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Bluefield Daily Telegraph (Newspaper) - October 17, 1970, Bluefield, West Virginia 4 Bluefield daily Telegraph saturday october 17, 1970 the far fut i for Mdse by Hugh to Short interprets the news Hugh Shott editor Richard Wesley executive editor Good morning Quot you have heard that it was said you shall love your neighbor and hate your but i say to you love your enemies and Pray for those who persecute 5 43, 44. A hating people is like burning Down your own Home to get rid of a Emerson Fosdick. Good or bad David Lawrence Friendly cuban port when is military base not military base president Nixon a announcement that he has ordered All out preparations to end the draft by mid-1973 takes selective service out of politics. It promises an All Volunteer military Force within three years and an end to the doubts and worries Over unwanted military service for boys now 15 years of age and their successors. Military service will be a matter of Choice after 1973 and the armed forces Are going All out to make that Choice so attractive it will fill the ranks by willing men anxious to serve. Defense Secretary Melvin r. Laird has already requested the three service secretaries and the chairman of the chiefs of staff Admiral Thomas h. Moorer to Spur action that should be taken to move toward the Zero draft goal to put it in Pentagon Ese. The changeover will Start with new emphasis on recruiting. In addition there will be new inducements for additional enlistments both in the Reserve and National guard components. For some time a Quot project Volunteer committee has been working on ways to improve the attractiveness of military careers. Laird has asked his top service officials to study the committees recommendations and evaluate them to bring out the Best ways to build up the Volunteer Force. General William c. Westmoreland army chief of staff enlisted the army association a group of civilians and retired officers devoted to the senior military service to assist in the All Volunteer army project. The chiefs of staff of the Navy and air Force will make the same plea to similar organizations that support the Navy and air Force. Finally Laird plans to submit to Congress legislation to boost by 20 per cent the base pay for enlisted men. That is where the drive for a Volunteer Force begins. Patter ing the pay of enlisted men is the first step to making military careers More attractive and thereby restoring an All out Volunteer service. Amid All the celebrating about the end of the draft few have paused to consider another possibility that any nation which possesses a professional army faces a new threat. Other nations have found that military professionals sometimes decide they know More about running a country than freely elected leaders do and have taken Steps to prove it. With u. S. Society in turmoil today and with few signs of improvement on the horizon it might be Well to guard now against the possibility of our own professional military takeover. Or perhaps things will become so disorganized that Well Welcome it. Time will Tell. Washington a when is a a military based not a a military based but just a place at foreign ports where submarines can be refuelled and pick up missiles and other supplies Hie soviet government in a formal statement has clarified its own policy in Cuba and evidently feels it does no to need a a a based in a military sense at All. It just has to have a Friendly nation with a port. After asserting explicitly that it a has not built and is not building a military base in Cuba the Moscow government officially explains its position As follows a was for the use of the world Ocean the soviet Union strictly adheres to operating principles and rules of contemporary International Law. If soviet ships and vessels enter ports of foreign states including ports of the Republic of Cuba on official visits and business Calls they do so with the permission of the govern ments of the states concerned. It is obvious that such Calls Are an inalienable right of Sovereign states universally recognized and confirmed by Many centuries of International about All this Means is that the soviets say they Are not building up a special base in Cuba but have arranged to drop in at ports on the Island to get necessary supplies and service for their submarines which Are obviously going to be stationed close to the United states for a Long time. It would not be surprising however i the soviet Union raises the question of a a military bases established by one nation on the territory of another. Its statement says a it is Well known that the soviet Union in general condemns the building of military bases by some states on the territory of other states. More the soviet government has repeatedly made specific proposals at relevant . Agencies and the disarmament commute for the dismantling of foreign military bases of Dien Secretary of defense Melvin r. Lain evidently has anticipated the possibility that Thuc subject would be brought up. In a news a few Days ago he pointed out in reply to a question that american bases in Europe were in existence when the United states and the soviet Union began their strategic arms limitation talks. He added that if the russians now were to build a submarine base in Cuba it would change the entire balance while the talks Are in Progress. He said. A a change in balance at this time would have to be considered As a very serious act As far As any defense planner is concerned n the United the soviets want to make it Clear that hey Are not a a building any military Quot based in Cuba. But the fact remains that they Are insisting they have a right to use any port on the Island for supplies which can be stockpiled anywhere and delivered to Given ports for use Board soviet submarines. No new a a based would actually have to be Secretary Laird has said that he has no evidence that the Polaris Type submarines of he soviets which of course use nuclear missiles have thus far utilized any port in Cuba Ile would however look upon the use by the soviets of cuban bases for Polaris Type submarines a was a very serious challenges and one which does no to follow the understandings that he believes were comprehended by both the United states and Russia in 1962 at the time of the cuban missile crisis. The Moscow government feels that building a new Quot based would be the real Issue and says Quot the soviet Union has not built and is not building a military base on Cuba and is not doing anything that would contradict the understanding reached Between the governments of the . And the United states in 1962.