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Bloomington Daily Leader Newspaper Archives Apr 6 1891, Page 3

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Bloomington Daily Leader (Newspaper) - April 6, 1891, Bloomington, Illinois The Bloomington evening Leaden monday april 6, ism in daily Leader. O. O. Mabon. J. B. Mason. Mabon it Mason. Publisher Sod editor. Terms of the daily a tar. Postage paid.-�?�?. F jul Toots a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a i week Dell wed by Carrier a. Terms of the weekly. I Roar. Of paid la Advance Pelt. Is who tall to receive their paper Tor a favor upon us by report a la person by a we it postal card business. Newsletters or a addressed to the Leader publishing co. Telephone Loo . Yob the straight Republican Loket to Morrow. Pay no attention to the a a people a Quot ohioans a Quot or Quot Independent mob done to be fooled by the Quot Peoples a Quot Oitt sense a or Quot indeed Dent ticket that will be in the Field tomorrow. Vole the straight Republican ticket and make no mistake. Tun Are rather pleasant times for major Mckinley. Cheap sugar Bas taken the Bow out of a Good Many democratic atom and the major thereby gains a Point. No stats up to Date has refused to a sept its share of the Money refunded by a fihe general government under the direct tax aet. The Hogg a Are evidently not in this. Tam is evidence of a Combine of demo Oratio senators against the nomination of Cleveland it is not yet dear who the Combine favors or whether they can Quot Down drover. _ those people who talk of senator Dor a a a travelling through the South in the in Tenet of the Hill Boom seem to Overlook the fast that the Maryland Boss has a Boom of Bis own to look out for. Thru will be a ticket in the Field Tomor Row when the township election occurs whish will be headed Quot Peoples a ticket. Don t vote it. Be Sun and see that you vote the straight a publican ticket. V in order that his Quot pull with the criminal classes of new York shall be still stronger the governor senator has put a Hill Democrat in charge of sing sing Pris Quot on. Who says Quot Dave Hill Isnit a states Man tis Quot billion Dollar Congress a a the democratic papers Are pleased to Call it has already saved the people a million Dot tan in the matter of sugar. The Quot billion Dollar Congress also put Money in the pockets of the people with which to sugar. Tiok a pin Here. Aru noting the fast that editor Dana of the new York Sun gets an annual salary of 950,000, editor Edmonds of the Lincoln courier says that editor Dana a salary Tor a week is larger than editor Edmond a is for a year. But editor Edmonds will not admit that editor Dana knows More in a week than editor Edmonds does in a year. Fib John comes High the people of Leuada must have him. The debt of the Dominion is now 9200,000.000, and ten or a dozen millions Are being added Paob year. The population bae teased to grow and taxation increases year by year. It will probably not be Long until sir John will is kissing his hand across the Border Sud bagging to be annexed. There a a new counterfeit Silver Cert if Oats in Eiron lation. It is the two Dollar series and has a Vignette of Gen. Hancock in its fess. Tbs workmanship on this note is so Good and the duplication of the paper so nearly perfect that Secretary Foster has directed that no More notes of this a Rise is issued until a new design Oan be engraved. He will also As far As possible sail in those now in circulation. The usual Spring War rumours Are now being cabled Over from Europe. This thing has ixe ome like the boy s cry of Quot Wolf a so regular that nobody pays any special attention to it. Of course every sensible person knows that the present condition of affairs in Europe is snob As to make War a certainty in the future the fighting will have to begin before the aver. Age american will give his attention to the cablegram. Ula Ink m Kio the the 111.11 of. The rupture in the diplomatic relations Between this government and Italy Andor the old regime would have been regarded a a Moat serious matter now it la looked upon agitation Quot i egoism. A Baron fava the italian mint Attr at Wash lug ton for the alleged reason that bit Quot legitimate action was i efficacious a was ordered by his government to withdraw from diplomatic relations with the United states and leave his Secretary of legation in Abarge of current Bonsness. In his letter of withdrawal Baron fava Bays that the reparation demanded was i Quot the official Assurance by the Federal gov a nuent that the guilty parties should be brought to Justice a and 2 Quot the recognition in principle that an indemnity is Dos the relatives of the victims a that a Quot the Federal government did not think that it Ronld take this View of the Oare it declined to take the aforesaid demand or. Blaine in Bia reply says that the demand was changed in phrase and that Baron fava is Quot assuredly Nuder a grave error when be declares that the United states government declined to take this the second demand under consideration a a a that the United states so far from refusing has distinctly recognized the principle of indemnity to those italian subjects who May have been wronged by a violation of the rights secured to them in. Der Tbs treaty and the original presentation of the matter was merely the declaration of Premier de Udini that Italy a right to demand and obtain punishment of the murderers and indemnity for the victims to or. Blaine while practically admitting the liability of our government to indemnify the relations of the murdered men makes the Point that no government would give Assurance of punishment before trial had Sonvi Ofton. To which the italian Premier replies Quot rut Italy Bas asked for nothing the to opt institution of regular judicial proceedings against the guilty parties at new the diplomatic incident i Oan a considered closed Only i the Federal government has declared la precise terms that prosecutions will be exams nod and at the same time takes ergot sacs of the