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Bloomington Post (Newspaper) - May 20, 1836, Bloomington, Indiana S3 per Annam in advancer. An intelligent people want no dictators. By n. Ii. a ii Dialva a Friday May to isae. At the end of the year. Vol. 1.yio. 99. The curency Public lands and spec Ethey had been excused . It Iby common consent exacted by Nece athe Deposit the Banks. Inks multiplied in 1816. Extract from the speech of senator Ewing in 1817, president Monroe paid us a of Ohio on the Jand Bill. J visit and spoke in Strong terms of the Quot i am fully a arc and i wish the j value of the Public Domain. Bank country to apprised also that these j facilities were easily obtained. Land Imin Ense unparalleled smile Sofhie pub a speculation became a mania. Con lie lands arose from a diseased Condi lion of the Public currency it is in a great measure deceptive or a it it ther that which receive for them is not Money but a cheat. W sell for Cash in form but in effect on credit panics were formed Bank credits obtained vast purchases made Magni Focient cities surveyed on the ground and painted out on paper. Perrys Burgh and Sandusky City and port Clinton Connot forgotten by some make the honest Purl Iaser him who in Cincinnati. The government was by 3 on his own Means and for his the creditor. The notes of the Wes Gnu a a any Civish and sell to _ to it Rii Banks were received As Cash and Preat capitalists those who Are iodine Clad with the Deposie Banks deposited Here and there often with the debtor Banks themselves. The those who buy tens of thousands an l credit continued to incr dec. The to hundreds of thousands of acres on the government could not use their Funda a a a Mccu Littion and who make fortunes the Treasury feared to Call for them by it of which a Linin men scarcely from a conviction that the debtor have ii conceptions sell them on Rcd could not pay. At length the debt ?7 i Thant interest and i will show Oulu of there Are thirty millions of the Public Money deposited in these Hanks with out interest and there it is to remain from year to year those who Are Contich cd with these Banks or Olio Lind Tsvor with them borrow was put upon the Bank of the United states just then organized to compel a resumption specie payments. Who of us that does not remember what followed not Only in the West but throughout the onion to is certainly Worth while to inquire whether the thimm Ney and Lay it out in Public condition of the country is now essentially different from what it was in 1817 now As then the mania for of in polite it is age in Lent the Purchase of Public lands affects All out and a Lin goes the round of Pur i other business giving to every article t i i it it g land and coming again into of use for consumption at Home or Limi it is Pilj into the land office the Rrt i in it r returns it to the Banks by exportation abroad a factious value. Now As then the state Banks that Are the Hank. You see at once sir the a v.�nl-�, e this of Jive the great Moi iop lit Over the com tron Citize i who the depositories of the Public monies has pc it a his own resources and cannot pay their debt to the govern not on the fiver of the , ment but upon a composition for time ii it a his Means of Purchase. Tie Man i and other easements. Now As then or the company with two or three a the government fear to Call for pay millions of Money May cause to j ments upon account of the disasters traversed every a i lion of such a Call would bring upon the coun the Public lands by their servants and try. Now As then the tendency of ii Gentr and Sci i upon All the choicest the evils is to increase until it Force an spots Ectore the firmer who Becks explosion. How Long can that sex ii r himself a Home can Xiii Iii and Losion deferred a this is a ques a to Lect it. And what ii Tiu worse Tion of High import. assume not tii Cro is great danger and i am told to answer but hesitate not to say if of state of Thi Iii has in Home cases it must come. Been found to exist there is great Quot danger that the Laud of hirers them passages Between or. Selves or some one in the offices Wil Buchanan a the partnership or in the pay of the hese org in my . . Admission of Michi. T,.e Sho it a a a a frauds Lucli have Nion or Clay exposed Pace under the Preemption Laws have masterly manner the fallacious h dts. Ironsh. In this source h it to was or .r agents that Call upon the.3,Buchanan for aliens Jor Iii id s Crimi Iii on ,.p Jor and in tie ?, a Nei pure fading i in they h Ivo a right to do , Gettlein to Priar the it tie Mui Aii j Liu wife Civit Ivorite the land sip irtely acid that each clip la Fruin 21 to i Yeai uld Culli Villi s the �-ir.ilfily and Thui manufacture c or 10 Preemption claims from a single a ii Nily. Pay or a Hundred i Foi it gel out these 11j its and Lii in duly a a in Foj and Lay to item upon tie Lamis of lie Ull Ltd states Worth