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Bluefield Daily Telegraph (Newspaper) - October 24, 1970, Bluefield, West Virginia 14 Bluefield daily Telegraph saturday oct. 24, 1970 the pure tub just the founded by Hugh lie Shat interprets the news Henry j. Toy i or Kennedy remains mum on Massachusetts welfare scandals Hugh Shott editor Richard Wesley executive editor Good morning i a for whoever has despised the Day of Small things shall rejoice and shall see the plummet in the hand of Zeru Babel. These seven Are the eyes of the lord which reigns through the whole 4 10. Most people would succeed in Small things if they were not troubled great ambitions. A Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Kent University verdict to the Surprise of outsiders a special state grand jury which indicted 25 persons for last May a disturbances at Kent state University did not find any member of the Ohio National guard culpable in the deaths of the four students killed in that affair. It found the shooting justified. It excoriated the University administration for fostering an attitude of laxity overindulgence and permissiveness which it called the Basic cause of the tragedy. The Scranton commission had placed the blame on both the students and the National guard declaring that the students had wreaked havoc on both the town of Kent and the University but that the shooting was indiscriminate unnecessary unwarranted and inexcusable. The grand jury investigated the affair for More than three weeks. It reflected the Strong anti student sentiment that spread through the Countryside after the riot which preceded the shooting. The Only Concession it made was in criticizing the use by the guard of my rifles on Campus and accusing the guard officers of ordering their men into an untenable and dangerous position. In its wide ranging findings the grand jury also cracked Down on student dissent. It said another example of where the University had contributed to the crisis is the overemphasis it has allowed on the right to dissent. And it cited deliberate criminal conduct by agitators in the rally that was climaxed by the shootings. Most students appeared resigned to the tone of these findings. The majority of the student body now is trying to live Down the episode. Hopefully College administrators throughout the country will profit by this sad affair. Boston welfare scandals Are exploding it the Cost of welfare to this states taxpayers All Over the state of Massachusetts. But mums has risen nearly 500 per cent in the past to an Vuci _ a a years. The cheery sound the taxpayers hear the word from sen. Edward m. Kennedy who 7 7. Is otherwise putting enough hot air into his re election Campaign to float the Navy Blimp corps. This High Twig on the family tree must have lost All touch with Ordinary thinking. For nothing is easier to prove in this country today than that people everywhere Are fed up to the Teeth with the politicians own welfare rackets a the self styled Liberal politicians business of being everlastingly Liberal with other Peoples Money. Speaking in tones that would bring tears to a Glass Eye or. Kennedy says is on the Side of the underdog a and who Isnit but. Busy at his usual political game of waving his Liberal credentials what or. Kennedy refuses to admit in his self serving liberalism is that some underdogs Are deadbeats. The Massachusetts taxpayers Money is involved of course. Although senator Kennedy would As soon eat an Eskimo a a Boot As admit Russell Baker is their tax Money clinking clanking clunking Down the Drain. And How do the rest of us come out in this Ham handed exercise of Power half of the state s welfare is reimbursed federally again with the taxpayers Money. We Federal taxpayers wherever we live and however hard pressed pay that half. Well the committee on welfare in the Massachusetts House of representatives is investigating welfare payments through undercover assistants now Bird dogging the facts. They Are reporting directly to House speaker David m. Bartley. For example they have finished in the Springfield District. After a political introduction to the welfare office one welfare pay roller filed for benefits under to false names and collected $18,000 before the word went out to please Stop and the Man left this state. At least $4,000 for airline tickets was handed to political favourites a families returning to puerto Rico. Another welfare recipient who moved from Hartford to Springfield 25 Miles Distant got $1,115. This included the taxpayers Money for new furniture a months rent and $240 for a household another was handed $695 on her claim that she bought 33 bedspreads and 31 sheets. One lady saying she sold her furniture before moving to Massachusetts from another state was immediately Given a Nice round Crisp $1,000. Another Kenn Dyland practitioner ran up a two month Telephone Bill totalling $215.83 and of yes the welfare cronies paid it with the taxpayers