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Bloomington Daily Leader Newspaper Archives Apr 27 1891, Page 4

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Bloomington Daily Leader (Newspaper) - April 27, 1891, Bloomington, Illinois The Bloomington evening Leader monday april 27, 1891. The daily Leader o. C Mason. J. H. Mason. Mason amp Mason. Publishers and editors. Terms of the daily. One year postage 00 three Mouths .-.,. 1 25 by the week delivered by Warrior. 10 terms of the weekly. Odo year u paid u Advance ii 60 six Mouths postage paid a. 76 subscribers who tall to receive their paper a Tavor upon us by report office either la person by Alv bad is news let the new Tabernacle. Regularly will cooler a favor upon us by reporting the same to this office Al the Telephone or postal card b addressed to the Leader publishing co. Elep Boue 108. By m ngton.illi-. The death rate Tor March in this state was the greatest Ever known before la Grippe. It is disturbing to Tome to be shaken by the Blaine Bombshell and by the explosion of 250 tons of powder within a month. It is sincerely o be hoped that the forthcoming a great May Day strike will prove no More disastrous Baa those which have preyed to it in other years. The number of cities in the United states having a population of not less than 100,000 is just twice that of Twenty years ago. In 1870 the number was 14, with Chicago fifth it is now 28, and Chi ago has jumped into second place. Secketa by Fash has not yet arrived at any conclusion As to in plan to be adopted for the refunding of the 4 j per sent Bonds amounting to $50,000,000, which fall due sept. 1. In the course of conversation on the condition of the government i canoes Secretary Foster expressed himself As having no fear of the Rahi Lity of the government to meet All its obligations As they might arise. There would be no trouble he added about the next quarterly payment of pensions in june aggregating Between $25,000,000 and $28,0000,000. The Avail ble Money at the disposal of the Treasury he placed at about $70,000,000. A Kansas authority Days the total amount of farm mortgage indebtedness in Kansas Doss not exceed $50,000,000,and it is being paid off at the rate of $1,000,000 a month so it is not improbable the Farmers of that state will be substantially free from indebtedness in four years from now. It this be Only True approximately it is difficult to see How the Farmers of Kansas Are in such pressing need of help from the government As against their Ore Ditora As to be entitled to demand s three Quarter stump Tail Silver Dollar or a Fiat Issue of paper our Enoy. The toilers of the City who Are working hard to pay for their Homes would be glad if they thought they were so nearly out of the Woods. The Gross earnings of 102 railroads in United states for february were 4 6 per sent larger than for the same time a year previously while the net earnings show a gain of 8.5 per cent. The latter figures indicate a satisfactory saving in current expenses and it is understood that much if not All of this saving has been effected by a blackening from the previous intense com petition for business rather than by a re Duption of the wage scale. The gain in Gross earnings is the heaviest since june which is All the More remarkable in View of the fast that february of last year found All the Grain roads taxed to the utmost of their carrying of parity to move the enormous surplus of the Harvest of 1889, while the drops of last year were Light. Leading democrats privately admit that it is their purpose and Endeavor to Force the free coinage question out of the next presidential Campaign if it is possible for them to do so. Some of them say it will be the Effort of those who will have the control of the next House of representatives to see to it that no vote upon the subject of free coinage shall be taken daring the next Congress. Most of the leading demo ratio candidates for the speaker ship Are in favor of making the Tariff the chief Issue of the presidential Campaign and they Are very free to say so. Those who have a ready committed themselves upon this subject Are or. Villi of Texas or. Crisp of Georgia or. Wilson of West Virginia and or. To Millan of Tennessee. They will seek to Pond not the presidential Campaign on the issues of the last congressional Campaign the particular friends of Grover Cleveland Are the More anxious to do this in order More effectually to conceal his vacillating policy on the Silver question. By nabobs Allison Aldrich Histock Carlisle and h Iris have been appointed a sub committee of the Senate finance com Mittee for the purpose of making the invest ligation into the Mckinley Tariff not ordered by Resolution of the Senate at the last ses Sion. It is expected that a mass of a then Tio and useful information bearing upon the Workings of the Tariff and its relation to the manufacturing and general business of the country will be gathered by this sub committee which will begin its work at Onoe. For several months to borne its time will be taken up by the collection of a Tatis tidal information in the Early fall it expects to take the testimony of a Large number of people whose business brings them into constant Contact with the Tariff Laws. Senator Aldrich who it will be remembered was in charge of the me Kinley Bill while it was pending before the Senate is one of the Best posted men in Public life on matters pertaining to the Tariff and the of entry is to be on his having Oon rented to serve As a Mem Ber of this sub committee. Some of the demo ratio leaders who Are anxious to support Cleveland Are determined that the demo ratio party shall be planted upon a free coinage platform in the next presidential Campaign continue to rejoice at the latest interview attributed to their Leader. And they Are by no Means disturbed at the evasive and deprecatory denial