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Blytheville Courier News Newspaper Archives Apr 19 1937, Page 4

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Blytheville Courier News (Newspaper) - April 19, 1937, Blytheville, Arkansas A if pour Blytheville Abr courier news the Blytheville courier news the courier news co publishers c. R. Babcock editor h. W. Haines adverting manager Bels National advertising representatives Arkansas dailies inc., new York Chicago Detroit. St. Louis Dallas Kansas City Memphis. Published every afternoon except sunday entered As second class matter at the Post office at Blytheville. Arkansas under act of Congress october 9. 1917. Served by the United press subscription rates by Carrier in the City of Blytheville. 15c per week or 65c per month. By mall within a radius of 50 Miles $3.00 per year $1.50 for six months 75c for three months by mail in postal zones two to six inclusive $6.50 per year in zones seven and eight $10.00 per year payable in Advance. A Good impression of the aaa tourist Bureau directors took with them a favourable impression of Blytheville when they left for the North sunday morning a and if they did no to they Are a Graceful and accomplished lot of credit is due largely to Crawford Noble who entertained them in a Way we venture to say that did not suffer by any comparison they chose to make with the hospitality extended them elsewhere. Or. Noble was inspired in his efforts it is reasonable to imagine by motives not entirely unselfish. It is his business to make the hotel for which he is responsible a successful institution from a business standpoint and certainly one Way of contributing to that end is to make a favourable impression upon a whose work in life tourists. Most of us who time and Effort to what vvt1 regard As the welfare of t to Ville have a similar motive. Group is the of visitors routing of give More or less the promotion of Bly we want to help the Community because we know that is one Way of helping ourselves. Or. Noble in our opinion is doing his part in excellent style. His institution is the one with which Many visitors to this City make their principal Contact. It leaves a Good impression that cannot help but be reflected in their feeling toward the City As a whole. He is doing a Good Job and the whole town benefits As a result. Popular Vian Oregon a senator Steiwer Bas proposed a constitutional amendment for which some very cogent arguments might easily be made. His amendment would provide for the nomination of presidential and vice presidential candidates by popular vote. Under that system the Job of a National political party convention would consist merely of writing a platform and rubber stamping the nominations made by the voters. The amount of horse trading thimble rigging and Plain and fancy conniving which such a system would abolish is something to think about. So too is the Way in which it would compel each candidate to declare him out our Way self Well in Advance on the issues of the Day. It would end the old game of playing it Safe keeping quiet and refusing to make enemies and it ought to make the nomination of presidential candidates much More responsive to the popular will. It looks in Short like an exceedingly sensible amendment. Comeback to acts in his 73-year-old aunt whom he once banished from Spain sex King Alfonso apparently has a sturdy protagonist. At least she has demanded that he he restored to the Spanish throne. The King has Given nearly $10,000,-000 to Aid the insurgent cause she Points out and should he returned to his throne a was a Reward for what he has of the insurgents finally win Alfonso May recover his Crown. But if he does it is doubtful if i will find the fruits of his Victory to he Sweet. A Monarch who has helped one Side or another to continue a War that drenches his country in blood certainly is not one who merits or will get the undivided loyalty and affection of his subjects. An unselfish Leader one who loved the land of his fathers would have tried without stint to end the dreadful conflict. Carry on until recently most Well informed americans supposed that medical science had finally a a conquered yellow fever. Beginning with Gorgas Reed and their conferees in Havana science had shown that the disease was transmitted solely by one particular species of Mosquito called Aegis a Egypt As this obnoxious pest was brought under control yellow fever was sure to vanish. The annual report of the Rockefeller foundation however reveals that the picture is not so Rosy. For it has been discovered that yellow fever can and does occur in regions where aedes a Egypt has never appeared. Vast areas of South american Jungle Are centers of the disease and some entirely new villain