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Bluefield Daily Telegraph Newspaper Archives Feb 25 1961, Page 1

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Bluefield Daily Telegraph (Newspaper) - February 25, 1961, Bluefield, West Virginia Wise buyers. Shop the Dally Telegraph cd miffed and Section for big bar Fain. Phone 74171. Min rec graph weather rom changing to Snow flurries today f older la afternoon and night. Sunday consider a Hie cloudiness Rolder. Vol. Lxvi no. 56 entered at Aeron Al a mater december is Imi at pot office. Bluefield w a. Under act of March i. 1 7 Bluefield w. Va., saturday morning february 25, 1961 a it St a v so or. A Nan 7 15 in mtg 3 Greenbrier children Adlai jolted liquor Issue Falls 6 votes shy of Kaltag two thirds in House to try again Quot wets predict die in flooded Road East Rainelle w. A. Api a two boy and their younger a later drowned Friday attempting to Wade a flooded Road on their Way to school at Rupert about 7 mile East of Here. The Wallace and Wallace funeral Home Herr identified the children a Albert Jones jr., to James f. Jones i. And Vivan Lynn Jones 7. They were among eight children of or. And mrs. Albert Jones of Rupert the three and a sister Inez. 9, tried to Cross a Road flooded by Backwater from the nil swollen Meadow River state police said. When the three Vic Tims went under Inez rushed Home about a mile and a half away and notified her parents. Rupert firemen recovered Albert s body shortly hut it was not until mid afternoon that the others were found. The children were pupils at the Rupert Grade school. There Are four other Jones boys. Soapy Williams remarks on Africa stir up British Macmillan put in Lough spot London apr Ltd. Mermen Williams was accused in parliament Frijia of meddling in Britain a african affairs. A member j of the governing conservative party urged the matter be called to president Kennedy a attention j the storm new up Over a re-1 Mark monday in British Kenya by Williams. Assistant u. S. Sec a rotary of state for african affairs endorsing Quot Africa for africans Quot a slogan of militant african nationalists. His state ment pre piously had provoked an dry words in South africans Par lift men. In Uganda Williams paused Onitt Tut his tour to Rouen Etc its par0ie a a Quot be Quot Quot what he said in Kenya that he meant Whites As Well As negroes u n. Ambassador says he seeks Council action United nations. N y. It it a ambassador Adlai e Stevenson declared his a revulsion and Shock Friday at reports of la More political assassinations in the Congo. They were reported carried out this time Blu numb is leftists in Oriental province taking notice of reports that sen. Alphonse Mongolo and about to other Mem hers of the Congo parliament had been executed by the leftist regime of Antoine to Zenga in Stanleyville the . Chief Delegate said he will seek i new Security Council action condemning Polit Leal revenge kill a rigs. He said he will consult with asian african nations on the move political foes of Fugolo and the others All to uhen he referred to Africa Tor the africans. Refers to negroes in Africa the word a a african generally refers to the original in habitats of the continent in other words the negroes. But British critics were not Moi j lifted by Williams explanation. Anthony fell a conservative introduced the William a question in the House of commons. Fell mid he wanted to know if prime minister Harold Macmillan intends to make representations to a Beth Ziolkowski. $5, appeared before the Michigan parole Board in Lansing to plead for Freedom after serving sit year of a life sentence for poisoning her third husband. Ipi telephoto Bones push Back Date of humans Bank embezzler takes own life Knoxville i own a the i president of Community National Bank so Trust co. Committed Sui cide Friday after admitting pm i Bez Ling More than half a million dollars. A National Bank examiner f. Jfe Cut the assassinated ex-1 jew. Morgan Des Moines said he Premier Patrice Lumumba were i received a Quot dead Man s conies taken prisoner in Sandyville Sion Quot from the Hank president Al a of. Don l. Job 59. Detailing the pm the Stevenson statement was Bezel extent. J issued As president Kennedy and Job. A banker in Knoxville for australian prime minister Robert i 40 years wis found hanging by a g. Menzies in Washington joined rope in a stairway leading to the in pledging support to u n. ,s#c-1 attic of the unoccupied Home of rotary general Dag Hammar a his father in Law or. Alexander skjold and in deploring attempts f. Keeton j Quot to twist the tragic events in the or. Yme Solter Dyk county mod Congo into an attack upon the Leal examiner said Job took his United own life. Another one the shocking event for this South Central Iowa town came five of Yter be items a secret service agents raided a restaurant in Richmond alif., Friday and discovered $215,666 in counterfeit $10 and $50 Hills. Agent Tom Hanson shown looking at the bogus Money said he arrested Bridget in Johnson. To. Owner of the