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Bluefield Daily Telegraph (Newspaper) - November 21, 1960, Bluefield, West Virginia 4 Bluefield doily Telegraph monday nov. 21, 1960 3mig a Clear apis Lawrence 1866 Hugh Ike shu1t 1953 a it a a Lishu Kim. Pub Timm no re nit inf no we tic Rapti a mum ck., to Blanc in Bluefield it a. Al t m Tiff i Tut to Rcv Ahja a a a tbsp act it Matt had w a or Ai Ai Faavi k,.mi ii aul Tao to Apa Ann Alae tack aah a i in a a a ump a til Al Titbit a in it Fly Vali Ltd Luau Ako adv pal Aak by Matt to u.,1 am Nanaa Mew Aud All at we Vir Futia Alin i Art ital no Tuu it .Mi to Una Huw Mimm of a Dpi cation Ham in to.,it a Faau it Tum Tatian a Aru in Bani Rara talk Vava Kau a a in . F tap boo a 141 to Good morning a a a a Mon i mind plans his Way but the lord directs his Steps a proverbs 16.9. A it # # let each Man think himself an act of god his mind a thought his Lite a breath of god. A Philip j. Bailey an answer to Willy s lament a once in my life i would like to own something outright before it s broken in a always in a race with the junkyard i just finish paying for the car and it s on its last legs. They time those things they time them so when you be finally paid for them they re used a Willy Loman in death of a Salesman Willy Loman s lament seems to have reached the ears of Detroit car makers this year. The consumer is getting a break in a greater concern for durability and the Promise that if the machine Breaks Down the builder will Bear the repair costs for a longer time. Various car manufacturers now Are Basing a Good part of their sales pitch on the Quality aspects of the 1961 models special attention has been paid to Long overdue improvements in processes that afford greater Protection against corrosion and keep the gleam in Meta trims and paint. Mufflers Are being aluminized or coated with ceramics to multiply their Normal life by three for the first time. Any y new car will carry a manufacturers warranty for at least a full year or 12.000 Miles whichever comes first. Previous guarantees were for 90 Days or 4.000 Miles. In general All original component parts Are covered by the guarantee except parts adjustments or replacements that should be made As part of usual maintenance operations such As replacement of filters worn out spark plugs ignition Points or wiper Blades. Not everyone is Happy about the trend toward better built american cars Auto repair shops and service stations View the situation with concern As do the proponents of a planned obsolescence who contend the Only Way to keep America prosperous is to Wear out things faster. But the Willy Lomans of the nation can take heart. In Russia the loser gets a trip to Siberia r mole widening Effort news from the air pollution front like the Urban atmosphere itself is a mixture of Good and bad. Speakers at an american Public health association symposium reported that while the struggle will be a Long one it is being pressed with increasing Vigoro and funds. Everybody seems to be working on it. The Federal government states and municipalities and Industry Are spending More than $11 million this year on air pollution research and increase of $6 million Over four years ago. The Public has at last become concerned about what soul air is doing to its health and this concern is the Best reason for Confidence that remedies will be found and applied. Back when everything seemed simpler. It was assumed that All that had to be done to Clear the air was to put filters or something on belching chimneys and smokestacks. Now it is known that much that pollutes the atmosphere is invisible a chemical fumes for example also that beside Industrial and Domestic soot the air is be fouled by incomplete combustion in motor vehicles by Home incinerators. Burning refuse dumps and the newest element atomic wastes. Once regarded As a local nuisance air pollution is now recognized As a National health problem to be attacked accordingly. It is beginning to seem like that future generations if not this one. Are going to breathe air that has not been poisoned by scores of Man made class a British scientist has been saying for several years that the world is missing a Good bet in the a harnessed manpower of chimpanzees. But with considerable unemployment throughout the americas there really Hasni to been much incentive to bring chimpanzees into the labor Force just the same a Texas furniture maker gave the idea a whirl the other Day. When his employees stopped laughing Over the antics of the three chimpanzees turning cartwheels on the conveyor belts production was Down but he had tapped a Gold mine of free National publicity. As for the chimpanzees they left for Home after 90 minutes having turned aside a threat to the Leisure of chimpanzees everywhere. These