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Bluefield Daily Telegraph Newspaper Archives Apr 3 1965, Page 1

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Bluefield Daily Telegraph (Newspaper) - April 3, 1965, Bluefield, West Virginia Snead. And Casper jump into Greensboro open Lead. Maris charged with assault and Battery after ruckus. Sports. Vol. Xxx no. 93 Luc filch Aito Letof tape Osmond Cush Macuga paid at Bluefield w. and add a Oliveti Bluefield w. Va., saturday morning april 3, 1965 weather. Mostly sunny and Cool today. High 42-52. Partly Cloudy and Wanner sunday f cents 1 t cents duly sunday alabamians join protest King Active economic Boycott in 3 stages gets conference Okay Montgomery Ala. Apr a legislative Resolution denouncing As a inhuman criminals the bombers who blew up a negro s Home underscored growing official concern Friday Over racial violence in Alabama. Ninety five members of the state House of representatives joined As cosponsors of strongly worded statement of policy which declared a S.C. threats to our Tranquility will not be the Resolution swept through the House without a dissenting vote and went across the Hall for concurring action in the Senate. The Senate recessed for the weekend before receiving the Resolution. Backed by Wallace the statement bore the endorsement of gov. George c. Wallace who thursday interrupted a flight to Washington and turned Back to inspect the bomb damage after word of the explosion in Birmingham reached him aboard his plane. In Baltimore md., or. Martin Luther King or. Called for an economic Boycott of Alabama in three stages to arouse a the consciences of the Good people o f the move was endorsed by the executive Board of Kings Southern Christian leadership conference which concluded a two Day meeting in the Maryland City. King said the first stage of the Boycott would become effective immediately. He urged All businesses planning to expand into Alabama to suspend S.C. plans. He also called for vigorous enforcement of a Section of the 1964 civil rights act which provides for suspension of Federal funds in states where racial discrimination is prevalent. March stopped at Camden Ala., mayor Reg Albritton stopped about 65 negroes marching to the Wilcox county courthouse to renew their protests at having to Register in the county sold jail building. It was the third consecutive Day that the mayor has halted S.C. demonstrations. Albritton has told the marchers on each occasion that no parades of any sort will be allowed is the City until the voter registration controversy is Over. The marchers turned Back. The legislative Resolution was prompted by the bombing thursday of the Home of a negro accountant . Crowell and the discovery of other ready to explode bombs at the Homes of Birmingham mayor Albert Boutwell and City coun cil woman Nina Miglionico. Slightly injured Crowells teen age son and another negro were slightly injured by the explosion which severely damaged the Crowell Home. The bombs at the Homes of the mayor and miss Miglionico were discovered and dismantled before they could explode. The Resolution was introduced by speaker Albert Brewer. It condemned the work of the bombers As the product of a warped and demented minds a or a a diabolical scheme to bring chaos and anarchy Quot to Alabama. It called on citizens to turn Over to the authorities any information which a Gold assist in apprehending the bombers. King said the Sulc would launch the second stage of its Boycott in two weeks if the first stage proves ineffective. It would involve private investment funds in Alabama and Federal deposits in Alabama Banks. He said stage three if needed would be Boycott of specific consumer products selected by the Sulc. 4 More americans slain in Battle with Viet Wjk m m via ? w to the wages of Bridge bombing the Bullet riddled bodies of two South vietnamese troops who deserted to the communist Viet Cong sprawl at the Bridge at Cam d near Danang. The two were accused of having the Bridge blown up last october. They were shot when they tried to escape As they were being chained to the Bridge which is newly re opened. A wire photo by radio from Saigon Britain Angling for peace talks London apr Britain has invited 11 government concerned with Indochina s future to submit ideas on How the War in Viet Nam should be ended. British diplomats in peking and Hanoi tried formally to arrange Early meetings for Patrick Gordon Walker with r e d chinese and North vietnamese j a leaders. Gordon Walker onetime foreign Secretary is due to Fly to the area in about 10 Days. These moves were part of a British push for peace that has the backing of president Johnson a administration. Cong stronghold under