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Bloomington Daily Leader Newspaper Archives Jun 2 1891, Page 1

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Bloomington Daily Leader (Newspaper) - June 2, 1891, Bloomington, Illinois Quot bricks without business without advertising. They mean about the same. Bloomington daily Leader a a Betit without by Olness if Oduy advertising. They mean about the same. Vol. . 86bloomington, Illinois tuesday evening june 2. 1891. Price three cents. Howard Furnace greatest Heater of the age. Furnaces ranges and stoves. "2" in Oase the Only evening newspaper in the City re Seiv log the full associated press report. Call for specifications for heating practically. Clark Churchill amp co it is evident Liat within the next week old probabilities will give it it a touch of hot weather. The almanac already says a Slimmer is May Well dressed ladies have already provided themselves with Black embroidered mull Floun Eings. In fact so Many have already done so that our Stock was completely broken. But now we have them in greater variety than before Cool Billowy and absolutely fast in color. Umbrella and parasol sales rapid and Large Good goods and i ices right. Stock Felt the impetus Given it last week. The Light shades in Henriettas Are still on and moving fast. They Are beauties. Have you seen them ? if not Why not ? s. Stevens main Street bet. Front and Washington Spring and summer woolens for gentlemen a Weir. Comprising All the latest novelties and Staples in both foreign and Domestic. Every garment is Cut in the most Correct style and made in the Best possible manner. A goods warranted As represented and satisfaction guaranteed. Give me a Call. John bok8t, 304 North main St. Why we do the largest business in town. Criminal curios. Suggesting the query is civilization a failure a couple of atrocious oases. / the wave of i abolish seems to have reached flood height an old brutes plan to bring his wife to terms brings Forward the inevitable ogre of Lynch Law a Young husband who revived dark Ages methods in his own Home Sewald a confession. Covington ky., june 2.�?a Story at told by Mollie Ashcroft has set the neigh Hood wild and her father has escaped Lynching Only by flight. The family lives on dry Creek Back among the Hills. Sefc said there was a mortgage on their Small farm and that she and her Mother were both working hard endeavouring to lift the financial Load. She was working at a neighbouring House and saturday morning went to see her Mother. When she reached the Little pathway she met her father who was under the influence of liquor and he warned her not to enter the House As he had whipped her Mother and intended to a finish a her. The work of the old brute. He also threatened to whip the daughter if she went near the dwelling. Knowing that her father was drunk she made no attempt to pass by him but returning in a roundabout Way succeeded in getting into the House by raising a rear window. She went into the front room and there found her Mother chained to the floor and unable to move a limb. She was covered with blood and almost unconscious Lei head had been beaten her face was bruised and in her struggles the chains had Cut into her flesh. Mollie ran to the Homes of several neighbors and they hastened to her assistance. It was Learned that Ashcroft and his wife had quarrelled about a sum of Money. Ten Days without food. Mrs. Ashcroft wanted to apply the Money to the payment of to mortgage. Ashcroft insisted on paying it for an old horse. She Reft ised and he picked up a club and commenced to beat her. He knocked her Down and while she was in an insensible condition dragged her into the House and took two Large chains and chained her to the floor also gagging her to prevent an outcry. For ten Days she had been without food or attention. It is supposed that she refused to give her husband the Money. The latest reports say that she is dead. Ashcroft will be lynched if he tortured into confession. How a husband obtained proof of his wife a infidelity. , mo., june 2.�?george Burnham a Young Railroad Man and his wife 20 years old have left Sedalia. They came Here a year ago from Illinois and Burnham secured employment of the Missouri Kansas and Texas Road. Recently they went to housekeeping and on last wednesday the husband was informed that his wife was unfaithful. He kept watch on her movements and of Fri Day night when she supposed he was out on the Road be saw a strange Man leave his House. Started a private inquisition. Hastening Home he accused his wife of infidelity but she denied it emphatically. The husband angered by her denial bound and gagged the woman and Drew a knife from his pocket threatening to Cut her Throat if she struggled or attempted to cry out. Thoroughly frightened she was compelled to submit in silence to the binding and torture that followed. He seated her in a chair with her hands securely bound placed her feet through the rungs of another chair and tied them there. Then he lit Eue match after another and scorched the woman a flesh until in an agony it of pain she signified