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Blytheville Courier News Newspaper Archives Aug 31 1936, Page 4

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Blytheville Courier News (Newspaper) - August 31, 1936, Blytheville, Arkansas I i 9 want i d a to show \ Vou that i inv the Only oni who raps i thigh Box. My word aint much Good around Here. So t Hap to prove things and be Side i Pont x like to squeal on / \ people line they k v to on Nae. / funny-1 Don to putting Elv paper in front of the cd Box and Marin Crall this work n. For me. Page fou Blytheville Ark courier news the Blytheville courier news the courier news co., publishers c. R. Babcock. Editor h. W. Haines advertising manager sole National advertising representatives Arkansas dailies inc., new York Chicago Detroit. St. Louis Dallas Kansas City Memphis published every afternoon except sunday entered As second class matter at the Post office at Blytheville Arkansas under act of Congress october 9, 1917. Served do the United press us ascription r ates by earlier in the City of Blytheville 15c per week or $6.50 per year in Advance. By mail within a radius of 50 Miles $3.00 per year $1.50 for six months 75c for three months by mail in postal zones two to six. Inclusive. $6.50 per year in zones seven and eight $10.00 per year payable in Advance i. S. Ii is azi tyranny possibly it is Trio As visitors an assured that ill treatment anti brutality toward lews and radicals in Germany have been dialled. It is hard to learn the truth As news reports from dictator Ridden countries Fremut Lilly leave olm1 details to imagination. The Best thing to judge tilt1 by is what is actually seen. Aud new x Ork tin1 other Day got its Chance to judge. A German luxury liner was about to sail. Hundreds of visitors were aboard. Suddenly a dozen Young women threw aside cloaks revealing sweaters blazoned with anti nazi slogans. They hand curved themselves to the ships rail and chanted slogans demanding ail end to Quot nazi interference in Oiler agitators who had Tome aboard in the Guise of visitors shouted a like Defiance. It was a Foolhardy thing to do an irritating thing. People who would attempt it could scarcely be surprised if they Wert kicked off the ship with Little ceremony perhaps even somewhat roughly. I it what happened according to reliable new York reporters and others who happened to he aboard was so sickening and such a revelation of ungovernable haired As to be Worth remembering. Bead this account i rom an Eye witness a four sailors were driving a Little Man before tin in with toe and list when a husky Man in White uniform apparently a ships officer leaped Forward wrenched the Little Many a right wrist up Between his shoulders. Ile grabbed the band in a cunning wrestlers hold and Bent it Down in a tense curve of agony. A they listed the Little Man and threw him through the door. His head cracked against the Post and they listed him again sent him spinning Down the tile girl demonstrators were brutally wrenched Loose from Tho rain and beaten not Only by sailors but apparently by officers also. In Short it was official. Americans who stood by and protested were sneering by threatened with the same to eat meat and at h ast one was arrested with the demonstrators. Possibly this exhibition right in new York Harbor of nazi react Ion to get a wet Wagh rag and gome 50ap in a Coj th1nr this in communist agitation is a better answer to those who Are curious about Germany than would be reams of stories out of Germany itself. True the agitators were Ait of order in an especially irritating manner and Quot they asked for but they a got it with a Peculiar ferocity and sadistic fury that reveals All too wed what happens when orderly Democrat in government is replaced by the hatreds of class and Radical warfare1. Many americans laughed off Sinclair Lewis Quot it and to happen Here Quot As an impossible Nightmare. On a Small scale1, right in new York Harbor it did happen Here. Bruce cation. I he underlying Issue t lie it tag sized. Centralized Power of i Nance and Industry including not All men in business by any mean has Learned that it cannot control or dominate the to Ideal Al the United Stales now in Odin and ii has come to believe that it cannot Hope to con incl him should he be re elected. That this a proved to be trill is pct a the most inn my development of Roosevelt. Public cart i. Organized Illume and Industry has usually dominated presidents in the sense that it a had a decisive influence with hem Ann it has so much at stake that it cannot the idea of la continuation of an a noun 11 at it ii in which it cannot exercise a major control. It we Art witnessing