to Iii or Oil Drill to per Ai . N to True i h Ive been advised that there if a regular Maziul Ici Ory of those Preemption let at carried on under the s to Atn pice where the papers arc duly made out Fig died and St uni to it ving a Xianu for the purchaser to to a Wilh i it of Iii lie Only i Loose. It ii sell evid fit til in to ifs thing of Koukl not l i Carri d on Chic Sivi a without great capital eni Iii Kun in in to vote. Jle said did not with any i ionic Ament that the senator from i l Nii Sylvania professed himself to an advocate now for stale rights nor a Vonlil that should in favor of Prncess that was going on to deface the record which they were sworn to uphold. That was the next in Iii expected to knowing that the principles of the party to which the senator once belonged the old Federal party retained their Asci Clancy with Liim. Or. Buchanan in the course of his remarks in def Nee of the ground which took admitted that had been a member of the Good old Federal party was far from denying it. The fact was ii senator from Kentucky and himself had both changed places. was once the great Leader of the democratic party and now is the great and that Capili i could not had and Leader of this condemned fed tin ii div Brlej and Wilu drawn from tie Ordinary business of the country it it were not l or its acc am Ilion m i polite bai.k-. An end will in put to nil this Nuil More a ally and i. I by by this Law in in in Aii of her Mode that can Devil to a. I will abstract the i Umilia Teli in a treasure Fiorin then Hii tap these Reat reset \ ii Iliili their it reans Al through Ali Vious .1 to Piiru it a 111. In Rivil Lic la ii Imp Ai Iii Uvea the whole Bui lace of the country. As it in the Public Inone is Takii and Era party lie was not however disposed at any time to comment Apon this Chan and should have been Sci glad in the senator had thought proper not upon his. Or Clay Toon Aiter reverted to this sul Jet in a tone of culling irony Wolik h sent the bar Home remarking Iii it with respect to this change of i u to Tiit or. Buchanan had done Hii self Ureal injustice. The doctrine of the federals had always been in favor of the i pc Cutie Power. The old Kepu Allcan democratic doctrine made use of to defraud tiie Public outwash. On the contrary a vigilant sus of Llic most valuable portions of their Domain and after All the amount of vein Raj in the Public treasure or ill a where ii not d Liy the operation it is credit let of growing upon a or edit and the United Stales is the vicious Walchli Nesb of it in favor of tie liberties of the people. Where was the Hon. Seni Tor inquired in hit a.irly times but on the Side of the powerful mid Strong where was now had not changed final creditor who after Hiing do was in favor of every High headed As Frau did of Iti Doti ii must Hite at &Quot"1 Quot Quot last even the a How of Nisi duration it removal of the deposits of the which was received Lor it. Quot a protect and Allied As the new process a a i was smelling is in did of Hijii toned Han Arlis of the Una Nuti Loyal prerogative and Prece ask a few moments Wilten Lidia to Dent did expect would found Ait events. T i t look Wai m favor of expunging the gentle Iii 1 110, the my Iii Hanks did not Man talked of change. No had not changed. As for himself or. A stood then where had done Ever in resistance to encroachment of that sweeping and encroaching Power which was rapidly sapping the bulwarks of the Constitution. These were the thoughts of his earliest Days a these were the principles on which acted and left to the unbiased voice of history to say whether was not then where repented had for Ever been for Liberty for the right of the people against Al and every executive encroachment. Or. Buchanan seemed much excited at this indignant burst and said thai or. C. Understood better How to give a joke than to take one. had not alluded in any unkind feeling to him and Little expected that would have been out upon him with Fui h Thun Dering eloquence. could not however pay the gentleman the compliment which was paid i of that was the same As Ever for flu Glicr or. A changed or not Lizul the Hon. Senator repeated certainly had. had changed in regard to the Bank and the first impressions which were created in his own mind As to the dangers of such an institution were from Reading it speech of his on that subject. As to acting along with the Taij a toned party in 1799, must a wonderful precocious child indeed for it so happened was then Only seven years of age. Let him Tell the senator however that although a federalist in the late War was not of that kind that was ready to abandon his country in that War and his first Public address was to induce his fellow citizens to March to the Aid of Baltimore and had marched thither. had not been nor Ever would the advocate of prerogative against the rights and liberties of the people. did approve