by signs being tightly bound and gagged that she would confess. Will take her Back Hume. She was a loosened and then told her husband the Story of her unfaithfulness naming a number of men with whom she acknowledged having been Intima when she had finished Burnham instead of swearing vengeance on the Heads of the men decided that his wife and he shot. Id leave town which they did sunday re i turning to their Home in Illinois where a Burnham will leave his wife with her j parents. J Sewald told the truth. Left town with sheriff Haskins and a posse in Pursuit. He was overtaken and commanded to halt but fired into the posse who returned the shots. After a few minutes shooting Cope was killed and sheriff Haskins fatally wounded. Which they had a Small game. And it seems that a sin took a hand an English scandal. London june 2.�?the suit for slander brought by sir William Gordon Cumming against or. And mrs. Arthur Wilson and others for circulating the Story that Cumming was detected cheating at cards at the House of the Wilsons was begun yesterday. The Prince of Wales is one of the witnesses for the plaintiff and when he came into court was Given a seat on the Bench by the Side of judge Coleridge. The court room was packed with aristocrats Many of them ladies while hundreds were unable to obtain cards of admission owing to the room being too Small. History of the Case. Last Winter there was a House party at the country Home of Arthur Wilson a millionaire ship owner and among the guests were the parties to this suit including the Prince of Wales. To pass away the time the guests played cards frequently As is the custom in this country and Baccarat was one of the games the Prince taking a hand. The Story is that when it came the Princess turn to keep the Hank he noticed that sir Gordon Cumming Oue of the players who sat directly opposite him was winning heavily and losing lightly. Suspecting some queer Piny the Prince watched him closely and it is alleged detected Peculiar proceedings. In his hand the baronet held several pieces of Gold. These he would surreptitiously add to his stake when he won while he would slyly reduce his bet when he lost. Denounced As a swindler. Suddenly he was caught in the act denounced As a swindler and the Friendly game wound up in a Row. He protested Liis innocence but his accusers were firm. The Prince finally interfered and suggested arbitration by two gentlemen present he to name them. This was agreed to and the arbitrators decided that All further reference to the matter would let a dropped if sir Gordon would sign an agreement never to play Baccarat again. He agreed to the terms and signed. Unfortunately for All concerned there was a lady in the House who disliked the baronet. Her husband who had witnessed the Row told her of it and she spread the Story. Sir Williams testimony. Sir William took the stand first yester yesterday and denied that he had been guilty of cheating. He said he won because he had a remarkable run of Luck that when he signed the agreement never to play again he did so because advised to by the two gentlemen selected As arbitrators and told them he much preferred to resent the insult by giving his accusers an insult in return. He said that the Prince told him that there were five persons who insisted that he sir William had been guilty and asked what could one do against five. He finally signed the agreement under persuasion. He closed with a solemn denial of the charge. The agreement does not admit in terms the charge against Cumming but admits that he believes that those making the charges believe them to be True. Mobe diplomacy. Latest communications in the Seal imbroglio. Salisbury too slow foe Blaine. Because we Lia be today More real and tangible bargains in our establishment than any other House and because we always live up to our promises and never disappoint the Public by dodging the Issue of our and Vei tis ement. We Are showing the of John Sevy old Sacramento Cai that Job a he poisoned his wife at Anoka is evidently based upon fact. Thirteen years ago Gas that wife murderers Story Correct and something More. Anoka minn., june 2.�?the confession latest styles in office desks and office furn Tui e. Our eight floors Are frilled wit i tie very designs and patterns in parlor sets. Bedroom sets. And in fact everything that belongs to tie furniture business. No stairs to climb but the Only electric passenger elevator in the cil y to Tare you to our upper floors. In a m la file i tube Drain u us upholstery 319 North main Street Corner North. Per Shields and wife and John Sewald came to Coon Creek from Switzerland i i rect. Mrs. Sewald stopped in Ohio for i several months arriving the next Winter. Shields and Sewald began the manufacture of Swiss cheese mrs. Shields keeping House for them. When mrs. Sewald arrived she died very suddenly but no investigation was made. It was Learned later that Sewald and mrs. Shields had been criminally intimate. The Nebraska Case. Wayne neb june 2.