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Bloomington Daily Leader Newspaper Archives Jan 20 1891, Page 1

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Bloomington Daily Leader (Newspaper) - January 20, 1891, Bloomington, Illinois It is amp Gre a a at prize to to Lxi pm on Wivo a the Bloomington daily Leader if Quot cat on a 70u will it in it Sto a. Aln re -3 will a qty Quot the Leader ii yol. . 276. Bloomington Illinois tuesday evening january 20, 1891. Price three ends. That is what our 5 per cent. Reduction Sale on heavy overcoats is proving. The people of Bloomington and violin Ltd know when pixlh1y 8b company make a 25 per sent. Reduction that it Means just one Quarter oif from the manufacturer s Price. Buy an overcoat now if you do not need it until next Winter As you Oan not make Money any faster. Remember this reduction Sale will continue until every garment is sold. In connection with this overcoat Sale we will commence another25 per cent. Reduction Sale. We have been through our entire suit Stock and selected front aame the broken lines by this we mean those of which we have not a full line of sizes one two or three of a kind. These we have placed on separate counters and on which we will give just one Quarter off from the marked or manufacturer s Price. There Are hens youths boys and children a suits also a Large line of Odd pants. So if you want a Pant to match up a suit now is your time to get it. There Are not Many of one kind so come at ones and get first Choice. The clothiers p Isle y amp company. Soi and 303 North main Street Bloomington 111. Limited to chronic diseases. Success cured. The Hubbard treatment. Office 427 North main Street. Remember i services free until feb 1st. Dillon bros.�?T411 sail of horses of All Breeds 70 Chi held abnormal iii., March 3,4,5 and 6,1891. The Success of former sales has induced is to make this fourth combination Sale. Stock of All Breeds solicited. Sent in your applications ear a and they will receive prompt attention. At this Sale to close the partner Alp business now existing Between Isaiah Dillon a sons they will Ell their entire Herd of horses cattle farm tools Etc. Tbs will be the grandest Sale of Choice Stock Ever held in Central Illinois. Buyers should make a special note of this. Every person having Stock to sell should enter them for this Sale without fail. bros., Normal yourself from the weather upon. Star Gratz tie old. merchant tailor and have my make you a Fine Winter suit overcoat or pair of pantaloons in is usual artistic style. Good oood8 and Low pm one. Peter Gratz 110 North main Street Bloomington Illinois closing out Sale on. Account of Bifi a to to Fltzwll-11am. Store on or a Quot Tacut feb. Istas. Goods marked Down regardless of Cost. Babe bargains to All. The Only evening paper in the City receiving the full associated press a million. The american National Bank of Kansas City in charge of your Uncle . W. North 8ld# of the Square. The Little matter of 81,000,000 in Cash needed to pull it out of the Breakers other Banks willing to help it Bat the collateral not sufficiently Gilt edged a exciting run on a savings Bank which is solid. Kansas City mo., Jan. 20.�?the american National Bank of this City was taken in charge yesterday by f. E. Marshall a National Bank examiner for the state of Missouri. The capital Stock of the Bank is $1,250,000. During the Early part of last week it became known to the members of the Kansas City Clearing House association that the american National Bank was in need of assistance. A meeting of the association was called at which a Resolution was adopted assuring the american National Bank that upon a proper showing assistance would be rendered to the amount of 11,000,000 or More. A committee was appointed to be in readiness to act for tiie association. The collateral Wasny to Good. At a meeting of the Clearing House association saturday evening the committee was instructed to examine the Security offered by the american National Bank and ascertain the in count of Money needed. Sunday the committee calling to its assistance National Bank examiner Marshall examined the collateral offered As securities for $1,000,0 10 or More which the association agreed to loan. The commit tee reported to a meeting of the association sunday night that the collateral of Lared by the american National bunk were not such As the Banks of the association would accept. This decision of the association made the failure of the Bank inevitable and the National Bank examiner t Hereupon assumed charge of the Bank a affairs. Statement of the president. The president of the american National made the following statement yesterday afternoon the american National let Ank experiences a heavy shrinkage in business and deposits during the recent Long continued and almost unprecedented Stringency. Our shrinkage was especially great on account of the Large volume of country business handled and this was made More conspicuous by the fact that a few months ago we had several Large temporary deposits. During the past ninety Days we collected considerably Over a million dollars and paid off deposits amounting to nearly two and a half millions or about 00 per cent of our entire Deposit. About two weeks ago we reached our lowest Point and since then steadily recovered and last thursday morning to had an excellent showing and were in easier condition than for nearly two months with every Prospect of continued improvement in spite of the last that certain malicious rumours had been industriously