must be sought. There Are no brighter chapters in All medical history than those which Tell of its Light with yellow fever. It May he discouraging to learn that the fight has not yet been won but has merely entered a new phase. And yet in View of past performances who can doubt that medical science will find the brains the courage and the stick to it Veness to carry on until the Victory is final Side glances by George Clark. A a a a a. Y monday april to Iott 0 trailer adventure by Nard Jones 1937, Nea service inc. A if takes just a Little will Power boys. Ten years ago my doctor advised me t6 take some exercise and i Haven t missed a Day this curious world be William Ferguson Sis is symbols of peace engage in bloody Battles with rivals during the Breeding sesson. Mountainous state contains much More surface Abea than a level. State of the same size when Lano is surveyed for. Divisional purposes it is treated Vas a. Flat plane Castor and Pollux the stars known As "77/s Tiv is actually Are about 90 Tell of a1/lets a fault. Salt has Anam been proven that when representatives of workers and employers agree to aet together in conference to discuss their inferences across the table fair and reasonable agreement can be reached. A Secretary of labor Frances Perkins commenting on the Cir Chrysler pact. By William Quot a the famous twin stars Caster and Pollux have been recognized As a pair i or thousands it years but modern instruments show us they they Are of entirely different groups. Pollux is speeding in one direction it a rate of 16 Miles a second while Castor is travelling a separate course at about nine Miles a second. Next from what docs the word Halo come in today a a ailing. Dts la lib a or civil Melv to ignite her Eoin imn Ion. Butta h a a a is a Iii Iii i at u Ftp Klaxon Al a huh a Hiu Tavin in Rex North from snit i re i i,.�?z i he we it Matt. And mid Lenly he decide even though i tote enl dint he i in pile it Ted in Betty a a a d inn Mien in Nee. So lie a him or re Ted. It riving r Seattle still in Wen Rebot Ile try mar the and that to Fol cd Nik Ehn Raeter i involved in the ene. And few hour inter tin too i i to be fed Hgt set Eddoth Tho True Ltd Hei intr meeting him at n she i Chloro former and it of null t i1iid> herself rth onre i hip. Sped Dor Thouve lip Tim informs Hee Joni t want to wee her then if in fun alarm learn Ihn she no Betty anti Benoni. On Nee in victim of a v. To ii ii i a it dope a ins to hone Era do a Litten to Frt out a Nett trailer a to Colin but Eyer my Utica a his Irhe m Ike the test la offer to Ake Marilla int i the. Rim. I Areni color death of us refuse. Tin Martha it nil Man us red it Thlu left none Calli in unkind Oriental Lorr flick Al a i a see they 11 att mr., in he or never to h mat to ii order he a. To lure of for i in to men to ten he detonation the a a hip the Cen snarl to vex enter sip no Lith them or lie Elte Meni Martin Crape Kiel and he i. And narc i her they Elf Lith to Fin Nett deck then they realized the up no for t concern far the. Mua co of at it Tut. Story chapter Xxiii j ogling oui Over the dark Waters Martha saw that the needing Revenue Cutter was close astern of i Znika. Vessel. A great Mustache of White foam Rode Dong before the clean cutting prow. Then suddenly a blinding Glare of Light struck at them. A a it a the new coast guard cuties that was brought around from Ike East coast a Martha heard one it the men shout. A a this tub can to get away from a she s got to a to was Speddon roaring above the Din. A a they be Given us one shot As a a warning a tile other Man yelled. Next thru Well gel it Square. In a going to Tell Pete to get those engines in reverse a a not until Cizniak orders you to a Sneddon rasped. Martha and Betty crouched Low on the deck. Afraid that the illumination of it cutters Searchlight would reveal them to some of Ciz Nike screw. Quot we be got just one Chance a Betty whispered. A a that a to signal that Cost guard Cutter. Ii they know we re aboard they won t Quot but Cizniak is sure to Quot maybe la he does hell make certain that the Revenue men never see us a Martha put a hand on Bettye a shoulder. Quot you stay Here ill try i t. Work around to the other Side. I Chia i tubes is immediately put to bed in a room that is Well ventilated but not cold he benefits promptly. In his treatment the doctor pre i scribes sedative remedies that will help the patient rest at night and also drugs that Are valuable in the treatment of various kinds of coughs. Some of these remedies tend to loosen the cough. At the a ame time the action of the bowels is regulated. Sometimes inhalations of steam which serves to moisten the air ire prescribed. Occasionally thus team is medicated with soothing us or with preparations such As Benzoin. In