�?matilda Sewald the wife of John Sewald who has recently confessed to the crime of murder in California came to her death in this City on the night of the 24th or Early on the morning of sept. 25, 1884. At the coroners inquest the husband of the deceased woman testified that they bad been married about three Mouths and that she had hanged herself in a fit of temporary insanity. The Story was received without suspicion. _ bloody work arresting cowboys. Weatherford tex., june 2.�?saturday night Byron Cope a Cowboy and desperate character Rode into the town of jacks Bow and began drinking and raising a disturb Ano Jle a air a Yueji my Burros in senator Pugh on the situation. He presents Nome Southern objection to or. Cleveland. New York june 2.�? senator Pugh of Alabama while at the Hoffman House in route to West Point said to a reporter who asked him How the South stood in relation to the next democratic candidate for the presidency a emr. Cleveland is opposed to the free coinage of Silver. At least eight tenths of the voters of Alabama want free coinage and naturally want a president in Harmony with their wishes. What is True of a Altama is True pretty generally of the whole South. In All the speeches that he has made Andall the letters he has written or. Cleveland has utterly ignored the Force Bill As an Issue. Now i believe that the Force Bill had More to do than any other thing with bringing about the great Republican washout last fall. A another Southern grievance. A emr. Cleveland too has gone out of his Way recently to apply offensive epithets to the South. In his address to his German friends at Buffalo the other Day he went out of his Way to insult the South. A when the government was assailed by rebellious hands were the words he used in alluding to the late War. Nobody nowadays wants to make an Issue about the vocabulary that should be applied to that momentous event but to say the least it was very bad taste in or. Cleveland to go out of his Way to use such language. Those rebellious hands have helped to make him president and if he is Ever to be president again they will be necessary to his election. Those hands will be there. A those rebellious hands will be at the ballot boxes in the next presidential election and what is More they will he present at the next democratic National convention and their owners will have something to say As to whether or. Cleveland or some other Man shall be candidate. The South expects its political friends to speak of it with consideration and or. Cleveland has gone out of Bis Way to insult it a Gorman would suit Pugh. A senator Gorman seems looming up. How do you like him a a the snits me. He is an Able Man. His Public record is unimpeachable and his private character is without a blemish. He has few enemies within his own party and Many friends outside of it. If Cleveland had followed his advice he would have been re elected in 1888. Or. Gorman would be a Strong democratic candidate and a Good Duquoin ills., june 2.�?the egyptian Coal mine employees went on strike Here yesterday. The cause for the strike is a difference of opinion Between the miners and operators regarding the contract. The operators agree to pay every two weeks with ten hours work a Day. The Meg claim that they were to receive ten hours pay for nine hours work and weekly pay As both sides Are firm an extended period of idleness May be looked for. The american statesman impelled to 8pur up the deliberate britishers tha correspondence that finally led to the action in the British parliament a the plan proposed by Blaine for a modes Vive udi pending arbitration and which the British Premier has accepted. Washington City june 2.�?the state department has made Public the recent correspondence on the Behring sea fishery question. The first communication is from Secretary Blaine to sir Julian Paunce Fote. It is dated May 4, 1891, and says a during the month of March last a few Days after the adjournment of Congress acting under the instructions of the president i proposed to you that a modes Vive udi be agreed upon touching the Seal fisheries pending the result of arbitration of the question at Issue lie tween the two governments. The presidents first pro fms Al which i submitted to you was that no Canadian sealer should lie allowed to come within a certain number of Miles of the Pri Byloff islands. It was however the conclusion of the president after Reading lord Salisbury a dispatch of feb. 21, that this modes Visendi might possibly provoke conflict in the Behring sea and to avoid that result he instructed me to propose that sealing both on land and sea should be suspended during the Progress of arbitration or during the season of 1891. On both occasions it was a conversational Exchange of views the first in my office at the state department the second at my a complaint of delay. Or. Blaine then says that it was the presidents desire to receive a reply that he hoped would be favourable before he left this City of his Western trip but he was disappointed although a Mouth had passed since the proposal was made. Under these circumstances lord Salisbury a silence was construed to mean that the proposal was not satisfactory Anil As the season was