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Bloomington Indiana Tribune (Newspaper) - February 5, 1848, Bloomington, Indiana Ii dial a ii dial a the perpetuity of our glorious Union can Only be secured by the intelligence Industry and morality of the people. Voli. Bloomington Indiana february 5, 1848. No. 11. J. Indiana Tribune Neutral in politics is published every saturday by m. Mathes amp e. Good win editors and proprietors. Terms the Tai Nune is published every saturday at the Christian Accord office in Bloomi Tirton in Dat fl.50 per annul pay Abhi in Advance or with i three months from the time of a iter three months and within tic year s 2.00�?or 2.50 if a payment be delayed till Lii year is out. Advertisements inserted at the usual rates. Tip la l l a Meo by Indian to a it lotions. As the Graves of the red men were their Only monuments so traditions were their Only history. By Oral traditions transmitted from which came Down from heaven Quot arid of that Quot confusion of tongues Quot which fell upon Tho descendants of Noah in the Plains of Shinar. If the scriptural account of the deluge and the saving of Noah and his family be Only a Quot delusive fable Quot at what time and under what circumstance it May to asked could such a fable have been imposed upon the world for a fact and with such impressive Force that it should be universally credited As True and transmitted in Many languages through different nations and successive Ages by Oral tradition alone those who can tolerate the sup position of such uni venal credulity have no alternative but to reject the evidence derived from All human experience and against a world of testimony weighing against them to oppose merely the assertion of infidel a american history. Pompeii and a Ircul Ankum. Whatever tends to Call up the past to de father to son they preserved the memory of veloce the Genius of departed Ages never fails important events connected with Tho history to awaken an interest in the cuke rated mind or important of the tribe of the deeds of illustrious chieftains and of important Phenomena in the natural w r d. Of their traditions a ome having obvious reference to events recorded in scripture history Are exceedingly interesting and important and their Stuver sanity through out the entire continent is conclusive proof that their origin is not wholly fabulous. Thus the wide spread Algonquin tribes pro served a tradition of the original creation of the Earth from water and of a subsequent general inundation. The Iroquois tribes likewise had a tradition of a general deluge but from which they us Posod that no person escaped and that in order to re people Tho Earth beasts Vivere changed into men. One tribe held the tradition not Only of the deluge but also of an age of fire which destroyed every human being except one Man and one Omati it who were saved in a Cavern. Tho Tain emacs a nation in the to Rivern part of South America say that their progenitor Madli Cimity arrived in their country in a bark Canoe at the time of a great deluge which is called the age of water. This tradition with some modifications was current among Many tribes and Tho name of amal Ivica was found spread Over a Region of More than forty thousand Square Miles a Iare. Jie was Tenned i if the aboriginal chileans say that their pro Genitz tvs escaped front the deluge by ascending a Leigh iii Utain a Liili they still Point out. Them in it Ras of new Grenada have a Ira Ditizii that they were taught to clothe them solves to the suit and to cultivate Tho Eaith by an old Man with a Long lowing Beard but Oliai his wife less Heue Volein cans a the Valley of Bogota to to inundated by which All the natives j perished save a few who on the mountains. A tradition said to be handed Down from the Tollevs concerning tie a Tyr Ami Ltd of Tjho Lula in Mexico relates that it was built l y one of seven giants who alone escaped from the doing by taking Pelugi in Ilia Cavern of a lofty Mountain. The bricks of which the Pyramid was conic Osl a wore made in a Distant province and conveyed by a Lile of men who passed them from hand to hand. But the gods beholding with Wrath the atom a t to build an edifice whose top should Reacie the Clouis hurled fire upon the Pyramid by which num i Bers of the workmen perished. Tho work was Visconi imbed and the Moi Meiu was Ter wards dedicated to Tho Quot Jou of iii the mexicans ascribed All their ii r to Nientsu in the arts and the ceremonies of their Rolig Ioji to a White and bearded Man who came from an i disown Region and was made High a chapter on females. We like to look upon a healthy woman she Grees in knowledge. And now at sixteen years of age in quest of an honest is a Prodigy in the n nineteenth Century. When maintenance encountering intolerable Ever you go you see scores and hundreds of Quot spleen sickly feeble girls who can hardly Muster courage to make their Beds Wash their faces or drive an intruding Crow from the Yard. Tell them about Early rising fresh air and healthy toil cheered Onward by being Able to write to a Schoolboy Friend dear Richard a Doubloon is my constant gain every Day and sometimes six Pistoles himself his own Cook having no spit but a exercise and they