Are Days of great decision. The voter has made his now comes the Christmas rights in platform in t big vote getter a a a Washington perhaps the biggest myth in present Day polities the theory that the negro tote can he won solely by Espousal the a civil rights a cause has been shattered by the presidential election results the republicans a. E been play is to the negro voters Ever since the War Between the states. For decades it was a rare occurrence when any Negros toted the democratic ticket. Their tote was virtually unanimous for the republicans. Then came the depression of the 1630 a and it was a democratic administration which through the a works Progress administration1, had an Opportunity to hand out Relief funds by Quot Leaf raking and other work schemes which poured Money into the Low income groups thereafter in election after election. A most All of the negroes hate stayed on the democratic Side. Ignore Whites the republicans however saw a Way to get Back the negro tote when the supreme court of the United states issued its historic desegregation Quot decision it 1654 ignoring their Chance among those Whites who had been Edge my away from the democratic party because of a fear of state socialism and the Radical policies of centralized government. The republicans began to Champion t vigorously the cause of a desegregation Quot despite the dramatic deployment cry Federal troops at Little Rock by the Republican administration the democrats of the North cried out that there was t enough a executive leadership Quot in this Field yet in the last Campaign the Southern democrats did t seem to note such trends. Instead Large murther of them backed senator Lyndon Johnson even though he had swallowed the democratic National Pat form with its demand for a equal Access or ail americans to All areas of Community life. A including presumably All private clubs private schools and other private institutions. The republicans were so sure that the negro vote in the North was on their Side this time that Henry Cabot Lodge the Vic presidential nominee boldly promised that if his party were victorious he would influence the l est administration to appoint a negro to the Cabinet. While this Cost the republicans some votes in the South it did t seem to result in any Gam for them in the North Public sympathy incidentally senator Kennedy indicated publicly his sympathy with the reverend Martin Luther King in the latter difficulties with the court authorities in Georgia but even this did no to alienate the democratic politicians of the South who continued to place their support of the National democratic ticket above All else while Many Southern newspapers openly espoused the Republican cause the democratic organizations. State and local were All powerful in influencing the vote. It is True that the republicans rolled a relatively big vote in some of the Southern states but it is reported that those negroes who Are qualified to vote in the South stayed for the most part with the democratic party thus the strategy of building the Republican party in the South by trying to get voting rights f o r More negroes did t seem to pay off either. In North Carolina for instance prominent editors say that the state could t have been earned so readily by the k e a Nedy Johnson ticket if it had t been for the negro vote which was cast overwhelmingly on the democratic Side. Powell words the new York newspapers have in the last few Days credited representative Adam Clayton Powell of Harlem with a statement that senator Kennedy had phoned him to say that without the negro vote he could t have won the states which have Large electoral votes. What does All this mean for the future will the republicans now go Over to states rights As a fundamental philosophy and try to Sui the South or will they sit on the sidelines and criticize the democrats As lacking in a executive leadership Quot if they Don t also Send troops into the South to enforce a desegregation Quot certainly the a civil rights Quot Issue looks less and less influential politically. What is important now As it has been since the 1930is the economic Benefit that the negroes and other groups in the lower income brackets can Hope to get from the government Al Telegraph said fifty years ago new episcopal Church at Graham was nearing completion. Forty years ago local baptists were going t o Richmond to ask general association approval for Bluefield College. A a a thirty years ago Auto Accident Flat top injured e. A. Orndoff of Lashmeet. We Twenty years ago Hitler annexed Hungary to Ger Man Eltahan japanese Axis. Wow ten years ago Princeton Council was seeking bids on operation of municipal Airport. De Koterba Washington not every murderer kidnapper or burglary no matter How violent or vicious can