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Blytheville Courier News Newspaper Archives Apr 3 1937, Page 4

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Blytheville Courier News (Newspaper) - April 3, 1937, Blytheville, Arkansas Blytheville air coup leu news saturday april Page Kolk the Blytheville courier news the courier news co., publishers c. R. Babcock editor h. W. Haines advertising manager sols National advertising representatives Arkansas dailies inc., new York Chicago Detroit St. Louis Dallas Kansas City Memphis. Published every afternoon except sunday entered As second class matter at the past office at Blytheville Arkansas under act of Congress october 9. 1917. Served by the United Presa subscription rates by Carrier in the City of Blytheville. 15c per week or 65c Poi month. By mail within a radius of 50 Miles $3.00 per year $1.50 for six months 75c for three months by mail in postal zones two to six inclusive $6.50 per year in zones seven and eight $10.00 per year payable in Advance. American opera the Chicago City opera company feeling that americans will lint a new taste for grand opera if it is Sung Iii language j hey can understand and based on themes that Are familiar to them has opened a Competition for an opera by an american composer based on a Romance of the civil War. The winning work will be presented by the opera next fall. Now while this Competition at first glance provokes somewhat droll visions of fat italian tenors garbed As Robert e. Lee and u. S. Grant straining for High notes at Appomattox and of warbling a a supers trailing about the stage in the Guise of Job stuarts troopers it must be added that the idea is fundamentally sound As they used to say. If grand opera is Ever to become popular in America in the Way it is popular for example in Italy it has got to go american. What sort of work this particular Competition May bring Forth is known Only to the gods of music of course but the idea is a healthy step in the right direction. Side glances just where to hit and i could see that red bathing suit too a Martha smiled. A mind if i just lie Here a minute and close my eyes i feel kind of the Cattail Outlook the probability that the 1937 Cotton acreage will show a substantial increase Over that of 193b, indicated by statements of planting intentions by Farmers Here and elsewhere is not necessarily a cause for alarm. Farmers should realize however that if there should he for example a 15 per cent increase in acreage Over the Belt and if Droutas and other unfavourable conditions which have contributed to holding Down production in recent years should be absent this year the inevitable result will be a crop of such size As almost certainly to halt the upward trend in the Price of Cotton and quite possibly to Force it substantially lower. In View of greatly improved Market conditions there would seem to be no danger of a return of 1933 prices. But it should be remembered that the buying Power of a Dollar is considerably less than it was in 1932. The present Price of Cotton is not above parity with the prices of commodities which Cotton producers must buy. To increase production to an extent that would make Cotton cheap in relation to other commodities would place the Cotton Fanner at an economic disadvantage. The outlawing of the aaa made it impossible for the government to protect the Farmers Price parity. It can Only suggest and to a limited extent subsidize a program designed to help maintain that parity. But each individual Cotton grower can do a great Ileal to maintain his own economic Security. He May for example consider the Cost to him of increased Cotton production not Only in terms of its possible effect upon Price which of course is insignificant so far As his individual operations Are concerned but he can also measure it in terms of the Market Price of the Corn and other teed which he might have grown on land which he planted in Cotton and in terms of the effect upon the productive value of his land of an excessive Cotton acreage. If these latter factors Are Given the consideration they deserve the danger of a disastrous overproduction of Cotton will be greatly reduced. Tyrell it could happen. It was happening now in hundreds of places All Over the world. At this moment hundreds of women were realizing it could happen just As she was now. It gave her a queer fatalistic feeling to think that v was one of them. A coming Back from the beam that afternoon she began to realize it. Gerry Neal a kiss was still on her lips and she had sat there remembering it. She had hurried to the trailer to change for dinner Happy to be getting into her Blue gown and slippers wanting her hair to be right. And now she and this Man were dancing together without words Content to let the music speak for them not caring that they were strangers in this Gay ballroom and could dance with no one else. A but i let him see it a Martha warned herself. A a in be got to find Bettye in be got to know what Gerry Neal there was another warning which slipped unwanted into her brain. A warning not to let herself in for anything not to be Hurt. A warning so Many women have refused and so few have heeded when the time came. Suddenly Neal looked Down at her. A a you re very quiet Martha. I can Call you Martha a a a you be already done it once before a she told him. A on the Beach this afternoon after you yanked me Neal laughed. A i guess i was too excited to notice. Anyhow that proves it comes natural and not for he looked at her oddly. A but you remembered a a yes a Martha said. A a a. Re id j to be continued nipping mar in the lung Ben a Friend begins to act coolly it always is Good policy to ask him a it is biting him and try to straighten it out rather than to ignore Quot the matter and let the Molehill develop into a Volcano. And the same principle applies to nations. I he most valuable work performed by his department Points out Secretary of state unwed Hull is in foreseeing trouble Between nations and Clearing it up Bel Ore it becomes acute. Perhaps one of the most important reasons the world hovers on the Brink of War today is that its great Powers apparently prefer the Pound of cure to tin1 ounce of prevention. That Uncle Sam is not exempt from blame is indicated by