Money. Meanwhile they Are guaranteeing welfare recipients $35 monthly for Telephone Bills while on Relief. A Kenn Dyland welfare supervisor gave a Volunteer who was a politically introduced College student a rubber stamp to authorize welfare payments. A authorize whatever you want a the supervisor instructed him. The student promptly authorized himself a trip to Europe a on Money paid in by us taxpaying peasants. But or. Kennedy a attitude of Quot what business is it of yours a is not too exceptional. A strange detachment can develop in those who hear the thousands cheer. It can create its own intoxication. You Are hit Square with the impression of Lese majesty. Ordinary Justice and even the Laws can grow All but meaningless. The Public becomes merely a mass a a faceless abstraction faceless people identified chiefly by the Gallup and Harris polls. In fact the great corruption of our age is the inability of too Many Public figures to preserve the integrity of their essential selves beneath the weighty and contrives trappings of the figure they present to the Public. Here in Kenn Dyland senator Kennedy sits in the cozy Corners and pleasant Parlours where the plump Massachusetts political pigeons preen surrounded by sycophants who Are a Mere Echo of his Footfall and voice. You find it reminiscent of Kipling skim on the cluttered Road chewing his stick of sugar Cane and making Way for no one. Then on the fringes there Are the boys and girls who look like the Vikings mini sized and pathless. It is at close Range a nearly laughable scene to serve As a prop for or. Kennedy a self serving liberalism. But is makes you wonder How you Are supposed to feel about this kind of political larceny dressed up As liberalism when you work for a living. This is not fun Laporte testament Pierre Laporte the Quebec minister shot to death by his kidnappers forecast his own death in a letter to Premier Robert Bourassa of Quebec. He said the kidnappers were not bluffing when they said they would kill him and predicted a a after me it will be a third a fourth and a fifth. He continued a we Are in the presence of a Well organized Escalade that will end Only with the liberation of political prisoners. If All political men Are protected they will strike elsewhere in other classes of society. As Well to act now and thus avoid a Bloodbath and useless in an Effort to save Laporte Bourassa offered to seek parole for five of the 23 persons whose Freedom the Quebec liberation front demanded. Canadas Premier Pierre Trudeau offered to give the kidnappers Safe conduct out of the country. No response was made to either of these gestures. Trudeau added that the 23 persons were convicted murderers or persons jailed for manslaughter or on other charges relating to bombing and armed robbery. One thing is certain. The kidnappers have unified the country against themselves. All parties shocked and saddened by the terrorist murder joined in support of the governments determination to Hunt and punish the kidnappers. The so called liberation front condemned itself. As Trudeau said the front has proven it seeks Quebec a Independence by Means of violent revolution. A it has no mandate but terror no policies but violence no solution but there Are revolutionaries in this country who fit this description perfectly. A 1970 new York times news service is vegas . Plane landed at vegas. Put six quarters in Airport Slot machine. No return. Became aware it was no fun defying mathematical inevitability. Seven fifty eight checked into Attila a Skull pile. Overtopped Bellboy to revive my sense of impending fun. Tiger skin Rug on the floor looked like it would be fun to writhe on. Writhed on it. But noted Strong sense of Absurdity beginning to set in. Rose. Noted that my stunning new London jacket was covered with Tiger hairs. Very disappointed. Eight of four shaved. Covered face with new after shave lotion said to be favored by White Hunters of the Zambesi. Showered setting the Spray after considerable indecision on Sarsaparilla. Eight forty one . Feeling invincible and irresistible and smelling of safari and Sarsaparilla descended to the gambling Casino. Eight forty two having dropped $18 without the slightest sense of having had any fun ordered and consumed an egg salad Sandwich and a cup of Coffee. Nine of three . Dropped $1.65 in Slot machine. No return. A this is no fun i said to woman pumping coins into adjacent Slot machine. A that s a Rotten thing to say a she said while losing $1.25. Nine eighteen i was at the bar <$1.30 plus tip ogling a splendid example of the kind of Young american who is not rioting and blowing up buildings and encouraging our sons not to shave. Asked her what a Nice girl like her was doing not rioting and blowing up buildings and so Forth. A fun Guys done task stupid questions a a she said. A a what a so great about fun a i replied leaving. Nine Twenty three while looking for the Way to my room became lost in an