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Bloomington Indiana Tribune (Newspaper) - February 9, 1850, Bloomington, Indiana In Diana tribe no xyx0hxl0s Farmer published weekly by jul Ives i. , editor and proprietor. Terms the Tribune is published every sat Lur Day at the Christian record office in Bloomington ind., at $1.50 per annul payable in Advance or within three months from the time of subscribing after Oliree months and will in the year $2.00�?or $2.a0 if payment be delayed till the year is out. And Moj Roe . 3. Bloomington Indiana february 9, 1850. No. 12, from the new York Tribune. That Rochester knocking explanation 4ind history of the mysterious commit cation Ullh spirits a. When thai remarkable Book Quot nature s divine Relec Giovis by Andrew Jackson Davis Quot was published we saw fit to give our readers a full and Lucid summary of its contents with whatever Light beside we were Able to shed on the subject. Ii did Noi of Cir to us that to thereby commended its general views much less endorsed the absolute Verity of ail is a claims and inculcation a beloved ecu Csc not every spirit stands in our Fible very closely connected with the injun cuon Ilio spirits whether they arc of and we do not see Tiow any arc to Tonj that of which they stubbornly refuse to have any knowledge. The subject of i Titian Intercourse with or re cup Tion of information from the spiritual world is one of the very deepest inic Resi to every Inid Wigent mind. Mid is uni Srauy Iho Iheme of innumerable frauds and . Uni not of these alone unless history be a fable and Iho sacred record a tissue of a abcs there a c been real and mome Ivious from the unseen world As Well As Many Mon Knavish pretences to it or Beni dim iii Hall ii citations it. Vii Caber i in Assunia tons of spiritual Agency in any Case of mysterious or Marvom Soi int Rikio a quote True or false is a a Uesi Ion of Limo Lii a to i moment to rational by Wiigs ail. Even ii>oul1 i to conc ded thai nine Liin div d Ann Nick ii Imine of every thousand Price curs to it ii in iii w ire Yuul Are Rici is or is still Wise and rational to invest Oaie Liiv new claim thai tray be proof tired. Vitu a disposition to judge dispassionately and Candy Iilva. A Xerva Small percentage of such Miiko ii As is alleged to be found ii Ere will pay for Vic frying the hardest veins of Rock Anil we can iii see How any one but an iii Nisi or sated Nice can fail to be Niue Resico in in Cut explorations. Impi iry. . We Iber for a Coni Nind a cred Oiin swallowing Down of whatever purports to he Dic Pauul i Roni the land of souls is Juite another. A tji air. We do not bus Italie to say thai no theory of a Quot Ollie icon of juggle or be Vitril Ltd Huinia or Havlu citation suffices to account to our Iniel for the concussions sounds or Knock Nus Quot which have Tjoen heard b Bun o dress of the most respect Abib and sedate citizens of Western new York. We live no Faith in and hardly patience with the Cool Assumption thai fraud or falsehood Man a be a the Bottom of any phenom Nion Wei hour knowledge of nature bios not suffice to prove in con or nifty with the luvs but to Are very far Ivoun believing in the Verity of whatever May be uttered As from a i Ein bodied spirit because we can not account by ascertained natural Laws for such utterance. Investigation first Candor always implicit Faith is of slow growth and not to be accorded except after very careful and thorough scrutiny. No other caution Saens required. Let us assume that there really so Meiling itt this Knof King a thai ii is the Reduci not of imposture and collusion nor of menial illusion but of some inti hence whereof our established mundane philosophy has not yet taken cognizance and it still remains unproved that no juggle has been super induced upon the Verity originally manifested in other words there is a great difference Between admitting thai there has been some in mysterious Phenomena evinced and thai All which a purported to be such Wius really what it assumed to be. Analogy would teach us that Shadow is a cons quench of Light that real voices from the spiritual world have at All times been mimicked and parodied by charlatans and jugglers of the order of Simon magus and a Pollonius Tyana. I establish the reality of a st Pernai nral manifestation or even of a popular belief that it is such and at once Craft and greed begin to study How they can turn it to their private advantage whether by taking advantage of the mantles nation itself or by counterfeiting it. Us posing the Verity of such manifestation established and some schemer thereupon undertakes to acid Giro Money or cons i Uyenco or notoriety by Means thereof we May readily presume that the influence whatever it May be would refuse to be subservient to such ends and the schemer