which or. Cleveland has been pleased to give to that interview. There Ore a Good Many conservative men in the democratic party however and among Thorn Are Strong supporters of Grover Cleveland who do not relish the thought which is being forced upon them that Cleveland has one Silver policy for the East a to a another one for the West and South the conviction is forming itself upon All Foi minded men that Cleveland is ready to shift his ground and that if necessary to got o nomination be will permit the free coinage men to think that be will favor any proposition which they will make. In other words or. Cleveland in the opinion of Many has already shown that he is not Tho Strong Man of courage and conviction which his friends have claimed him to be fort on the contrary he has fallen to the level of the Ordinary shifty and Tricky demagogue who is willing to modify his opinion on the Silver or any other question for the Sake of the no mint Tion. Or. Talmage a graphic review of i he building and i to purposes. The passage of Jordan by the israelite. The Many discouragements in Rule Long the new Structure stones from Sinai and Athens a Church for All. Brooklyn april 20.�?Sermon of Rev. T. De Witt Talmage in the new Brooklyn Tabernacle on Clinton Avenue this evening the building having been dedicated in the morning at 10 30. A great Union meeting in which clergymen of All denominations of christians participated was held in the afternoon. Six thousand persons were present at each of the services and Many thousands were turned away. Text what mean be by these stones a Joshua in 6. The Jordan like the Mississippi has Bluffs on the one Side and Flats on the other. Here and there a Sycamore shadows it. Here and there a Willow dips into it was Only a Little Over Waist deep in december As i waded through it in the months of april and May the snows on mount Lebanon thaw and flow Down into the Valley and then the Jordan overflows its Banks. Then it is wide deep raging and impetuous. At this season of the year i hear the tramp of forty thousand armed men coming Down to Cross the River. You say Why do they not go up nearer the Rise of the River at the old Camel Ford a my friends. It is because it is not Safe to go around when the lord tells us to go ahead. Tho israelite had been going around forty years and they had enough of it. I do not know How it is with you my Brethren have always got into trouble when i went around always got into safety when i went ahead. There spreads out the Jordan a raging torrent much of it Snow water just come Down from the Mountain top and i see some of the israelite shivering at the idea of plunging in and one Soldier says to his Comrade a Joseph can you swim a and another says a if we get across the Stream we will get there with wet clothes and with damaged Purmor and the canaanites will slash us to pieces with their swords before we get up the other it is no time to halt. The great Host marches on. The priests carrying the Ark go ahead the people follow. I hear the tramp of the great multitude. The priests have now come within a stones throw of the water. Yet still there is no abatement of the flood. Now they have come within four or five feet of the Stream there is no abatement of the flood. Bad Prospect it seems As if these israelite that crossed the desert Are now going to be drowned in sight of Canaan. But a a forwardly is the cry. The command rings All along the line of the Host. A a forwardly now the priests have come within one step of the River. This time they lift their feet from the solid ground and put them Down into the raging Stream. No sooner Are their feet there than Jordan flies. On the right hand god piles up a great Mountain of floods on Tho left the water flows off toward the sea. The great River for hours halts and rears. The Back Waters not being Able to flow Over the passing israelite pile wave on wave until perhaps a sea Bird would find some difficulty in scaling Tho water Cliff. Now the priests and All the people have gone Over on dry land. The water on the left hand Side by this time has reached the sea and now that the miraculous passage has been made stand Back and see this san tendons pile of Waters leap. God takes his hand from that Wall of floods and like a Hundred cataracts they plunge and Roar in thunderous Triumph to the sea. The Monument at Jordan. Tiow Are they to celebrate Liis passage shall it be with music i suppose the trumpet and cymbals were All worn out before this. Shull it be with banners waving of no they Are All faded and torn. Joshua cries out a i will Tell you Liow to celebrate this build a Monument Here to commemorate the event a and every priest pats a heavy Stone on his shoulder and marches out and drops that Stone in the divinely appointed place. I see the pile growing in height in breadth in significance and in after years men went by that spot and saw this Monument and cried out one to another in fulfilment of the prophecy of the text a what meant be by these stones a blessed to god he did not leave our Church in the Wilder Essl we love been wandering about for a year and a Ball worshipping in the Academy of music Brooklyn and the Academy of music new York. And some though it we would never reach the promised land. Some said a had better take this route and others that. Some said we had better go Back and some said there were sons of Anak in Tho Way that would eat us up. And before Tho smoke had cleared away from the sky after our Tabernacle had been consumed people stood on the very site of the place and said a this Church will never again be we came Down to the Bank of Jordan we looked off upon the Waters. Some of the sympathy that was expressed turned out to be Snow water melted from the top of Lebanon. Some said a you had better not go in you will get your feet we waded in pastor and people farther and farther and