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Blytheville Courier News Newspaper Archives Aug 24 1936, Page 3

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Blytheville Courier News (Newspaper) - August 24, 1936, Blytheville, Arkansas Tin county equalization Hoard will by in session at Blythe ilk violist 21, 25, 2<� and ill also sept. I and 2 at Osceola August 20 21, 27 and 2s and sept. And i for the purpose of adjusting farm land and personal property \ Abies. The Board is placing a Aloe of $20 on All land in cultivations to $10 on All Cut Over and Wood lands. Meet i in Board on the above dates and get \ our assessment adjusted. Signed in. M. Woodard chairman county Board of equalization a will Tell you what i do Quot says miss Claire Huntington expert stenographer Quot to Aid my digestion. I smoke camels while in a eating and new York subway Motorman tells of his experience. Quot i eat what i i want it. And then smoke camels a says Clyde Amel set me right a news Hawk. Peter i Ahen reporter says Quot its swell the Way camels help my digestion make my food taste better and set better. And they done to frazzle my Lou Meyer a Winner of Indianapolis Auto classic. Sandwich in one hand and his Carnel in the other Lou shows Little of the Strain of the 500-mile grind. Here is an epic example of How smoking camels at meals and after aids digestion and encourages a sense of Well being. In Lou Meyers own words Quot ill hand it to camels for setting my digestion to rights they make my food taste better and help it to digest easier. As Long As i have a Camel i know in a headed Lur a swell feeling of Simi us Oil i a. J. Lit Vidt Tonus a Cru Attr. Flu thou Balow. No. Costlier tobaccos Chamois Are made from finer More expensive tobaccos a turkish and Domestic a than any other popular Brand. Monday August 24, 1930blytheville Ark Coulier news Page three now shots Bing from Belfry Canada builds new efficient defense Force Ottawa. Oui up Canada s Annj is undergoing a thorough i making Public a Long list a1 changes the department of National defence Bas disclosed that the non permanent Active militia i. Being completely reorganized to i give the country a compact co ordinate service in place of the i present straggling Loose organi lion. Hitherto the Active strength of the militia has been divided among innumerable regiments. All were a a a a a a. Under prescribed strength and some were moribund. Under the a i i u Reb a n the hard Fout it Road to Zaragossa where departments new plan Many of. Lave been atom Stiim to oust rebels serves As a tile units Are being disbanded. It line militiamen a harassing fire on insure completely others Are being strengthened through amalgam county negroes win honors Panf pm Ufi Ark. Aug 24 Mississippi ounts won the Loving cup As the Banner Corn y at the a session of the nth annual Farmers conference at tin a. N amp. N. College for negroes Here. The event was attended b. More than Kune i it tax in boys and cd in ties. Mississippi county teams fifth place in soil and crop. Nitration third pm tee in Illy Dairy cattle second i d my pc hrs and fourth judging mule Iii the women contest the a a do 1 were won by Mississippi county cont slants dresses. Sadie Lould. Berry second packet House Rolls Alice Calhoun third Corn meal muffins. Alice Calhoun second. Movie directors go to two families for Chil i actors won de i judg pm Ace Plaez a the film Laa Fily it Sidney Johnson a Boro All seven More or Les in demand for picture roles with or Johnson at tin piano they Are left to right Camilla Dick Kenneth Payne. Carmencita. Kelt. Sri Anne and Cullen sent troops. S. Japan s Mij lit tons. And entirely new units Are being formed. The changes which have been in Progress for several months Are part of the Canadian government s plans to co ordinate Hie dominions entire defence system. Too Many Farmers Toronto out i up a Farmers have Bee me a a drug on Canada s economic life w. H Moore member of the Canadian parliament believer. A Canad needs More plumbers clothing minus actor a is More he told the kiwanis club Here. Dog prefers Pound Salt Lake City. Utah up a 16-year-old dog of doubtful lineage grew tired of his Home and established residence at the City Pound. Utah pays in a Salt Lake City. Utah a up j Utah recently wiped out a up sex goo debt to tile Federal gov i eminent in 3 years that was scheduled for payment Over a 20-year-period. By Paul Harrison Nea service stall correspondent Hollywood one of the reasons hundreds of child character actors Are finding Little to do in Hollywood is that All the casting directors know the wat son and Johnson families. When picking players directors Are Likely to conclude their instructions thus Quot and for those kid parts get me a few of the Johnsons or there Are nine of the latter seven of the former and they Veall been in pictures. Some have outgrown the kid class and a few show Little aptitude for acting but most of them Are in almost constant demand at the studios. Each of these one family costing bureaus can Supply almost any general Type with wardrobe. Sidney Johnson an auditor and Wynonah Johnson moved Here from Natchitoches la., in 1920. They had two children then Dick Ana Kenneth who were Given Small parts in pictures made from scenarios written by mrs. Johnson. Kenneth is 23 now but takes time Cut from College to play on occasional role and to serve As stand in for Fred Macmurray. Wide representation Dick 21. Played tinker youngest of the midshipmen in Quot Mutiny on the Camilla. 