot up 18 us. H21 helicopters and killed two americans Friday in what was described As one of the fiercest operations against communist Viet Cong guerrillas. Three other americans were wounded the deaths brought to 54 the number of americans killed in action on vietnamese soil since the . Buildup of december 1961. The toll from All causes including accidents is 99 hundreds have been wounded the two americans whose names were withheld pending notification of Kin perished aboard the banana shaped h21 when it crashed in Lames 30 Miles Northwest of Saigon by Elton c. Fay j Washington a the historic Quot hot line Between Washington and Moscow is open for business a business that officials Hope will never come. I now a tinkle of a Bell in the White House or Kremlin a at either end of the emergency communications system a May signal the next world crisis. But it May also keep nervous fingers from pressing the buttons that would launch nuclear War. Completion of the circuits made possible by a .-soviet agreement to create machinery tor forestalling War was announced laconically Friday night by the Pentagon. A tile direct communication link Between Washington and Moscow is now said a one sentence announcement. The lad line and radio system is under the terms of the agreement signed in Geneva last june 20, a for use in time of it would be used when the two chiefs of state needed to Confer directly and quickly because of an incident accidental or unauthorized. Which otherwise could bring on nuclear War. It it it to urging adoption of the system president Kennedy cited danger Ous a class in communications Between Russia and the United St a is during the anxious Days of the cuban crisis. Administration officials said the line will not be used for Ordinary communications Between Kennedy and Premier Khrushchev or Between the foreign offices of the two nations. Those communication will continue to use Normal embassy channels. The ringing of the Bell. Part of c m smart. Sr., was elected an elaborate system of sending president of Blytheville a United and receiving teletype machines. The telegraphic tickers w ill Jill watch and listen. At least on stand ready from now on Day and i of the attendants on duty at any night. Time will be bilingual Able to read attendants All carefully select and write both russian and eng de and screened for Security bsh. Smart jeers Welcome new neighbors in Pennsylvania by George Esper persons were injured including a Folcroft a. Apr a be trooper and Doorman As the Gro couple who moved under demonstration reached its Peak heavy police escort through a hours after the Bakers had a jeering ugly tempered crowd into tired the Row House. Their Home in a previously All White arca tried settling Down to eight persons were arrested among them a University of Penn Day for what they Hope will he a Sylvania professor. James Van Long stay in the damaged Home. Dyk. And three juveniles. Van Dyk earlier m the Day had appeared in front of the House with four White ministers to lend moral support to the negro couple. T Rio robs Hayti store Hayti a three Well dressed negroes robbed Sims Iga super elects off Icsis fund when the fund s Hoard of directors met flus week to select new officers. Smart succeeds or. W. T. Rainwater. Others elected this week include Roland Bishop vice presi-1 Dent and mrs. S. E. Tune score tary treasurer. Smart has a inns record of civic service and is a past president of a chamber of Commerce. A fund chairman for the 19631 Campaign which will finance United fund agencies for 1964 is to be named next week. Commenting on the United fund smart pointed out that last year s Campaign was a successful in every a everyone has been pleased with the whole hearted Community cooperation in this Effort and Board members Are confident that this years Campaign will be an easier operation because of the 1962 Success Quot smart said. In 1962. Blytheville returned to is the Alert coming. That a message is Mew Pes or at full gospel full gospel Church of Blytheville has a new minister. Virgil d Ragain. Who arrived Here from Wasco Califa month ago to begin his two year term As pastor of the Church. A native of Houston mo., Rev. Ragain has a degree from Behn memorial University in Chillicothe. To. He has been in the ministry la years. Or. Ragain his wife and two daughters have established their Home at 1511 w Ash. A United giving plan which it abandoned some years ago a the splendid support of Blythe Ville air Force base was one of Here the prime factors in last years j club Success a smart commented. Met presents play Here at 8 Memphis Little theatre presents a the pleasure of his company Quot at 8 of clock tonight in Blytheville air Force base service club the play is being brought by Blytheville a rotary proceeds will go to the Myca s outdoor activities fund. More than too state troopers augmented by a detail of a dozen horses remained ready to contain any new outbursts or demonstrations such As Friday nights Rock and egg throwing that threatened to become a riot. A a a state police maj. Singleton Shaeffer said anyone not living on the formerly peaceful Street where the Horace Bakers now reside would be kept out. A thousand or More jammed into the area of Market Here and fled modest Brick Row houses in this &Quot"1 approximately $800 to $1,000 Philadelphia suburb Friday night. In Cash ant Che is according to the Rakers once inside kept j Scot count a sheriffs office. All lights off. 1 Deputy sheriff Charles Ivey Early today after the crowd said a negro Man and woman had dispersed Baker. 