in some Way the lord Only knows How we got through and tonight t go All around about this great House erected by your prayers and sympathies and sacrifices and cry out in the words of my text a what mean be by these stones a it is an outrage to build a House like this so vast and so magnificent unless there be some tremendous reasons for doing it and so my friends i pursue you to night with the question of my text and i demand of these trustees and of these elders and of All who have contributed in tha building of this Structure a what mean be by these stones a before i get your answer to my question you interrupt me and Point to the memorial Wall at the Side of this pulpit and say a explain that unusual group of memorials what mean you by those stones a by permission of the people of my beloved charge i recently visited the holy lands and having in mind by Day and night during my absence Liis rising House of prayer i Bethought myself a what can i do to make that place significant and on the morning of december Tho 3d we were at Tho foot of the most sacred Mountain of All the Earth mount Calvary there is no More doubt of the locality than of mount Washington or Mont Blanc. On Tho Bluff of this Mountain which is the shape of the human Skull and so culled in the Bible a the place of a Skull a there is room for three crosses. There saw a Stone so suggestive i rolled it Down the Bill and transported it. It is at the top of this Wall a White Stone with Crimson veins running through it the White typical of purity the Crimson suggestive of the blood that paid the Price of our redemption. We place it at the top of the memorial Wall for above All in this Church for All time in Sermon and song and prayer shall be the sacrifice of mount Calvary. Look at it. That Stone was one of the rocks rent at Tho crucifixion. That heard the cry Quot it is was Ever any Church on Earth honoured with such a memorial the memorial of Sinai. Beneath it Are two tables of Stone which i bad brought from mount Binai where to Law was Given. Three camels were three weeks crossing the desert to fetch them. When at Cairo Egypt i proposed to the Christian Arab that he bring one Stone from mount Sinai he said a we can easier bring two rocks than one for one must balance them on the Back of the Camel a and i did not think until the Day of their arrival How much More suggestive would be the two because the Law was written on two tables of Stone. Those stones marked with the words a amount Sinai Felt the earthquake that Shook the mountains when the Taw was Given. The lower Stone of the Wall is from Mars Hill the place where Paul stood when he preached that famous Sermon on the brotherhood of the human race declaring a god hath made of one blood All since lord Elgin took the famous statuary from the acropolis the Hill adjoining Mars Hill the greek government makes it impossible to transport to other lands any antiquities and armed soldiery guard not ouly the acropolis Mars Hill Mission from the Queen of Treece a most gracious and Brilliant woman who received us As though we had been old acquaintances and through or. Trikoupis the prime minister of Greece and or. Crowden on american minister plenipotentiary and or. Manatt our american Consul that suggestive Tablet was sawed from the pulpit of Mck on which Paul preached. Now you understand Why we have marked it a the Long after my lips shall utter in this Church their last message these lips of Stone will Tell of the Law and the sacrifice and the gospel. This Day i present them to this Church and to All who shall gaze upon them. Thus you have my answer to the question what mean you by these stones a Yon cannot divert me from the question of the text As i first put it. 1 have interpreted these four memorials on my right hand there Are hundreds of stones in these surrounding Walls and underneath us in the foundations and rising above us in the towers. The quarries of this and transatlantic countries at the Call of crowbar and chisel have contributed toward this Structure. A what mean be by these stones a you mean among other things that they shall be an earthly residence for Christ. Christ did not have much of a Home when he was Here. Who and where is that child crying it is Jesus born in an outhouse. Where is that hard breathing it is Jesus asleep on a Rock. Who is that in the Back part of the fishing smack with a sailors rough overcoat thrown Over him it is Jesus the worn out voyager. O Jesus is it not time that thou Hadst a House we give thee this. Thou didst give it to us first we give it Back to thee. It is too Good for us not half Good enough for thee. Of come in and take the Best seat Here. Walk up and Down All these aisles. Speak through these Organ pipes. Throw thine Arm Over us in these Arches. In the flaming of these brackets of fire speak to us saying a i am the Light of the o King make this thine audience chamber. Here proclaim righteousness and make treaties. We clap our hands we uncover our Heads we lift our ensigns we cry with multitudinous acclamation until the place rings and the heavens listen a to King live forever a is it not time that he who was born in a strangers House and buried in a strangers grave should have an earthly House come in o Jesus not the Corpse of a buried Christ a Radiant and triumphant Jesus conqueror of Earth and heaven and hell. Ii lives All glory to his name to lives my Jesus still the same. Of the Sweet Joy this so Tenco gives i know that my redeemer lives. Evert denomination has contributed. Blessed be his glorious name forever again if any one asks the question of the text a what mean be by these stones a the reply is we mean the communion of saints. Do you know that there is not a single denomination of christians in Brooklyn that has not contributed something toward the building of this House and if Ever standing in this place there shall