a Strum in for i Wen the new Deal must be a liquidated in the interest of a the real rulers of the entry Quot Iii their View regardless of the Vita s if May have pc stormed. Thai is the c knee of the underlying i sue. A Springfield i mass it Republican. A a fleeing spectacle the renomination <1 senator Joseph Robinson of Arkansas is a hopeful . Robinson Defeated a Tow by a substantial majority for any Democrat to defeat a to in senite in the South is a cheering up Eta or til Townsend plus Coughlin pin the Hee. Gerald Sim Iii. Plus i Duke seems some Way to lit into a Hill Billy Ideal and a Hill Billy of the South is just As dumb Aud menacing to dem it racy As the controlled i a Niay med mourn Volt of the great cities of the North. But for a Man of a it e Robinsons calibre to defeat a towns Odite there is in re than a cheering spectacle then is Hope for Hie country. No other Democrat in the United slates Senate today surpasses Joe Robinson in intelligent courage and honest Clear eyed p it riot ism. Few equal Hun he is modest with Iii Oiler Quality s. Kindly Arni at heart very much it a gentleman. Emporia Kana a Etc the Best artist. Come to Amel Ira wha they Are received with an open heart. Paul Doguereau. F Rench concert pianist pm All through with movie Viik i pc had my a Ila wheel has turned los too hard to Stoke the fires Otmer y any More. Betty Blythe u l Iner movie Queen. A i m not going to Sui anybody. And i m not going to Stop drinking Champagne. Mrs i least i Holm Jarrett suspended olympic swimming Mal showmanship can turn a Simp e meal into a Royal feast. The French owe their Suer Iii cuisine to their sense of the dramatic. Corge Rector filmed new York restaurateur Sidi glances by George Clark of in boat Ding Hoise % Welu of la you Alt gust Vav he a i was get to he used to not a St la a Laang Cvet you Evett Tine i tagged the old Vav ing Cha mpg 1 watched the paplk9 pop news of Evan i to Helding you to a million doll my Ransom a but i wag in Fok another disappointment / s>0 you and the other eke aks ape Bach j v Kop a pall and Wintek engage j ment at the old i stand i / o a till major Ifon say con Gump it t a Pine Welcome to g. V e a h e f a l s 7 u pm Ilg poll Tuvan to we Oln Castle st3, i 7 Vwg 3 la i v-1 a a a j my re Clad i should go away awl Uve pm a Des up 1 s. P a a v i Saome homa alone just Btl just its like a lot a Iii sub \ Nung sin Ellen says such amusing things when we re Man come around and Ltd ration Sriri Tor Lata part in i Here she by inbox Al by in in Irac 1 As no ain.1 in ii. Morris fish in in i lit a of the Ann i in Al a a if i association and of Flyg Iii. The health Magazine it a acts if the eyes cd 1 0 in so Mony different Way in Art o confusing to the a i a person that the condition a b i la exploited by quack s pm lists in diseases of the year wry r. Arc convinced the it Lute is no cure for Cit tar i i Quot treatment with drops in the Eye or by use of injections into tin bitty or by any other easy meth 1 i Only actual removal of lie. Intact by surgical operation aft i it a fully developed i a a in As a lire. A Cataract is any Spacil of the Lens of the Eye or of its a Lite obviously this wit ii vision. eke try cataracts acc it rain to the portion of the Eye which is concerned the consist Elmy of the Cataract whet Lier. Hard. Soft or fluid tin extern a it i its development whether partial it plete. Stationary or pro res. Ive and Tinniey whether it is Ilic kind of Cataract that Vecitis in Nult a old people As they get Well along in years. Development of the Cataract will at the proper time Arn Tor its removal. Body of american soldiers in about the a test desperate circumstances in Lim Story of Polar exploration. The Reading of Pas Ages from this Book by Greeley helped to keel up the courage of his followers while their dropped Frau 25 to 7. Among other relies of the Roic expedition contained in collection Are the spectacles gloves worn by lady g rank i in Bay of Arctic grass he collected As a i c Grinnell land Flora the Fin. That flow Over Hie Camp a lady Franklin Bay and t at a Tern fragments of the Flag flown a Over the farthest North Camp r established by the expedition. Neeley Camp he the and tile a sprig Erna cats Nave Mica the a i exit Spain. France a Republic of Texas the aisles and the United i r i acc lies s of the Beauty Blendes i re via. I laity which we cites led for brunettes neb. It it a Nebraska elate contest found oui Are not pret i red Iii in the first 70 Oto s w it in the Lair. The i the blondes j to there Miles of states. Are approximate canals in the by Illiam a a i i pc tie cat nuts ii hath arc soil. In older or Cpl there develops a ii no known a senile Cataract. This