�?� so it seems probable that the whole question of military bases will be up for discussion in the talks about the limitation of strategic armaments. Since the soviet argument is that any of its ships can enter ports of a nation which gives its permission the United states can make the same Point for instance about the use of a a bases in Spain Italy and Greece which have been established in the Mediterranean As i part of the North Atlantic treaty organizations program to defend Western Europe. With the friendliness of the new regime in Chile toward Russia and the presence of a communist government in Cuba the Assumption Here is that the soviets will be better Able to maintain Polaris Type submarines in both the Atlantic and the Pacific As a threat to the United states. C. L. Sulzberger or. New juice old Oats a 1970 new York times news service Washington a All the boys were shooting it up Down at the Lead Dollar Saloon when the message arrived. It was wrapped around a piece of Sagebrush which some Galoost tossed through the Saloon window. A there is a bomb in this Saloon a the message said. A it will explode in three four minutes later the towns corrupt establishment leaders were standing around t h e blazing ruins of the Lead Dollar exchanging congratulations that had to do with their Mutual survival and commenting As shocked men Are Likely to do upon the pleasure of a break in humdrum town routine. Soon however hotter Heads prevailed. A a a e t the sheriff a somebody said. A this is the work of Billy the kid the sheriff an overweight Craven Coward wearing a Black hat was found hiding under his desk Down at the jail. A a what a the idea of wearing that Black hat Luke a asked his Bride to be miss Susie who was Over 30 and a tool of the Eastern Power Structure having been sent out from a fancy Wall Street finishing school to administer the town school system and otherwise Monger War. A a done to you Ever get the word miss Susie a Luke replied. Quot the sheriff is the bad Guy miss Susie said Luke had better strap on his tear Gas and Mace and get right on up to the corrupt old Over 55 mayors office because Billy the kid bomber had struck again and the establishment was calling for cruelly repressive counter revolutionary action. Genocide. Wiretapping. A miss Susie a Luke asked a when Are we going to get married so i can give up this Rotten Job get out of the rat race and retire to a Loveless marriage and sterile life in a ranch House with two horses in the Corral and a color stereo Ticon in the parlor a a there can to Ever be a Chance for us to raise children for the u. S. Cavalry until these bombers have been put in prison and a corrupt and Rotten old Over 190 government imposed on the Young people of this country a said miss Susie. Meanwhile Back at the business District the u. S. Assay office had been bombed and Young terrorists wearing White hats had kidnapped Pete the piano player from the paper Dollar Saloon and issued an ultimatum. Unless the town agreed to dismantle the Railroad and Grant equal employment Opportunity to cowgirls Pete would be taught to play the electric guitar. The establishment could not be scared that easily however. A the fact is a the fat hypocritical mayor told Peters wife a we done to care about Pete. That a because we can to drive Pete to Abilene and get $1.89 a Pound for him on the a do you mean a mrs. Pete asked. A yes a said the old mayor a fall our energies at this time must perforce be focused on saving the Herd that is being driven to Abilene. Pete would have the news that Billy intended to blow up the Herd spread like hot cakes. Down at the jail Luke was strapping on his canister holsters when miss Susie burst in. she said weeping proudly a a you re going out there All by yourself to get Billy. That a crazy. Luke crazy i can t stand any More of this killing and blowing up i can t let you do it Luke ifs crazy Quot a crazy a Luke said in that laconic old Rotten Way of his. A a it a insane. They Don t Call me a Craven Coward for nothing. In a a get tin out of town. But in a a taking a big piece of that Herd a with he patted his canisters. A reckon in be got enough tear Gas Here to run 1,200 head All the Way to Chicago a Luke said. A ooh Luke a miss Susie cried a a you re Rotten and corrupt and Well have a wonderfully Loveless meaningless life together Back East in a a fighting goodness and youth a Luke said. A and sacrifice and love and Beauty a said miss Susie. Quot lets be said Luke As they Rode off out of the Sunset. Jack Anderson partner in smut Washington a when senator roman Hrus past it showed a the love inst a take a trip a preaches about the evils of violence and into the psychedelic world of the hippie pornography he knows whereof he Speaks. He the we and the willing a they broke eve u. S. Security patrols troop withdrawals from Vietnam have surpassed the goal of reducing the american troops in the War zone below 384,000, about half the increment that was in the Field when president Nixon took office. The makeup and Mission of the troops who will remain after next May i have been spelled out by Secretary of defense Melvin r. Laird. By then the american Force will be Down to 284,000 and they will be largely support troops. But Laird said he did not want to leave the impression that the remaining forces could not take protective action in the Way of Security patrols in order to protect the lives of the americans who will be performing the important support functions. Not surprisingly a Small outcry greeted Laird s exposition of the presence and work of