attack by native rangers Saigon South Viet Nam api a four americans were among the combat dead Friday As vietnamese rangers battled on for Possession of a heavily defended Viet Cong stamping ground 20 Miles West of Saigon. A military spokesman announced four . Army men had been killed and six wounded and two . Army helicopters shot Down in the action that flared thursday in Hau ngh�?T3 province Southwest of due Hoa. Two of the dead and some of the wounded were helicopter crewmen. Reports from the Field were so fragmentary it. Gen. J. L. Garry Klinger dad killer longed for peace corps More going Washington several thousand More u. S. Military personnel will soon be sent to Viet Nam officials said Friday night. Maxwell Taylor reports on plans for step up in South vietnamese forces on Page 3. Gophers cite rights stand no evidence the initiative Friday by prime minister Harold Wilson s government came As British Indian and other officials claimed a without providing firm evidence a that communist North Viet Nam May be softening its terms for peace talks. Previously Hanoi and other red capitals had demanded total american withdrawal from Viet Nam As their Price for attending a conference. But president to Chi Minh and his North vietnamese fellow leaders Are being portrayed widely by a variety erf people now As being prepared to meet without preconditions. Such an attitude would conform exactly with the terms of a peace Appeal issued thursday by 17 nonaligned states whose representatives met recently in Belgrade. Her old role Britain acted in her old role As a co chairman of the 1954 Geneva conference that produced an agreement to end the indochinese civil War. The other co chairman the soviet Union declined to be associated with the British move in seeking the views of the Geneva conference governments. The russians have stood Pat on their position that any cease fire and political negotiations Are primarily the concern of the two chief contenders meaning North Viet Nam and the United states. The governments represented at Geneva beside Britain were the United states France the soviet Union red China Cambodia Laos North and South Viet Nam. India Canada and Poland make up the control commission. Washington apr sen. Everett m. Dirksen and gov. William w. Scranton said Friday outnumbered congressional republicans Are leading the Way toward new voting rights guarantee for negroes. A we Are thinking of people with Dusky skins who for 190 years have been denied their right to vote a Dirksen the Senate minority Leader told some 2.00,9 Republican women. A a we re assuming the leadership Snipes at demos the Illinois senator a major craftsman of president Johnson s voting rights legislation coupled that assertion with some sniping at the democrats. He said a some people High in the government Are Johnny come lately so in advocating civil rights legislation. Dirksen did not name any. Scranton Republican governor of Pennsylvania said gift a leadership produced the 1964 civil rights act. A a in a just As confident As i stand Here that the self same leadership that came from the republicans will do the Job this year a he said a and without them it would not be sees changes sen. Thruston b. Morton of Kentucky forecast substantial changes in the voting rights Bill Johnson proposed. He said discrimination in voting is a compelling problem a that we As a National legislature must face up Morton 1959-61 Republican National chairman said the party can win the support of negro voters by making a place for them in the councils at which party decisions Are made. Throckmorton Deputy . Commander in Viet Nam flew to due Hoa to get a clearer picture. Copters alerted helicopter units throughout the Saigon area were alerted to be ready to Fly More troops to reinforce a Ranger battalion reported to have suffered five killed and 20 wounded in the first phases of the assault. Communist mortar and Auto j Matic fire was so intense that medical evacuation flights were interrupted. The Viet Cong Force massed in an area on the Western Side of he Vico Oriental River evidently was considerably stronger than the original estimate of 100 to 200 men. Elsewhere 33 . Air Force Jet planes bombed and strafed suspected Viet Cong concentrations at several Sites. Biggest foray the biggest foray was a raid by 17 f100 super Sabre fighter bombers in Quang Tri province which adjoins communist North Viet Nam. A major fight in the area of Viet an 350 Miles North of Saigon. Was reported to have ended thursday with heavy casualties on both sides. It looked like a setback for the government Force of three battalions but vietnamese sources claimed 300 Viet Cong were killed. Official accounts said 32 vietnamese soldiers