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Bluefield Daily Telegraph Newspaper Archives Nov 21 1970, Page 4

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Bluefield Daily Telegraph (Newspaper) - November 21, 1970, Bluefield, West Virginia 4 Bluefield daily Telegraph saturday nor. 21, 1970 the Spotful i Fleg Ftp founded by Hugh the Short interprets the news Hugh Shott editor Richard Wesley executive editor Good morning i a so you also when you have done All that is commanded you say a we Are unworthy servants we have Only done what was our 17 10. Duty is the Sublimes word in the language you can never do More than your duty you shall never wish to do . Robert e. Lee. Senate in killer mood the Senate which had a to per cent turnover in the recent election took out its pique on president Nixon the first Day it met in the Post election lame Duck session. With vice president Agnew a the enemy a As they Call him presiding the Senate turned Down by a close vote of 41 to 39, the administration version of the occupational safety Bill. Agnew had had a big hand in the defeat of Ultra liberals of both parties and Many of the a a anti votes were cast to thwart him and Nixon. The vote came on an amendment by Peter Dominick Colorado Republican to substitute the administration provisions for the version approved by the Senate labor and Public welfare committee. The committee Bill was backed by organized labor. It vests Power to set administer and enforce Job safety standards in the Secretary of labor. The proposed amendment would have created a presidential Board to set Job safety standards and would leave their administration to a three member presidential appointed commission. George Meany president of Al Cio had announced on the eve of the return of Congress that labor would prefer to have no safety Bill than this administration proposal. He preferred the committee Bill which gives labor More clout with the Secretary. The Senate listened to him. As it is now constituted it showed that it heeds organized labors voice. Immediately after handing the president this setback Senate majority Leader Mike Mansfield announced that the Senate would have a Chance to override the presidents veto of the Campaign to expense Bill before thanksgiving. This Bill limits radio and television spending to 7 cents for each vote cast in the last election for the same office. The democrats do not have the two thirds required votes to override a veto. They can Only do so with the defection of Liberal republicans. This will be the bitter ideological test jury of a Peers rejected for nine Days Superior court judge Harold Mulvey heard 39 defense witnesses in the trial of Panther chairman Bobby g. Seale and enc a Huggins in new Haven. They included statisticians sociologists psychologists a language expert and officials who picked jurors in each of the 27 towns of new Haven county. All were called to support the claim that the defendants must be tried by a jury of their Peers. Judge Mulvey then rejected the claim that Seale a Young Black american Urban Dweller of the lower economic sector has a right to be tried by a jury of Young Black american Urban dwellers of the lower economic class. A the idea that an accused is entitled to or can get Justice Only from a jury made up of persons of his color or economic class or background is a claim entirely without foundation in Law or in sense a Mulvey wrote. A the word a Peers does not appear in either the sixth or fourteenth amendments to the Constitution of the United states nor does it appear in any of the sections of article first of the Connecticut Constitution. The right secured by both constitutions is the right to trial by an impartial the ruling cleared the Way for the Start of selection of a jury. The trial is of Seale the 34-year-old National chairman of the Panther party and of mrs. Huggins the 22-year-old Connecticut Panther Leader. They Are charged with the torture murder of Alex Mackiey for suspicion of being a police informant. The defendants in the Case pleaded guilty to second degree murder and a third was convicted of conspiracy to commit murder and sentenced to 12 to 15 years in prison. The question of trial by a jury of their Peers is novel. It May come up in future Black Panther trials. Should Seale and mrs. Huggins be convicted an Appeal is certain to be based on this claim. Hoover s Bosses Henry j. Taylor Tito s plan Complete in settling mid East differences Yugoslavia a Tito entrenched there 25 years is pushing behind the scenes president Nixon a program for peace in the Middle East. And in this Tito has jumped in bed with a strange bedfellow Spain. Tito confided to president Nixon on his Belgrade visit that be now 78. Is in a hurry. He also All but told this behind closed doors to a yugoslav communist party conclave at Zagreb on the eve of president Nixon a visit. In Short As French president de Gaulle always failed to do Tito has now paved the Way for his own successor. Typically