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Bluefield Daily Telegraph Newspaper Archives Oct 17 1970, Page 1

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Bluefield Daily Telegraph (Newspaper) - October 17, 1970, Bluefield, West Virginia Beavers blast Logan 26-6. Northfork Grundy Oceana Welch Poca and Hurley win. Tazewell Falls. Two big games set tonight. Sports. Vol. Xxv. No. 290 gel Momb pails Deal fab Stroud Cia Pnat of Petri at Blae in id. W. Va., Tad add office Bluefield w. Va., saturday morning october 17, 1970 Frost. Tonight lows in 26 and lower 30s. Mostly sunny today highs in upper 40. Fair sunday. M Cento t c cents daily sunday Canada revives War regulations to halt liberation front threat today s news summary Ottawa apr invoking unprecedented peacetime Powers the government revived world War ii regulations Friday and outlawed the Quebec liberation front. Police in a wide sweep across Quebec province arrested More than 250 persons. Prime minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau who comes from Quebec declared the liberation front posed the threat of insurrection and was trying clandestinely to destroy the nations social Structure. He announced regulations providing five years in jail for anyone even assisting a member of the front known by its French initials Fly. The organization which condemns the present capitalist Structure and seeks to make a separate nation of Quebec was responsible for last weeks kid Narings of a British Diplomat and a Quebec Cabinet minister. Trudeau a Liberal party commands a majority in the House of commons and his government was thus Able to proclaim the War measures act without serious challenges but not without criticism. John Diefenbaker a former prime minister under the conservative party said the decision puts canadians Freedom a in cold storage for several i Ravenna Ohio a a special state grand jury Friday exonerated National guard troops who fired on students during a Kent state Campus riot last May when four students were killed. The grand jury indicted 25 persons in connection with the rioting and accused the University of surrendering leadership to dissident students and faculty members. Ravenna Ohio a special grand jury took Issue Friday with the presidents commission on Campus unrest Over the role of the National guard in t h e Kent state riot. The grand jury held National guardsmen acted in self a defense in their fatal confrontation with students. The commissions report to president Nixon charged the deaths were a a inexcusable and that guardsmen had fired Quot a it Ottawa a invoking unprecedented peacetime Powers the Canadian government revived world War ii regulations Friday and outlawed the Quebec liberation front. Police in a wide sweep across Quebec province arrested More than 250 persons. Philadelphia a Union teachers struck the nations fifth largest Public school system Friday defying a court injunction Banning the walkout. But the Philadelphia Board of education said supervisors parents and Community volunteers joined teachers who crossed picket lines and kept 238 of 275 schools open. Orlando. Fla. Vice president Spiro t. Agnew said Friday his attacks on democratic politicians a and occasionally republicans who disagree with the administration a Are part of a White House assignment. A let me just make one thing Clear As the vice president in the Nixon administration i am not on a frolic a Agnew told a news conference. Indianapolis a private citizens might resort to vigilante tactics to defend themselves from the violent attacks of americans Radical revolutionary groups atty. Gen. John n. Mitchell said Friday. Months to imposition of the act is due to expire next april. It can be used to suspend civil rights. It gives the government almost unlimited Powers to Deal with rebellion and in effect can stifle political dissent. Bales of literature prepared by Quebec separatists were seized by police in their raids Friday. Trudeau told the House of commons the measure was being revived a with deep Jsse stance on Mideast vie tested Rogers says he can prove violations of cease fire plan Young audience a Soldier stands guard by a Canadian forces helicopter at Quebec provincial police Headquarters in Montreal Friday while a score of children appear absorbed by the unprecedented scene. A wire photo two killed special jury clears guard in shooting at Kent state Ravenna Ohio a a special state grand jury Friday exonerated National guard troops who fired on students during a Kent state Campus riot last May when four students were killed. The grand jury indicted 25 persons in connection with the rioting and accused the University of surrendering leadership to dissident students and faculty members. The