be Man who shall try by anything he says to stir up bitterness Between different denominations of christians May his Tongue falter and his Cheek Blanch and his heart Stop my friends if there is any Church on Earth where there is a mingling of All denominations it is our Church. I just wish that John Calvin and Arminius if they were not too Busy would come out on the battlements and see us. Sometimes in our prayer meetings i have heard Brethren use the phrases of a Beautiful Liturgy and we know where they come from and in the same prayer meetings i have heard Brethren make audible ejaculation a amen a a Praise be the lord a and we did not have to guess twice where they came from. When a Man knocks at our Church door if he comes from a sect where they will not give him a certificate we say a come in by confession of while Adoniram Judson the Baptist and John Wesley the methodist and John Knox the glorious old scotch presbyterian Are shaking hands in heaven All churches on Earth can afford to come into close communication a one in it re one Faith one of my Brethren we have had enough of big Bethel fights the fourteenth new York regiment fighting the fifteenth Massachusetts regiment. Now let All those who Are for Christ and stand on the same Side go shoulder to shoulder and this Church instead of having a sprinkling of the divine Blessing go Clear under the wave in one glorious immersion in the name of the father and of the son and of the holy ghost. I saw a Little child once in its dying hour put one Arm around its fathers Nock and the other Arm around its mothers neck and bring them close Down to its dying lips and give a last kiss. Of i said those two persons will stand very near to each other always after such an interlocking. The dying Christ puts one Arm around this denomination of christians and the other Arm around that denomination of christians and he brings them Down to his dying lips while he gives them this parting kiss a my peace 1 leave with you. My peace i give unto How Swift the heavenly course they run Whoso hearts and Faith and Hopes Are one. Heaven will be truly Gator to. I heard a Baptist minister once say that he thought in the millennium it would be All one great Baptist Church and i heard a methodist minister say that he thought in the great millennial Day it would be All one great methodist Church and i have known a presbyterian minister who thought that in the millennial Day it would be my one great presbyterian Church. Now i think they Are All mistaken. I think the millennial Church will be a composite Church and just As you May take the Best parts of five or six tunes and under the skillful hands of a Handel Mozart or Beethoven ent Winti them into one grand and overpowering symphony so 1 suppose in the latter clays of the world god will take the Best parts of All denominations of christians and weave them into one great ecclesiastical Harmony Broad As the Earth and High us the heavens and that will be the Church of the future. Or As mosaic is made up of Jasper and Agate and Many precious stones cemented together mosaic a thousand feet Square in St. Marks or mosaic hoisted in colossal Seraphim in St. Sophia a so i suppose god will make after awhile one great blending of All creeds and All faiths and All Christian sentiments the amethyst and the Jasper and the Chalcedony of All different experiences and belief cemented Side by Side in the great mosaic of the Ages and while the nations look upon the columns and Architraves of that stupendous Church of the future and cry out a what mean be by these stones a there shall be innumerable voices to respond a we mean the lord god on ipod. Tent still further you mean by these stones the salvation of the people. We did not build this Church for Mere worldly reforms or for an educational institution or As a platform on which to read essays and philosophical disquisition a place for the tremendous work of soul saving. Of i had rather be the Means in this Church of having one soul prepared for a Joyful eternity than five thousand souls prepared for Mere worldly Success. All churches Are in two classes All communities in two classes All the race in two classes believers and unbelievers. To augment the number of friends we want one revival in this Church that beginning now and running on to the Day when the chisel of time that brings Down even St. Paul a and the pyramids. Shall bring this House into the Dost. They built entered not. Of that this Day of dedication might be the Day of emancipation of All imprisoned souls. My friends do not make the Blunder of the ship carpenters in Noah a time who helped to build the Ark did not get into it. God forbid that you who have been so generous in building this Church should not get under its saving influence. A come thou and All thy House into the do you think a Man is Safe out of Christ not one Day not one hour not one minute not one second. Three or for years ago you remember a rail train broke Down a Bridge on the Way to Albany and after the catastrophe they were looking around among the timbers of the crushed Bridge and the fallen train and found the conductor. He was dying and had Only strength to say one thing and that was hoist the Flag for the next so there come to us tonight from the eternal Worth voices of god voices of Angels voices of departed spirits crying a lift the warning. Blow the trumpet. Give the alarm. Hoist the Flag for the next of that tonight my lord Jesus would sweep his Arm around this great audience and take you All to his holy heart. You will never see so Good a time for personal consecration As now. A what mean be by these stones a we mean your redemption from sin and death and hell by the Power of an omnipotent gospel. Well the Brooklyn Tabernacle is erected again. We came Here tonight not to dedicate it. That was done this morning. Tonight we dedicate ourselves. In