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Bluefield Daily Telegraph Newspaper Archives Sep 26 1970, Page 1

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Bluefield Daily Telegraph (Newspaper) - September 26, 1970, Bluefield, West Virginia Woods. Stars As Beaver Nicks Huntington. Tazewell tops a men. Gary romps. Owls upend Princeton. Richlands Falls. Pirates win. Sports. Vol. Xxv. No. 269 Kiln a Lent Alj variable cloudiness showers and thundershowers probable through sunday. Highs today in Ros lows tonight in 60s. Second class Pottage paid Ai Bluefield w. Va., and add i office Bluefield w. Va., saturday morning september 26, 1970 to cents e cents sunday Nixon toughens stand against Airliner piracy Washington apr the Nixon administration toughened its stand against air pirates Friday warning that Federal guards will not hesitate to shoot if All else fails in halting an airline Hijacker. A we will do everything in our Power to prevent shooting on the plane a said Secretary of transportation John a. Volpe. A shooting will be done As a last it today s news i i summary i in Iii i sues in in in in it m in Amman Jordan a the guns fell silent in ravaged Amman Friday. Firing Between guerrilla commander Yasir Arafat and the Monarch to end nine Days of civil War. Washington a the Pentagon said Friday its has solid indications the soviets Are building a permanent submarine base in Cuba and the White House said it would View a strategic installation there a with utmost Locarno Switzerland Erich Maria Remarque. 72, whose Antiwar novel a fall quiet on the Western front sold More than 9 million copies in 45 languages and ushered in a new Era off literature died Friday after Long illness. Tewksbury. Mass. A an sex convict sought in the hold up slaying of a Boston policeman fought a gun Battle with police Here Friday then escaped. The Man was one of four per sons including two coeds sought in the slaying which police linked to Radical Campus groups. Washington the Nixon administration toughened its stand against air pirates Friday warning that Federal guards will not hesitate to shoot if All else fails in halting an airline Hijacker. Copenhagen Denmark a a new focus on world wide inflation emerged Friday at the end of the annual meeting of the world Bank and International monetary fund. Pierre a Paul Schweitzer head of the if. Said it would give further attention to ways of dealing with the problem. It was obviously the major one on the minds of the 116 governments represented at the meeting. Washington the atomic Energy commission caught Between pressure to save Money and fear of another uproar Over safety is taking a second look at a radioactive waste storage plan once criticized As a in its essence but he asserted a when it comes to the lives of 200 american passengers and crewmen As opposed to the life of one Hijacker there is no question of what we re going to signs agreement Volpe s remarks came As he signed an agreement with the Justice department that gives jurisdictional responsibility for hijackings to the Fri while a plane is on the ground and to the Federal aviation administration when it is in the air. Atty. Gen. John n. Mitchell signed for the Justice department while Fri director j. Edgar Hoover and retired it. Gen. Benjamin 0. Davis jr., president Nixon a director of civil aviation Security looked on. Mitchell told newsmen the memorandum of understanding merely formalizes current procedures but should eliminate uncertainty in a crisis situation. Volpe said about 200 armed Federal guards Are now on . Flights overseas and Domestic. Military assist the guards who include Fri and Treasury agents and Faa air marshals will be supplemented by military personnel trained in handling potential hijackings Volpe said. At least some of the military men should be on the planes within a week he said. Hoover said Fri agents acting As Airliner guards will carry regular sidearms. He said the Fri will Exchange intelligence information concerning hijackers or potential hijackers with governments of other countries. Mitchell said administration efforts plus increasing pressure on foreign governments to take harsh action against hijackers a will go a Long Way toward thwarting future air piracy. Mil a a Jiyu Xvi h i. In a # v where there s smoke As the guns fell silent in Amman. Jordan marking the ceasefire Between palestinian guerrillas and Jordan regulars smoke continued to Rise from a fire on a Jebel w Eberich a one of Amman s seven Hills. This was the $1 it it site of some of the most bitter fighting in the capital City. A wire photo nine Days of civil War in Jordan ended Tele phyfe a revision of the Federal Constitution is urged. We re not sure that we could sincerely Revere a document that Wasny to written on a arrement with a Goose Quill pen. Us. Ready to replenish Jordan arms equipment lost during conflict to be supplied a , times news service Washington a top administration official declared Friday that the United states was prepared to provide Jordan with replenishment for weapons destroyed and ammunition expended in the fighting there. Deputy defense Secretary David Packard said the administration would wait a until t h e dust settles before making a final determination on precisely what equipment would be supplied. But he hinted that weapons might be included above and beyond those King Hussein possessed when the fighting broke out last week with pales Tinian guerrilla forces and their i supporters. This he said would i be done to increase Jordan a ability to defend herself. Asked whether additional Jet fighters might be supplied Packard declined to answer specifically. But he pointed out that the u. S. Has previously supplied f-104 jets to Jordan and that Jordan a air Force was much smaller than that of neighbouring Syria. Packard also said that soviet a a cheating during the cease fire along the Suez canal by moving