must resort to trick or sleight of Hanvel to achieve his purpose. Thus the Mesial Lish ment of Vernable iii Stalions from the unseen world would by no Means prove that All which claim Kindred therewith Are verities nor would this de tiption of a dozen counterfeits prove that it real had preceded and in i cd them. A and now to the alleged revelations or whatever they May be Cal hid at Rochester Auburn and the Vicinity of the former. To have read attentively the now Pam Lei Quot Ivy Plantation and history of the mysterious Unn in Union with spirits comprehending the Rise and Progress of the mysterious noises in Western new yuck generally received As spiritual Quot just issued Ai Auburn now York and for Sale by fowlers Wells Nassau st. Our readers have had a succinct history of the origin and cd racier of these noises As developed in several tub Lic exhibitions at Rochester umber the direction of a number of the most of Inonu and to liable citizens most if not All of whom were utterly incredulous when they commenced the but who publicly stated at the close that they would not account for these noises by any of nature or of Roguer known to Mankind. We shall not now repeat the st Tomoi to then Given through our columns but fro i the pamphlet before us some further develop moments indicating in ice licence on Tho a Art of the cause of these noises. In speaking of the Rochester inv Sii gation Tho pump Lei Page 5 Days Quot Ono member of the first committee stated that he asked Tho question who is it that wishes to communicate with me the answer was your wife will talk he evaded the answer and gave Tho persons present to understand that he never had a wife. To use his own expression when he gave his Public report he brow heat it Dion he would not admit that there was any truth in it until to reported in Tho evening then he stated it correctly a had lost his Loic some time before collisions or previous knowledge is by no Means impossible in this Case but the next one relative to g. W. Who was mysteriously directed not to go to Michigan Asho had intended but to Rochester to apply at a certain strange place at a certain hour and to would have a situation provided for him that week this was thursday and actually did have a situation Given him at 8 on saturday evening by a Man whom he had never seen till he applied to him and who did not imagine on thursday Itiat he should want any body on saturday nor soon at ally these averments form a very Strong Case which ought to have been Union peaceably authenticated. This procuring situations for men in need from strangers who never heard of them is a touch above Ulitz or the Fink in of Ava. And if a juggle. One that ought to be encouraged and kept up As Long As possible. The pamphlet says Quot these Are facts which can be posit Vicli Proni with dates and names of All Tho Well then it should have been. Fewer a in vols and More irresistible proof of them would have in roved this Pam let regarded As an Appeal Jcj the continue our quotations p. 50�?60. A the following statement is taken from the private journal of one of the authors of Titis history a a Oil the 23d of november 1848, i wont to the City of lion Lister on business. I had a previously made up my mind to investigate this so called mystery if i should have an of pin Tuii Ity. In doing so i had no doubt but what i possessed shrewdness enough to detect the trick As 1 strongly suspected it to to. Or discover the cause of the noise if it should be unknown to the inmates of the House. A a a Friend of mine whom 1 had Long known As a septic in regard to any such wonders invited me to go with him to hear it. I accepted the invitation with a feeling that was far from serious apprehension of communicating with anything beyond my Power to discover. Quot a Dufore i heard the sound we seated ourselves around Tho table. As soon As we got i Tiei i i eard a slight but distinct rapping on the floor apparently on the Emder Side. Although i concluded that such a sound i iii he be Trade by Macvitie i could see no possible motive in the family taking so much pains to deceive people As they received nothing but annoyance and trouble in return for their pains. I proceeded to ask some ties tons and they wore answered very freely and correctly. I asked if it would rap my age it was done correctly. I then took my memo random Book from my pocket and Loroff my questions so thai no Oiher person should know the nature of the questions. I would write a rap four times rap one rap six rap seven Quot and to each and every question 1 got a Rorrer answer. I Ihen Laid Asido my Book and proceeded to ask similar test questions mentally and As Bajro received Correct answers. Quot i could not believe that persons present had the Power to discern my thou has and make these