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Bluefield Daily Telegraph Newspaper Archives Jul 14 1957, Page 1

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Bluefield Daily Telegraph (Newspaper) - July 14, 1957, Bluefield, West Virginia Complete. Coverage of major Lengu Benh i jew in every Dar fee the daily Telegraph. Far Nom derive re phone 7-1171 a 7-6ni. Vol. Lxii no. 195 �1 Luc Field Paito i Rii Rapi weather mostly slowly and a Rann with to due red us by Der in War today. High in Law to. Tamor raw Ehaney al Ara Torad t h Onde r a Hower Fot Lewes of Romolor. Tetart h Ifni id ill a pm to a. Dye a a 1\ lm3. It a a a i a of flex Nihof Tiiu. W. Be. Under a a of Hirsh s. 117� Bluefield w. Va., sunday morning july 14, 1957 <"�o5lto s Mirra a e no omit a a a us at Virginia loses fight in court on segregation Russell has new changes for a rights bipartisan move to take enforcement Teeth out of Bill j circuit court of appeals knocks Down Pupil placement act the key item in state s Laws to save school systems by Jack Bell Washington Kuiv 13 j m a sen Mundt red joined sen. Russell a today in a bipartisan move Richmond va., july 13 4s l he 1. S 4th Cuit 0 gome of the enforce Tourt of appeals today knocked Down Virginia a Pupil ment Teeth out 0f to a a j. Placement Adt a a key item in the states Complex series ministration s civil rights of Laws designed to preserve segregated schools. 5jj the courts action came in an opinion upholding with supporters of the Norfolk Federal District judge Walter e. Hoffman s measure fighting against running in for thei77 your age and heart begins study in the daily Telegraph Quot your age and your an no to the minute report on the latest discoveries and new technique in the fight against heart thease begins tomorrow in the daily Telegraph the five article met written by Gretia Baker noted medical writer. Disarmament time runs out agreements scant with members split London july 13 go time is bounces Back decisions of last february calling for school desegregation this september in Norfolk and Newport news Public school. Hoffman had said the act was unconstitutional and the appellate court affirmed his decision. The act was passed in a special session of the Virginia general Assembly last year. It takes All Powers of Pupil assignment from local school boards and gives the authority to a special three a a n state placement Board named by the governor. All pupils Are automatically reassigned to their present segregated schools. The admission of any new pupils transfers or promotions from one school to another Are approved by the Board for reasons other than race the act said. Attorneys for the slate and school boards said they would Appeal the decision to the . Supreme court. The attorneys asked the circuit court today to stay its mandate pending an Appeal to the High court. Could open customarily the circuit court does stay its order when a review is being sought from the supreme court. If it does in this Case it probably Means schools will open on a segregated basis in septem a Dis civil defense operation not quite perfect make believe Czar says real thing needed for proof newsprint operation Alert july 13 a a americans make believe War Czar declared today Only the real thing a 1/ it should Ever come a could prove whether the 1957 mock a bomb Drill Wasfy a Success or a Gordon Gray by emergency rain turns Airport into Lake speaking Telephone sen. Armament subcommittee. With from his secret head Quad will agreements Stilt scant the four ters t0 newsmen at this Western members Are split Over communications Center would say Only that civil defense came through the lest Quot imperfect but Gray in real life is director of the office of defense mobilisation. I a compromised moves Mundt announced he offer a substitute which we or a a us Tiu would delete enforcement Viet Russia after aug. T. For civil airliners at Midway Airport in Chicago Iii. Are stalled i water which flooded installations after a six Inch rain hit the City. The sky is lighted by Distant flashes of lightning in the picture taken shortly after Midnight it a wire photo eight persons storm causes authority for civil rights the subcommittee if under or other than those involved in Ders to report to the United a voting. Lions aug. 1 on its Progress to the Senate meanwhile ended its Ward an arms treaty in Neotia sixth Day of debate at 6 50 ., tons under Way Here since March he was