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Blytheville Courier News Newspaper Archives Aug 15 1935, Page 4

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Blytheville Courier News (Newspaper) - August 15, 1935, Blytheville, Arkansas Page fou Blytheville Ark courier news thursday August 15, 1935 the Blytheville courier news Tbs courier news co. Publishers c. R. Babcock editor b. W. Baines advertising manager sole National advertising representative Arkansas dailies inc near York Chicago Detroit St. Louis Dallas. Kansas City Memphis published every afternoon except sunday entered As second class matter at the Post office at Blytheville Arkansas under act of Congress october 9. 1917. Served by the United Presa subscription rate8 by Carrier m the City of Blytheville 16c per week or $6.50 per year in Advance. By mail within a radius of 50 Miles w of per year $1.50 for six months 75c for three months by mail in postal zones two to six inclusive $6.60 per year in zones seven and eight $10.00 per year payable in Advance. Centralizing tax collections decision of the City Council to centralize Tho collection of City improvement District taxes in the office of the City clerk is sensible. It is at least a step in the direction of an arrangement under which property owners could go to one office and there obtain a consolidated statement of All taxes including general property levee District drainage District and City improvement District. That would be economical convenient and would greatly Lessen the danger particularly to non resident property owners of inadvertent failure to pay one or More of the numerous levies. Centralization of City improvement District tax collections besides making it easier for property owners to pay their taxes should also save the districts a Little Money. The Council we note authorized the charging of a two per cent collection fee to pay the salary of a Deputy City clerk. It is reasonable that the districts should pay the actual Cost of collection but it should not be As much As two per cent. Let the commission be limited to a rate sufficient to meet tile salary of an additional employee if one is required and no More. The first billion legalization of Beer and liquor has brought its first billion dollars in Revenue to Federal state and local governments. The Lions share of this More than $700,000,000, has gone to the Federal government in excise License and customs Revenue. The rest has gone to state and local governments. The income from this source is rising steadily. Federal officials believe this is due to steady work in breaking up bootlegging. The percentage of Bootleg liquor consumed is sometimes estimated As High As the Normal consumption but that seems unlikely in View of the fact that annual Revenue from Beer and liquor today is higher than the Peak before prohibition. The fact that these revenues arc badly needed by Federal and local governments is in a sense a danger. It might Well Lead to a progressive letting Down of the bars of regulation. Every governmental unit National and local must keep constantly in mind out Ouk Way that there must be no relapse into pre prohibition conditions. The Iron hand of control must not be allowed to weaken because of the Golden flood of Revenue. Hidden treasure if someone gave out authentic word of a hidden $185,000,000 treasure what a Rush there would be to dig it out and Cash in on it there is such a treasure scattered All Over the country in the form of government Bonds and notes which have matured and which the owners have never turned in. The government wants to pay them Oil and is urging any who know of such securities to dig them up and turn them in for Cash. Of course tile securities have ceased to Bear interest and there is no valid reason Why any owners should not Cash them. Think Back carefully. Are you sure that Odd Book of War savings Stamps that Liberty or Victory loan certificate Hasni to been mislaid or for some other reason not cashed it might be Worth while to go through those old trunks in the attic for some of these overdue government securities Date Back to civil War Days and before. A few have been overdue More than a Century. Rummage around a bit or ask dad or even grandpa maybe they know. It might pay. It is pleasanter to know that you would like to have me tor president than it is to contemplate being president. Senator Carter Glass of Virginia. Generally speaking things Are pretty mixed up right now. But i still have Faith in the people