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Bluefield Daily Telegraph Newspaper Archives Apr 21 1968, Page 2

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Bluefield Daily Telegraph (Newspaper) - April 21, 1968, Bluefield, West Virginia Quintier. Of Iaeger named head Cage coach at Graham. Logan and Alleghany county of Covington win in relays. Sports. Vol. Xxiii no. 112 the fidis run graph Seend a last postage paid at Stanfield. W va., and add a offices Bluefield w. Va., sunday morning april 21, 1968 weather mostly sunny and warm today highest in the upper 60s and 70s. Fair with temperatures about the Stamfl monday. 7 cents i e cents. Daily to Sunda six survive holocaust Nixon views Aid Promise South african airways Jet crashes with 129 aboard devastated town a the town Square of Greenwood Ark. Was swept away saturday As a killer Tornado hit Over 2,000 residents there. State police said 13 persons were killed and 270 injured. The Tornado followed a Spring storm. Residents now begin Long Trail of cleaning up the town. A wire photo 13 die in Arkansas killer Tornado leaves Trail of death damage proposals for immediate help said dishonest Minneapolis apr Richard m. Nixon said saturday he would rather lose the presidential election than Promise immediate and massive Aid programs to the poor in America and he called such promises a a dishonest and a cruel he said not Only negroes but All ghetto dwellers in the nation have been misled. Answering a question at a news conference in Minneapolis Nixon said immediate crisis a a what we Are talking about now is an immediate financial crisis any political Leader to come be fore the american people and Tell a group of the poor a group of people living in poor housing a group of people who want jobs that right now the Federal government is going to massively increase its spending program that s dishonest and its a cruel delusion to whom its told. And in a just not going to Windhoek South West Africa apr a South african airways jetliner earring 117 passengers and a Crew of 12 crashed and burned in rugged terrain after Takeoff saturday night. A Hospital spokesman ported injured some seriously j a South african press Asse said Only six survived. I reports from the scene said elation correspondent who flew the South african press Asso the Boeing 707 broke into four Over the area said he saw Bod citation put the number of Surv sections two of them flaming. J ies strewn on the ground Vors at seven. I breakage was spread Over a a was i left the scene i saw one five of the survivors were re i five mile area. Passenger and an american named Thomas Taylor a the correspondent said. A the was merely shocked. Other survivors besides Taylor the survivors were said to include or. J g. Der Wrath chairman of the South african Wool Board Anil vice chairman of the International Wool secretariat Board j. Holliday the Copilot and r. Anne Trong a flight officer. The Pilot capt. E. Smith was found dead in the cockpit. Witnesses at Windhoek s j. G. Phone walkout in third Day Union execs called to capital Washington apr with by offer to discuss a new three 16 states. Contracts in 8 other a nationwide strike by 200,000 year contract rather than states expire soon and workers v�i1i�?zw. Dii in. Wages Only in the remaining 18 in Many of those states refused l a and for any Candice or Telephone workers Rolls third Muhs p Currim Pac # or j picket links strip Dom Airport said the South Day the executive Board of the company Union talks were Western electric offered african plane seemed to hop a f la i o communications in Progress and none was sched raises of 7.5 per cent Over the a nto the air finally taking workers of America was sum Fulcd. Remaining 18 months of the con a a a pm a local travel mailed saturday to Washington the strike started thursday tract. The Union demanded to agent said he saw one of Tho for a sunday session on possible after the Union and company i per cent. Plane s port engines catch fir a new avenues of failed to agree on the wage is the average installer makes shortly after it left the ground. A the possibility of a break sue up for negotiation under a $3.27 an hour and other Tele the crash was among the through is greatly enhanced by reopened clause. Phone workers average $2.79. Most costly in lives in aviation a Bell system statement yester automatic equipment and us minor incidents of Cable Cut history. The record single plane Day opening up new avenues to Pervi Sory personnel kept serv Ting were reported but