were killed 104 wounded and 20 missing. Cart Vinson Given honors new York apr a teen aged University dropout with a Brilliant but remorseless mind was held without bail Friday in the slaying of his druggist father who had thwarted his desire to join the peace corps. A Are you sorry for what happened a newsmen asked Garry Klinger 18. As he was taken to Brooklyn adolescent court on a homicide charge. A Well not really a he replied. He faces arraignment later in i the month in the killing of his father. Bernard Klinger 63, who was shot to death Early thursday As he slept in the three room Brooklyn apartment he shared with his youngest son. Money girl police quoted Young Klinger a baby faced youth with Bushy Brown hair As telling them a i j hated my father. 1 did no to understand Why he was so hard on j me. We argued Over Money and Over a girl i was seeing. I also wanted to broaden my horizons travel to Viet Nam and Korea i with the peace corps. But he said no. He wanted me to finish one of three children. Garry remained with his father after i his parents separated. Another son. Ira 28, is married and lives in Florida. A daughter. Susan. 15. Lives with her Mother Cecile Klinger. Psychiatrist mrs. Klinger who accompanied the boy to court was asked by judge Ludwig Glowa a has he Ever been treated or examined by a psychiatrist a a yes. When he was 13 years old a she replied. The youth said he dropped out of Adelphi University on Long Island two weeks ago in his Sophomore year As a premedical student. But he hastily added a i go Good Marks. I have an in of 150.�?� Klinger had worked part time in his fathers pharmacy and said he had been reprimanded for helping himself to $50 or $100 on occasions to finance dates. Wilson and de Gaulle in plane Accord still for apart on other issues especially Viet Paris apr Britain a prime minister Harold Wilson and French president Charles de Gaulle neared agreement Friday on joint French British production of a variable sweep plane to rival the american fill. In London the British government set off a political Bombshell by disclosing abandonment of its multimillion Dollar go it alone development program for S.C. a plane. Soaring costs were Given by British informants for the a drop it decision. The concorde although the two leaders appeared to be in agreement on a joint plane building program a continuing the precedent set by work on the concorde supersonic passenger aircraft a they seemed still far apart on most global issues. This was especially True of the War in Viet Nam French informants said. There was no indication that Wilson s visit had restored the traditional entente co\li3le Between the two nations despite the fact that Wilson old newsmen his talks with de Gaulle went very Well. A i May Tell you mors tomorrow a he said cry Pintily As he and de guile emerged smiling from the Elysee Palace where they had spent the Day conferring. Under radar the British a called the tsr2 a was designed to carry a bombs at Low Alti uses under a enemy radar scr sons. Its abandonment indicated a major policy decision to give up Britain s role As an Independent nuclear Power. An uproar broke in Britain immediately. A we will oppose the decision with All our strength in Parlia a e n to said Christopher Soames who Speaks for the opposition conservative party on aircraft policy. London informants said the labor party government May buy the .-built fill to fill the nuclear delivery Gap until British owned but .-designed Polaris submarines become operational in 1s67. E. German guards slow Road traffic big car pileup Are plaguing the West no interference with military convoys Berlin apr East Ger Man Border guards again slowed traffic on the Highway to Berlin causing big car pileup Friday at the Western end. West German customs officials reported. The slowdown called deliberate by the customs men was similar to those observed for several hours thursday night at both Eastern and Western ends of the 110-mile Road. Thursdays stoppage lasted about four hours and created Long queues of vehicles at the checkpoints. Stretch a mile at 6 p.m., officials at Helm Stedt the highways Western checkpoint said a line of cars waiting to be processed by the East German guards stretched for More than a mile. Traffic in general was heavier than thursday. But West German officials said this was no reason for the slowdown. They interpreted it As harassment by the communists. West German officials at Helmstedt said they feared the sporadic slowdowns May be the overture for a a countermeasures the East German communists have threatened to take against a planned session of the West German parliament in West Berlin next wednesday. A the East germans h3ve branded