designated by president of a motion to take up the Bill. 18. Eisenhower in a simulated order Mundt said he is in Quot a Neutral British officials Are known to a Bead an office of emerged Corner a in the civil rights Battle have suggested the talks be Tern by resources. With Broad War a because South Dakota has few be Pora Rily broken off arguing they emergency Powers Gro or minority voters or prob Are in danger of breaking Down hampered by real confusion lems. In bitterness. Gray and Lewis e. Berry acting Quot emotion has displaced reason u. S. Officials believe important a civil defense chief Are seeking in Many parts of the North and developments May come in the to Cope with this hypothetical South Quot Mundt said adding that next three weeks. They want the havoc in operation Alert 1957 his proposed amendments would talks to go on Well past the dead imagined devastation wrought remove most controversy from the line. By 175 a bombs bursting Over 162 Bill. I two in Between american cities with the explosive previously Russell commander France and Canada the other Wrath of nearly 452 million tons of it the my opponent had offered Western member Are somewhere tot a a Hewer of death Tealing a who e Satin Hrone Oday am Tju a a series of amendments one of a a tween the u. S and British pos a i Metis particle. M Wpm want no Ltd a Spir Luai filder 0, Injoo maj i mos oms storm in c hic ago s history Dis. On the spacious Lawn of a Villa overlooking Lake Constance the erupted nearly half the City a Down. Die As heavy rain Chicago area flood new ago Khan starts Ott City services ruling with Grin winks Are disrupted Chicago july 13 by it a Runoff Geneva july 13 apr a handsome 6-fool Harvard senior mount water a White Satin throne today and with a Grin and Wink began his user a most intensive rain senator Green senator Green recovers fast. A a Washington july 13 i sen her in Norfolk and Newport news. Francis or ten it year. These would strike out part Iii of it ions. Fallout Quot serious Quot in new eng the Bill. Western Powers differ in their land great Laks the South it authorizes the attorney Gen judgment of where Russia stands. Easl and West coast. Eral to bring civil suits to prevent that is Why they Are divided Over Ika leads infringement or threatened in-1 the Wisdom of continuing the Eisenhower led the mass exodus for gement of civil rights in talks. From americans cities shortly after general. He could seek injunctions the arguments Are not so much the Alert sounded at 12 noon yes in Federal court and anyone Vio Over what Russia has done but Ter Day. The president with 20 lating the injunction could be fined what she has not done. They were and newsmen went to a be or jailed for contempt without crystallized by a 90-minute speech pm Mountain hideaway by Heli jury trial delivered by soviet Delegate a copter. Use of troops Erian Zorin monday. Today Eisenhower left the exer the supreme court is in recess old believer i n the Quot strenuous if e Russell a contended this Porf the Back ground for Porins Cise to spend the weekend with and does not return until october san Back today from a Tion of the measure is aimed at speech was set by two develop mrs. Eisenhower and their grand a a month after the schools Are co apse attributed to Quot a very enforcing the supreme courts ments children at their Gettysburg a. Due to open. Mild Case of hem exhaustion a it school desegregation opinion and l Western Powers had just farm. He rejoins it monday when however hoffmans orders Call-1 the Rhode Island Democrat fringing about integration in presented two major new propos toe final phase begins ing for september desegregation Man Ever to serve in con a he South. He has said it makes ass for ending the Hydrogen bomb Gray and Berry agreed that de still stand until reversed or held Jar est it hiked 3 a Miles yesterday toe use of troops to reach race which they Felt included con spite the unprecedented mock at in abeyance by either the circuit through steamy Midsummer Toese objectives Cessions to the soviet position. Tack by twin fleets of supersonic court a the supreme court. In his Wea her Mundt told a reporter his sub 2. The Kremlin had just under bombers streaking across the Newport news decision Hoffman j East night he lost conscious statute proposal is designed to gone sweeping changes in which a North pole the United states had said he thought it unwise to Ness briefly at a reception at the