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Bloomington Progress (Newspaper) - January 23, 1889, Bloomington, Indiana Valuable id bkg it t a up gum Mesa pfc a a ass ssh amp but in a he a a it mme Tui let a a Fri of us to Lam. A it tone. A a in my he c or Ojo. My kit Ltd the he to Ltd the pm nolo bows a Garnr a Tain i Al a it. A mrs a a tax Raj a trs is a a go a a a a Bya stat. A i lat Amsl of a / Tea Blumli a of Orar at in it Kmat _ a Moa of a Tal a a. I ii Metal Attardo to plat jul Sun of Uta report Luab Racoma Ewd in Thi of Douel Tafta Guob Rea Tarta tip Winit it to it a Olla and a a to of taepmlio�r7 treat. a Btty be Mun Rei Uklet by a Ftp iwo i at v Quot . Hoe. A i Adatto Romo highly let eel tag a tart Tina a a the fowl i won Thott Lwi try us it it Trimm. Xuy ump y car St a set a melt of a a set ibo a a a Tameto Esb is rur a go a Nisei be Moomy v a be the Ortw in veer Tate had .,._ of Trio he try Jochai. While the by Illy i Opeaun. _ tk�jsw1 2-�z most a v a amp t a a tip ass fort r 1 do of f god Doline Arlo Long Yodor ��1 b y Virtu a o a Lii my Ond lung Orlid bin to id rtt Tito at on to Baila of us taun�4�a� t he Flold n it to Quot for Raj a oms of a Flifle of a Ijar allo a a cooed u re. Ian Amon by a a a a Ull from a in he in Llo Wix of of to the tut too on at a sub y. To Sanbei tear Frontini iter Law of Balter the by Al or a a a out state up met Foj i 4il7. A Marob. It is a sir a a a a a Terii or. Metot report tip a a a. Us. A a in. The a Rote Nel of Meany to in i Betel the in i it my Mee tata. A Mita Wei of in rare Noce Eita by colons. D. Ewing Ibe Monad re so of tatar i Stabe it no a 1 of e a a a ass my a Leff Teartt Ite Boot 7 so Lumani of the in Aflex Tira in thebe Story of m United Santi. Kooris of Ibe Ai hmm 4ql�om m May Ftp no. Elnoa Tea Nanoma of the c. W a teat new twi Oom into the to tote Eoute be be a Clewett finl the Maal run and Muter ont Rofle of Sipeoy the torte and other a Laval la Eutz wee a it by in e in la Tae Torr Roo Tita task to ,�ss5si. Zetar the Bead of a in tax eel Ite it Kwh a to. A Ertry Bey eral a Rota to the Yeti a is Lump of re Utah a a eds so v Talir a Deere of Eye i a Beer ont Home a a Yeeee a lie Edree e tec Belbru i it us Pwu ortutary bar co tet Tai merely Taibe pop a of a a a of. A a Morte Lake snably a Taney tie work of them dem a a or of e Lett Man i in or to neet Imi e Demi a Tana Merer Talb Nata the Notte it Tow Imtair in Beettta a a dlr a 8sv.t re a 1 v meow to eat Auto of the a Ini Etrata tee in talk of Iba rat eos. Stade of a Noreen Nurr a rare of a. Team o redone a me chef of yes a a by a Forte a a Taa Nakaza tel Kraal i a a psf Cara. Nimbar of Oitim a Raa War Coio of Tbs it Toby Ute Nemo of Tocante by to boil unlawful is no Ort Daola Rouw boys Quot 1 is kor amp is re so Wisi i j of Theta no Here teide e Eta eat Taboe Etta tie time of i Taju Nee died for Metal a. And it a a �3 a a a 1�?1 ii Iju no a Rire More of the he a at pub Lee ire at Lee we end a Ferrrel Ona Dilloo of the to Krob i Elk be Ereea Reeed. Itata m in Yio i a Adb of tie flex Date atibe1 Elta eted or Rev Ltd a. To in Fere 5ssi ban loan Oten ined which will of car Rural Otti who would Bovo Boon Armani of Biro of Van by Parana in. 1 to Arnari with the vent no firn Haa omm Gaa would it. Quot f r. Is the tax bettor Lelo e Pesare of the Crotti Lor a Terai Deere 1 red Reid us. Dorlet lie a a a a Rod be 1�? a a Bea in Alilis a min Kij Mikash ssh to Zzz Esz vex eth to they Oblek eat be keep piled by Etc Dot e ii Rory band eos tie a Bande of lie a Beady. They e01 ask l. _ a a a Liat a a a a. Rei Ribeir a Art via tel do bed Tado Attao to Retano out in of the Ionoff the i it to bad the state Ooms Acolee Etti parsec guilty of. Eoa bore inet Raestad tie to tort Ion de Etc Loyod by the state to ret Ebay eve one Oan Boob Tat of the Tao. The the get a oort aaes a by t nailed Etter a Lea no ral i the tie a a Tahoe Eoff item to tie lire it Lottei a to it tie state Imi Eena Ata Ltd or data Eloiie dle Eaneta Hie uhf tax if nearly As tie Weet dra Statas Ine armed Lewe Ere Etlee e a Jere Stock Greet is it a a �?ov.4 mom Iba in a Loo at my tie data by be flared e am Tae a be the Detiani i a by Bee of tie Tab it of april a at the state Sertzel Segool Woitta. Al the a a of Tore Bento to other a Ltd be Library Himrum a of Natter a Tho a Olire Toraa attic led at Boot two take deep Trona and Dottario. State tie tie Aoa reared to the Terre a la stat. Lie Eity at to lure i had a one hell Aita a a Oren Staey 11 ii i ten j Foad a Aoe be build in or Rhel Terpo a. Taf m Girta tie a crore Heholt Ibe Oren pm. Luebee emd. The Cut Tyhee Eleo Vine to til at 8fty than and Assn. The Rheee let i a too of 0 a a an. Sec tax a use a to be Lee i a Elili to be h Taedt la the tie 8fty Destarr Erie a no by torah pita tatar via the Ladum o a a a a a a adopted. A it a Dot Meta the Mutai Denere Ita the the boor by my a the by tag a to it be tree Taei Tor see to rata lie -1 , or a Elautar tie n Urani Babool lung it Ana it y on no Nataf on i Quot or a a a int a to -v2�t�?j? Atrit of tto a Orteiza of a Etc tree Tam Heo Ledor end la dts Herd Itro Liel to tie Yea us come Tejai ten mind annl a a a a of Reo ten t Rater a after it Itelo a Faytene a for a flan lib a coca Toote or n of in Barild lat and 1 a and in nne the Aarau Iurii Iuit we i of a Orante Aproff ii Art of Sontena if Chinti map Ion with a a fit Luaa eat j Teaa a Tetke a arte Jal Aarond of fluid ranter a of to rotely a pow White to a Teotimo Section toc Anad not Tawada u Fola a. Jot ran Aiila Nanny Ai Iba a to rank Marat by Ideara Uit a Yoro Ite note % Quot Atman Gaarn Quot r a of. Ihm Indiala Tir. A Torri torte to Putz amp cd Tutu my i of Ihm i to any a Toce to ice. _. B Ibi act be Amai auth a Vanl it Porpora of ankle notate Aich Natte. Pc often Nuzle m tretau it a Ijo cad Itte>mottaf Nasi after tbsp a a Cha Tal Ahtes Lomila Uyco to the Amai a t gnat rear to Bate. Finly of Uva Temone. R the Tjw i m Betette Uva Temone a the Fth do it Nguu Letoi a Alt on state co and and item a rms rata a confirmed by la log Teata Taf Tea a to a Neh Anat a Leonar Lana in Ftp Tina ado catteral . Ante l nivre Trety. Ara a a a sorted in Par he Tea inf Lara at the in film we Bill a up Trad to Tea Calv Nalt Tea Par of in a Oak and ref Martoi Ita Ranni Onda Ai Tea Lofv Mitty Baa woo Ite in to rank the Tach Iaal Entonia Nate a. Of a atm a Zamd of . Tea Ruu a Oard the Carton Laura 1 Tieti Tara to Pron Otlet Ite a Oriente by tha ill mall Axhi Litko Tetra Unte a r the a a Rioni to no Pra Docu the Tbs in 1 Prad a to grate Inpong Fla Abow Iofel a a >4-. Arama by potau Abad a Amnaj Naparla containing d the Oneat of Tram a oboe Tafil Tanto a d Tao note a from my fam Hilf byte a Tea Flamand la Tea Africa in r Ibry Elf Tarnie a of of a Riemland in Rod a ovum Utar a be. of u a can. The pm Jutas a Rane Ocra to Tea Flor a Roo a roil Iuo v Ratta of Fli Syma Ine in in re Mene a wat raft or do tag a fair a kor on Oil the t a tote a Boot m. It. Tea lord a a or . And Floe tall to a a a a it i. A a Antanaite Tea Fukata. On a Ria it Ai. A Tojo a a in Laoc Tom of u tmaartty�?1 a a Quot mood Lilac Al Aid to a Omet flan work. To Usa pm Arar a to i brai the int import of the Adit in Tetra i Bravy. M Kiiu l. Ort Nam a Aida bus a ngg Teton Ara iii Fla Fri a Lui tiny a to not Aad Botar rapper. The i Are it o Var twant Flea too Raf Elnan it la not what it Ogba to it car what ii of Ned a Mada of it add Afifi wot fall apr Salatai ate Paopi per Ldoa mag for Ita log pvt. B Tuatoo Riund a wow a in Aratine est. A Poulla Pryl Teung act of 10� i a Nabarte or Boru Bleb an Law a Honky to Amandal a period ally Abbt Horcar Tea Doc of Jon naj Abou d font an. Iba Mober thai