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Bluefield Daily Telegraph Newspaper Archives Mar 31 1974, Page 1

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Bluefield Daily Telegraph (Newspaper) - March 31, 1974, Bluefield, West Virginia West Virginia mostly sunny today followed by increasing cloudiness and warmer monday. Highs in the mid 50s with lows in the upper 30s. Vol. Xxxix no. 90 pref Tell pails Bluefield w. Va., sunday morning March 31, 1974 Virginia generally sunny today with highs in the upper 40s. Lows in the mid 30s. Mostly sunny monday with Chance of late showers. To cents no ten i 0 daily m sunday cents 387-6171 need some information and done to know where to find it the Bluefield daily Telegraph will attempt to answer any question of general interest on local state National or International matters. Telephone Between 4 . And to . Daily or write the information editor. Q. I have several Bills of Confederate Money dated 1864. Would these be of any value As a collectors item a m. M., Welch w. A. A. The 1864 Confederate Bill is the most common of its Type and is Worth about $1-2. However there Are some rare Confederate Bills. The 1861 Montgomery Alabama Bill is probably the rarest of the Confederate Bills. Q. Of a property deed is made out a in the event of death Quot to the surviving spouse can that spouse have a will made or should they have one made a b. G. M., Bluefield w. A. A. In such survivor ship deeds the spouse would become the owner of the property in a will a in the event of however the spouse should make a will for any other property he or she owned. Q. Can you Tel i me when Wally cot died a r. C. B., Pearisburg a. A. In Early 1973. Equipment Law Small owners employees forced to Trade safety jobs for hungry Mouths editor s note government requirements for the installation of new and expensive safety equipment Are threatening to Force Many Small mines in South West Virginia to close. The threat still exists despite government efforts to ease the blow or postpone it with Low interest Loans. The following is the first of two articles on the dilemma of the Small mine owners and the feelings of those who work for them q. husband a world War ii Veteran named his Mother As beneficiary on his $10,000 i insurance. Can the veterans administration designate me As a he beneficiary if i request it a d. Ii., Bluefield. A. A. No. Only the Veteran May change his beneficiary. Q. I was honorable discharged after a full two year tour in military service. The veterans administration paid me i Bill benefits while i went to High school nine months to get my diploma. How much entitlement do i have left a a l. D., Princeton. A. You still have your full entitlement of 36 months. A Veteran earns that maximum after 18 months or More of service provided he completed his obligated tour of service. High school training is not charged against Basic entitlement. Q. Could you please Tell me if a stockholder has the right to ask for a break Down of the expenses of a corporation ? i am a stockholder of a local Public corporation in Virginia. A l. M., Bluefield a. A the code of Virginia 1950 with amendments thereto states in paragraph 13 1-47 a a. Any person who shall have been a stockholder of record for. At least six months immediately preceding his demand or who shall be the Holder of record of at least five per centum of All the outstanding shares of a corporation upon written demand stating the purpose thereof shall have the right to examine in person or by agent or attorney at any reasonable time or times for any proper purpose its books and records of account minutes and record of stockholders and to make extracts therefrom. Dave Riley Grundy a. A Grimy Black water gurgles continuously out of the triple t mine Shaft stops Long enough to turn the Black dirt into Slimy mud then hurtles off the face of Barren Iiene town Mountain to run into crooked Little streams in the Valley a thousand feet below. Douglas i Ane spat tobacco juice into the water passing his mud caked Boot and pondered the future of the nonunion Coal mining business. A crap a he said bared Teeth Bright in his Coal blackened face. A a ainu to really nothing to talk about. A lot of us poor bastards Are going to i Ine a round faced Young Coal Miner Short on words education and skill is one of thousands of nonunion miners working for tiny Independent Coal companies in the far Southwest Virginia mountains. All of them have one thing in common they Are pawns in a Legal tug of War that most of them think lose. On one Side in the struggle Are the Independent miners who scratch out Small amounts of Coal from the Rich seams that lace the mountains. On the other Side is the might of the United states government and the powerful United mine workers Union. The question is one of mine safety and the governments insistence with Union concurrence that the Small Independent mines be required to Purchase new equipment designed to detect the presence of volatile methane Gas and to prevent explosions. But for the tiny Independent mine operators and the blackface miners who work for them for salaries ranging to $66 per Day the question is one of bread and butter and it involves the Specter of hungry Mouths to feed. The Federal Bureau of mines working under authority of the 1966 Coal mine safety act is requiring the independents to use the same costly equipment required for big companies that drive shafts thousands of feet into the heart of the Earth. But Teddy Osborne lines Boss and the operator of the Triplet says the Money for the necessary equipment just Isnit going to pour out of the dark Slit near the top of i a town Mountain. A we just done to know what a going to happen a Osborne admitted. A i figure it will Cost me $85,000 for All new equipment. That Means in be just got to throw away All the equipment in a using Osborne Isnit the average Coal company president. His a a office is a rickety wooden lean to a few Yards from the triple t Shaft. His carpet is Page two column four a wire photo Osborne pegs costs at $85,000 to replace equipment a we just