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Blytheville Courier News Newspaper Archives Aug 7 1976, Page 1

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Blytheville Courier News (Newspaper) - August 7, 1976, Blytheville, Arkansas Senate approves Broad tax Bill committee holds Fate by Jim Luther associated press writer Washington a a Senate House conference committee holds the Fate of a far reaching Bill that extends tax cuts for individuals and provides a variety of tax Breaks for some of the nations largest businesses. The Bill was passed 4f to 22 by the Senate on Friday night nearly eight months after the House approved its own sharply different measure. Sometime the week of aug. 23, leaders of the Senate finance committee and House ways and Means committee will Start the tedious process of trying to reconcile differences Between the two Bills. But one thing seems certain the average taxpayer will face no increase in Federal income taxes at least until january 1978. Indicated Friday that he favors the general approach taken by the Senate on individual taxes which was to freeze them at current Levels through dec. Is 1977. The House Bill would extend current tax cuts originally enacted last year Only through the end of this year. The individual tax cuts now in effect Are Worth about $180 a year to a typical family of four with an income of $18,000. Extension of the individual tax cuts along with across the Board tax reductions that were voted for Bitt Nesses last year represents the major part of the 2,009-Page Bill voted by the Senate. But the measure contains an estimated 300other provisions. There Are special tax Breaks for parents of College students for housewives the elderly and working parents and a Complete rewriting of the estate tax Law. There Are across the Board tax Breaks for businesses especially for Oil companies life insurance companies airlines railroads and shipbuilders. While the Senate Bill is considerably More generous to investors and businessmen than is the House version it still attempts to shut off some tax shelter abuses and to ensure that All High income investors pay some taxes. The Senate Bill seeks to offer specific tax Relief to the parents of College students by allowing them to take a special tax credit to homeowners by letting them deduct the Cost of Energy related Home improvements to working parents by simplifying and liberalizing tax benefits to offset costs of child care and to homemakers by launching a program that eventually could Lead to federally subsidized pensions for spouses who done to work outside the Home. By preliminary congressional estimates the Bill would raise $3.6 billion a year by 1981 by shutting off or reducing a variety of tax benefits mainly for investors and businesses. Rep. Al Ullman d-ore., who the will head the House conferees soviet testing Iran arms Sale sex discrimination Schweiker move Reagan Stop the White House says it will no longer release the details of the size of soviet nuclear Testa to the Public because they might politically Embarrass Ford. Secretary of state Henry Kissinger says the continuation of major arms sales to Iran is essential to a stable Middle East. The state department stung by a sex discrimination suit admits there Arentt Many women in the diplomatic corps but says the number is increasing. Some of Ronald Reagan a key backers say that there is a Strong and organized movement a foot to dump Schweiker if Reagan gets the nomination. Ronald Reagan was to travel to West Virginia in his last Stop in his search for delegates after his running mate claimed new support in Pennsylvania. Page 2 Page 2 Page 2 Page 3 Page 3 on \ the news Blytheville Ark. 72315 vol. 82-no. 73 to cents 12 pages saturday August 7, it action line basketball court will be Maple f Roundup augwt7 toxin now prime suspect Tiffany improved in deaths experts say Scott Tiffany la of Blytheville an apparent accidental shooting victim thursday today remains in critical condition in Chickasaw hoopla although he shows a Quot slight improvement a according to the youths attending physician. Tiffany was wounded thursday morning sheriffs deputies said when a 14-year-old companion aimed a 22-caliber Rifle at Tiffany and the gun uncharged. The boys were shooting turtles at a Pond near Blytheville when the incident occurred deputies said. No charges Are anticipated in the Case according to Mississippi county sheriff George Ford. Library fines lifted persons with overdue Library books May return them to Blytheville Public Library by aug. Is without a Fine accor tag to librarian mrs. Linda a Arbroth a. Mrs. Yarbroug i says that there Are Many books past duo and she believes Many persons Are not bringing the books Back because they fear it May coot them too much. Dell school starts Dell school will Start aug. Is with a full schedule including a regular bus schedule and lunches served at the school according to Roy Littlefield superintendent. August is a teachers workshop will be held Littlefield says. Senators split votes Washington a sen. Dale bumpers Dahl. Voted against the tax revision Bill passed Friday by the Senate. Son. John l Mcclellan d-Ark., voted for the Bill the Bill passed 49-22 and goos to a House Banate conference for talks aimed at resolving the numerous differences Between the version passed by the Senate and the version Pao aed by the House. Roundup. Page 3 partly Cloudy partly Cloudy and warm today and sunday. Fair and mild tonight. Highs today ibs Northwest to 98s elsewhere lows tonight mostly in the 80s. Harrisburg a. A researchers baffled by a deadly Riddle they say May never be answered have