we pub Mun or to be primed by Al Altira Tara to Tor in a Tartara Tetra Stata and a a airing Many Teuta Enron we in by Abad Ammil to a Yal Ibbil Baa Tauy. A a Pacific a Mone Abrald a no Girt at Tefo Ramob nil Griir or Lepani Awit a Iba Para not Law axas no limit on to Uta aerate pay nth no nay of Leor May caviar. Aerate or Itati Moa. 1 Torba your Otra Fai afoot Ira to Tea grow lag Saflar Emmate Tea Indra Trtala Teuta but awl to mate Roums Torfli Todl to Ragolta Tea tet acted with Eonta Greos lab Amar Antina Coo lations Teall with the Ute and to a Tab. Itale to Tea Dot Tina la a Haiga Mina Dumaao to Ramoci lira f too it Cora Mia my Amra Naoa Walcy 1 Law to Fly Good a Ira of Tea a tact Ira i a Naau bran Jov Atta Ouon to Tea pm Arar Telo of Tea Alee to unit the a car an l a a Tiru to Tea in. Talaman Stoat that Tea Potete fall la in Tea i Ity of Oor Ateo a Tana Boa Bacon Dalai tha it clog 1� a at a at Tea to left Box of a Inalou a that. Upon Blob la built on Rama Araud Fona the Vida Anraad that Tea i Jority of Tea Rotem. It 1j Iba Bahof Box Tetra radar i la ont Al hop of Atte Fovea Ramt a my a he Toa Coo Randar tha Stata no Mora a Ornea Utan to Trama Aad Onset Lawa time Vul Ralh Raa Oan Yocom Puahi Pherant Sta of erupt aaa the Raay Pra Jarra us a crazy of Tea Basote a Cora Pora a la Tanra. Aad Purlah by Tea Marast p n Otoki a who May a Nauty of Cornett tag Frond non Tea Baudot Box. At Brub tag Rattan Teu to to a of a a a Tor or of ran Apt lag in an Mannar Iba a Al Raja of the Lacota Iba Bai Tot a booed to or lated by Tea Maia Aad procured by Tea at the poll in react Mona a Vili Gira a Oppat Anahy to ant tote la Chorea i boat Lentoff Naoa by Bra i Aba of a nod a dog Taoa Thowald a it Kruy Prato framed a to u Tine of Noe Tretol need by rom new Itea aued a feb uni Offler Deneig a Leytem Jet the a it Lehu in Boob pre Nell Zoat of tip c 11 a Tea right Lovola a Buhl a a Zahrad Wythia a Giraci Lima to Sia s Simitar a fit Nani. Tea worn Feu Taraant a booed be annual Ranawat. And Arar Raa Awal a hould Ballad at uni Ala Moti i prior to Tea o Ennema the any general a Kaitlon and of a talk Tea a to ten it that a Boa Noi. A Tara Moria oat a a a Tea a tuba of a Dregs Woom room mad that Lea Deerlon Pra Cnota Tain oat Ovar two Hon dead Rutaro and Bem actor any Alc Clion let bail appear that Moto than that Ambar the Totea Bara Boan Pillad to aay it a mad the i duty of Iba Coo any at Bair urn it Gulser aaa Aioo to map Nataa Tea Farao Jiuu to Aalo Reduci Tea a Azahar of within Tea Kaalt by i foal that i cannot too a to Mali Niga Apio you Fra Imper Tooa of giving Tala Mattar Garnaat and a arty Cora Maratoa to to Ingu Taniou a pan Thi Nab oct any not a Dole Atad by tha anti Svaton of to Rac lao. Cou t tit u tio a a l. Amend i iii. At thin a Oralen it to appropriate for you to propane and a Grao to Auch Ama Dmonta to Tea Coral i Tuloa a prove it adm May Aop Goa. Or of or Vianora Baa a own to be coca Issri. To Prai int inc Tramont which was Alop Taj Nagari a i am Bra changed a a Bribite it Leedith Mycle Loiue is Nee be Spry the e Jato of Iti Par Leione Ebonka be new did. It la Mot Bellota thet e aeon Etty of Date Tor e cobra its. Entry pram Oen be lie a Iliae a a by Phi 1 a tie Cornu email ay�z7bf7tie people and without pro Eena a tie oppor Timulty of one Ettling e at go me Wau a Der Teod Aad taxied by effected 1 Constitution Ete a shoot pre Law a 1 would my Baramd that tie Coati Tuvoa be to am led the Ell state end soon y Otto of bold their Oafae for a ten of oar Yam a to Eoanu Senna an e Bill Day. And with , a in Gable to bold tin e few Emsel one be t Oerr Yeuse in a f be Lod of eight Yeronko Good Neeloo Reemt to Why Thi c train ofic trs a Boatti but limited to two reon. While others whoe Deatlee end roepcme.mi-iti�, Ere nor it Etar a Roeld a tree term of Foar a a ii�9 Opul Woika two years a a. To a a parts 1 or Lay def cd a to acquire that knowledge of a he Dot i Elu it of tse Neo Emoery to enable him to dle Baige Tho demo with the Dax rms of off Lelepo expiated by the Rablee. Then Bee a treys been Eniree ele Wllling Neu to continue e faithful Osial four Deere in t1 it Exene Timo e a tronc Pablo n o prevail egad not Electiagen Odt oar for tag spa Rod. A lie. M Fer it pot Mota Mead try merely Ocoer the Aie bit Adios or neglect lie Detter to a care r Roe loot of end the Ruby allow Tadefa of tear to do e a Trie by tale time to the Nuat the ref Ead renter the net Pette Eer Vlot to. Demelim thou of e to on which Tarnate Ebo Alil begin uniformity. In thu reel of it Hee Iraq gently too Uriel. Occar a teen that now have Yeeee into poems Lon of their Etao eee Rod Iwao Niino i that Uberti Peeve iut be Aoam it to Toatle Teai Dep Aelmini to win tie work now in gown we Ead to Alao o tie mid of Loa atry a it Eylo Quot Lesi Ade the a of Sqq egg a her Elettis a we a. _. Who. The reporte Efth. De Perth heat Ere Ira Loubie Kieko tie de we of a it of the state ram year to year their Veff a a a he Tanne eed Lermy by tha Wiyet mesh of a Lew Hegel Flag Rrt Arm. Trees Onkst Woof in Tom Mon my or Aba avow. team to Boote the Hanmi Ara Unm Ato ton rom am it Tate Maura in com la rata Tina in Malar a of Laoag Iba i boo Ltd. And Bava Rao Van a Toa Wafle m the a a Ira afar Toumi it text get the repeat a a the state one toilet or me two Setal nun a Greg Teachw it it me Beta Suhyi sued and too team Tatt Auh let Aillee t Eop Lelly a Rilette to lie Mee distress wry. Ltd in Al a you tour not Irthea a Ort the a mar a in i cd Vii Ltd an rata Vul of Cido do fax acc Fon for to yer Yatfai is 3 to it a Vichar a Kat of. As 9f Bra Exino Tea Nanti in a d?k4 Efna oct a a to Oay ital not. A i Una the Orebor Ai priv Oak a ipod Ai. Tea a a Pactar Lambaa Utah Rejrat Oloc Durtow i a a Firmi Day of Tea of Hariok had do Opp Orla with to Weir Dotte a a Ara Noi t Tompot Mil and Nauf Pmj by i Porlino it to in rata Loa to malt Rae Whiteh of Caru Ibarr and Thi Pablo Val Fara. Tea Eom Rara or Pablo information a hould Baiba vat Bate. If tha win of Buh Ottara ihu lira Dar of april mooch Odin a teat look in a mitral a my or woo la la advantage of in i Cou Ucol and Lavirt of to Folte Al who could gov la Tell i Goat vain a by to format on in Ragadi co the Balite of Tater Asp Yeti a a department the Iba of of Toaty official l should com a Tea aral Dot january Ararad no their Cefic Tkel a on state of Eetla Bowld be determine of. On state Tatum end to e t far Reaa ived poet me front a Tionel , end i would recommend that Al Mata Aad county elect re Oft Oery m Tjoen e the Gina s election soon Ortag Between the prexy Deolal in a Lens. La Owler that Eion menu to the May i a properly framed Lacelle the Conil Dere Tina they Devarra Tael Here to War Parimi in Oil rated 1 would King go a that Jon appoint a joint ii meet to bad Jou Eppo iat Era Altot Onai Emend Meti. Swamp . The aeta at Coe Green peeled september a. Obj Marcia Ibsh a renting to the levers a at a swamp end Over a a to an the Law Law. Plate of Reid Lodi. The am iter pert of Sitab we wet Ead unit for . It Bas i for at any Yean to bad Indiana ail the Lead the ls5f, urea Linto the Kev Arel Oier Fose i lands gave to lie a of the Litty end j a Bleb a a a bled Tader Tarn pro Risis at Quot of eau Eota. The state a. Ewe Tom a fit i to Emta a stomp try to Thow. Or cd iii i ton nil. O i Iee Comeay. Twiet x org i a lao titty of Lead w4<i a by the i ceral Qsar Braot no i of .1 Bave Gobr to Tho fat by re rate of a a id a the or me if report the Roteen try of wow err or a tax Tod dollars of be Rei Cuany id Ibex Terrial i or Torami u Sasa Hui Izaih a is a you Ling Urna a a Man a Atlante Tho o aim Bohm r is Ito Chung tha work Al Alhi the u a nil recon Fri 11 Rrt it a a for . Or. 