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Blytheville Courier News Newspaper Archives Aug 24 1936, Page 4

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Blytheville Courier News (Newspaper) - August 24, 1936, Blytheville, Arkansas T Beau Brummell fashion plate of the lightning kills Only about three Perso vat fat or class is made up of photo j he s of v i album a Pale of a 1 it took / bucket of a Hokse a White a m t Mcwey j Wash v a Tol y even $ Hio to a Terr stop3 in St of j5 Eio it / Vav a has dimmed p. \7tj to apace Yaj / i jus want to show you now inf of its a in maw a up in Jap t attic Wolkin i j a to Sav a an he i sep goes it exit to top garage with \ not i in hut Imp k.cv5 a and a pocketbook. Alp im1 u a it garage poor. Is tuck \ up a la t i la a Viv a a \ a Littleman c i r mat of la i it of of it s i Noik ii to hav i i in my hair we hoi it i in i x v can tvo i i i la my a can to Vuu % Vav is n 8bb Napi of few Tim Vota Stivic. In k t. M. Rte u c Pat. Opp Why mothers Mot four Blytheville Ark courier news the Blytheville courier news the courier news co., publishers c. R Babcock. Editor h. W. Haines. Advertising manager sole National advertising representatives Arkansas dailies. Inc. New York Chicago Detroit. St. Louis Dallas Kansas City Memphis published every afternoon except sunday entered As second class matter at the Post Olliee at Blytheville Arkansas under act of Congress october 9, 1917. Served by too United press so Bosch i pit on r ates by Carrier in the City of Blytheville 15c i it or week or $6.50 Lier year in Advance. By mail within a radius of 50 Miles $3.00 per year. $1 50 for six months 75c for three months by mail in postal zones two to six inclusive $6 50 Lier year in zones seven and eight $10.00 Lier year payable in Advance. Thu i to championship is Tor train spoiling now that Tho olympic cames victors have Boon duly Choom bimodal de. And Hainje Tod it might to it Good tiling Tor us to devote a lit it time to Tho question what docs the Ama tour sports Champion Yod out of it All a May ? lh1 fets medals of course and headlines Aud sometimes lie is Able it pot a fair living out of it As Long As his logs bold up. But to generally Bas to pay a Good Deal for the of thing and to must sometimes wonder ii they Are Worth All they Cost. To to superlatively Good Iii anything you have to devote your Lite to it win Thor it by athletics music crime detection or the milking of Terra Cotta busts. The Champion has to work at his Job everlastingly Bobas to eat and Quot sleep Bis calling so to speak Between till performances. There art1 callings Iii which the result is infinitely Worth the Price and there Are callings in which ii is not. A youngster who can swim or run or jump or heave a i Pound Ball of Lead faster and farther than anybody else does not get that Way solely through the Bounty of nature. He must have tile gift to begin with of course but unless be works like a trooper to develop and perfect it. Be will never get his picture in Ute papers. This writer recently saw a Junior swimming meet. A Young lady of some la Summers put on a truly marvelous display of aquatic prowess. Biopic who watched her said a nah there goes a future olympic Well that is what tilt Young lady Smolier thinks too. She has thought so for a Long time and As a result this girl has averaged 2 1-2 hours practice in the Pool every Day for several years. Some Day possibly she will he an olympic Champion and we All will know her name anti her contours very Well indeed Ami we can Only Hope that silo will then feel repaid for All those hours of practice. Our own private Hunch is that some Day she will decide that she was sold Down Tiu River for the Sake of a Little Fame and when she makes that decision her doting Mother will not be a lady to he envied. At Ain rate this swimmer is a Sample Case a , a a to to speak of flu Amateur Champion As a child. Anti tilt Way she is driven to sport As a slave is driven to the mines is an indication that some thing is profoundly wrong with our whole Conception of port. Sport is supposed to he a Means of recreation of relaxation. You go Down to the Corner to howl or out in the country to play Golf or Over into the vat ant lot to tuck into a hit of softball because you get a kick out of it. That Sall sport is except of course for tin professionals. By glorifying tilt champions we turn sport from fun into hard work. And it is the very Champion whom we glorify who is Apt to suffer most of ail. Doubly Aloin of Doalph development of a my revolver with Mort than twice the striking Power of tin Standard weapon presents a pressing problem. For Many years