circulated for some time among our depositors and correspondents. Publicity caused a Stampede. A Little later among other things a Clearing House meeting was called without our knowledge and the Olhorn Banks voluntarily offered us assistance if needed. Unfortunately this meeting Liec Rae publicly known causing increased rumours which resulted in a run Friday and saturday and we then applied to the Clearing House for the Aid which they had offered but not being an incorporated organization they failed to agree upon a plan of assistance and consequently we were obliged to a Loso. To close up such a business in these times will necessarily involve Groat sacrifice but there is no doubt that deposits will to paid in full and if the assets Aro properly handled the stockholders should get Back a Large part of their original investment. Deposits largely reduced. No statement of the amount of the liabilities of t he Bank has Ilieen made. They Are estimated at $2,250,000 liabilities $3, 500,000 nominal assets. The principal stockholders of the Bank reside in the East. The deposits of the Bank Are about $1,200,-000. Since oct. 1 last the deposits have decreased from Over $4,000,000 to the present amount. It. Is ascertain i that the Bank owes Over $300,000 borrowed Money. Bun on a savings Bank. As a result of the failure a great Deal of uneasiness Lias been created among the depositors of the Kansas City Safe and savings Deposit company which is in the same building with the american National Bank and was supposed by Many to tie connected with it and there was a tremendous run on that institution which is the largest savings Bank in the state and whose officers Are the most conservative business men in the City. The crowd around the building at eighth and Delaware streets steadily increased and both streets were blocked. An anxious multitude. Many were present out of curiosity but there were hundreds whose Pale faces told Why they had hurried from their work. A cordon of police was stationed about the door and had great difficulty in keeping Back the crowd. About 1 of clock the crowd was a dressed by a. J. Snider a wealthy cattle Man and sex mayor Davenport who advised them to lie moderate and withdraw. They stated that the Bank would pay All depositors Dollar for Dollar and if it could not do so itself the other Banks of the City would help it out As soon As necessary. The depositors reassured. When the savings Bank closed its doors yesterday afternoon the Large number of people who still surrounded its doors were somewhat reassured by the following notice pasted on the Glass a payment of deposits will be result no cd at the Bank tomorrow morning at 0 the Bank is legally entitled to sixty Days notice lie fore required to pay time deposits but All deposits have and will lie paid in full on presentation. There will be a saving of $20,<ni0 to the Bank in accrued interest which depositors have forfeited. Still crowding the Bank. Kansas City Jan. 20 a the ran on the Kansas City Safe Deposit and savings Bank continues today. When the Bank opened at 0 o clock Tia morning the crowd was a Large As at any time Yee Verdey. King Kalakaua dying. The Monarch of tie hawaiian islands at deaths door. San Francisco Jan.20.�?King Kalakaua of the hawaiian islands is lying it the Point of death at the Palace hotel Here buffering from Brights disease and urn Niia. The disease took a sudden turn for the worse yesterday morning and he has been in a Semi unconscious condition even since. The physicians Are greatly alarmed and have held several consultations. Indications of approaching death. San Francisco Jan. 20.�?tbe Phy Eiliana and ool. More Lane the Chamberlain remained with King Alakna All night. The King Lay in a state of Ooma until 5 this morning when be seemed to regain Bia faculties. At 6 30 medical inspector Woods said there bed been Little if any change in Kel Akua a condition lines 6 of clock. There was every indication of approaching death Bat owing to the Marvel one vitality which the patient is displaying he might live 24 hours longer. Or. Woods expressed the opinion that a decided change for the worse would probably Omoor before a a Doc a Wilson reported dead. A notorious character who once sued a Barb wire Moen. Providence r. I., Jan. 20.�?much excitement was caused in town sunday by the circulation of the report that the famous a a Doc Levi Wilson of Washburn Moen Fame had been found dead in Arizona. The Arizona Republican of saturday published in Phenix ari., contains an account of the finding of a coroners july which investigated the do the of a Gambler known As a the new River crazy his hotly was found near Frog tank on the Aqua fria and the jury decided that he was a Doc Wilson formerly of this place. Doc Wilson was born of a Low and obscure family in the Village of Arnoldtown Conn. Married a Beautiful girl. Passing his childhood in a Cotton twice factory Bis teens in a stable and his Early manhood As a horse doctor and the landlord of a disreputable roadhouse near Providence As one of the richest men in new England he spent Money lavishly bought Fine horses and equipage entertained the governors of the state built a palatial House at Uxbridge mass., and after various intrigues with women mar ried the Beautiful miss Farnum daughter of Caleb Farnum one of the Best known manufacturers in the quack store Valley. The source of his wealth. A a Doc was vulgar and ignorant but he had plenty of Money the source of which for Many years was a mystery. At length he be a a suit against