7 a flu jul Mill oar pm imn Ihland to a has a a lated far Many Yaari a Contro Bectran Kentucky and indicia far a iry Una Beu Woad Tho St to a a known Ait Virea Mizar ii Grid Oft Jho a it the Boundary the known a. Liar. Coulik my Balw Oao Iba Cut uasi Ra-00 und a in want o tha a land lava wave Mandente a a at in frat a it pc thet it wow Lour au1 at the Timog a Tanto a of iraqi it Al Yun min ant growing out of dispute i Ai u Ubati Cailoa of the Boundary a. Tha ear a of both state 1 Bara �1 timid my Cut Over Tho territory m oat ovary Sharaby Orna la j a infill Lon and had steins Bkwo am Tho land Bowmam. Barraci of m v Prada Oais Ora Allam Pira la Aff a n a nral tha Kootro vary but we boat a Uco Tat. A pc. of tha a Meitlon i became coat Jade that the Only Prois or end fugal Moia of to inc tha Congo relay waa by a Alt la chancery a to a Iliad court Aad with the a Tutu a paita Kob. A a x Tho Jav mramor 1hs7, a Alcor Laoag and iii a ate and pro Eoal j in lh-3 supremo court of the1 All and stale or Oiler proper tribunal in in a Una and on a half of the state of Zadia a �11 in be Accerra or other appropriate proofed bit. Gainas the site of Kantusky for tha pure in of determining and rattling thu Boundary of tiv state of Indiana with re Ajo to Green bin Island adj to dete nala and pal at wat in que Thoai whih now a Ltd Taa to whether amid Island la within t a Boundary and Juri Dlo Lioa of the Btl of Indiana or of Tea state of Aad Copco priming go Oju Quot to be expense 1 Nadar tha lir akm of the governor to a the it pm Imi in Odlag Raaz Onabe attorney a f a of a of litigation. 1 employed a Coan my be Arm of Mcodonald a butter now Mol med. Butter a Snow and Santei a a Ait 1c Oha Noerr to he brought la the Fol it amp 9utee Coprema court la the Daida Oft j Stato of Indiana against the state of Ken the 8th Day of Angui. Ls8f, to Tael. Tea Boundary Between the state at and Groen hirer Laland. To the Bill of the of Indiana tha state of Kentuck or has filed a a Bill claiming the Boundary Between the i Loim i Deh a to tas Lude within the Darr of Kentucky both the to Ballad Hiver 1 a land and a tract of land North of l a in latter being claimed m an accretion to the a land. In thai suit the tee Yumori has been to kit a. the Cara will be ready for a bum Ailam to a court within the next three Roo Nuu. The train my in behalf of the state of i Tema Baa Brau Lartey dlr Atwi to Proa tha the Grera River Laland. 10-Ciiuei, hmm Boi if Lance 178i, when the deed of c�4�Lon of the nor h wee ten territory Wai exudate l been a Troy Laland atone it Hai not been a Urr handed wit. Water accept or a Amali pm tim of the a a a when us i water la the Ohio Hiver was near the great Prat t Orah a Leo Bora Coati Darette the Aumoa in wed in behalf of this state tending it a How the Ozi Atomi of a Pavo rag acting vol to ral it cd Salaad Ever Alne the Ceat Loa of Tea not Hwy Stern territory. The of Mot Ragmar Jung the Ime run by Ibe commean louvre in a a Hau a Bien fully pre a Ente 1 to Ove Fridono a. To evidence Taikau in behalf of thai state it in l ii Avirl. Oort re Era by mater fati in Ite fax or and Tea Onota a Ira Rod tend a a moly to a Natali Ita Elasma. It la now Coonfi draw expert of Tea the supremo court will a let trouble a of to Patlon to favor of the boat 1 of Indiana i maybe that be present appropriation la not Laos Clent to pay toe exp Usei 0f Wie a ult a Fly a contral if. Opon a pro per a to Wing you find the Tamotu Law no Ufal Cia. % it Aronld be incr Saaed Coxa nok. It term a chief i ecu Tira of Tita state Wal �oc., a Apia. In a a rendering the important tras 1.00x1 add to my care by a onerous people 1 can a a that it has Boon Zur Oono Tant o ode a ror to i in Inlo Ter it with Atrio Kinport Pauty Towall Al in a Neh manner a 1 Bel e red would be a us arvo the inter it it of the Stato Aad Uroz a 9 the welfare of to people. 1 a Tang that your relations May be Agram to e a 1 to in Pter aant. 1 invoke the assistance and Dirossi Lor of the divine ruler in Yoor Dellbe Rattan. Aw1 Aak he Birtiel Ngy upon Uaia a 80.� _ for cellular leu. A it a Boom info Veshio Urble to feed hogs for fat or for Lun at the option of the feeder i would like to the i Goovert of a neighbor who Elk Jug feeds for oel Laur tissue the ugh he does t know it. He carries is 11 pigs through the Winter on kit h Inre fuse with in a ror two of Corn added. In Spring they Havn Only skim Mik Nail Corn ripens in Thoft a sad to h Ere fed com about two months no to killing time and thay weigh about to its Hundred pounds Enoh. Tho meat is at irly one half Law a and the rest Oella Lui tissue. A peculiarity of this meat is. It does not contain fat enough to Fry it Elf in without a Good Quantity of g Taio added it would like lean Moat ail Here to the frying pin Anil Burn. Piga were Alrie Ted with chronic cd uti pation of the bowels. This might h be been remedied by adding wheat by an to their skim milk Bat that would Hgt the spoiled this newly discovered kind of a a Poricky and this be 10 York la Bune. A Washington a life Sori Washington s life guard varying in n Imbrea at different times from sixty to �50 men Wai formed in the Spring of 1776. The men were not less than Al e feet nine indies nor More then five f it ten inches in height Anu a elected the various regiments of the cont Viesul army for Thor moral and personal perfection their usual duty was to protect the person baggage Aud pay a of the commander in chief. The St survivor of Thia Worpe was Uzal Nnapp of Orange county. N. Y., who lied in january Hwi and was buried no. The foot of the Flagstaff in front of a Washington s head Narten at new-1 it org of the Hudson. A neat Freestone Monument erected Over his remains dedicated on Jane 18, 185j, at v. Linch time there woe a Large civis an l military Picc Aaion smoke. The Smoko Elond which daily hangs a wer London is estimated by professor i handler Llo berts to contain about fity on of. Solid Carbon and �?~�50 tons of Virbon in gaseous combination. The of this Wasta of goal is calculated at �13,000,000 a year while the atmosphere causes damage to to Pirty Shioli or. Edwin Chadwick Jaoes at �10,000,000 a year. Use of the Agnec at the great steel work in Olero i and Ohio a Largo electro Magnet is , suspended from a Crane to pick up Iron or sle 1 bars and a billets. It take no 800 pounds and As soon a the electric current is turned of utter Movin the Load will drop it in a he proper place thus Dong the work of of a gang of men. The cause of it. Doctor Yon have a severe old a Facie Blade do Yon recollect How you lot it unde bladed in be been opposed to a be elem Enoy of de weather for several lavs and i a Spect Dat a de cause of it. Rani tee Blade. V? will be the end or out oms Olih French National debt it is now a boat �?