grand jury a report brought angry reaction from parents of the dead students. Bernard Miller of Plainfield n.y., whose 20 year old son Jeffrey was killed said a you mean you can get away with murder in this country a fight for Long locks a a a a a a hairy heroes and court United nations. N. Y. Secretary of state William p. Rogers faced soviet foreign minister Andrei a. Gromyko Friday on the Mideast Vietnam and other issues in a test of whether the Kremlin is veering toward a harder line. Fredericksburg v a. Apr if Gen. Robert e. Lee and president Martin Buren could sport Long hair and beards without being jailed for their appearance Why not a 17-year-old youth today that question was raised in papers filed in circuit court Friday seeking dismissal of a 10-Day jail sentence for a youth judge Francis Gouldman called who appeared in court in what a a weird and undesirable in sentencing the youth last month for contempt Gouldman described his uncut hair and Beard As Quot similar to a Cross Between an Angora Goat and a Philip j. Hirschkop attorney for the youth said a american and English jurisprudence is lacking in any standards or judges opinions of what presents a weird and undesirable if his client could be jailed Hirschkop said then Why not turn to Page 2, col. 5 Aud a member of the presidents commission on Campus unrest James f. Ahern who is police chief of new Haven conn., said the grand jury a findings were a inconsistent with the facts presented to his commission. The grand jury noted commanding officers of the National guard agreed that i rifles and other High powered weapons Are not suited for Campus duty. The jury recommended non lethal weapons be made available to the guard but added a guardsmen should be furnished weapons that will afford them necessary adj. Gen. Sylvester t. Del Corso recently asked the Federal government for $500,000 for new weapons which would fire wooden pellets no action has been taken on the request. The grand jury report broke sharply with one by the presidents commission on Campus unrest which charged guardsmen with firing a a indiscriminately last May 4 and held the deaths were a unwarranted and names of the indicted were withheld until they Are arrested. Special prosecutor Robert bal boat who directed the investigation said none were guardsmen. The jury report capped four weeks of testimony from More than 300 witnesses. It said the University administration had a fostered an attitude of laxity Over indulgence and permissiveness with its students and faculty to the extent that it can no longer regulate the activities of either. A while they did not condone All activity by the guard on the Campus jurors said guardsmen involved in the shooting a fired their weapons in the honest and sincere belief and under circumstances which would have logically caused them to believe that they would suffer serious turn to Page 2. Col. 5 United nations. . Apr Secretary of state William p. Rogers faced soviet foreign minister Andrei a. Gromyko Friday on the Mideast Vietnam and other issues in a test of whether the Kremlin is veering toward a harder line. Rogers served notice in Advance of a dinner meeting that he could show Gromyko positive proof of russian egyptian missile buildups violating the Mideast truce. But Moscow has already strongly denied violating the cease fire deals and aides indicated Rogers Felt it useless to push Gromyko too hard on the Issue. What Rogers wants now is some Quot rectification of the violations a deliberately vague word enough to get the arabs and israelis into peace Settle ment talks. Talks go Well Rogers said after meeting with . Leaders earlier in the Day that his talks went a very but . Officials indicated he was encountering heavy going. They said among other things that a none of the parties to the .-sponsored 90-Day Mideast cease fire slated to expire nov. 5, has yet agreed to an Extension beyond the deadline. The officials held out the possibility that the arabs and israelis without formal agreement might not resume the shooting after the deadline passes. A the proposed Arab israeli peace talks under . Media i tor Gunnar jarring Are not Likely to get started anytime soon. Tough speech adding to pessimism about prospects for Mideast Progress in the near future was a Tough speech to the general Assembly by Egypt a foreign minister Muhmoud Riad. Riad blamed the United states for a continuation of the state of War in the Middle East and said that by its military Aid to Israel America had removed itself As a possible peacemaker. Drive less truck slams into crowd at football game hot Springs. A. A a pickup truck careening drive less Down a Steep Hill crashed into a crowded Concession stand at a High school football game