restaurant on suspicion of passing counterfeit notes. Other members of he gang were known to have operated in Washington Oregon Idaho i Tab As w Ell As in i Aii fornia. Up telephoto Airl Ines resume skeds troubles still plague Industry Washington it a it Washington a Ameri can airports started a return to their Normal bustling Pace Fri Day while the head of a presidential commission sought a solution to the airlines pelted Friday that if the dispute but. Despite this hopeful air. A i could no Boondo gling says Hodges of Aid program ret Loris from Brussels told of a new blow by the Stanleyville rebel forces and an attempt to. Cane out a new state a Loyal to week after another mall Iowa he a Antral Reg int tout experienced a hate Bank a province embezzlement. A a at Sheldon. 250 Miles Northwest news Agency said of Here by Nuce Geiger. 5, of 0ftes a Eizenga entered Lulua fitted taking $2 million from her2?ur��?T a a province. I rumblings of trouble father s Bank the Sheldon nation Quot by Onku Etc army Garrison at i. Heard a1. Mrs. Geiger former cashier at Bia Bourg Assa a t0 have in Miami a Federal judge in the now closed Bank a sen fake i Refuge at in. Bead quae tended to 15 years in prison. I1� re Morgan told a Curbstone news this would give the rebels con _ conference outside the Bank Here Trot of three provincial capitals thursday. U s Hist. Judge Emett eral p u1 Cunn up is emf Ltd unemployment Washington Ltd a Secretary of Commerce dither h la of reviving depressed Arena is to his department a something organized Tabor optics a i not let it become a Quot Boondo gling Quot or make work. Operation urging Swift action on president Kennedy s $390-Millio pressed areas program. Hodges told a House banking sub commit said that As of january a pored one element in the formula than 100 areas and of >"3 Arena jul major a that brought the nation s most a As it undetermined Nur Reber smaller one crippling airlines strike to an pm Rural Section must have fed with a struggling no Poi sublet a British that he received a three Page con Stanleyville oriental1 and and Buka Choate held the Eastern air employment. Quot we must Aik to this the Rural i areas of unemployment w Hose exact number and location have not yet been determined Quot the Commerce chief said i a a. Z. I i a a a. Lur my Mullin Naomi i Kennedy program would on just what Williams a it t lamination it the Bank accounts ment commissioner for Katanga. Western air lines which still re a d Sjue doff wet nest adj establish a new million fund said and what he meant. The Del it b Luck y a dulse stated that Job detailed t0 tie announced the creation of the new fused to take part in the Settle hand hearings or Loans 10 we Art a to prime ministers reply is expectr004�?T8 and Cate that the child had a the amount taken. Morgan state of Lula a in Northern Kament initiated by Secretary of la m depressed areas proposal tres 10 depressed areas de to try to cent the diplomatic Quot murdered in what would be. Said he was not permitted to re Tanga in an apparent move to Bor Arthur j. Goldberg a a of ul0m, a the by financing in part the Achi a uni of a i no n i-1 a As a lit a it # 11 j a we j a a 1 Quot anthropologist Friday reported session from Job in the mail in a u it Kivus and Lulu Bourg lines chapter of the flight in i Feruce in far majesty s govern-1dikovery a the earliest Quot by Day. Kasai. Nee International asset it a in mans yet known to science the examiner who said he in so contempt of court m Bones of an adult and a child he covered the shortages tuesday the belgian radio said Jason Western struck his pm pm Mon now is i amazed lived considerably More night while making a routine sex Send we former Central govern and the strike continued at government now is Gering than years ago. Or. L s. B ment s colonial and Commonwealth affairs in Macmillan will reply March supporting Kennedy s proposals Hodges sought to quiet concern lest industries be pulled away from some economically healthy areas in the course of pumping life into ailing regions. Hodges was Lead off witness As flurry. Sadt tie a dest crime Ever lease the figure. Take Over for i expo Adville part of in addition. President Kennedy s priority list of anti Tran and and dding. A but the Issue is embarrassing to come to Over $500, secessionist mouse Tshombe a acted in a separate though re mtg Jon measures Chinery and equipment and other for Macmillan because the rank the scientist curator of the co but Richard Dan Ell assistant j province. Lated strike he created an enter me backed the proposed loan. Measures and file of conservatives in Par London museum in Nairobi Ken-1cashier, said the shortages came in another development. Pres Sency Board t0 investigate the irks Gran s enc my age Indus a provide $75 million in fed Hament have threatened to revolt it a said the Bones were found Dur a to More than $500,000. Ident Gama Abdel Nasser of the Northwest airlines strike and or to Raj growth As the approx Vii i to ral Grants for installing Publ against his policy of