advancing and Canadian sealers were preparing in Large numbers to enter Behring sea the president gave orders that the lessees of the Seal fisheries to permitted to take the maximum number of seals this season�?600,000�?subject to the discretion of the government agent at the islands to limit the number As he saw fit. Another complication arises. April 22 Paunce Fote notified Blaine that Salisbury was ready to agree that sealing should be suspended. This was telegraphed to the president then in the West and he replied expressing Bis satisfaction but instructing Blaine to inform Paunce Fote that some seals would have to be killed under the United states contract with the lessees who otherwise would be put under great hardships in consequence of the terms of that contract which imposed certain conditions of said lessees which were both costly and difficult to perform. Paunce Fote is somewhat doubtful. The Secretary tells Pauu Cefole that a you will remember that when i communicated this pro k sit Ion from the president to you of the evening of monday april 27, you did not agree with the presidents suggestion. On the contrary you expressed yourself As confident that Salisbury would not accept it that in your judgment the killing of seals must lie Cut off absolutely on the land and in the water and that it could not be stopped on either unless stopped on both. The president refuses to believe that lord Salisbury can possibly maintain the position you have taken when his lordship is placed in full Possession of the the Lessee a obligations. Or. Blaine then recites the obligations imposed Byroo tract no outre Seal fisheries spen Waters of the Behring sea by any per Sou on any vessel sailing under the British Flag and that no British subject shall cult Gage in killing seals for the time agreed upon on any vessel sailing under any Obei Flag. These prohibitions shall continue until the 1st Day of May 1892, within which time the arbitrators shall Render final award or awards to both governments. A Paunce Fotey reply to Lulaine. Under Date of May 7, minister Paunce Fote replies acknowledging receipt of Blaines communication and announcing that he has forwarded the same to Salisbury telegraphing the exact terms of the proposal by Cable. He regrets that misconception has Arisen regarding the delay complained of and reminds Blaine that when the interviews referred to by him were held he Paunce Fote expressed reluctance at sending any further proposals while Salisbury a dispatch of feb. 21 remained unanswered and hoped that the new proposals would accompany a reply to that dispatch. He understood Blaine to assent and agree to a proceed in that or. he Paunce Fote does not re Merlier that the presidents name was mentioned in these interviews and would certainly have at once telegraphed the proposals if he had so understood the president s desires. That new reservation. Sir Julian says that when the new reservation giving the sealing company the right to kill seals was mentioned to him at first sight it caused him some embarrassment. A it certainly appeared to to open to exception As detracting from the principle of Equality which was a feature of the original proposal. But i was More concerned at your stating that it never was the intention of the president or of yourself that the a modes i Vendit should be put in Force until the terms of arbitration bad been settled. I notice with satisfaction that no such condition is affixed to your present proposal although the reservation As to the Kuling of limited number of seals of the islands a hurrying up the britishers. Paunce Fote closes with the Hope that this explanation May remove the impression of delay of which Blaino complains and the next chapters of the correspondence Are notes from acting Secretary Adi s dated May 20 and 26, both by direction of the president urging the British govern intent to act promptly on the new proposals because the season was rapidly advancing and prompt action was a very needful thing and that Canadian sealers were taking advantage of the delay and there was danger that the object of the modes Visendi would be Defeated if Salisbury did not soon accept the plan. A Spur to British action Ailee in his last note says that the president Hopes that a reply will soon be received a but he can no longer hold Backlu furtherance of a vague Hope to the detriment of the legitimate interests of the government Anil citizens of the United states. I am therefore directed by the president to inform you that orders have been Given to the Revenue Steamer a Bush to proceed to the sealing islands. Another Steamer the a Corwin is at san Francisco nearly ready to sail and will very shortly put to sea. Should an agreement be reached before her departure appropriate orders May still be sent by her to the islands. I mention this in order that you May comprehend How fully this govern meet desires to effect an arrangement for this season and that you May realize How each Days delay lessens the ability of her majesty a government to effectively Coop Erate with regard to British subjects and tends to destroy the