heave a sigh As Long As the forked stick no plate but a Large Chip a i kit re i 1 la �19 oink al til Kim if to Junt fi%l7�4\r a nil _ i al Alt f a afford a prolific source of intellectual pleasure it is characteristic of Tho noblest natures and the finest imagination says the elegant Eustac \ to love to explore the vestiges of Antiquity and to dwell in times that Are no More the mental enjoyment thus derived from a sense of the presence of a people that have Long a arms since passed away is perhaps greater in con temp living the disinterred cities of Pompeii and firc Laneum than in any other relics of Antiquity that have \ it been brought to Light. Moral Law and Are about to faint away. You expect them to get up before Day to work in the Kitchen to breathe the fresh air of morning a preposterous and absurd. They have never seen the Sun Rise and Voul i hardly know but the Sun continues to Shine forever if it Vivere not for the almanacs and their . No wonder that every year sweeps to the Gravo so Many Young women who have been sickly and Eflem Nate Ever since they were born into the world and death will continue to select them As his vie Tims till they learn their duty and pursue that course which health strength and Long life. Our great grand parents lived to a great age and never thought of lying Down to die till they had at least reached the Meridian of life. They were Stout Strong Hearty and Hap y. Why they Rose Early worked like beavers and never spent to e Midnight hours in dancing. Instead of being frightened at a mouse at feet a Beetle on their neck a Fly s foot on their in the absence of their others and Hus bands they would Load their guns and shoot b ars and catamounts and keep at Bay a party of Savages. How have these daughters Deg enc rated what female is there now a Days who would n t these cities were overwhelmed by an erupt run from a gun even if it had no lock a Quot it _ _ r .1 a Jvn a Kturah i Vair the la Tion of Vesuvius in the t9th year of the Chris idies of Olden times out lived their husbands Lianera a Lucid description of which we have years and years. How is it now widows Are from the pen of the younger Pliny who a As an Eye witness of the scene. In the year 471, another eruption took place which effectually sealed these devoted cities up from the world a acid obliterated every Trace of their existence. They Reina ined entombed Quot a lava cinders scoria until the year 1711, when a peasant in digging a Well in his Garden Occi Dently discovered some fragments of richly coloured Marble this eventually led to a series of regular excavation under the directions of Stendardo a celebrated architect of Naples the result of which was the discovery of a statue of Hercules and one of it pie Patra in a Structure that afterwards proved to be a Temple in the Centre of Quot Itig ancient Coly of Herculaneum. Both Herculaneum and Pompeii have Ever since been in process of Dis interment and the ii Ost of the moveable relics of Antiquity that have few and far Between. It was no singular thing for our grandmothers to have three or four husbands in the course of their lives. Now it is the reverse. Men have about As Many wives diseases of late have been so fatal among Tho female sex. Do you know the cause it is found in listless idleness Iti activity late hours the n slides Muslin dresses a horror of the fresh morning air and in that detestable stuff stitched in Pink and yellow covers which is flooding our country. If they will do nothing else Young ladies will s t and read from morning till night that sickly sentimental impure and we will say licentious Tfir a thit is in flu n in such abundance from Tho press. This shrivel the mind War s the affections chills the belter feelings and makes the life wretched beyond description. Let females look into this subject and act like reasonable roaming Over spurs of the alleghenies and along the Banks of the Shenandoah alive to nature and sometimes spending the Best of the Day in admiring the Trees and riches of the land among the skin Clad Savages with their scalps and rattles or uncouth emigrants that never would speak English rarely sleeping in a bed holding a Bearskin a splendid Couch glad of a resting place for the night upon a Little Hay Straw or fodder and often camping in the forests when the place nearest the fire was a Happy luxury this Stripling Surveyor in the Woods with no companions but his unlettered associates and no implements of science Bat his Compass and Chain contrasted strangely with the Imperial magnificence of the Congress of la Chap Elle. And yet god had selected not Kaunitz nor Newcastle not a Monarch of the House of a hapsburg nor of Hanover but the Virginia Stripling to give an impulse to human affairs and As far As events can depend on an individual had placed the rights and the destinies of count less millions in the keeping of the widow s son. Been found have been transferred to the museum beings and we should soon sea different state of Naples. History has kept Pace with the sex j of things. We should Wiear of n it fainting away Cavat ions that have from time to time been made no sickly no affections of the lungs the records of which May be found on the shelves no elopement