acknowledgement of the italian government of its liability to indemnify the families it the victims. Hut or. Blains Baa my Baal of my Contention and Bas successfully nut my Blaff Mads to apparent to everybody. A plague of unbelief. The moving cause of All the plagues of cities. Or. Tata age a masterly contrast of the streets of christianity and agnosticism. The glorious Rosa in of a living Faith. What Bas infidelity done new York april 5. A continuing his course of sermons on a the ten plagues of the cities a Rev. Or. Talmage today took Tor his subject a the plague of the discourse was delivered to Large and appreciative audiences at the Brooklyn Academy of music in the Forenoon and the new York Academy of music in the evening. The text was romans Iii 4, Quot let god be True every Man a that is if god says one thing and the whole human race says the opposite Panl would accept the divine veracity. But there Are Many in our time who have dared arraign the almighty for falsehood. Infidelity is not Only a plague it is the Mother of plagues. It seems from what we Bear on All sides that the Christian religion is a huge blonder that the mosaic account of the creation is an Absurdity Large enough to throw All nations into rollicking Guffaw that Adam and eve never existed that the ancient flood and Ark were impossibilities a there never was a Miracle that the Bible is the Friend of cruelty of murder of polygamy of All forms of base crime that the Christian religion is woman a tyrant and Many a Shulti fiction that the Bible from lid to lid is a fable a cruelty a Humbug a Sham a lie that the martyrs who died for its truth were miserable dupes that the Church of Jesus Christ is properly gazetted As a fool that when Thomas Carlyle the septic said Quot Tbs Bible is a Noble Book a he was dropping into imbecility that when Theodore Parker declared in music Hall Boston a never a boy or girl in All Christendom was profited by that great Book a be was becoming very weak minded that it is something to bring w Blush to the Cheek of every Patriot that John Adams the father of american Independence declared a the Bible is the Best Book in All the world a and that lion hearted Andrew Jackson turned into a snivelling Coward when he said Quot that Book sir is the Rock on which our Republic rests a and that Daniel Webster abdicated the throne of his intellectual Power and resigned his logic and from being Tbs great expounded of the Constitution and the great lawyer of his age turned into an idiot when he said a my heart assures and reassures me that the gospel of Jesus Christ must be a divine reality. From the time that at my mothers feet or on my fathers knee i first Learned to Lisp verses from the sacred writings they have been my daily study and vigilant contemplation and if there to anything in my style or thought to be commended the credit is due to my kind parents in instilling into my mind an Early love of the scriptures a and that William ii. Seward the Diplomatist of the Century Only showed his puerile to when he declared a the whole Hope of human Progress is suspended on the Ever growing influences of the Bible a and that it is Wisest for us to take that Book from the throne in the affections of uncounted multitudes and put it under our feet to tie trampled upon by hatred and hissing contempt and that your old father was hoodwinked and cajoled and cheated and in fooled when he leaned on this As a staff after his hair grew Gray and his hands were tremulous and his Steps shortened of he came up to the verge of the grave Aud that your Mother sat with a pack of lies on her Lap White Reading of the better country and of the ending of All her aches Aud pains and reunion not Only with those of you who stood around her with the children she bad buried with infinite heartache so that she could read no More until she took off her spectacles and willed from them the heavy Mist of Many tears. Alas that for forty and fifty years they should have walked under this delusion and had it under their Pillow when they Lay a Dlug in the Back room and asked that some words from the vile Page might be Cut upon the Tombstone under the Shadow of the old country meeting House where they sleep today waiting for a resurrection that will never come. This Book having deceived them and having deceived the mighty intellects of Tbs past must not be allowed to deceive oar larger mightier vaster More stupendous intellects. And so out with the Book from the court room where it is used in the solemnization of testimony. Out with it from Muter the foundation of Church and Asylum. Out with it from the Domestic Circle. Gather together All the bibles the children a bibles the family bibles those newly bound and those with lid nearly worn out and pages almost obliterated by the fingers Long ago turned to dash bring them All together and let us make a Bonfire of them and by it warm our cold critic tem and after that Tarn under with the Plo share of Public indignation the polluted ashes of that loathsome adulterous obscene cruel and death Ful Book which is so antagonistic to Many a Liberty and woman a Honor and the worlds happiness. Agnostics attack to Skuy Luk. Now that is the substance of what infidelity proposes and declares Aud the attack of the Bible is accompanied by great Joco sity and there is hardly any subject a boat which More mirth is kindled than about the Bible. I like fun no Mau was Ever built with a Keener appreciation of it. There is health in laughter instead of Barm a physical health mental health moral health spiritual health a provided you laugh at the right thing. The morning is Jocund. The Indian with its own Mist baptists the Cataract Minnehaha or laughing water. You have not kept your eyes open or your ears Alert if you have not seen the sea smile or heard the forests clap their Imai or the Orchards in Blossom week Aglee with re Dolence. Bat there is a laughter which is death Ful there to a laughter which has the rebound of despair. It to not healthy to Giggle about god or chuckle about