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Bloomington Post (Newspaper) - January 19, 1838, Bloomington, Indiana I it iii i vol. january 10, 1838. No. A. Edited and Puli sized every Friday by a l. Deal. Orrice in main Cross Street first pock West . A a. . Two dollars in Advance two fifty in by x Mont Lis ill three at the end of tie year. No paper will be discontinued until All arrearage Are paid up. For Aveett sements of ton lines or less will be pub died three weeks for one Dollar and 25 cents for each additional insertion. All advertise Zients iii Stdio marked with the num Ber ofin8�rtionb,or they will to inserted till forbid and charged accordingly. The Cash must Invar Amy accompany advertise Vieni Efrom a distance or Slipy wiil not receive Atten tin. A All letters and address of to the must be free of postage. No variation whatever need be expected fro ii Thino terms. List or a 1 following gentlemen arc Sci Jursted and authorized to act As agents to or Civo subscriptions Job work Saver iveing amp a. Ami l eci it for the same. Tao has c. Johnson Spencer la. H. H. Throop Mill prove la. Samuel h. Smyth bowl iii grown la. Gamaliel Millais Fairfax a. We. Herod Esq. Chiin Biff la. E g. Watman martinis Litius la. D. A. Rawlings Nuvy Albany la. J. S. Irwin Loui Avrile by. George May Park Elsbur Montgomery co. La. We. S. Roberts Esq., Nashville la. Or. I. B. Maxwell Frankfort la. John Batterton Greencastle la. George g. Dunn Esq. Bedford Celebration speech of or. . Or. Chairman and Fel Loic citizens 1 feel deeply grateful for the undeserved and in Csaji acted Honor which this meeting has done me in calling on me to Bear son a part in the eneral rejoicing which Filli this mighty nation throughout its length. I can Quot but it of an unusual degree of pm Barrass Nunt in the novel and interesting position in which i find myself at this Lime but i am encouraged to proceed by Tho Reil fiction that although Many whom i have ten hut or to ii Dresson this occasion Are personally Niilus Iurii to Itie yet thank Tod you Are no strangers to Ila joyous event who it h hos bid us to Assem Hiu und Inin Gio our notes of Joy and grate Latina with our w Hift Brethren Quot from the Bleak and Frozen North Quot to the beaming and sunlit Salliea othe chivalric stir h. We have met to celebrate a great Victory Quot a tin holiest cause that Tongue or sword of mortal Ever lost or the Patriot s vision has been gladdened by the morning beams of Thiu Star which has lately risen to dispel the and error which for the last Eglit or ten years live Poilu oud cd the glory of Tho Empire state. The Sirri had of Power and corruption has been broken Uji and the Citadel of the spoils Man has been levelled with the Etta a from foundation to Turret e verily have car Fie the War into the enemy s country and the ban Noj of the whigs now float it proudly Over the ruins of the City Foll Annibel. We i ave nut met to celebrate a Victory Over our i Deinies nor the enemies of our country but Over our friends and fellow citizens who Are equally honest and Eiju ally patriotic with ourselves and far be it lion me Jjon this or any other occasion to charge improper motives to the real majority of the party to Wlinich we stand opposed whatever i May think of the time serving and reckless course of the leaders of that party. Vet i do believe that the party in Power Are under the influence 6f erroneous doctrines and principles and under Tho guidance of partizan leaders whose first object is the Quot glory of Cesar and not the welfare of Rome Quot Ond i under the influence of in riders who make a try tic of Timeir principles a Mercian Dizo of their patriotism. 1 do believe that to now rejoice at the Victory of virtue Over vice of Light Over darkness of patriotism Over Power Aud m this View of Tho Subj act who that has one drop of a inti inn blog cd a in his vein or in american heart in his bosom will not Yea Wilt riot rejoice with exceeding great Joy. If we Are accustomed to rejoice it the it Ici Ory heralded by Tho widow s Ini Fielit and Tho orphan s cry and followed by blighting devastation and death May we not rejoice it this bloodless to in Inch of principle which scatters its Rich blessings upon All we Calior they May have aided in its achievement or not hut in order to improve properly our Victory and to estimate its fruits it May not be amiss to retrace a to Steps of that astonish my Man whom the j eople a gratitude elevated to the Sigrit office upon Earth tie whom Tho people loved Quot not wisely but alas too was natural that the people should love ind Admire his military character and wish to Reward his services in defence of his country. In fact it has Ever been the misfortune of Man in every age of his history to follow blindly the dazzling meteor of military renown. It us then calmly re now the Steps by which to mounted to a Power 111 Thui Republic unparalleled in our history