�8,000,000,000, and is growing a a Arl Quot a Ftp no to it to undue a is a. I Kim a governor. Ilion end inequality Baa Art ran in number of pupils in each county to oem. Hoyett inaugural at i Fodia if Apoi Xii a Brilliant Brand Tara my a a a by Ora. A am 8�n�c in a 1� tip Toga Letoto if sonic report eau the Nomi to Kwh and Tom ii lbs Lwy to Roqui ital to give to name of each Pilli who ban no United during bet period count to Nome Moro Tau Oneo. Ded to co Mien Echo old. Lori of to fund do Pend upon to Raj Kir Tod i would Eug Geft that Quot Eaher in Rej and Ini our a Lurati a to Arr. It Nylon pro Vidor bet a Jna tace a a tread frosty. End without up an Indianapolis Spe Sisi dated tie a to inst., says the Kaaa gyration of nov. How took pianos at English s opera House m 9 o look taxis after boat after tha member of the legislature is Leei a sated the band pm eyed the chief a and Uoo Isug boy. Hovany escorted by retiring , followed by the committee on or re Ogu Menti. Consisting of Sens Taip in Muslim and Kennedy and George a. Tama. Curtly Ornt 7ota4> ins outer Quot 1�. pow pm Mumm speaker Bilsok Lutro dated him to the general Assembly. Chief Jue Tiee Elliott administered the oath of Oslo and gov. Hovey read Hie inaugural address. In his in Sugura he dwelt upon the impurity of the ballot and said la the lets election ohs Ges of mad and corruption have been made by the Eon tending nor this. There is ration to believe Tho i Auto has i born Palau bad not Only in this Batsto Bat la our other Sta Tai Sud in both political part ii tills cannot continue if we Hope to pc Fis Tuata our Fri institutions. If it does s non Yod arts Tworsey will won control the deity Lesof Oor nation end the Liberty we now a it Lilg Bly i Lxi will be lost fore ror. Your Attar too is particularly called to the is equity old crisis lion in. A regard to soveral matter not in oar a loot i on Law. First it in to duty at to Garland aah Embly Sridar to Dino to fifth toot Ion of Tho to provide for the Reglita Ntim of 11 Perot of emitted to vote. Till Emend in thu born in forr nine March 4, 1881. But the Haa not Boon enacted and the Constitution Boa teen dlr Ragard a. I room Monand that provision be made for a full and fair rag a ration of nil Tbs Legal voters Bora the rights at much elector Oen be Levrat Igalo Bejoc the Day of elect too. Second limit the number of lao torn in Reeoh a Letlon precinct Jora not to exceed 9c0 voters. Third provide that Crowy precinct a Hall be a and protected by Ber Riard or go rail which will prevent a per a on exo opt a from por�00 voting from approaching forty or fifty toot from the in a Pec in a Pector so clerk of the retention and make Ttye Infra y a Quot a 1 Ilon at this Rute a my a Demeanour a Tod it in a Bable fourth provide that the buying or offering to boy the vote of an elector directly or and withold sound ii Faaee j Weir Hal it in to Ihn to big to f vet ii air big Pillad tend i Lui Ufa so by a vast is Jim Miu and wet Hunt Donal no Adelly. And under Oxly Tai g Liws Thlu High Provit Loti in an Monty boat. My by now p4indlng in the supreme court a filed More Tului five year a go end Linares that Ramo have been appealed in for Ilio a Ole pure Leo of delay Arinow from no Lault of to judge of it from their inability to fully in Nunu Ramiu Carat which Oro brought Uultt i do not Collavo that to my j at Judich Luth supremo court would a the furtherance of guat the. M Alder Wou a Bua of no Cue it about the fun con a t Ujkan Tom Bench. Thlu. If to number of Jud Iraa a greatly inor Arad end i can Cou Reivo two methods by which the Prarat a Vil voided. Impose Nib a Tito creation of Teterin Millete Agge Liate a Vitto fic Gualve Julo diction r Rasit Noe being a Berall Given to if each judge could Havn an bin urls cant a Man Learned in Tho Law who could read Tho record of a mine the authorities make Noten and Sci Wal to to Lodge to labor would to % Ana at o greatly Lessen of. Over Tena Moro Han twice the number of Cora could to easily Ltd it posed of. Many Basra which Aro Token to the court merely for delay could be quickly acted upon and other could to rapidly brought Forward. To a Erv Loeb of Nuoch men could not be had without libera a Uitich. And Oare a hound be observed in making the a election. While either Mode would be a decided in totem but on our Rosenl inefficient a a Etc i Ato App proven incline to a Popli late court would in. Uiola that inter in Olaco Appet a prove the most satisfactory. No ran a on Able expense should be considered if the evil can be overcome by legislation. mob Pinto. For to Sake of Liu Many i most a Ruetty recommend that such Law be passed at this my a Ion a will of Dunand the Bent Talent of our Bette to control our benevolent institutions and idiot they be Plo cod boy oud to reach of All partisan control. It la a Ilia me that such in a Tutu Uono should be in Mouroe of gain or political Power to any party. Boo Siuw of sati of and Ftak. Since 1065 to United 8tatn Baa Arlen from the wrack and ruin of the 111 of terrible War to be found in Tho Page of history and has Rushid with the 6tr1da of a giant to to front rank i to Prond native of the Oarth. To do a in �11 that constitutes True Power wealth and greatness oar nation 1� without a peer. It has been estimated by or. M. Mulhall f. H. B., author of Quot the pro crap a of the world Quot la his address before too British association at Bath. England that in every on of he three you Rossof Power Man. Horse and a team Routly hiring any sporran to work for the election of any candidate at the United state exceeds Tho loading nations thera Worklin Power of the United crime with the briber and a a Niter conviction let the penalty be not Leia than two year in Tho bin to Primo Al 1 a a great that it might be policy to exempt we lne see from punishment in Bri Hwy cases where they May lie ids55bsplu Ion. Let the the polls Al let of of did franchise Raul of and for a second offence punishment in brute by cases where they n. Implicated. It will to almost impossible to convict a guilty briber without each exception. Fifth make it unlawful and criminal for any political convention or committee to demand or exact any Oatess Xihui or contribution from any candidate for of Floe and provide a penalty of disfranchisement for life to the member or members of such convention or committee who May amp and or attempt to enforce snob Ai easement or contribution. No office should to placed beyond the reach of the poorest Man in the state. Bit he make it unlawful with a Teavy Fine and imprisonment for any Prana to c dal tenge a Legal voter at the Poilu a a Quot a saw. A obsolete Lawn and statutes which axe no fax in and Van 00 of the age. Or �0 far behind it a to be wholly disobeyed and disregarded should without the least hesitation be rain aloud. Laws which Are never enforced Ere like dead Wood upon a living tree they Are not Only useless but tend to weapon and brine our a rain us into disrepute and contempt. Oar people should. Of to a a. A. Jew iii been Mede to be enforced and or t paraded on our statute a a Throat which will Nurer be executed. There Are now Lawn on oui flu to tee which 00me within Tho Purview of ties observations. Our Yerant Lawn in regard to to a ale of intoxicating liquors Aro disregarded in Many parts of the 8taux. In rame localities Largo numbers of the decidedly opposed to of i Lorn fling of to Sal a of intoxicating liquors White in others no prohibitory Law Mojid be enforced. It Raema to to it would be Vira to no Frame our Law As to meet both condition a. 1 Dellovo a local option Law for the Sale or Prohl a Nam bit Ion of ardent spirit would be and that it Wou Spiri id by Wisdom to permit Tbs �4 Tilo to choose which system they would pm Ifer in each county oily or incorporated town Tho state. Our institutions Are fou Udod upon the democratic theory that a majority should Rule and i submit that the question of local. To a option should be Laft to tha Volvo of the people and that All Laws prayed for Tbs purpose of regulating Tho sate of intoxicating liquors a hould be rigidly enforced. I recommend that tha m leu Fly to be granted for the Aale of such liquors be Lesa that Laoo nor mors than 61.000, in the discretion of the Board of county should not a sri Boqi Momo Robns Tom and Comanda. All monocot lib. sad Trutta Fon Imd for us of in cry a a lob the Pitco or a Tat Myrlea of life ibo la to dual Rcd not Tow lawful Tai Billiu Obuon of it Lilc of Foo Lulu common books be forbid Aba under to it rail Tiki and the Tab made us lawful of t or i the court would rerun