place before the Senate a a a Meas six soviet leaders were ousted and could survive require desegregation during any Pakistan embassy. Though he re ure the southerners can to vote the Power and prestige of com but they said it was a to Early Normal school year. Covered quickly he was taken to for but one with which they can Monist party chief Nikita thru to Tell whether enough of the a the appellate court in its per Bethesda naval Hospital. Sychev was enhanced. Tion would be left to fight Back curiae by the court it opinion said in addition to striking out part Hanh Reneua effectively. Quot perhaps by month placement act Quot. Furnishes _ Ujj Mundt said his substitute. Day Quot they said a solid estimate no adequate remedy to plaintiffs today the Hospital announced it incorporate a go alled jury Onn us no harshest Lan on Jug Point could be made a negro parents and school Chil was mild heat exhaustion and his Raj amendment offered previous use a the prot is it talks Brand in monday test officials jump Dren because of the fixed and condition was now i by sen 0�?Tmahoney a who some elements of the Estern the clock to an imaginary time 15 definite policy of the school said he would stay in the Hospital is would provide for jury trials nut ear p1an a a fictitious. He Days after an a bomb strike at authorities with respect to Segre three or four Days for his annual in Federal c0llrt contempt cases sad a Western suggestion that the unused states Alaska. Puerto gation and because of the provi Ere the facts Are in dispute. Scientists be put to work imme Rico Virgin islands and the Sions of 1956 Virginia Law which in a Way the civil rights fight Diate on a plan for enforcing a Ama canal zone a Hope to and the Senate might have been in suspension of nuclear tests would out for the first time How effective new Aga s girl provide for the closing of schools in. Aii. 1��� and withdrawal therefrom of state responsible for greens Hospital b 81wou,d a a waste of time funds upon any departure from nation British foreign Sec Reury be this policy in any a the s been crabbing All week be stir in in nth a Wyn Lloyd termed Zorini a speech 4that the Long hours the Senate is fee and rpm it on civl1 r,8hts disappointing. State Jun in session on civil rights Are keep developments British officials in general Sug this referred to the states a in him from the gym an aide his substitute would give the tested that the speech was a True Propri Tion act amended by the said a commission subpoena Power Only St Ternent 0f russian policy special 1956 legislature calling for to compensate Green yester in Cas involving voting rights. Thereby offering Lite Hope that the immediate cutting off of state Day not Only sauntered 22 Miles would be limited otherwise to subcommittee which Previ funds from any school which Adas usual from his Bachelor voluntary witnesses in Ousby bad agreed in principle on mils a single negro child. Another ters the University club up the Public hearings and to making reducing conventional armaments should Ever get into a real Situa a phase of the Law says the school to the he walked an recommendations sate would be Able to Settle the key Tion. We Are imperfect but must close when a negro is and other mde in degree evening Turest Congress and the president Maher 0f nuclear controls. Improving All the time and it is heat from his apartment to the for Laws providing Fuller Prole a nay americans who had of great value in any training to their plans would be in dealing with problems of such a period. Gray was asked Quot is the opera Tion a Success or a Flop a no answer he replied Quot i can to answer that actually 1 suppose we will never really know the fruits of our training unless. God forbid we the placement act provided for Pakistan a system of appeals from the assignment Board to the governor and supreme court. Expose your strengths and weak appeared Berry said he was not surprised embassy. To on of cd Rio its indicated they expected no con very Active wants Senate of Cessions at this Point. There was a time when the trim Russell also moved to make the undisturbed state courts to the Virginia. To ointment of a staff director of High american officials be by the delays and confusion. He Little Man engaged in Mountain j1 t climbing and a bit of wrestling.,Virginia and the school boards a. Sion subject h of the two coastal cities had Argul t Ausle he s t00 0jd bul Tion. He sought to bar use by