18 and next eldest lugs appeared in several Mary Pickford pictures scores of others and will be seen soon in Quot last Seessel Anne. 15, is proudest of her roles in Quot so big Quot a a Little women a and some of the Tom mix films. Basil t of the Johnsons is car mesh Fin at 13. She has earned 43 or ten credits. Quot the Garden of Allah Quot is must recent and before that she rated cheers Tor her Wink in Quot these a few years ago in Quot Susan Lennox she impersonated Greta Garbo at the age of 7. Her salary is $ 150 a week. So is Dicks. Youngest on contract Cullen Johnson now a Veteran of 9, holds a record of having been the youngest contract player in the history of the movies. The contract was signed by Samuel Gold urn before the child was born. The boy appeared before the cameras it tile age of 17 Days at 5, Payne Johnson is getting along promisingly he has appeared with Ruth clutter ton Barbara Stanwyck and Sylvia Sidney. All seven children of the family once played together in Quot so with Colleen Moore. Eleven Watsons and now the Watsons a group even More deeply rooted in movie traditions James Caughey Watson or. Started As a Cowboy actor in 1912. And has been an assistant director and spec Tai effects expert. He made the Sereen magic for Douglas Fairbanks Quot thief of or Watson was an actress but has t worked at the studios for a Good Many years. There Are nine reasons Bobby 5 Gary 7 Delmar. 0 Billy. 12 Harry 13 Louise 15 Gloria 18 Vivian 21 Coy instead of Caughey his real Middle name23. The Watson Home a rambling it rupture to which several rooms have been added a the family grew stands on i Corner of the old Mack Sennett lot a Hie children were born there and played about the sets i rom the tune they were Able to walk. The House itself int. Appeared in numerous Sennett pictures and its bedrooms have been used by stars As dressing rooms. Louise Aud Gloria Watson were named to the muses a Enda and Swanson. A it Tor to photographer it by was a prominent child Star in his time. Now he s a news i holography and a lot it his pad tires of Hollywood celebrities have been printed in this paper. Vivian is married and brought Lier husband Home to live with the family. Gloria has t dont much on the Chi in although she and her six younger Brothers and sister Lou i e were slim bunk Nerville a family in Quot life begins at 40.&Quot tary says bes going to be Nethol to abet t Louise is studying dramatics but Bobby Delmar Billy and Harry Are about us Busy us any character actors in Hollywood. Delmar the current Pride of the Watsons lie a appeared m 84 films Aud a played leads a nine children have run up St score of More than 15 h different pict tires. Carmenetta. At 13, is Ute busiest of All seven Johnsons in Hollywood she has appeared in 43 Lohs and earns $150 a week. Gives break As played under arc lights fit ids and fans a better than the Sunshine variety. I he general manager of the rods i out that fielders do not have the Sun and a High sky to we t by about and that the customers can watch the flight i the White Pellet against the met background from the time it i aves the Bat the fielders Glove who have come past predict that 8 clan Ell a Serai 34 until it reaches. Thos closest in the the Braddock will draw Shirby i Larry Grayson Jack Lovelock and Glenn Cunningham. Hot ii Ai whom cracked the world record in the phenomenal 1500-met or event of the olympic games plan to retire Shortie. Lovelock who lowered the Standard to 3 47.8, says that running is wrecking his work and health. The new Zeal and medical student intends to compete Iii tin forthcoming Empire games in London however. J in i shiite is recovering from a nervous breakdown at a Retreat in the outskirts it Philadelphia. But will not resume baseball activities for at least a year. The president of the at it la tic who is 65, has abandoned Speed boat raring spent u Fortune. Oort of Exon save shipyards of Shibe under the left Field there were 1200 too in tin sunken Garden of Queens sep i. They a so Vav that Sharker and i ups will be i it unite to do $150,000 at Yankee stadium aug. 18 Anis panned. Browns hint it n i recent i t in Rogers Hornsby found four of his St Louis Brown led by Ute mischievous i to he mss by knitting what. The claimed would be sweaters it was done As a protest a Ain t the managers prohibition of card sums for Money. The kid ulna Needles and balls of v in disappeared when the a map threatened to Fine the Tibia a everything probably it eld p it e been All right had the athlete been perusing form Harts it wrenched Hack is Lei in 1 Tau Gehrig to t Ike Only Hall swings at the Ball. The result is that potential Home tuns by tie Yankee luminary arc merely solidly socked singles. I a Mer i fit in Mcclelland Detroit Olio has been in boxing Yea is. Considers the 10-Llo lit heavyweight Battle to Anis Tzanetopoulo and Bill i Tinner staged in the motor City the other night the fiercest he Ever saw Mcclelland awarded Tea not upon ins a debatable decision despite a discouraging Start due to illness in Bis Umily retarding Spring training. Tommy Bridges of the tiers has a reasonable