the episcopal and methodist churches they have a whiling around the altar and the people come and Kneel Down at that railing and get the sacramental Blessing. Well my friends it would take More than a night to gather you in circles around this altar. Then just Bow where you Are for the Blessing. Aged men this is the last Church that you will Ever dedicate. May the god who comforted Jacob the patriarch and Paul the aged make this Hoose to you the Gate of heaven and when in your old Days you put on your spectacles to read the hymn or the scripture lesson May you get preparation for that land where you shall no More see through a Glass darkly. May the warm Sunshine of heaven thaw the Snow off your foreheads men in midlife do you know that this is the place where you Are going to get your fatigues rested and your sorrows appeased and your souls saved do you know that at this altar your sons and daughters will take upon themselves the vows of the Christian and from this place you will carry out some of you your precious dead Between this baptismal font and this communion table you will have some of the tenderest of life a experiences. God bless you old and Young and Middle aged. The Money you have Given to this Church today will lie i Hope the Best financial investment Yon have Ever Mado. Your wordly investments May depend upon the whims of the Money Market or the honesty of business associates the Money you have Given to the House of the lord shall yield you Large percentage and declare eternal dividends Long after the Noonday Sun shall have gone out like a spark from a smitten Anvil and All the stars Are dead. Corny new f>5�67c. R v Xun e a 65�70e. Hay. No. 1 Timothy per ton $12.00013.00 no. 2 Timothy per ton 9 00 .10 0.9. Fancy mixed per ton 18.00 39.00. Straw per Tor . Baled Hay 115 o in no. Butchers Stock. Fat cows t3.c0s3.26. Fat heifers.75�4.50 Hotchk Hsy Strpko 5004.00. 8h Trinu steers $1 oj36.0u. Calves Tao �4.00. Hogs -14 0006.50. She Kph 33304 00. Butchers cows and heifers�?10c�3.26 lamds�?$4.5 05 of. Struggling up life a ragged Bill with youth vigor ambition and an indomitable will to help is is no such grievous matter tottering Down again by the ailments which beset old age on backs Bent with Lumbago our elastic joints stiff and painful is a woeful Peov. Of Buskens. For the infirmities which the decline of life too often brings Hostetter a stomach bitters is a Banff iolent source of Relief a mitigating Solace always to be depended upon. 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Address C. Cash at i Ime of service. Barlow care retd amp Lake Bloomington Illinois. Lard sausages head cheese Etc. Orders delivered to any part of the City j. C. Piitz phone 319 Dor. Front and question. How can i build a House at Low Cost answer. Come to us and we will show you j. H. Bryant amp son Melon or building Comer East and Market Bloomington Illinois abstracts of title Money on real estate Security at six per Cental interest. U prompt execution of orders at lowest prices. Railroad time a huts Chicago a Alum h. A. No in.9 North. a cab. ,8t.l.&0. 2 20 am cat. 56a� . 2 05 am 00 am of Bucago Littee 4 20 am sc.ftst.l.maill 66 pm atlant Tex 8 46am yfrelght.6 30a� �8tj.c.mall. 2 00 pm freight 5 15 pm freight-------1220 am i freight 6 00 in. O0in9 vat. 0.,3t.l.ak. O. s0ajb Imo Lilc sex 5.00 do Kansas Otty limited. .9 46 pm freight Bloomington to Bood Honse a 40 am Illinois ventral. Going North ip&ss., no. 2.10 50 is pass., no. 4.�?zll.io in no. I0, freight i0-. 6v>n no. 12. Auoora. 6.-no pm o.l4,. 8 01 air going South. Pass., no. I 38 pm spass.,no. 3�? 9 08 am 1 no. 11,freight 4 00 pm >no.9. Freight 2<6am no.13, freight 4 1 ism trains nog. 10 and 13 do not carry passengers Lilikoi Central Middle me in. Arbi vib no. 7, put my 8 80 pm iwo.26. 45 am no 9. Freight. 6 35 pm ox1aht. m. Tor Chicago.10.-661 no. To freight 9 261 a com 6 0 i do a bou1k�?c. C.0. Amp St l. Ii. R. Flu y formerly i., b. Amp w. Railroad going West. No.9 Iii mall. 1 46 pm a no. 7. Express. 5 15 am .l7,. 5 46pm ?no.87,wayf�?Tt.l2 �0 pm no.26,. 8 45am a. 8 86 am except sunday. 1 except men Lake brie a warier going Bast. A no. 8, at. So. 1 13 to .10, Kex press 9 16 pm 8 60 am no.�8,Way it. 11 80 Ava ,28,8tk.ex.l210 am a Stock ex.�?. 8 to pm a Dally. Day. A ast bound bound beat is a no. 8, exp 8 50 am a no. I exp.�?. 2 26 in. No. 4, exp 8 10 am no. 8, exp 1 30 pm no. 8, exp 6 00 pm no. 7 exp. 8 3oam no.72,local.,. 4 45amno.7 local. 12 15pm no. 3 Mages direct connections for of Point West via c., b. A q. R. A Only one Daylight change to Kansas City Omaha Lincoln. Neb., or Denver add Albert Lea route for St. Pan and Northwest. No. 2 connects at Lima Fos Torta Fremont and Sandusky and no. Natl los and Fostoria with through trains to East bound Points no. 8 connects with . By. Tor Rock Island and Points on Amp St. P. And and . no. 7 stops at Hoopeston free reclining chair cars on nos. 1 and 2 ter of passengers. Nos. A 2. 8 and quake conned Tion at top ten with the i. Amp m. O division to All Points North and South and general a format on Call on ticket agent l. E. Amp w. Railroad or address for Nicketa. Ratos 1. P. A Kyle it agent h. 0. Parker traffic manager or o. F. Dalj Gene a pass. At Indianapolis. Ind. A Dally. Except sunday. Tax kept monday 1 do not carry passengers. Leaves on tuesday thursday and Sun Day a leaves on monday. Wednesday and Friday to loan Al. J. H. Anderson chief clerk. H. Weldon. South East Corner court House. Ask your grocer for sheep Chicago. A i la 27.9 a m. Transactions for past Twenty four hours sheep and Laius receipts 1,500 being Lilii less than for same time last week. Representative balks. No. A. It 4463 $200 96 shorn 87 a 50 4075 4 59 13 West 04 4.75 13 .10j 4 76 no. A. 20 neb.108 10 neb.110 863 neb 110 157 neb. 112 17 lambs 76 or. 5 70 6.85 6.85 5.85 6. # horses. Quotations for horses Union Slock