the Security patrol As if the Quot liberals figured the United states would leave a Quarter of a million men without providing for their Protection. The support troops will be there to service and Supply the native South vietnamese forces who will number More than a million men. But american combat troops will be there to protect their own. Many would have thought the defense department negligent if it had not provided for this Security. Among 284,000 men we would expect a Large number to be combat troops. Laird said Between 40 and 60 per cent. That is As it should be. We Are not leaving our men unprotected taking Over the main combat function. They will be fighting their own War while we will provide them with the Means to do so and see that our troops Are not sacrificed in the process. Robert Allen and John Goldsmith same end result however he rates otherwise wed guess that Dick Nixon has Given More movie reviews than any other president. Disposing of the automobile which has outlived its usefulness is a problem. The horse could at least continue serving society in the form of glue. Asked if he Learned anything in his travels a returned vacationer says yes he Learned one place he never wants to visit again. Mercer county needs. 1. A four Lane Bluefield a Princeton Highway. 2. A centrally located sanitary Landfill method of garbage disposal. Richmond. A. A outwardly things Are quite a bit different in the old Dominion in this years election but in the end the outcome will be the same it has been for a Long time. The telltale signs strongly indicate that a Byrd will continue to represent Virginia in the United states Senate. Despite highly vocal democratic and Republican opponents the latter vigorously aided by a popular gop governor the first in a Century a Young Harry Byrd running As an Independent appears definitely headed to retain his late fathers Senate seat a to which he succeeded by appointment in 1965 and which he won in a hard fought election the following year. In the three weeks remaining of the Campaign this prediction could be upset by some spectacular or explosive development. But if that does happen its not Likely to be the Handiwork of Byrds democratic or Republican opponent. Neither is the Type to produce a sensation. Both Are conducting relatively Low key conventional campaigns a with a moderate amount of television advertising. Each is placing chief Reliance on his party s regular organization and local leaders in the old Dominion neither the leaders nor the old line parties Are Given to electioneering spectaculars. That suits Byrds temperament style and perfectly. Reserved courtly and wholly foreign to Chelone or bombast the world War ii Navy air Veteran is quietly going about his business and completely ignoring his two opponents. While the Senate remains in session he is meticulously attending to his work there including that of the important committees of which he is a member and being on hand for All Roll Calls. The last published poll showed senator Byrd Well out in front of his two opponents with 45 per cent behind this impressive Lead is a series of significant backstage factors a conservative but not a die hard stand Patter Byrd is in tune with the general mood and temper prevailing in Virginia. He is strongly for Law and order and powerful military defences. He is against school busing soaring welfare spending and Campus disorders and violence. At the same time he voted to override president Nixon a vetoes of the appropriation Bills that exceeded his recommendations for education and Hospital construction. The universally known and highly respected Byrd name. A Young like his father who As governor and senator dominated the state for 40 years is a genuine Virginia gentleman a honorable upright and responsible. People disagreed with the elder Byrd but All respected him. The same holds True for his son both of his opponents Are burdened with party and other difficulties and handicaps. Byrd has problems but they appear less deep seated and More tractable than those of his rivals. For one thing there is no Lack of Campaign funds a although by training and inclination he is not a big spender and Virginia traditionally is leery about Large scale political splurging. Numerous and important democratic and Republican defections to Byrd. Prominent among them Are former democratic governor Mills Godwin Marshall Beverley Republican onetime mayor of Alexandria and a score of legislators of both parties. Also a number of local a republicans for Byrds and a democrats for Byrds committees have been organized and Are Busy electioneering. Is a partner in a movie Chain that has recently featured skin flicks such As a girl on a Chain gang and violence such As Quot the blood the pious nebraskan has sponsored numerous Bills against smut and violence. Only last week he wrote president Nixon that he was a impelled by due respect for common decency and Good morals to disagree with the Liberal findings of the commission on obscenity and pornography. But Hruskac so common decency and Good morals apparently do not a a impel him when his pocketbook is affected. He is Secretary and director of Douglas theater company which owns drive ins and Heaters in Omaha Lincoln and Carter Lake. Iowa. Until the Omaha City Council cracked Down. Hruska s Chain featured such classics As Quot shanty tramp a with a titillating teaser in its advertisements a sorry because of the abnormal nature of this film we cannot use any photos in the Chain which has Hruska s wife v i a Ginia As another director displayed a White slave ship Only this year. In the recent foul Harvey few campaigning right now is the time when All those activist College students zealous for instant peace in Indochina Are supposed to desert their studies so that they May Campaign for Quot peace and Radi Cal candidates for Congress. Yet relatively few of those students Are turning out for the campaigning. And those few May be hideously disappointed in the result of their electioneering. First of All most colleges and universities have decided not to give students a fortnights