the voiced old arguments pending the launched. New Aga Khan in dressed in a Blue flannel suit bought in the town subway service saturday United states received the first other sections of the nations Seel my be o kneeling religious w Ond 1>rg<at City were flooded word arrived from Karachi an l Aby crippled and per led by important ismaili Center that is threats of possible fire or Gas sex Mailis everywhere would accept Plo Sions the will of the ago Khan Iii in al least eight persons were dead naming Prince Karim his 20-year seven in Cook Chicago. County old grandson As his spiritual sue and one in nearby will county. From drowning electrocutions it had been expected that Prince and Beart Attai is Aly Khan father of Karim would a a a a inherit the spiritual throne. But .0 a Toney. Mrs. Germaine Vuillier director h ,. When rolled out of of the Aga Khan a beloved and fac k. In 0 a. Water in valuable racing stables. Said the Mont r x of toe family a base Aga Khan had personally asked Apar men Aly to bypass the Ismail Leader although the forecast for More ship in order to see that the Sta ram toiled to materialize saturday Bles keep operating. Afternoon water running off the Early word a 01 la Ltd recely com to picked Congress Street expressway j a Fyk ured int0 he Rockson Boulevard be he new Leader led 60,000 is station of the Logan Square sub Mailis in Syria to acclaim him. Was. But a spokesman said today that my Day High since the Aga Khan had named do a. Karim the syrian Ismail is would j water reached the Quot unquestionably accept him. R e �?~i1 be station at there was no indication Aly a g is a streets and would lend himself to any schism 11r 1lce . 01 be Loop and the likelihood of one was r around ,0 Square Small. Ismail is everywhere Recog-1 workmen used sandbags and Nize the right of the Aga Khan to Kepl Toree pumps working full name his successor. J blast to keep the Runoff out of the neither Aly nor his brother Norih South state Street subway. Prince Sadruddin were present c. J. Buck a Power Engineer for the ceremonies on the Lawn for the Chicago transit authority they were in downtown hotels said workmen and pumps were with their Fiancee. Sadruddin is Quot keeping ahead of the water Quot and planning to wed London Model expressed Confidence the stat Nina Dyer and Aly a Paris mod Street subway could continue al Bettina. Operations. But later the new Aga Khan a torrential downpour that joined his father at the hotel suite started during a Tornado Alert they both share. Karim rushed up dumped 6.24 inches of rain on the to Aly threw his arms around him City in 24 hours from about Noor and kissed him fondly. Yesterday until noon today. Most my religious responsibilities 0f it fell in the six hour period begin As of the new Aga Between 7 Friday and 1 Khan declared. But during the saturday. The Oid record of 6 19 a Nyven it 11�,� ceremonies he was unable to con inches was set in the 24-hour Peri Knoxville. Tenn., july 13 Jav Tain an occasional Grin and an of aug. French film actress Anne Marie Merson says that Aga Khan in is a a sweetie but four years younger than i am. I stand a husband that much map wire photo Clinton trial grows warmer he of Jerp Tinc Teltoe Quot proposed civil rights commis a heed Zorin May have made Only attributed them to the realistic air government attorneys stung by almost imperceptible Wink at Sion subject to Senate Confirma a holding statement that he had with which the exercise was defense claims their Case May newsmen he knew in the crowd. I y a saturday some de the cases should be dismissed cause of Lack of time. Until and had been placement an hours swim often. _ followed by a vigorous Rubdown significantly Russell made no Golf is out for Green. He Calls m,? t0 de a the a Section of the Bill commission of unpaid Volunteer arrival of any new instructions collapse for Lack of evidence major highways leading North _. A a inv dilators he said reformers from Moscow. But he ordinarily gets to the invest gators be Saiu Rei Rumers. Ivro Knan or Tinor tar irn tinn tha Senate gym about Throe times a have Eek �?