sounds in answer for the sounds have a peculiarity not easily imitated. To suppose this to to the Case would make the Mailer a still greater mystery. I knew they could not give those answers for there were questions answered which they could not know anything about. At another time i tried Tho Experiment of counting in the following manner i look several shells from a card Basket on the table Small Lake shells closed my hand and placed it under the table a Mirely out of sight and re it due still As Many raps As there were shells h was done correctly. As i knew How Many shells there were in my hand i resolved to test it in another Way to see if there was a possibility of my mind having any in the matter. I took a handful of shells without knowing How Many i look myself. Still the answers were Correct. I then rip posted a Friend who sat by the Tab to put his hand in the Basket Lake oui some shells without knowing the number and pass ii ugh into my hand which 1 closed and placed in a up Sirion where none could see it. The num her was told As correctly As id Ore. We. Continued this class of experiments for a Long Lime wiil Ioui the least failure in boiling Correct answers Quot thi re could be no mistaking these tests. They would not in influenced by our minds Lor to Dill Noi ours Ilves know what the answers should be. I his places a a i Seius on its being anything governed by Llu Lupin is of those asking Purist toils or those who hear it most Fredy. I he pro its of getting answers and Correct ones to mental Quesi Iotis and to thoughts whore it Zuesi runs Are not asked is As Plain As the rapping itself. A we have known several a Creinis to he sitting Aro Imd a table in conversation a and alien they ceased the Siadul for the alphabet would be Calliel for and a sentence would be spelled like this a naming one of the company thinks so and so mentioning exactly Whai their thoughts were. Ai one Lime several persons win e ire Seni one wrote on a eco of paper to another Soi Manhing about iwo Oiher members of Len company which Eliho unimportant in try did Noi wish the others to know but As if to Eon video us All of their Power to Tell our thoughts Tho signal was Given for Ilio Ulm it Hab i and Tho same spoiled uni that they had written. This has so often been the Case of similar occurrences that it is placed beyond dispute by those who have tried the Experiment of getting answers to mental questions the next chapter discusses the question Quot Are they Good or evil spirits Quot who make these demonstrations a question hardly in order As yet who have decided Fiat they Are Dis embodied spirits at All. The writer contends that they Are Good because they always do Good a that is their interposition in human affairs uniformly tends to the avoidance of evil and the securing of Good. This is an excellent Louch Sione and we have no disposition to Cavil at Tho conclusions thence attained. The following is one of the cases cited in the evidence p. G4 Quot on one occasion a gentleman of Rochester was indebted to a woman who was in great need of the Money. The spirits directed her Little sister to go to such a place in the Siefu at a certain hour in the any and she would meet the Man who would pay her three dollars for her sister. The Little girl did not know the Man who owed the n Oney Bui went As directed. At the appointed time she me a Man who said to her Are you the girl who lives with she replied in the air native. Here Are Oliree dollars i wish you to take to her said the Man handling her a Bill and passed on the pamphlet , what the rep its of investigating co Minitte s it Iven in our Colin Ems Piave already set Forth that the directions Giren by these Knor icings Are not reliable but often erroneous. As this is rather important let us hear what the writer has to offer upon it p. 6g. Two see no reason for supposing that because a Man has passed from this stage of existence he has become at Unce Tho most perfect of prophets without regard to his condition Here. There Are undoubtedly spirits who desire to be noticed and to answer questions who Are too ignorant to give any instruction and who u Ould be As Likely to Tell i Kiln is wrong. We do Noi believe these to be wilfully vicious these errors arise from their ignorance and we Are answered that they will ultimately Progress to a state of intelligence purity and of Ual to those vrho pass from Here under More favourable circumstances. Swedenborg s Lys there Are some spirits so ignorant that they do iii know but they Are Tiff ones called for when another is meant. This May be so. Be Are inclined to think it is for we have known attempts to be invade to imitate the signal which we always get when we Call for a Friend. Nearly every person who has called frequently for some particular spirit gets