surface to air missiles close to the disputed waterway called for a reassessment of russian intentions that could affect other potential agreements possibly including the Effort to halt the nuclear arms race. Martin others were in Bluefield a a a a a a a a a a a a moves after escape told by Jim Calfee a witness William a a Rabbit Martin. Or. Used in an Effort to establish an Alibi when he was convicted for burglary in connection with the c. A. Clyborne $3i 0,000 theft committed perjury Mercer county prosecuting attorney David Knight said Friday. Knight in a news conference in his courthouse office identified Anita Howard of Bluefield As the witness who allegedly lied under oath he said. A Anita Howard said she perjured her self in the first trial. And the second the prosecutor said the witness. Who also admitted she aided Martin in his escape from the county jail sept. 18, along with five other prisoners said she was a a paid to testify. Paid $50 Knight said the a common Law wife of Jake Handy also admitted that Martin who was still at Large late last night and whom Knight traced to Washington d. Paid her $50 to testify in the first trial and $100 to testify in the second trial. The first trial in May resulted in a Hung jury. Knight said that mrs. H o Ward 26. Of editor Street admitted that Martin a wrote everything Down on a piece of paper she testified to. He said she said she memorized it. Knight accompanied by sheriff Wintfrey Shrewsbury and Deputy e. R. Simons at the news confab said that mrs. Howard admitted she did not see him Martin on Jan. 5. The night the Clyborne Home was broken into. In the May and August trials Shrewsbury says he plans to tighten Security at Jai by Jim Calfee Mercer county sheriff Wint Frey Shrewsbury said Friday he intends to make some changes at the county jail in an Effort to tighten Security at the confinement Center which was the victim of the Jailbreak sept. 18. Shrewsbury who has been widely criticized in connection with the escape of William a a Rabbit Martin or. And five others a Little Over a week ago. Said he intends to make some Chagos no matter whom it might rub the wrong Way. Although Shrewsbury would not disclose yesterday All the changes he intends to make he Mercury pollution a National threat by the associated press when the Canadian government banned the Sale of fish caught in Lake St. Clair earlier this year and the Michigan state government followed the example a few Days later it was Only the beginning of National attention paid to what seemed a Brand new menace that just appeared suddenly. The menace was Mercury pollution and it did not appear suddenly. Studies hurriedly made since the initial Mercury pollution scare have shown that of the 50 states at least 33 face the Prospect of stopping the flow of the liquid Metal into their environments. A full blown Case of Mercury poisoning can have gruesome effects. In the Only documented Case of Mercury poisoning in this country a new Mexico family ate pork from pigs which had eaten Grain which had been treated accidentally with a Mercury compound. Two children in the family lost their vision and Lay in comas for months. Mercury attacks certain internal organs and the brain and can cause paralysis and even insanity in addition to blindness. Recent swedish studies indicate it can cause abortions and deformed infants As Well. The concentrations of Mercury in Lake St. Clair were discovered by a swedish chemist who was doing graduate work at the University of Western Ontario. He notified the Canadian government of his findings and it was discovered that the Dow chemical co. Was dumping 200 pounds of Mercury into Lake St. Clair each Day. It is estimated that All of Canadian Industry was dumping about 250,000 pounds of Mercury into the great lakes each year or roughly 700 pounds per Day. Considering that total 200 pounds daily by one firm in one Lake a a Large Lake but not one of the great lakes a is no Small amount. Not All Mercury pollution is so blatant. Mercury liquid at room temperature evaporates readily and has a Way of sneaking into the atmosphere. Mercury pollution has been found in such a industrialized states As Vermont and new Hampshire and no one is quite sure How it got there. Two theories though Are that it precipitated out of the atmosphere As a sort of fallout and that it is a residue of compounds painted on fallen Timber 30 years ago to prevent it from rotting before it could be collected. Federally acceptable limits Are one half part per million in food and one half part per billion in drinking water so it does not take a great amount of the pollutant to Render a Stream a Hazard Mercury concentrations of As much As seven parts per million have been found in some fish and game Birds a far too High for human consumption according to the government limit. Said a i m having a meeting with my sailors and in a going to Lay Down what a he said he hoped to have the meeting yesterday Alterman. Of not. He said he will have it today. Shrewsbury said the results of the meeting will be disclosed. One change the official keeper of the jail said he has already initiated was a a head count prisoners will be identified each night and each morning he has said. Shrewsbury said he intends to tighten Security in regard to visitors at the jail. He said a not Only will there be closer supervision of visitors i. There is Only going to he visitors allow i de at specified times and no a lawyers Quot he said who frequently visit the jail to see clients a Are not included a in the new policy. Shrewsbury said a a in a checking to see if it is allowable for me to search everybody who he is checking with David Knight the prosecuting attorney. Yesterday at a news conference in knights office in which Shrewsbury was a participant the sheriff told Knight he was 52 Miles of 1-64 opened in Virginia Charlottesville it a a five Inch ribbon was slowly snipped