and Faith in our government. Finally Well get Back on our feet senator Arthur capper of Kamas. No overlord of organized crime no racketeer. Plies his Trade today unless his lawyer is nearby. Ready to checkmate the Law. Mayer c Goldman new York attorney. I it i 11iain will i be Gwen v3u kids mouse to hire that tandem Bike up at the co Kieb por the last time in that s the was it affects Upu Aai. Turs has it aug the ivs to co with that a. We re Ost Tuo Al cujo All a Koht. Aren t we v us satisfied Aud he s satisfied a a amp of gosh Cue thought Quot to Ltd be pleased cause we Ait Hohtu Over the Couch. Evers the i to s Lovely right but if she starts Kun Peiu me or Iveth he toes Bov of Hov f Side glances by George Clart forcing the harm Issue the question of processing taxes and the aaa farm program is fast approaching a showdown. As 600 suits by processors pile up against the special taxes collection has already dropped to half what it was at tin Peak. Soon the collections will fall far below the benefits promised to be paid to Farmers for crop production. Then there Are Only two alternatives cutting out the benefits or paying them from the Treasury. Up to now processing taxes and benefits have practically balanced. That is Consumers and to some extent processors have paid the Farmers benefits. But adding a half billion dollars to the already overburdened National budget is something else again. The situation must remain in confusion until the u. S. Supreme court decides next Winter on constitutionality of the aaa. Then As Secretary Wallace has so often pointed out a America must 1 t3v it of Mouw. A Why mothers Laet gras. Us is a Reo i in Ihrk today Fri a his n break brr pm Kiter win to by it i a Iii., Roll ii ii ii-1 or a fur Brent or Bret o birr in to brr initiate a Job no Honl rna it Ore inn. Iii nor r a snort o to ii re by wraith ii to i. A s Ira huh. To born to front . Mar she a Mother dial Ken brr and in ii no ii itto ii 11 to. Phone Arr in a refined when Peter Khz a go. Net. Nim Artar arrives. Era Annot pays to marked attentions. Asks her to marry him As soon As be ran secure a divorce. Bret Paul Comer to Crest cake no lire attn re. Hahs m on to Viki v. Reboot Neilina intoned who is Lento us of to. Is also there. I rna Onet leaves and returns when his rim company undertaken to make part of a motion picture at the resort. To becomes Friendly with , a Montez actress. There la a party for the film company. Next moral to Hahs tells to that she Utah la coins to marry Bouk ins Marsh. Soon after Marsh prompted by his Mother asks to to leave Crest . Bile sprees to so immediately. In the corridor she meets mrs. Marsh. Now go i m with tue Stout chapter Xxxiv joking jobs frantic accusation mrs. Marshes Sharp gaze took in jobs bathing suit the daring White one she had bought so breathlessly at lyse us a. A a in a sure Quot said the old lady acidly a that i can to be deceived by my own eyes. Even the clothes you Wear a a a you better Stop now maw. In be got three More men Corning out from town and you might As Well leave some work for value of Sun Ray in fighting tuberculosis overstressed by or. Morris Fishbein , journal of the american medical association and of , the health Magazine for some time it has been emphasized that the rays of the Sun Are a highly significant Factor in treatment of tuberculosis and thousands of patients have gone scurrying to the Southwest to gain these presumed advantages. Nevertheless Many tropical countries have exceedingly High tuberculosis death rates. In puerto Rico at present the death rate from tuberculosis is live times As High As it is at this time in the United states. Tin authorities in puerto Rico Art convinced that the reason for the High tuberculosis incidence in that Island is the tremendous crowding in the slum areas. Tuberculosis is a disease transmitted from one person to another. When there is great crowding the child comes in Contact with tile older person who is a source of the germs. Because of questions raised As to whether ultraviolet rays Are Vest gators that the ultraviolet rays Are dangerous to those with tuberculosis but again investigations showed that the dangers have been greatly exaggerated and that there is Little if any danger when the dosage of ultraviolet rays is suitably regulated. In addition to these scientific investigations there Are. Of course the opinions of doctors who regularly treat patients with tuberculous diseases. An analysis of the publications j of those who have written