arboretum of potted Palms and was waylaid by a Nasty looking customer in a dinner jacket. He motioned me into a Corner. Quot you Are the party who is not having fun Quot said. Quot we done to like it when somebody comes Here and does t have fun. It makes us feel we done to know our i told him i was sorry i was t having any fun. Quot sorry Isnit Good enough a said. Quot How much did you pay for your air tickets out Here a i told him nearly $300. Quot Okay a said a a so you re entitled to at least $300 Worth of fun. Get on with i said that maybe Money buy fun. He said to go to my room and wait. Ten fifteen . I had been waiting in my room in a lather of anticipation when the phone rang. Quot this is the Federal Bureau of fun a an official voice said. Quot we have a report that you told party or parties unnamed that Money cannot buy fun and moreover that you Are not having any fun despite an investment in air tickets approaching some $300. Not having fun after payment of Large sums of Money is a violation of United states social regulations i Hung up. Ten eighteen my bag packed i stuffed pillows under the bed blankets to create an inanimate target turned off the lights turned on the to and let myself Down to the ground via plastic Banyan tree outside my Balcony. Ten forty three . Arriving at the Airport in a convertible i had borrowed went to airline counter to buy ticket on first flight to anyplace. Quot there might be a delay a the ticket girl said. Quot there s a Lookout for a Man who a not having any i must have moved too rapidly. Quot grab him a she called. Twelve Twenty . I was finishing a second Brandy and watching 3,000 of the most Beautiful girls in America parading around the dazzling Hun room in a half ounce of Nylon. Withers of the Las vegas special fun Branch was watching me cautiously. Quot now you be got to admit this is fun a Withers said. I said it sure was but under the table i had my fingers crossed. Quot you re lying a said Withers. Five thirty two a a the big Man who had been flown in from Washington by special presidential Jet seemed very tired. Quot How can anybody who Calls himself an american not have fun when lays out As much Money As you have a asked. I told him i could t help myself. I said i wanted to have fun just like everybody on television. Id even wanted to double my fun. But it was no use. There was no pleasure in anything i had found in Las vegas. Money did no to seem to buy Joy. The big Man from Washington came to life. Quot these idiot six exclaimed. A calling me All the Way out there for told the local people to let me go. Quot this said pointing to me. Quot thinks that because there s no pleasure in what a doing a not having any fun. He thinks when you re having fun. You ought to be enjoying the laughter was intense. It rang with the Joy of people who weren to having fun for the first time in years. The fuse was lit in Cuba Jack Anderson irs goes gun to Robert Allen and John Goldsmith Ceiler stalling impeachment americans tradition of giving there is one american tradition that continues and grows the tradition of giving. Until the new Deal nationalized it and made All taxpayers givers willingly or no philanthropy and Charity were the twin Virtues that provided for the ill the poor the homeless and the derelict. The wonderful and amazing thing is that despite the fact that Federal state and City welfare have taken Over the bread and butter Job of providing for Many millions one years private donations for religious educational health and welfare cultural and civic activities add up to $17.60 billion�?$48 million a Day every Day of the year. The analysis of american giving habits was made by the family economics Bureau of Northwestern National insurance co. One of the most productive methods of giving is the Matching dollars gimmicks an individual or a corporation offers so much providing the benefiting institution or cause can raise a similar amount from All others. That requires volunteers who dredge out the gifts from the givers. Their 245 million Volunteer hours a week pile up the gifts. Giving has become institutionalized. But there Are still Many who give in response to their own hearts and conscience. They follow the tradition of sharing that has made America great. Mercer county needs. 1. A four Lane Bluefield Princeton Highway. 