a signal whereby that particular spirit is known. This signal is different or different spirits and although it is frequently attempted we have never known these signals imitated. To do not think there is danger being deceived by ignorant spirits when a person becomes acquainted with these commune Eai ions. The sound made by an ignorant spirit is quite diff event from the others. M Hill the Sontis made by hit Eui edit spirits to Clear and , the sound made by the ii Narant ones is loin and a iii led like the striking of the hand on a Raffet. To Are confident Oliai with duo caution and care intelligent and upright individuals will get Correct answers. A vouch depends upon the mind and disposition of persons at Tho time of asking the questions for As All the universe goes by Ailini ties it needs a pure Lind Calm thinker and deliberate questioner to get communications from spirits of a High a these spirits or whatever Ticy May be it seems have a theology if such it May be called As it is manifestly proper that spirits should have. If it should seem rather a Saint Patern the Reader will please Lay the fault at their door or their expositors at All events not at ours. Whether the sounds whereby Tho following answers were communicated were Clear and Lively or Low and muddled this deponent Saith not. To Only quote from the Book which says Quot their general theology is that of Davi Aswedcnbor-.,and others who have claimed to receive their impressions from spirits. They generally use the Lerudis higher and lower spheres instead of heaven or hell. They say that All per sons to a condition Superior to that which they occupied hero on their leaving the of questions have been asked on these , and have been answered by spirits who purported to to Emanuel Swedenborg the of Frevort e orge Fox Lorenzo Dow , William i. Han Nihi Nathaniel p. Rogers John Wesley Samuel by and Many others. Quot it May to Well to remark that in Iny times when these spirits Are communicating the alphabet will be called for and Souie name perhaps Ono of the Auvo and perhaps some other spelled the one who wishes to Coin Unicume. Often it is a Namo which Tho c m any had not thought of. They generally deliver same useful Ami inti Esling message when Quot Yueh is the Case. Tho following Are questions which Are frequently asked and we give the answers As they Tui spoiled out. To might fill a volume with questions and answers. Quot questions what is your Mission to the world a ans re to do Good. I he time will Como when to will communicate universally. Quot it a of what Benefit will it be to Mankind two can reveal truths to the world and men will become More harmonious and better prepared fur the higher spheres. Quot i a Somo imagine that the Are evil and that Siuwun is Iran fenced into an Angel of iii it to deceive us. Woidat should we say to them&Quot.1�?Tell them some of their bigotry will have 0 be dispensed Wilh be fore they Ean believe we Are Good spirits. I it a them Why they re use to investigate. They Aro not As Wiso us they iii Puju to to. Quot a a can ignorant spirits rap Quot a yes. An ignorant spirit rapped and the difference was very Plain Between that and the other quare these Soui ids made by rapping Quot a no. They Are made by the will of the spirits causing a concussion of the atmosphere and making the sounds appear in whatever piece they please. Can they make the sounds to All persons a no. The time will come when they can. Is there some Peculiar state of the body that makes it easier to communicate with some persons than Otherio a ill yes. Quot on one occasion a spirit purporting to be Lorenzo Dow gave the following definition of hell. Quot the Universal Isis say that hell is the grave. This is not so. The presbyterians say it is a place of fire and Brimstone that Burns the soul forever. This is not so. The Quot hell is a mail s own body and when he from that he escapes from bondage Quot according to this a than wishing to get out of hell has Only to Cut Bis Throat which most peo pie would consider a far More Likely Way to get into that interesting predicament. If it be not deemed unexceptionable inter meddling with forbidden topics we would like to say that we can t advise any one to try the Experiment. It might not be Safe. A the next and last chapter the conclusion excepted croats of the display of physical Hovver by the invisible agencies treated of and is Raiher calculated to make people open their eyes. Passing Over averments that the poo pie Lesti big have witnessed the moving of a table by some unseen impulse while a Man tried to hold it Down we Sii Ould have preferred bail a stood away from it a that Quot a table Claih was taken from the table and very compactly stowed away under it one Corner a the lights having previously been removed