however Tito split his Benediction Between two men. And pointedly ignoring a preference he brought both men into Contact with president Nixon. One is Edward Kardels a slovenian teacher and revolutionary. Kardels is Yugoslavia a leading red theorist. Even in a place where Tito has made communist guerilla fighters More respected than Are professors Kardels has been Tito a closest Friend and Aid for Many years. He was likewise very important the first Mentor of the woman wartime communist guerilla fighter who is now Tito a wife. Russell Baker the other is Iron listed Roca Popovic a serbian wartime guerilla a a general and subsequent yugoslav Diplomat who goes around like agamemnon putting the knife to iphigenia. Tito designed a six Republic yugoslav multinational Structure for his own perpetuation. Apparently he has decided that no one Man could reconcile the growing and bitter strife which unknown to the outside world is now breaking out within the setup. Tito a Mantle passing in his Mideast peace push additionally encounters a broken string. Carnal Abdel Nasser is dead. They had a special and often very private relationship. They repeatedly visited each other and their confidential letters bypassing the yugoslav and egyptian foreign officers constantly confused and angered professional diplomats of both countries especially in the United nations. Tito told president Nixon he intended to pursue with new egyptian president Anwar Sadat a dedicated soviet Stooge the Nixon Mideast peace program he pushed with Nasser and has charged Kardels and Popovic to do the same. He also confirmed the value of president Nixon How its done a 1970 new York times news service Washington a one of our neighbourhood a a More manic football zealots works for president Nixon at the White House. His name is Chuck and he is passionately involved with the Washington redskins. As with so Many who work for presidents Chuck idolizes or. Nixon and has picked up perhaps without being aware of it most of the presidents mannerisms and attitudes. Last sunday chucks favorite team the redskins played a close game with the new York giants and lost. Or at least the preliminary figures strongly suggested they had lost. According to . The score was giants 35-redskins 33. The new York times next morning said a giants top redskins 35-33,�?� which left Lithe doubt How the times read the scoring figures. The Washington Post placed much the same interpretation on the scoring but went a step further to suggest that the redskins had been a blown out of Competition for the championship of their league division. Chuck the car Pool Driver monday morning gave us the first Good news we had received since the Start of the fourth Quarter in new York. We would All be gravely mistaken he said to interpret the games outcome As a loss for the redskins. Sports columnists and pos game wrap up commentators a he said a a Are already Busy creating myths about what really occurred in new York yesterday and structuring great since Chuck was driving the rest of us fell off to sleep at about that Point. That night however the Telephone summoned a few select neighbors to Chuck s House for a deep background briefing. Behind drawn curtains we were told that we had been invited because had Long known All of us to be exceptionally Loyal to the redskins. Chuck said he was dismayed by the Way the press As Well As the neighbourhood were painting the redskins giants score As a setback for the redskins. In 1935, he pointed out. Tuffy Leemans himself a new York giant had said that a team playing on its own Field started off with a 3-Point advantage. In sundays game. Chuck went on the giants though playing on their own Field had ended with Only a 2-Point advantage. It should therefore be obvious to any but the most biased commentators and sports columnists that the scoring figures reflected a considerable Victory for the redskins Chuck said. Further More. At this Point the last neighbors had drifted away with feeble excuses about having to do the children a Homework so that nobody heard How chucks analysis came out. Tuesday a Bunch of us neighbors found ourselves being notified to stand by to come in for a conference Call initiated by the White House. The Initiator turned out to be Chuck. A i am writing letters to a number of sports editors pointing out that since the Las vegas gamblers had made the giants i Point favourites and since the giants had a 3-Point advantage by playing on their Home Field a score of giants 35-redskins 33 can Only be interpreted As a 2-Point Victory for the redskins a Chuck said. A the giants you see in order to have won a True Victory would have had to win by a score of 38 to 33, since. A All Down the conference line you could hear telephones being delicately Hung up. Around bedtime that night a Long Telegram was delivered. It was from Chuck. A my fellow Redskin Victory celebrant a it began and argued at considerable length that a we should All be proud that the