speeding up ins the past year in the olduvai the Bank directors said in a in it a of Arab Republic was said dered engineers thiere self Rule in african colonies. Gorge Region of Tanganyika one statement the shortage is a Suh i 0 have urged president Kenne 1 30 a work the Union said the it it a it Truthe re of try i of the world s richest anthropology Stan tally less than the $1 million by it British prime minister Harold in woe ready 10 so Hack to chronically depressed regions smrt lighted j Leal Sites. Fidelity Bond held by the Bank. Macmillan and soviet Premier id air is Quot better at least to try this kind a make available $10 million conservative party members he told a news conference pre Quot the Bank is solvent and will Khrushchev to keep hands off the meanwhile Nathan Feinsinger. Of thug than t0 hand out a a it ear to Job a workers protested angrily against wit ceding a National geographic so remain open and Transuhi Buri a Congo lest they touch off a War i chairman outline presidential com a a la Cabinos officer sue am new and w 5 million m communities plan for unproved economic develop Hodges Mem of facilities example it tries Mal systems to support such in hams statements at a party piety lecture that the Bone finds Ness As the director said. I that would set All Africa ablaze.�100 ,? Mahy dispute con meeting thursday night. John indicate Man goes Back consider i Morgan said the embezzlement a Del f feared with lawyers for the air Jelley. Columnist in Ute doily i by further in Lime than the int perpetrated by a series of hem cd the Tofu a a Quot pm Quot a a a Totza up w Ith this j 600.000-year-old Quot Nutcracker Many forged notes. He said this appear t f Sondolo and the i it the presumably was arranging Quot would any British minister in a a a v Dole a the tested without listing them. Mail followed a whose Bones entry had been going on for three any party government be so tact Leakey discovered in 1959 or four years. Jess or Short sighted As to inter Fere in Little Rock a i i a a a Laos government hits a news conference at Kampala capital of Uganda. Williams former governor of Michigan replied that he had said in Kenya the United states wanted Africa Vientiane Laos apr the Lios steer a Neutral course under for the africans and that african government said Friday hostile the Eye of a commission sent by at opposition to King a i i course of the inquiry the two a a a not off Cal. Hut thai they oth a member a a of a ans mgr a commission have returned Home were based on sufficient information to justify the Stevenson state Anent. 2 charged following Chase wreck Here Jack Smith 26. Of Bastian. Va., heavy Rains tornadoes again deluge wet South themselves should decide Hie leftist reaction to King Savang Malaya. Cambodia and Burma has in charged with tampering i. There would be no Pace of political emancipation. Ghana s peace plan have Bince the King traditionally above we a parsec a car it running a Stop against the returning Union mein Quot i added that this included i ave consequence for its policy politics exec vises a St Long hold. Sign it running a red Light and hers and 2 an attempt would be White people in Africa but this of reconciliation with the rebels on his country government Cir reckless Dpi of owing a to made to Stop All court actions an announcement issued after a1 Des hoped his proposal would a formal hearing will not be held until late March. 90day study in the truce thursday flight engineers of six a ride agreed to go Back to work while the president s special commission in a Vest gated the Case for 90 Days a a. ,. In Tun the airlines prom id fun a in a a or Quot a a rep Sals millions and chasing thou hut damaged Only ires Sands from their Homes was reported injured the red Cross in Washington in Alabama and i said about 2.800 families have1 Rivers spilled out of t monday s outcome final Marshall u. Dispute continues Charleston a an attempt to put the liquor he the Datuk Issue on the 1962 election ballot in West Urmia failed by six votes in the House Friday but the delegates will vote on it again monday backers will try to change six vote Over the weekend. The House voted 61-39 in favor of the constitutional referendum Resolution but a Tuo thirds majority a 67 votes a was needed. The Senate had approved the measure a week earlier by a 244 margin. As a Onn As speaker Julius w. Singleton Ora Monn Mgaha announced die result of the hoist Roll Cal Del j. E. Nell Watson a Marion Mode a motion to reconsider the vote i motion carried 65-31 prevails 71 -2� this meant the House would vote again on the Resolution then Watson moved to make the re vote a special order of business foe 2 an pm monday again he pre j failed this time 7129 either Way it goes monday the outcome will he final the vote i cannot he reconsidered a second i j time i the Issue is whether to submit to the voters next year a cons Titu Dona i amendment which would repeal the prohibition against Sale of i liquor by the drink i House wets believe they have a j Chance to switch enough vote