the in j disaster was on feb. 14, 1966, agreement a Union president ice nearly Normal. The strike Ion disowned them and the com i when a japanese jetliner join that game whether it costs Joseph a. Beirne said saturday hit nationwide against Western Pany said repairs were quickly plunged into Tokyo Bay killing by Robert l. Shaw associated press writer Greenwood Ark. Map had been their Home. A everything we had in the world is laying out there a Davis said. A Rev Luke Davis wife and children sifted through the rubble that there were scores of similar Industry buyer to suffer most in credit crackdown Washington apr the housing Industry and the potential Home buyer apparently stand to suffer the most in the newest anti inflationary credit crackdown by the Federal Reserve Board. Were killed and 270 injured the twister spawned by a Spring storm levelled about half the buildings on the town Square and heavily damaged most of the others. It also slashed through residential neighbourhoods to the Southwest and Northeast of the Square cutting a Swath a half mile Long. Among those killed was Robert j. Mcgowan. 66, whose an Industry source said saturday the newest Brake on credit i neighbor a of a the dal vises had her Home destroyed the election or wont join at another Point Nixon said a and at this time i for one am simply not going to join this Arade of candidates who come state police said 13 persons by Ore he american pe0ple in announcing the meeting. Electric whose employees make made. The company reported All 133 aboard. Scenes saturday As the 2,000 residents of this Western Arkansas town began digging out of the wreckage left by a killer Tornado Friday. Beirne did no to say so but he and install Telephone equipment an increase in direct Long Dis apparently referred to a Compa-1 and Bell system companies in Tance dealing. Florida Gas tank blows up conceivably could Lead in time to another recession in housing and push already High interest rates on Home mortgages even higher. A a it a very very discouraging a he said but added the Board appeared to have Little St Augustine Fla. A Choice in View of the refusal of i _ a cd Orin. Gas Ank exp Oded Congress to approve higher Taxa Urc Jay St. Augustine s City est a j water works spreading Gas thursday s action by the fed Crouch a nearby supermarket Oral Reserve raising its discount and san u More than 100 rate rom 5 to 5.5 per cent is sops ,0 a i a More than a tightening of the credit reins. Ifs also a signal to. Lames Tierese assistant and Congress that the Board wants numerator of Flagler Mcmona action to increase taxes and pm Hospital said we be treated spending night close to 100 we be got a a a if there had been fiscal re couple who Are one government source asked if any were in danger higher taxes and spend of death Arcese said a at this ing cuts a perhaps this wouldst time its hard to say. Three Are have in very bad the White House said the patrolman Frank Sudduth move underscores the need for said a the tank of Gas used in the surcharge while the re treatment of water exploded. It serve Board chairman William felled a lot of people. One Amu much Nsncy Martin jr., said the Lance Driver called and said nation is now in its worst Finan head carried 16 to the Hospital at too. Mrs. Mcgowan walked up. ,. Hugged Davis and . Lac or Recac Llu Quot has Dea was with Promise of billions in spending now when it just Isnit in the cards. Nixon described his own programs for the poor referring to Job Banks and his Contention that the More immediate and realistic solution is to bring private Enterprise into the ghettos providing jobs for negroes a and not just menial jobs Quot the former vice president said a but As managers and Ile was asked if he had discussed this matter with negro leaders. He said he had and that very Princeton Man is fatally shot Cial crisis since 1931. The question of higher taxes will be the major Issue before House leaders when they return to work on monday after an easter recess. One government analyst noted that the Federal Reserve has said time and time again that it one a the emergency room is filled a Treese said. He said the hospitals disaster plan was put into effect shortly after the explosion at about 5 . The Market called pantry Pride is located adjacent to the would prefer higher taxes amt waterworks Suddeth said. Spending cuts to tighter Money Suddeth said All off duty to Luck All we be got left is a neighbor reported that mrs. I Mcgowan a daughter Patricia that her Home had been de-4, upon