eternity or Smirk about the things of the immortal soul you know what caused the Accident years ago on the Hudson River Railroad. It was an intoxicated Man who for a joke called the suing of the air Brake and a topped the train at the cwt dangerous Point of the journey. But the lightning train not knowing there was any impediment in the Way came Down crushing out of the mangled victims the immortal souls that went speeding instantly to god Aud judgment it was Only a joke. He thought it would be suck fun to Stop the train. How topped it. And so infidelity is chiefly it Infin to Stop the Long train of the Bible and the Long train of the churches and the Long train of Christian influences White coming Down upon us Are death judgment and eternity coming a thousand Miles a minute owning with More Force than All the "�?oi111 that Ever slipped from the Alp coining with More strength than All express trains that Ever whistled or shrieked or thundered across the continent. Now in this jocularity of infidel thinkers i cannot join and i propose to give you some reasons Why i cannot be an infidel and so i will try to help out of this present condition any who May have been struck with the awful plague of scepticism. First i cannot be an infidel because infidelity has no Good substitute for the Consolation it proposes to take away. You know the Geare millions of people who get their chief Consolation from this Hook. What would you think of a crusade of this so ref suppose a Mau should Mso Ive that be would organise a conspiracy to destroy All the medicines from All the apothecaries and from All the hospitals of the Earth. The work is done. The medicines Are taken Aud they Are thrown into the River or the Lake or the sea. A patient wakes up at Midnight in a paroxysm of distress and wants an Anodyne. A ooh a says the nurse Quot the Anodyne Are All destroyed we have no drops to give von instead of that ill read you a Book on the absurdities of morphine and on the absurdities of All the Man continues to writhe in pain and the nurse says a a in la continue to read you some discourses on Anodyne the cruelties of Anodyne the indecency is of Anodyne Tbs absurdities of Anodyne. For your a a in a a a von a cum to Tao Jiu auit amp a a a patient paving a gab tenon in to amputated. He says Quot ii for Ether i of for chloroform a the doctors say Quot Why they Are All destroyed we done tha a any Ulii chloroform or Ether Tut i have got something a great Deal better. Ill read you a pamphlet against James y. Simpson the discoverer of chloroform As an Anaesthetic and against or. Agnew and Hamilton and Hosack and Mott and Harvey and a a says the Man a i must have some a no Quot say the doctors a they Are All destroyed we have got something a great Deal a what is that a fun about medicines. Lie Down Allye patients in Bellevue Hospital and Stop your groaning Allye broken hearted of All the cities and quit your crying we have the Catholic on at last i Here is a dose of wit Here is a strengthening plaster of sarcasm Here is a bottle of rib Aldry that you Are to keep Well shaken up and take a spoonful of it after each meal and if that does not cure you Here is a solution of blasphemy in which you May Bathe and Here to a tincture of derision. Tickle the Skeleton of death with a repartee i make the King of tenors cackle for All the agonies of All the Agee a joke millions of people willing with uplifted hand toward heaven to affirm that the Goepel of Jesus Christ to full of Consolation for them and yet infidelity proposes to take it away giving nothing absolutely nothing except fun. Is there any greater height or depth or length or breadth or immensity of meanness in All gods universe infidelity is a religion of a a done to is there a god done to know i is the soul immortal f done to know if we should meet each other in the future world will we recognize each other done to know a religion of a a done to know for the religion of a i know a a i know in whom i have believed a a i know that my redeemer infidelity proposes to substitute a religion of awful negatives for our religion of glorious positives showing right before us a world of reunion and ecstasy and High companionship and glorious worship and stupendous Victory the mightiest Joy of Earth not High enough to reach to the base of the Himalaya of uplifted splendor awaiting All those who on Wing of Christian Faith will soar toward it. Have you heard of the conspiracy to Pat out All the lighthouses on the coast do you know that on a certain night of next month Eddystone Lighthouse Bell Rock Lighthouse Sherry Ore Lighthouse Montauk Lighthouse Hatteras Lighthouse new London Lighthouse Barnegat Lighthouse and the 040 lighthouses on the Atlantic and Pacific coasts Are to be extinguished a ooh a you say a what will become of the ships on that night what will be Hie Fate of the one million sailors following the sea what will be the doom of the millions of passengers who will arise to Pat Down such a conspiracy a every Man woman and child in America and the world. Bot that is Only a fable. That is what infidelity la trying to do put out All the lighthouses on the coast of eternity letting the soul go up the a Narrows Quot of death with no Light no Comfort no peace All that coast covered with the blackness of darkness. Instead of the great Lighthouse a Glowworm of wit a firefly of Joco sity. Which do you like the better o voyager for eternity the firefly or the Lighthouse what a Mission infidelity has started on the extinguish ment of lighthouses the breaking up of lifeboats the dismissal of All the Pilot the turning of the inscription on your child a grave into a farce and a lie. Walter Scott so old mortality a chisel in hand went through the Laud to Cut out into plainer letters the half obliterated inscriptions on the tombstones and it was a Beautiful Mission infidelity spends its time with Hammer and chisel trying to Cut out from the tombstones of your dead All the Story of resurrection and heaven. It is the iconoclast of every Village graveyard and