and no suicides. Of most of our libraries. An account of a recent excavation at Pompeii is c stained in the last number of the civil Engineer and architect s journal this being the lat St news from that interesting q Larler we copy the article entire. Nai its oct. 2, 1s47. Quot in the magnificent Street leading from the an. Client sea Shore in the neigh boyhood of the the protestant with robbers in California. The Hunter though rarely has been set upon by robbers for the Sake of Tho pack of furs he is carrying on his Back to some of the seaport towns on the coast to dispose of but As the fur Hunters Are generally on foot and from habit of watching about for hostile indians or wild animals they Are always on their guard and As the robbers Well know that they Are to a Man rid omon who Seldom miss their Mark they avoid them. During my rambles in the Willt is and fastness of California i to came , in nod with Many of them some from old settlements of Iho United states other from Canada. 1 have hunted for months with them and witnessed some conflicts Between them and wild animals in which the utmost daring and recklessness was exhibited by Tho these Are not Tho men that robbers like to encounter but i have said they sometimes tide a fancy to Tho valuable packs of furs which if Isem Rrt due to parents. Obtaining Tioy make Mes Peci mile to i ail Nis. Attempt. It is the very Climax of cruelty not Only Are the Young Apt to forget the re to plunder those poor Fellows of packs which i sped due to parents but often times we see Chil wore procured Only by outlying for months Dren of older growth forgetting those who have in Tho Depths of Tho Forest and wilds of the reared them from infancy and by their wayward i country and not us Fri i Muly in the Hunting Ness causing their parents to shed tears when it grounds of a tribe of hostile indians should be their duty to give them reason for Joy. With the log and fired each a pistol shot at Tho Hunter which he escaped by dodging behind a tree close to from which he fired with effect As Only one robber was left he wheeled round his horse with the intention of Gallopp jag off when the pistol bullets of the Rne chant she the horse Hom under him. Quot Well done my i chant Quot said the Hunter Quot you be stopped that fellow s As soon As the robber could disentangle himself from Tho fallen horse to took to his heels and ran Down a Long sly Ping ground As fast As he could. The huht�o3 r a a a his Tomahawk from his Belt and Gate chose aft Ter him. Asho was More of an equestrian than a pedestrian the Nimb chess of shortened the distance Between them and the last of the robbers fell. Thus perished this dangerous gang if six by the single hand of this Brave h a Mer and As the Quot comme Cianto Quot informed me he acted As deliberately As if he we re shooting tame Bollocks for the Market. The Ait air. Was Rathe if advantageous to the Hunter for on searching the Saddle bags and pockets of the robbers he pulled Forth some doubloons Ait a few dollars with other valuables they had no doubt a Short time previously taken from some traveller the Saddle bags arms and of the four White men were picked up and made fast on the saddles of the two horses the Hunter mounted a third the merchant another Hie horse being shot and thus they left the Sceno of action Tho bodies of the robbers to the wolves who wore howling about them and entered St. Francisco in Trier Mph Coulter it i truths. A Good Many a real christians Seldom Semi a defect in his neighbor. A pure Lake rejects the Beautiful sky. The Clouds and overhanging Trees but when it is riled it reflects nothing that is pure. A bad Many a real scoundrel a a Eloitt sees a Good trait in the character of his neighbor. An imperfect Glass reflects nothing correctly but shows its own deficiency. A perfect Mirror reflects nothing but Bright and pure a 8inile. Which will you do smile and make others Happy or be crabbed and make every one around miserable you can live among Beautiful Flowers and singing Birds or in the mire surrounded with logs and Liros. The amount of Happie Tife you can produce is incalculable if you show a smiling face a kind heart and speak pleasant words. On the other hand by your Cross words and fretful uis position you make scores and hundreds wretched Arnost beyond endurance. Which will you do Wear a pleasant countenance let Joy beam in your eyes and love grow on your forehead. There is of Joy so great As that which Springs from a kind act or pleasant deed and you May feel it at night when you rest at morning when you Fise and through All Tho Day when about your business. I once hunted for three months in company Atres to the so called crossway of the Fortuna sight is there that is so revolting Toan up with a humor Well Quot known in California in and thence in a direct line to the Northern cit i s of to see youth Grey Ulea he was map move the of Wall there has been excavated a House that sur i a Quot i k i passes All that has been discovered previously. Quot a Gle a Cool put Sophic Folio i Over a sir of in it it r n it v., k non . Tents and treating them with contempt no word comme Cianto or Merehau at St. I Francisco space of the la open has a Mou. i from experience