general doctors Are inclined to the belief that it is primarily the steam and seconding he medication that is important. The patient should take plenty of hot liquids such As Tea and Citrus fruit drinks. As he improve. His diet is supplemented with nourishing milk preparations. Read courier news want ads surely they la be Able to see me. If in a Quot it might not work though a the voice of Cizniak said suddenly. A we tricked them that Way once with a Sailor in women a clothes a Martha turned startled. Cizniak stood there on the wet deck his face working angrily. In his right hand was a revolver. Quot done to move either of you a he yelled Speddon a name. Quot take these two below. Jack Ling is Down there and he knows what to a a but a Quot do As i Tell you a # >5 it a Speddon reached into his a Quot pocket a get going a he said. Their hearts like Lead Martha and Bette preceded Speddon Down the steel companionway a keep going until you get to Ciz Nils room a Speddon told them. Is really Strong below us Are Good engines. Very new. Very fast. You still have a most excellent most excellent Chance the sinister words rang through Martha a head like a crazy tune suppose Cizniak did escape the Cutter what would be bests to by dropped unknowing into the Black water or to stay imprison a with Cizniak it was Odd How at this moment she thought of Gerry Neah it was Odd How she could not hate him. Somehow she wished that he Wras hero even though associated w Ith Cizniak he would have found some Way to help yes she had been a fool. Quot you d Belt a let me Slick with you he nm1, Naicy. A a you Rev re nothing that a bigger than you he nae5 Given her that warning and she had re the Placid Oriental was there fused get. Had foolish in believed in is Cizniak had said. He smiled at her strength to Light something Speddon. A please hold them quiet j which he could not see. With gun a moment a he s of. Her mind stumbled longingly with surprisingly Strong arms i Back Over the Days and weeks. He pushed the two girls onto the she remembered by bunk and within halt a minute i Betty had started out blithely on had bound the legs and arms of their vacation to the roast had both securely. They sat stiffly j been so careless As to Rind them faces White As paper watching selves stranded in san Diego. And Ling and Speddon. Then to be caught up from their a what about their traps Ling a i innocent Way whirled into some Speddon asked. I thing from which they could not Ling smiled. Quot i have handler j extricate themselves. It Only she thieves ready. People meeting had never persuaded Betty they death sometimes like to talk a should take a vacation together. Speddon rubbed his hands Ner i if Only Sously. Quot we ought no to to have to j a do this. Wed never have in i jetty stirred beside her. Quot Iju i i anything a done to hear she afoul of these gals if Neal had not got queer on us a he looked i whispered a a we we must have along the passageway. Quot in a going got away from them a up above. Done to forget what Ciz rut no sooner had s Nik told Ling smiled and walked across he room. Slowly he opened one she uttered the words than there was a frightening indescribable sound above As ii the cutters fire had struck. Of he big port Hole wide and heavy objects were fall ing to the stood there his eyes halt closed deck. And too men seemed to be a what Are you going to shouting at once. The engines do Martha cried. I slowed almost stopped then trim Hope a a a nothing the old bled into reverse. There was the Man mid. Quot but if boat overtakes j noise of running feet and then a us. Then i must do As Mista Cizniak lurch of the ship As thought had suggest i been rammed hard by a weight Quot you can to kill us they�?T1 find equal itself. Us Here and it la be worse for you Martha looked toward Ling. The than if you let us go ancient Oriental had been thrown Lings thin eyebrows raised. To his once by the lurch fascia Quot find you he repeated altering a Fec Sec watched him slowly reins voice in question. The eyes gaining his feet rested on the big port Hole witha Ling what the Devil a she its Glass swinging wide. Quot no of. A sax Cizniak in the doorway knew they do not find you. Not until from his tortured face that he and Many Days j has gang were caught. Quot shut that door. Ling a Arthas head seemed to be he started toward the two spinning she dared not face women. Martha saw his Arm Rais Betty. Ing a revolver she closed her Quot but perhaps the boat docs not 1 eyes cringed closer to Betty just overtake us Ling said solicit As the sound of a shot filled the Ousby. Quot i have seen this happen 1 room rang hideously against the Many times this ship look very steel plates. Old. Virv slow like Linsz but she i to be continued to