Yards. Chicago. April 27. Description. Draft horses. Streeter. Drivers. General use. Carriage teams. Handlers. Plugs amp rangers. In or to fair. $100� 150 lt� a 70� 80 2600 25 a Osirio 20w1 35 Good to Choice $18 a fio 1 fill 115 113o 00 90�1su 375 2625 175�2t>0 a of Sjo a 60 Bloomington a markets. Bloc m Noto april 27. Commission menus Hlll Phi och. Buick by country far Sale Mai la per la Creamery 27c per la. Eggs fair Sale per doz12v,�l3c. Lard country 7c Kettle rendered 7c. Dried Beek per lai0 pc. New York cider per bbl., 85.00 h bbl., $8.25. Lemon by fancy 8f>.75�g.oo. Orang Khz Florida Bright per Box 3.75�4 Russett #3.6c@3 76. Messina per Box 63.25 California River fide seedling $3.26. Bananas per Bunch $l.50�2.50. Potatoes per bu., $l�0i.3o Colorado per bu., 1.50. Bred potatoes per by$1 4c@1.85. Hoket potatoes Illinois per bbl., $3.50. Seen Sweet potatoes per bbl., 3.60�3.75. a Oali Tornola per crate $4,00 Louisiana per crate $3 60�4 00. C co nuts per 1 81, 4 rsi�5.00. Inions per bbl., $6.6s.�7.00. Valencia onions Iso la. Crate 5.50. Onion sets White per a 7.00 yellow Jer bu., $6. O. jerseys per bbl., $9.60per by Box $3.50. Mince meat per la 7cj condensed 1 la Lex strip tax please to not handle. Ballard a 8miw liniment this invaluable remedy is one that on get to to in every household. It will cure your rheumatism neuralgia sprains outs bruises Burns frosted feet and ears bore Throat and bore Chest. If you have lame Bank it will cure it. It penetrates to the seat of the disease. It Wilinore stiff joints and contracted Muscles after All other remedies Hove failed. Those who hav6 been cripples for years have used Ballard Snow liniment and thrown away their crutches and been Able to walk As Well As Ever. It will onre Yon. Price 50 cents. W. W. Marmon agent. Way behind in the alphabet a y z. Advice to mothers. Mas. Winslow a soothing Steup should always be used for children teething. It soothes the child softens the Gums allays pain ours wind Folio and is the Best remedy for diary Homes. Twenty five cents a bottle. The essential Oil in salads Olive. Not the la Glit word. A no a said Bertha sadly a a a pain does no to express what i suffer it these times it is simply a anguish a j know i ought to consult a physician i dread it so i can to bring myself to do it. Then too a female diseases always seem so indelicate to me i can to Bear to have any one know or speak of a yes dear a answered , a done to you know you can be cared without going to a physician Bend to any druggist for a bottle of or. Pierces favorite prescription and take it and i warrant you la feel better in a few the manufacturers warrant the Medicine too. They guarantee it to do exactly what it claims Viz to cure Leo Orrheta painful irregularities excessive flowing pro Lapsus inflammation or Sioe ratio of the uterus and the innumerable other a female weaknesses it so strengthens and bail sup the uterine system and nerves that worn out run Down wives and mothers feel rejuvenated after taking it and they Are saved the painful embarrassment and expenses of a surgical examination and a tedious tiresome treat mint a Pill grim quinine. The Queen fawned her a it Well Queen Isabella of Spain pawned her jewels to raise Money to fit out the expedition that discovered the new world. Her sacrifice was not greater than is made by Many women of America who deny them selves Many things in order to have Money to or. Pie Rock a Golden medical Dis Tovery for their sick husbands or children this a Ediso Overy is More important to them than the one made in 1491. For All diseases of the lungs liver Throat or Tom Aoh the a a discovery is a soverign remedy. A trial convinces its continued use cures it purifies the blood invigorates the liver and strengthens and builds up the whole system. Guaranteed to Benefit or Oure in every Case or Money paid for it returned. It is As easy in these Days to Tell a gentle Man As it is to discover the full Moon. T. E. Wells Prev. Benj. F0llett. Trear we. Van sch0ick, v. Prev. David thin see. Bloomington pork packing company pork packers and jobbers of carers of the celebrated Kerk so hams and breakfast Bacon. Capacity 1000 hugs per Day. Ianos organs sewing machines and Small ins 1 Ruments. Done to before you see his Low prices. All goods a Oid on easy payments <>11 and see the latest a new Home machine i h it a iop. Plano timing. Repairing on ail kinds of machines. T. A. Scott 406 North main Street. The one Aud subtract from the number of i packages per . Apple butter per lb., 7@74c. Excursions lands Illinois lamps in Southern Illinois for Sale by the Illinois Central rat Load of Tripany Are offered at so Low Price that it seems absurd to Tell what me Are capable of i reducing yet it is a fact tha the crops from Apple Oron Ards Are yielding from $ too to 500 per acre. There Are Farmers fruit growers who Aie realizing each year from $150 to 95uo pet acre for their fru t Ana Early vegetables and some who Are realizing i Noo per acre. These of course Are successful men of business Tio study How to do it. Do you want the same Liance of making Money you a have it by going into this country and buying some of the same lands from the Illinois Central Railroad company Aud by applying the Abl i y you have in a business manner to tour improvement and cultivation you can have id a Short time As Vallab e land As that of a Suo Cessill fruit grower on the Hue of this Railroad who said the other a Quot i have t bought my land to such a High state of cultivation that no one can it i me Lor $600 per acre As i Cau net 1100 per acre off to every j most of the lands offered for Sale by the Illinois Central Railroad company Cau be made to produce the same results. They lie along the Lineol this Railroad at a distance of from 3 to 18 mles and the country is traversed by Many other railroads thus affording every facility Tor trans per to iou of