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Bluefield Daily Telegraph Newspaper Archives Sep 26 1976, Page 1

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Bluefield Daily Telegraph (Newspaper) - September 26, 1976, Bluefield, West Virginia West Virginia occasional showers and thundershowers possible today with highs in the Low 70s and lows in the mid 50s. Vol. Xxxi no. 270 second class postage paid at Bluefield w va., and add l offices Bluefield it. Va., sunday morning september 26, 1976 Virginia variable cloudiness today with a Chance of showers. Highs today in the kit a 80s and lows tonight in the 60s. I c cents a j daily 35 cents sunday i Eli e esses 327 c 6171 f a a Saaw faces crucial issues this week in Cincinnati Rife where to find it the Bluefield daily Telegraph will attempt to answer any question of general interest on local state National or International matters. Telephone Between 4 . And to . A daily or write the information editor. Q. Will social Security pay for someone that is taking care of their parents a e. P., Matoaka. A. No. Social Security regulations make no provision for this Type of Aid. Q. If a Man belongs to the Junior deputies is he allowed to carry a gun or arrest someone a e. P., Matoaka. A. No. The program was established several years ago to teach youngsters Law procedures and respect for Law enforcement. Members have no police Powers. Q. Who is the Man that delivers Silver coloured crosses to the area nursing Homes a m. F., Welch. A. The crosses along with a card containing a religious poem Are distributed to local nursing Homes and hospitals by several Church groups. Q. husband says Clint Eastwood played in the old to show i say it was Ron Calhoun. Who is right a b. L., swords Creek a. A. Clint Eastwood played Rowdy Yeatts on q. How can i get an army discharge of a Wei Veteran and death certificate of a person this old a a.p., Bluefield. A. According to the dept of veterans affairs a no. 180 discharge form filed with National personnel records Center 9700 Page blvd., St. Ixia is to. 63132 will live you this information. If the Man was killed in Wei a casualty report can be obtained from this same address otherwise the death certificate would come from his Home state. Call the dept. Of veterans affairs at 425-5194 for further information. Can you give me the recipe for the solution that makes a Crystal formation on Coal a a. P., Bluefield. 6 t. Salt 6 t. Water annd i1 t. Ammonia water together. Place several lumps of Coal in a Large Glass bowl or dish and pour liquid Over it. Drop 12 drops of bluing on some pieces of the Coal 12 drops of Mercur Chrome on others. I get bowl stand undisturbed for several Day. Q. Does Mercer county have a social worker if so How can i get in Contact w Ith her a m. M., Lashmeet. A. Mercer county does no to employ a social worker. However social workers Are employed by various agencies in Mercer county including the Mercer county health department Concord College the is. A. Department of welfare and the mental health Center. Q. This past year i started receiving Aid for pneumoconiosis and now i am try ing to get Black lung Aid. Some people Tell me i can to get both. What is the answer a b. M., Gary. A. That is Quot Black and you cannot receive dual payments for it from the social Security administration. Q. Can a Veteran with a service connected discharge go to a veterans administration Hospital in a different state from where he lives and receive treatment a w. H., Princeton. A. Yes. Medical service for persons in this category is available from any a Hospital. When possible persons wishing specialized treatment should obtain a referral from their area a Hospital which in your Case is located at Beckley. I. When the new Bluefield Community Hospital is built and in operation will there be any provision to take care of alcoholics like the Princeton Community Hospital a m. G., Bluefield. W. A. A. The new Bluefield Hospital will provide emergency treatment for alcoholics and will work with the regional mental health program through which alcoholics can receive further treatment. This is basically the same service provided by the Itin Ceton Hospital. The nearest alcoholic detoxification unit is at the appalachian regional Hospital in Beckley. By Strat Douthat Cincinnati apr after a tumultuous and shaky Start the United mine workers International convention this week will get Down to the serious business of establishing the unions goals in upcoming negotiations with the Coal Industry. The 1,800 Coal Miner delegates worked on safety resolutions saturday but their most crucial decision wont come until later this week. That a when Deal with the Issue of right to strike a highly volatile question that has resulted in dozens of recent Wildcat walkouts and has become a divisive Factor in the Union. And the division is readily apparent Here. Although ump president Arnold Miller has been stressing Unity and brotherhood the miners arrived thursday in a militant mood and repeatedly interrupted the convention with emotional outbursts during the first three Days. Saturdays emotional Peak came during a heated discussion about the alleged infiltration blur Flo fillip up a q. I am involved in a school project concerning nuclear Energy. Where could i get information on this subject a r. J., Bluefield w. A. A. Almost All area libraries can furnish you with the information you require. You could also write to John a. Harris director of Public affairs nuclear regulatory commission Washington d. C. 20555. The Telephone number is 202-492-7715. To. Does the City of Bluefield have any Laws ordinances or regulations concerning Yard sales if so what Are they a m. M., Bluefield w. A. A. The City has no such regulations or Laws at this Point. 