from the room Why that Quot a hat on the table was turned Over the table cloth. So As to nearly iii Fie it that Iho Persona to Siriying Quot a Ive had a hand Laid on the r own shoulders or head when no person could or would do it having All it in Ham s held by each other but All in the dark we under sum a that said hand has a Perie cily natural feeling thai Quot at our request in will change both its Lempera ure and Lexi ure it will in one instant feel As cold As ice and As warm As a common hand of flesh Quot a that the invisible played several times o. A guitar most exquisite in though no person a the room knew How to play on the Inspru nent at All a that this was done on several occasions but always we understand in a dark Logoai a we make room for the following from p. 73�?5 saturday evening oct. 20.i�?this evening we had asked for some different demons Ira Lions and our request was complied to heard the sounds on the Wall Bureau table floor and other places As loud As the striking Wilh u Hammer. The Lable was in Jed Aboin the room and turned Oer and Uii aed Back. Two Mon in the company undertook to hold a chair Down while at their Reque. A spirit moved it and notwithstanding they exerted All their strength the chair could not to held still by them. As sve Sai by the , Tho cloth was removed to a different Parto he room. The Combs of several ladies a it re taken from their Heads and put into the he ads of others and aft i Ward the Combs recur i d 10 their owners and placed in the hair us of fore. There was a person present this evening who had been suspicious thai Tho guitar was played a few nights before by some of the persons present. Tho first when we came together was for the alphabet to be called for by the spirits who spelled a. Thinks r. And c. Played the guitar thus were her thou Glus Rov Oaler before the company. At another meeting another person was told the same thing although she had never expressed 10 anyone her thoughts. Quot during Ono of these evenings a was expressed that to might see the hand that touched us. On looking toward the window the Moon shining through the curtain to saw a hand waved to and fro before it. We could discover no other pan of a form. This we have witnessed Many limes ourselves and several have disco Reil Disi Neily the in Aires of persons whom they knew and who had been dead for years. Quot on one occasion when several persons were present the guitar was taken from the hands of those who held it Hoy taking Hohl of hands ail put it in Tunc and commenced playing while it j Assed around the room above their Luuis. It was also Laken from one person and Biassed to others in the room. In this Way for nearly two Luurs it Continuo a to play and Kee a time with Tho singing and the go Muir was liken by this unseen Power to Dit Ferenzi pans of Iho room while playing. A one evening while several ladies it re present some of Ihetu rep kissed that the spirits would Lake their hair Down. According it was Dune. One of them had her hair taken blown Anil done up in a Wisi and Ono of than had Hor s braided in four strands. We cannot Reitmi to give All the cases of these singular Demonsi rations a hindi have been witnessed by ourselves and others it would fill a Large volume Quot a we close Here with two simple remarks if our comments us to proceeded have Al times Savoured of levity or stubborn incredulity Hoy Havo Bot i wide of our . We have Noi meant to imply thai any Sia yemeni in this b k k is nicer scarily false or incredible but Only that they Aro of such a Lauire As to require a Viry Lar ii Amoute of in Imp Schable Ovule Itcik to Suszun Ahcin. It it or Muihor remark i thai we Job printing the proprietor of the Tribune would inform the citizens of Monroe county and the Public generally that he is prepared to do Job work of every description in the beat style on Short notice and on accommodating terms. He has an excellent assortment of Job Type and can Amish Blanks of every description such As Deens mortgages sub Tenas marriage License Justice Blanks &.c, he is prepared to print circulars pamphlets Bills and everything in the Book line. Give us a Call Bif fore going elsewhere. Trust no one who readily receives these revelations As solemn verifies will hereafter think it Quot a thing incredible that god should raise the dead Quot a nor doubt that he did raise Lazarus and Jesus As recorded in the gospels. The murder of or. G. Parkman. Prob ability of Ano Titek copy the following from the Boston mail of Tho 11th, for what it is Worth. It is like a great Many said in this Case but vague Rumor and Uncertain conjecture perhaps. The Rand jury of the county of Suffolk commenced yesterday the investigation of the Case of or. John a. Vav Ebster charged with the murder of or. George Parkman. Forty