hit the top Echelon of crime that frightening Fri list of a ten most wanted lies to candidacy to the top to is for a criminal to escape from jail to avoid prosecution or to Cross a state line after committing his crime then if his other qualifications Are. Bad enough the Fri May step in but who selects the candidates i always pictured a sort of Justice department Board of directors meeting once a month or so in an Ivory Tower with j. Edgar Hoover presiding and a forma vote taken on who s to he next on the list that s not the Way it is. The a Rio most wanted Quot idea was started to years ago As a kind of a audience participation p r of Gram and the results have been Short of fantastic. When a selectee is named the Fri goes directly to the Public for assistance newspapers and other publicity facilities get a picture and full description of the Man almost every newspaper in the country cooperates and they can Crow about the results nearly half of the captures resulting from publicity Are directly credited do newspapers. A criminal s trip to the top of the list starts with the fugitive desk of the Federal Bureau of investigation a Likely candidates first come under the scrutiny of the supervisor of the desk he applies this weird yardstick is this Guy devoid of responsibility is he trigger Happy is he beset with v ident hatred of human society is to a Orole 1 violator a is he the Type who boasts. You la never take me alive Quot is he violent without apparent reason then if he comes under the i Federal statute basically in a i Ful flight to avoid prosecution the Man on the desk gives him a second look. Originally the in must have been charged with murder assault with a dangerous weapon mayhem burglary rape kidnapping extortion robbery or arson one further question is resolved a have All logical leads been exhausted Quot if it appears the Erin Quot ten most wanted men real Toughie a a # Mal has disappeared into thin air the Man has almost irrevocably qualified himself As a candidate. But his name with others of his ilk must first go to the crime records division where i record is further screened. In five More Fri men get a crack at him two assistant directors two assistants to the directors and an associate director of j. Edgar Hoover if they Check him through his name goes to Hoover himself for final Okay. Then the presses Roll one Hundred thousand fliers Are run off newspaper wire services Are Given Advance copies of the Man s description and his picture a and from then on. It s to the Public to join the Fri in the Chase which inevitably ends in capture of the 131 men apprehended since iwo >3 were caught due to Public assistance. New a per Are credited with 21 or these i a assists a thanks to this cooperation we no longer have the John Dilling ers. The pretty boy floyds the machine gun key los and t h e baby face Nelsons Ray Tucker Washington. Many prominent republicans oppose the idea that vice president Nixon should accept a permanent or Semi per manent Post in the Kennedy administration if it should be offered to him. They Are suspicious of a coalition governments Quot Ever since f .d.r. Drafted t w o such appealing figures As Henry l. Stimson and Frank Knox during world War ii. In View of his impressive show my in the popular and electoral vote they think that he should keep himself available for 1%4 it is believed that Nixon shares this opinion the democrats heavy margin of Victory in new York and nearby states with a somewhat similar political complexion has stripped gov., Nelson a. Rockefeller of the Glamor attached to him when he Defeated a Verdi Harriman by More than 500,000 votes. Moreover the a pros Quot do n o t think that the Man a Albany was too co operative before and after the Nixon nomination he publicly criticized the Republican presidential nominee s position on several major issues. Thus with no commanding figure on Capitol Hill or at any of the state capitals there is a general belief in gop circles that they will have to a go with Nixon but he would w Eaken h i s chances according to this viewpoint. If he should become too closely identified with the opposition they favor his willingness to give any Aid and advice to presi j Dent elect Kennedy As he has done but they draw the line at further entanglement after All. There were fundamental differences in the two menus philosophy and party principle. They pertained to the handling of foreign affairs and to social and economic problems on the Domestic scene vice president Nixon they believe should also devote himself to rebuilding a Strong Republican organization throughout the country. Especially in the cities that were principally responsible for democratic victories in the electorally important states. More intensive work and year around cultivation of