1 if news analysis of radicals and communists in the Union. The discussion came about when a Man w to described himself As a representative of a the Call a a weekly publication with alleged maoist leanings was expelled from the convention. Several delegates complained of being pursued and pestered a by communist others expressed concern that communists and socialists had infiltrated the Union. Unable to stifle the debate Miller finally allowed the delegates to vote on a motion to recess for 15 minutes a while we purge the the motion passed but the delegates apparently could find no one to purge although several walked Over to the Media Section and scanned the credentials of reporters. A similar outburst took place Friday during a speech by ump vice president Mike Trbovich Millers most ardent and outspoken foe within the Union. The delegates jeered cheered and some even walked out As Trbovich complained of being pushed out of the decision making process and accused Miller of surrounding himself with a radicals who want to change and upset americans democratic Miller later scoffed at the charge saying it a was just what i ump staffers then distributed a published letter signed by Trbovich in which the ump vice president denied the Union had been infiltrated by communists. Saturdays session ended with Harry Patrick the unions Secretary treasurer making another plea for Unity. said it was time the delegates forgot about politics and got Down to business. Patrick asked them to pledge �?o$10 million of our Treasury to launch the biggest organizing Campaign against Scab Coal this Union has Ever seen in the West and in the he warned the mines that continuation of their differences would Lead to their downfall. A when we re weak and divided a he said a the Coal operators pounce on us like Sharks going after fresh meat. A and that a a lesson wed better not forget Brothers. Because make no mistake about it the giant Oil and Coal companies Are getting ready to break this Union. If to think that a just scare talk go to the West. Ask our Brothers out there about the threat we face from Western Patrick further said he would like to see the convention talk about a putting a Stop to these court injunctions against our he referred to the Coal operators frequent ploy of going into Federal court for Back to work injunctions against miners who have walked off the Job in violation of their work contract. I Ford Greet crowds along levee at Lutcher la., during riverboat Campaign control of a Natchez manned by president mrs. Ford during cruise inset Ford invades Dixie aboard Natchez by Walter r. Mears aboard the Natchez apr president Ford campaigned aboard a Mississippi River Stern Wheeler saturday declaring from the deck of this political showboat that he Means to contest Jimmy Carter All across the South. told a crowd that lined the levee in tiny Lutcher i .a., about 35 Miles upstream from new Orleans that he a conceding nothing a from the snowy Banks of Minnesota to the Sandy Plains of that covered the Home states of both Carter and democratic vice presidential nominee Walter f. Mondale. Ford called Mondale a the biggest spender in the Patty Hearst Day in court far from Over in a. Q. As part of a school assignment could you give me information on the safest part of the United states As far As murder is concerned a s. R., Princeton. A. The of big a uniform time reports for the first half of this year shows the declines in All regions of the country. The biggest decline was reported on the South which showed a drop of 16 per cent Over 1975. Next was the northeastern states Down 12 per cent close behind was the North Central states with a to per cent decline and last the Western states Down three per cent. D. I need some facts on the great Seal of West Virginia. Could you help a i. M., Anawalt. A there Are basically two versions of the great Seal in use. One has two five pointed stars and no periods. This is the Seal currently in use in the Secretary of state s office. The other which is used on Many decals has two six pointed stars and two periods it one after a state of West Virginia and one after a Montani Semper Liberi a incidentally the Secretary of state James Mccartney has had his staff do extensive research on the subject to Settle the controversy and to determine the True identity of the Seal. San Francisco apr Patricia Hearst sentenced to seven years in prison for Bank i robbery is destined