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Blytheville Courier News Newspaper Archives Aug 24 1936, Page 6

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Blytheville Courier News (Newspaper) - August 24, 1936, Blytheville, Arkansas Page six Blytheville Ark courier news monday August 24, 1936 re us from society Long favorite of Corn Relt buggy r leers gain new favor. Appear Here till soft Ball champs t harness racism. Long tile prime sport of the Corn Belt has gone society. During those depression decades in. The sport when the automobile and the parimutuel seemed certain to shunt it into limbo the county fair. It Elf struggling for existence supported the sulky. It was something like two aging cripples helping each other Down the Road. It is True that a number of millionaires still stuck by the grand circuit and paid the Bill at the Breeding far # such men a a the elder Wright of Calumet farms. John l. Dodge tile Reynolds of tobacco lame the Harl inures and one or two others kept tile sport from dying entirely. Hut most of the wealthy were being drawn to the runner., and no one can deny that dark Day. Were noon the Trotters. But the harness sport has weathered tile storm badly battered of course but still game. I and despite the howls one still hears there Are Rich people who find that they still can afford expensive hobbles. The Young Rich Are turning to the Trotters at least As rapidly a. They Are going into the running horse game. Late conscription into Ute latter Are a. C. Bostwick who owned mate his brother Pete world famous Amateur rider Alfred g Wynne Vanderbilt owner of discovery and f. M. Alger. Or. Owner of smear. But the harness so i t can boast of Billy past Dunbar Bostwick brother of a c. And Pete and Elbridge Gerry. All three Are noted Polo players and All three Are attracted to the sport by the thrill of driving their own horses. A a no weight problem in sulky Dunbar Bostwick is considered by Many to be a better rider than his More famous brother and both play a fast game of Polo. But even Amateur jockeys have to face the weight bogey with its threat of loss of health because of strenuous reducing Mel adds. Sulky Drivers need have Little worry on that score and therein lies the attraction of tile sport. There is another potent society Debs can indulge in i the sport As Well As can their husky escorts. They can do so with a minimum of risk of changing soft curves into mannish Muscles. Not that the sport does t require strength but it will hardly Masculin ize the girls As much a it Tennis or High hurdling. Moreover women already have proved their ability to handle the unnatural gaiters. Mrs k Roland i Harriman recently made two i world records. She drove the two-1 year old Farr to a record for women Drivers and then gee Geed last year s Champion greyhound to a record of 2.01 s for a mile. A previous record was made behind her husband s Highland Scott a pacer which she drove to a record of 1 5�l. That gives her the feminine records for Bot ii Trotters and pacers. A a its a family sport the e Roland hanuman and the Young Dick Reynolds offer a Rase in Point. Both Young couples Are exceptionally fond of the sport and in each Case husband and Wrife Are extremely proficient at driving. Running racing has no parallel although mrs. A v. Whitney is a skillful jockey. And the key to the answer lies 1 there. Cornelius Vanderbilt Whitney always can own and race horses and a. C. Bostwick always can own Breed and train them but weight will confine their Riding ability to the Polo Field. Harney racing will give them the ultimate in sports thrill just As it did in the Days of the Matt Rue circuits. To a warn re a a. _ horned owl is pet North Haven Conn. Up a i g. Albert Payne of this town has a great honed owl for a household i let. The Bird was found in a hollow tree stump when Only a Small Owlet and enjoys the companionship of humans. He will accompany his master on Long walks Riding upon Las gloved hand. Hook line Aik sinker by san foxy Foxx cub i in t in sox Wainwright Quot Chet Quot Tarnacki Teddy Hua a Choli a t irn Ackt. Star hurlers and Teddy Hill Catcher for a t Imi Piui pictured above Are Quot sox Wainwright and Crimson Ach tobacco world Amateur softball champions of Toledo Ohio. Wainwright won straight state and National elimination games in ug4. Seven of them being no hit. No run affairs was rated the no. I Pitcher in softball by the National softball association. Quot sox is 44 years old and jut been pitching lot i years. They cull him the Quot old it x of softball Chet Tarnacki. Who stand Mer six feet. Two indies. Lid weighs close to 200 pounds is a Speed Ball hurler and can go Days without m in carnal i Cor bin. A trick delivery