Early fruits and vegetated to any Market that May to see Ted Irule express trains being run Dally to Chicago St. Louis Ai d other Points on As fast time As the r Gular passenger trains. Address or Call on l. P. Mork Houck land commissioner i. Al r r. Co., room 38, no 78 Michigan Avenue. Chicago. Diarrhoea dysentery cholera flux. A Maguiree a Benne Plant for nearly 50 years the infallible cure. Thousands of testimonials endorsed by the Western sanitary join Mission u. officers Hospital physicians Steamboat officers Oto. Taken in time a sure preventive of Asiatic to Era. Live a life without Labory Kittens. Tho other we built this Church and toward that supreme and eternal idea we dedicate All our sermons All our songs All our prayers All our Sabbath handshaking. We want to throw defection into the enemy a ranks. We want to make them either surrender unconditionally to Christ or else Fly in rout scattering the Way with canteens blankets and Knapsacks. We want to popularize Christ. We would like to Tell the Story of his love hero until men would feel that they had rather die than live another hour without his sympathy and love and mercy. We want to Rouse up an enthusiasm for him greater than was Felt for Nathaniel Lyon when he Rode along the ranks greater than was exhibited for Wellington when he Cate Back from Waterloo greater than was expressed for Napoleon when he stepped ashore from Elba. We really believe in this place Christ will enact the same scenes that were enacted by him when he landed in the Orient and there will be such an opening of Blind eyes and uns Topping of deaf ears and casting out of unclean spirits such silencing be stormed Gennesaret As shall make this House memorable five Hundred years after you that Stone i obtained by special per Mil i Are dead and forgotten. Of. My Oats new Jelly-20 Lapail 7oc 3 to Loans or dozen $2 26. Preserves per la. 10c. Maple svhui�?5 Gal. Cau per Gal., 80c Gal. Cans per Doz., $9 00 v4 Gal. Cans Par Doz., $5.5 h Gal. Cans per aoz., $3 00 Maple sugar per la. 100. Fresh oysters Platt a or it a a a it age Brand a royals per can. 38c a clots per can 33c p St of standards 28c standards 26c Tiger. 23c bulk per Gal., 81 36. Spinach per by by 75c. Lettuce per Doz., 35�i o. Radishes per coz., 35�4 Green onions Lar Miloz Bunch 26�30c. It e Plant per Doz. Loe. Asparagus per Doz., $1.00�1.2j. Tomatoes per Case $3. Io@3 50. Sta wheelies 24 it. Case 6.00 to 6.00 or Cersy country produce prices. The following Are the p ices paid butter per lb., Lowiec. Kult is fresh per doz18c. Country land a per in 7c, poultry hens 6c roosters 2c chickens 8c ducks 6c turkeys 9c dressed turkeys 12c geese 6� go. Potatoes per bu., $1.10. Turnips per bu.,40n. Apples per bu., i.60 per bbl., $3.60�4.00. Hides. Green no. A 4he. Green no. 2, 3c Dull. Tallow�?8e. Grain. Wheat--88e�87. A new Iwanec. Muumin parvo. Because a thing is Small in size think not a twill Pav to scorn it some insects have a larger Waist lift less than the Hornet. Borne people May perhaps scorn on dec count of their diminutive Ness or. Pieroe i pleasant pellets. But a trial of them convinces the Moat scornful septic that they will Oure constipation dyspepsia sick and bilious head Obe quicker and Barer than their Large waisted competitors the old style Pill. Advertising he said will Seq anything this la True in a measure Bat for a Taylong qualities Merit u the Teal extensive advertising May sell anything where r u new or unknown after m Homes into general use it is judged according to its Worth. The font Anaed end steady Gierth of swifts Speise s is is the Best evidence of its excellence. It is meet popular where it la beat knows. Every bottle Eald cells Tea others. Every one that Tepee it 1 end menu unease ii i its Friend is their acquaintances. Treatise on blood and skin mailed free. Oft Deate late a a Best is the bread is the staff of life if the staff is sound life is firmly upheld. A a bests makes better bread Thau any other flour in the world. Go clfl&ius8m5,6enl. Arts. Peoria Iii. Arnt no Otner. We use the Best no. H irl Spring and selected Winter wheat Nih manufacture of the above Brand and guarantee it to make whiter and bettor bread than any o her Patent flour made. Inn game roller kill company. Schiffmann a asthma curb Blu Otler Rel item the Mont violent uni i Darvi rouble , p. 8 a him. I r be Stltt. Bini inaction la in Rodlam. Direct used or inh Zlatic _ certain and a cure la tha Resauit in All curame Leasca. A a Anele trial convince memo to adapt goal Price file. A Aalst of drug a St or or mall. Battilo Prieb f.,t stamp a. R.8chirfaann, Stasul mias. Ulf ooa8t Winter resort for it the past two seasons the Winters have by u so very mild even in the North and Northwest that there has been Little need it it of looking for a Southern Winter Noine. But. From every indication Ami Jud tug from the Many signs that have never tailed in the memory of the oldest inhabitant. Give Are to have the coming season an old fashioned cold frosty snowy blizzard Winter. The inquiry will a Oon be Quot where Cau we land the Best climate most attractions with Good accommodations conveniently near Home at Quot the Illinois Central Railroad can tart youth Jet such a spot. New Orleans the most attractive City in Winter on the continent Lias no Superior a a Winter Home. In addition to the Many attractions within compose All that a truly cosmopolitan City can give it has within two or three hours ride on the mexican Gull coast the most wond Eiful Hunting Aud Ashing grounds. Deer w id Duck and turkeys abound the fishing Lor red snapper Spanish Mackerel and sheep head is the Al Gatot the Amateur As Well As the old settler l Ben the oysters direct from the finest Oyster Beds the Riding rowing and sailing picnic aug if Tou please in mid Winter with the inv Gorat no odor of Pine trom the land and Salt irom the Ocean with a climate unequalled and ail within a Short distance of new Orleans makes of the mexican Gulf coast an Ideal spot for a Winter Home. By applying to A Bowes genl. Northern pass. Agent. 