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Bluefield Daily Telegraph Newspaper Archives Sep 19 1970, Page 4

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Bluefield Daily Telegraph (Newspaper) - September 19, 1970, Bluefield, West Virginia 4 Bluefield daily Telegraph saturday sept. 19, 1970 the gut Effo Aila Pom Meled by Hugh Ike Shott interprets the news Hugh Shott editor Richard Wesley executive editor Good morning i they Are darkened in their understanding alienated from the Light of god because of the ignorance that is in them due to a heir hardness of heart. A ephesians 4 18. It is impossible to defeat an ignorant Man in argument. A William g. Mcadoo former Secretary of the Treasury. End of the decline the nations largest Bank the Bank of America declares that the decline has ended and prophesies a generally improved Economy for next year. Specifically it says the worst of the second period of tight Money and severe liquidity pressure since 1966 is just behind us and the coming year will be a a year of restless resurgence coupled with a Long term transition to a Quality oriented a any substantial piece of a Good news a especially about the War in Southeast Asia or the reduction of social unrest and violence or improvement in the management of government fiscal affairs could touch off a significant upsurge in Confidence a prerequisite to the restoration of Strong business activity a the Bank said in its a focus on the u. S. the continuing withdrawals of american troops coupled with South vietnamese and cambodian successes in holding Back North vietnamese regulars and Vietcong Are keeping the War in Southeast Asia under control. Social unrest and violence in this country is a Challenge that grows worse but Many College authorities Are preparing to get Tough with any uprisings on Campus having Learned that militant students respect Only firm authority. A change in the control of Congress in the november election or even a change of the philosophy of the members also could make a big difference. The Bank of America Hedges its forecast by conditions that Are not easy to fulfil. But they Are not impossible. A return of Confidence is what economists see coming. That could touch off the upsurge. Bankruptcy of cities five state governors went to Washington last week to testify on the family assistance plan which president Nixon has called the most important piece of legislation in his Domestic program. The measure would generally provide for a minimum income of $1,600 a year for a family of four standardize eligibility and payment procedures nationwide and provide work incentives requiring welfare recipients to Register at an employment Agency or sign up for vocational training As a condition to receiving Ald. The governors were not satisfied with the plan because they Felt the Only Way to achieve equal treatment of the poor irrespective of their geographic location is for the Federal government to direct and finance the program wholly. This would require a Complete nationwide welfare organization like the present nationwide social Security organization. It would relieve the states and cities both from the duty of deciding who gets Relief and of paying the Bill. Congress and the president Are not prepared to do that at this time and both because of the Cost and because welfare touches people intimately and should be administered locally. The Only governor who supported the Nixon plan was Linwood Holton of Virginia. Pointing out that the rate of increase in the Cost of the present welfare system has the smaller cities against a financial Wall Holton urged passage of the Bill because a we would at least relieve that intolerable situation. We have no Means to handle the financial bankruptcy of the it was not a party line solution. The governors delegation was bipartisan Warren e. Hearns of Missouri and Frank licht of Rhode Island democrats and Robert d. Ray of Iowa Tom Mccall of Oregon and Holton republicans. Holton was practical enough to want to get what was possible now and fight another Day for the refinements. Accelerated shelter Cost David Lawrence Auto strike s damage to Economy already is obvious in . Washington a Congress once upon a time wrote a Law declaring that no company could commit acts a in restraint of Trade in America. The purpose was to limit the Power of any business to restrict Competition. But behind the idea was the principle that the government has the right to adopt Laws to prevent any corporation or organization or group from interfering with the National operations of the National Economy. A group of labor unions functioning As a single unit have just called a strike against one automobile company although allowing two competing companies to continue their operations. More than 340,000 members of the United Auto workers Union marched on the picket lines outside 199 plants in the United states and Canada. The damage to the Economy is already being Felt. Workers in businesses that Are dependent upon automobile manufacture Are being Laid off. The effects of the strike by employees of general motors Are being Felt throughout the