shifted their attention to toxins a poisons a in the search to identify the Quot legionnaires disease Quot which has caused the deaths of 28 persons. Quot what we know is really what we done to know a or. David Sencer director of the Federal Center for disease control in Atlanta said Friday. A a it a possible Well never scientists on Friday turned their attention to thousands of toxic chemicals As a possible cause of the disease. They have not completely ruled out virus As a possible cause but Sencer said Quot we have found no viral isolation Quot Sencer said detection tests for toxins Are More complicated than those which eliminated influenza As a possible cause. He said he did not know when results of the tests might show absolutely whether a toxic agent caused the illness and if one did which one. If a toxin was the cause it May have come from food water or from air breathed by the victims Sencer said. But he emphasized that the illness is not a bacterial disease such As those referred to As food poisoning. Toxins can come from animals vegetables chemicals or common household items. They can be harmless in some amounts killers in others. They can be produced in a Laboratory or crop up on their own. Sencer said a a wide variety of pesticides and herbicides could have caused the disease but scientists were not restricting tests to those substances. Leonard Bachman Pennsylvania s health Secretary said toxins Are tougher to Trace As time passes. No new outbreaks of the disease have been reported since tuesday. The death toll climbed to 28 when two persons who had been hospitalized with the disease died thursday. The dead a 21 men and four women a ranged in age from 39 to 82. Ten of the victims were Over 68. Bachman said the official count of the number afflicted was reduced from 181 to 112 by eliminating Quot background cases of illness that did not fit a new definition of the illness. Officials said that for persons to be considered afflicted with the disease they must have been associated with the convention in some Way. In addition there must be a fever of 102 degrees and either coughs or a Ray evidence of pneumonia. The Hunt for toxins includes a search by City environmentalists of the hotels where legionnaires stayed. Investigators were testing carpets wallpaper and air conditioning equipment at the six hotels used by the victims. Also being tested for chemical agents were such common items As plastics soap and paper. The Battle also continues in the Laboratory. Scientists at the Doc planned to work 17-hour Days Brough the weekend in an Effort determine the cause of the disease. Quot now that we Are fairly Well convinced that this is not a highly infectious agent to other people we Are putting it into a lab where we do not have to take such a High degree of pre caution for the personnel and the environment Quot Sencer said. Since Poison has been mentioned rumours of sabotage have persisted especially since the disease was so selective on legionnaires Viking twin orbits Mars by Richard Saltus a science writer Pasadena Calif apr the Viking 2 probe completed Maneu vers to put it into orbit around Mars Early today As the Viking i Lander continued its experiments searching for signs of life on the planet s surface with its robot Lander still mated to the orbiting Mother ship Viking 2 went through a 49-minute rocket Burn that brought it within 1,000 Miles of Mars a spokesman at the Jet propulsion Laboratory said the Man Euver was completed at 8 29 a m. Edt. Scientists said they know for several hours whether it had been completely successful but a spokesman said indications were that everything was Quot going Fine a the rocket Burn was to decelerate the four ton Craft which had been speeding up As it approached the planet. The Craft began the Man Euver from a Point 10,000 Miles above Mars and was slowed some 2,-460 Miles an hour from its pre Vious velocity of 10,300 m p h. During the Man Euver the Craft twisted and rolled to get its engines Antenna and solar panels into proper position. It is now scheduled to orbit Mars once every 27.4 hours in an elliptical path that will take the Craft within 932 Miles of the planet at its closest Point and leave it 22,126 Miles away at its farthest Point. As the probe draws close to Mars after completing its first orbit sunday it will begin taking pictures of the planet. The photography will continue on subsequent orbits and because the orbit time is slightly longer than a Martian Day the probe will be taking pictures of a different area each time it reaches that Point in its orbit. It will Survey Northern latitudes for a Landing place where it will touch Down on sept. 4 to continue the search for life. Jul planners have said they May risk setting Viking 2 Down in a More hazardous area in the North because it is believed More water is present in the Northern sections and that would enhance the possibility of finding signs of life meanwhile data from three biology experiments by Viking i plus an organic analysis of Mars soil a unless a test chamber for that test proved empty a was expected to be revealed later today. On Friday the biological Testa for living organisms in Viking Page 3 Delegate fight May Force show of Ford Reagan cards by Dick Barnes As Sec la ted press writer Washington a a looming fight Over one vote in the new Jersey delegation May Lead to an indicative Ford is Reagan test vote Early in the Republican National convention. Prospects for a preliminary showdown evolved Friday when Ronald Reagan s Campaign manager vowed to Quot go All the Way to secure a convention vote for a new Jersey Man an alternate to the