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Bluefield Daily Telegraph Newspaper Archives Dec 19 1970, Page 1

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Bluefield Daily Telegraph (Newspaper) - December 19, 1970, Bluefield, West Virginia Beavers. Stun Mullens a men thrash rattle. Big blues Roll past Salem. Northfork. Big Creek and Welch gain victories. Sports. Vol. Xxv. No. 353 glut Eftali second flus pontiff pit Al Bluefield. W. Va., and add office Bluefield curfews enforced in idiot porn Citie s ii today s news summary Jesus As exile National International j Washington a a $12.2 Mil lion plan for the Complete destruction of All germ warfare stocks was announced by the Pentagon Friday 13 months of j Ter president Nixon renounced 1 the ase of these disease carrying weapons. Page i. Washington Federal health and ant pollution officials announced Friday that they have persuaded the detergent Industry to abandon As unsafe a chemical that is gaining wide use in laundry soaps. Page i. Saigon a Viet Cong gunners a fired two big rockets into Saigon Early saturday killing six vietnamese and wounding eight j in an attack coinciding with a weekend of communist Annivera Gary observances. Page 14. Elizabeth. N. J. A t to o ii Sands of records at Kie draft office Here were damaged and thousands More were stolen from the office is Miles away in Union City selective service officials said Friday. Page i. Mercury Nev. About 600 workers were hurriedly evacuated from the nation s Nevada test site Friday after a Low yield underground nuclear test explosion spewed a radio Active dust plume 8,000 feet into the air an atomic Energy commission spokesman said. Page i. Washington a saying that j. Edgar Hoover a can account for his own statements a atty. Gen. John n. Mitchell rejected Friday any suggestion that he muzzle Hie Fri Danief. Page i. Canandaigua n. Y. A a special state grand jury brought criminal charges of coercion against Hobart College Friday saying the school failed to take Steps to allow county officials to follow through with the arrest of three students after a Campus drug raid. Warsaw a strict curfews were enforced in rebellious polish cities Friday night in an attempt to end Hie bloody clashes that have taken up to 20 lives and left hundreds injured. But there were reports of disorders at a new spot. Slupsky in the North. Page i. Chicago a John m. O Brien a former Soldier who says he spied on civilians for the army said Friday he decided to disclose his activities because he wanted Quot to make unknowing people aware of a menace that Page 9 state Charleston a fees paid justices of the peace on convictions Only in criminal Casa ruled unconstitutional by High Nurt. Page 14. Warsaw api strict curfews were enforced in rebellious polish cities Friday night in an attempt to end the bloody clashes that have taken up to 20 lives and left hundreds injured. But there were reports of disorders 600 exposed to radiative dust particles escape during test shot Mercury. Nev. A about 600 workers were evacuated from the Nevada test site Friday after an underground nuclear test shot blew a plume of radioactive dust 8.000 Foci in the air the atomic Energy commission said it was the largest number of j persons reported exposed to a j dint Ion at the 1,350-Square-mile test site located in Barren de Sert 80 Miles Northwest of Las vegas since underground test i ing began in 1063. The dec said a radioactive air mass was moving a North and Northeast very slowly but i that radioactive Levels were i a dropping very the dec emphasized the level of radioactivity traced beyond the test site boundaries Wras a very lows and said it was Well within permissible Levels for humans. Towns it scape no towns in the immediate area of the test site were reported evacuated. The closest town is Alamo with about 250 residents some to Miles North. An dec spokesman refused to say if it was possible the radioactive air mass would Cross the United states boundaries. Such an occurrence if it happened would violate the 1963 above ground nuclear test ban treaty signed by the United states Russia and other nations. The radiation was the second reported in four underground nuclear test shots Here since when minor spillage from one test Rose 400-500 feet above ground and was confined to within the test shot site. 20,000 tons of int code named the latest device planted 900 feet below ground had a listed Force of less than 20,000 tons of int. Like the three previous shots it was a military weapons at a new spot Slupsky in the North. Rioters protesting government imposed consumer Price increases have fought militiamen. Looted shops and burned buildings in the Baltic cities of Gdansk. Gdynia and Sopot and the Western Industrial City of Szczecin in disorders that Hogan monday. All was reported quiet in the Baltic cities but in Szczecin 180 Miles West of Gdansk radio appeals for Calm hinted at More trouble there after a night of burning and looting. A Western Diplomat returning from Gdansk said tanks were deployed at 100-Yard intervals on the main Street to enforce order. Gdansk the former free City Mitchell declares Hoover support Washington apr saying that j. Edgar Hoover a can account for his own statements a atty. Gen. John n. Mitchell rejected Friday any suggestion that he muzzle the Fri chief. A i done to have to approve or disapprove of his Mitchell told his first full scale news conference in five months. A i can Tell you As i have said before that i have received 1,000 per cent cooperation from or. Hoover and from whore i sit he is doing a mighty Fine Mitchell said also the Federal government Lins done All it can in investigating Tho killing of two Young negroes at Jackson state College in Mississippi and that a decision has not yet been made on a Federal grand jury probe of the death of four students at Kent state University. He said the Nixon administration is developing a policy on housing desegregation Iii the suburbs that he Hopes