upon that subject indicates competent observers Oracle results and poor results or none my use of ultraviolet rays in treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis. A Lins does not mean that principles established in the in relationship to the care those with tuberculosis Are to be discarded. That 4 70 reported Fav-24 reported at All follow the past of now it is a Well recognized fact that removal of a patient to a sanitarium where he can i get treated under controlled conditions have a Stop it a to cried her nerves cracking. A i wont stand your insults not even for this last Day Here. I wont i wont a she might have forgotten herself even More completely bad not Tubby appeared and grasped her Elbow hard opened the door and steered to forcibly inside. But just before she closed it jobs buxom Friend turned again to mrs. Marsh. Quot Haven to you done enough a she asked angrily then gave the door a Short hard slam i to Cut off whatever answer mrs. J Marsh May have had. But Tubby was almost As exasperated with to Darien us with mrs. Marsh. Quot can to i let you out of my sight a minute without your getting into trouble a she heaved a deep sigh. A i honestly believe you were fitting yourself out for murder just As i a it Wasny to that bad. But she did drive me to the Point i where i did no to know what i Wras saying or to looked up at her Friend. Quot its All Over Tubby. In a leaving Crest a but i thought you a decided to stay a a i had. But this new decision Wasny to mine a to told her. A you mean Marsh has fired you a asked Tubby unbelieving by. To nodded. A very gently. But nevertheless that a what he a a Why Why a Tubby to write find expression for a moment r would a a in la bet a doughnut i know who a behind a that does no to make much difference does it a the other was silent. she said finally Quot lets pack our ids and get out of Here then. You think in a going to stay any longer if you Quot at feast for a time to smiled found it hard to keep the tears Back at the thought of leaving such a truly devoted Friend. Quot unless you want to go to Hollywood with Quot Holly you re really going to Hollywood of Quot i think so Tubby Quot to Rose from her chair and walked to the window. Quot i can to think of any reasons Why i she turned to the other girl suddenly. A a it a be grand to have you there with Tubby Shook her head. Quot not me they were both silent a moment. Then Tubby added slowly Quot be sure to drop me a line once in a while to. And ill do the to managed a laugh. Quot done to be so serious about it Tubby. After All. Hollywood Isnit in Russia. You be had such a grand time looking out for me that s the real reason you done to want to see me Quot i guess you re right at that Quot grinned Tubby. She walked quickly to to kissed her on the Cheek. Quot Well. So Long Quot so Long. Tubby and Good with eyes that were filming suspiciously to saw Tubby hurry toward the door and into the Hall. Then the door was closed and Tubby was gone and to Darien had never Felt quite so alone in All her life. She realized now that she had depended much on Tubby Davis. It had been Nice to have Tubby worrying and fretting and helping to fight Battles. But now that was All Over. Just when she needed Tubby most of All. Steeling herself to turned to the window gazed out across the Green Lawn. Quot i done to need anyone but myself Quot she whispered slowly. A not go with Fra Gonet. To accompany him to the Cinema City would Only encourage him further and to was afraid of that somehow. She had just completed her note to Marsh and sealed it when a knee sounded at her door. Her first thought was that it was Tubby again with some last bit of advice. Smiling in anticipation of this to Flung the door wide. But instead of the Short rotund figure of Tubby Davis she was confronted with the tall dark Peter Fra Gonet. Without waiting for her to speak he walked into the room and closed the door behind him. Quot Well a he said smiling Down at her. Quot Are you coming with me Quot panic struck to and she blurted out Quot no. In my in a returning to town with to it to hours later a Little desk the to sat at the tip of a penholder Between her Strong even Teeth. Behind her on the bed were Lier bags packed and locked. But they were not As bulging as1 they had been when she arrived at Crest Lake Hung All the bought at lyse no a. Bending her head Over the note 1 paper she finished the Short note she planned to leave for Douglas Marsh thanking him again for his fairness and