Cli Ort have been made to it strict sales of revolvers and pistols which May by obtained even by mail in some eases. This new gun tiring a .275 calibre Bullet will Drill through an engine Block or strike with a terrific Force of More than Sun pounds. It is a weapon far Mort Terrib than those against which Prev ions efforts at control have been aimed. Sin ii weapon in it hand of either police or criminals might kill twice As Many innocent by Danders As t he present ones in the course of those lining Street Battles which Are All too common. Manufacture and Sale of so deadly a weapon can scarcely be considered a matter of purely private Conn in. It Calls for regulation of the most stringent sort. I in i Tov Tom i of Wea workers in Cleveland have marched Forth on a determined drive to exterminate ragweed. Amid muffled cheers from Hay fever sufferers of men Are ranging i in City covering exert Street. Whenever they Tim ragweed Xvi in i Carrot wild lettuce milkweed or Canada Thistle they will notify owners id tilt property to Cut them Down or face a Tine under a standing City ordinance. One Cleveland paper enthused that so Long As a single ragweed stands within the City limits there is no use arguing that there is no useful work for a implores. But the ugg a Tion also is made that this is inst a barefaced attempt to get tile a fever vote. La the elections were held in August. Ifs possible that the Hay fever folks would Roll up a larger vote than Charles it Coughlin Gerald Smith anti branches Townsend combined. A bees St inn is Only one thirty it cond of an Inch Long and the other two Lect is inia unit pm. J. Ii French director. I on Ngol a a a department it agriculture. La ilium Side glances by George Clark an monday August 21, j. To Eckrete by Mary re yrs a vj6 inca i a now von must Promise just As i did that you won breathe t ii is to a living mail too a Mol to Molnr in Rcck Lucil Girup Oftel it inn i i inn a i Mill thru Ltd a Iii Lor. Till it it in via Sti vat. U hum log int i a Lins not int in her in Ini Irry i Iii. I lored Midi , Molly Bur to Quot tin kill Coppy Quot a lie i loll time flight Etui will Kotlier Midline Vav it in Honn. The my Iii do out id Ulii a they Rome on Molly ids herself dancing Voth a handsome nor Nurer. Ile Ells la r his Ivain is a it Iii it Viv. in reality he is v Kenon i i at i sox. In ii ii robber one of it or nip planning to spirit Molly away Iii i hold her for Ransom. V few Days later lie asks Lier to have dinner is 11 la him and she a Ere. Vav a ii Iii a for him at a Don Ilion ii stove. Molly encounters a Kiri ratio is Lier Evart double. Impulsively Molly Rahaii a her injurious costume for the other Kiri s Slink ily one. Molly and a a Iii Laker Kolo a place culled Quot i Reni lib police arrive and Here is shool Lnu ill oaf Iichi lit 11 a Here is Alalia injured. Molly is forced into a car Aud taken to a deserted farm Lime. A treat Stuart Cima laced that Molly is still iliac sets out to tin Lier. A. of with Iii smut chapter x Orent sat in the office of the City a chief of detectives. A what do you know a lie asked bluntly a about a the red poppy and the Man who owns it a Michael Dona Van studied Brent thoughtfully for a moment before he replied. A maybe More than has been in the papers. Its no place far fools and babies. As for Tho Man who owns it Black is his name id say he has a Tough heart under a soft the chief went on to give Brent ducked when Tho firing began i would t be telling this a do you live on this Side of the River a a born on this a you must know the locality pretty a every foot of a a in a thinking of taking a place out Here. Maybe you could Tell pc if there Are any empty houses Lone he carried in memory i perhaps there was Anni in the garage. He Strat and Felt a heavy hand j i shoulder. A what my prowling f the object of your Call tining chickens cars j Brent laughed. For or. Black queer run Down Bill Patrick had Phe Bald headed Man thought a i about it. So i was Lookin moment. A there s one. Been i License number to make 1 vacant a year hut you a a not so fast my Frinc i its not fit for rats to Dojk us a it 10 stepping in a i was this is place i made a want it. Live in. Hardison belonged to old Man who was so miserly he let it almost Tumble Down on him. After he died folks said it was haunted. Claimed they saw tights in it sometimes. You get anybody to go anywhere near that House after Nightfall. Guess you want it anyhow. Its three or four Miles Oil the Highway in the a perfect a Brent exclaimed. A a what a that a a a it a just the House in a looking for. The doctor said i must live i in the Brent added hastily a i Haven to been Well