2. A centrally located Tannery Landfill method of garbage disposal. Washington a Justice William o. Douglas is in for a sore disappointment if thinks the House judiciary subcommittees Long dawdling investigation spells the end of the drive to impeach him. Regardless of what this handpicked subcommittee does under the adroit manipulation of its strongly pro Douglas chairman. Rep. Emanuel Ceiler in. Y., House leaders Are on forceful notice that a determined Effort will be made to bring about a Quot sweeping Independent investigation of the Ultra Liberal Jurist. This notice has been served by rep. Louis Wyman r-n.h., whose bristling charges against Douglas last Spring impelled Ceiler to hastily launch his diversionary inquiry. Wyman former state attorney general and a distinguished trial lawyer already has drafted a Resolution calling for a new probe by a bipartisan committee selected from the membership of the House at Large. This panel would have a staff of lawyers and investigators of its own and wide authority to Issue subpoenas and examine tax and other records. It is wymans intention to introduce this proposal immediately upon the convening of the new Congress in january. That a what has told the bipartisan leaders of the House. This delay has been forced on him by three factors Ceiler a continued stalling on the submission of a report by his handpicked subcommittee Lack of tune to get action on a new investigation in the remaining weeks of this Congress and the fact that a probe approved by this Congress would expire with it. In wymans private opinion if Ceiler s subcommittee does produce a report it will in effect be a in support of that View Wyman Points out that although the subcommittee has been functioning since last april it has issued no subpoenas Beld no hearings private or Public heard no witnesses under oath and has not employed a special staff for the inquiry. Also that in two secret Quot interim reports a prepared by members of cellars staff the Legal views and arguments of Douglas lawyer predominated. A what these so called staff reports did a Wyman notes Quot was to give Douglas a clean Bill of health on the bases prescribed by his own attorney. They used his stuff to claim there Are no grounds for an impeachment. If that in t a Whitewash. I Don t know what is. Quot but i also know that a far from the end of it. This fight has Only just new Hampshire powerhouse a As Wyman s record strikingly shows the lean athletic new englander is not Given to Idle words. Russell Kirk Washington a Treasury aides Hawe confiscated a chinese made ak-47 automatic assault Rifle a trophy of the cambodian invasion from president Nixon. His Possession of the weapon violated Federal firearms Laws. Illegal weapons have also been seized from two White House aides four senators four representatives and three governors. Criminal charges Arentt Likely to be preferred however against the president and his distinguished fellow Law Breakers. The internal Revenue service which conducted the raids upon the 14 High officials was most reluctant to talk about it. After debating for two Days whether to answer our inquiries the irs finally acknowledged that the weapons had been Quot captured in cambodian sanctuaries and presented to members of the presidents fact finding Mission which went to the area in the guns were personal gifts from u. A and South vietnamese military leaders and were brought illegally into the u. S. The irs. However tried to phrase this a Little More delicately. Quot the weapons were received by the . Civilian explained the careful irs statement to this column Quot As representatives of the . And therefore will be Given to military museums As the property of the u. S the presidents ak-47 and another enemy Rifle in his Possession Quot have been turned Over to the smithsonian institution pending completion of a presidential Library a said the irs. The other dignitaries who lost their semiautomatic chinese carbines to the Federal raiders were identified by the irs As White House aides Herb Klein and Bryce Harlow senators backward policies either president Nixon is going to have to hang Tome of his bureaucrats from a sour Apple tree or the Public school systems of these United states will be ruined altogether. At the moment i have in mind or. Stanley Pottinger head of the office of civil rights in the department of health. Education and welfare for or. Pottinger announces that his office will commence a Campaign this autumn against Quot ability grouping in Public schools. This Quot ability grouping Means that pupils Are assigned to classes or rooms according to their intellectual aptitudes. Thus children who Are naturally Bright or who have a sound intellectual background Are put into one Section or class where they Progress together commendably and compete against their equals. Children less gifted or from families without much schooling tend to be put into another class or Section where their deficiencies can be remedied sensibly and where they will not feel inferior to their classmates. Wherever tried this Quot ability grouping has proved beneficial to both groups. The Quick grow quicker the slow make much better Progress than they did when they were matched against children with a natural or environmental head Start. How then can anybody in hew oppose ability grouping in schools and what possible business can the Federal government have in meddling with classroom assignments in individual schools Well or. Pottinger and certain Al Bis henchmen the Quot Federal monitors who Snoop about schools in