unknown to our Constitution and which Vire Itene to overthrow that go Tran ent Over which to had to in called to preside. It May not by a to recall some of Tho a Miry a a a pledges by Winch it lured Liis Fol Lowers on mid an toothed his Way to Power. What Fidlow citizens has a Clunie of the doctrine that a president should nerve but one term that was pleas unt ill theory but disagreeable in practice and he found it convenient to disregard it. What bus be Oliie of the doctrine thai members of con Shou d lint receive appointments Ilia pledge realized by appointing More members of Congress to office than any of his predecessors had done what has become of Tho rallying cry of Tho Wirty from Maino to Tho Julf of Mericos re Trenchin the Ordinary expenses carried out by in i leasing iwo fold and by reducing the Lina Coj of. This country from the highe let state of pros Hority to a it Genry Una ruin if this be und re firjj., it iad his mercy save us from any Niue Igi Ess was such retrenchment and Citi Zens i would rate ice have the ruinous of John q. Adams administration including even the furniture of the far pmed East room than this prudent saving reforming administration of the greatest and Best there Wos another doctrine that Federal officers should not interfere with the Freedom of elections. That sir has been fulfilled by organizing a trained band of forty thousand office holders selected on account of their partizan services and who hold their offices Only on condition that they will cry Yea so be it and amen to All the arts of tyranny which their master May he pleased to perpetuate his promises were Quot like dead sea fruit that tempt the Eye but turn to ashes Oil the Lojis. I speak these things in no spirit of bitterness or rancor but Quot More in sorrow than in anger and fellow citizens to say nothing of violated pledges what Are the positive evils which the late administration has entailed upon the country i shall Only Stop to examine Somo of them. In the first place it has enacted a revolution in Public sentiment in relation to the very basis on which our government rests. It has taught too Many of the people to look to the president for All authority legislative judicial and e.\ccutive. It has Lestroy de the checks and balances of our Constitution. It has substituted the wiil of one Man for the will of the people. It has humbled the representatives of 13 millions of freemen so that they Bend before the Oil conquering Fiat of executive dictation. The late Adieu listion has engendered a cruel and indicative spirit of proscription not Only at War with the principles of this government but contrary to the spirit of All free governments. This spirit of party proscriptions the same that invested the tortures of like inquisition and baptised the Banner of the Cros in the blood of its Piotis and devoted followers and sir i this spirit is not speedily checked by the awakened Energy and Resistless might of a free people our Happy institutions will soon be consigned to the grave of despotism to that grave which knows the Light of no resurrection morn and Over w hich no Flowers of Hope shall Ever Spring to cheer the Patriot s vision. The practice of the late of removing his political opponents from Ollie e without charge or accusation but merely for opinion s Sake cull it by what name you will it is ii / of the most odious features of an irresponsible monarchy. The subject of the currency fellow citizens is one of great importance at this a crisis and one to which All eyes Are turned with intense interest. In fact it cannot , for it is intimately connected with the Prosperity and business of the people. This or it at question of the currency must sooner or later be settled by the people and it hould 1x3 settled speedily and permanently for eve Erv agitation of this exciting question convulsed government to its deep foundations. But we cannot no by the remedy till we know the disease. Act at the time Noah was building the Ark to these ill now citizens Oro some of the political pro serve himself and fief icily when it first f a attn to abuses and l Ere it is Gamst Wlinich we have con rain a Man came to Noah and asked to by adn tilted tended Antl altho Tigh we met with rein the Ark. Noah said h j could not let him in it verses i t to Are insult la d and a i Ozien in was against divine appointment. He then w ent a spirit and i Quot e w Are ready. Way and Aye till Tho whole Earth was covered to a ear before god e burning Csc with water and Camo again with the same request. To break our chains when the water had raised to his Chin and asked a a a be a or it hand who can despair of final Success in gain to be admitted. Noah still refused. The Man then told him to go to Tho do i wih his old boat for to did not Thinht there would be much of a Shower any How. And sir in a few Short months after this cry of no pressure the distress in the Cour itry was such