is a deem a at Ive Condi Tun the cause of which is not known it is quite common after a i years i age. A Thorn. Ii Occa a Lindy it May be Cen in younger people. Both eyes almost involved when Cadi present. Usually on before the other. Sometimes Cataract in a few months years Are Requin development. In is a Cataract i t Lilly Case put Sian 11 ways Are acts Are develops develop in Many i for com Many Lull i become stationary i Ort ors find that the Correo Tun of errors of Ercira Ion la use of suitable it pc 1.1 Ssiss i a it important Lor realm. A in the incipient or Early sic some times the sight can la improved xxx Carina a linked a which Aid in dilating the pupi of Hie Eye a i in Italy in i. Light to i it i. There Are isolated ii is faces in it hic ii have s la Spoll famous i prox it mein there mils to by in Chi Deuce that a pet Quot m i Ilion plays a considerable in con i re i it a develop no met. I it betimes Jajo ple xxx Cataract feel better ii certain 11 of i of i local aesthetics or liar sub i stances Are placed in Eye at j fairly frequent intern. How Ever. There Quot Loo not in to by any certainty that such met h Al t rally helps hence anyone xxx it or attract should get immediate. E of a it in pet Cut specialist ii diseases it the eve the pin an will carefully watch the both and Book of prayer la by Man. Tod xxx la i it 11 now mid Loo liven to i i i 111 n Fow 1.1 la for re our years. Min w in x log a in Irris Oil null keep her Jolt in a Litchi Iten ill acc inn Ili pc ill not Luicir to this. I my 11 ii i s a get for Lune Ami they 140 Over the familiar a Roll Iii in in. I Iii ii ii Points out Ilia lie 1 Friend Aud hoi lire happily Iii a r r i it d. La oui ii Liolu Lime jolts. Sieve re to lie Eon \ 1 need. I Malla a a Lith Fli Reatens to break Lite e no a 141�?T me ii i. Sieve. Nii Denly really Lar Nile i it ii Earnest asks to Loiue to her Anri Yuent thai Vieni Ujco to talk Lite matter Over Ile pome and ii whorl Lime inter ooh and v ital it Iii Lieut arrive a a i ii their Friend. Toi v i ill. While he Kiris Are preparing a nil is belie Steve and Toby Bra into a Nukui Arne and Steve it Rikes Toby. Min 00 of with Tim s rom chapter in the re stood towering St ii White with rage while Toby Lynch j ribbed the Side of his face with a trembling Palm. Bob rushed Forward grabbing i Steve s half raised Arm. A Goodlord Steve hang onto yourself Toby did no to mean slowly Lynch got to his feet partly angered and partly frightened. A a what a the idea Steve j looks to me As if three Fellows ought to be Able to get into a discussion without a a i did t mind your Generali-1 ties a mentioned so Vic ily. A but when you applied them to Judith and me you were going a Little too a i did t mean anything a said Toby still rubbing his Cheek. Lob looked at Steve Fowler. A in lie e you Are. Toby a apologized for a Loose Tongue. Looks to me like you a better apologize for a Loose temper there was a moment of tense a hence and then slowly Steve Aid a fall right. Let s forget it. I m sorry a letter go m and Wash up a lob advised Toby. A we it the girls know about Toby nodded and left for the it room. Whin Tho door had by Nard Jones 0 9 6 Nea so re cd Loc. Sla c paused. A you really meant it when you said ire were he ast cd. I yes Steve Quot Judith told him Quot i really through meant it. I hut behind bin hear the cold v the bowl Bob wrong Steve. I but so Are you. Package of cig ii held a Light in and they could iter running into Aid a the was i Grant you that. To held out a toward Steve nervous fingers and i Are Greeley at shul w Day but Greeley t inn pc of his placed Smiths a Ashington a Opal prayer pc the late during Hilins a part per Oil limn ism or acc no t v re u it our Vav by Moi hers get Gray a i Clit exhibit u insulin get ills la i old Falls eked 45th a in Somann old i every \ Dolphin expedit oleic tin recently by the through f com aurally i Selec d Iloth n a halt to that a Little a i still think aug Steve shot him c a now Don t you Sta a i m not Steve. I be position in ii at the other of a poke in the despite him smile. A i gues been ditto a if a Man can t support a girl on his own linings and the girl has a Job of her own then i think it s Okay for them to marry if it happens to be agreeable to both of said Steve gazing at end of his cig Aret. In idea. But in a d enough to be sour glance of Start starting anything. Right to defend my i a Bent grinned a even at the risk nose a Wolf Steve had to is my nerves have lately. Go ahead a i know the Glown a that s the just old a j in a cd a Hock Lone Umezu pc. To Motl s i Bob in r grand a were 19 and to boy had a a and Mother the the in Wash dishes after. L u it to put up and