explaining that of Magonet raised his eyebrows. That a Odd. In a sure i saw her leaving the inn to catch the i to he took jobs hands quickly. Quot look Here to Why should you to afraid of a mat who a so much in love with you that he d jump at your least word Quot Quot you you took me so completely by Surprise Quot she faltered trying to meet his eyes. Quot i meant to Quot Fra Gonet laughed easily. Quot i knew All along that you were afraid More of yourself than of me i Quot but i need time to think Peter. After All the plane does no to leave until Fra Gonet Shook his head. Quot no. The plane we re going to take leaves from the Crestmont Airport in half an hour. I wired the studio last night to Send up a special plane. You see in a he stopped suddenly and to saw that be had discovered the envelope addressed to him. Ile took it up in his slender lingers. Quot of course you done to mind my Reading this since its addressed to me a before to could protest he had i Slit the envelope and was extracting the note. He read it quickly his face brightening. Quot then you were planning to go to Hollywood All the time Quot lie for in the closet it exclaimed. Dropping the letter to clothes she had floor he took jobs shoulder in his Strong Brown hands. A what difference whether you go alone or with me to Why we return there together a his voice dropped to almost a whisper. A there Isnit a Chance for especially useful in treatment of i plenty of rest and fresh air and i looked at Tubby pulmonary tuberculous diseases Dis. John s. Coulter and Howard a. Carter recently made an investigation in the municipal tuberculosis sanitarium of Chicago. They found that ultraviolet rays do not produce any beneficial effects in cases of Active pulmonary tuberculosis and that there a us no uniform effect of the rays on the de blood cell count the amount of red colouring matter in the blood or number of White blood Ells. $99 it has been argued by some m everything included under Good Hygiene is exceedingly useful. In the southwestern part of the United states particularly the routine treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis has been developed on a High scientific scale and Good results Are secured regardless of the amount of sunlight involved. Actually modern physicians place much More Reliance on list of artificial pneumothorax or the injection of air into the Chest cavity to bring about a collapse of j re Quot remember did t think to the University Quot ret urn a yes. A a a Well i done to Ali Iii i even to return to the same town i baby. Can you understand that too ? Quot Tubby nodded. A a in i guess so. You Matuu this is where we split she was leaving Quot the wardrobe of you to escape me to. I want you More than anything in this world 1 and i want All Hollywood to know that you re going to be mrs. Bet r he Shook her gently Aud rushed on. Quot if its the actor you re afraid of then Iti Stop acting. I mean it to. You re More to me than All the picture laurels i could pick up in a Quot but in i done to love you Fra Gonet tossed his head impatiently. Quot done to talk of love now. Listen i know what you be been through Here. If you can to cull me anything More then Call me your he stood Back glanced quickly at his Stopwatch. Quot hurry to we be just 25 minutes to get to the Airport. The car s he strode to the bed. Quot Are these your bags Quot Dazely to watched him take up her Luggage. Quot yes Quot she said slowly f to be continued the official hostess Quot in the closet. Already on the desk Lay a sealed envelope addressed to Peter Fra Gonet. It had been hard that note but to Felt be safer to write than to try to explain. And she bad thought it All out in those two hours since Tubby had gone. There was. She had decided no reason Why she go to Hollywood. She had never seen the place and had always wanted to see it. And now that her father had a Job there was no reason Why she spend a Little of the Money she had earned at Crest Lake. She Felt less doubtful this time about getting a Job for now she had that intangible j necessity called Quot experience Quot and if necessary she could obtain a letter from Douglas Marsh a although she hoped not to need to ask for that. Yes to had decided she would really go us Hollywood. But she tile any lung than they other method. Do on almost the editor letter Box said a emr. President of i could read or write i would still be pulling that Belfry Cord at the old mysterious hands creep Outt of the sleeves of darkness and Shaji. The