steel rubber and Glass industries As Well As among the firms which Supply parts to the Large automobile manufacturers. Here in the nations capital officials of the Commerce department say frankly that a Long strike will put a Dent in the rising trend of economic activity. It is being predicted on both sides that the strike May be of longer duration than the one in 1945-46 against general motors which lasted 119 Days. This was the length est strike in automobile history. Could not All of this have been avoided negotiations have been carried on for some time and both sides Are thoroughly familiar with the issues at stake. But As Long As the strike weapon is wielded chances Are that the demands Are being made and that reductions can be achieved Only through extended negotiations. The big question is How can such Parley be carried on without a strike How May both sides be persuaded that they Are dealing with facts and not the customary dialogues of labor management bargaining Only by the introduction of a third party consisting of a commission or Board competent to Deal with All the evidence in a judicial Way can a fair and impartial judgment be rendered. C. L. Sulzberger or. Viet in reverse a 1970 new York times news service Washington a an immense distinction must be drawn Between the positions of Premier Golda Meir and president Nixon As they meet in the White House. Mrs. Meir is negotiating for israelis existence. She thinks of Israel alone its present and its future. Hei Host contemplates the problem with respect to the entire strategic picture the credibility of United states pledges and Over All american relations with the soviet Union. The Gap Between the interlocutors is in these respects equivalent to that Between their Power positions. Moreover they Are not bound by formal Alliance although the United states is the sole country with sufficient material strength and verbal commitments to really help Israel. The White House colloquy is based on contrasting premises. Israel insists on recognition of at least some territorial changes based on her 1967 Victory and military deployments making it possible to defend herself without Reliance on other lands a except for armaments. But while the United states wants Israel to be Strong enough to face Down her enemies it is in no position to Force the arabs to sign any formal agreement. Its Only important card in the Middle East diplomatic game is the ability to Supply Israel with arms and to threaten Moscow with retribution if it tries to upset the military balance by direct interference. The israelis want Washington to deter the .s.r. From such direct intervention arguing they can handle any other kind of outbreak even if it is supported by soviet arms and advisers provided no russians actually fight for the arabs. The trouble is that mrs. Meir believes a kind of a Vietnam in reverse has already been created in the Middle East. In other words while the United states makes ordnance available to one Side the soviet Union does the same for the other Side a plus furnishing teen icons advisers and actual combat troops. The israelis claim that of 13,000 to 15,000 soviet bloc military experts and advisers in Egypt some 8,000 to 10,000 Are actually on combat assignments. Washington a figures Are smaller. Israel says 25 battalions of Sam-3 Low level anti aircraft missiles four launchers per battalion Are entirely manned and defended by russians. The High level Sam-2�?Ts Are egyptian manned but soviet advised. Last week some soviet manned Sam-3�?Ts were moved into the Suez zone contrary to the cease fire terms. This follows similar complaints about egyptian manned Sam-2�?Ts. But on the fundamental question a relying on the threat of . Retribution to deter Moscow from Active intervention if the cease fire collapses a there is Little genuine optimism. The american mood obviously opposes the kind of direct retribution which gives meaning to a policy of deterrence. If nothing else Washington a inability to react against Arab skyjacker confirmed this. Yet a meaningful threat of retribution and an obvious risk of escalated War if the Middle East conflict expands is the Only final . Trump. Washington certainly can t Force Cairo to make a separate peace and israelis other enemies Are either governed by regimes unable to make a settlement Jordan Lebanon or wholly opposed to the very idea Syria Iraq. Diplomatically Nixon is trying every Way of resolving the impasse. He has pointed out to Moscow that there is no Hope of general arms limitation through a Salt agreement if Russia violates a regional agreement in the Middle East. He will also ask marshal Tito to urge his Friend Nasser to Settle. But the objective evidence is not favourable. Hawks Are again rising in the Middle East. Nor is there any tangible proof that Moscow uses its influence to restrain them. Should these trends continue another crunch seems inevitable. We certainly done to pretend to know what is in the russian mind. This is a matter of deep distress for us but for the israelis it might become a matter of desperation. Henry j. Taylor Vatican listening Post finding a place to