done to know what a going to happen next week Nixon asks Cut poetical lesson of watergate in spending for welfare Ford dynamite campaigns run by amateurs Biscayne Fla. Apr reporting Progress in a solving the welfare mess a president Nixon asked Congress saturday to trim Federal welfare spending immediately by $800 million. said he was acting because of a the first major drop in the nations welfare Rolls in a number of years a a decline of 225,000 people last year in the program to Aid families with dependent children. The Cut in welfare spending can be made without reducing benefits to any eligible recipients. Nixon said in a statement issued saturday. A in recent years a the president said. Quot americans have had to live with a continuing upward spiral in both the size of the welfare Rolls and the Cost of the welfare programs. A the tale has been a tragic one and because the welfare system is marred with inequities it has also been an outrageous one to both recipients and now. However the Ardc Rolls have dipped to 10.8 million Nixon said calling this a encouraging evidence that we Are beginning to make some Progress in solving the welfare he said Caspar w. Weinberger Secretary of health education and welfare reported at a Cabinet meeting thursday that Quot we Are starting at last Page two column five i Chicago it a vice president Gerald r. Ford said saturday the political lesson of watergate was a never again must americans allow an arrogant elite guard of political adolescents to dictate the terms of a National election Campaign. Ford referred to the committee for the re election of the president which ran president Nixon a Campaign in 1972. A it violated the historic concept of the two party system in America and ran roughshod Over the seasoned political judgment and experience of tiie regular Republican party organization in the 50 Ford said. A the fatal defect of q. I bought a lot of Junior Gerber baby food at Kroger and the number on one of the cans was pkd17dec73. Does the dec 73 at the end mean that the food be used after december. 1973? All of the cans i bought have a Date already passed. A c. S., Bluefield a. A. The number denotes that the baby food was packaged on dec. 17,1973. It is not an exp Ramon Date. Q. When Deo funding is gone what will happen to the programs initiated by the to Zewedu county development corporation historic Pocahontas the to Zewedu county artists and craftsmen Guild Patch Blossom exclusive the neighbourhood youth corps. A sep and the Pocahontas bus service a m. H., Richlands a. A. The Tazewell county development corporation does not supervise or fund any of the programs mentioned. Historic Pocahontas the Tazewell county artists and Craft mens Guild and Patch Blossom exclusive Are now Independent groups. The a sep program is funded by the action organization and the neighbourhood youth corps by the u. Department of labor the to do did Aid in the business of the bus for the abbs Valley to Bluefield bus route. In the event that the existing funding is eliminated the Money would have to be provided by local groups. Q. Can you Tell me if anyone has been convicted of the murders of Quot string bean of grand Ole opry fans and his wife a f. C.l., Narrows a. A. Four persons have been arrested and charged in connection with the shootings. However the trials have not yet been held. Q. I would like to know when widows of Coal miners who lost their lives in Coal mine accidents will be Able to get their Hospital cards Back or where to get information on it. A mrs. E., Princeton w. A. A. Cards Are returned As soon As the necessary information name of Miner Date of death widows social Security number and mailing address have been received by the welfare and retirement fund in Washington d. C. The address for that office is 202 Street n. W., Washington d. C. 20006. Q. I read somewhere that Howard Cosell is considering running for senator from new York. Is this True is he Republican or Democrat a a. D., Princeton w. A. A. According to newspaper and Magazine accounts Cosell is considering running for the Post. is a Democrat. Q. Why do you have to go through two people to try to talk to the i Bluefield City manager and then most of the Lime he in t in anyway a d. K., Bluefield w. V a. A. A incoming Calls at City Hau with the exception of Calls for police and fire departments along with the Urban renewal and in Niblic housing authorities Are received at a switchboard in the City clerks office. The operator then transfers them to the various departments. In this Case Calls for City manager fed Burton Are usually taken by his Secretary. June Turner. Burton who usually stays quite Busy has been known to stay in his office on occasion. Q. I would like to know if a supermen comic Book published by the new America Library hew York and Toronto 1956 first printing and National periodical publications inc., 1966, is of any value a. The Book is Worth very Little. The Superman comic books considered most rare Are volumes numbered i through v. Q. What causes s in blindness and is there anything that can prevent it a c. M., Bluefield a. A. What you Call Sun blindness usually occurs from staring at an eclipse which results in a Burn at the Back part of the Eye. To prevent it never look directly at an eclipse. Q i would like to know Why employees of Bluefield Supply co and other businesses Are being avowed to Park in front of houses along Rogers Street while they work All Day when people who live in the houses come Home Early they have to honeymooners fight for a place to Park right in front of their own Bouses. A t k., Bluefield w. A. A residents cannot according to Law prohibit other persons from parking in front of their houses if the houses Are located on Public streets. Mwii-.il�?. It Wmk Iii Ohio guardsman Chapin goes a victim of advice before july on monday cd Jive land Ohio it apr one of eight Ohio National guardsmen indicted by a Federal grand jury in the Kent state shootings said he May have made a mistake by refusing to testify before the jury. Mathew j. Mcmanus said in a copyright interview saturday