to spend much of her in a Quot \ mediate future in courtrooms a As witness and defendant. Her complicated Legal path will unavoidably be tied to her sworn enemies William and Emily Harris. Miss Hearst a attorney f. Lae Bailey says she will make her first appearance As a witness against the harrises on monday testifying in secret before an Alameda county grand jury about the event that changed her life a her kidnapping by the sym ionese liberation army on feb. 4, 1974. She has publicly accused the harrises self avowed members of the Sla of her abduction $10,000 and denied that she was their True Comrade during months on the run with them a fellow fugitives. The harrises pleaded not guilty earlier this week to a Cru Ninal complaint in the Case but the District attorney is seeking a formal indictment based on miss Hearst a testimony. The 22-year-old heiress would be the key witness at the harrises kidnapping trial. But first she is scheduled to stand trial next Jan. To in los Angeles on charges of kidnapping assault and robbery that grew out of a shoplifting foray at a sporting goods store that ended up As a night and Day of violence with the harrises. The harrises who were tried separately on the by Jim Gilreath same charges were convicted aug. 9 of kid Kenneth Mcfarland a Pocahontas va., Naping and robbery but were acquitted of six resident and an employee of the u. S. Post office assaults. Jurors indicated they Felt miss Hearst in Bluefield has donated $10,000 to the new was responsible for the assaults. Fira w postal employee gives Mcfarland nurse Karen Williams postal employee adds $10,000 to Hospital drive then with a rasp from its hoarse Horn the riverboat Natchez embarked on the presidents excursion into Carters native Southland. Along the Way the president promised flatly that if he is elected he will ask for another tax reduction next january. also pledged to curb Federal spending and in terms of National defense a keep America no. I amid the political Celebration a Man collapsed of a heart attack in the boats dining room. Or. William Lukash Ford s physician revived him and he was taken on a Stretcher aboard a coast guard boat that pulled alongside the Natchez. The Man was identified As Percy Green publisher of the Jackson advocate a weekly newspaper in Jackson miss. Lukash said Green had suffered cardiac arrest but was responding to treatment. A a he a apparently responding nicely Quot Lukash said. While Green was being taken from the Natchez Ford was on the upper deck touring the riverboat with its Captain Clark Doc Hawley. With mrs. Ford at his Side Ford covered the boat from the boiler room to the pilots wheelhouse. Shook hands with the invited passengers and Many of them offered congratulations on his showing in thursday nights debate against Democrat Carter. A i done to concede a single vote a Ford told several thousand people crowding a levee at Reserve la. in Louisiana Mississippi Alabama and Florida to prove that we can win on nov. 2.�?� Ford said that if he does Quot we will recommend another tax reduction next year. did not say what kind of additional tax Cut he had in mind. Power shift takes shape in Rhodesia Salisbury Rhodesia apr Black Leader Joshua Nkomo considered a possible prime minister after Rhodesia s White rulers turn Power Over to the Black majority returned Home saturday to take part in talks on an interim biracial government. Nkomo is head of a main faction of the divided african National Council. arrived in Salisbury just hours after prime minister Ian Smith announced Rhodesia a 278,000 Whites would yield to International pressure and turn the country Over to its 6.4 million Blacks. Although . Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger a diplomatic Campaign is credited for Smiths capitulation Nkomo told a news conference on his arrival that further american involvement in Rhodesia should be limited. Quot i made it perfectly Clear that they american efforts have a function during recent talks with Kissinger in Zambia Nkomo said. A that function starts somewhere and ends somewhere. From there on it is the people of this country who must through their leaders work out the future shape of the african National Council is a coalition of Black nationalist rhodesian groups formed in 1974 with the help of the presidents of the neighbouring a front line Black african states a Kenneth Luanda of Zambia Samora Machel of Mozambique Julius Nyerere of Tanzania and sir Seretse Khama of Botswana. The four Black leaders were meeting saturday in Lusaka Zambia to discuss the plan and Nkomo said he would be meeting with them a sooner than you their attitude will be crucial to the Success of the move toward Black Rule. Nyerere is highly influential with Southern african Black nationalists and Kaunda is a main supporter of a Koino Sanc faction. Nkomo thought to have both soviet and american approval is considered a moderate and his faction has operated within Rhodesia. His main rival american educated methodist Bishop Abel Muzorewa leads the a a external faction of the Anc. Muzorewa has operated outside Rhodesia