by gov. Linwood Holton and 52 Miles of new interstate 64 was officially opened for traffic Friday. Holton u. S. Sen. William b. Spong jr., Highway commissioner Douglas b Fugate atty. Gen. Andrew p. Miller and other officials sheltered As the temperature climbed above 90 degrees near Here. The ribbon cutting took place at the 1-64 interchange with u. S. 250 just East of Here. The 52-mile stretch of Highway links Charlottesville with Richmond. The actual Section of the Road officially opened Friday runs from gum Spring in Louisa county to Yancey Mills in Western Albemarle county. Spong praised the cooperation and Effort that went into creation of the interstate system and of Virginia s part in it. A the Federal Highway Trust fund was proved its Worth. It cannot be allowed to collapse a the democratic senator said. Turn to Page 2, col. 4 Quot open to suggestions on How to improve Security in the facility. Knight during the news conference said in regard to the jail a the system we have been using Here for years needs Knight indicated he would have More to say on the matter at a later Date. Earlier Shrewsbury admitted that the Quot system a he has been utilizing at the jail has been in effect for Many years and that the county has been turn to Page 2, col. 4 mrs Howard testified that Martin gave her and her boys a ride Home shortly after 8 . She said the reason she could remember the time so Well was because she was late taking her Medicine. Knight said mrs. Howard has not been arrested but her Case As Well As All the evidence his office has collected in its investigation of the Jailbreak will be presented to the grand jury when it convenes in Little Over a week on oct. 5. Asked if she might skip town Knight confidently said a is h e in t going any another arrested the prosecutor said that another person has been arrested and charged with aiding Martin in the escape. He identified Dewey m. Baskin 37. Of 910 Hill Avenue in Bluefield. Baskin whom Knight said transported Martin and two other escapees to Washington d. C. Late last saturday night for $100, was arrested by sgt. Richard Hall of the state police and Simons thursday afternoon. Simons said yesterday that Baskin posted a $1,000 Bond and was freed from custody Friday afternoon. Knight along with practically every member of the sheriffs department the Fri and t h e state police Here who have worked on the Case Here around the clock further disclosed that turn to Page 2, col. 2 cease fire accepted by guerrillas 15 of 54 Hijack hostages found in refugee Camp Amman. Jordan apr the guns fell silent in ravaged Amman Friday. Firing Between guerrillas and King Hussein a bedouin army ceased promptly after the announcement of a cease fire agreement Between guerrilla commander Yasir Arafat and the monarchy to end nine Days of civil War. A great pall of Black smoke from a fire on Jebel we Doh one of the capital s seven Hills and Tho scene of some of the most bitter fighting still drifted across he City. On the Northern outskirts of the City about 4 h guerrilla fighters were held in a barbed wire stockade alongside an army Camp. Almost simultaneously with the cease fire came the announcement that 15 of 54 hostages held by guerrillas from three hijacked Western airliners were found by jordanian soldiers in a heavily shelled pales Tinian refugee Camp outside Amman. The hostages eight britons five Swiss and two West germans said they thought the other 39�?All but one of them americans were somewhere in the Vicinity. A group of 64 foreigners in turn to Page 2, col. I user reported building submarine base in Cuba Washingto Jap the Pentagon said Friday it has solid indications the soviets Are building a permanent submarine base in Cuba and the White House said it would View a strategic installation there a with utmost the defense department did not Rule out the possibility that the facility reported under development May be designed to i support missile firing subs now cruising off . Waters. A White House official who declined to be quoted by name Drew a parallel with the cuban missile crisis of 1962, when president John f. Kennedy said peace in the Caribbean could be preserved if soviet offensive weapons were removed from the area and were kept out in the future. Kennedy a statement remains . Policy the White House of final said. Soviet ships have moved heavy barges and other equipment into the Harbor at Cienfuegos Over the past few weeks which a makes us feel they May be seeking sustained capabilities in the area Quot Pentagon spokesman Jerry w. Friedheim announced. Asked if the base is intended to support Russia s new Yankee class submarines each of which carries 16 missiles and is similar to the . Polaris subs Friedheim replied a we can to Rule out that the White House official said such submarines clearly would be offensive in nature and thus would bring into play the policy Kennedy enunciated. He added that this country a would View the establishment of a strategic base in the Caribbean with utmost he said no representations on the subject have yet been made to the soviet Union adding that the United states is keeping close watch to determine what kind of weapons could be based at the site where activity has been spotted. A at the right moment Quot he administration official said the United states a will take the action that seems the russians have 13 of the Yankee Type nuclear powered turn to Page 2, col. 8 soviet submarine based map locates Cienfuegos Cuba where the Pentagon Friday said the soviet Union May be is tarnishing a permanent support base tor submarines. The Harbor at Cienfuegos is about 40 Miles East of the Bay of pigs site of an abortive 1,961 invasion of american supported cuban exiles trying to overthrow Fidel Castro. The u. S. Maintains a naval base at Guantanamo near the Southeastern tip of Tho Island. A wire photo

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