Friday night. State police said two persons were killed and 12 injured eight seriously. Police said the truck had been parked at the top of a Hill overlooking the Bath county High school football Field while its two teen age occupants watched the game. The truck suddenly began rolling Down the Steep incline and crashed through the tent Concession stand then travelled onto the football Field where a number of children along the sidelines were hit. A i saw this truck come Down Over the said Johnny Gas Zola a Bath county newsman attending the football game. A a it a a huge Grade almost straight up 400 to 500 Yards. The truck came Down and crashed into the Concession stand hitting four or five people. A then it came Down into the end zone and hit a Bunch of Little the injured were taken to Bath county Community Hospital. The game Between Bath county and Rockbridge High schools was immediately cancelled and a Call went Over the Loudspeaker system for persons with station wagons to assist in taking the injured to the hospitals. Approximately 700 persons attended the game. Nixon to make four state barnstorming tour today ii leak Eile All the emphasis has Bern on artificial grass which does no to require mowing. Right now. Wed rather think about artificial Trees with the leaves bolted on. Washington a president Nixon makes a 15-hour, whirlwind tour through four states saturday As he increases his barnstorming activities on behalf of gop candidates in the november elections. In an Effort to put More republicans in Congress and state houses. Nixon is expected to j Campaign in 18 to 20 states during the 17 Days remaining before the nov. 3 elections. The White House has named 12 states in which he will appear adding Illinois and Minnesota to the list Friday. He will election Eer in Illinois Ort. 29 for Republican sen. Ralph t. Smith who is being challenged by Democrat Adial Stevenson Iii and later in the Day travel to Minnesota where he will Campaign against former vice president Hubert h. Humphrey hts opponent in the presidential election of 1968. Humphrey is in a contest with Republican rep. Clark Macgregor for the Senate seat being vacated by Democrat Eugene Mccarthy. Nixon after visiting Connecticut last monday Heads saturday to Vermont. New Jersey Pennsylvania and Wisconsin in a Campaign swing that includes seven stops. He will appear at Burlington vt., on behalf of gop sen. Winston Prouty who is opposed by former gov. Philip Hoff and at Newark Teterboro and Ocean Grove n.j., for state sen. Nelson Gross who wants to unseat incumbent democratic sen. Harrison a. Williams or. In Pennsylvania at Lancaster and Olmsted Airport Nixon will push Republican sen. Hugh Scott who is being challenged by state sen. William Sesler and ii. Gov. Raymond Brokerick who is running against Democrat Milton Schapp for the governorship being vacated by Raymond Shafer. The president will attend a testimonial dinner at Green Bay wis., for quarterback Bart Starr and is expected to make some remarks on behalf of Republican Senate candidate John Erickson who opposes sen. William Proxmire. Nixon also has Given Erickson a role in a White House worship service sunday. The former Wisconsin basketball coach will Lead a prayer. On monday and tuesday the president will visit Ohio North Dakota Missouri Tennessee and Indiana. There will he no other Campaign trips next week. However Nixon plans to Fly to new York next Friday to address the United nations general Assembly. Ile will return to Washington the same Day give a White House dinner saturday for . Delegates and will meet with some of the world leaders at the White House sunday. Refugees key to Mideast question irate High Knob delegation takes complaints to Moore Charleston a gov. I Arch a. Moore or. Met with eight parents and children from the High Knob area of Mcdowell county Friday after they took their demonstration for a better Road from the governors reception room to the mansion. Some 20 persons waited three hours in the reception room seeking an interview with Moore about the condition of the Coon Branch Road that leads Back into the High Knob and Grapevine areas of Coon Branch Mountain. The group wants the state department of highways to upgrade the Road so that county school buses can transport the 58 area children to schools in Iaeger said j. Bobby Daugherty Daugherty is superintendent of the a Coon Branch consolidated elementary school near High Knob a private school that was organized after parents refused to Send their children to the High Knob and Grapevine schools. The Grapevine school where parents protested poor water conditions burned Down several weeks ago. And dissident area parents have refused to Send their children to the High Knob school or. And