two witnesses have been summoned. It is said that a Cabman will testify that he on the night of the alleged murder took or. Webster from his House in Cambridge about 11 o clock in the evening brought him into the City and left him at the medical College where he remained All night and that he look him Salt k in the morning to Cambridge. A now feature has been added to the Case by the knowledge of a singular disappearance Itiat took place on the night Previ ii a to the murder in this Street. It is a act which has thus far Lieen kept studiously secret by the authorities. It appears that a Liing woman about Twenty two years of age named Catharine Sproule Eft a he residence of or. Caleb Howe no. 20 South Grove Strent and has not been seen or heard of since. She was rather a Good look intr Young woman of Irish parentage and resided in the family of or. Howe As a Domestic. The Cir Cimi Taneo of her disappearance at this fatal period taken in connection with the finding of the dead body of an infant near the medical College a few Das after the murder of or. Parkman buried in the dirt on what a called the new jail hands has Given Rise to terrible sushi Crims and created another mystery which it is hoped the new grand jury will urn vol. The Providence Mirror contains the following paragraph. We give it for what it is Worth simply cautioning our renders against Ali being much Reliance on the statements Quot the Story is that Littlefield said he was called in by professor Webster before sushi Eion fastened upon him to help dispose of Tho murdered Man and the it he was knowing All the while to thai whole transaction Thero Mav be no truth in it but it is the subject of conversation in i5oston, and gentlemen in this cite we arc told have been positively assured that such is now Littlefield s statement. Tho idea seems to be to make another Coolidge affair of it with the differ once that the new version implicates Little Kidd Mueh More seriously than the new version of the Matthews murder did the student who was pm oyed by Coolidge on a false Loli up dispose of Tho lifeless body. The Story has not yet got into the papers and May l c unworthy of a place there but it is believed by some in the City and May be How xes Aki process has been greatly simplified within the last two years. The Iron is rolled out into bars tha proper Width and thickness of an axe and 6, 8. And ten get Long it i. Heated and cutoff by a pair of Large shears propelled by water Power another Workman picks ii the piece and places it Between a die and punch and the punch comes Down and forces the Hole for the handle by punching out a piece. An Iron Mandrill is then inserted into the Hole and it is immediately put under another press which forms one Side of the axe it then goes into another die. And forms the other Side and is then pm ced in an upright position and a chisel comes Down and splits the Quot bit Quot of Tho ago ready for the steel ii is then thrown this is done at one heat and in less Timo than it takes to Friio the modes the Blado of the axe is then put in and welded. And Assed along to the forger Lomp Rcd and is cast upon Tho ground to Cool. As soon As Cool it is taken up and planed Down to an Edge by a planing machine and i it Willi the Emery wheels painted labelled and Are ready for Market. Or. in j.\n,.�?wc learn that or. Webster has made Freiti omit complaints to or. Aith tips the jailor that lilo occupants of Iho Calis in the immediate Vicinity Are in Tho habit of shouting out to him at night uttering All sorts of unkind edit idiots such As Eure a murderer you re a blood thirsty scoundrel Quot or. Andrews had no knowledge of this matter except what to heard from or. Webster. To Ono night Pla Coil two men in Tho of passage Way that leads to the Colls they remained until morning but heard no unusual or in Pousant noises. Trio Day following ibis Tho Ductor repeated his complaint to or. Andrews Suying that Quot last night the same outrages had been or. Androws knowing this not to be True of coups concludes that the doctor imagination is so Var oui it upon or thai his dreams arc of such an unpleasant Elia Ractor. He a to produce in Somo Deg docs mental a Cri Alioti. I. Webster has lost much of the buoyancy of spirit that sus Lainon him when he Lirosi Decanio an Ignatc of Iho Boston . Subscriber Utis Iuone until isl having Ici Dov i. Oit iu8 Olulo Moliis own Rosi Daneo where All i Suim olo Erath is m Tho Lin of Denti Wilry will by put or Forini my according to Liui most a i a it it Ved Puii All Epora ii ii Wurn ruled und charges Low. Also on Ici Iid a a a in l article of tooth i , and tooth Leli the Pii lie Uro a ii Vito of Quot a Quot ill and inv a their to Chi t. Lick ilk Blo Oriun Lun la 1 i i no d

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