194 Clark Street Chicago Illinois you will be furnished with an illustrated pamphlet entitled a mexican Gulf coast Winter a. H. Hanson genl. Pass. Agent Robert v. Balke dealer in i of rates to of forma the i. O a by. Now have on Sale single and round trip tickets to Call Felta Points via new Orleans and Bouthern Pacific very Low rate As Low As the Dir out line rates. This is the tru Winter route tree from Snow blockades and the Rigours of Winter. Tickets can be Purchase going via this route and returning by another. Route or Voca versa As passengers mar Sele apply to j. H. Craig. Ticket agent. Fast link to Denver and Pacific coast the l. K. 6 win connection with the Burlington route Are now making Twenty eight hours to Denver and other Point in proportion. Train no. 3 leaves Bloomington at 1 36 p. M., arriving in Denver at 5 30 p. Next Day being one night in route. The Butir distance irom Missouri River to Denver by Day Light. Remember the l. E. Amp w. R. R is he Only Road this connection from Bloom . H. Lew 13. At. Bough cars for californian Angton patrons w Pulli t accommodate our Bloomin have arranged to run through Pullman Tours cars to the Pacific coast. These cars will Leav i Momiu Tou every thursday at 5 p. Doubt lower berth 13 75, sections $7.80. Accommodations secured in Advance by addressing the in Ders Laded. . Burns. Agent A a. By. If you Ark contemplating a trip to the mountains lakes or Seaside ask Lor tickets via the big four route C. C. Amp 8t. L. Bythe great tourist line to All Eastern and Atlantic coast resorts. The a so Thwe Stern the finest train in America runs Dail to new York Aud Boston equipped with. Through Wagner Palace sleeping car a id an elegant do no no car service. The entire Tram rims solid into the heart of new York City avoiding All Feries and transfers. Absolutely no change of cars to Boston a Little journey to the 8iocx City a Corn Palace is the title of a Beautiful Little Book containing a most interesting Stor of Bow a who e neighbourhood planned to attend a the Corn Palace. The farm Sveue is True to Milfs Ami will be heartily appreciated by the occupants of eve. Farm Home in Illinois Andl Iowa tvs oos Senger deportment of the Illinois Central Railroad hav a Supply of these books and will take pleasure in mailing a copy i free to All who will address the Gen. Northern Foss. Agent 194 Clark St., Jobu Eago ill a a electric Bells and supplies and of fines Ore and office fix ures makes a specially of fitting in burglar alarms. Electric Iai lighting Etc. A Supply of electric goods Alwa a Kepi on hand. 20s Ernst front Street Valentines Tress Quot my 1 80woo l of them in Railroad service he let Lor circulars. Telegraphy Janesville vhf to acc memo Date Pehsi ins dks1 Wing to visit the great who it and Corn lands of the w St the big four route 0. C. Amp St l. By has Mesiab Iisha Zhongli car lines equipped wit i Wagnr Palace sleeping a d real Iii Chur cars to St. Louis and Peoria at wide _ Point direct connections Are made in Union depo s with through cais for All Western my Pacific coast Points. Now is the time Tovy set the Gre a and rapidly growing Section of our country Aud in order to thoroughly enjoy the trip risk for tickets via the big four route. Mofle shill the eloquent pastor of the first Baptist Church of Chicago does buffering humanity a great 8ervice by telling his experience with a great family Medicine Beada an almost fatal attack left me with nasal Catan to bronchial irritation would develop it and a very Little Effort in Public Iid result in a alb attack of la Catarrh and i Ion that the Grippe last Winter such susceptibility slightest exposure result Inions fears besides. I suffered with dyspeptic troubles i a from which i Lymph is reputed to be which la also a germ taken in a different was. Is who has Long sufferer received Ulab signal Relief from a. A Henson. All disappeared before one bottle of the Bas been used. A one of my sons who from Catarrh Bas i Bis old enemy. Quot Chicago Deo. 10.1890.a Oso Germe Titer cores by killing the disease germ and thus removing the cause. It is a specific for Catarrh neuralgia dyspepsia. Rheumatism lung blood. Liver and Bowel trouble. Of Tong to _ Best Friend regulating it builds up in it a Tho. 4rst urn gifts or will be sent any Leife o. O. D. Tot Loo per bottle concentrated which Mokes one Jlon Medicine. Kings Royal 6ermetuer co., 240 Lasalle St., Chi a his woman a h irregularities. A a. Bor Sal Belte for Sale by w. W. Marmon. Obtain a. i 1�?~atkht b Ukia Sis attended to Mode i i e bees our office u opium site or 0 s Patent office end we cd it of up patents n less Lime Lynu those Remote irom us Ami mos. Send Model or a leg of photo of invention. We advise As to Patent ability free of charge and we make to Cut Koi unless Patent is 8rcvhed for t ire Jar advice terms and references to net Iai cd Ita your own stale cout in t a. R Yun it to i a tra Proe pm Cura for Invoker a Loee of a a unhook St Tincu Enid , Ner Meneas Hraf distrust Una of memory amp a. Will a Enke you a amp Tenno vigor la on Price $1.01. 4 a it 5 co. -. Sov i directions Haling is j1 in g. Atm Rem tej it Attiat q�., 2 9 4.ogs$avl to t 118 to. 1 importers breeders and horsemen generally will find our facilities Superior to any in Central Illinois for furnishing Horst Bills folders pedigrees catalogues cards hangers and All work pertaining to the advertising of blooded and fancy Stock. We carry Over 300 cuts suitable for attractive display and can quote prices As Low As Good work will permit. When in need of anything in this line let us have an Opportunity to give you our figures we Are sure we can please you. Leader publishing co

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