practical Utility of an agreement to limit the Seal some English regret expressed to this Paunce Fote replies that he feels a assured that his lordship will greatly regret any inconvenience which May is caused to your government by the impracticability of returning an immediate reply to the proposal contained in or. Bluing a a note to me of the 4th inst. Lord Salisbury As i had the Honor to state to you Verlilly is using the utmost expedition but the lateness of the proposal and the conditions attached to it have Given Rise to grave difficulties As to which Hia lordship Lias necessarily been in communication with the Canadian government. His lessees giving the number of skins said of Rev this nolo rail re up lessees were permitted to take and the conditions under which they were permit Ted to take them. These conditions Are in Brief that a the Means of living the facilities for education the care of health the religious teaching the training of the Young and old in a Community of Over 300 persons Are All imposed upon the company As its solemn duty by specific articles of the lease. I enclose you a copy of the census of 18h0, giving every name of the 306 persons old and Young male and female who constitute the whole Community of the Pri Byloff a costly business for the lessees. It is further urged by or. Blaine that a the duties thus imposed upon the company must be discharged annually with punctuality and exactness. The Comfort possibly the safety of All these human beings peculiarly helpless when left to themselves is dependent upon the company under the lease and the leases Are paid therefor by the government in the Send skins which the company receives for the service. If the company shall As you say lord Salisbury requests be deprived of All privilege of taking seals they certainly could not be compelled to minister to the wants of these 300 inhabitants for an entire year. Uncle rants first duty our prices Tell for our Boot and shoe Bouse is undoubtedly the most popular one in Mclean county for it a in direct response to the intelligence and honesty bestowed upon both Stock and service. The chinese advertise shoes that will enable one to walk upon the cd puds but ours is to walk upon the Best soil gods Sun Ever shone upon. We have menus Fine calf Button shoes sizes and 7at $1.00 and $1.50 per pair Worth $2.00 to $3.00. They Are Good goods but being Button Are not As scalable As others we have put a Low Price on them to close them out. Menus Congress and lace shoes $1.25, $1.50 and $2.00 Good value for the Money hens Plov boots and Plov shoes boys plow Button and Congress shoos Worms no a Button shoes 0oc, 81.00 and 81.20. The beat 11.80 and 42.bo in of Worms no skid in tvs pity. Bulton Sousa Sisr shown to woman it Sassy and a Slipper and oxfords to Andl aaa Vars Tyr All grades and prices. Remember a carry the largest Atooli of Boot and shoes in the City and our Pricia Are always til lowest. Stora open every evening until h of clock. Saturday until to. To room modal the working a Opl. We want your trod. Fall and see a. Us to a boys jlht3d Home it a t3ext3sti, of fobs -a.tx5 at shoes. Premium. Dewey Rodgers amp co. Remember a give for with every 810 Purchase an sing set 10x20 Poiure framed or will have i made for you a Fin portrait framed v 11to size of a Ayme Berof your family on payment of 82-00 i extra Wanyou Hava Puro Ahaad 910 Worth of a. These portrait Are thams a Hava been a it Tail a for year at 910 of. 011 at Tor and a Aam Plaa of for Pitour end portrait. A a for Purohit to Olow. Lff. It the a. A a Anil Parl Era so far. A if the leases Are not to be allowed pay Kretz up it a meat in any form for the amount necessary to support these 300 people on the islands they will naturally decline to expend it. No appropriation of Money has been made by Congress for the purpose and the president cannot leave these worthy and innocent people to the Hazard of starvation even to secure any form of agreement with lord Salisbury touching Seal life. Seal life May be valuable but the first duty of the government of the United states in this matter is to protect human life. New proposals submitted. The modes Visendi suggested pending arbitration of the Case. Then the Secretary makes the proposition under which the Bill prohibiting British dealers from taking seals in Behring sea was introduced in parliament last week. He says a in this exigency the president instructs me to propose to lord Salisbury that he concede to the Nort h american company the right to take a sufficient number of seals and no More than sufficient to recompense them for their outlay in taking care of the natives and that in the phrase of the president All a commercial killing of seals be prohibited pending the result of the Secretary of the Treasury has the right to fix the number necessary to the end desired. After fall consideration he has limited the number to seven thousand five Hun area Al Sou to of lulled of the company to repay them for the outlay demanded for the support of the 300 people on the Pri Byloff islands. He further directs that no females be killed and that thus the productive capacity of the Herd shall not in the slightest degree be impaired. A this Point being fixed Ami agreed to the proposed arrangement Between the two countries would be As follows the government of the United states limits the number of seals to be killed on the islands for purposes just described to 7,500. The government of the United states guarantees that no seals shall be killed in the open Waters of the Behring sea by any person on any vessel sailing under the american Flag or by any american cite sen sailing any other Flag. Taka bulls half Efth a trial. Quot the goes Nunsant of the Bill in the commons. It goes to second Reading scheme of the Canadian sealers. London june 2.