re i a you look fit As a fiddle. But if its air you want you la get plenty of it through the big cracks at old Man Hardison a a i wonder if you could direct j me to the House a a sure. Drive on Hie Highway about five Miles until you find a detailed information about Black Little forked Road cutting into the jus it uhf to Lings and his methods. I Woods. Its so overgrown with when Brent was gone the de tots curious world by William Fern Usan Ted Ive flown eyes. Sat alone for Between his a while a keen dark so overgrown grass now most people would think it was just a path. Its go Road that leads Sti a it to the place. Its a lonely drive. If i past Centura spent Aoa a Asp s each morning in dressing himself. The sudden notoriety that had were you id wait until come to a be Renchy so resulted in a Quot thank you very much. Good capacity crowd for the evening1 meal. Mah and about 7wo thousand seve a he Ohio it other spell Eis. One garrulous person on the grounds had won an audience of sensation seekers. A i saw that couple the robber and the girls when they came in a he said. A site was pretty As a picture hut she looked worried and did t seem to he eating much. She kept sending notes to the boys in the orchestra asking them to play different a Man who had driven up a Short while before in an antiquated automobile pressed closer v. Hilt the Short Bald headed Man was speaking. A then what happened a the stranger asked. A then the police came a the Bald headed Man said. A everybody thought the place was being raided hut the police were after this Bank robber and darn it they did t draw a head on him right Over my head my table was close to this couple and if i Hadnot f re the wound the doctor must decide whether he should inject ant i lockjaw serum. Physicians to some athletic a if i was you and i happened to see a Light in those parts id sure wait until morning folks say old Man Hardison a ghost a the Bald headed Many a warning was lost in tile sudden Roar of tile old car. A Short while later brents searching eyes found the forked Road lie turned Oil the Highway and was soon deep in the Wood land described by the elderly Man. Suddenly he stopped his car. Some distance ahead was a Glimmer of Light. Brents lips set grimly. He drove deeper into Tho Woods got out of the ear and started cautiously on foot toward the House. He saw As he came closer that i be was trapped Ana Ujj was Here. Brent was of it. To controlled his voice Effort. A just As you say a we came out for a in i was nervous. And Livre sends you out. Ilowe a it i 1 a i was doing some Worl building a Brent lied glib roof leaked from that la Bill needed somebody to message and lie offered n make the trip. I was Ger it i a a we la see wha Black i your message. First Ell you of your gun. Gun he making a Ion like this without carrying it he right Safe it a a i did ii a up n to Brill Bill a a Patrick told you to gun a a not exactly. Ile said pretty dark and deserted it and maybe i d he afraid i i Hie trip. I said i Wasny to thought i might be held i never can Tell on a Dar a i understand. Guns treacherous. While you i i ii take care of yours. I mind a Brent handed Over in watching the bulge in hic pocket that was partly piece of artillery and p hand which he knew Wai Tom cd to using it. A a Here a Black Brent turned and fat night club owner raked him. Ominous in in the Laborera a garb Ai bled hair. A Patrick said two int coming to a the red poppy with you tonight. He suit necessary for you to be t a a in a going in but not of your message. I have with the exception of one Light you re a Damn sneak. Fir Tho dilapidated old House was in my wife Back to town darkness. A car was parked close a Job Louis and i got to do to the Side of Tho building. Brent i Daybreak maybe two Jow stooped and focused a flashlight might bother her. Worry on Hie License number. Tile turn j funny that her did not correspond with the j to be continued teams have Bandage plat imitation to contrite Oil discovered i hat a a cd on a player is an the of Pix sit Ion to con that player or on his Church excuses by g. W. Barham Beau Bruni Nicoll. Through his a u the fashions it followed in Iii tile Choice of a although of Low birth gained Fame Ami position in lung personality and exquisite taste. He Chan j tin Early 19th Century to suit himself Tine others a a he sometimes spent an Horn deliberating on Cravat. He died in an Asylum. Next Why is the male voice pitched lower than the female voice. Ore snot. Hence minor lacerations and cuts usually arc covered with a flexible collodion dressing and the Bandage applied Only when the player is not in the chiefs pose Pocatello