the wednesday parliament session in West Berlin a the West German position is that West Berlin is part of Germany and that the West German parliament has a right to meet there no matter what the a communists say. There has been no interference with Western military i traffic. It is checked through by the russians not the East Ger mans. West German officials at Helmstedt noted that trucks i also delayed thursday were not subjected to close communist checks Friday. Generals injured in fouled chutes Bald eagles build mount Vernon nest mount Vernon a. It a it a a rare pair of patriotic Birds picked an appropriate spot for a nest. Fairfax county Bird watchers have discovered the nest of two Bald eagles the american Bird a a few Miles South of mount Vernon the Home of George Washington. A helicopter poured the area to confirm the find. Wiesbaden Germany apr maj. Gen. John k. Hester was severely injured in a Parachute jump Friday and underwent brain surgery. The . Air Force said he was holding his own. The injury to the 48-year-old commander of the . 17th air Force was the second Parachute mishap involving an american general in two Days. Thursday Brig. Gen. Joseph Stilwell 53, broke his Back Pelvis and heels in a Parachute jump at it. Bragg . He was reported to be in improved but still serious condition after an operation. Severe brain injury Hester suffered severe brain injury when he landed with a partly inverted Chute after jumping from an Altitude of 1,-250 feet. The Man who took command of the major . Tactical air in Europe six months ago was rushed by Hel copter to the . Air Force Hospital Here. For hours he was in a coma. Hester s jump occurred at 7 . Near the Small town of Mannheim. This is close to the vast . Training area of Baum older. The general from Plains. Mont. Was among 40 parachutists aboard a plane for practice Parachute jumps. Last of 5 jumps it was Hester s last of a series of five qualification jumps. An air Force spokesman said Hester a Chute apparently failed to unfurl properly As he jumped. Stilwell a Accident was Simi it Lar. He was one of six men jumping from a helicopter. His main Parachute failed to open fully. When he pulled the release on his Reserve Chute it failed to open properly. Stilwell served in China Burma and India during world War ii where his father vinegar Joe a was commander in the Burma theater. The younger Stilwell also served in South Viet Nam for a time. How far can a girls go tavern keepers ask Abc Richmond a. A just How far can tavern employees go in fraternizing with the customers without being guilty of illegal a a fraternization that a the question the Virginia retail Abc licensees association Bas posed for the Virginia alcoholic beverage control Board at the request of several Norfolk area tavern keepers. The Abc boards regulation 57 prohibits bar girls from soliciting and Selling drinks on a commission basis. Some of the tavern owners have signed a pledge to abide by it. But the owners say they thought the regulation permitted the girls to take part in games authorized on the premises Bowling shuffleboard and the like provided they did no to solicit drinks. The Abc licensees association says it wishes the Abc Board would Clear up the confusion�?i.e., May tavern employees socialize at All with the customers without violating regulation 57? so far the Board Hasni to re plied. Doctor Dies of wreck injuries Roanoke a. It a it a a South american doctor working As assistant resident in surgery at Jefferson Hospital Here and who was critically injured in a single car Accident Early monday morning died thursday night. The Man. Or. Hernando Ardila 26, who has been living and working at the Hospital for the past 18 months is from Bogota Colombia. A spokesman for the Hospital said or. Ardila received extensive head injuries in the Accident and never regained con n. R. Vaden one of the investigating officers said that the doctors sports car rammed into a tree along a Roanoke Street. J Washington a with president Johnson looking on the House armed services committee and the Pentagon put aside their usual affairs Friday to Honor a Man both sides respectfully called a a sir a Carl Vinson. All hands were there a Secretary of defense Robert s. Mcnamara the joints chiefs of staff. House leaders committee members and friends a for a he Coffee and Rolls gathering which had undertones of presidential peacemaking efforts. Until he retired after the last session of Congress the 8i-year-old Georgia Democrat ran the armed services committee for so Long and with S.C. a Strong hand that in a sense he was the committee. He returned Friday for a Surprise Laurel having the committees elegant hearing room in the new Rayburn House