�?in the House of commons yesterday Smith moved the second Reading of the Bill for tie closing of Behring sea. He said that the government was endeavouring to arrive at Friendly conclusions wit i a i Ureil Power. No order in Council would Issue under the Bill unless assurances were obtained that the conditions of arbitration were satisfactory and that sealing would be prevented except of to the 7,000 seals necessary to the natives. The arrangement appeared the Best that could be obtained. The to Tim was agreed to. The Bill will pass As i kith great parties favor it will Nall tinier foreign Flag. 5ja dispatch from Vancouver says that parties interested in the Behring sea fisheries Are known to be getting ready to sail under the German or italian flags in the event of a close time arrangement Between Britain and the United states. The Seal trs bad Mude ready for a grand Ham it this season and Ilo not feel like being walked whatever the two nations May fatal to doctors. Remarkable series of deaths in new York. Three physicians the victims Anil a woman w Lio has been named a the fatal la alien to believed to be tie Ca see every due who treats her loses his life Anil her further reception in the Hospital is now prohibited a a Catarrh Case that la very deadly new York june 2.�?a remarkable series of fatalities bus followed the treatment of a woman suffering from Catarrh by the physicians of the Manhattan Eye and far Hospital. Upon three different occasions this woman has placed herself under the care of physicians at the Hospital. If she should present herself again she will be referred to some other institution As not one of thu Hospital surgeons would be willing to do anything for her. Opposite her name in the Hospital Register have been written the words in a bold hand a the fatal two deaths in two visits the woman first called at the Hospital two years ago. Cabinet a where nose and Throat diseases Are treated was at that time under the charge of or. Johnson who died almost immediately after treating her. The next occupant of Cabinet d was or. Pond and he was in charge when the a fatal patients made her second visit to the institution. His death followed soon after. For a year Anil a half the woman kept away from the Eye and ear Hospital but at length As her old complaint was Lee ginning to bother her again she called again last wednesday. Only Haw her once. To the gentleman she first saw in the building she remarked that she thought it probable that the doctors might hesitate about treating her in View of the Fate of the two who had Lic fore undertaken to alleviate her troubles. She was again referred to Cabinet a where or. David Phillips had succeeded or. Pond. After seeing the a fatal patients for the first Timo on wednesday i r. Phillips went to his Home at 131 fast eighty sixth Street. In tha evening he dined out and Theu made some professional visits. Anil a Corpse next Day. Upon his return Home he complaint d that he was feeling ill. He did not get up the next morning and his Mother who saw him lying on his lied thought that a Long sleep would do him Good. When he was called to luncheon about Yoou it was discovered that he was dead. The Treasury statement. Continued falling Oft in Revenue shown redemption of Bonds. Washington City june 3.�?the Treasury department monthly debt statement issued yesterday shows an increase in the Public debt during May amounting to �?�622 ,915. The surplus in the Treasury amounted to $53,721,307, and included 123,203,737 deposited in National tonal Banks $20,379,130 fractional Silver and a net Cash balance in the Treasury of $10,138,473. Fulling off in receipt. Government receipts from All sources during the month of May aggregated $27,-411,425, against $35,443,551 in May a year ago. Customs receipts during the month were $11,995,141, against $17,048,403 in May 1890. Internal Revenue receipts were $12, 232,704, a decrease of fully $1,000,000 compared with receipts in May 1890. Receipts from All sources during the eleven months of the current fiscal year aggregate $369,808,967, against $304,537,088 during the corresponding eleven months of the preceding fiscal year. This Points to a Revenue for the entire fiscal year of $397, xxx ,000. Expenditures during the past eleven months aggregated $352,000,000, Anil for the fiscal year will probably aggregate $377,000,000. Redemption of the four and ii los. Secretary Foster said yesterday that today he would Issue a circular announcing that the Treasury on sept. 1 would to ready to redeem All the outstanding per cent Bonds falling due of that Date a mounting to $51,000,000, principal and interest. Whether the announcement would be a unequivocal notice to redeem them �?