of every City cemetery and of Westminster Abbey. Instead of Christian Consolation for the dying a freezing sneer. Instead of prayer a Grimace. Instead of Paul a triumphant Defiance of death a going out you know not where to Stop you know not when to do you know not what. That is infidelity. Tue false plumb of infidelity. Furthermore i cannot be an infidel because of the false charges infidelity is All the time making against the Bible. Perhaps the slander that has made the most impression and that some christians have not Beau intelligent enough to deny is that the Bible favors polygamy. Does the god of the Bible uphold polygamy or did he How Many wives did god make for Adam he made one wife. Does not your common sense Tell you when god started the marriage institution he started it As be wanted it to continue of god had favored polygamy he would have created for Adam five wives or ten wives or Twenty wives just As easily As he made one. At the very first of the Bible god shows himself in favor of monogamy and antagonistic to polygamy. Genesis ii 24, a therefore shall a Man leave his father and Mother and shall Cleave unto his not his wives Bot his wife. How Many wives did god spare for Noah in the Ark two and two the Birds two and two the attle two and two the Lions two and two the human race. If the god of the Bible had favored a multiplicity of wives be would have spared a plurality of wives. When god first launched the human race he gave Adam one wife. At the second launching of the human race be spares for Noah one wife for Ham one wife for Shem one wife for Japhet one wife. Does that look As though god favored polygamy in Leviticus xviii 18, god thunders his prohibition of More than one wife. God permitted polygamy. Yes just As be permits today a murder and theft and arson and All kinds of crime. Ile permits these things As you Well know he does not Sanction them. Who would dare to say he sanctions them because the presidents of the United states have permitted polygamy in Utah you Are not therefore to conclude that they patronised it that they approved it when of the contrary they denounced it. A of gods ancient Israel knew that the god of the Bible was against polygamy for in the four Hundred and thirty years of their stay in Egypt there is Only one Case of polygamy recorded Only one. All the mighty men of Tike Bible stood aloof from polygamy except those who falling into the crime were chastised within an Inch of their urea. Adam. Aaron Noah Joseph Joshua Samuel Monog mists. Bat you say a did no to David and Solomon favor polygamy a yes and did they not get Well punished for it Bead the lives of those two men and you will come to the conclusion that All the attributes of gods nature were against their behaviour. David suffered for his crimes in the caverns of Dullam and assails in wilderness of Mah Anaim in the bereavement of Zik lag. The bedouins after him sickness after him Absalom after him Abi Tropel after him Adonijah after Bim the edomite after him the syrians after him the Moabite after him death after him the lord god almighty after him. The poorest peasant in All the Empire married to the plainest a Wees was happier than the King in his marital Misbehaviour. How did Solomon get along with polygamy read his warnings in proverbs read his self disgust in Ecclesiastes. He throws up his hands in loathing and cries out a vanity of vanities All is vanity a his seven Hundred wives nearly pestered the life out of him. Solomon got Well paid for his Crimea Well paid. I repeat that All the mighty men of the scriptures were aloof from polygamy save As they were pounded and flailed and Cut to pieces for tin a insult to holy marriage. Of the Bible is the Friend of polygamy Why is it that in All the tends where the Bible predominates polygamy is forbidden and in the tends where there is no Bible it to favored. Polygamy All Over China All Over India All Over Africa All Over Persia All Over Heathen Dom save of the missionaries have done their work while polygamy does not exist in England and this United states except in Defiance of Law. The Bible abroad god honoured Bible not abroad god abhorred polygamy. The i Louy of Christian Edh Inwood. Another false charge which infidelity Baa made against the Bible is that it is antagonistic to woman that it enjoins her degradation and belittles her Mission. Under this impression Many women have been overcome of this plague of infidelity. Is the Bible tips enemy of woman come. Into the picture gallery the louvre the Luxembourg of the by Fate end see which pictures Are the More honoured. Here is eve a perfect woman As perfect a woman a could be made by a perfect god. Here is Deborah with her womanly Arm hurling a Host into Battle. Here is Miriam leading the Israel i Tosh orchestra on the Banks of the red sea. Here is Motherly Hannah with her own Loving hand replenishing the wardrobe of her son Samuel the Prophet. Here is Abigail kneeling at the foot of the Mountain until the four Hundred wrathful men at the sight of her Beauty and prowess halt halt a Hurricane stopped at the sight of a water Lily a Dew drop dashing Back Niagara. Here to Ruth putting to shame All the modern Slang about mothers in Law As she turns her Back on her Home and Ber country and faces wild beasts and exile and death that she May be with Naomi her husbands Mother. Ruth the Queen of the Harvest Fields. Ruth the grandmother of David. Ruth Tho Anc Estress of Jesus Christ. The Story of her Virtues and her life sacrifice is the most Beautiful pastoral Ever written. Here to Vashti defying the bacchanal of a thousand Drunken lords and Esther willing to throw her life away that she May deliver her people. And Here to Dorcas the sunlight of eternal Fame gilding her philanthropic Needle and the woman with perfume in a Box made from the Hills of Alabastro pouring the holy chrism on the head of Christ the Aroma lingering All Down the corridor of the centuries. Here to Lydia the Merchan Tess of Tyrian purple immortalized for her Christian behaviour. Here to