ii the space of the said j of ment and on af-1 Turos of the Richos to and the sides of Tho atrium court Yard Are Small rooms with the Allowin Ltd Wall paintings pol Pheme who receives a letter from Galatea by an Amori Iio Riding upon a Dolphin Venus occupied with fishing a Narcissus one tenth of tie body Only is solid matter. A dead body of one Hundred and Twenty pounds was dried in an oven until its weight was red ced to twelve pounds. Egyptian mummies be ing bodies perfectly dry weigh about seven or eight pounds. A priest of the City to of Tula. From Tho Numor. Swimming gods of love a Victoria on Ous blessings which to bestowed upon Man and several landscapes. In the background of kind and his aversion to cruelty and War his the atrium opens the Tab Linum the reception Hall was called the Golden age and the Era of with chequered Marble pavement. On the Wulls peace. Having Roc civil from Tho great Spir of this room nest have been Wood paintings As it a Dridi which made him ortal and to the spaces which they once filled Are still plainly ing inspired with the desire of visiting a Dis seen As also the charcoal remains of those paint taut country to wont to Tho cast and disappearing on Tho coast was never afterwards soon. Those celebrated masters who according to Pliny in one of the mexican picture writings there is preened painting upon Wood. At Tho Side of i a delineation of a venerable looking Man who he reception Hall is s dining to an whore arc with his wife was saved in a Canso at the Timo seen three Large paintings of full size figures of a great inundation and upon Tho retiring they represent Hercules with omphale holding of the Waters of Tho Hood was landed upon a his club and wrapped in Tho skin of Tho be so Many sleepless , and so much anxious eral care should in latter years prove a curse instead i this Hunter was some months before 1 had of a bless ins and repay its parents for All their fun urn in with him making Tho Best of his Way r love by Unthank ulness makes one a most wish i Down the Valley of Tho tulo lakes irom Tho i that the Parent s malediction might to upon him. Interior with a heavy pack of furs on his Back r yes How often do we Sec cases m which the child his never or ring Rifle in his hand and his two mrs. They were perhaps from the hands of a 11.1 i. To. A fiver forget the commandment Winch Mountain called col Huaman. Their children were born fund and received different languages from a Dove upon a lofty tree. Tho natives of Mocho Afu a Are said by Clavier of Humboldt and others to Havo a tradition which if correctly reported accords most singularly with the scriptural account of the Polutro. My an lion. Next Bacchus As a boy and Arm in Arm with silenus on a car drawn by two oxen and followed by Bac chantes. Thirdly a bacchanal procession of Triumph. Hero were also the tri Linian reposing Beds richly adorned with Silver. Behind Tho reception Hall is the Garden with of a Fountain at the end. Which is adorned with to Tho great do Lugo Leupi with his Wilmaud Chil go and a Small Marble statue of silenus. In Uren embarked in a Maui or House taking with them several animals and the seeds of i incr ent fruits Aad that when Tho Waters began to withdraw a Bird called Aura was sont out which remained feeding upon Carrion and that other Birds were then sont out which did not return except a Hinming Bird which brought a Small Branch in its Mouth. Those traditions and Many others of a similar character that might to mentioned form an important link in Tho Chain of testimony which goes to sub Siantiago the authenticity of divine revelation. To behold Tho unlettered tribes of a Vust continent who Havo lost All knowledge of their origin or migration hither preserving with remarkable distinctness the apparent tradition of certain events which the inspired Penman tolls us happened in the Early Ages of Tho world s history. We readily detect in several of those traditions clouded though they Are by fables a striking coincidence with the scriptural accounts of Tho creation and Tho do Lugo while in others we think we see some faint memorials of the Destro a of the Quot Ciuros of the Plaia Quot by a fire the Centre is the water Reservoir adorned with Rich Marble sculptures. This dwelling joins a second open atrium where the servants lived. Here was found a four wheeled Wagon with Iron wheels j and much Bronze ornament. The Kitchen contained Many implements of Bronze and the traces of smoke were in Many places still visible after Tho lapse of 18 centuries. Quot the dwelling had what is very rare second and third stories to which led a wide staircase. Upon a Small picture close to the staircase lies a letter with the scarcely legible name of Tho owner of Tho House in oblique characters and plainly indicating his rank. It be longed to the dec urim or senators of Pompeii. Quot the House has therefore been christened Casa Della so Natrice or Dell Roole Ubriaco. It is the newest excavation of importance Quot uni Trellas wore first used in Philadelphia in 1771, they wore Clumsy and awkward. Previously to this period doctors Woro Uil cloth Caps to keep Oit the rain. They were fastened close to the neck allowing store of. Yankees and the late a. Illustrate