redskins had the courage to make the trip to new York and Campaign against Long Odds since the giants would have otherwise run up Many More Points than they did. The mystifying by close score that resulted. A a this seemed a Good place to Stop Reading. In tilter Pool this morning Chuck was glowing with a Triumph. The sports commentators had deceived themselves and betrayed the Public about the real outcome of sundays game he said. A the key fact a he said a is that new Yorkus last 21 Points were the result of an intense passing game. And what team has always stood up for the philosophy of the Forward pass from slinging Sammy Baugh to Sonny Jurgenson it has been the Washington redskins who have consistently championed Forward pass ideology. In resorting to the pass to score their 2f Points the giants gave the redskins ideological control of the game. Moreover. A several of us jumped from the car when it stopped for a red Light. It is afternoon now. The phone is ringing. If Only we were built to let the Telephone ring and ring and ring. A hello no Chuck in a not Here. Really Chuck now. Robert Allen and John Goldsmith Ford funding Newton s Book j. Edgar Hoover has served As director of the fed enl Bureau of investigation for 45 years under eight presidents and 15 attorneys general. His assault on Ramsey Clark As a the worst attorney general under whom i served was aroused by Clarks charge in his Book a crime in America a that hoovers a self entered concern for his own reputation led the Fri into glory seeking rather than effective crime control. Until Bobby Kennedy came along Hoover said he had never had trouble with attorneys general. Then he added a if Ever there was a worse attorney general it was Ramsey Clark. You never knew which Way he was going to Flop on an Issue. He was like a jellyfish a Softie. At least Kennedy stuck by his guns even when he was Hoover said he would accept the judgement of Tom Clark Ramsey a father on his stewardship of the Fri. Tom c. Clark was attorney general under Harry s. Truman and later a Justice of the supreme court he resigned his judicial seat to eliminate any possibility of a conflict of interest when his son was named attorney general by president Johnson. At 75 with 45 years As director Hoover can retire at full pay. It is costing him Money to stay in his office but no president has wanted to replace him. He and his organization continue to serve this country a people with Devotion and courage. Washington a the Ford foundation is putting up 313,1% for an autobiography by Huey p. Newton supreme commander of the crime and violence tarred Black panthers. Head of the immensely wealthy foundation is Mcgeorge Bundy former Harvard Dean and special foreign affairs adviser to presidents Kennedy and Johnson. In 1968. Newton was convicted of voluntary manslaughter for the killing of a police officer. Last summer this conviction was reversed on a technicality and a new trial ordered. He is now out on $50,000 bail a posted by the Black Panther party and Charles Garry san Francisco newtons White attorney. The $13,130 Ford foundation Grant for newtons Book was made to j. Herman Blake Black sociology teacher at the University of California Santa Cruz. This Grant was reported by the Santa Cruz Sentinel in an article captioned a Xuc Sci a Blake receives it stated be had been Given this Money by the Ford foundation Quot to assist him in studies toward a doctoral that such Grants Are administered by a Obi racial groups and Are aimed at increasing the number of doctorate degrees held by members of minority but last month another California newspaper disclosed the real purpose of the Grant a to finance Blakes collaboration with Newton in compiling the Black Panther leaders autobiography. Blake apparently is doing the a leg work in gathering information for the Book and possibly ghost writing it. Newton himself is the source of this disclosure. On october a the daily Pioneer newspaper published at the California state College in Hayward printed a letter by Newton stating that he and Blake Are co authoring a Book about newtons Early life and the development of the Black Panther Newton asked that anyone having information about his youth get in touch with Blake a whom he referred to As a professor of sociology Csc Santa the Book Newton declared a will be an important document in contemporary who a Blake a How and Why Newton selected Blake As his Collaborator is not Clear. Obviously Blake is on close terms with Newton and the panthers a although there is no known record of his being a member of the latter. Certainly if he weren to trusted by both Newton have picked him for the Book Job. Blake is on record As a militant Dove. Last Spring he was aggressively Active in anti Vietnam demonstrations. The Santa Cruz Sentinel reporting one Campus demonstrating listed Blake As a speaker and As telling the students a the Only Way to Stop the War is to Stop the Normal operations of Paul Harvey going on to Spain and conceded