seeing for the first time stroked said a Momma our Flower Beds Verna Hall lived about too Yards away. Her House was de a Man identified As Arthur stroked. She poked through the Prim of Princeton was fatally ruins crying a ooh mercy. Of shot in the High Street Vicinity mercy. People have been killed 0f Princeton about 9 . Satur All around me. Day state police said. Bill Niblett of nearby mans s ate Ponce Cpl. J. A. Harsh Field surveyed what was left of Sai j a Man identified As Coctis the House and furnishings of his Hurt of Princeton was being son Charles Niblett who is in had in he Mercer county jail Michigan More than half the in connection with the shooting rubble was wrapped around a Hal no had been Telephone pole about 15 feet pm ale saturday night away from the House s Concrete Block foundation now whisked details concerning the shoot clean. Across the Road the cab is were no i available a t of a pickup truck had been saturday night. I Poopor d. B. Nailed to the Side of a House by Atkinson was heading the invest the Force of the wind. Ligation. A it could t have been worse j a unless it had killed everybody a Niblett said. Bobby Mizell and his family j were away from the $30,000 j Home they a been living in Only four months. A a we re Lucky a he said. A if wed been Here we slow going a u. S. Isl cavalry trooper slowly advances on a suspected North vietnamese position As his unit retakes the special forces Camp at Lang Vei near Khe Sanh in South Vietnam. The air cavalry troops entered the Camp the previous Day and encountered no resistance but overnight the North vietnamese returned and put up a stiff fight. Long Vei was overrun by enemy troops and tanks last february. A wire photo b52s hit red positions in possible prelude to new offensive by lilies Kentucky picks gop delegates Louisville by. A Kentucky republicans chose 24 Saigon apr air Force elsewhere 59 Viet Cong died j other ground action across b52s struck five times at enemy saturday in two Sharp clashes 1 the country was Light and scat strongholds in the a Shau just outside Saigon . Head tired. Icy saturday night and Early quarters reported. No Ameri in far Southern South Viet sunday in a possible prelude to cans were reported killed and Nam . Air Force jets started a new Allied push in Northwest j other Allied casualties were j new fires in the u Minh Forest in Tern South Vietnam. T termed Light. As a tool against inflation a but lice had been called to work in have had a residents began filtering into delegates saturday to the a. The stricken area by Daybreak. I tonal convention a pledged of it Felt is could not go any longer addition to the Hospital Emer by mid morning with the Sun facially but leaning heavily to without some additional gency Crew. Shining brightly hundreds of wards Richard Nixon for Percsi response to the boards move City patrolman Ronald Jan them plus friends and relatives Dent. Was almost immediate As major son who was at the scene Wear j were working to clean up their in he Banks raised their prime inter ing a Gas mask said the air town. Est rates from 6 to 6.5 per cent. I conditioning equipment of the this is the charge made by the super Market sucked the Gas Banks on Loans to their most into the building credit worthy customers usual a it was about mass Hyst Cra a by Large corporations Janson said. Itch rebuild a said mrs. Mizell referring to the town. A a we re All one big Happy family Here. That a Why it hurts so Ray put on of big a most wanted list delegates then named gov. Louie b. Nunn As chairman. Quot i m he told them afterwards with a smile Quot Arentt you a the state gop convention passed mentioning were to be uninstructed for the National affair at Miami in August. However Nunn was state Gene sees rift in ranks on Johnsons War course Philadelphia apr sen. Eugene j. Mccarthy said saturday there appears to be a deep disagreement within the Johnson administration on the american course in Vietnam and pledged to intensify his Campaign demand for a policy overhaul. Shattering crash then came a shattering crash and the Airport crowd saw smoke and flames climb into the sky from the crash site about six Miles away. Rescue workers had difficulty getting through Road less Countryside to the wreckage. Fire engines were bogged Down and police land rovers made it to the scene first. A Call for More four wheel drive vehicles was sent out. Two South african air fore helicopters arrived 30 minutes later and started moving bodies and survivors to Windhoek. Messages were flashed