Phillip t. Moen the millionaire wire manufacturer of Worcester. Tie secret of course of Wilson a great wealth was then exposed for it came out that Moen Ltd from time to time paid a a Doc immense sums for what reason Moen would never disclose. Said he was Moens soil. Wilson said he was Moens Sou that he was the rightful owner of a barbed wire Patent on which he was receiving an immense Royalty Etc. After losing his last suit against Moen the a a Doc attempted suicide. His wife secured a divorce and the custody of their two boys on the ground of cruelty and other charges and since then Wilson has been a wanderer though a Providence Man saw him in new York a year ago. He was still plentifully supplied with Money. Cold blooded atrocity. A wife killing Bastard who did no to have the decency to suicide. Syracuse n. Y., Jan. 20.�?mrs. Wilbur f. Barker teacher at the Bassett Street Public school was shot five times yesterday by her husband in the class room. He drove to the school in a Sleigh with their 16-months-old child in his arms walked into his wife s class room and said a is this the Way you take care of you child a mrs. Barker went into the hallway. Her husband followed and fired two shots at her. She reached Mother class room Aud then fell on the floor. Barker put the baby on the floor and leaning Over his wife fired at her several times five shots taking effect. The Demon jealousy again. Barker then drove rapidly away and at 1 p. M. The police were Twenty minutes behind him at Jamesville. The couple had been married about two years and jealousy on barkers part is the supposed cause of the tragedy. They Only lived together a Short time after Rivir in Liage. Mrs. Barker taken to due House of the Good Shepherd. It could not be told whether her injuries Are fatal. She was shot three times in the head and face once through Tho left hand and once through he left thigh. Barker left the baby in the school room. Condolence of the Kaiser. Still obstructing. Washington Jan. 20.�?in pursuance at the policy of the democrats in the Bonae Bland a amended the Reading a journal of yeat Arday in Exta Oao. The German emperor wires his sympathy to the Bancroft family. Washington City Jan. 20.�?amongthe telegrams of condolence received at the Bancroft mansion is one from the emperor of Germany transmitted through the German legation in this City As follows sir a his majesty Tho pm Pieror and King remembering the relations of Friendship which for Many years existed Between his majesty the late emperor William and the late Hon. George Bancroft As minister of the United states to Berlin has directed me to express to you and to your family his most sincere sympathy with the great loss that has Fullen upon you and upon your country. The funeral of the historian. Or Bancroft a body was borne to St. Johns Church this morning where the service for the dead was performed. The body was then sent Forward to Worcester mass. The pall bearers were chief Justice Fuller Justice Field Justice Blatchford senator Everts or. Bayard Admiral Rodgers or. Spofford or. George William Curtis and or. John a. King. The flags on the executive buildings were at half Mast and the Secretary of the Navy issued a general order expressive of regret at the death of or. of delay. The democratic tactics in the National legislature. Obstruction for both houses. Abbreviated telegrams. Charles Bryant an inmate for flite years of the the Pittsburg poor hous died monday. South Carolinas a four hundreds is go ing to Boycott governor Tillman from swell society. A. G. Spalding says that base Ballex pests will have to accept lower salaries this year than heretofore. It is stated at Washington City that 1,000 new men will be required for the Navy within the next sixty Days. The austrian bark Ergo and the British ship Ravens Hall with All their Crews Are Given up As lost at Newyl Ork. The Inland charge for telegrams in Ger Many has been reduced by Tho govern ment from 6 to 5 pfennig per word. The Senate has confirmed the Nomina Tion of Henry h. Swan to be United states judge for the Eastern District of Michigan. The operators and station agents strike on the c., m. Aril St. P. Lias petered out so say the company officials Aud nothing is heard from the strikers. The dead Baxly of Mollie Woods a Nymph do pave of Galena kan., was found the other Day in a Coal Shaft with two bullets through her head. No clue. The states and territories West of the Mississippi River including British co Lumbia produced in 1890 $32,156,916 is Gold Aud $02,930,831 in Silver. Rev. A. M. Ford who passed counterfeit Money on unsuspecting citizens of Wisconsin last fall Lias been sentenced to five years in the state Penitentiary. The trouble Over the Lake front at Chicago has been settled. The property owners have agreed that five worlds fair buildings May lie put up on that strip of land. Intensely cold weather prevails in Ger Many Holland Belgium Italy France and England. Several cases of people being Frozen to death Are reported from Paris. National Bank examiner f. E. Marshall for the state of Missouri took charge of the american National Bank of Kansas City monday. The capital Stock of the Bank is $1,250,000. At Syracuse n. Y., monday John Barker formerly a Chicago drummer dangerously shot his wife in a school in which she was employed As a Teache r. The deed was done in the presence of the pupils and the murderer held his own 16-months-old child in his Arm when he fired the _ a Barb wire Plant at Waukegan. Worcester mass., Jan.20.