of a. It up it Art it is of Lins Tate Are finding new and interesting portraiture work Iii painting the Sioux indians once fierce enemies of the White race. Among the Quot models Are chief Johnnie Baha re. Tea in of Bro and chief Sunrise. Mort Beer is consumed Iii the United states now than before the prohibition Era. By do. Morais i ish Iii in editor. Journal it the american medical association into of ily Geia the i Lea it it Magazine the recent olympic games ionised the spotlight of Public attention on Ai filet a i or the physician. Interest in athletics invariably is associated it to the injuries that affect , the coach and la Plain want the injured Man it on the Job As soon As to ii they also want him Capa hit turning out his Best perform it it tit the so me time they do not want him injured per Manziv i health or physique by Uii i. Participation Loo soon Atter in tissues have been damaged. Most coaches a the most efficient secured it an ail Given scientific att As possible and ii not have the know for treatment a it thing until Sci Entil applied. Current passing through the tis-1 sues. Tins is known As Diathermy. I a another Coni i non athletic in jury particularly affecting track athlete and baseball players i the sprain a sprain is not a serious a a broken Bone but n Wilt give a great Deal of trouble if not nit laity cared for. The joints to t frequently concerned Are those of Ankles Knees shoulders and lingers. The first top is to protect the tissues against damage and to Gie them adequate support. For this purpose adhesive tape is Woven about the joint in a Basket weave. Football players May be pro read courier news want ads. Dear aunt u is like you say \ a just an Ordinary we u ii i not need to be till about him. We could Lam in Church regardless o con a it i of the building. Ii Cion t mind we i take letter Iii let in pastor i a maybe be will Sec no that Junior s jul t be More child lie ii a a i have in sunday Aud Church. O like \. Say lie cd alien he get Ako it i1 in with i Felt mind i Ileal lie seems in in a urge Gard less of tile Bald has recently hers of the they simple i Riding a course sees so to the More or ii is and irom what set on embers in i Ltd a Lily. Archt contacted Mem Bourd and they Ray will not consular lot of in lies on the i i filling i. To it o child to come to Banda i hey Finaghy t. Id an bib i very time they had Dei thing to Ola in dozen or More were i and v on ii i no come of a Ain ii i months. We thinking cd asking diem the Cut ii Mem be up and we will take jan1 let them see the wonder he i we believe it t do the boy woo to All i a a let rot get mad Church if they meet for the repairs building. I i to hiding Hoise City population of the states was greater than t j population by about 5.8 i in 1920, but by 1930 tile ext jumped to 28.3 per cent. Ii ii major i h railed that fit can be injury is Ai As soon e who do e necessary doing Allric can be i Lect cd against shoulder pad the Knees with fore Hie game. When a Pra joint the joint promptly in ice is under control one of the Moo let in injuries is the bump. Tilts is a i tissues brought Abos wit ii another player butted baseball a to track or simply by for treatment of. Ions or bump a vises first ice ant sometimes a hot a the contusion or the night. This hot Pat Glycerine or Cine pain relieving medi serves to Stop Hie As soon As pos Sib should be massaged be applied in the to minion ath contusion or Anise of the by Contact a thrown or de Oil Hie a fall. Ach Rontu pc Chalim and later heat k is put Oil i bump Over k consists of analgesic or Alum and pain. E the tissues heat May in of electric prams by wearing and by strapping adhesive tape Benn occurs in any should be packed until the swelling then it May be fastened firmly with adhesive tape or Bandage. A foreign specialist has worked out a method of injecting a local aesthetic into the tissues. This keeps the pain under control and permits use of the tissues suit ably protected much sooner than could occur otherwise a a among the most frequent minor injuries affecting athletes Are lacerations nits scratches and similar wounds of the skin. These Are especially important because of the danger of secondary infect Ion. Lacerations and cuts should by cleaned of thoroughly and then it wet boric acid dressing May be applied for 24 hours. If dirt from the track or held has enter j i. A Yaw up Lull Fli j a Sld Ulmet him 1 0 we lire Vod to that Bon com St Cir try Amazon a Figle. / s ma3cb/ of i f to Uati a Baru vr1f1t Tor tue photo la bum it took go. Up the Amr a j Al m a 1�3e by a it soft vice. Inc

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