�11, or to extend some of them at a lower rate of interest had not been decided. Ext Jet a. Latest important Cable and telegraphic news 3 60 of clock report. Illinois legislation. Interesting proceeding in the general Assembly today sort Nofield Jane 2 a a Bill providing for township support of paupers was passed by the House this morning. The vote by which the House Defeated Moore a woman a suffrage Bill was reconsidered but when Roll Call was taken no it failed to pass. A motion was made and lost to suspend the rules and take up the Bill depriving the state treasurer of interest on Publio funds. The reformatory Bill oame no Asun flubbed business on a second Reading. The substitute introduced by Dixon was rejected. An amendment was adopted providing that any child Between the age of ten and fifteen years of evicted of a capital orime May be committed to the reformatory at the discretion of the judge. Pending a Dis Cussion of the Bill the Bouse took a recess till 2 p. M. Id the Senate. The House compulsory education Bill oame no As the special order this morning. After being read the second time an amendment was offered sinking ont All after the enacting clause and substituting therefor the Republican measure As recommended by the Senate education committee which re quires the teaching of re Diug. Writing and United states history in English. The Bill was then ordered to a third Reading and mad j the special order for thursday morn ing. Several Bills were then passed providing appropriations for a number of state institutions. A Bill allowing the building of High schools in districts lying in More than one township in that township having the largest population was passed. A Bill providing for the incorporation and regulation of building and loan associations doing business m counties other than that in which the original office is located was amended so that associations organized in other states desiring to do business in this state must make a Deposit with the state treasurer of $100,000 before any business can be Transu ded by them. The Bill was then ordered to a third Reading and its further consideration made the special order for thursday morning. Basso Bill providing that interest on special assessments which Are paid on the instalment plan shall be paid annually was passed. Damage by an Kab ctr Cul storm. Cincinnati june 2.�?the elect tical storm Here last night caused much damage to elect rival appliances. Twelve Hundred telephones in this pity end Covington were burned ont As also the by Saroca of the Eleutrio company. The Telegraph wires were prostrated a failure cause in by a failure. A Philadelphia june 2 a Christian Gulden and Ephriam Yeung Marble workers have assigned. No statement can be obtained. Young War a Ilire Tor in the Spring Garden National Bank. The downfall of that institution caused the failure. The supervisors meet. R. Brail Bury elected to the position of chairman. The Molean county Board of supervisors met at 2 of clock this afternoon in the Aoh ool superintendents room. Or. By Lvester Peasley was elected temporary chairman and at tha proper time or. Bradbury of Belleflower we Ohreen permanent presiding officer. Or. Bradbury noted in this opacity for the former Board. Some mis Ella Eoas business waa transacted but no. To 3 of look this afternoon nothing of any importance had been done. A league formed. Representatives of the Ball teams of the y. M. 0. A., the Ohi Holm Gray co., b. 8. Green k go. And the pantograph met last evening and took the first Steps towards the formation of a pity Ball league. The next meeting will be held monday and playing commences one week from next saturday. This is a Good idea and Abold be made a go. Cleaning the 8trt. East Washington Street a receiving the attention of the Street commissioner and the mad and dirt the of the past months is being removed. Guest in Chenoa. Mrs. W. 0. Evans and daughter miss Katie and Mia Lon Marker were the guests of or. A Scott the Well known Chenoe merchant saturday. A bus Laem a gala. Coroner Riser has purchased the Cigar and paper stand in dearth Sbarber shop and will operate it a the future. An attachment Salt. James e. Hatfield sued 8 bad rack and Millard Busby today in Attar beat a Tbs rant of $600. Cat mis Piaget. Or. Duett Brown chopped off the Tutte Finger of his left hand last sunday morn we. _ tit Paha still alive. Ottawa jobs bulletin Tau old at if Patzek this afternoon reports that i is Otto qut omy. Were wedded in death. Shocking Case of double Kulild near Ual enu ills. , 111m., june 2.