As to justify a Call for a special session of Congress and the grounds taken by the president in his message was that although distress and great pecuniary embarrassment pervaded the whole country yet that this distress was All caused by j of Ert Rading and speculation. These May have caused the sudden revulsion in Tho business of the country but we must look Back still farther amp see if we can what caused speculation and Over trading. I think it May be traced to the in Dienso Issue of irredeemable state Bank paper Anil Tiai the Issue would not have been Amdo hut for the Bank of the United states was about going out of existence and state Banks sprang up to Supply its place Quot and when they no longer dreaded Quot he correcting and control lug influence of that institution they made Large issues As they supported with impunity they were also induced to increase their circulation on account of Tho government deposits which were lovage a in their keeping and another reason Why their is it pics were increased was that their notes had a wider circulation after the United states Bank went Down. Before that time their currency and circulation were confined to their immediate neighbor Routi but Fig soon As there was no Hank paper iti shich the people Hadj general Confidence they were then forced to take state Bank paper and As Long As the government gave to state Banks All they wished and asked them for nothing the Experiment worked Welle Nouh but when the late distribution act began to take it Lect the Bubble burst. The truth is that the government super induced All the speculation and Over trading of w hich it so Long and loudly con Plains and strange that the government should reproach the people with Over trading. As Well might satan reproach eve for her fall. The truth is that whenever the currency of the country is suddenly and greatly increased and the Price of labor and every article of value greatly enhanced men will desert the useful and lax Riou avocations Quot of life and go into wild amp reckless speculation. It is in the Natu Ejof Man to turn his labor into that Channel which will yield the most immediate profit at least nominally so. The great mistake of our Quot citizens for seven year Back has been Tho attempt to get Rich by exch ii ing values instead of creating values. I think the cannot App y be remedy till we know the disease action a the present one have brought Aidif we look to the which produced the j a a a Vitia Tion in the currency present deranged and violated state of our Currene. A a a a threatens Quot to we will fed that it is All chargeable to the late and Luin stration. First a majority of the people s rep acc a ,.itv. At the late special sess Ion of Congress resent Tives passed a Lill re Char terms the Ink of withholding the fourth instal tie limed suites but the president in his great i Wisdom vetoed the Bill. And Why fellow citizens ? of the National government pledged to the ostensibly acc also lie said to had constitutional scruples but really and in fact because he could not Mould the Bank to his wishes or make it minister to his ambition. 1 Hope there is no need of my entering upon argument now to prove the cons Titu tir Mility of a Bank of the United states. The first Bank charter was signed by Georgo Washington the father of his country Ond the second by James Madison the father of the Constitution Aud who will presume to say that they either knowingly or ignorantly violated the Constitution of their country ? yet there Are those who even dark to May not contented with attacking the Bright the virtuous thu Talei iti a and the patriotic among the living and to by iii Vliem Down to their of i degraded level they must even make inglorious warfare upon the grave and desecrate and profane the of buried greatness Tell it not to the american people that Washington and Midi son knew less of the Constitution than do these quack of stale and footstep readers who have so recklessly experimented on currency of Tho country. The past history of the country shows conclusively the expediency of a Bank of the United states. The next act in the War a on Tho Bank w As the removal of the Public fun ills from a place of perfect Security and placing them in the vaults of irresponsible stale Banks thereby holding up the him Nensi revenues of this government As a bribe to corruption and a Luie to ambition. This measure was not taken in accordance with wishes the act was the issuing of the famous specie circular on the res ions Billy of he president. The Embarrass neut Ditl Mculty and distress which that measure Brough upon the country is known to you All thus we find that Tho people have had nothing to do with regulating the pm Rency for several years past. It has been regulated and controlled solely by the i resident and Liis Cabinet a the late democratic Ajluni stration is justly chargeable with Tho whole of it and sir Tho Lute democratic presi Dent yet that very Pink Ofsei Noracy Ali tit hero of vetoes has Brou it about All this wide spread ruin which covers this country. And yet this Man and the Par it whom he has rallied to his support now a elect to be the Democrat the Only is inon pies and if democracy consists in breaking Down Commerce destroying and paralysing tie a flirts of honest Industry Theta they Are pre eminently entitled to Tho name of democrats but if democracy is a government by the people Ond if men should show their democracy by respecting and obeying the will of the people Ihen it would seem to me that these modern ruffle shirted Patent demo crat Foj it the stolen the livery of heaven to serve the �v1i 111.