with ids Windup that makes ins fast one doubly hard to touch. Teddy Hill i lated a the toughest Backstop Iii the game and one of die smartest. He bats in the Lead Oil to to Ilion Lor the tobaccos and accounted Tor 1h Home runs in 1935. Hill is big and ruling leaves cleaners i hit game behind fighting for Lead. The no a cleaners knocked out. Temporarily at least of a Tor first place with the coca cola bottlers by a league ruling reversing an Umpire s decision will meet the coca Colas in a game tonight that should provide plenty to interest Iii girls soft Ball. The no a club has been the up and coming dub of the circuit Aller getting off to a bad tart the bottlers have been on of or thereabouts every since the pm on opened while the cleaners Lane been pushing Forward steadily behind hurling of Sadie a a Nimey and Helen Laster. The league ruling based on an interpretation of soft Ball rules Early Maxwell of the sports promotion department of the commercial Appeal Means that Nutt a and the Blytheville steam laundry will have to play Over i game that no a won several week. Ago laundry finished the Aine under protest after Challenge in a decision of the Umpire. In the opening game on tonight s card in Blytheville Laun dry team will meet Jack Appleba urn s dub now Back in tile liar alone with the nullification it tile laundry a loss to no a. Strong and makes a great target for Toledo s fast Ball pitchers to shoot at. Crimson tobaccos have p air of sensational hurling fees Southern league w. I. Pct Atlanta. 84 48 636 Nashville. 73 56 ,56ti new Orleans. 67 .523 Birmingham. 67 63 .515 i ill it Rook. 66 65 .504 Chattanooga. It 69 .465 Knoxville. 54 77 412 Memphis. 49 i .377 National league a. I. Pet St. Louis. 72 45 .615 new York 72 46 610 Chicago. 68 50 .576 Pittsburgh. 61 58 .513 Cincinnati. 56 61 479 Boston. 53 64 .453 Brooklyn. 47 70 492 Phil Adelphia. 41 76 .350 american league w. L. I it. New York. 79 40 664 Cleveland. 67 53 558 i Jet Rott. 65 56 .537 Chicago. 63 57 Washington. 62 59 up Boston. 69 63 .484 St. Louis. 44 76 .367 Philadelphia. 43 78 .355 Northeast Arkansas league Vav. I. Pct Newport. 34 8 Hio Osceola. 27 15 .643 a test file. 19 23 .452 Jonesboro. 17 24 415 Cai Luthersville 17 25 .405 Paragould. 12 31 .279 the Crimson coach tobaccos i heir of Toledo ti., world soft Ball Ludo champions of 1935, will bring what is generally reputed to be tile finest hurling stall in softball Here wednesday night when they clash with the Memphis penn., coca cola bottlers. Sox Wainwright has had a leading role in the two National championship triumphs of the Toledo club. Wainwright 44 years old is a Star Bowler and uses the same motion in pitching a soft Ball that lie does in Bowling. Wainwright disdains to use trick deliveries but snaps the Ball away in a hurry with no apparent wind up. Sixteen years of throwing the big Ball has taught him Liere to throw it and la picks tile Corners with precision. Best balls against the the club. Triplett undoubtedly has one of the fastest if not the fastest pitches in soft Hall while Steinbrook is one of the most colourful of softball hurlers Bavin a Quick Type of trick delivery that him sneaking ova r tile Batter least is Likely to find a strike when expects it. The tobaccos volites to take ramp Here but plus club May and trim their baseball results Southern league Memphis 5-4 Little Hock 4-5 first to innings second six. Darkness. Quot a Knoxville 15-3. Atlanta 1-9. New Orleans 1-9. Chattanooga 0-1 Nashville 4. Birmingham 2. The among lolled Baku Ond. Most the expensive countless Straw hat ones Fusil Ier women swear is with Bali until a close Linen Sec to Day a games Southern league Little Rock at Memphis. New Orleans at Chattanooga Nashville at Birmingham. Knoxville at Atlanta. National league Cincinnati at Chicago. Only game scheduled. American league Chicago at Detroit. Only game scheduled. Northeast arkansans league open Date National league Chicago 7, Cincinnati 9. New York 3-6, Boston 2-1 Brooklyn 6-3 Philadelphia 5 5 St. Leu is 7-6, Pittsburgh 3-6 second in inning to darkness american league new York 5-6 Boston 3-1. Washington 9-9. Philadelphia 3-6. Chicago 4, Detroit 2. Cleveland 4. St. Louis i. Northeast Arkansas league Jonesboro 4 Newport 3. Osceola 6-4, Paragould 4-5. C a r Luthersville 1-3. Batesville 3-7. 