to a Foros team to. Mixture of Coulee with Cloary oar Gnu am Batter with of Potnar a Rigi lord tallow Ana Oil and to admixture of goal Oil. Bank in. Puwfltn., and adult rating or Tocu a hould be prohibited and to tale forbid rim Unla Tho relat Lre Quantity of Taoh Artici Oon ii Wing the omit found 1, cd Carljr stated by to. Midor quo Fluch a Bari been ooh dem nod and in Tui or Latance Puni Hod by Tea or glued nation of the world for Oen Lurf a Pul. Tbs a Avreet a Commerce Are now run Long deeply in the Channel of deception and fraud and should be a backed by Doverjr Tuaone in our Power. Of add Alfil Jno Hwal. The no a a Elty of Luji Rood Road. I inn Fly or cd and &mn�.le,l,Lailon in Ftp Atel looking to the of that Ena. A flood Eye left a. Ild of gravel Road throughout the state Wou a pm in people. Wiil head a hould receive careful atom thou. Rio Fly to tha Balitao property and to Comfort a the governor in Gre Toloai of of tin common Hlonia the Euon Noue amount annually paid school Hooks Hae created great Dziut left Toloa great throughout the Stata should to adopted by Wutoh or Pomo plan. If possible piled by Bloh the Price of Noah books could no brought within a ree Annable limit. On an average the boat to each Pupil could to solely slated to reach 03 per annul. Our average Dally attend Lane of Pupil. In of Lulb we 00,775. Tide would show an outlay by Parent a and guardian for that year amounting to i �j0,25. Tao plan Haro been adopted by the Del Fertit state to orb vast expenditure for text books Kurit. Tbs publication of school look by the stale. Second free teat Booke bin Gilt by the state or school do Stroale and loaned to the pupils. Tho fret Mollman by lie ii condemned Ulm practicable and Oatly while the second where Ubai. By been tried Liu received the lil Gliet com Mcneal Lon of Stato the and pro fun Aiu Ual Toa Churi. Fly Uii from text Book system. The Cost of Book for each poll in Michigan be Estl tinted at 50 cants per annul in Maine 95>, cent a Par Arnom in Vermont a bout s3 coot in wisc Oman not Ono third of former coif. Tho argument made in favor of Freo text Bonk ump he Tatad u follow the Cost in greatly Bolow that of any other method yet adopted More prompt attend Nch and regularity of Pupil it Muo Tho Aoh ool free in does did a Juh Llanee Ibe children of the Rioh and poor u Botn Aro in i pulled alike it teaches Pupil the responsibility and Caro or the Prefi Ert a and Eua Bloe them to obtain a belter Edn cat Ion Tho amount Orr paid by Parent and guardian under our present syut eid would Cro Eily of need the taxes which would have to lie lev led to Pur Luaao All the books re Juvrad in our schools undo the free text Book first Chi. The people would to the gainer Orer Tho Taxa Lun or More tiran Toloe the sum required to Pur a j a a a a Quot of Europe. Statue Tho great to rec of invention per Luc. Ton end wealth. In round number Are three i Intel u great u those of Pranos 1 to and one Balf time a gnat u thou of Oart any and Oao and two third u great u those of tha United kingdom of great Britain and Ireland. Our growth Only Tea pin Aud the incr aaa of Industry wealth goo on unabated and with accumulating Fourou. Our Conewa in 1810 will probably a Bow a population of 60,000,000, and an aggregate a wealth in value unknown to any nation of ancient or modern Day. In the Groat i Ter Hood to state of Indiana i not a aroused. If equated la natural advantage by any other slate in the Union. Within it area it contain a very Largo average of Rich agricultural lauds with a most congenial cell with it Elvor and Railroad it to an easy and rapid acce to the principle Market and it Broad bold of Coal natural go and Mineral will a Oon develop manufactories with which few other Loo Eletto will be Able to compete. God in by mercy Hae showered i Blessing on the state and with humility and gratitude we should labor of develop our great resource. Much can lie done by legislation and the Iro Tco of the people at Indiana has called upon you to perform that Noble and important duty. The Nallo reception atthe Capitol tonight of got. Potot and lieutenant got. Chaae the newly installed state officer Anil their wires waa Brilliant. No lean than Neanila Lia Blaina in la woo no of beg o Cert a ova roob�z1 when. Were thrown open. Got. Hotot appeared in All dream with his daughter mra. Gentica leaning on Bia Arm. For two Berra the line pne aerl rapidly before the his associated. About 8 governor and o clock president elect and Uro. Harrl Gnu Arris so at the governor a room pay Tira. Ing their respect to the new exec Tira. They were accompanied by professor dared swing of Chicago and or. Halford. Among other present were 8x-gov. Porter Gen. Lew Wallace and wife Gan. James m. Shackelford Gen. Thomas h. Nelson judge. A Wood and wife or. And mrs. E. Har Lindala ool. And mrs. John 0. New or. And mra. Theodore p. Hang hey ool. L. Taylor Hon. Noble c. Butler and ool. William Holloway. The reception closed at 9 with Low people in line unable to congratulate the new governor. The inaugural committee announced the opening Ball at that boar. General and lira. Harrison accompanied the gubernatorial party to Tomlin us of s Hall. The governor and 1 his daughter led the procession Mound the Hall and the first inaugural Ball Erer Given in Indiana waa formally opened. General and mra. Harrison did in the grand March but were inter cited spectators. They remained Long enough to watch hundreds Snoe the lancet a. About half past ten they withdrew and returned Home. Tho it novaral it Lee governor Porter however entered into the of evasion with zest the Law and the Railroad. Not Only a a Railroad corporation being itself a creation of the Law peculiarly bound to conform All its actions to Legal forms and tenets but it is also a favorite target for litigation. The i Opu Lar prejudice against corporations it May be said in Jessing a utterly illogical. The Lori it oration is the poor Man s Opportunity. Without it he could never share in the gains and advantages open to capital in Large sums. With it a thousand men contributing a 81,000 each compete on equal terms with the millionaire. But for All that instead of a a Sehring the unbounded Power usually ascribed to it no creature of god or Man is so help Lou As a corporation before Tho to called great tribunal of Justice the Amer eau jury. It May not be literally True that a Texas jury gave damages to a tramp against a certain Railroad because a Section masters wife gave him a meal which disagreed with him but the Story can be nearly paralleled from the experience of Many Railroad. Honor settlement outside of the Law Are always preferred where they Are tall possible Anil an essential part of an efficient Legal organization a a suitable Man always ready to repair promptly to the scene of any loss or Accident to examine the Coroum. Stances and if liability exists to make Cline All to Book unt Lor tip propose ave Tein. I to a a. If 1�?~ ill r am could Well afford to pay to additional a Al it Quot it no a settlement.