convention. The alternate Joseph Yglesias says he supports Reagan and will take the Delegate Slot held by a Ford supporter who died last month. But new Jersey cop leaders and Republican National committee officials said Friday that under existing procedures the seat should go to another alternate Ford Backer Maria Scalia. Despite an Accord Between the two sides not to wage credentials fights at Kansas City Reagan Campaign chief John Sears passed the word that he would Quot go All the Way with Joe Quot to win Ute Lone vote. Though even one vote might be significant in the close Ford Reagan fight the larger importance of a credential contest would be its indication of each sides actual voting strength and the disposition of delegates who currently say they re uncommitted strength on credentials test votes enabled Dwight d Ewen Bower to win the gop nomination at the 1982 convention and showed that sen. George Mcgovern would win the democratic fight in 1972. The associated press tally of delegates Legal commitments and Public declarations presently gives Ford 1,103 votes and Reagan 1,034, with 122 uncommitted. It takes 1,130 to be nominated in addition to the new Jersey vote Given to Ford under the committee interpretation of the rules Ford picked up a previously uncommitted Delegate in Pennsylvania and another from South Carolina on Friday a state judge in Arkansas ruled however that Ford had been allocated one too Many votes from that state s primary. The judge ruled that Ford should have received nine votes instead of to with the other vote going to an Buncom netted Delegate. Whether anyone would use the ruling As a basis to try to strip Ford of the vote was not immediately Clear however any test vote at Kansas City would not precisely reflect Ford and Reagan strengths for the actual nomination ballot. Each Side will get some votes on the presidential Roll Call from delegates bound to that Side by slate Law but who personally prefer the other Candi Date such Bonds do not apply on procedural votes unlike delegates at this year s democratic National convention gop delegates do not have to be personally approved by the candidate for whom they must vote. Reagan generally is conceded to have slightly More strength on a vote on procedure than on a presidential ballot mainly because of gains he would make in North Carolina Kentucky and perhaps Maryland Ford would exceed hts presidential ballot strength on a procedural vote in Indiana and perhaps Michigan the Winner of a procedural vote would gain psychological strength that could be wielded against uncommitted delegates a gop National committee panel will preliminarily hear credentials matters next tuesday but the full conventions credentials committee Isnit scheduled to meet until the following monday. By Jack Weatherly Blaff writer Quot action line. I understand trib table to the carpeted floor there is going to be a Concrete floor in the new gym at workmen Are patting Tho finishing touches on the Interior of the new physical education building at Blytheville High school. The gym in the object of today a action line. Courier news photo Blytheville High school bus. Concrete is inferior to Hardwood and leads to injuries especially Shin the basketball floor of the $238,928 physical education building nearing completion will be Hardwood Mapel specifically according to Blytheville school supt. L. D. Quot Buck Quot Harris the Al Reader did not specify which portion of the new building is alleged to have Only the Concrete floor but there is some truth to the statement Harris confirms. The gymnastics room will be Concrete with an All weather carpeting he says. That surface will Quot have a pad with enough Spring to it a harm notes. A spokesman for Arkansas state University Sasu physical education department upholds Harris opinion of the Concrete carpet surface. Quot so far we be had no complaints Quot As to injuries St at Asu the spokesman says. A More desirable surface often used for gymnastics purposes is a rubberized synthetic similar to that used on outdoor tracks according to the Asu spokesman. However the Rubberised surface costs in the neighbourhood of four times that of carpeting. Harris says the rubberized surface is the most expensive Type flooring followed by Hardwood and Concrete. Architects told the bus administration that for gymnastics use the order of preference is also synthetic rubber Hardwood and then Concrete. Bus also faced a tight budget and had to opt for the carpeted Concrete Harris notes. Asu had another decision to make in designing its eight month old physical education building. Quot we had a Choice Between tile and carpet. But tile has a tendency to be dirtier and aesthetically carpeting makes a prettier floor. Quot we have the indoor carpet in the wrestling room too a he adds. Quot we do have an abundance of Mats Quot for various pieces of gymnastic equipment according to the spokesman. The Mats Are expensive. Small ones Cost Quot several Hundred dollars each a he says and the 49-foot-by-49-foot floor exercise mat costs about $8,009. But he adds Quot even if we had the rubberized surface we d need the bus has Quot quite a bit of Small equipment Quot Harris says including Small Mats. Harris says the school administration is in the Quot process of getting ready to look for those things now Quot meaning More hardware and Mats. The floor exercise mat is one of the items on the list he adds and he Hopes to have the Purchase made by the gymnastics season which begins in january. Bus has a girls gymnastics team and is attempting to form a boys team Harris noted

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