200-ton seaplane planned London. Up a giant seaplane. To weigh 200 tons is Likely to be built shortly for tile British air fore air ministry experts i have found that such a Craft is i practicable and plans Tor con i Striction Are under consideration Tarnacki is Workhorse Quot Chet Quot Tarnacki big six foot two Inch 190-Pound hurler of the tobaccos. Is the Workhorse variety of Pitcher. He can pitch several Days in succession without any signs of weakening. He combines a trick delivery with his Windup that makes his fast one doubly hard to touch. His drop Bull comes in hard and ducks at the plate and he has one of the Tew Good fast Hooks in softball. Tarnacki won Over 30 games for the tobaccos in 1935. Toddle Hill catches the offerings of the a tobacco Mound aces. He started As a third baseman but was shifted to his True spot behind the plate because of his ability to take abuse with a smile. He is a natural receiver and refuses to use a mask Hiu is Lead off hitter for the tobaccos and Al ten hits for extra bases. He batted Over .300 last year including 6 hits out of 18 trips to the plate in the Chicago tournament when tobaccos were crowned champions. Bottlers have Triplett in an Effort to match the tobaccos the Memphis bottlers will have smoke Triplett Steinbrook and Andy Gunn to hurl will Rule As faille bottlers into the flashy mein upset prediction opponents especially if Memphis pitchers Are on top of their game wednesday night. The famous store and r. I. Hughes company of tilt Blytheville commercial soft Ball league will meet in a preliminary game. The game is part of the regular schedule of the two teams hav ing been postponed from an earlier Date. Osceola Indian Ina in urn amp Ould i rinds Booker to a win Over Holcomb club la to to a heme run in the ninth inure by Bill Ball one armed outfielder for Harry Bailey a Booker t s won an exciting game Lur the state liners against the Holcomb mo., All stars at the Tate line Park yesterday after Miti tile score was ii to to. I lie game was a nip and tuck affair throughout. The All stars Tiok an Early four run Lead but tailed to hold it Williams on tile Mound for tile Booker t s was hit freely but Good hitting and Strong support enabled the Bailey team to weather the barrage of Holcomb hitters. Next sunday at the state line the Booker to a Are scheduled to meet a rejuvenated team in the Memphis mud hens managed by Happy Forman. Tile game will be played on a Quot Winner take All Quot basis. R or i urn Lay weaker service Gas open ale night Phillips Servic e enter phones it. Sid lumber for Sale Plant closed Down gently Penna cheap prices All kinds rough dry lumber Chicago Mill amp lumber company Blytheville Ark. Phone 800 to better serve our customers parts and service departments now open until s p. M. Repairs for All makes of cars and trucks washing. Greasing wrecker service phone 633 Tom Little Chevrolet co. Ring found after 20 years Dorset eng. Up a mrs. G. A guiding of Winborne lost her wedding ring 20 years ago while picking peas. The other Day her husband was blowing tile Garden when lie sow something glittering in the soil. It was the missing ring. Read courier news want ads at Osceola they re going to stage a fishing Rodeo according to a news item in tile times. All entrants will be required to Post a 50c entry fee and the winning team in the tournament will get the a Jack in addition they will get All the fish caught on the final Day. Among those mentioned As contenders Are pleas Quot big Crappie Quot Huckaby Roy Houck. Paul Luster Ned Ayres red Beall and Justus de ring ton. According to the times there has been some discussion As to whether slim Lamb tile Catfish Catcher will be allowed to enter the tourney Quot because a Catfish is not a ranking member of the game fish on tills Point we disagree wit i the times writer. The Catfish is Quot tops Quot As a game fish. Although he May not be catalogued along with the legitimate game fish a great Many sportsmen in tilts country Are ready and willing to concede that he a a game fellow i a line and will generally put up a better fight than the Blue bloods. A Catfish ought to rank with game fish and does in some states. Any Man who is known As a Catfish Catcher certainly ought to be accorded tile privilege of competing in any company. Luxora anglers have been Active in the past week. Also. J. I. Mifflin. E. A Teaford. Joe pow Ell h. L. Houck and w c. Morris tried their Luck at Block fishing on the Mississippi bringing Iii 35 pounds of Channel cat. The hot dry weather has made fishing conditions bad in this Vicinity. Although some Bass have been caught in the Breaks up tile big Lake flood Way and in big Lake proper. Rain and cooler weather will bring better conditions and perhaps Start tile Crappie to feeding again. Local anglers have about Given up Hopes of catching Crappie Here until tile weather gets Cool. Some Days ago Frank Vestal fishing and Hunting writer for tile commercial Appeal dropped into the office Lur a Brief visit and tipped us Oil to where Crappie were biting. He said to fish in the St. Francis around marked tree. We were sceptical figuring tile Crappie