&Quot&Quot in o were lately told by those in lower that there was no pressure in the country which an honest Man need fear. This fellow citizen of was told Only a few Short months ago. This cry of no Presti ure reminds a of an anecdote 1 have Louie where heard to this of government pledged slates and trampling under foot the solemnity of contracts and destroying vested rights and another Law passed at the special session authorizing the issuing of ten millions of dollars in Treasury notes w hich being interpreted Means the borrowing often millions of dollars at interest to Austin a Treasury fast verging towards bankruptcy. The sub Treasury scheme also Cut a considerable figure in the message. That measure would Bave greatly extended the Patrona of of the president which already threatened w Ith its a ponderous weight to overwhelm Tho Constitution and Laws of Tho nation. The sub Treasury scheme was the marriage contract Between the purse and the sword and sir it needs no gift of prophecy to foretell the fatal con sequences of such Are written in characters of blood upon the pages of Republican history. You May read them in the Triumph of ii Sar Over roman Lili erty you May read them in the history of the All grasping ambition of Cromwell you Neay see them in the Bright Brief and meteor career of Nao Eon. At that session for the first time was heard the party cry of divorce the government from All with Banks. Can you divorce the government from the currency of the country ? As Well May you divorce animal life from the atmospheric air or Man from the blood which warms his heart. If this re Seuss cry Means any thing it is that the Federal officers shall receive their salaries in Gold and Silver and the democracy of numbers must transact their business in the special session a Resolution was to Thi a effect that whenever a majority of the people should require it it would then be expedient to charter a National Bank but to the reproach of free government to the everlasting disgrace of an american Congress this Resolution was voted Down by a strictly party vote. Thus we see that there is no Chance of changing the policy of la a administration without changing the administration itself. We can Hope for no Relief from the general government until the a Copie take their own work into their own hands and my the country from the w withering curse of the Nial adm iii it Tulion under which we have so Long Gru Aii de. We Aro now told by those 111 Power that the National government has no authority to regulate the currency int the very go it in us 111 which to Hae seen and Felt be All Over Lul for purposes of mischief and ruins a very do inon for destruction has no Power for goo Ltd. It is but lately sir that the government disclaimed the authority Over the currency. Were told that by the Agency of Stato Bank we should have a bet ter currency than the United states Bank afforded us and that the state Trinka Ami the Deposit sys tem answered All the object of their creation. If those Obj tits were to Render honest Industry unproductive to dismantle your Metchan a hip break Down your manufactories mid prostra.0 credit then they May have answered such object. So Good a cause when we shall live the United efforts of the w Hole whig parly and when we reflect that we Are contending in behalf of constitutional Lii and equal rights in behalf of that sacred Pri Cip Leof Freedom which warmed the heartland nerved the arms of our revolutionary sires which lit up her watch fires amid the eternal snows of Switzerland that prize of Liberty which is written to Light upon the glorious institutions which Blaza id a Dorn our beloved country a who can doubt of Success when he look to the recent elections there has been a general rising of the people in their might from the Rock bound shores of Maine Good old North Carolina Tho rip Van Winkle of the Union. Fellow citizens can we doubt of Aue Coss whilst we number in our ranks the has son a the clays and the websters 01 the nation. It is True that calumny and detraction have done their worst upon their names yet As moral political and intellectual giants they Tower to our midst a Bove the Region of party storms and