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Blytheville Courier News Newspaper Archives Aug 10 1935, Page 3

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Blytheville Courier News (Newspaper) - August 10, 1935, Blytheville, Arkansas Saturday Augustio. 1935 Blytheville Ark courier news _ Greg three i priors prepared a for Tropic suns a a Tumulty and Hurley explain some fat fees doubt that when seasonal conditions permit. Italian troops will Marti into Ethiopia unless Haile Selassie makes in abject surren i Der. Italy for weeks has been sending troop ships loaded to the gunwale. Their destination Lins i been Eritrea and italian somali a land which Border on Ethiopia. Ostensibly his quarrel with i Ethiopia begun Over a Little shooting affray at the desert wed of . But that was Only i a i on which to Hun a bigger j issues Mussolini wants Ethiopia wan i s it it i a m i Empire it will be his first Maut stride toward making Italy a great african colonial Power. Lite Quot Popolo do italia Quot Mussolini s newspaper has set the Pace for what the other paper Are expected to say. In an article generally believed to be Mussolini a own he made scornful references to the league of nations and the Power now so much concerned about Ethiopia. He pointed out How Japan was gobbling up Chino and How Germany was breaking lie Versailles treaty into pieces. And both had quit the league the obvious conclusion was that Italy would also quit the league if Hei plans were interfered with. The italians Are especially scornful of British Effort sharply reminding Britain of How she got a big part of her own Empire and there is a Strong suspicion that Britain s tender care for the Independence of Ethiopia can be spelled Quot Lake Koenes brei Ishee ars that big body of water in Northwest Ethiopia is one of the main Marcos of the Nile which keeps alive the Sudan a British Possession and Egypt nominally an Independent nation hut still lied to British apron strings. If the italians annexed Ethiopia outright or established a protector Italy would have in tuna a powerful lever with which to exert pressure ilium England on Hie other hand by control of the Suez canal great Britain could seriously interfere with italian troop ship movements. J Mussolini is therefore at the crossroad of his dazzling life Story he must Willy Nilly win a big stake for his country. To do anything less would be a tremendous letdown. Yoni Quot italian w continued prom Page i italians like a certain amount of display and pomp. They like their dictators to look the part. As an orator he is a Swayer of crowds who can be compared justly Only with William Jennings Bryan in America and Adolf Hitler in Germany. He understands All the arts of Public speaking and All the artifices which move the multitude. But in him there is a difference. Bryan probably loved his crowds. Hitler enjoys their acclaim. There Are signs that Mussolini despises the very masses he moves. He can be tender As witness his Delight in his own Little children and his deep and abiding love for the tots cd the murdered Chancellor dollfuss of a e Ria. But he can also be hard As nails. The arid Lipari islands Italy a place of exile in the Adriatic. I Bear witness to this. Popular As he is with millions of his countrymen and feared As he is by others the italians can not refrain from As they Call funny stories. Typical As any was the one that dealt with his unexpected arrival in a Small provincial italian town. Tired out from his journey. Mussolini decided to go to a movie. In the darkness he sat Down unrecognized by anybody. A picture of himself was flashed on the screen. Everyone else Rose the tired Mussolini sat stolidly. The keen Eye of the manager espied him. Coming Over he tapped the Duce on the shoulder and said Quot Signor you must then in his ear in a confidential whisper a a you know hereabouts we All think like you. But Rise All the Mussolini was never ashamed of his origin nor of the manual work he has performed. Instead he was proud of them. If he has vanity he ran also poke fun at it. On one occasion he said Quot if All goes Well in 30 years my statue will be placed in the Public squares of Many cities and Young lovers will say a i will meet you tonight at 8 o clock behind and that too will be there Are few in Europe who receipt of Rich fees from utilities in the fight on the administration holding company Bill was admitted by these two former government High ups to it pm Tumulty left and Patrick j. Hurley right shown by the candid camera As they appeared before Senate lobby probes in a hectic session. Hurley sex Secretary of War charging that he had been a put in a goldfish bowl Quot because he is a Republican testified his Law firm received $100,000 from associated Gas amp electric in the last three years Tumulty former Secretary of Wood Row Wilson admitted he had been paid $33,000 by utilities to Light the Bill. Fish hatchery keeps museum of Freak Trout beef hearts and curdled milk. But they Are kept separated from the Normal Trout. The Normal fish would give no Quarter. Ito to Mamie a n for a no is Cox it up As a Rule one Brook Trout turns out to in about like every other Brook Trout. There is a Gratifying degree of normality about them. But it seems there is need of a psycho pathologist at the Tahoe City witchery of the state division of fish and game to determine just what some of the tinny inmates Are trying to do. There is a thankful of fish freaks that would have delighted p. T. Barnum. Twin fish that Are linked Back to Back Side to Side or Tail to Tail Albino fish that Are almost transparent fish that have necks so twisted that they swim through life always looking behind them a thew Are some of the weird specimens superintendent j. C. Lewis has gathered. Lewis noticed Hie first museum specimen about a year ago. They have multiplied Many fold since then. One pair is hitched together near the tails. After months of experience they still try to swim in oppo to direction be in i removed after to years a second pair is joined tandem Miles City Mont. Up a a fashion the Side of one to a Tail Bullet lodged in his hand 40 years of the other. Tiro result has been ago while he was a boy in Var that tile Forward twin gets the Gin la was removed recently from bulk of the food and outweighs his the hand of John a Laney Park brother by several ounces. Superintendent. It was lodged in All the freaks Are in Good Der the base of the thumb where health. They Are fed ground liver a it joins the Palm read courier news want ads. Aum to 1792trench revolution begins cars Pons mob attacks the Tuil eries. 