�? or. Charles f. Washburn vice president and Secretary of the Washburn St manufacturing company confirms the report that his company will establish a Plant in Wau began but Maya the tract of land in South Chicago will be retained. To Aoge flits in five More hours of oratory Anil a Lull not through nothing hone Iii the House except approve tie journal a the Ramil investigation takes a fresh Start but develops nothing very interesting Senate republicans i it gift Liler caucus. Washington City Jan. 30.�?the democrats continued their policy of delay in the Senate yesterday and further evinced their intention to talk the election Bill to death. George who Lias spoken several times already on the Bill again got the floor As soon As the election Bill came up and spoke for live hours. He began with a statement of political methods of apportionment in Connecticut As compared with Mississippi. After exhausting the subject in Connecticut he took it up m the state of new York from which he said although it was a democratic state of the popular vote but one Democrat had been sent to the Senate in Twenty years the apportionment being so arranged As to give the republicans a very Large majority in the legislature. Imposed for a punishment. After a statement of the action of tie several states on the subject of negro suffrage i after it had been imposed on the South George remarked that in Michigan Ohio Illinois and Wisconsin the question had let eur submitted to the people and had been rejected by Large majorities thus showing that while the i Mij it be of those Northern states would not have it for themselves it Wae Good enough for Tho Southern states where there were ten Twenty or 1 1 1 negroes for every negro in the Northern states. George quoted from Tho views of uis Tiu gushed Jiapu Licaus in the reconstruction period As to the incapacity of the negroes to exercise the right of suffrage and insisted upon it that negro suffrage was imposed upon tie Southern Jie Ople As a measure of punishment for their rebellion and for party Pur it of is. Quotations from Triail Stevens. He i Ead extracts from speeches of Thad Stevens Garfield Boutwell Fessenden and Sherman to show that it was known and acknowledged at the very time that the right of suffrage qua conferred on the negro that he was unfit to exercise it. Quot and yet Quot said George a we have before a to Day a Bill to consummate the ruin which or. Garfield said to were Rushing on a Bill to consummate Tho punishment which or. Stevens said to deserved. In the shape of negro George yielded to Hoar who moved that Tho a in summent yesterday to till 12 o clock Tori by in order to give senators who desired to attend tie funeral of or. Bancroft an Opportunity to do so. Agreed to. Hawley asks some questions. Hawley recalled a statement made by Walthall some weeks ago As to soveral counties in Mississippi where most of Tho offices Are held by negroes and asked George whether it was True that in those counties the negroes were doing Well and were governing themselves. George replied that As fun Senden had said they could not do so unless they acted under Good advice. To would however turn the question Over to his colleague. Walthall said that in not one of the counties referred to had the negroes Tho taxing a sewer. But in All of them the negroes hold offices that were consistent with the safety of Public and private interests. Hawley then please let them vote for Mem Bers of Congress. That has nothing to do with local government or taxing towers. Hue Point agreed upon. Walthall they do vote for me meters of Congress. And vote Itea Celily. In Tho very District in which these counties All but one Are situated there has teen a contest going on in the House Aud it has teen Given out to All the newspapers that the Republican committee on elections could find no ground on which to make a report Adverse to the sitting member who is a Democrat. Hawley then it is settled that in several 0 unities in Mississippi the negroes can vote and have their votes counted without danger to the democracy Walthall if that be the condition it ought not to be disturbed and there is no necessity for a Force Bill. George resumed the Flat a it a and explained and justified his own action in regard to the suffrage clause in the Constitution of Mississippi. After having to liken five hours he yield Ixl the floor without having concluded his tie ecu. Same thing in the House. Obstruction resorted to there with a very Plain purpose. The tactics of the democratic senators is plainly being adopted in the House and the purpose is evidently to delay business with the ultimate object of defeating the elections Bill. This was made obvious yesterday when Bland demanded the Reading of saturday s proceedings in full instead of in the abbreviated form. The journal being Short its Reading consumed very Little time. Then Mills moved an amendment to the journal relative to a refusal of the chair to recognize his motion to reconsider the vote by which fridays journal was approved. Cannon demanded the previous question and was recognized by the speaker. A number of democrats demanded the Reading of Mills amendment and it was so ordered. Springer attack the speaker. Springer then took the floor under the Rule allowing forty minute Delia to after the ordering of the previous question and said that never before the first session of this Yongi Ess had a motion to reconsider a privileged motion been denied by the presiding officer. In the lust election he was pleased to say the honorable Toh Akcer Hail