�?uff�. Is. F. Lex that would a required for that Imp Roeu. To Lumier 171 scr Ithier of. A i or that Nurr Iora. I and Kilili die Psia. And flu. Wilbo Iraln. Mich. Re i Tho Olla of of now York Tho slate of pc a a Ohui flu. Fan. Iowa main and Vermont Bao adopted or rid Thia a yet a a. In new York City or. By been practically tried or forty rear and la i Hil Adolphia for a event year. Taking a High Avo rage under Thlu a it Ion. May 40 cent or Pupil the entire boat in Indiana Tor the year 1888 would Only have amounted tti9i6s,5lo. Ai again i Tho probably to coat which would give an actual Emual ruin to the people of to blk Bette of , or fli.00te every Pupil. If the system should Cost of Ibe average 61 to Tho Pupil. It would a till leave a gain to the parents and guar Lauu for that a a car of 68 7,-550. With tree text books a a roat Burden would be taken Roui lie poor who Aro Olton unable to a liar to a oust required to Paro Bau Belr books at the vory exorbitant Prio Eit thy Are now compelled to pay or leave to Weir Rohll Drin uneducated. Expert and books albeit inform me that Tho prior a paid for a Lioom Ooka in Thlu Batto yield from 800 to 600 per 04-nt. A Tyve to actual Cost of prod Usu. Bomell Long a hould be done the reduce tie boat to area Ion Able prior and lift from Parrot and guardian Theeo very heavy Burden. The of pen sen of our Mommoo i Bool a item should be greatly curtailed in Ibe future u nearly a very county la the Btag a 1� provided a Ltd excellent school it bout a a. Now null it Erlou 9.86i. Our school pro Mierly Jmdej indent of ail fund a r school Niroj Yerty j. A be a mated at nearly f i5.0�.000. This condition with the Over farm to. Dori red from find a and forfeiture a a Ili to i be Jfe Ved a Droit of the Fen no find he a a 6 on thur or f Ude it f Edilth from a us it us in a a a a lug a rope err re Al my Al or it or the he a fur the r us fraction a pay a 1 and i us ?Oft.1. 1 Louier l the eur not a your i Dii Lutail Aud Rax Uro up Nam re a Lon and i wifi 1 a corf 11 be. in aug lha a a t Tuo to pathetic efts if Hamo Roas. There is almost of much pathos As humor in the following Story of an Albany boy of tender years shortly after his Mother s death he with his father visited her grave being carried there by a horse which his father had recently bought. The father standing apart from the grave was naturally in a contemplative Frame of mind and the boy being unable to stand the 0>-Pressire silence any longer lifted his childish voice and said Quot is we be got a new Ore Newt. A renew Fig renal a Why father Quot said Ethel at she crossed the room and Laid her hand gently on the old Man s head. Quot i cannot help it child i cannot help it. Was it the Book you to Reading Quot a. I a a a on Al it Indiana happenings. Eutimi and inc Denti that Bave utile oct it Eft by. A Latac Tetlaff summary or the Fere important of our a Weff Dunca had sea Tia a cart my Cee Talpos us general new Netar. _ the uni Sutis a. Baht tart 10, floors of Tho Bonate Rha her worn barred against lieutenant governor Robertson. Auditor Carr refused to cull Tho Bonate to order and Juffe it lieu. Of the supreme court Don so. Administrating to oath to the newly elected senators. The following 7 Vicera were Elo aled president pro Tern. J. F. Cox Suero Tury. Green Smtih assistant Benoro Tarr John d. Car Lar door keeper. E. R. Hamilton Houft Secretary of state Griffin colled the members to Ordor and the organization waa Pur foetus by eluding All the Noil Lydns of the democratic of Nous is Tull own speaker. Nicoson j. My blues clerk. Thomy a Newkirk Akai Ernnt clerk. July k. Coltey door keeper. Frank b. Ilam Baugh. In taking his chair speaker no Bloke a a Ord Lally thanked the members for Tho Honor shown him and significantly referred to Tho fact that Many trying Ole urn a Tanoos were liable to arise. During Tho session of the two houses gov. Gray informed a joint committee Whiteh wanted upon him that to would communicate Bis Faro will me Sago to the bodies to Morrow at 3 o clock. January 11.�?Tho second Day of the fifty sixth Genorse Assembly passed off we boat Spoa Lal incident lieutenant governor Robo Ratson was Ariun refused admission to the Senate chamber. The scat question name up before both houses. Tho members who were late in selecting their seats through the librarian attempted to adopt resolutions providing for reseating everybody. The plan proposed to draw lots for oho foe scats has been in Vogue in to National House of representatives for forty Yoan. And is considered Tiro in oat atals Fae tary Way of seating the Sumbera. The proposition was Defeated in both Honses. At 3 o clock both houses Mot in joint convention for Tho purpose of listening to the governor s message january 14 8 Fig ats senator Griffiths offered u Resolution comprising the names of members of the Senate standing committees for tha pros ont session and us soon As the Reading was of occluded moved the adoption of Tho Resolution Aud on that motion demanded Uio previous question. The demand was seconded u a strict party vote Yoas 37. Nay in. Senator Johnson submitted tha protest of Republican senators against Tho organisation of the Senate by any other presiding officer than lieutenant governor Robert b. Robertson which waa ordered spread upon Tho records without Reading on motion of senator Howard. House Trio Senatu having arrived the Potiker declared that the two houses Hod Mot in joint convention pursuant to Law. To cuu Vns the votes oust for governor and lieutenant governor at Tho last general of Letlon. This he proof coded to do. And. When the footing was completed. Announced Tho following As Tho vote cast for governor for amp. Hcvoy.368.lm Tor c. 0. Matson. 38u.0m fur Milroy. 3.702 for j. H. Hughes. 9.920. Tha speaker then announced tha vote for Lle utensil governor As follows for Ira j. Chase. 363.160 for. R. Myers. 3�.Oil for Many. 2,737 for Raptor. 10.060. Miami a maty Vannera Inedia a. A permanent organization of the Miami county Fer Merak Institute Beta effected a a live Ope a of a a Tif f inestimable raise to Tbone in Homo o aged in agricultural pursuits. The object of the meetings is the lao Araion of views Rota Tive to the various pursuits and of general internet. A Koneti Sutlon end by Lew were adopted at the organization and officers elected a a follows president Joeeph Cunningham secretory j Pierce treasurer Louis Bond. Verious committees were appointed. Prizes will be offered to Farmers sons with a View to a urge and general attendance. The Success of the Bot a ment is altered from the Large number enrolled and Tae general interest being manifested throughout the Bounly. The first regular meeting will be held in Pera on feb. 3, and following one each month. To to Tat potent have been issued for the for lowing Indiana inventions David bearly new Castle Lawn Mower Abel Butler. Dale protractor Leonard. Freemen Liberty machine or making wire Lenoia James a. Fullerton mounts Corn plantar Joseph f. Gent Columbus Ine Obine for making Sheet or Fink products Benjamin Gude St. Authony tron Long Board John Suity Audi Anapolis manufacturing starch tally , Farmersville Assignor of one half to j. F. Yeager Prairie Creek bailing press Isaiah a burp Budkey steam Generator. A. Circulate Anding the Monroe and it read by rom. menu u Maone Wiir a Ujj a general manager b Cincin sni Wabash sad Way was in Wabash recently interviewed in regard to the prop eds boycotting of the Road by Elk Hart i to Zens. Or. Beekley slated that a petition is boing circa Laid a Elkhart urging president Wade to remove auditor Wheelock which a committee will Tike to Cleveland to present to or. Wale. Another paper in being circulated plead a.