live is a big problem for too Many americans. The Cost of shelter has increased 30 per cent nationwide in the last five years in contrast to the to years Between 1955 and 1965, a United states labor department official reported last week. Herbert Bienstock new York regional director of the Bureau of labor statistics said the Impact of higher shelter costs was primarily in Home ownership. Cost of Homes includes Home Purchase Price mortgage interest property taxes Home insurance and maintenance and repairs. The influence of monetary policy on Home Purchase prices and the resultant mortgage Cost has been a major Factor in the accelerated Rise in the Cost of shelter. So have the other elements in the Cost of housing As wages and supplies Rose rapidly in the last five years. The annual rate of increase in shelter Cost in the 1955 to 1965 period was 2.4 per cent. During the last five years it Rose perceptibly until it reached a High of 7.7 per cent in the 1969 consumer Price Index and a total of 30 per cent in the last five years. Thus shelter has come to Cost a disproportionate share. Its a problem which must be attacked. A defender of political polls says they could Only be too per cent accurate in a Utopia. But in a Utopia there be any politics. Mercer county needs. 1. A four Lane Bluefield a Princeton Highway. 2. A centrally located sanitary Landfill method of garbage disposal. Vatican City a ambassador Henry Cabot lodges arrival Here brings him to one of the most valuable listening posts of the world. The information obtained by his predecessor of years ago Myron c. Taylor most of it top secret was of incalculable Benefit to our country. And ambassador Lodge is off to an excellent Start. We have no ambassador of course and never have had to the holy see. But ambassador Lodge s title arises because he served As such to the United nations South Vietnam and West Germany. And his Mission provides no embassy residence. Or. Lodge is living at a downtown Rome hotel. It is evident Here that his rapport with Pope Paul i is already established. He finds Pope Paul a kindly scholarly Man of quiet personal Charm. He also finds him genuinely modest and often referring to adored Pope John Xxiii who As he Lay dying in 1963, prayed the simple prayers he teamed As a child. Ambassador Lodge describes the Popes worldwide problems both outside and inside the Church As incredibly enormous. Externally he considers the Popes overriding dilemma to be How to make the Church effective in the worldwide Battle against communism which we share. Internally ambassador Lodge finds the Popes most critical problem to be the question of Hierarchy a the traditional authority of the Pope himself the Nuncio there is a papal Nuncio in Washington the cardinals and Bishops and How they arrive at the authority. Belgian Cardinal Stenens movement advocating that a a copernican revolution should upend the Hierarchal Pyramid of the Church continues to plague the Pope. The organized clerical protests in France that boiled Over at the consecration of French Cardinal Danielo have spread there. One Hundred european Bishops met at Chur Switzerland in the summer of 1968 to discuss the problems of priests. Ambassador Lodge finds these Bishops and the Pope alike still bombarded by the anti Hierarchy petitions of Over too rebel priests who descended in Masse on Chur. A Phalanx of dutch priests is spearheading the Challenge to compulsory clerical celibacy of which there Are outcroppings in our own country. Vatican statistics available Here to ambassador Lodge reveal that More than 7,000 priests have asked to be released from their celibacy vows in the past four years. Meanwhile for whatever the causes in this country alone at least 7,000 of the 70,000 priests in Italy have left the Priesthood. In the United states although the percentage is Small More than 1,000 quit last year and about 6,000 of the 167,000 nuns in our country renounced their vows. The number of seminarians trained priests declined in the Western countries alone from about 167,000 to 147,000 in a two year period. Ambassador Lodge quotes Pope Paul As stating this drop is a most on april 15 be asked catholics to Pray for Young persons to enter Church service. A without priest and it is not necessary to submit these disputes to any court of Law. For America has introduced a system of arbitration which has proved useful and it is a constructive Means of avoiding controversies and indeed of settling them when they have reached a breaking Point. Individuals qualified to examine the merits of each Case can be found. They would be Able to ascertain whether the companies can really afford the wage increases asked of them and to Tell the unions when their demands Are too High. Also their study would be sufficiently penetrating to determine that labors demands Are not always unreasonable and that ways must be found to meet them either by increases spread Over the years or by the introduction of methods which will raise the productivity of labors efforts. What really is lacking is Mutual cooperation Between labor and management. It will not be supplied by any coercive