recognized the great principle of the right of the people to Rule. The speaker Bod said in a so Leech in new York that this was a government of the people by the people Aud for the people Etc., Etc. The speaker said he hoped the gentleman would give the House the Benefit of the Springer replied that he would print tha speaker s remarks in the record. Interpreting the election. Springer said the speaker had put wore the people of a question to lie considered his con duct in making his rulings which he had demonstrated As the turning aside of the precedents of i a years but which he hoped would tie the making of precedents for Tho next 100 years. This question had been presented to the american people Aud their verdict had been one of condemnation of the rulings of the speaker Rogers Rone to interpose a remark but Springer did not yield and the Sii Eaker with some sarcasm in his tones remarked that the gentleman from Illinois did not desire to be interrupted. Springer replied that he did not Deere to be interrupted by the chair but expressed a willingness to yield five minutes of his time to the speaker if he desired to say anything. Need quotes speaker Randall. The speaker made no response to this and then Bland criticised his rulings and when he was through speaker heed had several extracts from the journal read showing that Rau Lull when speaker of the House had refused to entertain appeals from his decision. Springer suggested that those refusals were made when the House was proceeding under special act the provisions of which would not be in Force after a certain time. The speaker replied that the lame ruling must is made in pursuance of the Law which provided that this Congress should expire at s certain time. Springer retorted that Randall had been governed by the Law while the present speaker was governed by his Awn will. Mckinley states the situation. Mckinley said that nobody would deny that the motion made saturday by Mills was purely dilatory and it was the duty of the chair to refuse to entertain it. As to the result of the election its result would be discussed before the people when the democrats had put in Public Law their own interpretation of their Victory the republicans would go to the american people of the issues thus made and let the people determine in 1tea which aide of the House should continue in control of the United state. There was not a gentleman he said on the other aide who would not declare that the whole a orphae of the filibustering tactics was to make it impossible to peas the elections Bill in the House if the Senate should pass it. Flower accepts the Isene. Flower we accept the Issue and stand upon it Mckinley i an the gentleman. I Mckinley and i want to say to the gentleman from new York that this Issue will not Down. Flowers it downed the Republican party. Mckinley you gentlemen secured Power in the House of representatives by Tho suppression of the votes of thousands and hundreds of thousands of citizens. You May have a temporary Victory now and then but the party which stands against an honest ballot and an honest count cannot Long and permanently hold Power in this country. K. B. Taylor of treasonable always in effect and nearly always in purpose and Breckinridge asked what remedy the minority had when unlimited debate was shut off. To this Taylor replied the same remedy As if the Bill is passed none at All. Thus the whole Lay was consumed in approving the journal. The Raum atrocity. Witnesses have nothing startling to Tell to the committee. Washington City Jan. 20.�?the House committee investigating the charges against commissioner Lauin continued its session yesterday. Miss Carrie Roush testified that in addition to a letter she had previously admitted to writing she copied several Legal papers for the company at the request of or. Tanner commissioner Raum s private Secretary. The work was done after office hours and altogether f he had not worked much More than an hour on such matters. Assistant Secretary Bussey said he had permitted Rauton to use his name As one of the incorporator of the refrigerator company but had no Stock therein. He did not know As Cooper insinuated that there were millions of dollars of worthless Stock in the company floating around. Green b. Raburn jr., testified that a government messenger named of Donnell took care of his Raume a horse and was paid for it. Cooper wanted to know How much was paid Ami was told that it was name of his bus item. Tie congressional Brief. Washington City Jan. 20.�?in the Senate yesterday an hour and a half was consumed discussing a Point of Taler raised by Gorman taking Issue with the vice presidents ruling last Friday to the effect that an Appeal from a decision of the chair on a non debatable question was itself not debatable. The matter was finally dropped and after the introduction of a number of Bills the elections Bill was taken up and George addressed the Senate in opposition to Tho Bill most of Tho session of Tho House was take up by political speeches and assaults upon the speaker by the democrats for past rulings. Only one Bill of minor importance was passed and at 5 of clock the House adjourned. Concluded not to Catmur. Washington City Jan. proposed caucus of Republican senators to discuss a programme for disposing of the Rule to close debate on the election Bill is off for the present. While no definite conclusion to hold a caucus had been reached by the republicans it was believed by Many of them that it would be advisable to Call one for last night. Now it is said that there is no necessity for caucus action the instructions Given the Republican Meliers on rules a the last conference being deemed Suffian for their guidance. _ state of the children of mormons. Washington City Jan. 20.