�?TAi. 1_1 a a Carf stick Elma team of poor Raud Trade to a few months b ? ing a withdrawal of patronage from those who refuse to sign the petition. Or. Beekley stated positively that Ltd. Wheelock would remain Alio that Ibe Road would not retaliate for the ninja St so ftps of the Elk part people be Barge against or. Bee look is that he was instrumental in the re Weot wholesale arrest of. A number of Saloon keepers. A William Deal of Lagrange Goa Ity was engaged recently in Felling lira it or. Oao Irma when partly sawed split and fell a a a direction in Pofitu from hat intended. A team bad been left in a dangerous log upon and As the tree started or. Deal ran to his hones. An he did to the falling tree struck him and Kellad him instantly. A the oldest met Odiet Prea Obei in Indiana is the Bov. George Boh Warl a of Jeffersonville. He wee licensed to preach in 1893, when 30 years old. Anil he he been Labouring in the Vineya d of the lord Ever Tinct. He is vigorous mentally and physically. He woe Ner Rod the year be won ordained and Hie wife is still living. A two children Eit a prominent Fermi near Bremen were sent to school a very Day returning Homo at the proper time at night. One night one of the Ash Dren coming borne with Frozen feet i sued the Mother to inv Aligata upon a High both children confessed that they had not been to Hobo of for int of Pui weeks but had pent there time i lying in the Woode a a Robert Cox. Or. For sixty Yean s resident of Jao Keon township Diboni county Aad one a Mig the first settlers of that county dlr a few Dayi ago aged 82 Yean. Hot owned one of the Best farms in Dubois county Cone sting of 580 acre. His wife with whose he lived happily fifty one Yean and one son the Hon. Camden Gox Eurvis it him. A Jesse me Oakia while Eagar gtd in sewing Wood on a Olarra five Miles i Orth West of Cambridge City was crushed to Weslh by failing Wood. To was shout Twenty six Yean of age and Ana tried. A judge. T. Juror of loaves Roth has appointed judge bin Shait of the boo port court a special judge of try to Crawford county White cop Caree on March 36. A Joseph pro Neil a Section employed by the fico Barb fort Valpo end Chicago Iloilo and was run Over by s freight train end killed near Valparaiso. A while in the Woods Malachi Collier son of John Collier residing Nea a Centurion was struck Hod by fall imy Yah front uric his Skull. was found lying several Hoviin afterwards and was conveyed to Hie Home where he died after thirteen to irs of intense suffering. Or. Collier was a Young monies Man aged 34, and leaves a wife and child. A mrs. Kate Moc ulip aged 85 years died at her Home in Hari Eville Bartholomew county of old age. A Charles mans living sea Salhany to badly injured by the Bunting of a gun the Breech pin lacerating lie face in a Torrible manner. A a pc. Williams a Laporte county Farmer mysteriously disappeared from Home about Twenty Yean age and it waa generally believed that he had Hung himself. His wife Long ago gave up All Hope of easing Hiss again Bat win surprised loot week to hear that he was alive and living in Texas. In a litter to her William expresses a desire to return and be forgiven. A Rev. Ira a Bate lieutenant governor elect bos declined a Eal to become pastor of Tbs Christian Church at Richmond. A the Rioh mind natural Gas com Pany has accepted its Plant from the contractor. The Price paid i 85 0,000, half Cash and half Stock. A it is surmised that the Spaniel com recently found near Hanna were left in Hrang Back 1 him vat fit Taihwa. A the hip a Ian h cd Luta Oreva go Tab i a Orang Cooata Erx Cial of Oak Tok do Vbk. Oter three Day ago 1 Poi Hurt hotel Here Trota a extended Batto of Colorado. Tiu Guria Field to fast ashore to to me an invitation to act on Pap Jaunt through tits Stritto. To Nav Vivi to yearly trip it to Eloso of to in Rem i to a re Tor up items regi Ujj no a Fly Llyl and its a Ondrej a Lon in Flat hog Tolm Captolo Cui Ter. Is one of the but a Al Mon in Tho it Nek y mount the Refl p. I addition e a Tendle in Ollig a a Quot a Lito a or tonal of y Ovorn ranch Man Abouo Ernut Taci lure to tar 1 a. I had my doubts lost a prong ability of Colorado to Aramid to cos Titi Crone. That in u d Tho rain Tail being velt am Ose Sucu atoms to Rogata Abunda a Essi Entiat to crops. It Dkl # earn 06 the Toad wat Hopo Letsly bar Ron. I Correct that . New that had visible proof and to say thu thoroughly cont need that in. Nth of log and profitable for Munir Turk so us lion Siatos lie a re than to Bonari of Colorado. It seems Vintage to Colorado and adj oct at males say a adapted to farming yet food la the face. The coir add Tanner does to Ter of Bia drops Are con erred or not Tho entire year uses v tin at a Shower. An Over to Mantua jbeaa1 in pro video an a Bundage it of we toe lag Enow of Tho mor tit the a Eta. A a Tang that no Bave 1 am Rit i a a of a a is a l Down daring the warn. A it months a ceding Only tto of Trio Farmer to store thu tribute it Over hit Fields to the 1 is Moat needed. I Loam thut time Thore Are Over 6.ou0 Miles irrigating Dot Rita that. 600 mile in a a met strut a r. To by finished try the suits of Tho Plains Ngeh Llo Are Tom worn Down Del abounding in Potash sn-1 holiest obey local Mataro Kimii of nearly All crept. They water to make them Mere p the Best nulls in the Brut go Hare Long required the pull it my Royal Furt Tuorn to pro due Here. In one place no Bug i last Spring the plot i a bed worn out door mat Ting i i saw this month an front which the yield of to Hevier amounted to two Oam Jobe and in some inst does. The water brought by a ditch from one of the ii Umerow of tha ban Lata River via the that had brought about such suits. In other Platou eve tiie a a la the kit a was i Itu oink Irle or Cal inc diff it we n it to. Rrime him Ilia farm a a a Tiff rag. Itto it Orka Lor to j of nth be. To re than s. Inch of Bote id dont id. 1 bore do Ikert ,4 s a Rio. Tot Fly do i ill is Ioc-1 rub in this. Irris sting branches Glt elixir Olio s ref state i l its found 1�?T to be to Anc Moraen Ibling. In foot the usual thing for the potato crop to l in of a Hsui 180 to 300 bushels Pir a fwd who it has done remark Obi u. My Riund Captain Cutter and Token but a up Fuorn f Zow i Giro you Seton of Obi . The Captain Tai Nolind to be a Only Relve and i told him so. Hta reply was the. Shrewd twinkle of the Ejra Quot Drill a a lived Here Many years and have Fino Erv. I expect to lire pm it if i Only Tell half of Whit the us if ii do and let thu buyer find nut Tbs value Othi Rajah. Why then i am making Ter it a Good advertiser of it St a Bivy att Hafk Quot 1hey How figures Sre thoroughly a Timble. To the wheat crop of it to ire not the that three million bushels avar Ertic Iron Twenty five to thirty Bash la pm Cairn. Tai crop of Winter wheat Russ in to tar Lmh it heretofore the Spring variety a Fang sown Tea crop of Winter want had hoi Rover d Tho yield of thu stad Iirth or by 1 exc Odood Tho yield of thu l about six Bai Ihmels to thu sri a a j�?T1 1 it used to by thought the it Ern Oak a in never succeed a a Oro Ora Eora grower Shu too great and Mur nights or Leo h1. Let me say. That during the trip Nat a Limi i hero just Relur Ted i him of Cree of splendid euro of which Twenty Fly Baidie la bar. Ered. I do not Mosa to by that seen poor crop. I Havn athe result not of any u nil Tom Noli but of tha it. Skill Pidley of the fellow a thu Wiuff former. The Man who to Oihi a with water in Early a prig tin by inn t i in a the in if i 3 a a ii Roets have left the Grote elects the needs of Jbv Wiful Moe of the eos son. a a whisky Mill to town such a Ehin Ralso half a Bushel of smut potato i. To a in on the Cholost no a in the s Hunt incl. A a Ron til m is ii i or be tin idea. The Alfalfa Hay la Ana u a to g Tapie drops of color Irlo. It a a Pretet a zip. And. Though not in Quiring called Enlil Vataloa. Dim. A Sutlon in irrigation. It Brest meet in two lately five tons per Sere Worth is k to s10 per ton. Thru. Cut hug in it sly. And in Many input Aitken Tori Rei is it nigh . It Juk tut a a a or it �1. Fror t mind a Lief i a e. No better any for All kinds of Sincl. Pig i est it greedily and Tattan rape Agni of it. Tho oat drop How been is stare Quot to sve racing Over 60 Wiwik do weighing As High Quot lie. Malar Otstad i Towel a willism Dowell living at Andrews who bad Bonsted that he could not be soared by the White Cap movement was visited by seventy masked men. They put s rope a round his Neok threw the other end Over a Telegraph pole Aud hoisted him. He was shortly afterwards. A a ?