Laws but can be furthered by a system of arbitration that can be tested on a broader scale than it has been before in America. Labor leaders privately Are talking More about arbitration than they Ever have in the past. They recognize that strikes Are often ineffectual. Work stoppages result in Large losses to both sides and after they Are ended the negotiations Are resumed without much Opportunity for adjustment on a fair and impartial basis. George Meany president of the Al Cio recently stated that a committee has been set up to meet with representatives of the american arbitration association to explore the whole idea. He said a actually what it adds up to is that while strikes have their part and All that and we certainly have advocated for years that you have got to have the right to strike we find More and More that strikes really done to Settle a but unfortunately not All the elected leaders of the different unions have been Able to convey these ideas to the rank and file. The time has come for a Campaign of education among labor Union members throughout the country about the importance of arbitration As a Means of actually improving the compensation of workers in America in the future. Another polluted Stream try big to a /7 i or a 4 a a Ltd or Cis Jack Anderson Bank Bill pocketed nuns How can the Church carry out its Mission a the holy father told world vocation Day visitors while Blessing them in St. Peter s Square. The papacy. Can we conceive of any institution that approaches the age 2,000 years the Church grew in Power As the roman Empire dwindled. And when the Empire fell the Pope in Rome was the Only powerful Leader left. On december 25 in the year 496 the Pope announced the baptism of Clovis the Frank at Rheims. But a second stroke rang out on the Bells and the tartars entered Paris. Yet by 583 St. Columba went out of Ireland to Iona the burial place of scottish Kings and brought the Mother Church even to the celts. Europe a dark Ages showing almost no human Progress covered about 700 years Between the 5th and 12th centuries. Nevertheless Popes survived the Church survived. Pope Leo Chi ruled one year followed by Benedict v who ruled two and there had been 29 Popes in the preceding Century. Through the 14th Century there had been More than 200 Popes. There had been 37 pretenders. By the 15th Century the Duke of Savory whose election As Pope was contested set up a rival Vatican in Basel Switzerland. There were rumblings of still another Vatican in Vienna. Washington a the lobbying has been so intense on the Bank holding company Bill that the Senate banking committee had to lock its office doors at one Point to keep the lobbyists from hounding the staff. But it made no difference. When the key provisions of the Bill were voted on. The Bankers did no to need the help of the committee staff because they already had most of the members in their pockets. Even some of the Senate a most pious liberals capitulated to the pressure from the big Bankers. These senators included Harrison w i i Liams in. J., Walter Mondale d-minn., Alan Cranston. D-calif., Harold Hughes a Lowa. Charles Percy r-ill., and Charles Goodell in. Y. Only senators William Proxmire d-wis., Edward Brooke d-mass., and Edmund Muskie. A Maine fought for a Strong Bill. Even sen. John Sparkman d-ala., the astute committee chairman played along with the Banks. The result was that the Senate committee voted out a Bill which exempted More than 80 per cent of the nations one a Bank holding companies from regulation. It was so weak that some experts consider it a step backward from the original legislation passed in 1956, which the new proposal was supposed to strengthen. Now the Bill is about to come up for a vote in the Senate and the Bank lobbyists Are swarming like ants Over Capitol Hill again they want to make sure the Senate a in an attack of conscience a does t turn the tables on them. The Gist of the Issue is this numerous Large companies own Banks. Such companies include conglomerates which have branched into various Fields including insurance data processing and travel agencies. The Bill aim a to prevent such holding companies from using their Banks tremendous financial Power to bully customers into patronizing their other businesses. It also Aims to keep the Banks themselves from branching into other Fields then making Loans contingent on borrowers using the Bank a other services. The Basic idea is to make the Banks stick to banking which has been the lifelong aim of Wright Patman the Brave benevolent old House banking committee chairman. Over the objections of his own committee majority he pushed through the House a Strong Robert Allen and John Goldsmith Senate Speed up Washington a there is lots of scepticism Here about the Hopes of congressional leaders for final adjournment of the 91st Congress by mid october. That is the goal newly set by Senate democratic Leader Mike Mansfield and accepted by the Republican and democratic leadership. In the Senate where the end of session legislative hang up always occurs Mansfield has Laid out an ambitious Day by Day schedule of pending Bills. He