�?the supreme court yesterday reversed the decree of the supreme court of Utah in the casts of George h. Cope against Janet and Thomas Cope jr., involving the rights of George h. Cope the illegitimate son of Thomas Cope sr., by his polygamous or plural wife to a share of his fathers estate. The Utah courts had decided that George h. Was not entitled to any Sharo of his fathers estate. Nearly makes Gen. Work vain. Miles Wanton murder of an old chief. Cowboy kill a Friendly and aged Chol and wound i wife tie new terribly excite the red at 1�?Tlnc Ridge adj make it necessary to postpone a grand review and prepare for emergencies. Pine Riduka , s. D., Jan. 30.�? when the treacherous Whites in beat Butte county wont Only murdered old few tails last week and wounded his Squaw they committed an outrage that came neat ruining Gen. Miles plans and stampeding the 5,000 Hostiles who Are in Camp Here. Few tails was a relative of Young Man afraid of his horses the Only hereditary chief in the Sioux nation and the most powerful Lender among his people. Few tails wounded Squaw arrived Here Suu Day and almost immediately there was a commotion in the hostile Camp. Complicates the situation. The scouts reported the situation to Gen. Miles who immediately sent runners after Young Man. When that chief appeared at Headquarters and Learned of the ingratitude of the Whites for the heroic work he had been doing in their behalf he refused to be pacified and it took ail the diplomacy at the command of Gen. Miles to win Baek finally the Good will of the outraged chief. The situation has become so complicated that to he quartermaster has ordered Twenty Daisy additional rations and the troops that were expected to come to the Agency for a grand review have been ordered to remain in Camp. An indefensible outrage. This order for rations is As heavy As any that has been issued since the War began. Few tails was not Only a relative of Young Man afraid of his i horses but a brother of big Road one of the most powerful sub chiefs at Pine Ridge Ling Road said yesterday that eighty cowboys had slaughtered the lit Liu band As they were returning unarmed from an Eagle Hunt bearing with them Gen. Miles pass permitting them to lie off tie reservation and that the Squaw of few tails was tha a Only survivor. Fired upon from Ambuski. The Little party was journeying South Ward and bad just started on tie morning of the 11th. They had gone but a Short distance when they were fired upon from ambush by a party of Whites. Few tails fell dead. One Bullet pierced Bis brain and another missile struck him in the breast. His Squaw was shot in the leg and breast and probably fatally Hurt. The horses of one Wagon were also killed by the Volley. Few tails Corpse Lay in the vehicle while his Squaw managed to crawl to the Bushes where she hid for a Day be fore setting out on her painful tramp to Pino Ridge 100 Miles away. The rest of the indians abandoned the other Wagon and fled and it is supposed that they too were slain. The Illinois legislature. Adopted the levee system. Washington City Jan. 30.�?the House committee on the improvement of the Mississippi River has agreed upon a Bill for its improvement by a system of levees. The Bill will recommend that the appropriation for the improvement be increased to $10,000,000. _ in favor of the Torresjr Bill. Washington City Jan. 20.�?senator cull Oil presented yesterday to the Senate thirty live petitions in favor of the Torrey bankrupt Bill from about 1,000 prominent business houses in Chicago. Gov. Hill for senator. New York democrats name their Mae a other selection. Albany n. Y., Jau. 20.�?in the democratic caucus yesterday governor Hill was nominated for bulted states senator to succeed senator . The nomination was made by acclamation. It is understood that the governor will accept. William l. Evarts was renominated for senator by the Republican caucus. South Dakota nominations a Lekko s. D., Jan. 20.�?up to a 1st Kour last night three caucuses were going on of republicans democrats and independents. Moody was nominated by the republicans for United states senator and Tripp by the democrats. The inde prude if were still in caucus. In other states. Teller was unanimously nominated for United states senator by the Republican caucus at Denver Colo. Democrats of new Hampshire nominated A. Sinclair. A Launcey f. Black was chosen by the Pennsylvania democracy. Indiana democrats renominated voor Hees Aud the republicans chose Hovey. Well and bravely done. Or. Louis Jan. 20.�? shawls school one cd the Public schools of this City won totally destroyed by fire at 10 90 a. In. Yesterday. Two Hundred and fifty children were in the building when the fire was Dis it covered in the basement by the principal mrs. Mary Mauris. She ran to All the rooms ordered recess and in three minutes the school was emptied Aud not a child was Hurt. Two minutes afterwards the flames had Possession of the first floor. Salvation lists arrested for id Glary. Chicago Jan. 20.�?dan i Ald and Day Broderick two salvation army soldiers at the West Indiana Street Barracks Wero held in $1,500 Bonds by Justice la buy yesterday morning to answer to the charge of burglary. It is alleged that these men with others broke into the store of mrs Brumbill at 318 West i Disua Street Aud carried off some goods. They were surprised in the act by a Little girl who reported them to the police. Of lbs City not a big Salt a. St. Louis Jan. 20.