the voters according to this viewpoint might have carried some of the Stales where president elect Kennedy squeaked through with Only a do thousand votes. President Eisenhower s Lack of interest in political detail and organizational operations became contagious and Over eight years Sheliah Graham cop asks Nixon to do rebuilding Job a a d led to a breakdown of whatever machines existed nor were Many of his appointments of Busine executives designed to stir or excite the boys who get out the vote indeed there is a feeling in certain rep Blun circles thai the president could and should have been More Active and vigorous in his belated Champion ship of by Nixon Lodge Texe. He did n to show the Zeal of a Franklin d. Roosevelt or a Harry s Truman in his party s Fortune. Finally in making plans for tee transitional stage irony go leaders believe that president Eisenhower rather than v i c 3 president Nixon should assure major responsibility. He Delegate that task to his own agent a the secretaries of state defense. Treasury etc., and spare the californian too deepen involvement with the opposition. In Short even without the Campaign leadership of such a Populis figure As general Quot Eisenhower the a pros Quot figure that they have recovered from the doldrums and adversities of the Roosevelt tru Man Era. Now to ase Kennedy s effective Campaign demand they want to a move Forward without on embarrassing liabilities and Job keeping divorces straight Hollywood. Anthony Franciosa and Judy Balaban a cur rent and serious twosome in new York will marry when their respective divorces Are final. I Shelley Winters is now in los Angeles briefly to sell the Community property she received from Franciosa their parting was amicable Jerry Lewis in new York to promote his a a Cinderella Quot film turned a the four seasons Quot upside Down when he visited the restaurant and insisted on cooking his own diner in its gleaming Kitchen. Jackie Gleason a weight has gone to 250 Pound despite his feud with Broadway producer David Merrick. Jackie must drop to 220 by february 25 when he sails for Paris to film then of course. Hell gain it All Back again in Paris Marilyn Monroe exhausted ailing is under doctors care. In a sorry for miss Monroe in the break of her marriage. Arthur Miller seemed a Good Quot for her. Now watch the happenings in the Yves Montand Simone Signoret marriage. Sex girl next door Shirley Jones will he a beatnik character in to be released in new York december la. To go Back Tennis Iee Williams comedy to mile. Signoret she wanted a period of and Henry Fonda for Devil in Bucks especially in blonde Beautiful county Quot to be made at Warners Barbara Baxley who plays the but Glenn Ford is the More pouty but Prissy newlywed Gal. Likely Prospect. Fonda s 20 some of the stage stuff is pretty year old son Peter Aims to Fol raw especially in the bedroom Low in papa s acting footsteps scene where Williams went Earth he has been wetting his f e e t or than i thought permissible. Play Small roles in summer rea0�?z or Juk auym1 periodic trips to new York is Betty Furness told me that to buy dresses in the material after la years of Westinghouse manufactured by Hor to Spon commercials there Are no Resi Sois. Before her series. June duals in her future because All preferred Little girl next door of them were done live. But i in Type dresses now More sophist not complaining i did very she in also wre fashion now i want to go Onward and conscious upward in re Lomisom i want to Fri a a Sinatra advise a 5 a a it Quot it Quot n in a Ould to Pooi Public relations for him to m c. Jack Benny will do two to Sorne shows for Charity. shows from new Ork this sea said Sinatra. And explaining Quot i son. I worked my Way l at probably give More to Charity doing some concert lie told than any other actor in Holly me. Always trying to pretend pro Wood Button to want anyone Fessio Nally that he is a skinflint.h0 know where i give and to his party at an automat in new whom i Quot Ive a York was a big Success with1 upcoming everyone present rom Mae or Wajc Choice. A in a lewd moves who in town a a no k drama reviewed abyss and Wear Bergen and a a a a a new Oahe a Quot la a is Nel f t a critic wire writes a a Well behaved Monkey who ate act a a r hrs Joi to with a spoon. Lotto Preminger. Quot the critic is Hollywood is interested in not Walter should ask supervision in All elections a we the serious charges of errors and frauds in some of the states in this election merely bring to a head a peril that has threatened our electoral system for Many year a number of these charges. If substantiated would change the result and elect Nixon there is Little Chaute that an entirely revised and Clear count of All of the millions of votes in close states cd i Ever be made it takes