~.runnirl8 Ai aund the country stirring up trouble. Shah of Iran orders Aid to quake victims or proceedings stayed ministrative remedies exhausted under the act. The courts decision brought an. Other charge from state sen. Ted it a a an old Man s a game a would authorize the actor Dalton of Radford the Repult a few sceptics notably cab Ney general to seek injunctions to can candidate for governor in Drivers say greens Long walks prevent v a lations or threatened november that the massive re Are snore the product of frugality to lations of voting rights sistan program of the state and ban a de Girg for exercise. But his ministration would wreck the intimates disagree Public schools. Said Dalton. Quot he a been walking All his life Quot misguided by sen. Byrd and does no to want to Stop now Quot a fatty. Gen. Almond and said de Higgins greens admin gov. Stanley Virginia lost again istra Tive assistant in court with a plan which pre a a tended to defend Public schools by closing Best Hope Dalton opposing Democrat Almond for governor again said a locally administered Pupil assignment plan. Is our Best Spottswood w. Robinson i a Richmond attorney for the a act who took part in the this was a big Day for the Eisen since. Many roads were destroyed. 3. 1959. Cases said Quot we Are deeply Gratis Hower family at the Gettysburg fied. That the court of appeals country club Golf course affirmed the District courts de the president taking a week vision concretize no our position end breather from the annual civil that Virginia citizens cannot i defense opera non alerts showed idly a required to comply w Ith up at the course a bit after 9 . The requirements of the Pupil today and played 18 holes in Mug placement by weather. And Del. Robert Whitehead of he was accompanied by two of Nelson county a Democrat Runn his four Small grandchildren Daing As an Independent for attorney Vid 9, and Barbara Anne Eisen Gener amp a said the decision. Hower 8. Comes As no Surprise to me. Each of the youngsters got a Quot we had no Quot and we let he nature take Money probe could continue for years the body of Aga Khan Iii was a Quot it 1 ,. Said worked in 95-degree heat today to in a room in the modest Villa Over Quot m 1 its tighten the net in the Clinton Seg looking the Lawn where the Cere relation trial. Monies took place. His Beautiful Washington july 3 of sen. Long a la said today the Senate future precarious for siamese twins barricaded. The chief threat seemed to a while most of the Battery of 19 a wow the Begum peeked Fec tical Mysuna tot pm or Southern defense lawyers returned through a curtain. Tears streamed b. A Vinc Mno us a to their Home cities for the week do in face. She wrapped her is Gas explosions when Regina. Sask., july 13 ibo the end. U. S. Dist. Atty. John c self in the folds of the curtain Crawford or. And his staff Laboured when photographers approached in steamy Knoxville to Chart a flown to Egypt against the 16 climactic drive the Waters have extinguished Pilot lights. Air travel halt. ,. To storm halted All air travel to �?~t�?o7 a a abbe defendants next week u n 0 a w al bust in Midway Airport the finance committee a investigation future of siamese twin girls born Quot us Equanis next Weic. Fl0wn to Egypt sometime next nations busiest knocked nut of the country a financial condition joined together at the Abdomen crab a declined to say whether week for burial at Aswan where estimated 32,000 telephones and May last longer than the two year was pronounced precarious to be has any Quot surprises in store he usually spent his Winters. Zaki 15,000 to 20,000 Street Lichts term of the present Congress. Night by the obstetrician who def a the defence when the five Day Hashem the Aga Khan a attorney stranded hundreds of Motorist member slivered them yesterday. 0,d trial resumes in u. S. District in Cairo said the body would be turned whole neighbourhoods into Many the infants Are the children of court Here monday. Placed in a temporary grave until lakes and created emergency con it a a a Minrul m Ivy to Kostu in. Long a committee said in an interview Quot so Tehran july 13 a a the Shah ramifications have opened up in or. And mrs. Vassil Paharik. To Quot we be got a Good he a mausoleum is built in the desert editions in hospitals of Iran has ordered the Imperial the Early stages that Quot i am led to Gether they weighed 8 pounds 13 added. Quot in a not worried about the Hilf across the River from Aswan some 50,000 Homes were without air Force to use parachutists to believe this May take a lot longer ounces at birth. They were a Erom All sides there was Praise electrical service at one time or Supply tents and Medicine to re tone than we had month premature and were de chief defense counsel Robert the new Aga another during the