�? the chronicles a a offer on City mo., special says the supreme court handed Down a decision yesterday in the famous Kansas City Extension Case. About a year ago the City extended the limits taking in Twenty two Miles of territory. The census was take under the Extension and five aldermen were elected from the new territory. The court held that the Extension proceedings were not according to Law and that the Extension was invalid. All City ordinances passed since the Extension will be invalidated. The population of the City is reduced about 15,000.____ Sullivan to flight Flavin. Chicago Jan. 19.�?a Well authenticated Rumor has it that John l. Sullivan prior to his departure for grand rapids yesterday morning affixed his signature to articles of agreement which had already been signed by Siavin for e fight next summer Tor the worlds heavy weight championship. Arrival of sex Glovernor Oglesby in Vest i gallon proceedings the lie direct. Springfield Jan. 20.�?undo Dick Orlesky came to Springfield yesterday aft it i noon in charge of senator Fuller who As chairman of the senatorial steer aug committee will manage his Campaign. The sex governor took rooms at the Iasia i and received callers for a couple of hours after which he went Over and dined with governor and mrs. Fifer. After Din her he held quite a levee at his rooms in the Claud. Of course there is still much speculation As to How the a a Ling three Quot will vote on senator hut it is impossible to say. Cockrell said yesterday that his instructions did not Debar him from voting for Palmer As a last resort. The Taueneck inquiry. The Taueneck investigating committee of the House met yesterday and examined two witnesses and then adjourned for tha Day. The witnesses were j. G. No High iad and w. F. Hollenbeck of Marshall. Whitehead said that Hollenbeck had first told him of Taii Beneck s career and in or Ider to confirm the Story that Taul it Eneck had served two years in the Penitentiary for counterfeiting lie had written a letter to a Friend ill Springfield mo., regarding the matter und received a reply that or. Thu be necks name did nut appear upon the prison record. Called Whitehead a liar. Hollenbeck was the next witness. He prefaced his statement by saying Eliut lie knew nothing of the matter in hand except that the preceding witness was a liar and that ids falsehood were mall Cious. He had not told or. Whitehead anything about the charges against or. Fauber Veck and had always understood that Tho minors originated with Charles Tau lie neck an Uncle of representative Taueneck and that the circulation of these rumours was duo to a family feud extending through a number of years. Tho Uncle Hud Aridj Jat detectives Ltd searched his House Aud Chat of representative Tau Beneckis father in the Hope of securing counterfeit plates. The he Tow Case. The House election committee was in Syf Timon yesterday almost up to the hour of a ravening the House when an adjourn Axne was agreed upon. The matter will take two weeks to Eom Odete. Us Tho committee has 7,000 ballots to count record Aud i Turify. The depositions read in tie Caw yesterday were Dir Ted to establishing the disqualification of a number of voters awl the Effort resulted As All like Effort have in a dear staud off. Legislative notes. The Senate was not in session More than fifteen minutes last evening and no important business was done. Tho House did Nething except quarrel for a time Over tie journal record of the disposition of the Harrison Resolution Friday but tha matter was postponed until to Day. Roth houses adjourned until this morning. The proceeding today , Jan. 20. A in the Senate this morning the report of the committee on joint raise reporting that the joint rules for the thirty sixth Assembly hed been a mended by making a majority of the members elected a quorum Tor All business of the joint Assembly was adopted. The House joint Reao Luton calling Tor a joint session wednesday was unanimously adopted. After the introduction of a few Bills a Rameas wee taken until i of clock the session of the hones today was without unusual interest. Hill for senator. Indication that he will be elected in new Tork tomorrow. Albany n. Y., Jan. 2 a both branches of tha legislature voted Tor United states senator today. Thera Ware six absentees in the Wembly and tha ballot taken gave Evart a majority Over Hill. A joint ses Aien will be held tomorrow when Ell the democrats Are expected to be present and As a result elect Hill. Forcad to quit work. Kansas City. Jan. 20.�?toe Kansas City oar and wheel works at Birmingham a suburb of this pity Shat Down today for a indefinite period. Superintendent super land Maya tha works will probably remain Eileed until they Ronld pet a freight rate that would permit their doing a profitable by Aiace. The Psi Billot. Palmer lol Oglesby Ico Streeter 3. The nominating speeches today Jonea of Sangamon Ruben i lie Democrat a Leader before the legislature and of Micro ruts Forward the name of a Uncle Dick a special correspondence. Spring Ofili a Jan 20.