office building named for him. He also found his old committee. Under the chairmanship of l. Mendel Rivers d-s.c., feuding with Mcnamara on S.C. issues As military pay reorganization of the reserves and on congressional authority in general. Chile gives up body recovery Santiago. Chile a the government halted efforts Friday to recover More bodies from the earthquake buried mining Village of Al Cobre. At least 120 bodies will remain buried under the mass of Earth and Copper mine refuse that crashed onto the Village last sunday. About 200 bodies had been dug out of the Earth and wreckage 11 of them discovered by a specially trained dog when the National health service ordered the digging stopped because of a health Hazard. The service already had vaccinated thousands in the quake ravaged areas of the country against typhus. The ministry of Interior said it would never be known How Many people died at Al Cobre a Village of about 400 people located under a dam 80 Miles North of Santiago. Twenty five persons were killed elsewhere in the country by the jarring quake. Sex actor booked a former actor Tom Neal 51, booked Friday in Palm Springs Calif., on suspicion of slaying his wife. Gail 29, is shown with her shortly after their marriage in 1961. Neal a Palm Springs landscape architect surrendered through his attorney. He refused comment. The body of mrs. Neal was found in their Home. She had been shot in the head. No weapon was found. A wire photo sex actor jailed in wife s slaying privilege use worries Solon Washington a pres Dent Johnson told a congressional Freedom of information subcommittee Friday that he will not permit subordinates to invoke the claim of executive privilege to withhold government information from the Congress and Public. In a letter to rep. John e. Moss d-Calif., chairman of a House government operations subcommittee Johnson said he was following the policy Laid Down by president John f. Kennedy. A thus the claim of a executive privilege will continue to be made Only by the president a he said. Information available his administration Johnson said a has attempted to cooperate completely with the Congress in making available to it All information possible and that will continue to be our mosses subcommittee is holding hearings on a Bill designed to Force government agencies to make More information available to the Public. One of the exceptions that would not be covered by the proposed legislation would be material specifically covered by executive privilege. Moss in asking for the presidents policy in a letter March 31, said former president Dwight d. Eisenhower a letter in 1954 refusing information to a Senate subcommittee was used time after time a was a claim of authority to withhold information a cases Are cited some of the cases during the Eisenhower administration involved important matters. Moss said a but in the great majority of cases executive Branch employees far Down the administrative line from the president cited the letter As authority for withholding information about routine developments. Moss said Kennedy wrote a letter in 1962 refusing information to a Senate subcommittee but a carefully qualified use of the claim of executive Moss quoted Kennedy a letter As stating that a executive privilege can be invoked Only by the president and will not be used without specific presidential As a result of this. Moss said a there was no longer a rash of executive privilege Palm Springs Calif. Apr former actor Tom Neal who once broke film Star Franchot tones nose in a bloody fistfight Over a blonde was jailed Friday after police found his wife shot to death. Neal a attorney called police to the couples Home. They found the body of Gail Neal on a divan shot through the head. No weapon was found. Neal surrendered to officers and was booked on suspicion of murder. On his attorney s advice he refused to make a statement. Near is 51, grading but still trim and husky. His wife was 29, a pretty Brunette who worked As a receptionist at a Tennis club. After his fight with tone Neal find parts. As head of his own landscaping firm in this heavily landscaped resort City Neal seemed to be successfully building a new life friends said. But he and his third wife apparently were hav ing marital troubles police reported. Coroner s aides said mrs. Neal was apparently shot thursday night or Early Friday. Neighbors reported hearing neither outcries nor shots. Police weren to aware of the shooting until Neal a attorney called them. Inside Abby. 10 Graham. 3 add years. 10 movies. 5 classified. 7 Princeton 7 comics 11 society a 5 crosswords 10 sports. 6 editorials. 4 stocks. 10 Goren. 10 weather. 1

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