Over the weekend to put the Resolution a comm on monday. Del. Chester r Hubbard a Ohio said after the House adjourned Quot several of the delegates wha voted against us have already come to me and said that in vie in i of the number voting for the res obit Ion this appears to he the time for it to be out of the legislature and before the Public and that they Are glad of the Chance to vol again a resentment seen a Leader of the opposition the Rev l. E Crow son of Logan predicted that the 39 Delegate who voted against the Resolution a will resist and resent the efforts which May be made Over the weekend to change their Crow son. Not a member of the legislature s i legislative chairman of the Temperance league of West Virginia. The issues of a liquor by the drink referendum and University Tatus for Marshall College in Huntington were seen by Crow son As hav my become entwined. He j said Quot a i walked through the lobby by the associated press tornadoes seven .1 mall twisters a new outburst of storms Flung cleaved Rural areas in Georgia heavy ram and tornadoes at the smashing barns and houses fell flood ravaged South Friday Rock my Trees and fouling Utility lines hit Seale. Ala., no one after this afternoons adjournment i discovered to my own knowledge the approach that was already being a Ted with reference to the turn to Page 2, col. I a Dag is backed on Congo plan Imp Al Cir boys of r nor r to Imti As nos i it., Asuemu a cies nope is propose Wouita lice Chase and a wreck Here Early started by the airlines to Force of Quot of the u d but flood my no or it Nice it nah a l1 special Cabinet meeting presided help break the present deadlock j Friday the engineers Back to work states a Mississippi. Aul the forecast called Tor Lover by pro Western Premier Shock and concern were creat a. A m a inn 6ama. Louisiana and Georgia at Gadsden Ted in Vientiane therefore by1. A year old companion also a was to Stop in Hattiesburg miss. 6,000 per built a Dike of Earth to keep pres it denunciation of the Kings Plani Fri a Bastian has been charged a Legal Acton in Miami us at a left their Homes. A third ing flood Waters rom a Nev from sex Premier Souvanna Phou with with a parked racy Wui am he. Tom Juo e town of is under school backwaters from the Coema and his half brother Prince or capt Charles Crego air lines is not seeking reprisals ate wllhh4omf, 8f covered Sar ver spread Rhrou som Soukhanouvong Leader of the pros a mid. And them by As much As 12 feet. Residential communist Patchet lao that con capt. Cregger said he spotted i Prince Boun Oum did not enlarge upon what the consequences might be. Government forces and leftist backers of the Marshall i a varsity Quot it was in effect that you have gained your purpose in securing recognition of Marshall s status As a University. We have Bee in Nice to you in giving our support we now Hope you will be equally i Nee to us and give us liquor by t he drink highest regard Quot i have tile highest re Gard and Bur rebels in the Central Plain area Soukhanouvong. Leader of the pro a a and s no in Sfung these proceed Dyas much As u residential areas Trier i supposedly Are preparing to take communist Patchet lao that con capt. Cregger said he spotted irs As heavy rams continued to Between two and Washington apr president the offensive but aside from trois a Large area of Laos. The two tampering with an Auto but Edge rep red Jam pummel Montgomery. Ala. The of additional Kennedy and Australia s prime some guerrilla activity the front Souvanna. Who arrived earlier about 12 30 a m. At the Church not c about Eastern it weather Bureau flashed a special for the Birmingham an minister Robert g Menzies Fri was diet Frida it ibis week in rebel territory from Auto sales lot on Bluefield ave is irn portent to this Colin try that it it it a this is a Nijor Ami be saturday and the weath Day joined in pledging support to of Boun 010,1 Intertas t0 file in Cambodia called the nue. Shane obey the orders of the vere Nood take a11 p0$�?obe pie Rno i of p0ssibllit u. N. Secretary general hag military operations he must do proposal Quot facetious and devoid of they fled and Cregger gave cout1 i we Don t there won t cautions Quot to offs Hammarskjold a efforts to bring 80 full wkly the Rainy season be any practical Chase arresting the two when and Eastern nor will there be any added Montgomery s chief me already hundreds of peace to the Congo. Kins soon in this Jungle kingdom. The Patchet lao radio termed their car hit a Utility pole on us n nor any country Quot Teoro Logist. A. R Long a were in cattle have been report in a joint Eoanu Miauel issued making land movement and even the plan an imperialist inspired Bluefield Avenue. They were Tak i n to serf a the Federal mice a hell of a fix a a move to turn Laos into a u. S in to Bluefield sanitarium for 8 out of the storm Clouds to add age to Farmland w is of a. By Colony. Treatment i turn to Page 2, col. Sgt to the trouble darted a Cluster of High. Of Cli i a mix v Viz i i in i la j la w i gig vis via after a two