with the Elyria chronicle Telegram that he was Only following his lawyer s advice but a taking the fifth amendment maybe really Wasny to such a Brilliant idea after the fifth amendment guarantees a citizens right against self incrimination. Mcmanus 28, of West Salem said in an interview that seven other guardsmen had been advised by the same lawyer to take the fifth. Quot they were probably the ones indicted because we were possibly advised wrong a he said. Mcmanus said the National guard assigned the attorney to him but he would not name him. Mcmanus said he was surprised by the indictment a i was t looking for it particularly in my Case a the indictment lists Mcmanus who held the rank of sergeant As still in the guard. However he told the newspaper he resigned prior to appearing before the grand jury the Federal grand jury which spent 39 Days investigating the May 4,1970, confrontation Between the guard and Antiwar protesters issued indictments which were released Here on Friday. Page two column three it 4 hmm cittern Secretary of state Henry Kissinger was married saturday in a civil ceremony to Nancy Maginnes a tall blonde foreign policy researcher and new York socialite and Kissinger a most constant female companion. The couple left immediately in a private air plane for a 10-Day honeymoon in a rented House in Acapulco. Five relatives and friends As Well As Kissinger a two children were present at the ceremony in the Arlington county va., circuit court. His first marriage ended in divorce in 1964 after 16 years of marriage. A wire photo Washington a around the White House Dwight l. Chapin was known As a super loyalist a Man of absolute Devotion to Richard Nixon. His reputation was Liat of a Nice Guy who did the unquestioning g and unquestioned bidding of his Boss and Patron h. R. Haldeman. When Chapin gave orders the bark was really Haldeman s. Daniel Moynihan once tagged Chapin As a Quot perfect Neutral executor who never aspired to become a policy maker like others who had held his Job appointments Secretary to the president. and Gordon Strachan another Haldeman lieutenant thought ahead in 1971 to the general election a year away and contacted an old chum from their Days at the University of Southern California Donald Segretti. Segretti said they offered him a Job to Quot perform certain political functions for the re election of president the Job it turned out was to pull dirty tricks or As Segretti said a similar to College pranks at he understood it to be a nothing improper or illegal Quot but Chapin went before a Federal grand jury a year ago and said he never gave Segretti any instructions about targeting on particular democrats that he did no to know Segretti had distributed Campaign literature that he advised his buddy to go to the Fri and that he did no to know what Segretti was paid. The grand jury determined Chapin was lying in each instance and indicted him on four counts of making false statements each punishable by a maximum Fine of $10,000 and 5 years in prison. Chapin goes on trial monday before a jury in the courtroom of . District judge Gerhard a. Gesell. The governments two major witnesses against him will be John w. Dean Iii the ousted White House counsel and Segretti fresh from prison where he served 4>z months of a six months sentence for violating Campaign Laws. A while the Segretti matter was not directly related to the watergate the cover up of the Page to Fco column six creep was that it made its own rules and thus made its own creep is the double edged acronym Ford used in referring to the Campaign committee in his speech to More than 1,000 Midwest republicans. The audience including presidential hopeful sen. Charles Percy and gop National chairman George Bush stood and cheered when Ford said a the political lesson of watergate is this never again must americans allow an arrogant. Elite guard of political adolescents Uke creep to bypass the regular party organization and dictate the terms of a National Ford received another ovation when he said a your Republican party organization must be the vehicle for future elections. If there Are any More cliques of ambitious a Paters who want to run political campaigns in the future i say let the democrats have them next he opened his speech noting a i was specifically admonished before coming that i talk about watergate but with some prerogatives of my own ii ignore those he later told newsmen he really was not admonished by anyone and inferred that organizers of the conference indicated they wanted him to speak to the conference theme a six hiking the vice president told a news conference his remarks were not cleared with the White House. A i spoke As my own Man a he said. Asked if he had intended to divorce himself from the White House or president Nixon a philosophies he said a not at All. I simply said creep did a great disservice to the Republican inside today s new Era. The salvation army will expand its role in Bluefield with dedication of its $450,000 Headquarters next weekend. A Page i Section d. For graph the Mercer county Board of realtors wants a ceiling placed on interest rates for Home Loans. Page i Section d. A visitor to the troubled housing project in Bluefield has a Rij Tot to feel downcast a he was supposed to move in Over a year ago. Page 8, Section a. Or. l. Coffindaffer believes Progress is being made in an Effort to combat dwindling College enrolment at Csc and Concord. Page 8 Section b. A Public hearing has been scheduled april 25 on the second phase of the $14 million Bluefield sewer protect. Page i Section d. Buchanan county.10a business Page. 6b classified. 3d-7d Coal Page. 7b j editorials. 4a Femini Nely speaking 3 v v final Frame. 4b j Giles county. 2d inside City Hall. 12a just supposing. 2a is Iii i la i i i Mercer notebook. 3a Jur la lift Lih l to i now and then. Id obituaries. 2a Otto Whittaker. Id press Box. In constructive criticism servicemen. 8a be wors kind because sri a. 7.7. 1b-sb you can t punch the Guy in weather a the nose for of ering it. \

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