his Gen j \ Era Cruz we notice that Bjo meeting i was held at the National Palace in the City of Mexico a about the first of december composed of americans English and mexicans to Deli Iron Tho of into upon the expediency of building a rail Road from the capital to Vera grub. A Corn. Inq Mittee was chosen to procure information air a for ets the respect due to his Mother and of i. J dogs by his Side. To was joined at the norther port at a subsequent a ceiling one mexican h her 1 have it s it stated that he was authorized to pledge children learn in Early a a to respect your a up Lvon of who was Only with his sword himself should the Security of the undertaking against their a Hority but by yielding while. Valley when a party of robber scalloped dollars of the Slock would be taken at once. A Foro them. 1 Here wore tour iii pcs Lully a armed and two indians with their lassos ancient . Wilson in his trav Quot Roady Lor a through the lands of the Bible last year the humor told the merchant who was on discovered on Tho route from the red sea to horseback to dismount instantly Quot and Sinai Tho immense mountains alluded a fortunately for them Thoro was a Good Deal Toby Tho author of the Book of Job As the of Thicket and trunks of Large Trees that had of the Gold and Silver of Tho Early age. Bout in a Vorva de Sirull seams in the Sidas of the Raoul will derive Honor when older and never forget the commandment which says Quot Honor thy father and thy Mother that thy Days May Long on the land which the lord thy god liveth thee a protestant literature. A London paper a peaking of american literature w Ith the commendation introduces As an example the billowing Beautiful extract from Bancroft s Ili Story. It will doubtless be read with Peculiar Delight by every one who loves the name of the widow s son Washington. Quot after Long years of strife of repose and of strife renewed England and France solemnly agreed to boat peace. The treaties of Aix la Chapelle had been negotiated by the Ablest St nth Smen fallen Scro stroked about m a vory manner. Behind these logs Tho Marchani and j to Quot Quot a As Tho Ore dug out and All the Weidon the Hunter quickly look their a is Ilion and As a us Modo of mining present Thoni selves they were in Tho act of doing so two or three shots were tired at tar them without the Hunter coolly untied Tho ack of furs from his Back and Laid Thom beside him. Quot it s my opinion merchant Quot said to Quot that Thom Varmint there wants your saddlebags or my a ack but 1 reckon they la get so to took a his Rill tired and the Foremost Indian Lasso in hand rolled oif Tho horse. Another to Schargo from Tho Rifle and Tho second Indian full whilst in Tho act of throwing his Lasso at Trio head and shoulders of Tho Hunter As he raised himself from behind a log to i Europe m the splendid forms Olmo j Udo Hunter As he re loaded laying archival diplomacy. They Bidi eved j zijo a hots of the robbers themselves the arbiters of Mankind the a thin s what i Call the Best of the scrimmage Pacifica tors of that i world reconstructing to get them Brown thieves with i hair Lasso out Tho colonial system or a basis which of t he Way Fust. Hee Thom rascally Whites should endure Lor Ages a confirming the i now jumping Over Tho logs to charge us in our peace of Europe by the Nice adjustment of material forces. At Tho very Timo of i the of material forces. At Tho very Timo of they were fast advancing when the Rifle a Tho Congress of Aix la Chapelle the a Vin spoke out and Tho Foremost foil they Woods of Virginia sheltered the Youthful a Quot a a another George Washington the son of a widow. 1 a be remain no two made a desperate born by the Side of the Potomac beneath Quot a ther4 of a Westmo Laius i most from his infant his a it had been the a. To a 1 1111. To Quot a Quot a Quot Quot a Quot a meaning the pistols lot of an orphan. No Academy had Wel-1 of at All nervous. Keep a steady corned him to its slides no College Jujj and drop either Man or horse. A Man crowned him with its honors to read to of them Shan t write to cipher a these had been his in to Tho Eye. How Tho grooves or channels were pm out from such lofty Heights to Tho Baso of Tho mountains does not appear immense must Havo Boon the waste of life in prosecuting the work. Gen. Taylor was pros ont by invitation at new orly ans at the Eole bration of the Auni Orsary of the Battle of new Orleans Tho procession is s m Keu of As one of surpass info a magnificence. The Washington of Tho Philador Hia Ledger states that or. Trist having transcended his Powers As peace in Mexico is to be dismissed from the Stato department and or. Api Deton chief clerk of the Navy Dop Arimont appointed m his place. exports of ice from the port of Boston for Tho last six months in 1847, a mount to28,0gs tons being an increase of 5.89 tons upon the corresponding months of i84ti. Cut Vermont has decreed that if any pedlar carry and offer for Sale any plated or gilded Ware jewelry watches or any Jia tent my cilia Tho composition of which is kept eci it Otto the Public he must pay 4ty dollars for a Jfe a y a the two remaining robbers were now up Cense. A a. 0 4 a a i i

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