storm. A Mote earthquake stricken villages he noted that the Aldrich invest slivered by caesarean Section. Dobbs of Memphis and defense. Hughes assistant headman spokesman for the Commonwealth in the dem Avend and Caspian sea ligation. Undertaken 50 years ago or. F. H. Munkley said it is counsel Grover s. Mcleod of Quot exclusive be Rosey Edison co. Said restoration of Region. A by a Rhode Island senator lasted suspected they 3hare a vital or Birmingham ala., 1iad predicted so boy a were Karim and service Cost the Utility about the quake july 2 killed an Esti four years and commented a hours Gan and that separation would be earlier that the government would brother Amin spent eight $350,000. Mated 2.500 to 3,000 persons and might run about the the difficult. Have to come up with some heftier year Cal cd Karim Quot an except a. Gettysburg pa., july 13 up tremors have been reported daily present 85th Congress expires Jan the Zaharias have two other punches than it has shown so far infill balanced boy. Children. Or its Case would fall apart. Eisenhower family has big Day playing Gettysburg course Young socialite yells a Wolf a a a a a a cops Don t think Hitchcock very funny very finely brought up. He got on wonderfully Well with his brother and was Well liked by everyone at the Graham s crusade turns to Spanish women said holding j�y0rk july 13 at. Brainpower Reserve Mineola n. A a a july 13 a strange tale of threats and extortion attempts which kept in pending an officer he pleaded innocent. The charge is a Misdemeanour and carries a maximum Billy Graham brought i new York crusade to the City a Spanish speaking population today exhorting More than 15,000 ti1 persons in Madison Square Garden us y 13 women it out Floh Nurl Hakim Tai if stif As Many As nine officers were Hitchcock was quoted As saying possess the greatest untapped lives to him assigned to the Case at one time he had been approached several brainpower Reserve in the world Graham was As isted in the Nassau county police said and times by two men who threatened Frances Murphy of Washington s e r v i e e by the Rev Rocelio their efforts to solve the rapidly. His life and demanded $100.000. D. C. Told members of Pilot inter Arthilla pastor of the so ankh he via in nine most pro a Yip Ivich Nln Tgu Smith Olen a. Naf Innel in Aiah Ihmi a a a. A substantial number of the Mem a Holf lesson from the club pro Dick Vest gating police Busy for a penalty of a year in jail Bers of the general Assembly Sleichter while their Grandfather j month in two states has led to the Nassau county police said i wer satisfied at the 1956 special played the first nine. They toured arrest of socialite Billy Hitchcock cock s phony reports started june two states. Receding threatening Telephone Sion of its annual convention who Trambat go a talk i session that the so called Pupil the second nine with him. 18-year-old son of the famous flier 13. He telephoned the police to a be police tapped Telephone cabs and once at a party had been Ocala. Fia., was chosen Quot club to Spanish placement act in the setting in David obviously enjoying him and Polo Star Tommy Hitchcock say that his car had been forced wires and kept the Youthful social-1 threatened by a stranger. Of the year for outstanding serv Rev. Schilla repeated Cra self chauffeured the president in the youth who could give no off the Road by other cars. Occur Joe Unczer surveillance Day and after a hectic month police con ices. Runners up were Yuma Ham s phrases while his last word a baby Blue electric Golf cart explanation for faking the series pants of the other cars Hitchcock eluded Hitchcock a adventures Anz. And Charleston w. A. Were still Echo a throughout the Barbara Vine her blonde of adventures was arrested yes told the police shouted at him the the a a Vestiga Ion were faked arrest Fol Tor Light delegates attended a Garden he even is i a Pony Tail hitched a rid on the Ter Day at i Long Island Homeland in one instance a thought a continued the police said hitch owed. He Ware eased in t banquet where the Board of direct evangelist s gesture Torfli rear of the cart. A booked today on a charge of inv shot was fired at him. Cock reported additional threats. 4bail pending trial in september. I tors for 1957-58 was installed. I tons. Con which it was passed when Sider a along with the other legislation enacted could not possibly Surv

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