1s21 Missouri a Imi Heel to the Union Chicago incorporated As. A town 1h40 Sirini Lisoni an institution or Azizad 1s74 Herbert hoc a born 1920 Turkey six of amp Are treaty soviet silk Harvest largest on record Moscow. Up a record Harvest of silkworm cocoons has been collected this year in the soviet totalling 18.0 h tons. Sericulture is widely developed in Transcaucasia and Central Asia. And during recent years us need further North at present about 800.-0 h collective farmsteads and 23 state experimental sericulture farms in Hie soviet Are rearing silkworms. Ii a spy a a strike j 20% c or in or a Tiv i St 11 i of in rare Gold Cross found Erivan. Armenia up a Gold Cross weighing 18 Grams was discovered near the i Vin Village which was tin capita i of Armenia from the 5th to the 8th centuries. This Cross the Only one of its kind. Is set with a san hide carved Gem bearing the image of a Bird. Hawks rout woman Toledo up when a night Hawk darted and squawked at mrs. George Smith she just ducked and continued cutting Jar Lawn. But when the Bird came Back with three companions sin left the Lawn Mower and ran for the House. Cracks Down on employees Mobile. Ala. Up a when members of the Mobile City Council heard complaints that City employees lived outside the City limits they ordered All employees to move into the City a a within a reasonable length of time Quot or Lor Leit their jobs. To is thought that a full Moon weakens radio signals. Housewives protests resounding across the nation against rising food prices reached a Climax in Deli nit. When More than 500 militant women massed in front of meat shops and demanded drastic Price lashes. Shown Here is one delegation carrying banners supporting the buyers strike. The women sorted at a 5 per cent Price Cut granted by one Chain declaring they wanted "20 cents a Pound not j cents on the Dollar a reduction and threatened boycotting and picketing if their demands were not met. Never a Dull moment children named Locust Boston. Up a Locust. Leave infant and Hezekiah Are some of the names selected for babies bom in Hie Only Hospital for Bantu women in Johannesburg South Alica mrs. Clara Bridgman a missionary revealed in a letter to the american Board of foreign Mission commissioners Here. Lamed to direct Laskan project baby daughter a if Cabinet Aid missed the train ? Well who cares it wont be a Dull wait. Weve plenty of Luckiest. Cun water in be proves was Day Webb City. To. Up a monday is really Quot Wash Day Quot in this Southwest Missouri town. Water company records show approximately 50.000 More Gallons of water Are used on monday than any other single Day. Robinson Crusoe jailed Newburyport mass. Up a Robinson Crusoe was locked up in a jail cell for Safe keeping the Ether night. Crusoe a negro left for his native Kentucky after the night s lodging. Dog knows when fish rite Farrar la. Up a a Barking dog never bites but George wolfs Mongrel Jackie barks when the fish bite. Wolf Village innkeeper and Champion Fisherman says ii is dog is indispensable because barks always Tell hint when a fish is hooked. Notice meeting of Board of assessors. St. Francis levee District notice is hereby Given that the Board of assessors St. Francis levee District in the state of Arkansas will meet at the office of the said Board at West Memphis. Arkansas at to of clock a. M., tuesday August 20, 1935, for the purpose of equalizing the assessments of the lands town lots railroads Tram roads Telephone. J lines Telegraph lines and Power lines within said District and for Tho purpose of correcting any wrongful or erroneous assessments. Therefore notice is hereby Given i to All the owners of lands town i 1 lots railroad., Tram roads Tele-1 i phone lines Telegraph lines and i Power lines within said District i or any it it sons aggrieved by reason of said assessments to appear at said time and place for the purpose of having any wrongful or erroneous assessments adjusted if any there be. Witness my hand As president of the said Board of directors of the St. Francis levee District of Arkansas at West Memphis Arkansas on this the 30th Day i of july id35, w. Smith president. Attest w. O. Baylor Secretary treasurer. Cabinet members Are More often grandparents than proud parents of Newborn children which gives this youngster an unusual distinction. Silo is Melissa Woodring six weeks old daughter of assistant Secretary of War Harry Woodring held by her admiring Young Kotlier at their Home us upper Marlboro my never a Dull momentum your Best Friend i am your Lucky strike. Springfield 111. Up ii Nois has launched a state Widi Snake Hunt for every species of reptiles which abound within its Bor Dors. Object of the Hunt is to gather material for an educational exhibit at the state fair. i Sij 5, Tiv Arnah a tobacco cuppa. No co signers payments reduced 12 months to repay confidential in Luckiest f try two bushels of every i. Ii is of Corn produced in i Oun try Are fed to hogs i attle and 14 in horses Fred Astaire , introduces new songs and dances from top hat in the Lucky strike hit Parade saturdays 6 re second floor Sudbury tidy. Rhone 19o

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