across Cinema screens in the City calling for doctors to Rush to Tho scene. An emergency Call for blood supplies was issued. Early reports of the Munger of persons on Board fluctuated. At first it was said that there were 136, then 124. The airline said it would notify the passengers next of Kin before issuing a list. To London the plane had been in route to London from Johannesburg South Africa. Seventy one passengers were reported to be from Johannesburg and 46 had boarded at Windhoek capital of South West Africa. The crash was the biggest disaster Ever for South african airways. A Viscount Piane operated by the airline plunged into the sea off East London South Africa March 13, 1967, and 25 were killed. The aircraft was the latest Boeing 707 to be taken into service by South african airways. It had been ceremonially named a a Pretoria april 3 and went into operation on the airlines International service. A Boeing 707 Airliner of British overseas airways corp. Caught fire on Takeoff from London Airport less than two weeks ago. Expert handling by the Pilot kept the death toll to five of the Minnesota senator warned his supporters there is danger the Vietnam Issue could a become clouded and confused for Lack of a democratic presi a Resolution specifically i Hentila campaigner defending that the delegates i Hie administration position on the War. And he questioned whether a continuing Effort to Burn out Viet Cong base Camps and storage areas already ravaged by dry season blazes. Offshore the . Navy a the 126 persons aboard. Rocket equipped medium land a a my ship St. Francis River kept up a barrage to hamper enemy i movements out of the Forest. Panhandle hit the curtailed . Air War against North Vietnam again concentrated on Southern Panhandle Supply lines. The deepest penetration saturday was 168 Miles into the North two Miles South of the 19th parallel. In earlier b52 action the , a Ltd lie ii it w aim n m/1 mrs it Ari Tai it Mir theft of Rome Wolf attempted Rome apr on the very eve of this ancient City a 2,721st birthday someone tried to steal the Wolf that is the Symbol of greek regime in first rites Athens a with a min _ mum of Security precautions enemy grouping Point near Hue who. Is or it As guest for the by command reported tour missions Over the a Shau Valley saturday and a filth against an Ould have been a pretty poor show for the lord mayor of London sir Gilbert Inglefield Washington apr what i ment the latter traces to his the Telephone number of which May be the nations most Intel april 1967 escape from Missouri May be found on the first Page Campaign manager for the Forsee manhunt gained fresh pres prison at Jefferson City where of local Telephone Mer vice president in 1960 and sure saturday when the Fri he was starting his eighth year reportedly a native of Illinois although on record for an unplaced on its a most wanted list on a 20-year sentence Tor armed Ray is described As about 5 feet committed delegation said he a fugitive convict accused of robbery. To inches tall weighing from 163 would go along if members murder in the assassination of in announcing the a Prece to 174 pounds. He has Blue eyes chose Nixon. Or. Martin Luther King or. Dented step of adding an Lith and Brown hair usually worn the Nixon incidentally will James Earl Ray a 40-year-old name to the a Rio most wanted Short. Forehead and right Palm be guests of the Nunns at Ken habitual criminal is being Hunt list a Fri director j. Edgar Hoo Bear Small scars. His nose is Tucky a traditional Derby de by police from Border to Bor j ver announced it was done a to narrow and straight Teeth even. Breakfast next month Der and beyond for the april 4 insure the widest possible Dis and he has a noticeably pro a highly placed source in the Snier slaying in Memphis sem nation of rays photograph truding left ear the lobe of state cop administration said tenn., of the negro civil rights and description to help effect which he reportedly tugs at Nunn preferred an officially in j Leader from Atlanta. His earliest possible when nervous. Pledged delegation which would the Fri always has limited As usual the Fri is appealing Rural manner be Loyal to him in the event any i its list of most wanted criminals to the Public for help in spotting by Way of further help in the bargaining became necessary at to to names but saturday it i its Man and As usual gives search which the Fri described the National convention lengthened this Roll of Dishonour implied warning against any of saturday As a massive and in j a pre convention informal poll j toll by adding Ray a White fort by a Plain citizen to App re Tensive Ray is reported to showed Many delegates chosen loner known also by the name of Hend the criminal unaided. 