�?tbe galleries of both houses Wue crowded today when the hour of Ballott no for United states senator arrived. In the House Jones of Sangamon nominated general Palmer in a speech which was repeatedly cheered by the democrats. He said in part a this Day will be memorable in the history of this state As the beginning of the end of a political contest which aroused the attention and interest of the people not Only of this great Commonwealth but throughout the length and breadth of this he spoke highly of the past services of Palmer and closed As follows a in the Namo of the people of this state and Republic oppressed and burdened by National taxation and extravagant and reckless expenditure of Publio moneys and the crying out for Relief i place in nomination for the office of United states senator that Soldier statesman and True servant of the people John m sex governor Oglesby Wai then Plant a in nomination by Keller of Macon in a Short but eloquent speech. After reviewing the life of Oglesby both As a Soldier and states Man he said a i present the name of that candidate an upright Aud honorable citizen who upon his farm is quietly leading the life of an Humble Farmer whose councils have been heard in both houses of the get and National Legislatures then elected governor of Tho great state of Illinois a Gallant Soiter Aud hero of two wars and last though not least an Invin Bible Aud uncompromising Moyer time Morris coloured Weeden of Connell Bryan and Callahan seconded the nomination. Unbeha f of the f. M. B. A. Cockrell of Marion nominated a. in a speech of which the following is a part a the fight is on the revolution is Here. The conflict must Aud will continue. Ignorance of the in at Ai d underling causes thai Are producing this upheaval will neither Correct the wrongs nor avoid the Monse que docs. The emergencies of the times will either produce a Stati Smau capable of lending the toiling millions to Phaoe Prosperity happiness and Contentment by solving the great economic problems that confront us or inventive Genius will go on multiplying forces to compete with labor in the production of wealth while the vicious Olaes system of Dimtriou Tion will Continuo gathering in into fewer hands until our Homes Are lost our liberties lost and on the ruins our grand and glorious Republic the idol of All Liberty Loving patriots the guiding Star and Hope of the oppressed of ail Nat ions will be erected a Pluto Darcy of wealth and Power snob As the sur of heaven never Shono upon unless gods toiling millions prevent the consummation of this dastardly and Damnable conspiracy outside of the Halls of after this nomination was so bonded the balloting commenced. A i he first ballot in the Senate resulted Palmer 24, Ogle by 27 in the House Palmer 77, Oglesby 73, Streeter 3. No candidate received a majority. An adjournment was taken at 2 o clock until tomorrow at 10, when other ballots will be taken. Wrecked and robbed a train fifteen men secure $30,1x10 on the Klo Iranie hot Ruad St. Louis Jan. 20.�?at noon yesterday a train on Tho Kio Grande Railroad Between Brownville Texas and Point Isabel was wrecked and robbed by fifteen . They placed an obstruction on the track derailed the train held up the passengers and got away with about f20,000 of amerious Money which was Enrose for new Orleans. The passengers Wero relieved of Money and valuables. A sheriff and posse is scouring the country in Trace of the robbers who Aro doubtless Safe in Mexico factories close Down. A dozen window 41la� factories fore d to aim duo of Ruinn. Pirr Siruno Jan. 20.�?word has been received that nearly a dozen window Glate factories have shut Down on to count of the overstocked Market and the Low prices which prevail. Others Are expected to follow. Tha depression is attributed to the fell Are of the proposed consolidation of tha so called american Glass company. Parnell urge attendance at parliament. Dublin Jau 20.�?parnell in a letter to the Freeman a journal urges the attendance of the Irish parliamentary party on the reopening of parliament. He keys especially is it important that there be a full attendance of the Irish members when the ipod Purchase Bill reaches the Tomu Pittee stage. Made a run of a Hank. Palmubo neb., Jan. 20.�?thore wee u heavy run on the Deposit Bank yesterday a result of the Rumor that Tho Bank was in an unsafe of audition. The Bank paid ail demands in full and the cashier Baa gone to Omaha to arrange for funds to tide Over the crisis. The latest daily market8. L th0a<�?~o Jan. 20. 1 16 p. M. Close. Wheat Marsel firm Cash we july tos. Co tit Market Stead cosh in May my. Oat a Market in a 4 the May 4aiaiah, pork Market firm Caso �?~20, Meg 10.75. Lauds Market steady Cash 5 57r May oa17h. I hot bum Market steady Cash i 90 May 5.35. Yub easy 70 Dahlky a nominal 75075. Klayt quiet. 11.15 Phink i a Kasy ii 25. Wh1nky�?ll.li. A Bioano Jan. To. Cattle receipts Stead. To lower. Prime 3 50<&5 40 stockers r2.t5a3.25. Ugh Mvi Mec Eipp 37. I lower. Common 3 pack to prime heavy 3 tw�3 75 Light 315a3 0 it. He Kip receipts 7 000 St Aily. Natives $>.g0&4 �0. Westerns it of amp i to Texsie. 0. New Yoke. Jan 30. Wheat Market lower May >.c3mi a july John Market firm 2, -9a60s Oats Market steady Western 4sftrs. Fork Market steady new 11150011 75. Lard Market weak Eu-�?~s4. Hotter Market weak Western 11 12, Mage Market firm Western 7. Prom a Jan. To. Corn Market steady in Enow a yet Lon 47k. Gate Market firm no i while 4 met i White 42h642h. Eye Morzet Peerce 2 71. Milf Aubo Jen. 20 wheat Marge firm a Spring caen�7�m May 18y Lott Ftp Market firm 8 Cash is Oatas Marut firm Wasfi t White 4ik. Or Louie Jan. 30. Mark teach of tue May Ltd Cohn Market firmer cosh 47k May 4 x. Oa18�?Market higher Cash it. May 45 4m pork Market heavy 10.37k. Lard Market adult a 5 00. Whisky Market steady t to

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