will be completed Early next year. Mitchell said Only 50 of the approximately 2.700 school districts in the South have not vet dropped dual systems based on race and said the government is moving against both in school segregation and mass firings of Black teachers in nominally desegregated districts. On his own future and speculation that he might resign shortly to prepare president Nixon s 1972 re election Campaign Mitchell told reporters a no one has asked me to leave nobody has asked me to take any other employment and if i m thinking of what you re turn to Page 2, col. Ii of Danzig has a population of 380.900, Gdynia 170,000, Sopot 40,000 Szczecin 370,000 and Slupsky 67,100. From Slupsky a City of Light Industry 120 Miles West of Gdansk came reports that authorities used tear Gas to quell j demonstrators. Tile Steep increases announced last saturday at the height of the Christmas season followed years of Price stability. The Price of meat a chronically Short item in Poland was raised 17 per cent. Other Price increases included 25 per cent j for cheese 16 per cent for flour 11.7 for fish and 8 per cent for i milk. The government estimated the various increases would raise an additional $208 million a year in Revenue. To try to Calm the polish people. The country has Boon put under what almost amounts to a state of emergency. Premier Jozef Cygankiewicz has ordered Security forces to shoot destructive demonstrators. A report from Western sources that a bomb had exploded in the Back Yard of the soviet embassy was denied by embassy personnel reporters were barred from the grounds. Cost pegged at $12.2 million . To destroy poisonous War Gas by the associated press despite the prettiness ordinarily associated with Christmas the birth of Jesus stirred official opposition to a Point that made the first years of his life that of an wednesday exile. From his birth he was very much a a displaced person a born in a Bethlehem stable because there was no room in the inn. As he once put it a foxes have holes and Birds of the air have nests but the son of Man has nowhere to Lay his it was soon after his birth that the magi warned that King Herod sought the child a life forcing Joseph and Mary to flee with him to exile in Egypt where they development test. The dec said. Lived for a period in a Little town traditionally located the dec said about 300 of the about 12 Miles North of Cairo Heliopolis now called 600 workers evacuated from the Matarieh. Afterwards when the family started to return to Bethlehem they heard warnings of continuing oppression there after Herod a death. They changed their plans and travelled to Nazareth in Galilee Josephus native town. There Jesus grew up making a trip with his parents to Jerusalem at the age of 12, when he disappeared for three Days and finally was found by his parents talking with scholars at the Temple. Then they returned with him to Nazareth. When he began his ministry at about age 30, he preached a Sermon in the Nazareth synagogue criticizing religious and racial prejudice. It created such an uproar a mob tried to throw him off a Cliffy that he left Nazareth never returning there. Washington a a $12 2 million plan for Tho Complete destruction of All germ warfare stocks was announced by Tho Pentagon Friday 13 months after president Nixon renounced the use of these disease carrying weapons. Vast quantities of biological agents in poisonous toxins capable of spreading global epidemics and killing crops will be destroyed under elaborate proce dures guaranteed the army said to provide a absolute safety and destruction will get under Way Early next year after All Federal state and local Environ mental agencies have reviewed the army a plan. Officials declined to reveal How Large the stockpile is say ing that information is classified. But the army said it will take a year to finish the Job. Which gives some indication of its size. The materials will he destroyed at their storage Sites at Pine Bluff Ark Rocky Mountain Arsenal Denver Colo. It. Detrick my and Beale air Force base. Calif. None of the biological agents or toxins will he moved the army stressed. Tho Pentagon apparently wants to avoid another controversy like the one that flared last year Over Tho movement of 26,000 tons of obsolete nerve and Mustard Gas across country to the Atlantic Ocean for disposal. In resident Nixon announced on nov. 25. 1969 that the United states would never use biological weapons either offensively or in retaliation for a germ attack. He ordered existing stocks turn to Page 2. Col. I sex Bank examiner i Senate found shot to death re act test Sites northeastern Corner a were found to have radiation on their clothing and they wore made to take what the spokesman described As a nominal precautions such As showering changing cloth Sand washing their vehicles. Some underwent tests to determine if any radioactivity was present in their bodies. The dec said there was no immedi i ate indication that such was the i Case. The dec said six aircraft in a eluding two helicopters from nearby Nellis air Force base were tracing the radioactive air i mass. A retired Federal Hank examiner for the i. S comptroller general was found shot to death in the riveria Motel in Princeton Friday night and City and state invite apparently were still searching for the victim s assailant Early saturday morning. The dead was identified As Lyndall v. Harrold 53, of 1323 South ave., Princeton. Unofficial reports indicated that Harrold was found lying in a bed at the Motel about 7 p in. By an employee of the Motel. Police add that Motel personnel reported that they had heard no gunshots before he body was discovered. The owner of the Motel Jamil Nasser told police the door to the victims room had been left slightly ajar by whoever h a d been there. Details of the death were sketchy late Friday night. Harrold was at one time a Federal Bank examiner who had worked out of Richmond a. The body was taken to the new Princeton