the potential in Generalissimo Francisco Francois behind the scenes support of this. Franco exactly Tito Sage is likewise in a hurry. And unrealized in our country he is now nearly obsessed with the idea of serving As a third Force in the Middle East impasse. In their meeting at Al Prado Palace Franco insisted to president Nixon that no one in Europe or the West knows the arabs As Well As do the spaniards. The interrelation is mirrored in the Spanish mores. It is the heritage of 700 years of Arab occupation. Even in the flamenco music you hear the beat of an Arab fantasia and everywhere the Arab architectural and other heritages burst Forth. Franco told president Nixon that he regards algerian president Houri Boum Dienne As a the most dangerous Arab government Leader and feels that Nasser had a a mellowed by comparison. He also insisted that we persistently misconstrue Arab jew relations and that there is probably nowhere on Earth that jews have traditionally lived More peacefully and successfully than in the Arab world. Franco observed that it was the Arab people and the moslem Quot Church that gave shelter and Asylum to jews fleeing Christian Europe a pogroms even As far Back As the Spanish inquisition and up to the ghastly Days of Hitler. Franco slowly gesturing in his chair emphasized that in Arab eyes the new state of Israel however is a Western outpost created and maintained to serve Western purposes. He sees this As the fundamental dilemma. It was apparent to president Nixon that the spaniards own estimate of Arab ability to think dispassionately in the Israel question is higher than ours. And Franco is convinced that the Only Hope for Mideast peace is to increase the unspoken Arab fear that the soviet will make pawns of them in the Mediterranean and Force on them disastrous Arab jew wars for russians own gain. Franco confessed to president Nixon As had Tito in Belgrade that Mediterranean turmoil with its unpredictable results is dangerous to Spain and Yugoslavia alike and thus the two strange bedfellows Are United on common ground in pushing president Nixon a peace proposals behind the scenes. Latest drug addict a inf of Saoai rfcs Xii Quot Quot it f <a=co6rt t Orl ,.05, pm a it <0 Ito a to it atm Titan. Of Jack Anderson overthrow plot Washington an undercover Man has tipped off the customs Bureau that the weathermen Are trying to steal germs from the bacteriological warfare Center at fort Detrick md., to contaminate a City water Supply. Their alleged aim is a to incapacitate a population by infection for seven to ten the weathermen Are Radical revolutionaries who seek to outrage the Public by dramatic acts of violence they believe will create a repressive climate that will alienate nonviolent radicals. As the repression becomes More harsh according to their plan the alienation will increase until they have a violent basis for overthrowing the government. Militant weathermen wearing football helmets and steel toed boots opened their Campaign of violence in october 1969, by going on a four Day rampage through the streets of Chicago. Subsequently they conducted a rash of bombings across the country. The More outrageous the atrocity the better it suits the Weatherman strategy. They were elated for example Over the bizarre Sharon Tate killings. The weathermen a fugitive Queen Bernardine Dohrn told a War Council happily a dig it first they killed those pigs then they ate dinner in the same room with them then they even shoved a Fork into a victims stomach wild a approach from a drug Pusher for a information on what kind of bacteria would be effective and would bypass the filtering system of a City and would incapacitate a population by infection for seven to ten Days. A the stated to me that he was merely engaged in a discussion with some ads weathermen As to the possibility of this. He asked me to Contact the homosexual officer i know there and set him up for a discussion and mentioned the possibility of the use of blackmail to induce the a Gay officer in question to cooperate. A it is necessary that this information be passed to g-2 military intelligence of the department of the army As even the thought of such attempted theft from Detrick is staggering to the drug Pusher made a second approach a few Days later. In a report dated november la the informant stated a the the Pusher suggested that i obtain pictures and records that could be used to blackmail this officer into furnishing information As to the nature and character of a by weapon that i is capable of Felling by infection but not fatal infection the entire population of a Large City for seven to ten Days and 2 would pass through the water filtering Plant of a Large City and go directly into the Homes of the two Days later the informant submitted another report declaring. The Pusher the contamination of a City water Supply stated in addition to the germ cultures previously spreading infection to the whole population is the sort of spectacular havoc