estimates recently placed before a House committee that he is spending about 50 times As much on his army and Navy As he is on Ilia state department. It is sad that great nations must choose tin1 clenched list to the open hand. Comi. 1037 by in a service inc. T. M. Rec c s. Pat. Off a i wish i could be left alone Long enough to finish this Hook on How to influence by William Ferguson this curious world the five to Niv Pribilof i5lancs. Although Barel / visible on maps of the world have brought the United states a Bibb a Walz cd Doz oars through their so of amp brat own. Advised him she expected to have the journey completed. Argument failed so the train got up Stegnj and went on the additional 40 Miles carrying its Lone passenger seated in Triumph in the Las coach. Them look like Silver. We then went out to visit the City of David which is just South of the Harbor. I would Call it Quot the City of whiskers a goodbye h. G. Quot pop Daniel. The editor s letter Box 7 copy 1�j by Nea ser ice. Inc the Worjloh was sold to Didzius jul2anus by the o retd i an guard ror the sum of $5,000,000 in iq5 a q. I rom Kalamazoo dear or. Editor and All readers i sure would like to see All of a you and to shake hands with my i lid friends. After to Days of Snow my ice in Here the Sun has come it. I left Blytheville thursday March 18, by bus. Coming up Here by the Way of St. Louis and Chicago. I topped at Benton Harbor. Mich., then proceeded on to Kalamazoo. My two daughters and their husband and grandson took me rambling first to Fenville the largest Apple shipping Point in the world then to 3outh Haven an the East Shore of Lake Michigan. From there on tile Lake Shore to Benton Harbor. There was a North wind which was driving Waves ten feet High and the Sun lulling against the Waves made Congress has ample precedent and authority i rom the Constitution to enlarge the supreme court. In to years of court history the number of justices has been reduced twice and five times it has been increased. A John Hessin Clarke Only living sex Justice of the u. S. Supreme court. A ring Gecko a Lizard of a Mph the tropics in glides prow tree. To tree by expanding frills of skin along its a n nou Cement a Railroad runs special for insistent passenger the courier news ha.1 Deen authorized to announce the follow ing candidates for Blytheville municipal offices to be elected of april 6 for mayor Marion Williams w. W. Holl pet air g. H. Grear for Alderman first Ward j l. Guard it full term e. F. Fry Short term Jesse White Short term for Alderman second Ward Floyd a. White John c. Mchaney. Or. For Alderman third Ward Damon Mcleod Estes Lunsford w. L. Horner Fenelon Falls. Out. It up a because the Railroad advertised rates of i cent per mile from Toronto to Haliburton and then decided Lack of passengers would cause the social train to go Only As Lar As Fenelon Falls 40 Miles Short of Haliburton a Toronto woman had the experience of Riding in a a private train from Here to the latter town. When the train stopped at Fenelon Falls and the conductor advised his Toronto passenger that the train would go no further. He produced a ticket stamped Quot from Toronto to Haliburton and the a Bilof islands Are the Breeding grounds of 80 per cent of All fur seals. Based on a figure of $12.30 a Square mile the amount the United states paid to Russia for Alaska and the Pribil ols the latter has returned to Uncle Sam about $15,000 for each Dollar silent in its Purchase. Next How were game Birds in desc Aie areas it new York and new Jersey saved from starvation in other words the camera will Tell you who won the race after the race is Over. But i suspect some of these Fellows Are looking for a camera to Tell them who won the race before it starts. Or. I. C. Gardner National Bureau of standards. One lesson Learned from the depression i that deflation is no cure cutting wages and cur tailing production is no Way out. A Harold la Butler director International labor office. Never since Mohammed has christianity been so threatened As it is in Germany a prof. Karl Barth exiled German la boarding House id like an 0�pee. Fer a new one this is Why soul be Only had that a couple of weeks Why Pont Voo let to machine to some of the work instead of weprin1 oot j a files Uke a to that t Why done the Lettma Casner to some of the woe Xvi no instead of Ive Arin out nerves like v it Bot Hes a Verv valuable asset to the com tank Sav he Savi s ten files in ten Vears and Spe ups Only a month in a sanitarium on Stav Wmk us. I um�?-1 under6takjd a that you Are Propp Wietor and sole owner of a colossal three Rino circus a War a rum f Mavins Reen known in my Day As no Hoople the Oke at Quot the world s Star animal Quot Tamer a a a and speaking As one old t Rooper to Amther what Type \ of acts do you v Al have 2 my show is the greatest of its kind Linder c Canvas a my repertoire y includes tumblers troupes of dancers and performers of Freak acrobatics f Csc Lofs for instance can jump 300 times to Lenoth of himself t turn crowds away at every performance a a the circus Trust wishing to eliminate my dangerous Competition has made me y flattering offers i no. Ii by int. Moskis i Imi Hkin Zdilor journal of the american \lrdi1 Al association and of a luge Iii the health Magazine certain victims of infantile paralysis May suffer paralysis of the Chest Muscles so that breathing is difficult. For these patients artificial breath ily devices have been invented which a now called a journalistic ally a Iron in Many instances the use of such Appart in is helpful in maintaining life until recovery begin. In preventing pal a u ii is important first of All log Ltd it children away from those to have Hie disease Nartic Ulai during a season when the disc a a is Epi spread of an e nary condition i la spread it thick and Maybee i Cam unload it on Mim at a handsome y prof it f i last year i Vestiga United states Public vice believed they h. Iii nasal Spray wind j j cd Ted into at patient vented transmission t tile paralysis virus people. Because some Peep i be affected Una von nasal Spray the pit i j involves a different a it is recommended to i in Anflic paralysis a Community victims Oil found his r know w paralyse Jake hah a t3u<5 in hip Bonnet

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