Holiday for a political adventure after All some administrators decided against this vacation on educational principle others set their faces against it once they realized that to authorize students and faculty people to engage in partisan politics might endanger the tax exempt status of their institutions. The president of Yale University has de dared that because people in other walks of life Aren t Given time off from work to Campaign there s no reason Why students should be so privileged politically. That s sound enough so far As it goes Loyola University. Chicago has gone farther in its statement. Loyola concurs in substance with Yale s decision but adds this a Loyola University is convinced that the cancellation of its classes would be a disservice to that Large percentage of students and faculty in All of its colleges who wish to continue their Progress toward the educational and professional goals they have elected to the faculties of Loyola s la colleges voted three to one against suspension of classes Loyola students can campaigns but Only if the it like other people Campaign on their own time keeping up their work simultaneously or else incurring some considerable private sacrifice. At Cornell where student radicals have been extremely Active actually the proportion of students who will leave the Campus for ringing doorbells appears to be quite Small. A your University Senate last week reaffirmed the vote on the a citizenship recess a a Cornell senior writes to me but More As a result of reluctance to change their original decision than from continued political meanwhile some Cornell students displayed their sense of civic responsibility by breaking the windows in the official Campus bookshop and some professors there exhibited their open mindedness by requiring their students to buy their books from the resistance Book store which gives its profits to Radical move ments. At the University of Miami last Spring after intimidation by student radicals the administrators set up for this fall a Quot course in a practical politics which would enable All enrolling students to spend weeks electioneering without sacrifice of credit. How Many students have enrolled in that activist a course Quot about 35 students out of a student body exceeding 16.000 that a the general picture nationally. There will be no flood of student campaigners except in a few districts. And even those students who wish to work for candidates encounter difficulty in finding aspirants to office who will accept their Amateur services. For the american Public at Large has grown so hostile toward student zealots that the efforts of these volunteers might be the kiss of death to any politician. In Illinois or. Adlai Stevenson a senatorial Campaign organization looks coldly upon these Youthful auxiliaries those accepted As Campaign workers must submit to screening must sign a pledge that their tactics and conduct will be exemplary and Are exhorted to shave and Wash and dress decently. Some candidates Are turning Down student Ward healers -.together. Ery Speed limit in a parked car and Quot two weeks in featuring a near nude woman. Hruska loudly denounces violence but his denunciations end at the ticket office. Last year for example one of his Omaha drive ins showed a blood of Rama Quot a quadruple feature a the blood fiend blood creature brides of blood the blood Drinker a All in a blood curdling parents near one of the senator s Drivins complained about the legislators dreadful movies. They tried to get the Omaha obscenity ordinance amended. But Hruska and other Omaha theater owners fought it with guile and gusto winning a Compromise Law. The movies lately have improved their fare. For example one showed Quot easy rider a a Superb film which however tends to glorify the hippie youths whom Hruska likes to berate. Dol Glas theater company incorporated in 1961, reportedly employs about 70 persons. Hruska a half owner has been a partner in Douglas and a predecessor firm for 15 years. Reached in Omaha where he is busily campaigning for re election Hruska said a we Are the Only group in the area that does not show a rated films. Well match our operation with asked How he rated a a bucket of Hruska said he did Quot not want to go into the judging of pictures a but pointed out that his Heaters had also shown Quot Romeo and the senator say How much he gets out of Douglas Heaters except that it is a making a profit. Asked whether he would make a Public accounting the crusader for Public morality said Quot heavens no its none of the Public s business As Long As there is no conflict of Spiro agnews lascivious crack comparing sen. Charles Goodell r n. A a a to Christine Jorgenson was a bit too raw for Republican senators to Swallow. It caused quiet dismay on the gof Side of the Senate. Liberals and conservatives a ii k e agreed that the vice president had finally gone beyond the Bounds of political ethics and Good taste. In the privacy of the Republican cloakroom such staunch conservatives As Arizona Paul f aniline and Colorado a Peter Dominick were overheard to suggest that the president should put a muzzle on Agnew. Similar remarks were made by Pennsylvania a Hugh Scott Kentucky Smarlow Cook and others. A Senate commandment nowhere recorded but As binding As if it were chiselled on Stone forbids senators of the same party from campaigning against one another. This is considered a minimal Courtesy to preserve party Harmony. As Thi. Senate a presiding officer the vice president is accepted As an honorary member of the club Agnew therefore is expected to comply with the traditions. His attacks upon a bonafide Republican senator caused the others to squirm uncomfortably but they gave Agnew a Little latitude because of his White House Campaign assignment. When lie called Goodell Quot the Christine Jorgenson of the Republican party however Spiro alienated every senator on the cop Side. What concerns them even More than Agnew s disregard for the amenities is that he might be unleashed against any one of them

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