years ago from the files of the Blytheville courier news tuesday april 19, 1927 Memphis the entire St. Francis River Basin of Southeast mls-1 Souri and Northeast Arkansas was doomed to inundation today when i the St Johns Bayou levee eight Miles North of new Madrid mo., broke under the pressure of floods Early today. The breach in the St. Johns Bayou levee was a mile wide. It will permit the overflow from the i Sippi River at the Dorena Crevasse further North to sweep southward toward big Lake at Huffman he left Home at 5 30 on horseback and. Making As fast Progress As possible reached this City after 9 of clock. Quot old timers in Blytheville Challenge the prediction of Memphis River men that Osceola Wilson and other towns in this immediate territory will be flooded As a result of the new Madrid Crevasse an Engineer had to a and in a foot of water in the restaurant at pet Yville today to communicate with the courier news. The water of big Lake is falling As a result of four Breaks in the levee but the water Over the Mainland is rising and is approaching Dell. James Walker a Pioneer citizen of Huffman came to town this morning Over what he said were the worst roads that he had Ever travelled upon during his 24 years much hoi. Good dict ill help oui boarding House wan i bronchial in Lection artist Model fix wage san Francisco up the i newly organized professional Els Guild will make no wage Dis-1 unction Between posing in the i nude for artists or in the latest i gowns and furs for fashion exp perts. The m ice will be $5 Lor i every two hours. With major Hoople no. 191 Hahr. Morris Fishbein editor. Journal of the american medical association anti of Lygeia. The health Magazine .0? vow Quot a 4fl ill Hub its t m beg. U t. Cat off tue false from. If we remember that the mucous membranes of the breathing tract ire continuous beginning with Hose of the nose and Throat and tunning Down into the urn we understand Why it is to my i Tor infections to begin in any part of this tract and then sex Etui to tiler parts. As has already been in toned in the discussion of pneumonia infections of these mucous membranes seem to damage in m to a Uch an extent that tin Atter they appear to be More. To additional infections. Infections of the to Dory tract Are especially commom countries in Winch then Ara rapid changes in ten Aire and humidity. Fot that on those persons subject to r red infections of this Type mid if possible live in Region ire the climate is fairly staid 0 a there seems to be Goon evidence that the condition of Thorn mucous membranes de Jeno on the general by Gierow our bodies of we cultivate la of hygienic condition with of Clint rest and a Good diet we do much to strengthen the resistant of these membranes to infect to cold and chill a Lack of vitamins and minerals in thie overwork and excess in tit use of alcohol and tobacco All a a weaken Regist Anre of membranes in the lungs. Doctors usually chitin according the lungs that to the nature acute bronchitis in old people particularly in Keetion with such As Measle Tao mucous Throat and classify Pronto the parts of Are involved and of the infections. Is fairly common and in children the latter in Conspecific infections a whooping cough and Scarlet fever. Not infrequently As Lias air Ady been mentioned a common cold that begins a it la a disturbance of of the nose May extend to the Throat and eventually to the lungs. In addition irritation of the mucous membranes of the bronchial tubes May be caused by inhaling irritant gases. Such As Ether a chlorine and the gases of for iterators. Such As Sulphur i Ide and ammonia am veg Vod Abe to two Bloise who think that f the Only time you 6ee a is oot thing when vol look into a Mlp Iofi i of be Keh you my cif.cu5 for it it 2.oo-well�?~�?you could have propped thi5 g3ravy oni your Vest it with the re6t of the spots a i Exchange to it for thl a Heap of cabbage�?tpe5e be we g Are \00 a Obille if you never a w Onie or too Bills i remember grand App saying he Baw one once you must have picked luf it a Hitchhiker with a Golden thumb amp taken Mim for a i grab Mim ? he s what we re look Jing for a a Dalesman who Gam Gell. Our ear muff5 to the Borneo Cann in alg and re to the organism usually t these mucous membranes pneumococcus which Caus Monia yet it is also possible other germs such As Stretc and those of influenza to i the membranes the bronchitis victim Ostia slightly sick somewhat i often Short of breath and is to coughing spells at first cough is often hard. Dry. Painful but later it tend loosen up. Particularly if Ren Are Given that lip increase it amount of secretion. A a if a person with such a and inflammation of the Pat in he u or Loci it the and

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