Community Hospital and an autopsy was performed by or. Howey Wells. His findings were not available late Friday night. Harrold was also a former employee of the first National Bank in Bluefield. At the time of his death Harrold was an employee of Tho Mercer county economic Opportunity corp. Iii Bluewell. Ile had been employed by the corporation since september. Police Saki Harrold had been staying at the Motel since this past sunday. He had been shot three to four times but the Type of weapon had not been determined Early saturday. Police said they had several leads in the Case but no suspects. Children playing near the Motel noted that the door to the victims room was open and notified Tho owner. Goal nears five Days left a a car a a bus students boost tree $167 the Bluefield High school student body contributed $167.62 to the Bluefield Community Christmas tree Friday and total receipts for the Day were $203.62. That brought the total collected to Date to $5,673 74, or 94 per cent of the $6,000 goal. With five Days remaining now before the big dec. 24 Christmas tree party for 1,500 underprivileged local youngsters it appears now that the goal will be met thanks to the tradition Federal subsidy sought in a amp a passenger route a spokesman for rep. James Hee d w va., said Friday Hee will attempt to have the Norfolk to Cincinnati route of the Norfolk amp Western railway included in the new federally subsidized rail passenger s y Stem. Includes the route in its proposed network if the route is included it would become part of a sem Public corporation known As rail Pac. Which becomes eligible for government Grants and loan guarantees. The objective is to Rescue failing passenger Frank Tsutras administrative services Between key . Cities. Railroads which participate in the program Combine their re j sources in the single Corpora j Hon which is supposed to per j Mit improved and modernized rail passenger services. Railroads which choose not to participate will be required to continue to operate present passenger services for at least five years according to the congressional legislation establishing the system. The Board of directors of the Bluefield chamber of Commerce discussed the possibility of get assistant to Hee said Hee is vitally interested in maintaining and improving the Only rail passenger service now available to most of his Southern West Virginia District. A preliminary proposed network of subsidized rail passenger routes released earlier this month in Washington does not include then amp a trackage running from Norfolk to Cincinnati which now carries one passenger train a Day in each direction. A a amp a spokesman in Roanoke said Friday then amp a probably would be interested in participating in the program if the department of transportation a1 generosity of Blue fielders who have supported the tree for 53 years there a still time to get your name on Santa a Honor Roll and contribute to this years tree party however. Any surplus will be added to the Kitty for next years tree. Send your gift to Community Christmas tree association co Bluefield daily Telegraph Box 208, Bluefield w va., or bring it to the newspaper offices at 412 Bland St. Fridays contributions Bluefield High school student body 167.62 in memory of our dad Pete Miller 5.00 Pioneer Civie club 10.00 Dick and Jim 8.00 in memory of or. James w. Bailey 10.00 or. And mrs. F. Ii. Tucker Soo Mark Caldwell 5.00 total previous total total to Date 208.62 $5,470.12 5,678.74 5 shopping turn to Page 2, col. 4 i life Christmas Days till vote today Washington a Tho Senate is expected to reject saturday a move to Force a vote Ort the Bill containing funds for Tho supersonic transport despite increasing sentiment for adjournment of Congress. Tho vote will come on a petition filed by Republican Leader Hugh Scott and 18 other senators to Cut off debate on the do Par Mont of transportation appropriations Hill that includes $210 million for the set. But both supporters and opponents of the controversial plane said Friday they expect the cloture move to fall Short of Tho necessary two thirds vote leaving prospects for that Hill and a number of other controversial measures still up in tile air. A number of set supporters including Many southerners ale expected to oppose cloture. But some set opponents might support cloture despite the general Battle plan of Tho opposition to prevent a vote on the appropriations Bill. The parliamentary situation will preclude a separate Senate vote on the ssi rejected two weeks ago by la votes. Besides the transportation Money measure the end obsession tangle involves the $66.6-billion defense appropriations Bill three separate foreign Aid measures plus others dealing with the food stamp program insurance of brokerage houses and pay for Federal workers. There is general agreement that Congress can to adjourn without making some provision to make sure Federal agencies a especially the defense and i transportation departments can keep operating and pay cite in to Willia Leader is urn and of fund of mire 3 ant d 5t Ling to agree continuing Absolu transportation depart in funds. It if it contains set a kiss for Mam Iez president Nixon kisses mrs. Mamie Eisenhower As he and British prime minister Edward Heath right arrive at her Gettysburg farm Home for a Brief visit Friday. The two leaders flew to the farm after completing talks at the presidential Retreat Camp David in the nearby Abi Etin mountains. A wire photo Pineville i missing in Viet action Washington a a West Virginia Soldier was list a by the defense department Friday As missing As a result of hostile action in Southeast Asia. Spec 4 Gary l. Gainer son of or. And mrs. Alvia gainer of Pineville was one of four sol i Diers listed As missing in action. W. Va., saturday morning december 19, 1970 mostly. Cloudy today with Chance of showers in the afternoon. Chance of Snow showers tonight Snow Likely sunday

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