of the removal of deposits for believed strange As it might appear that it struck a blow Nizich immortalized the name of the Man who struck it More than his attack on the British at new Orleans. dreaded with the late or. Randolph the influence which a great m on cd institution might have wealth and Power naturally attracting cach other and what might not its effects if thrown into the scale of executive influence the senator had made some hard bits at him for which had not retorted wishing to keep on terms of intimacy with him but it War must forced of him then would defend himself Wilh All the feeble ability which god had Given him. Or. Clay said Good hum redly his desire was to at peace not War with All men and particularly after what they heard an to the March to Baltimore could not think of encountering such a formidable Belli Gerent. Lie believed the senator thought himself a democrats and that it was possibly which made him Dis posed to favor executive Power a there pointing to or. Clapton sits the consistent genuine democrats but who yet could hardly termed so by the senator from Pennsylvania or. Buchanan took this in ill part and said that there was an insist a lion that went to Baltimore Tut not to tight. Or. C. Disclaimed this or. Buchanan refused to yield the floor for explanation and said when attacked was ready to do More than Hud done at i Attimore. was ready to defend himself against any attack from any Quarter however elevated the person might . If it should happen done wrong no Man would More evil mgl no Ogise but if right the Conser Juteik is were As in dil Lerent to him As loan other Sena Tor. was now unwilling to create irritation and with this closed and took Hii seat. The but incas proceed Ings on the Bill and n suit you already have an account of from the a Lushington newspapers. The subject is one when the whole debate is spread before the people that cannot fail to excite attention As the design of or. Van Buren tii rough or. Silas Wright his most Active confidential agent in forcing the Bill through in terms never before dreamt of and without time for discussion was pal Pable and almost avowed to Sei ure the party Ascendancy and vote in the House of representative under the pretence of welcoming into the Union with open arms democratic states when others were threatening to sep Arute from c Ivin. Quot principles not this doctrine is professed by every body but Practised by few. Are the present Van Buren parly in Virginia governed by a regard for principles or for men let us examine this ques Tion a Little. The Virginia Van Bure nites Are opposed to a protective Tariff. Or. Van Buren voted for the Tariff Laws of 1828. The Virginia Van Bure nites Are opposed to internal improve Merit b tie general govern no. Or. Van Buren voted for erecting toil gales upon the Umberhind Road thereby claiming for the Gen Era government the right to make roads through the states and to collect toll for travelling upon them. Tie Virginia Van Bure nites daiy the right of Congress to abolish slavery in the District of Columbia. Or. Van Buren a gnats that Rig lit. The Viii Iii Van Bure nites a opposed to placing free negroes upon a i level with the Whites by permitting them to come to the polls and vote or. Van Burer in the new York i convention voted for extending the right Ofsik forage to free in Grees. The Virginia Bure nites Are in it Igor of tolerating shivery and Lieve that the right to Iolj slaves i guaranteed a the coins Littion of the United states. Or. Van Buren was opposed to Llie admission of Missouri into the Union unless she would prohibit slaver within her limits. The Virrginia Van Bure nites the late Bank of the United Stiles. Or Van Buren edit Iutuk for or of one or Niobe of it branches in the stale of new Yor k. The friends of Imp. Van Buren opposed the election of judge i i. Now let us see whether or not Chi opposition is founded a regard to . Fiey Are opposed to a i Rote Tiv. Tariff. So is judge White. J hey refuse to recognise the diction of the generic a government Over the subject of internal improve Merit. So does judge White. They deny the right of Congress to abolish slavery in the District of Columbia. So does judge White. They Are opposed to t lending the right of suf Liage to free negroes. S. Is judge White. They Are oppose to the course of or. Van Buren upon the Missouri question. So is judge White. They opposed the late Bank of tin United slates. So did judge while. They Are opposed to n . So is judge w Hite. They have 6ipported the measures of the present adminis Lvalion. So has judge while. Yet this party Epport a Man with whom they i Iourtc ii political principles and of Wyse the election of one Wuh whom they a acc. Such con duct should forever shut their Mouths upon the subject of political principles. Their inconsistency is too barefaced none can fail to perceive . Stat