that would Appeal to the weathermen. They Hope to get the germ culture the informant claimed by blackmailing a homosexual lieutenant at fort Detrick. This column has copies of the informants confidential reports to the customs Bureau. The first report dated november 3, tells of an newest Frontier there a much excitement on medicines newest Frontier. We know now that you Are run by electricity we Are learning How to regulate it a and you. The new focus of medical science is on electrophysiology. The potential is almost too exciting for a Layman to anticipate. Case Western Reserve University is n o w using electrical impulses to treat backache sclerosis a and to minimize the pain from terminal cancer. Generations of medical scientists have preoccupied themselves with chemotherapy expecting eventually to find a Pill for every ill. For the most part they ignored the f a c t that electricity a makes you when we want to Check your brain Waves we do it with an electroencephalography. When we want to Check your heart function we do it with an electrocardiograph. Electricity is generated in your body by the movement of Muscles. There is an iridescent glow surrounding your body which can be seen on a Kilner screen. It disappears when you die. There is so much electricity in human blood that we can harness it use it to run a motor this latest breakthrough was a byproduct of laboratories in great neck n. Y., where scientists Are seeking to build a mechanical heart for installation in humans. On their Way to that objective they Learned that they can submerge two tiny electrodes in a Beaker of human blood and electricity flows therefrom. Tentatively they deduce that the chemical interaction Between the oxygen and the glucose in the blood is what generates electricity. This by the Way is the same Laboratory which created the fuel cells for our Apollo spacecraft. And now and hear this the electric current thus generated is measurable in Micro Watts and is sufficient to Power a a a pacemaker heartbeat regulator. It is not sufficient to Power an artificial heart a yet. If i had nine lives and no great contrary compulsion certainly i would give one of those lives to helping research this almost unexplored medical Frontier electrophysiology. In years past some quacks have peddled worthless electrical gadgets which promised to cure this or that so responsible medical scientists Are disinclined to speculate publicly about the potential of this new science but it is thrilling to be in their company when they talk privately about it. Today pain Relief. Tomorrow who knows what love and hate May be traceable to that Aura which surrounds you. Perhaps when the youngsters say a you turn me on a they Are closer to an explanation for physical attraction than we have realized. Described that he also wanted a Quantity of nerve Gas similar to Mace but More powerful that will absolutely put out of consciousness a Large number of people at one time but one that will not be fatal. A the stated that he was not interested in the types used to frighten cats and mice in recent tests. He stated that he has been trained to procure the by material for Over a year and he has interested parties that will Purchase the right thing for a lot of footnote the weathermen take their nickname from their revolutionary manifesto entitled a you done to need a Weatherman to know which Way the wind their National directorate is called the a weather Bureau a and local chapters Are known As collectives. Secretary of the Interior Walter Hickel has gained National acclaim for standing up to the White House. But he quietly backed Down when the White House brought pressure on him to cancel a National pollution conference he had scheduled for this fall. The conference was set up to present four Days of seminars with commercial exhibits featuring anti pollution equipment and services. But John Ehrlichman the White House Czar Over Domestic affairs was piqued at Hickel for speaking out on president Nixon s isolation from youth. Ehrlichmann a aides began to Carp and criticize behind the scenes against the pollution conference. Health education and welfare officials who were miffed at Hickel for stealing the anti pollution spotlight away from them joined in the sniping. They complained petulantly that it was a conflict to have private exhibitors at a government anti pollution powwow. Wearily Wally Hickel already in the presidential Doghouse for his outspokenness decided he fight the White House at every turn. So he regretfully cancelled the conference. He made up a phony excuse saying his office would be too Busy setting up a new environmental Agency to carry on with the conference. But the Interior department had already contracted out the planning work to two private firms Courtr by associates and Ralph Whitner amp co. This column has now obtained the Interior letter confirming that they will be paid $65,823 on the cancelled contract

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