is planning night sessions to keep his colleagues to the timetable. The list of must legislation is very imposing. For example Mansfield a schedule allows just a week for consideration of president Nixon a wholly new welfare plan plus an expected amendment improving social Security benefits. One week simply May not be enough time for careful Senate consideration of the Issue a even if the Senate meets into the evening every Day. Nor is the welfare package the Only Bill with a High potential for taking time. Mansfield Hopes for unanimous agreement to limit debate on such questions As equal rights for women foreign Aid spending and funding for the pent agon. Any senator can Block any such agreement. There is another problem too. Which was demonstrated a week ago today when a quorum a 51 of the too senators a failed to vote on a relatively minor health Bill which did not even make Mansfield a priority list. Since a quorum could not be located the Senate had to adjourn. That was embarrassing because the non vote came just 24 hours after a session designed to put Senate sentiment squarely behind the mid october adjournment goal. It was doubly embarrassing because Mansfield and some others in the joint leadership were among those not voting. It was triply embarrassing because president Nixon picked that Day to prod Congress for action. The incident is. In addition a significant reflection of the fact that reelection campaigns began in Earnest on labor Day for nearly a third of the Senate a present membership. It will be increasingly difficult to get a quorum especially on fridays and mondays and difficult to get unanimous agreements on voting schedules. Bill cracking Down on Bank holding companies. The Senate committee has now made a shambles of it. The principal weakening amendment introduced by sen. Williams happens to coincide almost exactly with a proposal sought by Robert Oliver the lobbyist for a amp a Green Stamps. The Williams amendment which even some Bankers admit is unbelievably crude exempts 34 selected Bank Bolding companies from the Bill. Included of course is Sperry and Hutchinson the Green stamp producers. The 34 companies Are worried that the Senate might find the Williams clause which senator Proxmire derisively Calls a the Green stamp amendment Quot too crass. Adding to their concern is the fact that the nation s Independent insurance agents fearful of Banks trespassing into their territory have moved into the fight against the Williams amendment. Result the lobbyists Are not Only lobbying the senators but Are lobbying each other. The skirmishes have gotten pretty rough. For example Thomas Quinn lobbyist for the Baldwin piano company which owns a Bank in Denver wrote a threatening note to Maurice Herndon who represents the insurance agents. The note seen by this column demonstrates How confident the Bank holding company lobbyists Are that sen. Williams is in their pocket. Quinn in a Bald attempt to get the insurance men to Stop opposing the Williams amendment wrote to Herndon a i think that fighting sen. Williams. Will do the agents a great Deal of harm. I done to think you could expect him to vote for your restrictive clause if you cause him to lose his Quinn reluctantly acknowledged writing the Curt note but dented any implication that he had Williams in his pocket. A spokesman for the senator said Quinn a was recklessly and irresponsibly using Williams name Herndon acknowledged Only that the lobbying had been the roughest he bad seen in 26 years in Washington. Rep. Lawrence g. Williams r-pa., has attacked this column for reporting he and 22 other congressmen voted to line the pockets of the defense Industry with $2 billion a year of the taxpayers Money. Titis was the amount that Admiral Hyman Rickover the Navy a scrappy watchdog on waste estimated could be saved if the Desense department tightened its bookkeeping. Williams tried to explain to his constituents Tat he was really trying to save the taxpayers Money. In fact he implied he and Rickover were working in Complete Harmony for Federal Economy. Tie truth is that Williams worked in secret for a Bill that would kill or at least delay. Admiral Rickover a plan to Force honest Cost accounting in the defense Industry. This is Clear from Rickover a own testimony. Williams solicitude for the taxpayers can be judged by the fact that he mailed out his attack on this column under a congressional Frank As a a Public some 125,000 copies were mailed in the name of Quot official the taxpayer were assessed $7,500. At first class rates so Williams could blow his Horn. senator soaper says j an instant commentator at the bit to Erin bar and Grill defends his latest exclusive political Flash. He says he got it from a source usually considered ridiculous. Congressman sludge pump a opponent has Charisma but the Veteran incumbent says he has never used a Many a physical ailments against him in a Campaign. Some people moan Over changes in fashion but it has been our experience that no matter where the Hemline is the percentage of pretty girls remains about the same

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