26. Came Fame in the store at 1 30 . Out of the House briefly and told while they kept the clerks Busy a state trooper a sorry i caused a second Man ransacked the Safe All this trouble. But i Hope every it in the office thing will turn out j one Man is described As being he Shook hands with a priest about 25, 5 feet 7 inches tall and or the Street and several neigh weighing about 130 pounds. He Bors again began jeering. One was wearing a red shirt Black shouted. Quot let me shake your pants and Black hat. Hand Nigger. A pie second Man was wearing White shirt and Brown pants. Is Baker returned inside whore was described As being about i his wife and several companions feet 10 in chs Tan and weighing were sitting in the dark. About m pounds. By this time Only a troop. Woman a door Jeph a a hens were patrolling in the Nome co or Aho a a 5 few hate Vicinity challenging every. U a and Abol one who appeared. However. 132 troopers in All were on Call. Baker indicated his determination to stay even before he moved i into the House whose Interior had been wrecked by vandals. A fire bomb was hurled through a window Early Friday. He said a this is a Challenge. Kansas City a James w. And if we can to live up to a Chal Cherry of Dallas. Tex., is free on i Lenge we have no place to $10,000 Bond today after pleading Baker a Laboratory technician j innocent Friday to possessing 13 for a Camden. N.j., firm said he Mink stoles and jackets taken in and his wife Sara 26. A nurse at burglary of the m. M. Cohn Philadelphia Hospital a Only want co. Department store at Little a decent place to live. We will Rock april 14 1962. Obey and respect the Law Anda Hope other people a a a a a a a a a they left their 2-year-old daughter for an indefinite stay with mrs. Bakery a relatives in Sellersville a. The Bakers under a 50-trooper 135 pounds. Ivey said no one saw How the Trio left the area following the robbery. Freed on Bond record where s the fire car fire at main and Franklin escort were unhurt. At least four yesterday at 11 35 . . Cool to de Gaulle proposal soybean elevator River Grain corp. If Osceola is constructing a 130,000 Bushel sovran elevator on half mile North of Huffman on he Banks of the Mississippi River. Bolton. Inc. A Kansas is completing tile Ion Lauon tins week when Complete the elevator will have four huge bins 70 feet High. Shipment will be via Way of barges on the Mississippi River. It will be Able to handle 15.000 bushels an hour. Courier news photo by John m. Hightower Washington a us. Officials discounted As impractical today a proposal by French president c Harles de Gaulle for the neutralization of Viet Nam backed by a French Otter of a cordial but sen. George d. Aiken of i Vermont the Senate s senior Republican and a member of the foreign relations committee said i the United states should take updo Gaulle on his ofter a to relieve us of our responsibilities in South Viet a a we be invested about $3 billion in that area and i am delighted if France is willing to take Over our responsibilities a Aiken said. A a French ambassador Herve Al hand disused the de Gaulle tune with Secretary of state Dean Rusk Friday then told reporters it was not intended As a slap at i s. Policies in the Southeast asian country. De Gaulle a statement thursday had caused irritation among officials Here because they saw it As a possibly troublesome intervention in a critical situation for purposes which they said privately they could not understand. A some thought and still think that de Gaulle was immediately concerned at a time of crisis in Viet Nam with reasserting French interest and perhaps some French influence in the area once under French colonial Rule. There was a widespread interpretation also that indirectly and by implication de Gaulle was indicating disapproval of . Policies in Viet t turn. Aiken said however he did not understand Why the state department appeared to be baffled and annoyed by de Gaulle a action a a a As a member of the Western bloc the senator said France has a responsibility to help preserve peace and resist communism. A we Haven t seen any detailed proposal of course a Aiken said. A maybe this is a bid to reassert French influence in Southeast Asia. A France is trying to be important. Lets take them up on this. If this is not a Bluff i d go so far As to leave a great part of our supplies and equipment in the area for them and stay there during the transition . Policymakers Are deeply concerned about the future de j pc Layment of die Viet Nam crisis which turns on a political dispute Between the government of president Ngo Dinh diem and Buddhist and student elements antagonistic to the government. The United states has been outs Okenly critical of government actions against the buddhists including Many arrests and attacks last week on Buddhist temples. A a it at the same time . Leaders have Felt their scope of action is limited because As one official said a there is a War on and the United states wishes to avoid any action which would weaken operations against communist guerrilla forces. . Viet Nam by to a i Al hand said that the vietnamese situation and de Gaulle a statement were among the topics i Sce us on Page 3 weather a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a Arkansas partly Cloudy and mild through sunday. A few isolated thundershowers mostly Lata tonight and sunday. Highs this afternoon mostly in the 80s. Low tonight 56 to 66 highs sunday 84 to 92. High yesterday�?84 overnight low�?61 mean temperature�?72 3 precipitation past 24 hours 7 . To 7 . A none precipitation Jan. I to this data �?22.81 Sunset today�?6 28 i Sunrise tomorrow�?5 32 this Date a year ago High yesterday�?85 overnight low�?75 precipitation Jan. I to this j date�?34.93

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