�?elmer Foster Young farm labourer was engaged to miss Ada Townsend daughter of u Farmer of Rich township for Somo unknown rat son they resolved to die together and accordingly upon returning from a drive Lute sunday night they repaired to the girls room where they both took strychnine. Sim Cullim in vain. The Young lady smother called her at the usual hour cyst euday morning but received to response whereupon she burst into the room and was horrified to find her daughter lying Hulf dead on the floor while the lifeless form of Foster Lay upon the lied. Miss Townsend was still conscious but died within a hour refusing to divulge the reasons for the deed. Barium a a body to be cremated. Biundo Epolt conn., june 3.�?benjamin fish treasurer of the Barnum so Bailey show and Cousin of mrs. Barnum quoted As saying a i have just left mrs Barnum and we have decided that the Best thing that we can do is to have or. Barn Uuie a body exhumed and cremated that was his wish Anil such a disposition would have been made of the remains but for the opposition of members of the font ily. We will communicate at Imee with the relatives and Endeavor in every Possi ble Way to secure their the Rea Hou of the determination is the attempt lost week to steal the body of the great showman. The presbyterian Assembly. Detroit mich., june 2.�?there were Slana of the beginning of the end at tha presbyterian Assembly yesterday. Many commissioners had gone Home and the attendance was Light. The committee on overt ures had the floor recommending that no action lie taken on the overture for the creation of a presbyterian order of Deaconesses. The committee also recommended the recognition of the society of Christian Endeavor and other Young Peoples societies. The Seal question was decided by sending it Over to next year with inst Rue tons to have the device consist of an open Bible. It was also decided not to Send delegates to the Saratoga Temperance Congress on the ground that the Assembly cannot Send delegates to other Thau to Cleaia tical bodies. Sir John Stilt clings to life. Earns Curry ont., june 2�?the Premier passed yesterday marked by periods of depression. He took a Small amount of nourishment. Consciousness remain much the same of the former two a. He suffered no pain and Hail every Prospect of passing through the night. An zloty for Mir John Macdonald. Halifax n. S., june 2.�?deep interest a taken by the whole Community in the bulletins from Ottawa reporting sir John Macdonald a condition. In All the churches sunday the subject waa referred to and the Pul a ulily paper suspends. San Fyk Anciso Juno �?~2.-�?the Alta California Tho oldest newspaper on the Pacific coast suspended publication this morning because for some years it has been financially unprofitable authorised to do Busl Ness. Washington june 2 a the comptroller of the on Reno has authorized the citizen a National Bank of Decatur. Iii., to begin business with a capital of $100,000. An explosion kills four. Milford va., june 2.�?the explosion today of a boiler in a saw Mill Aix Miles from Here killed a. L. Hayes James James Whit and two Dolored men. Another failure. Boston june 2.�?talbott, Wilmarth k co., wholesale manufacturers of woolens have assigned. A false Rumor. Eva Niville ind., Jana �?~2.�?the Atory telegraphed from Indiano Polia yesterday concerning the Purchase of the Mobile and Ohio by the Mao key Syndicate is denied Here. Resigned and assigned. Trenton n. J., june 2 a Phillip h. Bunn treasurer of the Star robber company has resigned Bis position is president of the Fiat National Bank and made an assign Tut of his Large clothing establishment. A costly fire. Libson n. He june 2.�?the saw Mill and other building a belonging to the Parker k Young manufacturing company and number of dwellings adj sent were burned today. Losa about $100,000. Too hot for cloaks. Montreal june 2,. H. Lewis a cloak importer has assigned. Liabilities $50,000. _ Lalu will a no tomorrow. Boston Jone 2.�?beoretary Blaine has decided to remain Over the Day Here and Start for bar Harbor tomorrow. Hakl feeling very Well today. The latest daily markets. Chicago june 3, l u p. . We Kate Market steady Cash Tut july a a knt Market steady Cash my july a. Oath Market firm cast is july 43ft. Bye steady 8394. Barley nominal 7497s. Timothy steady Iii hey Ufi. Flax-1.it. La of bks Market steady Cash 10.82ft july 7ft, lard Market steady a Ash n so july 37ft. 8uokt Bibb Market Teddy 6.9098 of. Of Kohima. June 2. Corn Market lower 2,64 3,62ft06aft. Oath Market lower 2 White .1 White 4$ft94�?~. Byky Julet 2, 82. A bks too. June 2. Cattle re receipts 0,000, native i.<96.76 texans 2 60 hog receipts 18.080 lower common 4 00 94 40, prime packers and mixed 4.�?T09a80, heavy and butchers weights l0694.76 Light 1060470. 8hekp--receipts 6j�0 steady texans 2 9 .6096.25 Western t.5o96.0� i to natives i. Western 4,5096.0 new York. June 2. W or at Market steady at Deella july 1069107 4. Corn Market firmer a 6tft9�6ft. Oath Market firmer Western Fork Market steady new 12 009wts. Land Market firm 6.60. Butter Market firm Western 1< 9>�. Bulb a Market steady Western is. Milf aural june wheat Market easier 2 Spring Saab my july my. Corn Market steady a m. Oath Market easier 2 White 48. Or. Loots june l wheat Market lower Cash a filet july each my jul a. To Samm a Sam

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