although slander May for a time rest with its withering curse upon their character yet like the morning Cloud upon the Mountain s brow although for a session it May obscure it can diminish their political Elevation. But Ferow citizens we have a great work to accomplish and one which can Only by effected by a Union of Effort. We my snot. Fall out by the Way. We must have but one candidate for the presidency. We must give up if Neo Rasary our personal preference and local prejudices and predilections. We must lose sight of the fact that we Are or have been Clay men or Harrison men or the friends of Webster in the More important consideration that we Are whigs and Ain Crinan citizens and if that candidate should be the Veteran Soldier whose name and glory is identified with the history of Indiana he who when a Mere boy went Forth not to the Quot tented but to the ten less Field Quot in defence of his bleeding country he upon whom every Eye was turned when darkness gloom and despondency Hung Over the North Western Frontier he w to has always proved himself honest capable and faithful to the Constitution in the di8ctia, of All duties confided to him he who has so open led the chivalry of the West to Victory and planted the american Eagle upon England s prostrate lion the Sage the hero the statesman or whether that candidate be the great orator of the West the Dis Tingus cd father of the protective policy and internal in it movement he whose voice has Ever been raised m behalf of so Lfering humanity he who held out the first encouraging hand which was extended to our sister republics of South America he whose trumpet voice first bade redeemed Greece to take her stand among the Independent nations of the Earth he w to has upon More than one trying crisis in his country s history stepped Forward and by the giant Force of his own mind unaided and unassisted calmed the Waves of popular commotion which threatened to Bury in ruins the Constitution of the Republic and the Union of the states i jilt w Hose history is the history of this Republic for the last thirty years. But i shall not detract from the character of Jenry Clay by any feeble Eula a of mine i let his Public services his talents and patriotism Tell their own Story. Or if that candidate should be the lion of the North whose Battles in defence of the Constitution have filled the nation with his praises w e should be prepared to go for any one of distinguished whigs who May be selected As our candidate not Luke warmly but with ardent devoted and self sacrificing Zeal and in selecting our candidate we should look to character principles and talents and also to the probability of Success. If i May be permitted to Hazard an opinion i should buy Uii hesitatingly that in my opinion we have More certainty of Success with general Harrison As our candidate than with any other Man. I am prepared to go for either of the men spoken of As candidates on Thi subject. I have no Aud no concealment. I would that my principles were written on my forehead or in Tho language of one of Kentucky s most highly gifted sons whose patriotic blood has Crim soned to Heights of Tippecanoe Quot i would that my principles were w Ritten in characters of Sunshine athwart the Noonday heavens that Tho world might read them a party spirit May rear up its Golden calves of Heathen gods for the blinded worship of its devotees but we i Trust will not Bend our Freeborn Knees in Devotion to them. Let others do As they will As for us and our household we will live in a i if needs be a lie fur the old Fash Ioanid whig principles of seventy six. If we Are United we can but Triumph. Revolutions it is said never go backwards and who can doubt that a mighty revolution in Public sediment has already Cumi Nencet Why sir every Breeze is Laden w Ith the notes of Tri to pm and the songs of Victory Ond the shouts of a which fun St Rose from joyous thousands on the Atlantic Seaboard were repealed from Tho Heights of the Alle Ghunt and now reverberates through the mighty \ Alli v of the Sathur of Waters and the glad sound bul Roll on i iii it shall Wake the far Distant a Chocs of tiie Ovocky mountains. Fellow citizens Wing principles May decline else where yet we May i l w i a univ iii Confidence on Tho great West w Here the revolution first commenced Quot Htu e St Lei at Are arms unchained and pulls that Thra Dom never who can doubt Tho patriotic action of the great West Ilia West whose every fight is Victory Quot whose every Hill top is a fortress formed to Freedom s hand Quot w Hose every Valley Haa been drenched by the Best blood other slaughtered sons Here at least shall altars Ever stand dedicated to Freedom a True god. I ask of you fellow Cit Ecna in this great emergency this trying Unie a your country s history to a How yourselves worthy of the mighty dead from whom you Are descended

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