a lot of Money to get recounts and with the difficulty of such rechecking of incomplete and faulty records that May leave the whole matter in a state of confusion. This will raise in the minds of Many people doubts and sinister shadows which should never be present to haunt a responsible president or vice president. It is reported that while the Republican National committee is taking Steps to Clear things. Vice president Nixon has n o t participated Keander worry it is not Nixon but senator Kennedy who should be concerned and while he cannot Well get into a squabble with hrs party leaders in the states which gave Hun majorities his efforts should be to make certain that this sort of thing cannot happen again indeed it should be the first business of Congress to consider new legislation to prevent anything like this from happening again it was the insistence of Kennedy again and again that our prestige abroad was vital to our j International position and our j National Security. He Abo said that Many new nations emerging j into the Light of self gov Emmet should he looking to rather than to communism and dictatorships for inspiration it can be validly disputed whether their knowledge and judgment of relative economic j and military rower is of any j value to . But if we Are revealed to the world As unable after nearly two centuries to conduct an accurate and honest election their Confidence in the United states will really be shaken for they Are in most cases just beginning to govern themselves Many of the older members of the United nations especially in latin \ in e r i c a. Have considerable difficulty in determining who is rightfully in authority after a Century and some decades of trying. Different cae in anything but a close election the shenanigans that go in in some of our cities and states Are overlooked but in 1680 it proves to be a quite different matter. Members of both parties have been strident in condemning restrictions and in attempting to assure the negroes in the South a valid vote. And Federal authority is invoked in Many Laws to provide some sort of Federal inspection and authority in that instance. Also. These alleged injustices to american citizens have been spread among communist countries As a blot upon . Example t led to cite an example of a crying injustice which has nothing to do with fraud no less than 8 -000,000 citizens were barred from voting for president this year because of absurd residence requirements fixed by 47 states. There should be Federal legislation granting at lean a presidential vote to All residents where they Are after no More than 30 Days. Let the states fix what they will As residence requirements f o r state and local offices even for the House and Senate to assure honesty and accuracy. There should be some effective Federal inspection of All elections for Federal offices in every state and this inspection should he backed by stiff checks and penalties for violations. Let overhaul our electoral system so that the world can see that we Are really capable of practising what we preach and so that americans can get what they vote for senator soaper says a doctor predicts that eventually women in this country will outnumber men 5 to 2. Which is about the Odds by which and woman outnumbers any Man i right now. Women according to a medical publication have poorer eyesight than men. And yet they seem Able to see something in the lout they love that nobody else can. Going to a school that plays Amateur football keeps a Man s eyes Young and healthy from Reading his Alma mater s scores in that tiny echoes travel Rajah style the director of the Thomas Cook travel service Here has been asked to arrange a european tour for a Rajah who prefers to remain Anonymous. H i s suite will include 200 servants 50 nurses and maids 20 Cooks. 35 tigers and 1.000 pieces of Luggage. China mail Hong Kong hypnotherapy there Are too Many fat children in our schools so the problem has been turned Over to the hypnotists. Once a week they will put the Young students to sleep and suggest that they Cut Down on Candy and sweets. Chocolate manufacturers Are still to be heard from. Jive Biog Standard London c. Brown a in a world speculating on Kennedy s stand on foreign policy 0 0 0 now that our election tumult has died Down the world is anxiously speculating on what Tho most powerful Man in the world will do in the foreign policy Field. The consensus abroad is that president elect Kennedy will veer strongly toward a Domestic socialistic policy with a greater centralization of Power in Washington. This does not frighten foreigners since the tendency toward centralization is Strong All Over the Globe f foreign diplomats Point out that Prest Dent de Gaulle for instance has been Able to pull f Rance and prevent