Chance of finishing the season with 20 victories. The Little Tennes Sean grabbed 22 in 1934 and 21 last season. Chuck Detroit lightweight., has enrol no Lull in the beak business in nine years which lie has been in 250 referee. For 3 round t w ten been repelled Only once in starts As a professional. Pincy b. Wood the Tennis player is president of a firm called the Quot Gold digging Syndicate a. It it a mining corporation. # a Ile it sox buy Blister Mills Buster Mills. A gtd right handed letting outfielder of Rochester is the latest sizeable Purchase of the to ton red sox. Angie Galan scarcely figures to Cut in on an extra Money in Irr Philip k. s Bonus plan this season. The speech Fly Bujer is batting 50 Points below has Mark of lid year. When he upped 13 Prizer ranging from $200 to $500 each. Amateur athlete of Australia Are not permitted to receive instruction from professionals. Although the Chicago cubs and White sox Are keen rivals. Gabby Hartnett of the National leagues gave Ald to the enemy. He Pip Rad Elitt one of his Model bats last Spring. ,. The outfielder is int Ting .375 with it. Hal Price Headley Man of Many interests in and around Lexington Tkv. Has been in the thoroughbred Breeding and racing Basi pics since he was big enough to lend a horse. Headley has v by Ted every racing course in this country and Calls the new Kee Neland track near most Beautiful in Indian Quintana six to Escobar Champion in a non title engagement. Is a Chou Indian. Not Many of this race remain. ,. Quintana says that his ancestors have been traced Back to Demaree. Cub outfielder is the son of mutes. ,. He knew Only the sign language until he started school. Frank cabler giant Pitcher needs Only two More Violet Tes to win a $150 suit of clothes from Eddie Brunnock club Secretary. The Wager was that t Tablet would not Bug eight games. Lexington the America. Who conquered bantamweight. He gating in gained an Over Milt one of them words expert busting during tights. Is fresh from Pertici three in to Days and easy lot i mid decision aeons in Chicago in Colorado cows contented Denver up Colorado cows arc doing their bit. The u. S. Department of agriculture reports that 73 per cent of the states 256.000 cows Ore being milked. Compared with 72 per cent a year ago and 71 per cent at the same time in 1934. In which he he has a boats in a a the located stands. Reporters from we pay Cash for 2nd hand furniture phone lh�?~11 All parts of the world Iii la pres Box during the track and Field events of the olympic games. Larry Mio Phail. Cincinnati a Champion of night baseball adheres to the belief that the game Hubbard 2m\ hand furniture store near coff Hole a glimpse Friend. \ my squat in. I a in s i it tree shelters extended Over North Dakota Fargo n. D. Or farm to Cepheid my. To project which has resulted in the establishment of thousand of windbreaks in North Dakota Iii the past few years will be expanded wherever possible Accord int to plans of Victor v. Freeman in charge of the wind by caking program of the North Dakota agricultural College Extension t v ice and the state forestry school. Freeman who succeeded d. D. Head of the Exten forestry in july de Farmers have shown in improvement of with Trees in Contin shelter Belt under local us county agricultural Baldwin Moh mtg i lured that keen interest their farms Keetion with Giam which per Vasion of agents. Under the tree planting project a limited number of farms annually arc provided with shelter Belt tree a furnished at a nominal i ice by tilt1 Tuti Nursery. / Ain management and Multi a u requirement arc specified Pun insuring successful establishment of tree. Plantings then Are used by the county agricultural its to demonstrate to other interested Farmers he Best method of tree culture. In 1936 More than 400.000 Trees were planted in such farm windbreaks. Slightly More than 400 farmsteads being thus improved. Quick getaway Ranger Tex. Up a a couple v to said they were in route to a borrowed Quot a car in Wells Tex., recently minutes later they were arrested in Ranger Tex., 50 Miles away. Police considered the coup one of the fastest in history considering the distance travelled. Dies aged by Honolulu up a Hawaii has just lest to Clat St american a it n. He was Francisco of s Jesus aged 104. A was Bot i i t Agal in 1832. And Iii i eave Hawaii during the 59 years of his Lea tent i Ere. California Mineral fifty five ors. Wert amp Wert optometrists Over Joe t a a Csc store a a we Maki pm see Quot phone 540 others have found that Good digestion and a sense of Well being Are encouraged by Good digestion and a sense of Well being Are helpful allies for every one of eople in every walk of life. Men and women agree a that camels ease Strain and encourage digestive Well being. Millions of smokers find that Quot camels set you right Quot camels increase the flow of digestive fluids. Alkaline digestive fluids. So necessary to Good nutrition. Camels never tire your taste or get on your nerves. Listen in full hour show Camel it a ret Tco bring you a la i. Houk entertainment Benny to Oduin. It so Skrei. Rupert Hughe. A mar of ceremonies. I Lolly Wood Luck Siars. Tuesday h to Gin . To to pm i d s to. 7 to pm i s i 0 to pm m.s/1, we urn h a i. Wadi t of Lumalu Nti Woik

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