directing guerrilla warfare from Zambia Mozambique and Tanzania. Nkomo said at his news conference that he represents the Only nationalist political movement of Rhodesia s Blacks. Asked if had ambitions to become first prime minister of an Independent Black Rhodesia the former cattle Herder social worker and Lay preacher said a i am just one of the struggles in Rhodesia is referred to As Zimbabwe by the Black nationalists. Nkomo said he has visited several communist and Western nations including the soviet Union during his five months out of the country. Inside today s Tryr graph upsets High death rate triggers protests. Sports q. Where can i find a Cdr. Glover a worm Medicine for my Beagle pups a j. Narrows a. A. A local veterinarian says he has heard of a Cdr. Glover so worm Medicine for puppies but he knows of no place in the area which Sells it. Q. Ever so often in Princeton i see cars with emblems bearing the name Quot Region one on them. What exactly is Region one a k. L., Princeton w. A. A you re referring to the Region one planning and development Council a six county planning District headquartered in Princeton. The Council basically serves As a Clearing House for a Federal and state funding applications within the counties of Mercer me Powell Monroe. Wyoming Summers and Raleigh counties. Bluefield Community Hospital Hospital fund drive officials announced saturday. Mcfarland said the gift is being made in memory of his Mother who prior to her death in 1975, had been a patient at Bluefield sanitarium a off and on for several Mcfarland said the Money is to be used for the construction of a nurses station on the medical surgical floor of the new $18 million 250-bed facility. A my Mother mrs. Mable Mcfarland was in the Hospital for a Long time a he said a and the nurses and nurses aides were so Good to Mcfarland said a plaque will be erected at the nursing station in memory of his Mother. A we sincerely appreciate or. Mcfarland a generous gift a said Ned Short chairman of the Campaign to raise local funds for the Hospital. A this is the kind of attitude which will make the Hospital a More than $1.3 million in Cash and pledges has been collected locally to Date and drive officials a the figure May be close to $2 million by the final report meeting scheduled next week. The non profit facility will be constructed on a site bordered by Cherry Street and stadium drive. Site preparation work is now underway and the new Hospital is due for completion either in late 1978 or Early 1979. The City of Bluefield has worked out a plan to Pur Diase Bluefield sanitarium for $1.25 million and will begin operation of that facility this fall and identify it As the Bluefield Community Hospital until the new Ospital is opened. Bailey and his Law partner Al Johnson insisted after miss Hearst a sentencing Friday that they would not engage in plea bargaining in Las Angeles. A you can to ethically plead a client guilty unless you believe she is guilty and Are willing to say so in court a Bailey said. Johnson has said he will seek a dismissal of the charges. The attorney said he will begin filing motions in miss Hearst a behalf in about two weeks. Both lawyers stressed that miss Hearst will cooperate with Law enforcement officials and testify against others when asked. Bailey said she had already provided information a and she was willing to give it with no Price tag . District judge William h. Orrick said he considered miss Hearst a cooperation in setting her sentence. She will be eligible for parole in 16 months. Bailey had urged judge Orrick to immediately release the Young woman. Miss Hearst stood silently As Orrick read her sentence Friday. The judge said he had a the deepest compassion for her but noted that a jury last March had found that she a freely and voluntarily participated in an armed Bank miss Hearst was convicted in connection with the Sla robbery of a Hibernia Bank Branch in san Francisco on april 15, 1974. Orrick ordered her to serve seven years for Bank robbery and two years for using a weapon in the Holdup but said the sentences could be served concurrently. An unusually High traffic fatality rate brings cries of protest by some Wythe residents who blame judges prosecutors. A Page i Section d Rev. Fred. Eastham Rector of Christ episcopal Church in Bluefield expresses his views on the ordination of women priests recently accepted by the episcopal Church. Page a Section d. The Tazewell activity Center gets a new Home but the care for its mentally handicapped residents is nothing new to those who run it. Page i Section d. Buchanan business Church news classified Coal pages a crafts. Dennis. Dixon. Editorials Giles county final Frame Index 8c headline. 11a so Mercer notebook. 5a 12a my answer. 12a 4-71 obituaries. 2a 10-llc pet Corner. A 2d science for you a 10a serv Mcmeen so 12c society 6c 4a sports. 1-5c. 7c weather a 4c a government study recommends abolishing the Penny which sound Okay since we assume it would mean the sales tax would have to go along with it. A f Al it i

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