hour meeting at the air operations extremely difficult. White House the u. S. And australian chiefs said they Quot deplored current attempts to twist the tragic events in the Congo into an attack upon the United nations the leaders also i. Backed the plan of laotian King Savang Valhalla to bring peace and neutrality to his troubled country 2. Agreed efforts for effective disarmament must be continued 3. Reaffirmed their backing for the Southeast Asia treaty and Australia new zealand a. S. Anus pacts As Quot bulwarks for the min tenancy of peace in the Kennedy who personally escorted Menzies to his waiting limousine after the withe House session. Described their meeting As Quot very cordial and very it was the first meeting Between Kennedy and Menzies who stopped off in Washington for a two Day Layover in route to the British Prim ministers meeting in London. The King proposed sunday that head f drow Ned n Western Alabama where dam turn to Page 2, col. 2 Beaver student is top orator Ray Ratliff or reaver High school contestant. Friday night was declared Winner in the american legion District six oratorical contest conducted at the legion Hall on Federal Street with the championship goes a pregnant woman claimed Hoover was responsible longtime maid gives the Lowdown on doings at the White House four Jar so hoi a ship to either of nine colleges in the Mountain state. And a cd. A Nee to participate n stat e oratory a Ai finals time to be ant bounced i iter the West \ r department Vert can legit in will make a new apr White most considerate Fin lady in a my thirty years backstage at the White it recounts her House a Iris of the future May d evades mrs. Franklin d. Roosevelt was As for the presidents Fie said he had such a temper his Wile Benhower was considerate emf Roosevelt Hod great wealth and used in fear he could Quot burst out generous in Many ways and in have to keep mum about their experiences but e Veteran of the past has plenty to say. Lillian Rogers Parks says it in a Book to be published Fob. 27. Advance copies were released just a Day after the White House announced that Ait the suggestion of chief usher j. Bernard West Domestic personnel pledged to refrain from publishing memoirs hereafter. Among other things in her Hook. Mrs. Parks related mrs. Harry amp. Or unum was lbs Cash award of Sido to the stat Winner and Cash awards of $50 to other state contestants. Judy Smith. Representing Princeton High school won sectored a ten Ihie ordeal because Ond place she is eligible to use Quick to fire in if they a a 35 a a a a �?T�?o7. To. It Walth the scholarship in Case the or. Sered her. Ber Mother who also spent to he also was Quot very sensitive to the a % 111 t of t be didst like to she suffered from headaches place Winner does not want it. Mrs. Dwight d. Eisenhower had years As a maid at 1600 Penn feelings of others a Quality that talk and made Bis guests tee in asthma a heart condition and a Ratliff won the event with a hot temper but never fired anyone. Mrs. Herbert Hoover kept the White House in the most turmoil because she could never make up Sylvania ave. Made him Mast kind to the help a be Tad his Wile disturbance of the inner ear which speech on Quot the Constitution in a her account in which site sets Hoover did t want servants to of St couk1 be and Quot bom upset her equilibrium and made changing world Quot Forth what she considered the tie seen or heard. The servants Coull not. Walking difficult miss Smith spoke on Quot the con Best and worst Points of those had to Dodge into closets. But among other observations mrs concerning the Atter mrs. Siltation a Challenge to youth a she knew also gives her views when for arrived on the scene Quot Parks wrote that mrs. Roosevelt Parks wrote other participants in t h e duller mind How she wanted things on the presidents themselves he Quot gave the order to Stop thi it considered the White House to be Quot that is Why the false runic strict contest we e Marlene Black arranged. A she spiced the Book with Many and just act natural a Truman Long to All the people and that occasionally Orose that mrs is Cone of Park Central u go. Household servants never knew amusing and embarrassing Inci was Quot the most insistent that we they should be made to feel so Benhower drank to excess i can Stephen Pipkin of Beckley and what to expect next whether to dents such a the pregnant worn lie at whereas mrs Eisenhower cons id truthfully a i have never Cen Franzene Jennings of Mullens hide out or to be seen going about an who showed up at the White Eisenhower made no Effort to ered that it belonged to her and her drink or seen any after effects the District winners were Cho their duties House and claimed Hoover was know All the staff by name As her husband of alcohol nor have i Ever no in in area contests conducted la mrs. Parks Book is a pulled the father of her unborn child. Truman and Roosevelt did. And but mrs. Parks said mrs Al need the odor of the different schools

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