the Southern states now declare that this Quot ability grouping results in de Facto segregation by classroom a to some degree anyway a even though a school in general has been racially integrated. In effect in some schools most of the pupils in track a. Say of an ability grouping system Are White while most of the pupils in track b of that system say. Happen to be coloured. Here a Demon racism again the Pottinger set Tell us True Pottinger amp co. Confess Quot ability grouping is used at least As much in the North As in the it May be added that ability grouping has been employed advantageously in schools White or Black which Are virtually of one complexion anyway so that race is no question. But Down with ability grouping anyway Public schools done to exist to improve the intellect you know they Are meant to conduct sociological experiments. So this division of hew takes its stand against intelligence. It has been demonstrated already that ability grouping distinctly benefits those pupils who have lower intelligence quotients or aptitude scores a by making possible a program of instruction calculated to raise their level of performance. If the majority of pupils in S.C. a category happen to be negroes a or mexican americans or Mountain Whites shifted to a big City or what ethnic group you will a they Are not being discriminated against by the ability grouping system on the contrary that system enables Many of them to achieve More than they possibly could in an undifferentiated class. I Howard Cannon d-nev., Tom Mcintyre d n h., George Murphy r-calif., and John Tower a Tex. Representatives Bill Bray r-ind., o. C. Fisher. D-Tex., Mel Price d ill., and Bill Whitehurst Rva. Governors John love r-colo., Robert Mcnair d-s.c., and Raymond Shafer a a. The irs arranged for military men. Presumably weapons specialists to pick up the illegal weapons on Capitol Hill. The servicemen brought along a special carrying Case so the chinese guns could be lugged out of the Capitol building without alarming legislators and tourists. One congressman had already arranged a place on his Wall for his carbine when Learned from the irs that it was against the Law for him to possess it. Most of the trophies however were confiscated from congressional closets. Senator Mcintyre told this column did no to want the chinese carbine in the first place. Federal firearms Laws have barred machine guns from civilians since the Gangland Days of the 1930s. The import of these lethal rapid fire weapons is also banned without special licenses. None of the 14 dignitaries of course had been issued a License. Chief Justice Warren Burger has alerted Federal courts across the country to tighten Security As a precaution against terrorist tactics. He acted after judge Harold j. Haley was abducted from his courtroom in san Rafael calif., by Black militants who decapitated him with a Shotgun blast during a shootout with Law officers. Police said the guns used by the militants had been purchased by communist Glamor girl Angela Davis. The chief Justice has turned the problem of courtroom Security Over to judge Clement Haynsworth who remained on the fifth circuit court after his appointment to the supreme court was rejected by the Senate. What worries Burger and Haynsworth is that the courts Are protected by Federal marshals who Are often untrained political appointees. In Baltimore for instance Federal judges have appealed to senator Charles Quot Mac Mathias r myth Stop the republicans from replacing marshal Frank Udoff with a political appointee. Udoff a democratic appointee has done an excellent Job of handling disruptions. Senator Mathias therefore telephoned the Justice department and asked his fellow Republican Deputy attorney general Richard Kleindienst to leave Udoff on the Job. In Chicago the number of Federal marshals at court proceedings have been doubled from to to 20, and All courtroom clerks have been armed. Other courts Are carefully checking the identities of All visitors and searching anyone who looks suspicious. This c Olumn reported on september 28 that the u. S. Information service had a distributed a classified memorandum to its missions throughout the world pointing out that the soviets cannot be trusted. In another reference on october 2, we noted that the memo had equated the Middle East cease fire violations with the cuban missile crisis. A during the 1962 cuban missile crisis a we reported Quot High soviet officials were caught in 19 outright lies a our stories have now been confirmed by the Washington Post which also has revealed that the secret Usis memo Lead Secretary of state Bill Rogers to scold Usis chief Frank Shakespeare for making foreign policy on his own. The inside fact however is that Shakespeare got his guidance directly from the White House. The controversial memo merely repeated what Shakespeare had been told by aides close to president Nixon

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