1 speak in a a a Rural manner and in earlier District meetings a j Erie starve Galt and by six oth the official language put. It in a fashion indicating limited voted Nixon. But after the state or aliases. 1 the s Way education. He is described As convention a number polled at Federal barges armed dangerous neat in dress and As an avid random replied tersely they Iii addition to a state first de a Ray should be considered dancer with a taste for Vodka were not committed to anyone. Glee murder warrant issued in armed and extremely danger and Beer i sen. Thru ton b. Morton the Memphis Ray is wanted on fed us. Anyone with information in addition to armed robbery j retiring Republican incumbent vice president Hubert h. Hum apparent Greece s military i Ibe 0i j capital seized by the in prey will take that role when backed regime decorated this Eniy during their tet offensive tie actively enters the race for capital saturday for Observance by recovered by Allied tortes. The White House a i Don t think the vice president when he does come in will take a very Strong stand in defense of the administration policy a Mccarthy said. A hopefully i think he meant to come in after some kind of settlement was he said the 130-vote Pennsylvania delegation selected in a primary next tuesday could be an influential Force at the con the attacks followed a 1968 anniversary Celebration sunday. Guards said the attempted Wol Naping apparently was the work of students celebrating of the first anniversary of its coup do eat. Record of 160 missions flown their annual freshman festival. Blue and White Bunting and Friday by air Force Navy and they sawed through the bars of flags were put up All around the City. Wall posters proclaimed. A april 21, 1967 the nations re the anniversary Date coincides with easter sunday Tor the greek orthodox. Greeks seemed As convinced As the government that nothing Marine tighter bombers attack he Cage where a live Wolf is ing enemy Supply lines and Storl a symbolically on Capitoline age areas in North Vietnam a Hill below the Camp Doglio City Southern Panhandle below the Hall. 19th Parade. The Day before american warplanes flew 145 Mission in the area. Within limits the attacks were within the geographic limits set by president Johnson in his efforts to Start peace talks with Hanoi. Allied strategists report the a missing Man found in Pocataligo River Cral charges of conspiracy to concerning this fugitive is re Ray has been convicted of Bur deny or. King his civil rights Quested to immediately Contact and of flight to escape confine the nearest office of the ,1 to Jurji to Page col. 8 a has been trying to promote the candidacy of new York gov. Nelson Rockefeller. T mention even though it will go untoward would happen on Sun to Chicago uncommitted. He Day. They poured out of town by said he Hopes to see 21 to 30 to thousands for customary easter lit Teal allies elected to the Dele weekend outings and Lamb pie gation. Pics in the country. While he talked optimistically a by government clapped two of the Hunt for Delegate votes former prime ministers into Mccarthy expressed concern guar Jed House detention last i a Toni a disc monday on la Gro Imd they had the n my Vietnam lose hav a a utly Lorn control of i. Or while his initial platform Active politically. Been building up in the Valley travelling on u. S. 119 near Here. A things can become clouded 0ne of a hemp George Papan a Ince they overran the . The Auto had travelled about 50 and confused along the Trail Reou slipped out a statement Green Beret Camp there in Yards through a Field be torn now especially with the with urging the world to unite March 1966, the allies say the plunging into the Stream drawl of the president a my against the regime to bring buildup represents a threat to Young s car was spotted by a earthy said. Bout downfall. Hue 30 Miles to the East. I Fisherman who Ca so polka. Walton w. A. Apr a a Roane county Man who disappeared from his Home near Here Shau Valley and Hue Are still March 28 was found saturday danger Points in South Viet in his car which was submerged names Northern Frontier area de in Fth Pocataligo River spite a lessening of enemy pre state police said Henry of. Young jr., 55. Of Walton appear to i a

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