&Quot 1 a it lowered he the noose and rem0t,><, Ithan wet the Jar in the tits by Tom one o a to Spanish troop which cams to that Region in 1781 from 8t. Lonis. Mo., to a sit s the country for the King of Spain. A Thomas Wilson Alios Harris or rooted it la Portt ass contested to rolling mail pouches at Elkhart and to Haring obtained Large uni of Mousy at the former place under false paste noes a Anderson authorities have All the Telephone pole of r a 1. Lilt 60 escaped but West soon Recap turd. Hit cries brought Ollie sons to Bis resets and the whits Caps fled. A under the leadership of or. Jesse Zero Peru capitalists will build another natural Gas pipe line to that Eity. A the wooden butter dish factory St Seymour ii said to be the largest on of the kind in the world. It turns out 350,000 dishes a Day. A Gottlieb Ellis of Kingsbury is Porte county aged 04, committed suicide by banging Bim Seif with a clothesline Ftp Noial misfortunes is Given As the cause. A father Mccabe of Ultimo is has been appointed by Bishop Chatard of the Catholic diocese of Indiana As assistant to father John Kelly priest of holy Trinity pariah of new Albany. A the towns and villages in the oath Orn part of the state Hare adopted a novel plan of ridding themselves of worthless dogs. They Are loaded into empty Box sri destined for Sora Western Point and then left to shift for themselves. The frantic yelps of nine half starved dogs led s crowd of Bays to open a our it Jeffersonville a few Days ago and Ibe Laninea lost no tim in seeking larger Qun ten. A the old prion burying ground at Jeffersonville is said to be in a deplorable condition. It contains the Bones of at least a Huu Drod you riots it not in limed by a Snee and it a favorite resort for bogs that Burrow into the Graves. Recently a coloured Man while passing through the place found try. Eral Bones lying near a partially opened grave but whether they belonged to a Bumbau being or a animal n0 one who Law them could Tell a the Safe in the a sacral tier of weave. Tod a co., Bis age Soal of a Isufi. At Center Point olay county was by we open and about �1,000 Taku. The t in ban Bank. Sb4 f big i we. Big lab Watt a tel. A the methodist Church at Oporta has received a bequest of $5,000 by to will of the late Caroline Poltinger. A at Lafonta ius Wabash county John Palmer one of the Early , drop red dead of heart disease. Or. Palmer Saa 64 a care of age and had apparently b ten in the befit of health. To moved to ire Fontaine in 1863. A mrs. Elisabeth Dunn who died re gently near Hartville Decatur , waa nearly 107 Yean of age. She bras the Mother of for children and lived to see Twenty four grand and sixty great Grando Alldren. She was la her seventh year when Cincinnati Wai it settled and this was an incident she often referred to in giving her age. A two singular scolded Are from Daviess county lire. Taskey while assisting her hat band in killing hogs waa struck by on of the animate and thrown Book with such forced at of fatally injure her. Mrs. Vaughn at another place had several of her ribs broken while Wething her husband helping to raise a slaughtered hog the pole breaking and striking bar in tie aide. A the people of Charlestown were Slart Lod the other Day by the appearance of Harrison Hogen to a Ball Creek Tei Hogan has been feeling unwell lately and be went to chartist own to it see a physician. He Well on hone bae c and had All the appearance of an old time Warrior. He we a Ell fixed for Bat. Tie for around hit body were strapped two Dilg Navy revolvers and banging at Bis Side we the regulation Bowie knife. He had but few words with those he met and St looks his business woe attend. I to he quietly left 4owu. A a. Whit a Farmer la a a Nassr Greenwood. Johnson county i Tai owner of a pig that 1� quit a cur Loeltz. The animal Hae four front feet my her new to a d Iff of Uva Natl weighs about Orty Heto per Psi l. An i the dry Olmste. The Strong to Steij Sot and Tho timely apply eat of of the ate growing crop of ombre Omsk a heavier and of better q Unity. Of he or. Charles Fassett near moot y the Grust san luts Park. I now Sac. It gel that had a loaded ninety be he Mac to Emu the crop of Barley has been isl. The Fin let Brunou Brkl Quality of tie Grot Superior to the Onsol eagerly a ought for by Eastern b vegetables Hare kept Pace with tie in making a record Foi prolific p onions beet Parsnip Tarn the. Are enormous. The Oab Awre crop to till year not a round no Liiva of doll Ivy proportion of Thi crop finding re Over the new Rall a a a Road Una from Ujj Cilvie it e Gulf to old. Max to. Capoot yes will any the to Recai res Good Many Cree to by Fiir Mudi to Jie oui a a ooh quantities. Well lbs returns Nota a e Milou county Oll Loorz. Lends in be Idman to Law. To lie pro Ento Ltd to to a Lysol lure Whiteh in Els the second Day it Ary. Show Hist Tiern a re now la c Twenty thousand Farais Ives Nging 9 Oer Dhoti. In in Eraso of Over fifty per be t. Etnere Tho report of p>86-7. The Colorado has one admit Vigo not Pom by Bia agricultural of the. Burt. Tom Road in Colorado Aro without Aro question the finest natural Roods in to in world. The Roodbol Wen and bad. And. Except in thu it Statan do Street. Every Road la s it level on a ban Floo. Larger loads Eon be hauled in Tumlir time than of the Highway of Otylior a tarts. A the spirit of Railroad Enterprise lot of Xii ii. Or Ibe i Toth Euttu t the construction of i to it. A Linee in co Orado. The a Bro i Vistein if Tho Railroad Man has foreseen the Putnm Groa nose of the Load and rail a is a s. Havi protected and built in every a reeks Over the state. Running in very Jeolia a Btl i through Vasi Praete of co entry at in tha meet pea j a it ii a it what Lang. Follow la la Wing. see l. To lilo i p t 103 grounds sowing or Dell Long. I sea f irrigating spread us water Over the or to Coll Une Nulod. But Relt i Ful p of Lees. Now. 1 expect that you will ask ,.w m land Worth in . And Wizot does h Quot 6 Cost to farm it Well Lind ear. A. Boe Tahk Quot in some of thu Best do arms s. Ten dollars ver acre. Including n�rwot<3 right to Tho use of water Tea fir Miff Gatlon. Under Ordinary Hie a coat of raising an acre o wheat u it Bogk it a by Foo Aue of Eltoh Furrow a a $3.91 it Armi t4 ing.63 Tot il.flo.3s. Tia err. At lowest average bring Twenty Gus him a a Vii us per Aero of sixty pounds to the Bush 4. A a a Illing it 6139 per Hundred Wilt in m $18.79. Elmust paving tha Eoa Tot both la i and culture the first yarn. Very nutty Ere Iff do More than this. The goal of eur flt. Given above applies also to Oata Aad befits Al Wyllo Tho profit Pur sore Are for Oata Aud Barley 613 per Sere. I am gov off fair figure. Not Faroy ones Rhc to farm labor 1 about the tame As la the a states tha eos of living no Keg Avtar. T Bould any of my Ruud a desire More i t tailed Faotta i would and Vale them to add Ftp a letter to the Bureau of informal ii i i ver. Cob p. O. Box Ema i Havo Hud i a Ion to neck information is that Sou Rea a a have round the data i got to be Reba hit have i not shown uni j Ren enoc of Rte e Eft san Dent material for a Rohrl Stem Mai if a Happy new tear. God brim is it Ift a a / but rat Pettu Almi. Pooh Tho editor of harm t a do a a Wood ram Marie. Frie do a Bhoj poet beat a a Baa Daw lbs a a of at7 r Many Bladt. R ---1 a

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