the widow with two mites More famous than the Pisa body and the ones of All the Ages while Here comes in slow of gait and with careful attendants and with Especial Honor and High favor leaning on the Arm of inspiration one who to the Joy and Pride of any Home so rarely fortunate As to have one an old Christian grandmother grandmother Lota. Who has More worshippers today than any being that Ever lived on Earth except Jesus Christ Mary. For what purpose did Christ perform his first Miracle upon Earth to relieve the embarrassment of a womanly housekeeper at the falling Short of a beverage. Why did Christ break up the silence of the Tomb and tear off the shroud and rip up the rocks it was to Stop the bereavement of the two Bethany states. For whose Comfort was Christ most anxious in the hour of dying Ecru citation for a woman an old woman a wrinkle faced woman a woman who in other Days had held him in her arms his first Friend his test Friend As it to very Apt to be his Mother. All the pathos of the Ages compressed into one utterance a behold thy does the Bible antagonize woman a Dau Fob the witnesses. If the Bible to so antagonistic to woman How do you account for the difference in woman a condition in China and Central Africa and her condition in England and America there to no difference except that which the Bible makes. In lands where there to no Bible she to hitched like a beast of Burden to the plows she carries the Hod she submits to indescribable indignities. She must be kept in a private apartment and if she come Forth she must be carefully hooded and religiously veiled As though it were a shame to be a woman. you not know that the very first thing the Bible does when it comes into a new country is to strike off the shackles of woman a serfdom o woman where Are your chains today hold up both your arms and let us see your Handcuffs. Of we see the Handcuffs. They Are bracelets of Gold bestowed by husbandry or fatherly or brotherly or sisterly or loverly affection. A loosen the warm Robe from your neck o woman and let us see the Yoke of your bondage. Of i find the Yoke a Careener of Silver or a string of carnelian or Cluster of pearls that must Gall Yon very Mach. How bad Yon most All have it. Since Yon put the Bible on your stand in the sitting room has the Bible been to you o woman a curse or a Blessing Why is it that a woman when she to troubled will go to her worst enemy the Bible Why do you not go for Comfort to some of the great infidel books Spinoza so ethics a or Hume so natural history of religion a or Paine s a Page of reason a or Dedrow a dramas or any one of the 360 volumes of Voltaire r no the silly deluded woman persists in bang Fig about the Bible verses a let not your heart be troubled a a fall things work together for Good a a sweeping May endure for n night a a i am the recur auction a a peace furthermore rather than invite i resist this plague of infidelity because it bos wrought no positive Good for the world and to always a hindrance. I ask Yon to mention the names of the merciful and the educational institutions which infidelity founded and to supporting and has supported All the Way through institutions pronounced against god and the Christian religion and yet pronounced in behalf of suffering humanity. What Are the names of them certainly not the United states Christian commission or the sanitary commission for Christian George h. Stuart was the president of the one and Christian Henry w. Bellows was the president of the other. Compare the hospitals and colleges where Are the asylums and merciful institutions founded by infidelity and Imp ported by infidelity pronounced against god and the Bible and yet doing work for the alleviation of suffering infidelity to so very loud in its Braggadocio it must have some to mention. Certainly if Yon Rome to speak of educational institutions it to not Yolo it to not Harvard it to not Princeton it to not Middletown it to not Cambridge or Oxford it to not any institution from which a diploma would not be a disgrace. you Point to the German universities As exceptions i have to Tell you that All the German universities to Day Are under positive Christian influences except the University of Heidelberg where the Ruffi anly students Cut and Maul and mangle and murder each other As a matter of Pride instead of infamy. you mention Girard of siege Philadelphia As an exception that College established by the will of or. Girard which forbade religions instruction and the Entrance of clergymen within its Gates. reply to that i lived for seven years near that College and knew Many of its professors to be Christian instructors and no better Christian influences Are to be found in any College than in Girard College. There stands christianity. There stands infidelity. Compare what they have done. Compare their resources. There to christianity a prayer on her lip a Benediction on her brow both hands full of help for All who want help the Mother of thousands of colleges the Kotlier of thousands of asylums for the oppressed the Blind the sick the lame the imbecile the Mother of missions for the bringing Back of the outcast the Mother of thousands of reformatory institutions for the saving of the lost the Mother of innumerable hoi Bath schools bringing millions of children under a Drill to prepare them for respectability and usefulness to say nothing of the great future. That to christianity. Here to infidelity no prayer on her lips no Benediction on her brow both hands clenched what for to fight christianity. That to the entire business. The Complete Mission of infidelity to fight christianity. Where Are her schools her colleges her asylums of mercy Lei me throw you Down a whole Ream of foolscap paper that you May fill All of it with the names of her Beneficent institutions the colleges and the asylums the institutions of mercy and of learning founded by infidelity and supported alone by infidelity pronounced against god and the Christian religion and yet in favor of making the world better. A ooh a you say a a