were All alike in this Section but Vestal a proved a Good one for yesterday or. P. L. Tipton and Jess Horner spent the Day there and were rewarded with the limit of Crappie and Bass. It was the prettiest string seen in these parts since Spring. Harry Haines Junior has returned from a vacation spent in the Wisconsin wilds at lost Lake. He took his a and pop Quot along and supplied them with Fusil to Tat. Well part of tile time at least. Hank was ambitious to land a Muskie but muskies Are not being caught by juveniles this season. Hank Learned so lie the name of Jimmy Foxx is sure to be perpetuated in baseball if Hoyt listen to tile proud arguments of papa Foxx red sox socket and the Youthful ambitions of James Foxx or. Tho youngster shown above is the slugger of Camp Sikokis. A boys outfit in Maine and is rioted for his Long distance clouting he does t quite fill out a red sox uniform yet however. Brought in a 17-Inch Pike for the family frying pan. Piano is too years old Mexico to. Up it a piano believed to be More than too years old. Is being thumped and is producing music at the Home of c. R. Powell. It was acquired by g. 15. Hull Grandfather of mrs. Powell in payment of a grocery Bill 68 years ago. In the chancery court for the Chick Asa we a District of Mississippi county. Arkansas. Home owners loan corporation plaintiff is. No. 623.5 Mattie Mae Knight it a1., defendants. Warning order Mattie Mae Knight and it. C. Knight defendants herein Are warned to appear in this court within thirty Days and answer tile complaint of the plaintiff. Witness my hand As Der of said court and tile Seal thereof this 1st Day of August. 1936. Seal ii. M. Craig. Clerk. By Elizabeth Roddy d. O. 3-10-17-24 1111 e claimant and former title claimant meet5 Mobley faces Ligosky. Johnnie mans. The run get claimant to the Southern Light a heavyweight wrestling title anti Lee Myers the manhandle from the Panhandle meet in a two out of three tall test promoters of a to the legions open air tonight. In the Ligosky. The Rex Mobley together Iii three fall affair. A its has Defeated several opponents Here Iii a Row bul Myers is As capable As any of them and probably slight better than grappler that mans with in the local claim i have world wrestling title anything Quot and around in grip sided Byi match at Irena Here 3 preliminary George russian i Ion. And another a i sex an get a Best Tao out it Tho average has lashed Arena. My Nee held a if that Means knows his Way swapping and slugging a Well the preliminary will produce plenty of rough Wark unless i Ley is Able to hold i Vigosky. Be canst the russian likes to rough it up More than he does i wrestle. In fact la won t do much of the latter unless lit is forced to it. Toronto out up Ontario car License markers for 1937 will Star two crowns one in each upper Corner in Honor of King Edward s Coronation year. The markers have a military Crimson background with White lettering. Cow retains Home memory Rochester. N. Y. Up William Ricker sold a cow to a Man in conic about three Miles Distant. Five years ago. Ricker recently discovered the cow Back in his barn. Before you buy any outboard see the Neptune 2 in p. Single Cyl. Other sizes to 16 h. A Hubb Aiu tire amp Battery co. Own a farm save your Money by putting it in a farm. You can pay All Cash or part Cash and the balance yearly land values in this Valley Are gradually increasing. We have a few farms to sell. If you have any farm land to sell or if you wish to buy a farm see me. Phones ?97 and 786 g. G. Caudill Illy handle Ark. A i lie Osceola indians return Home after an extended it enc tuesday to play the Paragould rebels m n Northeast Arkansas league game. the Blytheville boy has been nominated by manager Boyce Williams As the starting hurler for the indians in tomorrows game Lutes beat Curuth i Ville and Jonesboro in two marts last Wack and is in Good form. Sunday the indians will play Batesville at Osceola. To no / we can to steal the freshness of Doub a me Fotu old golds outwitted at last those in Quot had actors Quot. Dryness dampness and dust. Who steal the freshness and fragrance cigarettes foiled by the o. I men to protect those Rich and rare prize crop tobaccos in double of t Mellow old holds the old child folks have created a double cellophane package a package that a both weather tight and dust proof. Two jackets of the finest moisture proof cellophane guard the freshness of old hold s prize crop Leaf like a miser guarding his Gold. It takes a next to no time to open Illust two jackets. But boy what a difference that extra jacket makes in the freshness of cigarettes Jour. 1930, of p. A prize crop tobaccos double Mellow

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