quilts to m kit it. Work by my grandmother d id More xxx Ark in a Day than Vir. E has to to in a month at the Oil in his excitement i of Bent paced across the room. At the other end he turned sudd Only and poked his cig Aret Tov d Steve. A tiie res nothing modern or revolutionary about what Vir in in and r Are doing Steve. It u d As the 1 Steve grinned. Or i t Xmas a stubborn sober and it was a Grin at bobs Ontic a rather than an agreement w u us Prin c pies. A sure Boh. L is were different in it mothers i Day. The whole v j was Dit a fall right. Voir cell tied to your opinion and i n or titled to mine. My idea i t in world Isnit so much or Oxx from what it was then the Aly peo pie Arentt any differed the argument no a gone on but just the a t it merged from the bathroom 1 get. Leg quite recovered but r Tho less i sheepish. Ile walked straight toward Steve. Said slowly extending mrs a he hand a is that i shoot Oft n be too with genuine Rind Fowler took Lynch s i i for get it. Toby. La n Overly Touchy on the subject u a Cly. In a the one who should an Wiches. With a gesture of formal i ceremony she set the plate upon the table in the Center of Judith a j room. A a we re women a she said impressively. A but you can t say j that we toil not nor i glance for Judith. Steve not j it and stubbornly put Down 1 hat to wait until Lynch and Bents were gone. A i thought they d never Lea he told Judith. Nervously she glanced at clock. A it is late. And i m cd j a Judith. A Steve made move from his spot by the Tau j a yes Steve a a i want to apologize now Sorm a opened Here i puzzled Judith looked in i him. A Kwh it do you mean i a i a Well Toby Lynch j something i did no to like and i i his voice trailed into silence. A yes Steve a a i guess i lost my Judith turned facing squarely. A you did no to fool Steve. And i done to think fooled Virginia either. Id willing to bet that right now is Cross questioning Bob about a happened in Here while we a making the sandwiches. You into an argument with til did no to you a Steve coloured. A a in a afraid a worse than than an an ment a was it about. You and re Judith lowered her eyes. A Usu that was so he walked across the room face her. A foolish maybe it a foolish to you Judith. Bun Wasny to to me. Lynch made suggestion that you and i loll his own a Well a she met his Al squarely a it was Toby surf lege to make the suggest was t it a Steve looked instantly horrific a Judith you Don t mean til you you can to have any Ideal what of wily i got sore i a no a red Judith. A i Havi pretty fair idea of what to the three men were ill at ease Lynch suggested. I know ?e so ii curiously afraid that somehow the two girls might recognize that something had gone wrong in their absence. They were like Small boys caught in suspicious proximity to the Jam closet. But if Judith and Virginia detected anything amiss they gave no sign of it. The next moment the five were attacking the sandwiches with enthusiasm while Judith a Percolator gurgled merrily in the Kitchener. Nevertheless the ghost of a 1 quarrel Hung Over the modest j and the party soon that a been going arc in Steve stepped Back As a blow. A you mean to i a y us known it and yet you come Here a a the comes Here with Virgil and Bob a Judith reminded of quietly a and bugs my Aud a Are my a then you approve of what a doing a Judith Shook her head. A i do approx o i a it us Quot Ubu i col Sider it Toby Lynch a business and nobody Oise s. Even ii ii pal no in. Muck puny True and i Don to know that it rigged. Ten Oclock struck itself. None of affair it on Judiths Little clock an linens 1. Swaen a. Off then la. Once or twice Virginia 1 looked significantly at Judith but Steve said a eth it nobody s Aff j i suppose you d consider Stew slayed on. It began Uji i iou j not it a a Judith interrupted Quick As ii he were quite prepared to t of a. Ami of outwait Judiths protectors. Hel. Face you assume too must a Well. A Virginia stifled a stove if you think that i k Yawn. A live work to do tomorrow. Vou on0ugh to want you outside about the f Don t know about the rest of Toby Lynch got up. A that goes for me he turned to Judith. A a in be had a Fine a thank the Bents. Bob furnished the cocktails and Virginia the a fall right a laughed Toby. A to Cli those present thanks for a i Lovely evening or whatever theone marriage. Lie looked Down at her no Plusser and bitter. A i can tags you out at All Judith Quot i hat Start toward the door paused in the hallway to a said we were through a a i. Yes Steve. I real meant the door opened and y \ through filmed Eye Jud f the Knob turn us he Relea it. To be continued

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