Ream of paper is too much for the names of those Well then i throw you a quire of paper. Fill it All up now. I will wait until you get All the names Down. A ooh a you say a that to too Well then i will just hand you a Sheet of letter payer. Just fill up the four sides while we Are talking of this matter with Tim names of the merciful institutions and the educational institutions founded by infidelity and supported All along by infidelity pronounced against god and the Christian religion yet in favor of humanity. Where Abs Toor fruits agnostics a ooh a you say a that to too much room. We done to want a whole Sheet of paper to write Down the perhaps i had better tear out one Leaf from my memorandum Book and ask you fill up both sides of it with the names of such Ina Titu Tioyao. A ooh Quot Yon say a that Woald is too Mach room. I want a won a a a a pee Yon count them on y5ur Teh pullers. A ooh Quot Yon say a not Quito so much As that Quot Well then count them on the fingers of one hand. A ooh a Yon say Quot we done to want quite so much room As suppose then you halt and count on one Finger the name of any institution founded by infidelity supported entirely by infidelity pronounced against god and the Christian religion yet toiling to make the world better. Not Onel not Onel is infidelity so poor so starve Ling so mean so useless get out you miserable pauper of the universe crawl into some rat Hole of everlasting nothingness. Infidelity standing today amid the suffering groaning dying nations and yet doing absolutely nothing save trying to impede those who Are toiling until they fall exhausted into their Graves in trying to make the world better. Gather up All the work All the merciful work that infidelity has Ever done add it All together and there to not so much nobility in it a in the smallest Bead of that sister of Charity who last night went up the dark Alley of the town put a Jar of Jelly for an invalid appetite on a broken stand and then Knelt on the Hare floor praying the mercy of Christ upon the dying soak infidelity scrapes no lint for the wounded bakes no bread for the hungry shakes up no Pillow for the sick rouses no Comfort for the bereft gilds no grave for the dead. While Christ our Christ our wounded Christ our risen Christ the Christ of this old fashioned Bible blessed be his glorious name forever our Christ stands this hour pointing to the Hospital or to the Asylum saying a i was sick and be gave me a Couch i was lame and be gave me a Crutch i was Blind and be Phy is caned my eyesight i was orphaned and be mothered my soul i was lost on the mountains and be brought me Home inae Smuch Asye did it to one of the Lees of these be did it to i thank god that this plague of infidelity will be stayed. Many of Thorn who hear me now by the holy ghost upon their hearts will cease to be scoffers and will become disciples and the Day will arrive when All nations will accept the scriptures. The Book to going to keep right on until the fires of the test Day Are kindled. Some of them will begin on one ride and Anse on the other Side of the old Book. They will not find a bundle of Leone manuscripts easily consumed like tinder thrown into the fire. When the fires of the test Day Are kindled some will Burn on this Otto from genesis toward revelation and others will born on this Side from revelation toward genesis and in All their Way they will not find a single chapter or a single verse oat of place. That will be the first time we Nan afford to do without the Bible. What will be the ase of the Book of genesis descriptive of How the world was Ramie when the world to destroyed what will be the use of the prophecies when they Are All fulfilled what will be the asset the evangelistic or Pauline description of Jesus Christ when we see him face to face what will be the use of his photograph when we have met him in glory what will be the use of the Hook of revelation standing As you will with your foot on the Glassy sea and your hand on the ringing Harp and your forehead Chaple ted with eternal Coronation amid the Ameth Stine and twelve gated glories of heaven the Emerald dashing its Green against the Beryl and the Beryl dashing its Bine again i the Sapphire and Che Sapphire throwing its Light pin the Jacinth and the Jacinth dashing its fire against the Chrysoprase us and you and i standing in the glories of ten thousand sunsets. The markets. The receipts of cattle for saturday were estimated at 1,00 head making 49,666 for the week against &8,r>68 for the previous week and 62,671 for the correspond Long week last year. Owing to the meager Supply Mere was Little Trad lug and values were nominally unchanged a for inferior to extra cows and bulls. Ami at $4-28as to for steers receipts of hogs were to non making i-�?T4,99 for the week. For the previous week the total was 143,996, and for the same week last year 93 Ghl Price were italic higher Ilian Friday the Market advancing to it 7ba�.m> or poor to fan s wet heavy and medium and $4.60a5.30 for i get eights. The sheep Market was More Active than on Friday and was Ann at $3�6 86. Receipts were estimated at i too making 11.4.6 for the week against 38,177 for the same week last year. Bloomington Market. Bloomington april 0. Commission menus wholesale priors. To it rho country fair Sale 33024c per la. Creamery 3c tier la. Kuosu fair Sal per ,16c. Lard country. 7c Kettle rendered 7c. Bbl., lard country in Kettle rendered 70. Dried Beeks for Lalove. New York cider per bbl., 85.c0 of 11.28. Lemons fancy 14. In 4 to. Oranges Florida. Bright per Box 8.2ro 3.76 Kus setts 83.4603 60. Mph Hinau fir Box,3 California Riverside budding $3.26. Bananas Fer Bunch ll.7soi.50. Potatoes per by41.601.3o, Berd potatoes per Byis 8002.00. By rat potatoes Illinois per bbl $8.60. cwc.j3.00 new per crate $s.76 old per bbl., $1.60. Coconuts a per Loo $4 . Onions per bbl $6.0 06.80. Onion bets White per bu., $8.60 yellow per bu., $8.60. Apples per bbl., $4 00q5.co. jerseys per bbl., $9.50per by Box $3.60. Mince meat per la 7e condensed i la Pao Kegei per Doz., ii of. Apple butter per ib., 707 a. Jelly-20 la pail 7&c a to. A cans per dozen $4.28. Preserves per lb., toe. Maple syrup Gal. Cant per Gat soc Sal. Cans per Doz., $9 00 h Gal. Cank per Doz $6.0&Quot ii Gal. Cans per Doz., $3 of Maple sugar per it. Fresh of Steps Puu it out a a Tiger Boyau per can 38c a closets per a Sac f it on standards. 