from the Sii i irony court r. Horrible murder. York april 13/a, 183g. A murder marked by in almost unparalleled atrocity and cold blooded cruelty Fias been commit cd in our Eity Hist saturday nil Jet or Early on s Ludiry morning i victim w is an girl i inked Ellen it Welt of about years of age Possi sin in us h Beauty and it is Siirid a in it pm pm Ishri its Seldom known Ami g those of that til a tidied la a of which tie to Tiisik wins one. Tik Actu Richard 1. Roh Ishii is a Young to Nlle Man it it t Iris of age of very Prepose using appearance the son of a ver highly respectable gentleman Idinie in Dur Himin and who for some tune past has been the coi Tiden Tisil clerk of or. Jose h Hoxie of Broadway. J Liis shocking deed which was evidently premeditated was i i f Lii led Stilha a null Hatchet with which the i murderer inflicted deep and fatal wounds on her tem Plet and deliberately there after set lire to the bed on Hii Uii Lay the body of hib mangled victim and which w Hen discovered Hud so far spread As to have Coti filmed in Vurhl parts of the Corpse. There Are Many conjectures afloat As to the commit icon of the horrid crime but i fruit from men to oiling then a they May und probably Are without foundation. At the Coroner s inquest held on the body of the deceased the jury returned a verdict of a wilful murder Quot against Robinson it is painful for to add that the evidence elicited since has fixed on him still deeper the stamp of guilt. is fully committed for trial and 0 Den , is engaged As his counsel. .1 crib Ines council.�? learn. With no Surprise however that a a Cabinet Council has been held at Washin i ton As to the Nanag Mienl of thu Gur plus Revenue. This question is wholly and solely Al the of con Gresso and is no More a Cabinet question incorporating a town or vill Inge in a state yet such is the Assumption of Power or rather the concentration of All Powers that Fri Asur >8 Purly legislative and originating with the people Are made the Subjec of discussion in the Cabinet. I surplus Revenue belongs to the people not to the government in la d from them and to them it should returned if not used. Tiie safety of this nation requires that tip Federal government Sli Ould not Havo a Dollar beyond its outlays therefore after making the necessary a for the Public service let the Balai. and equitably distributed among the Stales Lor certain set civic and Beneti Cial our Els. If War ensues any Money i in tired can easily raised Mzx York blur. In a late Dehi Ite in the Senate of the United shiites. I or. took occasion to Iii Ike a boast of his Powers ill marching Wilh the Lancaster troops to the a us of Bol Imore. Or. Clivy in reply ii valid Viimsi of of a retort once in Ide by a Caird Idille for Congress in Miry land in answer to .111 antagonist it who his military f oils. Lie was unwilling Quot Liu said Quot to to himself Ihu Honor and glory of a iving driven the British from our Sli oies but it wins certain Luil a in approached they retired and by inc Lime reached Tileti Ejof action not one of a Lien was to i san Ite was Wilh 1 in Flitcr Lui or. By Chianan left the retort too severely to preserve his i i d humor Bull orc Chru Nitle. To the Cerious and Candi j c a Sider Alion of the ii Illus of Indiana to the follow int article which a a copy lion tie Harris Uigh i a . It Zannol now denied that the Cut to Hollis almost to a Niin ire supporting Van Baren and Usino very to elevate him to the pc i dental chair. Ilis election they consider inc of the Iris by which they Hope eventually to charge this Freo and Happy Hind into m Ca Lejlic an Burin in i ii 1 o i. Quot have before Ivan our readers the letter of or. In Buren to his a i in Quot the Poi Jin which to highly compliments him upon h s succession in the or Crown with regal or despotic clerical Power. It contains strongest evid it Nee of the anti Republican principles of or. Van ii urn and his longing and Tiao Kering Afier honors and Powers of royally. As further evidence of Milieu influence that is exerting against tie Lih cities of our of nary give the following hand Hill that was posted ill Iii City of new Voik at itis late Chi idler election to Stii ulale his followers. Cru to y a a Post or you will a use Hiu n. A. Is Rve Arance you May Munir i to Ruli is by not i i in you will become its a laves. Your own county Wing lost by Iuli knitting to Amhi Minim pm n. This Beautiful country you my main by being irm and United. Vojir Relief Ion a Quot i lure the Ascendancy adhere ate. By your Perse Vurnm r i his Miry become Catholic c let native born citizens and protes Tanu Iii above and ask them. Selves flu tour they can support n Man and a party that aim to unite religion and politics and Al acct a religious Ascendancy to one sect through the exercise of parly ditch phone and political Van a a 7< org fish

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