a National catastrophe by assuming constitutional. Semi dictatorial Flowers. The same thing has happened to a lesser degree in Germany where Chancellor Adenauer conducts the affairs of that enormously prosperous country with an Iron hand under his rigid a Duimstra Tion which has not deprived his people of their constitutional rights but has pre vented party and sectional squabbles the a Miracle of Germany has occurred foreign policy under doubt but while the future Domestic policies of the american president elect Are the it subject of Only interested academic speculation in All Allied countries the same cannot be said about our future foreign policies. Senator Kennedy is As unknown to the world As or. Truman was when he took Over the government in 1645 there is anxiety in tile principal nato countries As to senator Kennedy future policies toward the soviet Union coexistence the Type of cooperation with tile free world in years to come .Mi it number of other Points on which the Fate of the free world depends. One european Corres on Dent plate i this query succinctly. A will the i tined states under the leadership of or Kennedy. Remain the Friend of its friends ithe present allies or will it become the Friend of possible friends such As the Peoples of Africa and the uncommitted Peoples in asian will the new presided Lessen his country a ties with it pres int allies at the expense of the ques turntable support of the new and Buncom netted states in the Hope of Keepin them out of the red orbit Quot Kennedy has racked rrb is these apprehensions exist strongly a Quot every country on the continent of la rope and among the number of asian a lies. F Rance. For instance still face a momentous struggle in Algeria. The policies of the outgoing administration toward that problem have been under Tarn and negative. While president risen Bower pledged during his visit to Prest Dent de Gaulle last year America s sup port on the algerian question in the United nations we abstained from to my when the showdown came our abstaining caused the Paris government to question our actual position toward the nato Alliance and for the firs time the word of our thief executive was questioned in French political circles but the tempest in the Tea pot blew Over. Now that senator Kennedy will be come president in january the French wonder what the attitude of his administration will be. The Only yardstick they have at this time is the president elect it speeches irom the Senate floor when be supported the algerian rebels. F Lilly acquainted senator Kennedy is fully acquainted with the problems of the a new Africa Quot a although his committee never issued a report after several years of studying the situation. But it is known from the president elect s utterances that he favors the present haphazard Rush to in dependence of those Peoples totally unprepared for self government. In the f a East there is growing uneasiness in Formosa about the new administration a policies toward free China. The controversy during the Campaign Over Quemoy and Matsu has remained somewhat confused. But judging by the previous expression of opinion of some Kennedy supporters it is obvious to the Chiang Kai Shek government that the new administration favors at least a a two China Quot policy in which the free chinese feel they will get the Short end of the stick. These Ato nations Are concerned they feel that a softer policy toward piping even if it is confined Only to Trade and cultural exchanges will seriously enhance the communist prestige in free Asia and affect the Premont governments which Are being undermined i by red subversive dexterous thought the thought a How versatile How Dex to it that can run with Corn rows. Perpendicular. Or Rise vertically with Birds How various Are the turns and angles that it takes where a Wing might falter or a wheel might at it can prevail Over the thin Crevasse twisting in to crawl like bugs to some conclusion or spin whirlwinds in midair. It is not stopped a even by what is not there but is inventive manipulating drapes and forms into being. It can discipline itself to pinpoints too yet escapes from myriad Gaoler laughing person fiction is it routine. Flamily it goes with what it knows or nearly knows but imagination is its Star a a coment flashing Bright to which it trails persistent nebulae of Light. Helen Harrington one red Leaf How can i know Here in the Leaf filled water. Whether i swim in sky or Lake each of the blues is quite As Blue As the others and Sun floats Down the path winds make. Wherever i am. The Clouds Are lightly skimming the air through which a red Leaf i lieu. As it joins the others i see where i Ain swimming. Knowing the red Leal did nut use. Norman Mclain Hoey

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