24c Nta adds. Ste tigers 23c bulk per Gal. La 86. Spinach a per by by 78c per bbl. $1.76 lettuce Fer by by. Loo. Radishes per Doz., hol88c. Lukken onions per Doz Bueb 28030c. Or Cersy country produce paces. The following Are the Price paid butter per lh., 18tt>8-\ Boos fresh per Dot Zinc. Country lard per la to. Poultry hens a a roosters 2c chickens so ducks. 6c Turkey so dressed turkeys 12c geese 5� Fie. Potatoes per by . Turnips per bu., toe. Apples per bu., si.80 per bbl., $3jo04.ro. Hides. Orrens no. I me. Green no. 2, so Dull. Tallow so. Ora in wheat Oats new corny new pm Byre new c507uc. Hay. No. I Timothy per ton of. No. I Timothy per ton $8 00 is of. Fancy mixed per ton i7.oo08.oo. Straw per ton $4 6o0->.ro. Haled Hay sii.oo�1 of. Butchers Stock. Fat cows -$3. 003,25. Fat Heiler $3034 3.25 butchers Bibb he -$3 doff4.rn. He i pp1 no a tears -$4.0c#6.09. Caly Ehy Alo 04.hq. Hoos $3 404 of he rep�?$3 3504 60. Butchers cows and heifers 2 760j. Of lambs-$4.tc�6 of. The great remedy for pain Welty a Stirling be writer. Dminich Katok s balk of bral a Tate. By virtue of and order and decree of the county v., of Mclean county Illinois made on petition of the undertone. L. H. Herrick administrator of the estate of by win Gregory deceased for leave to sell the real estate of ibid deceased at the March term a. A. Issi of Laid court to wet on the 3rd Day of Mono list i a Hall on Tim 6th Day of May i89i,, Between the hours of ten of clock in toe Forenoon and tour of clock in he afternoon of said Day. Sell at Public Bale at the South door of the court House in Bloomington to said county the meal Bateste described As follows to wet lot be veil 7 of Block eight s of Dimmette a add ton of he City of Bloomington in Mclean county Illinois. On the following terms to wet Omsk upon approval of Sale by theft meted this Ith Day of a a administrator sum Mato s ozma Lis Oriental sexual pills bae plump posture Curt for impotent tees of manhood seminal Emte Lono sperm Terrhea. Hermut Ien self planet Ion of memory. Wip Railroad my Tab ume offo 4 Alton a a make Yon a Strong vigor aaa Man Prien . Bono too. 8oeclal Dolroe Tolono Malloy my the each bom. Nareta a tiler of a i to ays. St. Louis. A a Oboiko South. 0ft8l . m ssi a Oil Ismall ism Pas m Ste freight.---------6 18 pm Prince Hal tills Hose will remain at 406 West front Street Bloomington Illinois during the season of a six lotto., after which he will be placed in training to lower the stallion record at a service fee of $70. Cash at 11 me of service. Address f. O. Barlow care Reed a Lake Bloomington Iii mole. National state Bank. Bloomington Illinois capital and surplus. $>250,000 Jacob Funk president. 0. 0. Aldrich vice president a. B. Hoblit cashier. Direct hrs Jacob Funk Frank Hoblitt 0. Aldr Iob it f. Evans Lafayette Funk a. B. Hoblit Isaac Vanordstrand. General banking Zusinas Tran sorted. P. Whitmer president f. M l Ferre Voct pres. A. 0. Willson asst cud Peoples Ink of Bloomington Illinois. Capital.$100,000 surplus. 80.000 a Orby drop Arth in i of the ranking business represented. Directors a. Ferre h. Copen. H m. Ben Reney. George f. Dick p. Whitmer a. B. Stevenson j. Keenan. A. B. Encampment at Decatur a Iii. April 8,9 and to. One fare for the round trip via Illinois Central Railroad. A a train will leave Bloomington on april it $ 30 a. In. Returning train will leave Decatur at la 8o p. M., after the comp Ore. For tick cts and information apply to ticket agent. But a Buffalo Wyoming i it. Its the coming City of Wyoming has waterworks electric lights iou leg Mills Larden of Wyoming produce located in the Garden it the prize potato drop of the United states in i89u. For maps Aid information apply to Mann it Thom Buffalo Wyo. Pianos organs sew ing machines and Small instruments. Done to before you see hts Low prices. All goods sold on easy payments. Call and see the latest a new Home machine a top. Plano tuning. Repairing on All kinds of machines. T. T7\ Scott 406 North main Street. Abstracts of title Money prompt execution of orders at lowest prices. On real Bateste Security at six per cent in Teresa in j. H. Anderson Bolef clerk. L. H. Weldon. Booth Bast Corner court House. Sherman a memoirs written by slim Helf with an appendix by Horn. James g. Blaine Price to Dollar. Agents wanted. Send Oft Coal for Patzt. The Only authentic life of tenors Sherman and the Only Bonk issued from which family derive any Brent. Charles l Webster a company. Soli Wapiti he. A eat 14th he. New York 6ltr Xuy a won. Raw Botas co., rn., to. T a foil try tub Iii Stock or. 600 Ken Fri is baud Plymouth Boch i1abota8tisj. 1098 Kab hatching St $2 Tor 13. $10 or 120. Tis Arette tar 2 Cost stamp of yet an in this Pip. Gold medal Pabis 1878. W. Bakers cos breakfast Cocoa from which the excess of Oil hat been removed is absolutely pure and his soluble. No chemicals a re used id in preparation. It has Mort than thru Timet the strength of Cocoa mixed with starch arrowroot or sugar and is therefore far More economical Cating lest than one cent a cup. It is delicious nourishing strengthening easily digested and admirably adapted for invalids As Well As for persons in health. Sold by Oro oof everywhere. W. Baker it co., dare Birtir Mist. Ask your grocer for a a going North. �?�k.c.8ll.ao. 2 20 am rijll4sc.nlkl. 2 06 am Chicago limited swam i asian to Cox 8 48 am . 2 Kio pm . 8 00 up. Going c.,8ll.ftilo. .1 60 am i in As Flo no freight to Boodie pm i Lunate of Antral. Going North. J pass., no. 2. To do am paw., no. c0 in no. To freight 10-38 in no. 12. A cum. 6 00 in . S 0lar going South. A a a a a. No. In Iai Pas pass., no. 8 Ossa 4 00pa freight she am >.13, freight 4 40 a trains no to and la of not carry passengers Llu nou ventral Middle Moton arrive no. I pare .8.30 pm Ino. A. F.efgnl.6 it am no. 0, freight. C 26 pm depart. No.8j>aesft my or no. Ino. Tor Aalo. 10, freight 8 2 Arn no. By a com 6 30 prs Rig a Uorn of. A. 0. By l. R. B. Olur formerly a b. It w. Railroad going Ware. Going Hast. Ino 9 soft mail i .