preludes it our Fate. Simon p. Lee water mo., since his return from Flint mich., where he attended a school is the guest of or. And mrs. Jim Coli non this week. My. And mrs. Sarn Workman. Mrs. Hazel Crittle and children and mrs. Ira Zahner and son Edwin were guests of or. And mrs. Wilbur head. Of Fisk Over the week end. Jean Paul daughter of or. And mrs. W a Markum. Has returned Home after a visit with miss Belli Thomason of Steele. Mack Roburn of Bells ten has returned Home after spending two weeks with hts Uncle and aunt or and mrs. Vernon Woods. Dale Hood of Monette is the guest of hts parents or. And mrs. W p. Hood this week. Mrs. John Northern and daughter Rivis Emerson Wilkins mrs j. W Davis and daughter. Blanche of Hayti spent sunday in new Madrid. Weighing la pounds. Or and mrs. Alfred Edwards announce the birth of a son saturday or. And mrs. Frank Sandefur and daughter. Shirley of Memphis spent sunday with or. And mrs. Sam Booker and family. Ninety per cent of the worlds clouting is made of Cotton. Tony to the editor a freighter of the Whit line discovered a stowaway mid Ocean destined for new the boy. Of italian descent to Captain clearly As a Gissible Why he wanted to travel and see the world. Star a bout York. D the s�?T-1. I 0 i la a 5 m big u s pit att Quot a Tony could speak live foreign gauges fluently which made it easy for him when he reached York. Tony s first Joo was cleaning washing windows for an old i Man by the name of Steinmet. This Only provided one meal a j cot to sleep on at night. One evening Stemmer saw a in the paper boy wanted at re tellers Baptist Church. Lit Tony about it. To the boy gets lob of one week went by when i Parson asked Tony if he could j and write. Tony said. A no. Meester i so Tony lost Job. J next Day Tony started out individual cigars Selling on streets Tony sold them so fast j old Man gave him boxes of it i to sell. Which Tony disused of Las easy due to his ability to s i several languages. The old Many a health be Calm i bad so Tony bought or St Elm lout and started m for himself. My a wonderful business i went to the Bank to borrow Cli thousand dollars the presid the Bank said. A Tony Why c want to borrow when you eighty thousand dollars Olow la a Tony replied he said or Dent i can to read or a then related hts whole Story getting his first Job at the it and could t read or write Ai i it on account of no education la a very new and but id a Tiad e Kobold the the re id k the the t tie it is Holland news notes Ouk of \k1 1 no hoi Surv at Akry a to to nutty of you have your read Tony Trout urea i oat Tony Murlan Utley son of or. And mrs. Virgil Utley entertained 25 friends with a birthday party Friday evening. The birthday cake decorated with six candles was served with ice Cream. Or and mrs. Lloyd Booker announce the birth of a son on August a. The child who weighed h Pound has been named Jerry Lane. Lilburn nunnery spent the week end with his parents or i and mrs. Mack nunnery he is enrolled in a acc Camp at Van Buren Ark. Or. And mrs. Elbert Hood left monday for Little Rock. Where or Hood will be under the care of physic in As. Emerson Wilkins of Oklahoma in City okla. A the guest of or. And in mrs John Northern for a month. Mrs. A d Best and daughter Georgia Mac. Mrs. Claude Edwards and daughter Claudine. And mrs Annie Gossett House guest of or j and mrs j d Best spent the weekend in Cape Girardeau mrs. G a Wimberly and mrs. Beatrice Bradford returned suture j Day Atter spending a week with ret j Alives in Sheffield and muscle i Shoals. Ala. Or. And mrs c. P. Jenkins of j new Survey were guests of or. And 1 mrs. Gur he Cohoon sunday. Orville rectus has returned to j Caraway after spending a week j with his parents or. And mrs. John i Rio is. Or it. Ella Conor who has been j the guest of her sister mrs Guy j Wilson tor the past week returned to her Home in Huffman sunday. I Russell Devore who has been at j Home with his parents at White patrons of Hoople Manor har73r-Rumf-the Madam has gone on a vacation and left me in charge of the establishment-er-1 always have been you understand Quot but a a As i was say Inow As to Nour meals he Art i by endorse Chili goes lunch car and a a As to mav<\n<3 up y Nour Beds i Trust you have not forgotten. Muth in other words. You Are in supreme command j of feeding the Cay f i Yehan hell a beat that sob by setting pieces of cheese around the House to attract mice / a Satch As catch can House keeping

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