mrs. Don Elmes Are teaching classes at the consolidated school a which is now housed in a tent. Classes were formerly housed in a Church but the Structure burned to the ground on oct. 4. The Mcdowell county Board of education is scheduled to bring a bus up into the Coon Branch area monday along the Bear town Road Daugherty turn to Page 2. Col. S Wampler reports on Bills during stops in Tazewell by the associated press the problem of palestinian refugees has been soldering in the Middle East since Israel was carved out of the ancient land at the Eastern end of the Mediterranean in 1948. During the time since the problem has had explosive repercussions. Among those repercussions have been the six Day War of 1967 and the almost open warfare since which has been at least temporarily curtailed by the Middle East cease fire an ranged in August. The jordanian civil War which killed As Many As 20,000 people in september was a direct result of failure to solve the problem of More than 1.4 million people living in squalid refugee Camps in four Arab nations and israeli occupied portions of three of them. Another Clear result of the continuing palestinian refugee tin request for extradition of the problem is the Ever current hijackers against the hijackers threat of hijackings of jetliners plea for political Asylum. Soviets Are flown Home from Turkey Ankara Turkey it a it passengers and two wounded crewmen from a plane hijacked from Russia to Turkey flew Home Friday along with the body of a hostess slain in the episode. Turkey weighted a Krem speaking to the Young republicans in Richlands va., Friday representative William c. Wampler Ltd a related some of the legislation he has induced to help the people of Virginia a ninth District. Otho stops for Wampler in Tazewell county were in Bandy pounding Mill Cedar Bluff and Raven. A i have sponsored Bills to control pollution Avert the Energy crisis curb pornography restore voluntary prayer in Public schools attract medical personnel to Rural areas and provide near Home assignments for returning combat veterans. I have introduced legislation to aide prisoners of War exempt Rifle and Shotgun ammunition from the gun control Law and permit the leasing of Burley tobacco allotments Quot Wampler said. His Burley tobacco leasing Bill passed the House last month. A i have also been a sponsor of legislation to increase social Security and veterans pensions because those people living on fixed incomes have been the hardest hit by inflation. I have co sponsored a Bill to provide for Black lung benefits to those miners and their families suffering from this disease i have voted to increase Railroad retirement Wampler added. Today Wampler will Campaign in smythe county and attend a Lee county dinner in Pennington Gap tonight chief Pilot Valery Adijov who underwent surgery for a critical gunshot wound in the Chest remained in Turkey. The Antonov-24 jetliner of Aeroflot which was diverted from its scheduled flight from Batu i to Sukhui to the turkish town of Trabzon remained in Turkey also. Authorities have pledged to return it to Russia but have not said when they will do so. Forty five passengers the Copilot and the radioman from the hijacked plane left on another Antonov-24 sent from Russia to Trabzon to get them. The plane also carried the body of Nadezhda Kurchenko 18, the hostess Cut Down by bullets As she blocked the door to the pilots compartment. Also wounded in the airborne shooting were Adijov the Copilot and the radioman. A threat that blazed into expensive explosions As four planes went up in smoke after being hijacked to Cairo and Jordan last month. The problem of the refugees started in 1948 when palestinian arabs living in what now is Israel either fled or were forced to leave their Homes. Israelis claim the palestinians either left of their own Accord or heeded the exhortations of Arab leaders outside Palestine who according to the israelis promised an hour of glory near at hand when the arabs would March on Israel take it Back and Force the jews into the sea. Many palestinians have been waiting in the refugee Camps for the moment for 22 years their anger growing with e a e h passing year. He arabs claim Tho Palestin Tura to Page 2, col t real Middle East peace depends on refugees palestinian Camps a hotbed of revolution Awana Lebanon 176,000 Anan Golan Heights Syria 159,000 we Miti Iii West Bank 273,000 l Jordan is Mallm Jordan 506,000 United states u55.600.000 Britain j109,500,000 Canada of $23,800, Egypt $5,400,000 saudi Arabia $ 3,400,000 each a $ 10,000,000 finland#/$15,900,000 . Pays greatest part of refugee support to Sweden $11,000,000 total since 1950 $695,700,000 a emf Iatan

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