-45 pm no. 8, Al by. I Lolma no.7, by prose. 6 t6 am , Ixo a n 0.17, Fate tie pm a Inais Tariff i8tock do a to sob a at 8 90 a it. 11 80 an Rayf to. 18 80 pm a a. Fol. 8 48 am i by press Ftp 8 36 am. Day of Kilt a it co last Erie 4 fastens eastbound leaves Ware Bourdy Loava. San am no. To $ As 1 a to. A exp a 7 no Abs i ijj0-. Exp 8 10 am Ino. 8, . 6 00 pm Ino. 7 Ino.72,local. 4 45am no.7 in a Bap Iii pm Bap a. I no am Quot a Quot in a. by. In. 1 in to. E Maze direct connections for All Point West via 0., b. A q. B. A a a change to Kansas City 0 or Denver and Albert and North West. No. And Uke be Otner. We Nee the beet to a �?Tu4t3sp sats ass eat Taw Andor Lanula by liar he a Tomij. ?fpt4d Waku univ a. in. I it vier on 10 no Pointe North and Bouto. For Rete rates Ana general information eau on i. P. A Kyle ticket agent l. Kaw. Railroad or add Rote h. 0."parker, traffic manager or 0. F. Daly Goot Flea. At Indianapolis lad. A Dally. Jux kept sunday except monday. I Itom carry passengers. Tax on tuesday thursday and Bor Day i leaves on monday. Wednesday and Friday Storrs a. His complainant s solicitor. Tate of Illinois Mclean county of. Tho Mcglonn circuit Coart to the april Henry Smitn is. Emma Smith for divorce. Affidavit having been flied in the office of the circuit clerk of said county satisfactorily showing that said defendant. Emma Smith is not a resident of the state of subpoena Haring been issued against her return Hie on the fourth monday in april 1891. Now therefore notice is hereby Given to you to assist Mutik by St a we , Uci Vul j �1 Cai of id the said Emma Smith that the above entitled suit is now pending in the Mclean circuit court and that unless you shall be and appear before said court on the first Day of the next Tern therein to be Holden at the court House in Bloomington on the fourth monday of april a. In Issi and plead answer or demur to said Bill the same will be taken As con tested against you and a decree rendered according to the prayer thereof. Dated at Bloomington this 28th Day of february a. 18 i. J. H. La Aton. Clerk. By n. Hall. Deputy._3 2 4w w. B Carlock complainants solicitor. Stath of Illinois Mclean county is. In the Mclean Ciruli court to the Amil term a. D., 1891. Emma e Holt is. William b. Holt for divorce. Affidavit Haring been flied in the office of the circuit clerk of said county satisfactorily showing that said defendant b Holt is not a resident of the state of Illinois and subpoena having been issued against Bim returnable on the fourth monday in april. A d1891. V now therefore notice is hereby Given to you the said William r. Holt that tin above entitled suit is now pending in the Mclean circuit Coart and that unless you shall be and appear before said court on the first Day of the next term thereof m be Holden at the court House id Bloomington on the fourth monday of april a. D., 1891, and plead answer or demur to said Bill the same will be taken a confessed against you and a decree rendered according to the prayer thereof. Dated at Bloomington this loth Day of March a. 1891 a a a a a a a a j. H. Leaton clerk. By a halt., non nov _ 3 in of you aha Coni pm Plati i i a trip to the mountains lakes or see Ida ask for tickets via the big four route C. C. A by. L. Bythe great tourist Hue to All Eastern and Atlantic coast resorts. The Quot southwestern limit a the finest train in America runs Dally to new York and Boston equipped with through Wagner Palace sleeping cars a d an in Gaut d n no car service j he entire train runs solid into the heart of new York City. Avoiding All Feries Aud transfers. Absolutely no change of cars to Boston Fob ladies Only. . Or duos a a periodicals pills from ports France. Established in Europe list bog land 1860 Canada >878 United states,187. Cures All suppression of the menses irregularities and monthly derangement. Selfe harm states the larger Oro portion of tils to which ladles Are liable is the direct result of a a ordered and irregular menstruation. Monthly stoppages continued in Ream. In blood poisoning and Quick consumption. 12. The american Phi co., Royalty proprietors. Spencer lows. The ladles and druggists supplied with the genuine Freney Pill by Dunn b drag store Bloomington 111. A. R Encampment at dec tub a april 8, 9 and to the Illinois control Railroad will make tile Low rat of one fare for the round trip from ail stations in Illinois to Decatur and return tickets to be sold april 7th to lot inclusive Good to return until and in i 11/inn a net i 18 i Ilia a. Eluding april it. I hts company bos issued Ai attractive souvenir a Tel a tee full program 0 the Encampment copies of this souvenir can be obtained aeon application to f. H. Bower Geneia Northern passenger agent 19 Clar a a. Program of this souvenir can Street Chicago. Excursion rates on account of i the Illinois state Encampment of the g. A. R to be held at Decatur Iii april 7 to to the l. K. And w. Will sell tickets there and return at one fare for the round trip Good to return including april ii. G. H. Lewis genl a Best is he Best bake8 More bread. Bakes whiter bread. Bakes better bread Tbs any other flour . Bas Fok it. Butt to of Kex. Horace Clark it sons 6enj Ash. Fro i a. To obtained and a1�?T latest his Bess 1 tended to car Moder a the fees our office Piv Ortte the u s Patent office and we can o Tarn i atoms in less time Ilian those Remote fro a Quot 1 of Dei. Via wish photo of invention we advise is to Psi Cuba. Item i kit a Bibity free of his rim and we Mike Aoun less a test is secured. For cd or near adv in terms and references t actual cd i with in your own aute county Cit. From be turn no a a oem. Candee Tennis a Farge amp co agents Chicago ill if

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